Buhari lambasts Jonathan over reversal of self on four-year single term

The All Progressive Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, has said that the claim by President Goodluck Jonathan that a four-year single term is not enough to transform the country “is double-mouthing by a president who has failed to deliver on his own timeline”.

Mr. Jonathan had during a courtesy call on the Emir of Ilorin, Sulu Gambari, on Monday said four years was too short a time for any president to solve Nigeria’s problems.

“Beyond tackling the insurgency, we are creating road networks; we are moving faster in several sectors. There is no way within four years any government can finish the programmes of this country,” the president said.

But a statement signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APCPCO, Garba Shehu, on Tuesday, said it was very imprudent of the president to shift the goal post mounted by him in the middle of the game.

“It was this same President Jonathan who said in 2010 that if he could not improve on the country’s power generation capacity within four years, then it means he could not do anything,” the statement said.

“What was the president thinking about when he said: ‘Four years are enough for anyone to make significant improvement, and if I can’t improve on power within this period, then it means I cannot do anything.’

“Nigerians expect that a president must own up to his own words and be responsible for his own beliefs.”

The organisation said there could be only one reason why Mr. Jonathan was changing his own beliefs about what it takes to transform the country “and that is because he is incompetent for the job”.

It stated that Nigerians were clamouring for change because, “for six years the country has been led by a president who cannot give the people direction on how to stop corruption, how to provide security, create employment and provide infrastructure that will impact positively on the economy”.

The organisation said just as it said in the past, the 2015 election, more than anything, is a referendum on the performance of Mr. Jonathan.

It stated, “The President has not measured up to the least expectations of Nigerians and that is why they are earnestly waiting for February 14 to pass their verdict.

“Whereas the Goodluck Jonathan administration has not been able to deliver on any of the promises the president made to Nigerians in 2010, the government under the President’s watch has surpassed every known boundaries on issues of corruption and impunity.

“Let us remind the president that if truly Rome was not built in a day, Rome is also not built forever. The President has failed to deliver by his own timelines and he should patiently wait for Nigerians to pass their verdict over the incompetence of his administration.”


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    • Otile

      You mean FailBuhari 14?

      • Tunsj

        You meant CorruptGEJ Defeated.

        • Otile

          The certificate forger is the real corrupt and defeated one.

          • Screw-em

            @ what point you go tire with this forgery matter sef?..next one we go hear say bcos of the gap tooth, him slim body or him glasses the man too “young” to be presido. Give it up my broda, the swan sung is over for your Otuoke Hill billy. Sai “gap” tooth BUHARI!!!!…….lol

          • Otile

            Produce a genuine ordinary level school certificate we will live your god alone. We are not asking much, this mere O/L not Advanced, not degree.

          • Screw-em

            This rabid fixation with a lower educational certificate obtained 53 years ago is mind boggling. The man has already presented a higher diploma from a reputable military institution and met the minimum 10year civil service requirement. That in my view meets all constitutional requirements to compete/ vie for the office of the presidency. Besides his command of the English language beats your Otuoke Hill Billy “PhD” hands down.

          • MUSTASH

            You couldn’t get anything on this guy and decided to manufacture this to tarnish his integrity. You guys are plain pathetic!

  • marig

    What Gej and his campaign don’t get is that this election is not just about Gmb. It is a referendum on Gej and 16yrs of Pdp. This is why the more they demonise Gmb the more Nigerians gravitate towards him.

