Jonathan pledges to end Plateau crisis if re-elected

President Goodluck Jonathan with Governor Jonah Jang being welcomed by PDP Supporters in Jos

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday at his presidential campaign in Plateau State said if re-elected President, he would end the incessant killings in Plateau state.

Mr. Jonathan stated this at the Rwang Pam township stadium in Jos, the capital city, as he solicited for support of the electorates.

He urged the Plateau people to be peaceful in all aspects of their lives, promising that he will revive the agricultural sector and provide more jobs.

“If you give us your mandates in the next four years, I assure you that we will perform better.”

Mr. Jonathan said PDP is the “only party that can lead Nigeria successful”.

He apologised to the Plateau people for coming to the campaign rally behind schedule.

The PDP presidential candidate and his running mate were in Jos with their wives. Senate President David Mark also accompanied the campaign team.

Mr. Mark pledged to deliver the North Central zone to President Jonathan.

He said President Jonathan has kept the promises he made to Nigerians in 2011, therefore should not panic because the electorates of the region will support him.

The PDP National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, said President Jonathan has promised to create two million jobs in the country if given the mandate again. He said Mr. Jonathan got rid of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Nigeria, and therefore deserved a second term.

Speaking at the rally, Governor of Plateau State, Jonah Jang, told Mr. Jonathan that most Plateau people have not collected their voters cards, therefore will be disfranchised during the polls.

He advocated the use of temporary voter cards during the forthcoming elections and assured Mr. Jonathan of Plateau votes during the presidential elections.

Similarly, the Minister of Water Resources, Sarah Ochekpe, assured Mr. Jonathan of votes from women of the state.

There was a protest by some PDP supporters who alleged that a State Assembly candidate from Langtang south was substituted without the knowledge of delegates.

The protesters carried placards with inscriptions such as “Mr. President correct this injustice, our state Assembly candidate for Langtang south on the programme of event is not our choice. Formak Bako Lohfa is not our choice.”


There was tight security in Jos as a result of the visit of the PDP presidential campaign train. Roads were blocked and some parents could not convey their children to schools.

Residents of the state were subjected to trekking long distances as most routes were closed, and commercial vehicles were not allowed within the vicinity of the rally.

Similarly, business places within Jos metropolis were shut; residents who were at the Rwang Pam township stadium to witness the rally stayed for more than 10 hours waiting for the coming of the PDP campaign train.

Following the recent attacks and burning of some campaign busses belonging to Mr. Jonathan campaign group in Jos recently, anyone suspected to be a miscreant was not allowed anywhere close to the venue of the rally.


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  • Arewabetter

    Where is the crowd that came to welcome President Goodluck Jonathan on the Plateau State soil? Please, show us the huge crowd. Probably, only a few hired thugs appeared at the political rally. Do you remember that there was a stampede with the death of 2 people when GMB was in Plateau State? This goes on to show who is really for the TALAKAWAS.

    • Otile

      Is your own elementary school certificate also forged?
      MohamedMuhammadu Buhari has put you people to shame. I don’t know how
      you all can still be so clownish to defend his falsehood.

      • Arewabetter

        Please, why don’t you take the matter to the court? You have your constitutional right to do so. Do not tell me that the judiciary is controlled by GMB’s party. If you do not have the courage and funds to drag GMB to court, I am sure you can find some solicitors, who share the same opinion/view as you. Good luck!

        • Otile

          You know very well that the court and INEC are controlled by Muslims and Northerners who condoned Mohamed’s wrong doing even from childhood. The verdict will be a foregone conclusion. You voters who have witnessed his forgery, false affidavit etc will be aiding and abetting evil if you kill you conscience and cast your vote for him.

          I am not saying you must vote for Jonathan, there are other candidates better qualified than Mohamed on the ballot. Vote your good conscience

          • Arewabetter

            Then, why are you wasting your time on issues that you don’t have control over or that you will never win. Who has made the judicial system in Nigeria redundant and unworkable? Most probably, PDP, which has been in power for more than 16 years and is incapable of reforming all arms of the government. Don’t bring religion to this matter. If you still remember, I gave you a little bit of a lesson on religion. If you think what I taught you was not adequate, then I can continue with the lesson. Just give me the go ahead. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

          • Otile

            All I am saying is use good conscience when voting on FailBuhari 14.

