Jonathan rules out VP Sambo as successor, says next president must be below 60

President GOodluck Jonathan and Vice-President Namadi Sambo

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday tacitly ruled out having Vice President Namadi Sambo as his successor, saying the next Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president must be below 60 years of age.

Addressing a large crowd at the Lafia Township stadium during his presidential campaign tour to Nasarawa State, Mr. Jonathan said his administration believes in the youth and will do everything possible to support the younger generation.

“Obasanjo was president at 70, Yar’Adua at 60 and me close to 60 so the next president must be younger than me,” Mr. Jonathan said.

Vice president Namadi Sambo is already 60 years old.

If Mr. Jonathan wins re-election on February 14 and leaves office in 2019, his remarks means he would not support Mr. Sambo to succeed him as the vice president would have turned 64.

Mr. Jonathan said the PDP administration will invest in the younger generation and ensure that a space is made available for them in the future.

He explained that his administration has taken keen interest in educational development which is a yardstick for developing the younger generation.

He laid emphasis on youth empowerment which he said will be cardinal principle of his government if re-elected.

President Jonathan said the Doma Dam in Doma Local Government Area of the state will be completed to pave way for agricultural development that will create development for the youth.

The president also debunked insinuations that he was behind the candidature of Labaran Maku former minister of Information as gubernatorial candidate of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Nasarawa state.

He added that the PDP administration will work to integrate Nasarawa within the Federal Capital Territory in the next 25 years.

Earlier, the National chairman of the PDP, Ahmadu Muazu, reiterated the party’s concern for the next generation and promised that the party will continue with policies that will develop the youth.


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  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    “The grounds on which General Buhari is being promoted as the alternative
    choice are not only shaky, but pitifully naive. History matters. Records are
    not kept simply to assist the weakness of memory, but to operate as guides to
    the future. Of course, we know that human beings change. What the claims of
    personality change or transformation impose on us is a rigorous inspection of
    the evidence, not wishful speculation or behind-the- scenes assurances. Public
    offence, crimes against a polity, must be answered in the public space, not in
    caucuses of bargaining”—Prof Wole Soyinka

    • Emedu

      Mr President wait till February 14, 15, 16,………….20 before making those unnecessary statement.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        You sound aggressive.

        • Rommel

          why is all your postings today about someone sounding aggressive or angry? are you hallucinating?

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            So you have been monitoring my comments? I have decided to tell people the bitter truth.

    • Silent Observer

      The grounds on which Goodluck Jonathan is being promoted as the populist choice are not only shaky, but pitifully naive. Jonathan is currently unsaleable to the discerning -irrespective of your banal trash to hoodwink the jaundiced electorate.

      • Voke

        Thank God! Premium Times has provided a pedestal for some people to learn some grammar…and use them…rightly so.

        • Silent Observer

          Why are you rattled? Nobody has a monopoly to grammar. In life, you’re either clued up or clueless…
          I believe your master belongs to the later…

          • Voke

            There is nothing like having a monopoly ‘to’ grammar. Perhaps a monopoly of grammar, or a monopoly ‘to the use’ of grammar, but certainly not a monopoly ‘to’ grammar as you’ve wrongly stated. Essentially, the English grammar has got ‘syntax’ (Rules of usage, format etc) and ‘semantics’ (meaning). Therefore, not having a good grasp of these technicalities can make you ‘misfire’ whereasyou go dey feel say you don knack one big oyibo. Take am easy. We are all learning…no be our language…abi no be so?

            Take correction then make u move on. Na so life be o!..make you no be like Mohammed or Sorry! I mean Mohammadu!

          • Silent Observer

            Thanks for the correction.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        You will charged of PIRACY. You look aggressive.

  • Shahokaya

    Sambo as president? God will not allow that to happen. He will be too busy smiling even if Ebola, hunger, Boko haram , mend, corruption, armed robbery and disease will finish majority of Nigerians.