    • PROF

      Buhari is clown , i tot he said he will not contest again after he lost.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Did buhari not say in 2011 after he was roundly thrashed three times in the presidential election, that he will not cotest again ? And is he not in the turf again to lose the fourth time ? How do you address Buhari shifty nature, or it does not matter. Anyway Jonathan is constitutionally guranteed two terms of Eight years and his going for a second term is his right and not a privilege. Is only military head of states who shot their way innto office that do not have a defined tenure

    • Olu Ade

      Mitt Romney said the same thing when he lost to Obama in 2012, now is planning to make a 3rd run…there is no crime in changing your mind on whether to contest or not…Politicians assess and re-assess their chances…Above all, it is anybody’ fundamental right to vote and be voted for…AND IT IS A PERSONAL DECISION TO MAKE

      …If you equate Buhari’s change of mind on running for President with Jonathan as a President saying that he will not run for 2nd term…that is simply equating apple with orange. When Jonathan said he will not contest for another term (he was then acting President) he made a covenant with PDP so that they can support him in 2011; and eventually a covenant with Nigerians. To go back on his words shows that he is sneaky, dubious, lack integrity and played yahoo-yahoo and 419 on Nigerians…

      Now Jonathan was quoted as saying “4years is too small to fix Nigeria” Nobody says Jonathan will fixed Nigeria 100% in 4years, even Charismatic leaders that are well endowed with leadership qualities can not fix every problem. What is disappointing in Mr. Jonathan’s case is that Nigeria is not even static, Nigeria has moved several steps backward by every measure under his watch.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        This is pure hate trade. If it is Buhari, no problem but when it comes to Jonathan tantrums are thrown. If Buhari’s 20 months inglorious brutal rule, what is he coming to do agai? Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Olu Ade

          Buhari is coming back because his record shows what we need at this time:
          Military strategist
          A national leader not somebody who was elected overwhelmingly as President of Nigeria but became President of Ijaw by his association and actions and in-actions. END OF THE STORY.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            A military strategist that was thrown out of office through a coup. A strategist who sacked 30,000 soldiers. Think Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Otile

    Did Imam Mohamed Buhari promise not to contest again after he was catastrophically defeated last time? What a hypocrite. Haba

  • Tunsj

    Jonathan wants us to forget that he has been in office for six years. A leopard cannot change it’s spots. Don’t be fooled by Jonathan’s all of sudden changing his tone.

    • Enyi Enyi

      Do not mind him, he wants another 4 years making it 10years and thereby becoming the longest serving president of this country. PVC him out!

  • Wähala

    “There is no way within four years any government can finish the programmes of this country,” the president said.

    • Otile

      Are you back here, Yoruba pretender?

      • Wähala

        Where did we meet and where did I tell you I was going?

        • Otile

          You were on the other article insulting me to promote your master, the certificate forger.

          • Wähala

            Oh! pele. I forgot, but I also remember offering odeku to soak & sooth your soul in advance for the impending mauling of your crumbs giver. How nah? Ready for “ode baba” or are you still smarting from my flushing your useless opinion into the toilet? Like I believe, odeku settles all disputes…
            You game?

          • Otile

            Enjoy your burukutu. You Fulani Yoruba need to leave me go with my Biafra. The insult is too much,

          • Wähala

            Aaaah, omo ale!
            na nkwobi you wan schop with palmy? Mama Bisi dey Eko, I fit order’m for you if that will settle our dispute. Sha, good & breaking news: Afenifere has just endorsed Dumbo for mauling at the polls. A failed and rusty ewedu-group endorsing a failed slimy snails man. Hahaha chei o indeed! I dey laffu! Fried snails in ewedu soup… o’pari be dat. Tufia!

    • Reality

      Buhari will go to jail soon.

      • Wähala

        Which jail is large enough to accommodate 170 million Nigerians?
        Dumbo will end like Bagbo of Ivory Coast if he’s lucky, you just mark this comment for posterity…
        One day longer than his tenure and Nigerians will slap him to death like Ghadaffi… tell him for me!

  • Night Crawler

    Jonathan should forget about his re election because his there now for 6 years and he has failed in most of his promises

    • Otile

      Sorry, power is not about to shift to the North. The oil is ours. That’s what the clamor for a certificate forger all about.

    • Trustall

      You don’t seem to be accepting reality. Rethink your position. GEJ standard a better chance of delivering Nigeria.