            I don’t know which religious lesson/doctrine you are talking about. My mind is open to any good thing that leads to true salvation. If you are going to preach to me to hate or hurt others because they are infidels, forget it. I cannot accept any doctrine of hatred.

            I do not hide my faith, I am a Christian man born to a Christian family.

          • Arewabetter

            You have a very short-term memory. Do you remember my elaboration and interpretation of what Karl Marx said? Well, my profile is not private, so you have access to all my comments and elaborations. Enjoy them!

          • Otile

            I now remember. But your good article to me was philosophy not the kind of religious doctrine I was expecting from a Nigerian Muslim.

          • Arewabetter

            I don’t understand the point you are trying to make. Are you telling me that all the Nigerian Muslims are bad? Are you trying to suggest to me that only the Nigerian Christians are good? What about animists? Do they have any position in Nigeria? How would you classify them? As you can see, it is not good to bring religion into political issues.

          • Otile

            Are you ever sensitive to the fact that Muslims in Nigeria and many other parts of the world are the epicenter of violence, a threat to world peace? What do you call good Muslims? Who are the good Muslims, those preaching attacks on infidels? Give me a break. Did Buhari at one time not call on his people not to vote for nonmslems? Did he hide his feeling about enforcing sharia on all the states of the federation?

            What is good about moslem violence, under-education, under-development, born-to-rule others in Nigeria? Put all these vices together and tell me how Nigerian Muslims are very good people.

          • Arewabetter

            Again, I want you to go back to my elaboration and interpretation of what Karl Marx said and wrote about religion. It seems to me that you either did not thoroughly go through the elaboration or you do not understand it. By they way, was the largest and heinous atrocity in the world committed by a Muslim? I mean, the Second World War with Hitler as the main actor? Please, write elaborations and comments on how to move Nigeria forward irrespective of religious, political and ethnic inclinations. Forget about religion!!!

          • Otile

            My friend, recognize that the situation in Europe when Marx Lenin and Engle propounded their doctrine is not the same situation we are dealing with in Nigeria. Therefore you cannot compare apples and oranges. Marxism Leninism caused revolution in Eastern Europe and USSR, they experimented it, learned their lessons, it failed. The Soviet Union disintegrated, and the former soviet countries are now developing at their own pace.

            Hitler as you asked did not kill for Allah as Muslims are doing in Nigeria today. He killed Jews for mere hatred, he felt he was superior Jews. He invaded and tried to dominate Europe by conquest for the good of his region, a little like the Muslim North have been dominating and ruling others since the amalgamation.

            Your asking me to elaborate is practically impossible on this kind of forum, and you know it. Believe it or not, I am as knowledgeable as many other well learned people anywhere in the world only that Africans don’t value their human resources.

          • Arewabetter

            I think I should give you more philosophy and lessons on religion, because from our discus, I can conclude that you really don’t know much about religion, even Christianity. For example, according to Psalm 14 of the Bible, people who don’t believe in God are filthy, corrupt fools, entirely incapable of doing any good. Although those sentiments were written over 2,000 years ago, non-believers are still stigmatized to this day, with recent studies showing that a negative view of atheists is quite pervasive, especially in Europe, Australia and the United States of America. A study conducted by some social scientists really indicate that atheists are at the top of the list of groups that Americans find problematic. Philosopher John D. Caputo wrote that people who don’t love God aren’t ‘‘worth a tinker’s damn,’’ and that anyone who isn’t theistically religious is nothing more than ‘‘selfish and pusillanimous curmudgeon…a loveless lout.’’ It is often assumed that someone who doesn’t believe in God doesn’t believe in anything, or that a person who has no religion must have no values. These assumptions are simply untrue. People can reject religion and still maintain strong beliefs. Being godless does not mean being without values. In many people’s minds – and as expressed so clearly in Psalm 14 cited above, atheism is equated with lawlessness and wickedness, while religion is equated with morality and law-abiding behaviour. Does social science support this position? Although some studies have found that religion does inhibit criminal behaviour others have actually found that religiosity does not have a significant effect on inhibiting criminal behavior .The claim that atheists are somehow more likely to be immoral, has long been disproven by systematic studies.