  • prsson

    we can now see one of the reasons why Osibajo is destined to succeed smilling Sambo come next February.

  • bib

    What has age got to do with it? What is necessary is performance and GEJ has performed dismally.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    I am happy that Premium Times has through this report confirmed to all and sundry that GEJ will win Feb., 14 presidential election and will be there till 2019 to influence who will emerge PDP flagbearer. Hurray! GEJ all the way.
    APC should rather have a rethink about BUHARI’s Certificate(PERJURY). What is more is inauguration on May 29. Hurray!

    • Sina Ajiboye


      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        16 more days to go.

    • tundemash

      Do you have a problem reading English and you have a problem comprehending what you read ?

      • Alcindo Satori

        …and look at coal calling diamond black! Hehehehehe!!!

        • tundemash

          and look at a cross-bred chimp allowed roam among humans ! FeBuhari 14th is a matter of days now anyway.

          • Alcindo Satori

            ‘cross-bred chimp’ hahahahaha. An anthropology-certified australopithecine worth less than a subhuman, barely able to comprehend reality having an opinion. Brilliant — truly the 12th wonder of the world!

          • tundemash

            duh????? What are u struggling to pass across ?

          • Alcindo Satori

            My words are beyond your understanding. Your family line can never make sense out of ’em.

          • tundemash

            my family ? really ? What a desperado ! A drowning man clawing at anything in sight. It is now my family. Keep jabbing at the air !

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Your aggressiveness is all over you. Sorry, you have failed. Soludo is a biased mind.

  • Maitama Tambari

    PDP is drifting away from democratic norms. So the President is to tell the Party whom and at what age to nominate its Presidential Candidate. Where is the Freedom to Choose, Freedom of Choice in a democratic dispensation? Oh! Mr. President is likely preparing the ground for his brothers Ndigbos. Namadi Sambo and Adamu Mu’azu, the hand writing is boldly for the blind to see and only the seeing cannot see.

  • Kitunde

    Ever so tactful-Our President!

  • Yusuf

    full of idiots, yesterday someone declare himself the gatekeeper of hell and now someone is declaring himself the gatekeeper of tomorrow, he should concern himself with his future after 2015

  • Baba Messi

    Meeehn! This GEJ tho!
    What kind of BLUNDER of monumental proportions is this??
    Yet he expects Sambo to help him garner northern votes?
    Nawa o!
    Haba! Haba!! Haba!!!

    • tundemash

      cl0wn … na now you know say your guy is on something stronger than his brain ! It is one gaffe a week. Expect another next week .

      • Alcindo Satori

        ‘Clown!’ somebody is putting in some all-nighters for his vocabs, I can see. So hopefully Nigeria’s WAEC results can show some improvement.

  • Giganto

    Instead of him to be busy thinking of what live in kirikiri will be like for him after leaving Aso Rock, he is here busy telling us something that has never been within his control. Another evidence of clueless-ness and incompetence. He lacks foresight!

    • tundemash

      lol !
      I actually advised the cl0wn 2 months ago to start building a befitting prison where he can negotiate to spend his prison terms but as usual the slow-thinking Otuoke cl0wn is busy f00ling himelf all over the country. He will spend his prison term in Kuje or Kirikiri in its present state.

  • Rommel

    I had told Mr president many weeks ago that he is allowed now to look for accommodation in exile because that is where his tomorrow belongs but he wouldn’t listen,had I known always comes in the end.

  • Peter Irene

    When has old age become a disability. We all pray to be old. Old age is wisdom, experience and ability to take matured decision. If age is so important why did the constition framers not place an upper threshold on the age of a prospective president? The issue is that in PDP the fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom, what they have forgotten is that this election is not between Buhari and PDP candidate but PDP against the people who has been pauperised by massive , lack of accountability. This Government cannot even present a simple budget. For the past 6 years budgets have never been presented on a timely basis and even when presented the implementation is always very poor. This government must be removed and must go come February 2015.