  • calebAdams1

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  • Trustall

    You don’t seem to be accepting reality. Rethink your position. GEJ stands a better chance of delivering Nigeria

  • anneedu

    You stand no chance in nigeria, if u must help nigeria you must not be president



    Nigerians know that Buhari is on his way to prison for perjury and forgery AND I had thought that Buhari should be negotiating his pardon with GEJ instead of rambling thru a Garba Shehu whose so called media role has virtually ruined Atiku Abubakar.

    Atiku Abubakar has paid Garba Shehu so much billion of Naira with nothing to show for it ….. in fact, even as at today most Nigerians know Atiku as extremely corrupt …… showing that Garba Shehu is not accomplishing anything for all the money he is being paid.

    • TrueNja

      I feel sorry for GEJ and dame Patience young children, who is going to take care of them when dad and mum are in prison.

      • charlesakpan

        See how myopic you APC peasants can reason.I’m sure you will be the one to take him there and Gen Buhari will be there to welcome him.

  • Uzoma John

    GEJ should be reminded that he has spent 6 years, not 4, without achieving anything

  • Isi Agwo

    Reason for “change” finally unveiled: Bokohari comes from the Born Rule Fulani stock. Also called Borntorulecracy, no certificates needed; preferential treatment is a must.

    • Enyi Enyi

      You are truly a “snake head” as your name implies. Isi Agwo means snake head!

      • Otile

        In Oduduwaland is called ori ejo. But he is a good intelligent man.

  • charlesakpan

    It is evident that the APC and indeed Gen Buhari does not have plans for this country because if they do,now is the time to sell it to Nigerians instead of playing the “holier than thou”character.He keeps talking about corruption when he has failed to explain why he refused to appear before the Oputa Panel to explain his actions as Head of State of this country.The APCPCO should please remove the log of wood in Gen Buhari’s eyes before trying to remove the one in GEJ’s.In addition,APCPCO is saying Nigerians are clamoring for CHANGE when they are actually promising Nigerians an obviously imaginary CHANGE.Nigerians are tired of all these lies.We’ll rather allow GEJ to continue the transformation process he has already started.


    Buhari was a Colonel in 1980 and a Major General in 1983,that shows you how the ranking system of the Army was abused by the Hausa-Fulani,he took part in 3 coups,Ironsi,Gowon and Shagari…….is this the same man trying to stage a come-back after having lost twice previously ?

    Buhari has the guts to tell another Nigerian that he should not enjoy constitutional rights of 2 terms because his Fulani tribe want to maintain their born-to-rule status ? I do not blame him rather I blame Tinubu who crawls like a reptile each time he runs into a Fulani person

    • tyson


    • Peter

      Thank you my brother. You have said it all. That is why the Yoruba nation has rejected the man Tinubu. This 2015 is their last.

    • Chuks007

      “Only four sets of people can vote for the PDP:

      (1) Those who are intellectually blind,

      (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity,

      (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands, &

      (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses”

    • Screw-em

      This rabid fixation with a lower educational certificate obtained 53
      years ago is mind boggling. The man has already presented a higher
      diploma from a reputable military institution and met the minimum 10year
      civil service requirement. That in my view meets all constitutional
      requirements to compete/ vie for the office of the presidency. Besides
      his command of the English language beats your Otuoke Hill Billy “PhD”
      hands down

  • tyson

    PRESIDENT Jonathan has been commander-in-chief OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC of Nigeria for 1,850 days in a country of 170 million persons, but Buhari was there for about 605 days when the country’s population was just 84 million. So in terms of experience, Jonathan is better qualified. Again, it will be extremely unfair to compare both men’s educational qualifications, but suffice it to say that while Jonathan, from his poor background, saw himself through school by hard work, most of Buhari’s fees and bills were paid for by the state. Even today, the state still pays him and foots some of his bills.RESIDENT

  • kday


    * In 2008 when Obasanjo picked you to be Yaradua’s running mate who were the people that first kicked against your candidacy?

    The Ijaws did. Their reason was that the 2 years as governor in Bayelsa you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Till date, your erra is still termed the worst in Bayelsa.

