APC raises the alarm over fresh moves to scuttle 2015 elections

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has raised the alarm over fresh moves by anti-democratic forces to use the courts to postpone or scuttle next month’s general elections, calling on the judiciary to protect the nation’s democracy and on Nigerians to repudiate the desperadoes and their allies who are behind the plot.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said after all the efforts to stop the APC presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, failed, the anarchists have moved on to the next chapter, which is to use the courts to stop the elections at all cost.

It said the case instituted at a Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday, seeking a declaration that Gen. Buhari lacks the requisite qualification to contest the Feb. 14th presidential election, is the first in a series of court cases to be instituted just so that the elections will not hold.

”We are not surprised at this, because these desperadoes are so predictable. They are following the footsteps of the infamous Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) which helped to annul the 1993 elections and which threw Nigeria into a crisis from which it has yet to fully recover, over 20 years later.

”We can only appeal to the judiciary not to become a willing tool in the hands of those who will stop at nothing to scuttle the elections, just to perpetuate their firm grip on power,” APC said.

The party said the truth is that President Goodluck Jonathan is very much aware that if the elections go ahead as scheduled, he will lose to Gen. Buhari by a landslide, adding that the President and his allies are terrified of meeting the APC at the polls.

”An ally of presidential aide Doyin Okupe has revealed that President Jonathan will rather have the military take over than hand over to the APC candidate. Though Okupe has made a tepid denial, the revelation has exposed the thinking and the desperation within the presidency, ahead of the elections.

”We are also aware that up till this moment, the President has yet to repudiate the ex-militants in the Niger Delta who have threatened the country’s very existence if he is not re-elected, as if elections are won by fiat. When this is added to ongoing moves to depopulate the North-east, which is an opposition stronghold, using scare tactics, one can see that this presidency and the PDP are as terrified and desperate as they can be,” it said.

APC also warned those who are manipulating some elements among judiciary workers, either to proceed on strike just so that the courts will not be able to sit on cases that can affect their candidates or to end the strike so they can seek to use the courts to achieve their objectives of truncating the elections, to desist from such acts.

”In particular, we will like to remind the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Mohammed Bello Adoke to advise his principal and his aides not to abuse the courts or use it as a tool to truncate democracy. They must be careful not to throw the country into chaos for selfish reasons,” the party said.

It reiterated its earlier stand that the general elections must hold as scheduled on Feb. 14th and 28th, and that under no circumstance will Nigerians accept the postponement of the polls or the establishment of an Interim Government, which is the next option being secretly canvassed by the presidency if its plan to scuttle the elections fails.

”Next month’s general elections must hold and winners must be declared. Nothing short of this will be acceptable to us as a party,” APC said.


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  • Nobody is trying to scuttle next elections, tell your master Buhari to show the original of his certificate then the case ends there. There is no need to raise any alarm that you are raising now, you are only crying for sympathy from the court but the law is simple. Why should Buhari lie under oath in the court/affidavit that his certificates are with the army. He lied to all Nigerians not to PDP or Jonathan!!!!!!!!!

    • abc

      Mr. Animal the last time I check, losing Originals of certificates is not a crime, and Inec needs only evidence of qualifications therefore, verified statement of result will serve.

      • Otile

        Why not from Cambridge University, who do you think you are fooling?

        • Philex

          If the court says it is satisfied with the one from the school, there is nothing any of us can do about it.

          • Otile

            We are not going to accept any unverified forged certificate from a sharia court. Their own verdict is a foregone conclusion. You can practice that nonsense in the North, we will not accept it here.

          • kday

            Ogbenin Otile you are back again. I thought You had headed for the border because you have been missing in action for past few days or was it because your pastors, Militants and your boy Dumbo have been shooting themselves in the foot. One told us he was the Gate keeper of Hell, the other threatened to start war if we do not vote for Dumbo and Dumbo himself had summoned the Christian leaders to a Ghana Must Go free for all at Aso Rock. Just imagine the outrage that would have accompanied such move if GMB had call on Muslim Clerics. You people are just bunch of hypocrites and hate mongers but God is bigger than all of you and your fake men of God who ask his followers to kill Nigerians if they appear to look in a certain way. Unbelievable!

          • Otile

            Where on earth can one see a genuine copy of Imam Mohamed Buhari’s safrikate?

          • Omo Oodua

            Or you meant to say “Cefticate”..lol APC is now very jittery. They were saying anyone not satisfied should go to court. Now they are saying something else again. surely if Buhari’s “Cefticate” was forged, there is nothing APC can do other than to field another candidate or withdraw from the election. Maybe Tinubu can replace him since he too has a “Toronto Cert”.. i dey laugh in german..

    • TrueNja

      Cambridge University confirmed authentic of his cert. What other proof you corrupt politicians want? Read our lips and bodies, no more 4 years for Jonothing.

      • Otile

        Liar, show proof.