    • Peter

      Buhari’s problem is not because he is currently 77 years old. The real issue is that Buhari is near illiterate and visionless. It has baffled me that of all the bright brains in Nigeria today, the APC does not see anything wrong in a man that has no achievable and meaningful records in Nigeria’s political and economic history. This is not the type of person that can instill any fear in a party like PDP. The APC needed to have fielded a more realistic person as its flagbearer, and not a 77 years old former dictator whose only notoriety during his rule was illegal detention and jailing of opposition voices. His economic policy was an outdated ‘Trade by Barter’. He will fail again like a pack of loose sand.

      • Wale

        I have a feeling that APC is not listening to your advice on the “needed to have fielded a more realistic person as its flagbearer”. That train already left the station.

        Could you please list some of GEJ’s “achievable and meaningful records in Nigeria’s political and economic history”.

        since you do not belive that Buhari has any.

        Does Free fall comes to mind?

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    “The grounds on which General Buhari is being promoted as the alternative
    choice are not only shaky, but pitifully naive. History matters. Records are
    not kept simply to assist the weakness of memory, but to operate as guides to
    the future. Of course, we know that human beings change. What the claims of
    personality change or transformation impose on us is a rigorous inspection of
    the evidence, not wishful speculation or behind-the- scenes assurances. Public
    offence, crimes against a polity, must be answered in the public space, not in
    caucuses of bargaining”—Prof Wole Soyinka

  • Preco01

    This man Jonathan is delusional, he is hemorrhaging badly and will lose come FEBUHARI 14, 2015
    and the clown is talking about age of who now? Hear this :
    “Really,had GEJ delivered on power alone, the generality of Nigerians themselves would
    by now be the ones championing his return “to continue the good works”. We
    would, therefore, have been spared the abominable spectacle of a clown on
    parade wherever PDP’s campaign train had stopped in the past few weeks,
    uttering words that make little or no sense”. – Louis Odion

  • tundemash

    A man not sure if he will be President on May 30th is already dreaming of determining our future in 2019; what a deluded cl0wn !

    From available facts, President Jonathan seems to be suffering from cerebral leukemia- a blockage of the flow of reality to the brain, creating a delusional image of popularity and acceptability, hence decisions are irrationally taking without recourse to pragmatic events. cr. Adekoya Boladale

    • Alcindo Satori

      hmmm, ‘delusional’… so you’ve added another word to you vocabulary! Now awaiting your specialty words ‘Change’; and ‘creek monkey’ if at all you understand what I mean.

      • tundemash

        You forgot to add the most important one “FeBuhari 14th”. Keep counting, your amnesty days are numbered !

        • Alcindo Satori

          unfortunately, my calendar says ‘FailBuhari’.

          • tundemash

            olodo … u were counting words i have used.

          • Alcindo Satori

            That’s ’cause you’re worse than a subhuman!

          • tundemash

            oops ! looks like a cross-bred chimp wanna explode here …… your mates are busy AIT online poll voting for a losing Dumbo !

          • Alcindo Satori

            my mates are here with me in Miami, Florida. I am, and shall forever be better than you! And you shall proclaim it very soon — I guarantee you that

          • tundemash

            Olodo can’t comperehend …. the key word is online poll so you don’t have to be physically present. A nobody that needs a location to big him up !

          • Alcindo Satori

            Like I said, you shall define yourself, and pretty soon at that. I can give you a head-start by the way if you want me to. How about Australopithecus Sediba? Sound familiar? And I’m really being nice with the caps.

    • walejohnson

      Yes he is also suffering from MENTAL DIAHREA.

    • azeez

      my brother… I wonder ooo

  • Hard Talk

    Mr Politicking, that’s how he tricked everyone to believe his only here for a single term, now this. Please we should learn from Abraham Lincoln, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, Manbutu Seseseko and the likes of the Indian Prime Minister, Queen of Enland and others, they are all old and above 70years but this hasn’t stop them from executing there political duties to there people.