    * Why did Obasanjo find it difficult to sell you to his allies and PDP as Yaradua’s running mate?

    You Jonathan had a case with EFCC has documents proved you embezzled N9,000,000,000 (NINE BILLION NAIRA) while your wife Patience laundered $4,000,000 (FOUR MILLION DOLLARS) all these within two years.

    * Ebele, who was your biggest opposition in becoming Yaradua’s running mate?

    The answer is EDWIN CLARK. The man who today is your mouth piece and who is pretending loves you the most.

    * Azikiwe, amongst other tricks, what did you do to gather public sympathy?

    You Mr Deceitful sent people to blow up part of your house in Bayelsa to make it look like it was your political opponents. The SSS released a report which you guys later hid to debunk your dubious claim.

    * Jonathan, when Yaradua made you to be in charge of negotiations with the Niger Delta Militants, who were those who objected and what was their reasons?

    Asari, Tompolo, and Boyloaf. Their reason being that you are not sincere in the Niger Delta course but only after your pocket.


    * What was your agreement with PDP regarding a 2nd term.

    You promised and even swore you will go for a SINGLE TERM

    *Why did you jail James Ibori and forced Aoandoka to go underground?

    To revenge their utmost loyalty to the late Yaradua

    * Did you fulfill your agreement to Tinubu and others even when they had to betray their party at that last minute in order to canvass for you.


    * How did you try to mock and tarnish Obasanjo?

    You didn’t only remove all his loyalist from your government, you also made sure you made his enemies your closest allies. You don’t need me to start calling names right?

    * Who is Jonathan’s BIGGEEST Northern Ally?

    Alli Modu Sherrif. The CHIEF SPONSOR OF BOKO HARAM.


    * You promised Nigerians incentives in order to remove subsidy. Things like stable power, metro buses (in Lagos and Abuja), full road rehabilitation etc.


    * Obasanjo’s government brought GSM amongst other things, Yaradua’s short time in government brought RULE OF LAW. Jonathan what has yours brought?


    * Never in the history of Nigeria has all institutions witnessed as much strike as yours.


    * Jonathan what in Heaven’s name do you need FIVE presidential jet for even with the high rate of poverty in the land.

    * Ebele, the ONLY Nigerian president that tried all means to DIVIDE Nigeria along Religion and Ethnic line.


    * Jonathan will rather gallivant with Nollywood stars than have a session with those brains who are truly making Nigerians proud both Home and Abroad. Or better Still, compose a comforting message to the people of North East.

    Nigeria as at today HAS NO GOVERNMENT.

    We provide our water – borehole.
    We provide our light – generator/ inverter
    We provide our security – high fence/ cctv
    We provide our education – private school.
    We produce fuel yet pay the most in the world.
    We have no motorable federal road.


    HIGH Uneployment in the land.

    High rate of Corruption (the CLOWN wants to curb corruption with technology).


    FELLOW NIGERIANS : Share these on your Facebook, Twitter, Instergram, BBM, Whatsapp, And every blog and forum you know ( COPY AND PASTE ON AS MANY THREADS ON NAIRALAND AS YOU CAN. THE WHOLE NIGERIA MUST SEE AND HEAR OF JONATHAN’S LIES). Until Jonathan can answer the above questions.

    • Otile

      Does Buhari have a good certificate or must people have to go to court to argue the authenticity or lack thereof

      • kday

        If Buhari was pictured attending a mosque, and it was reported that the Imam said ‘he would open the gates to hell upon those who oppose Buhari’, and Buhari sat there and said nothing, what do you think many people would be saying today?

        If Buhari was pictured going to different mosques and kneeling before Imams, as part of his campaign, what do we think the comments would be?

        If Buhari was pictured going on pilgrimage to Mecca, surrounded by a retinue of fawning Imams, what would the response be from Nigerians?

        If Buhari invited senior Imams from across the country to a meeting with him, to discuss the elections and his campaign strategy, what would the Nigerian people think?