          • VOTEoutGEJ!

            You are destined for HELL!! Anybody with good conscience will not vote for GEJ!! He is grossly incompetent, very divisive, always confused, and saying thing without thinking!!

          • Lemmuel Odjay

            I am looking beyond Buhari, a mere catalyst in the unfolding process of change. When you lift up your eyes and set sight beyond Buhari, tell me, what do you see? A continuation of this rot they call government that acts on the spur of the moment? A going back to misgovernment and an era where countless rats’d invaded the ship of our nation? The ship is ripe to be taken by force, but that could be very bloody and avoidable. The alternative is try the catalyst. At least he has not yet being accused of stealing our money. He would now also be required to SERVE under a set of humane rules from the ones he had known during a previous tenure. In that aspect, he is better than the devil we know. That option could also be much more less painful. Should anyone have any grudge regarding his qualification or otherwise, they should do the right thing NOW by going to court to get a legal interpretation, rather than diverting the nation’s attention from the real issues at stake. This attitude of waiting till the last minute, should all else fail, before going to court to cause a hiatus in the process could only exacerbate an already volatile situation. Nigerian politicians, put of sheer greed, have refused to learn. Every one of us would bear the can if we should allow ourselves to be led through that path by a government that is bent on remaining in power with nothing to show for it. They have not performed, therefore, they do not deserve to remain in office one more hour. If you believe this, then what are your thoughts about finding lasting solutions to the big question before us?

          • Otile

            My friend, it is very hard to accept Buhari in this modern time to lead Africa. In the first place remember that Buhari has history too. It is not a question of the devil you know and the devil you don’t know as you put it. Buhari surfaced on the national scene as an armed robber. I mean by overthrowing an elected government he is supposed to hang for treason in any part of the free world.

            Even when he was there his activities were fraught with nepotism, bigotry, hanky-panty, and embezzlement. It took little time for his co-officers to find out that he was a disaster and they removed him to the relief of the public.

            The fact that he has tried to be elected 3ice and the public rejected him 3ice should teach him that he is a misfit in leadership. Beside each time he loses blood flows and he relishes violence. Who wants such a leader?

            Is there any particular reason this man can’t request his genuine ordinary level certificate from Cambridge University? Why tell us to go to court to get it? The system that gave him the undue advantage to become an officer without requisite qualifications is the same system he is requiring us to obtain his papers from. That is dishonest. No matter how you look at it this man has nothing new or useful to add to our present Nigeria.

          • Lemmuel Odjay

            Point of correction, my friend Otile. No one has come to the public space to accuse Buhari of embezzlement, one of the serious crimes this government is known for. And re those who “overthrew him to the relief of the public”, might I ask: have we fared better ever since he was removed? Has corruption in public office not become our middle name today? What about the drugs issue against which he had fought? Is the society free from drugs, or have we become known as the country with the highest number of drug mules in the world? How could you throw $16 billion into the power sector within the first ten years of your party’s “rule”, never mind subsequent billions of naira “invested” in the same sector thereafter, only to come up with less than 3000MW as your achievement? Is it the quality of medical care in our hospitals that we should be cheering here? Would you be clapping your hands and patting a government on the back if you had two unemployed graduates at home, one a ACCA certified accountant and the other a second degree communications engineering graduate from a reputable US school in that field? There are millions like them who walk our squalid streets in search of a livelihood. Is it not dehumanizing enough that on Nigeria a quarter of the young men and women on Internet chatlines are there to beg fellow Nigerians for money to offset school fees, etc? Is it possible that you could walk the dark streets of any Nigerian city without looking over your shoulders in anticipation of a crouching abductor, armed robber or, worse still, a walking overload of TNT? Yet there is someone at Aso Rock whose primary duty is to remedy all of the above situations and more. In reality, I am not looking at the person of Buhari. He may or may not be the catalyst this country awaits to trigger that change we have been waiting for. We cannot continue this way under the stewardship of these people who end up saying yeah to us when they mean to say nay. They are out again promising to deliver the heavens, when previous promises are left blowing in the wind…

        • Vik

          Its now in d court & we will see how it goes

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        The people who are really ashamed are Ph.d holders all over the world. OBJ just confirmed that GEJ’s Ph.d is a fraud and a PDP thing

    • Vik

      Yet…ur changed GMB never apologised 4 dese deaths Sir

  • PeterPaul1

    For the past 6 years, you didn’t take any step towards stopping the killings in Plateau. Now that you need their votes you’re promising what you’re incapable of delivering. Abeg, we need a change.