  • Awarawa

    And to prepare your defense in court. Perjury is a serious case, more or less from someone seen as incorruptible…

  • Benny born

    But why are this politicians holding Nigerian youths to ransom, are we fools or something? Why are they sharing so cheap deceptions to us. A candidate is asked to brought forward his WASC and has since been beating around the bush, This same politician above said on National TV that all aggrieved should proceed to court, now they are in court, you are above again making noise. they probably using the aftermath or orgy of violence to scare the youths or what. I’m not against any political party but I think one candidate needs to be cleared or is he above the law ni.

    • Otile

      Than you Benny. APC takes youths for fools. If MohamedMuhammadu had a genuine certificate he would not hesitate to show it for clearance like other candidates.

      Mohamed Buhari, maigaskiya my foot.

      • Benny born

        but seriously it’s becoming very childish, do this guys don’t know the required documents ni. This are people that preaches CHANGE!!! they want to tackle corruption and abide by the rules. What is the change right now, when you are building trust on falsehood.

        • Wähala

          Shut-up dia! Does Dumbo have a school certificate? Who went to secondary, university with him?

          • Otile

            So it is no longer a question of go to court, it is now the court is going to scuttle nascent democracy.

          • Wähala

            The court will do nothing of such as they will realize the window for complaints under the Electoral Act is closed… that’s why I call it, “Aka Ikenga” legal process.

          • bugwu

            Let us face facts do not shout any body down. If you feel that he does not have it then go to court and he will comfortably produce all his result.

          • Wähala

            Why did the PDP lawyers themselves not institute the lawsuit… wonder why?
            If all candidates are required to produce their certificates, Dumbo-Sambo have none to present…
            This is a frivolous lawsuit as you and I know and any tampering with the elections will only earn Dumbo a slap to death, trust me on it. The Americans have warned him, the whole 26 political parties have said the elections must hold as scheduled, anything short of expectations will be met full-force… better advise his drunk ahss not to test the will of determined Nigerians. Simple as that!

          • Otile


      • TrueNja

        Cambridge University confirmed that he had high school certificate. Sore,loser, go and die in Majindun lagoon if you are not satisfied.

        • Otile

          Is the Katsina secondary school Cambridge University? Liar.

          Go hug the transformer at Idumota.

        • bugwu

          Where did they confirm that? they said only the candidate has the right to apply for result. So GMB should apply if he was a student.

  • Yusuf

    Jonathan should know that Nigeria is not Patience room, it is not by force. we dont want you and it is final, just find another place

    • Fulani Nomad

      I doubt if it would be done by force in Mama Peace’s room considering her thick & heavy legs. No only for lepacious Madam Febuhari is possible should Oga decide to apply F= ma

    • bugwu

      Stop rattling your mouth do you have PVC? A begi GEJ carry go.

    • Collins

      Was Hausa language written in 1961? Hmmm. It started and got accredited in 1970. How did buhari get that?

  • sanetalk

    No matter what, majority of Nigerians want the election to hold as scheduled and so it must be. The certificate issue is a red herring and the criminal act of FFK in altering the email from Cambridge on the matter has exposed the desperation of the ruling party to scuttle the election on a phantom forgery case.FKK gave the game away when he alleged that the results were forged without sighting the hard copy. Is it not strange that they are not querying how the original or photocopy got missing from GMB’s file. The PDP should contrive another lie because this plank is collapsing

  • victo amadi

    PDP thinks we are at erra of jokes. We will teach them lesson this time.

  • Philex

    APC, the goodwill of Nigerians is on your side, the momentum is with you. But please, and please do not squander it. Finally, the courts will request Cambridge University to tender a certified copy of the result. When they do that, this thing would be over with once and for all. No court has the guts to disqualify GMB just for saying that his credentials are in his military files, when it is not. After all, the file has been with the military for more than forty years.
    The courts would only consider perjury if he claims eligibility on the basis of materials that the guidelines clearly requires him to possess. So go to court, get the Cambridge authorities to send a copy if they are not satisfied with the one sent by Buhari’s school. Anything other than that, some of us would begin to think you have something to hide.
    A word is enough for the wise!

  • Peter Irene

    The Court case is a hollow rituals. I will not hold water.

    • Otile

      Then why were you people shouting to us, go to court, go to court?

      • Reality

        My brother I wonder the kind of people we are living with in this country.

  • perekekeme joachim

    There is no doubt the APC knows what they are doing by heating the polity with all framed up lies and painting themselves white while every other party especially the PDP black. What will it take for the APC as a Party to present a requirement as prescribed by the constitution of a presidential candidate to submit his WASC certificate to INEC? Even if the certificate got lost on transit it can still be requested from WAEC board for issuance of another one or rather they can write to WAEC for confirmation of the result but not from his old school issuing another statement of result. It is clear they cannot request for his certificate because he (Buhari) doesn’t have the result to present that is why they (APC) have fabricated so many lies to make us believe their unending stories. But the more the stories the more the truth is surfacing. Am pleading to (APC) as a party with all the sainthood they acclaim to please, present a verified Buhari’s certificate from the exam board so that all the rumours about him not having a WASC Certificate will come to an end. just my candid advice!!!!