        GEJ has done all the above, and we are told he has a right to do so as a committed christian. Buhari has done none of the above yet he is called a religious fundamentalist with a plan to turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation.

        Please examine the facts so we can honestly decide who is acting like the real religious fundamentalist? Who is using religious faith as a political ploy to get votes?

        No pastor, Bishop, GO, Reverend Father, Imam etc is GOD. They do NOT have the right to tell you who to vote for. Go out there and support the candidate of your choice. Make your choice based upon who will give you and your children a better life and a better Nigeria.~

        Say BuHaRi. GMB 2015
        Change Change
        Vote For APC

        • Peter

          Think again: did Jonathan instigate the Boko Haram to unleash terror on the innocent people of the North East just because he wants to cling on to power?

          • kday

            Of course not but his behaviors like i mentioned above that breeds resentment among people of different faith. Be honest, how would you feel if GMB does the same thing Dumbo has been doing with Muslim clerics? I can answer that for you: You would be screaming bloody murder by now. Yet GMB isthe fanatic?

          • Dan maikoko

            No! But he did nothing as the only person bestowed with the mandate and the resources to secure Nigeria and vanquish boko haram.

        • Emmanuel

          There is a sharp divide between fundamentalism in Christianity and Islam. While the Christians will rain spiritual “hell”, the Muslims will leave an ocean of blood in their wake. Pastors will invoke Holy Ghost fire, the congregation will not interpret it as a call to set unbelievers houses on fire. Unlike what usually obtains after Friday Jumat service. Herein lies the difference. Buhari because he has a sinister plan will avoid the mosques for now just to win the elections.

  • chukwu smart

    Apc and it’s flag bearer seems they ve nothing to offer to Nigerians, they keep on saying they stop corruption, stop insurgency etc, but looking @ d whole thing holistic ally they ve nothing to offer to Nigerians, all I see in Apc re bunch of people full of corruption and unjust, GEJ is our man come 2015.

  • Guguru

    The 2015 Presidential campaign is simply a choice between a criminal (Jona) and a law abiding citizen (Buhari). Choose wisely.

  • Timoni

    and here’s Buhari that also said that he will NEVER contest again in 2011! Pot calling kettle black! I only pity those young men and women that are always busy waiting their MB supporting these people online. They are all the same!

    • Yola

      Pls read what was written before commenting, no one was talking about contesting but about what the GEJ said in 2010 that if he can’t provide power in 4 years, he can not do it even if given another 4 years, so pls spare us all this sentiments. If you can dispute that then you can then pity the young ones but don’t try diverting from the issue being discussed. Thanks

  • Peter

    Buhari’s problem is not because he is currently 77 years old. The real
    issue is that Buhari is near illiterate and visionless. It has baffled
    me that of all the bright brains in Nigeria today, the APC does not see
    anything wrong in a man that has no achievable and meaningful records in
    Nigeria’s political and economic history. This is not the type of
    person that can instill any fear in a party like PDP. The APC needed to
    have fielded a more realistic person as its flagbearer, and not a 77
    years old former dictator whose only notoriety during his rule was
    illegal detention and jailing of opposition voices. His economic policy
    was an outdated ‘Trade by Barter’. He will fail again like a pack of
    loose sand.

    • Wetin Naija

      What has Mr. PhD GEJ done after 6 years apart from corruption and squandering the national resources

    • kday

      So why are you guys then peeing your pants whenever you heard his name? Please do not concern yourself with our candidate thank you.

    • kday

      Before you start vomiting rubbish,
      Please consider the following unassailable facts:

      • Otile


        • Amala_Gbegiri

          it’s you who is bullshitting, a crass.

  • Garden-City Boy

    That is not the issue that counts now. Where is your WASC, Mr. Clean?

    • Chuks007

      here and now where is GEJ’s thesis?

  • Peter Irene

    We cannot leave this country under this very currupt regime. No light No employment, no Medicare poor infrastructure etc . Change is at hand.