    • Otile

      Change to false affidavit?

      • PeterPaul1

        Look, Buhari has the minimum academic credentials required by our constitution to contest as a candidate for the Presidential election. So take a hike with all your “false affidavit” stuff. Just so you know, GEJ is a great disappointment to Nigerians and the whole world. Right from his MIA during the 50th anniversary of AU in 2013 (when he was too drunk to address the world) to his nonchalant attitudes to corruption and boko haram, he has shown that our expectations were misplaced. It’s time for a new leader who can take us to a new direction and clean up some of the mess left by a clueless and inane President.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      GEJ just woke up from slumber!!

  • Truthometer

    Deceptive Dumbo is at it again. You want to end the crisis after reelection, something you are incapable of achieving in 6 years. Who is fooling who? Vote for GMB!

    • Otile

      You want to vote for moslem who swore a false affidavit with the Holy Qur-an? Tufiakwa

      • Truthometer

        That is the beauty of democracy. You can vote for whoever you feel like. Does that hurt you? Maybe you should read more about what is called, “democracy”.

        • Otile

          Democracy is not for uncivilized leaders, they can easily misuse their power to ruin lives. Democracy also requires some level of literacy in a society. A group of uneducated people can easily be convinced that tyranny, embezzlement, and oppression from their leaders is the design of God for them. This is dangerous.

          For instance if Buhari was well educated he would not have abolished free education, closed schools, and clamped down on free speech during his reign of terror.

          There is a reason he has tried several times to win elections and failed. Let him look inward.

          • Truthometer

            All your unsubstantiated allegations are nothing but mere propaganda. It’s the same system that gave us Dumbo that cleared GMB. Let the same system disqualify GMB first. Then we will take it from there. Better still, you can challenge GMB in the court of law and let us see if he’s qualify and competent to contest or not. If you use 100 years to punish your fingers on your poor keyboard, it’s still not going to change anything. GMB is still going to contest, win and be sworn in as the next President of Nigeria. Sad for you? But that is the truth. Vote for GMB!

          • VOTEoutGEJ!

            GEJ has ruined more lives in Nigeria than any past leader in Nigeria. Nigeria today is very divided because we have a clueless donkey with no leadership qualities. God has already rejected GEJ.. Going from one Church to another will not save him as God can neither be bribed nor deceived.

      • Ayo Killany

        Yes and I am a Christian

        • Vik

          That’s good…so what of false affidavit??

      • Phil

        Stop deceiving yourself! Christianity is not by bearing Mathew, John or even Jonathan.

      • PROF

        That is blasphemy , buhari lied when he swore with K0RAN just to get an affidavit . Now how many strokes will buhari get ? Or is sharia only for the poor?

  • amazing2012

    Why “if reelected “?So if not reelected the crises will continue ? It means he is aware about the crises but using it for politics, please vote him out !!

    • Otile

      Do you believe that the forged paper from that corrupt Katsina School is Mohamed/Muhammadu Buharis real result? Are you comfortable with a man who swore a false affidavit on the Holy Qu-ran to be your leader? The devil is a lier.

      • Ayo Killany

        I believe it’s real next topic

        • Vik

          What of d crime of perjury?

          • Oweja

            Its a non-issue

          • Ayo Killany

            You be judge

      • amazing2012

        Otile, the English Slave and cursed ! If Phd holder can be so daft and add no value to doctorate certificate, then what certificate are you lookng for ? If Buhari’s certificate is forged then go to court now ! Shameless cowards !! Jonathan swore with bible and beach all the covenants with God on Nigerians.

    • Joy Chinasa

      Yes, it’s a planned crisis and if re-elected he will end it immediately. This man is going down day by day with his comments.