  • Jonathan must have been very good in division arithmetics. Having successfully divided the country along ethnic and religious lines, he and his PDP are trying to divide the country along age line: young people against old people. All lovers of one united Nigerian should say no to more division of the country in February.

  • Abdulkadir

    Mr president, you talk too much and make little sense. It would seem the more you talk the less sense you make. My advice, talk less.

    • Ekerete Etukudo

      Your name alone shows you’re remarkably slow in comprehending anything, let alone English. So I can understand your vituperation.

  • Guguru

    Jonathan and his pipe dreams. They never end.

    • tyson

      hwe told the fulanis nothing but the truuth–if u are hoping for uis to have buhari who will just be there to give out more oil blocks to his people u have something else coming to u-

      • Guguru

        More pipe dreams from a fellow dreamer.

    • Tunsj

      Well said. It’s obvious dreaming is ALL Jonathan does.

  • UYI111

    I can see that the apc morons has poluted this page already as if elections were conducted on the pages of online newspapers they will be damn when GEJ victory is pronounce they will again come cap in hands for handout . corrupt fellows .
    They profess change back to stone age and long que at the gasoline pump Nigeria will not go back to egypt

    • Abdul

      You wrote: “….APC morons has…..”
      It should read: APC morons have…..
      Creek Monkey—indeed!!!!

      • UYI111

        for ur belly ache english is not my language even though i might know it better than you twats .

        • Abdul

          Neither is English my first language. The more reason you should stop picking holes in people’s grammar.

          • UYI111

            i go straight to the point not grammar .u are unstable and mentally retarded just like ur pay masters i.e tinubu/amaechi the real creek monkey /buhari etc

    • Mr Wise

      When will you guys start facing reality that GEJ is a loose cannon

  • Olu Ade

    Mr. Loose mouth shoot himself in the foot again…kicking the only major northerner in his govt down the drainage…thats what you get when you have dead fish head….just keep flowing with the stream like a dead fish until 19days when we kick you and the other rogues out of govt.

    • tyson

      carry yr unthinking thoughts away from here————-Greece eklected a 45 yrs old man————-as president–Buhari is busy calling Imo state Ibo state—and u are happy–does not even know the name of his VP—-at 78————–what a 1961 school cert looks like cause he has none–that is the man who gave himself grade 2 even though he failed maths———————-

      • Olu Ade

        Did you forget to use your medicine for psychosis again today? Your rantings suggest so!

      • Wale

        Is Imo State not an Ibo State?

    • Wale

      Actually, I think Gen. Buhari and Osibajo should stop campaigning, GEJ is doing all the work for them.
      He doesn’t want his own Vice to succeed him.
      He doesn’t want to put looters in jail, against the wishes of the people he represents.
      He doesn’t think corruption is a big deal.
      It’s always I will, I will and I will; nothing on ground is speaking on his behalf.

  • tyson

    That is for God to decide–already the story making the rounds in 9ja—- is that the Yorubas planted Buhari as the presidential candidate of APC to ensure that an Yoruba takes over if the unexpected happens———————-there are two things we often look at in Nigeria–the zone or region a presidential candidate comes –in the north– south west–and south-east——————-beyond that there is no hope for any–Sambo is not Fulani————-but a pure son of the soil from the North—would the fulanis allow such become president————–of Nigeria-?——Nay——The fulanis are fighting for the installation of their hegemonic tree via buhari–and boko haram—————period—So apart from what Jonathan siad–the road to aso rock lies in the hand of the fulanis—and never gwaris or Tivs–ati Nupes or any other tribe–

    • Kunle

      You are sick dude. Stop this hate. Can’t believe even mumu Jonathon will pay you to spew these hates. You are losing him so many friends that one wonder why you still have this job


    This talk na Jonathan talk …. my body no dey inside.