  • Wetin Naija

    What has Mr. PhD GEJ done after 6 years apart from corruption and squandering the national resources. He created hope for himself, his family and his cronies. How about the remaining Nigerians?

  • Newsbreak

    Two (2) separate lawsuits filed against Buhari

    Besides a civil lawsuit filed in Abuja since 6th January praying the court
    for an order of disqualification of Muhammadu Buhari on the ground that
    no law authorises him to stand election without complying with the Electoral
    Law which makes it mandatory that all eligible candidates must have attached
    copies of their claimed credentials to their INEC application Form, a criminal
    complaint has now been filed in Abuja asking that Buhari be prosecuted for
    perjury and forgery.

    “That General Muhammadu Buhari, with intent to mislead a
    public officer as to compliance with the provisions of Section 31 of the
    Electoral Act, 2010, deposed to various affidavits in the High Court of the
    Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, wherein he stated that he attended Katsina
    Provincial Secondary School, Katsina State and obtained a West African School
    Certificate and the certificates he claimed to have obtained are with the
    Nigerian Army.

    That the Nigerian Army, in whose custody Buhari and the APC claim the certificates are,
    denied being in possession of the school certificates. That General Buhari never sat for
    the West African Examination Council examination in 1961 as he claimed,”

    the civil rights complainants pleaded.

    • Chuks007

      “Only four sets of people can vote for the PDP:

      (1) Those who are intellectually blind,

      (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity,

      (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands, &

      (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses” – Soyinka Emeritus


        Only four sets of people can vote for the APC :

        (1) Those blinded by all forms of religious and ethnic bigotry

        (2) Those who wish to send Nigeria back to the stone-age with Buhari’s trade by barter economics

        (3) Those who propagate dictatorships and reward tyranny

        (4) Those who relish the culture of preferential treatment and disregard for rule of law as practised by Buhari’s cabal .

        • Dan maikoko

          Who are you quoting?

          • 1oracle

            He is quoting the TRUTH which is eternal.

          • Emmanuel

            He is quoting common sense. If Soyinka can say all unprintable things about Buhari in 2007 and now reverse himself because of his in-law Amaechi, Soyinka is not worth quoting.


            I am quoting Mr common sense

      • 1oracle

        I wonder how someone that is not blind intellectually will vote for an illiterate cattle rearer to be president of intellectual gurus, professors, doctors, etc.
        I wonder how someone who is not blinded by ethnicity will vote for an ethnic bigot like buhari.
        I wonder how someone who is not corrupt will vote for someone with 53 suitcase loaded with corruption itself.
        How can the fate of a country be placed on the hands of a liar and a serial loser like buhari?

    • Screw-em

      Na wa oooo!!!…..This rabid fixation with a lower educational certificate obtained 53
      years ago is mind boggling. The man has already presented a higher
      diploma from a reputable military institution and met the minimum 10year
      civil service requirement. That in my view meets all constitutional
      requirements to compete/ vie for the office of the presidency. Besides
      his command of the English language beats your Otuoke Hill Billy “PhD”
      hands down


        1. Perjury remains a criminal; offence punishable by Prison term

        2. Coup plotting remains a treasonable offence punishable by capital punishment


        • Public Tribune

          My people, save Nigeria. Once the Constitution is nullified the country is gone.
          The next step will be an Islamic State since Nature forbids a vacuum. Save the law!

      • Dodo

        @ Scre-em:

        Let education help us now! Buhari never claimed anything else than WASC.
        No need to mis-lead already un-thinking and mostly illiterate people in Nigeria.
        There will be Nigeria after Buhari. So, why not save your country? isn’t it better?
        Please, in case you are honestly confused, see the proper issues of facts below:

        • 1oracle

          Don’t mind him, his or her sense of reasoning is clouded by sentiments.

    • Ukpaka

      When a man has no good record to run on, the next best thing is to look for somebody to get disqualified. GEJ can sponsor the whole world to sue Buhari and all will come to nothing. We have an election coming soon and GMB will contest and win. GEJ can always go to court. His problem is self-inflicted.