  • Shetty

    Pls vote out this Dunbo guy if u want peace and security in jos he has no clue on how to fight cricriminals either murderers or corrupt government officials .

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Bla bla bla. Dumbo lies from both sides of his uncoordinated mouth.

  • Emeka215

    This is the dividends of democracy. Freedom to make your choice void of violence and terror. There is a reason why Buhari hasn’t won any elction since his military regime, it’s probably for the best.

  • Enumah

    Jonathan faces the kind of crisis that is colossal enough to define any government, this issues have the depth to prevail even for the next four administrations to come. GEJ 2015till2019.

    • Anieta Usman

      no vacancy for APC, PDP for real

  • Rome wasnt built in a day,you can not change or transform a bed room with the snap of your fingers, not to talk about a nation, collective effort and support is needed to tackle this issue. vote GEJ#

    • tundemash

      yeah right so tell us exaclty what he will do in the next 4 yrs that he couldn’t do in the last 6yrs as per plateau ?

      • tunde, how can he fix in 4years what many had destroyed in decades are you this dumb.

        • tundemash

          Only a cl0wn seperates this gov from the 16 yrs of PDP misrule. Whose manisfesto is Dumbo implementing ?
          And those many decades of destroying you claim does not include 12yrs of PDP up to 4 yrs ago ? Who was President between 2009 and 2011 ? The more ridiculous excuse you guys come with, the more nauseating the case for Dumbo gets !

    • Anieta Usman

      GEJ comes Feb 14th

    • Anieta Usman

      for real #GEJ4Naija

  • Uncle Charlie

    Oga Jona Carry on sir

    • Anieta Usman

      get on GEJ, for real

    • Anieta Usman

      true talk

  • chinwe davis

    you cant end this over night. more will be done if GEJ is re-elected. #teamGEJ

  • and we shall conquer, with our support and effort. the battle must be won

    • Anieta Usman

      amen dear #GEJ4Naija

    • Anieta Usman

      with our supports n votes, the battle cn b won , pls support PDP comes 14th FEB #GEJ4Naija

  • Full support.#team GEJ

    • Anieta Usman

      true talk dear, GEJ for real, #GEJ4Naija

    • Anieta Usman

      for real #GEJ4Naija

  • Etega

    Imagine a Nigeria without blogging and entertainment, imagine a Nigeria without Nollywood, imagine a Nigeria with no freedom of information, imagine a Nigeria with sharia, imagine a Nigeria in tyrany masqueraded with democracy, imagine a Nigeria with BUHARI.

  • nwaeke

    I dey feel you scatter my brother. Goodluck will win come FailBuhari.

  • Johnson Omale

    David Mark said he would deliver north central states to Jonathan. What a self deceit!


    GEJ led administration and PDP thinks people are fools…..crisis that he couldn’t solve all this while….GEJ led administration only talk and promises he doesn’t fulfill….#CHANGE.

  • Eze1

    Please end the incessant killings NOW

  • Johnson Omale

    Jo-Nothing, this is an insult to the people of Plateau state. If I were you, I wouldn’t make such statement having spent 6 years as a security officer of the country. One thing I continue asking is, why is it that your pronouncements on important issues are like that of 4 years old child? I earlier advised that you start packing your personal effects from Aso Villa.

    • Ebele Factory Child

      Honestly I doubt is this guy is matured enough to rule his country. one may wish to actually verify if he is up to 40yrs as required by the constitution. Anytime he talks, it will be campaign against himself.

  • calebAdams1

    if re-elected, lets see if he would be re-elected then…..meanwhile are u Seeking for a genuine investment that will change your financial status? here is INVEST AND ENLARGE (WEALTHZONE) , an investment company located in Kano, Nigeria where you invest and get a monthly interest according to the amount you invest, I just received by 5th interest payment which has totally convinced me that its no can partake of it irrespective of where you are, you also get a referral bonus interest the more people you refer and which is my aim of this advert, if you are interested you TEXT your EMAIL ADDRESS to this line 08021341784 (Online customer care line) and they will get back to you with details, please do not forget to tell them I, Mr Caleb Adams referred you, thanks!….;

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  • kingsley obi

    He is our man now and always. GEJ till 2019