    God willing, my strongest support for 2019 is Vice President Arch. Namadi Sambo

    • tundemash

      Are u abandoning your gaffe-prone demi-god so soon ?

      • Alcindo Satori

        you can run as fast as you want, but you cannot forestall my judgment. You shall define yourself very soon!

  • Amin

    GEJ is not democrats at all,can he amend constitution alone to achieve this day dream.Enough of PDP deception

  • anneedu

    He should be 50 to 55years, we don’t want 76years president

    • Wale

      Teenager will be better, they take more chances.

    • Kunle

      Please stop the madness. What has age got to the with performance. He has performed woefully while OBJ is elder out performed him

  • genwaeze1

    Did Dumbo promise to include Nasarawa within the FCT??? Wonders shall never end!

  • Uzoma John

    In all Jonathan’s campaign speeches, I have not heard him say “COMPLETED” but “WILL BE COMPLETED” as if he is not in charge of Govt and when he comes into power he will begin to do what the person in power hasn’t done. What a shame. He kept promising since 2010 to date with nothing to show. And him get PhD. I tire o.

  • Umar Dendi

    Oga Sambo

    La fête est finie.
    Permet de revenir à la planche à dessin.

  • Umar Dendi

    Another casualty of Nigerian Politics.
    Ce est le prix de la loyauté.
    Traîtrise delà rêves

    • Wale


      • Umar Dendi

        WTF what?

  • Ladidi

    Namadin, abeg carry your Queen Amina and defect to the APC !!!!!

  • Kunle

    Nothing that come out Jonah is believable. In 2011, he said will not seek reelection in 2015. At this point, he will say anything but much of is nothing

  • ICC Hague

    This GEJ is he really a PhD holder, how can he decide on behalf of Nigerians, the cut off age for vying the office of the president of Nigeria. Though your time is up back to otouke, when you hand over to Buhari by 29 may 2015, buhari will not take that nonsense. You that below 60 what have done to nigeria except fake promises.

  • Magenta

    Joy boy has never take Namadi serious, he sees him as one of his aids. In fact he’s retaining because he doesn’t want a functional vice president. Namadi is a big disappointment even to himself

  • Ebele Factory Child

    GEJ is causing all the problems of pdp every day. Now you said Sambo will not be given chance in 2019 how do you want him to react secretly. You are definitely not cultured when it comes to public address or else you do not know the power of tongue and its consequences thereafter. Anyway, you are assisting GMB.

  • abbadd

    GEJ going beyond 2015 will make himself a godfather and install the next president which is why we MUST STOP HIM COME 2015.

  • LindaO

    He is right. What this country need is a breath of fresh air. We need new blood, not old corrupt or autocratic technocrats, miles away from our people’s concerns. Their armchair politics lack of vision and audacity. Goodluck Jonathan was Nigeria’s
    youngest ever democratically elected President, assuming office at 53. Let this be a milestone for the future.

  • Ayodele Ohakim

    This declaration by GEJ falls in line with his speech about revitalizing the country with fresh blood and boosting the economy and the education of our youth. He knows how much importance lies in diversifying our economy from the oil industry as well. The more I compare both candidate’s program for the elections, the more I realize that GEJ is way more capable than his most serious opponent, in former dictator Muhammadu Buhari.

  • Ezekiel Akpablo

    I think it’s about time Nigerians realize that we have had enough gerontocracy in our country. Are people really falling in Buhari’s trap? A 72 years old power hungry ex-dictator who has not hesitated to overthrow a democratically elected government, who has not hesitated to present himself 4 times now, to the presidential elections and resorted to violence when he thought it would be the last time. Open your eyes Nigerians!

  • Lanre

    When Lanre comes here to say we need to be separate from Northern Nigeria, some (mainly bastard Yorubas) come and attack me. Has any Hausa-Fulani muslim (apart from an errant, cattle herder vandal) been killed in Southern Nigeria?