      • 1oracle

        Buhari is a serial loser and ineluctable.

  • Zira


  • richkid

    Buahri cannot be better than GEJ, buhari saw that there is no other like GEJ and the only thing he can do is to introduce boko haram insurgency, think of the infrastructure! Think of the people he empowered. GEJ all the way

    • Ukpaka

      keep dreaming…

      • 1oracle

        He is not dreaming, he is face to face with reality.

  • Vik

    And see who is talking….a man who said 2011 election will be his last……intergrity my foot.

    • Ukpaka

      Your point is?

      • 1oracle

        That buhari lacks the moral ground to criticize Jonathan.

  • Original_Raskal

    Didi I hear buhari said 6yrs? Someone help me ask buhari which president read Jan 1st 2010 new year message to Nigerian? Was it not Yaradua? GEJ was sworn in as president on May 6th 2010. From May 6th 2010 till Jan 27th 2015 is what buhari calculated as 72 months (6 yrs). Now I understand that this man is so dull that he can’t even count english months! What a shame! Even the forged result shows F9 in mathematics! Was there a time there were two presidents in Nigeria? Even if buhari choose to calculate from when GEJ was made acting president on 10th Feb 2010, will that amount to 72 months (6 yrs)? What a stark illiterate dullard of a criminal!

    • Musbau Hamzat

      U are there also today. I don’t think you even have any job. Sorry for u!!!!

  • Es3

    “It was this same President Jonathan who said in 2010 that if he could
    not improve on the country’s power generation capacity within four
    years, then it means he could not do anything,” the statement said
    At 72 or 73, age has definitely affected Buhari’s ability to properly coordinate his thoughts, which in turn, affects what he says???!

    In his whole lifetime of over 70 years, has he seen power generation rise to about 5,000 MW in Nigeria that Jonathan government attained before gas pipeline sabotage (as anchored by his party) reduced it to we have today???

    Buhari failed to realize that, such would not admit that Jonathan actually truly improved electricity in 4 years as promised! Maybe he meant to speak on Jonathan previous proposal for singe term of 6 years, where he offered to be the first??? If that, it is still case of age-battered memory that has failed Buhari so badly here!!!

  • Amala_Gbegiri

    Are Nigerians really that ignorant and have been bled to economic stupor
    that they are still canvassing support for a President who doesn’t give
    a damn when asked to declare his assets.I don’t get it, this guy is a
    disgrace to Nigerian Ph.D holders.Just watch his interview on CNN with
    christiane amanpour.Even Abacha with standard four of those days did
    better than this educated illiterate.

    • Ezekiel

      Why has ur Buharam decided to run again after he said 2011 would be his last shot for presidency?

  • UYI111

    Anybody could have said that when he have absolute power like in the military days without a NASS crowded by imbeciles that once told the presidency that they were more in number therefore can sabotage any meaning plan by the Government unless they have their way?
    And for buhari haram was it not the same you that came out to say 2011 that it was ur last try? as a serial looser /coupist !wont it have been better for u to hang urself and let innocent women and children be?their blood cried out to God every day and night against you .

  • ceweeco projects


  • evi

    Add the number of years that yu were head of state,petroleum minister and PTF chairman,what are your tangible achievements? How many schools did you build? How many roads did you construct in the south? Even the rail project that shagari initiated that would have cost 60 million, you cancelled and instead paid 600 million which was the fine for breach of contract .Tell us your past achievements if you have any because that is what nigerians will judge you with and not your empty and lofty promises of today, stop criticising Jonathan,show your certificate and not oluwole statement of result and tell us your past achievements

  • MushinSpeaks

    If by now you still cant use the google to verify Buhari’s achievement, then you need to be tutored on simple ABC…

    Thant you have been paid to make comments here doesnt mean you should lost your sense of reasoning…. If your kids or sisters were among the kidnapped school girls, you wont be coming here to rant.

    Romance GEJ till eternity, the CHANGE we need must come.