    • Otile

      Watch out, APC e-rats will soon flood the place shouting that certificate don’t matter, all they want is their illiterate god. Even the so called esquires among them will be justifying and defending perjury. Mohamed Buhari is born in corruption and corruption is born in him, no matter how they try hard to whitewash him, he is still crooked, and corrupt to the teeth.

    • abc

      Honestly I will ask you one simple question. Is Buhari running government collage katsina, if your answer is no, then the PDP governor that runs Katsina and all the institutions in the state had all its take to come out and tell us tru his Comm for education that Buhari did not attent the school. If, I claimed that I attended university of Toronto, the University have every right to refute me immediately.

      • Otile

        What prevents MohamedMuhammadu Buhari from requesting a genuine copy from Cambridge University to clear his name from this scandal?

        • Philex

          It is not yet a scandal. It is only the Fani-Kayode that is making it a ‘scandal’.

          • Otile

            How can demanding a genuine certificate from a candidate be a scandal? If you ask me, I’ll tell you that swearing a false affidavit and presenting a forged certificate is the real scandal.

        • abc

          His school had to do that on his request, but for the mean time he can use statement of result under affidavit.

          • Otile

            For how long have they been in this process of contacting Cambridge? You talk of efficiency.

            God help us deceivers.

      • Reality

        Keep fooling yourself

      • FortB

        Cambridge University conducted the exam and they are still there ready any day Buhari requests to release the result. Why the fear?

  • Otile

    Where are those APC e-rats yelling go to court, go to court. Now the are afraid of the court. What a bunch of losers.

    • TrueNja

      In a sane country there is no way your satanic agent can win his case. Whether you and your clueless imbecile president like it or not election will hold on Feb. 14 and 28 respectively. Anything contrary, be expecting orange revolution. Sore loser, go and commit suicide in Majidun.

      • Otile

        So it is no longer go to court, you are now telling Nigerian voters to go and commit suicide in Majidun. You Muslim fanatics are very dishonest. Don’t count on FailBuhari 14, APC does not have a real candidate.

        I say to you, TrueNja, go hug the transformer.

  • Patriotic Dom

    As funny as APC can be… so using legal means to interpret the in eligibility of your presidential candidate to contest next months election amounts to truncation of democracy… This goes a long way to show that the so called agents of change are the real anarchists… always using every little opportunity to cry wolf where there is non… If they are sure their candidate is clean on the certificate issue, why not answer the suit and argue objectively with their own legal team..

  • Collins

    Liar Mohammed. Talk about the forged certificate. True dey smell.

    • Kolawole Obafemi

      Who is the certificate forger here- Katsina Govt College, Katsina State Government or Femi Fani Kayode? Definitely not Buhari



  • Segun

    always raising false alarm.

  • mike

    No shaking! Elections must hold as planned. Whoever has gone to court can continue with his case. If INEC has okayed the confirmation sent by Katsina College then whoever wants to travel to Cambridge can do so.
    This shows how naive Nigerians can be. You only need to hear from a foreigner before you will believe. I stand here to challenge any court that will say that the confirmation from the Nigerian school that conducted the exam in conjunction Cambridge is not enough.
    However your frivolous legal action can continue while the elections go on. This is so as both projects are not mutually exclusive. Remember, the frowning of a he-goat cannot deter the butcher.
    Pdp can make all the noise, come Feb 14, power must change hands. APC! CHANGE!!!

  • Jaspa Matanga

    Why are the APC people creating problems for this country. Let Buhari ask Cambridge University to send him certified true copy of his certificate to end this problem. If Buhari does not have the certificate then let him step aside.

    • Otile

      He thinks he is born to rule therefore does need to know anything or pass any exam. His minions are legion who don’t mind his illiteracy.

  • Collins

    Hang over man see your face.

  • King Carlos

    I can conclude that APC gathers better intelligence than all our security agencies as a whole. Lai doesn’t speak for nothing. APC is a coordinated organisation, I just hope we don’t miss this chance to have them at the seat of power.

    • Otile

      Let them coordinate soon to get Imam a genuine certificate from Cambridge. This scandal is getting ridiculous.

      • Alhassan Adamu

        I wonder why you never talks about facts only propaganda. To me you are not helping your candidate of not promoting his achievement rather sentiment.

  • Timoni

    Can you APC get this: HAD BUHARI PROVIDED HIS CERTIFICATE AS REQUIRED, who in his right sense will want to waste time and money taking him to court to prove the authenticity of an obviously legit document? Even till now the certificates have not been provided. As the Cambridge University has said, only Buhari has the right to request his certificates meaning that they (Cambridge) are willing to assist him with it should make up his mind to obtain them. It then, the sanity of SANE Nigerians can not be ridiculed by the wolf cries of the APC spokesman. God bless Nigeria!

  • anneedu

    Which are u scared of, the PDP or the militant

  • FortB

    Alarmist. This noise will not make Nigerians forget the request for Buhari’s certificate

  • richkid

    This papaer writers like to write in such a way that they favour Buhari, buhari too is just a security alarm that doesn’t work, buhari you can’t lead us again.

  • richkid

    GEJ all the way. Forget there polls. Planned deal