    • evi

      There’s nothing about Buhari’s achievements on Google except his tyranny when he was head of state, he promulgated repressive laws like decree 2 and 4,he turned our economy to trade by barter economy,he rentrenched federal workers, he cancelled rail project shagari initiated that would have cost 60 million and rather paid 600 million which was fine for breach of contract,he was petroleum minister and PTF chairman at various times but did not build one school or construct one road in the south,if you know of any of buhari’s achievements, list them and back it up with evidence

  • Shola adebola

    what was Buhari able to achieve that it’s still in existence now?

  • Shola adebola

    Buhari is a wrong choice for CHANGE. Try next election

  • aminatabubakar04

    We tired of the old saying, APC should give us a better topic.

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    I thought Buhari said he won’t contest again . Why did he changed his mind? Born to rule bigot!

    • Otile

      Imam Buhari is a hypocrite. Simple

      • Ojebe

        He is not as hypocrite as your incompetent Jonathan who said he would contest for only one term but now reneged on it among many failed promises

  • ug

    it can only be one thing “MYOPIA”that will make a reasonable person not to see the good works of president GEJ within his four years leadership.

    • SBA

      I am not sure you live in this country. If you do, Jonathan won’t be the candidate you will be supporting. My question to you is; are you better off than you were four years ago? Jonothing doesn’t even give a dam about you. Once he gets your vote, you won’t see him again. On Buhari we stand

      • Mike udi

        If u re not better than look inward instead of blaming ur president.

        • SBA

          Mike do you know that health workers have been on strike since last year yet our dear President is junketing the country campaigning. Is that fair on the less privilege who make use of public hospitals. Does that shows our President cares? Or who do we blame, the opposition

    • Ojebe

      Why dont you just highlight those good works of your president for us to know?

  • Unique Fidel

    Is it bokohari that can deliver within 4years, what did he do when he was on seat.

  • Joe

    Atiku could have being the right person to fix Nigeria, but Nigerians have wrong impression of him. Very brilliant man that could give roadmap to the development of Nigeria.

  • anneedu

    Buharii did nothing for us when he was on sit is it now he will do

  • AdemolaO

    It’s rich coming from someone who would not be able to fulfil a third of he campaign promises if elected. Not only did GEJ engage in the long-winded tasks that he said he would, but he has made huge progress in some. I’m quite sure thaht without tragedy (Boko Haram, oil prices collapse, the Ebola outburst) his results would have been even more probative.

  • JamesAdebayo

    GMB is yet again criticizing the President while not attempting any second to make a good case for his candidacy. Let us hear what your program and your big “changes” are Mr Buhari! Then, we can talk about your certificates.

  • FadeelahO

    Muhammadu Buhari is forgetting where Democracy has been left off by years of dictatorships, just like his own in 1983-1985. It’s been 16 years of reconstruction, of development and of building up trust again in our Government.

    When you look back at what GEJ accomplished during his four years, you have to acknowledge his successes. Who managed to contain an Ebola outbreak in the most populous African country? Who diversified our economy from the sole oil industry with the implementation of the Transformation Agenda? Who has been one of the only President to fight corruption by weeding out more than 46000 ghost workers in the Federal service sector, by removing from office the former governor of the central bank Muhammadu Sanusi after he tried to fraud the NNPC. And there is much, much more to say.

    The APC and their candidate can not reasonably expect to do better, sorry.

  • Chuckwuebuka Alavavite

    He has a lot of gull to attack GEJ on his years on power. If you remember his short lived tyranny in the 80s, the outcome was catastrophic in less then half the time GEJ has officially been president : he tries at reforming the public sector lead to massive job losses, his management of our currency was so bad that the IMF demanded it was devaluated by 60%, criminality drastically increased during his years in power due to poverty and famine, and he ruthlessly expelled nearly one million Niger workers living on our soil during the 1984-85 food crisis (as a result the famine was called “El-Buhari” in Niger). So, yeah, he can go on bragging about what he will do, and dissing, GEJ, but we know.