Jonathan campaigns in Maiduguri amidst tight security; vows to rescue Chibok girls 

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday campaigned in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, amidst heavy security deployment by a combined force of soldiers, police and the operatives of the State Security Service.

The President’s campaign train, which advance party had arrived Maiduguri since Friday, had two places in its tight schedule -visiting the Shehu’s palace and the Ramat Square, Maiduguri, which was the venue for the rally.

The president, whose aircrafts landed at the Maiduguri International Airport at about 1p.m. was accompanied by the Director General of his campaign organisation, Ahmadu Ali, his Special Adviser on Political Matters, Rufai Alkali, a professor;  a former Inspector Generial of Police, Muhammed Abubakar and a host of other PDP top shots.

The President was received by the Minster of Power and Steel, Muhammed Wakil, as well as the former governor of Borno state, Ali Modu Sheriff.

More than five hundred heavily armed soldiers and policemen, as well as operatives of the SSS took charge and guarded strategic spots in Maiduguri from 6am till the president left the city at about 3:30pm.

At the Shehu of Borno’s palace, the campaign train was received by the His royal Highness, Abubakar Garbai Alami Elkanemi who lamented how Boko Haram had devastated his kingdom and most part of the state, even as he pleaded for support from the federal government to address the situation and help displaced persons return to their homes.

President Goodluck Jonathan assured the Shehu that his administration would continue to explore better means of tackling the Boko Haram insurgency, saying effort is being made to ensure the insurgency is ended and displaced people helped to return home.

Mr. Jonathan also promised that, if reelected, his administration would focus on how to revamp the neglected agricultural sector in the region by harnessing the vast abundance of land which he said is very fertile for all kind of crop production.

He also promised that if given the chance, his administration would in the next four years focus on special interventions that would create job opportunities for the people of the state, especially those affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.

“Borno state being the largest state in the country by land mass and people with about 4.1 million human population has a vast land for agriculture which by the time we are voted to office for the next four years would be harnessed to improve the well-being of the residents”, he said. “I believe Borno can support the central government in terms of agriculture and we intend to invest in that area so as to harness that natural resource that will better the lives of the people.”

At the venue of the rally, the president requested a minute of silence for all those affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.

Mr. Jonathan said his first priority, if elected on February 14, would be a total war against Boko Haram insurgents.

“We have a commitment to end terrorism in Nigeria”, he said. “We must defeat and bring Boko Haram to an end. Borno people deserve a return of peace; we shall ensure that all our captured territories are reclaimed and all the kidnapped persons, including our daughters the Chibok girls are rescued safe and alive.

“Boko Haram cannot come and alter the good history of the Borno people. Since when I was in form 3 in the secondary school I have been reading about the history of the great Borno people who were known for commerce and horsemanship. Borno people deserve the peace that has eluded them and other parts of the country because of the activities of our common enemies, Boko Haram.

“I feel sad each time I hear some unpatriotic people accusing the president or the federal government of being responsible for Boko Haram. It is sad and disturbing because no where in the world would a leader bring pain to his people. It is never heard anywhere. But that will not deter us in our commitment to help our citizens regain peace.”

The president added: “The federal government has special plans to help the people of northeast Nigeria through the provision of potable water, and improved support for our local farmer with soft loans to enhance their businesses. And immediately after we recover our captured territories, we will ensure that we give special support for these communities to enable them bounce back.

Speakers upon speakers commended the president for his love and concern for the people of Borno state even as they used the opportunity to lambast those accusing the president of being a Boko Haram accomplice.

The Minister of Power and Steel, Mr. Wakil, who is the chief host of the campaign train, said the federal government’s intervention in terms of electricity was part of the reason the president deserved a second chance.

According to him “the approval and construction of 330 KVA substation, which is almost at the 95 percent stage of completion by Mr President had endeared our party to the good people of Borno state who are ready to give their support for the PDP on 14th February. The mood in Borno state today is of massive support and massive vote for the president Dr Goodluck Jonathan come the February 14th election.

“Mr President as you can see, this is just less than 30 percent of the total support you enjoy in Borno state, because many of our supporters could not make it to this venue due to the tight security organised for today and many people here trekked more than 5kms to get here”, said the minister. “But be rest assured that come 14th February this year, you will be massively voted here in Borno state because the people love you so much.”

Although the campaign was generally peaceful, especially within the precinct of the large Ramat Square, PREMIUM TIMES gathered that soldiers battled to keep at bay some anti-Jonathan youth, who converged some distance away from the venue and chanted pro-Muhammadu Buhari songs. 


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  • mcleomat

    Story story? Story. Lies lies lies. GEJ can lie

    • Otile

      I heard Buhari committed perjury. Is it true?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        I heard Jonothing only wrote about shrimps in 1985 when he was at the College of Education and never truly got a Ph.D. Is it true, Brother Otile?

        • Otile

          You heard wrong. Of all the candidates running, only FailBuhari’s certificate is in doubt, Ore mi Kay.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Otle.

            You try.

            Please follow the link below for more. Just close the space…

            http://www.theparadigmng. com/?p=28180

            The only publication credited to fake “Dr” Jonothing is a 1985 publication on Shrimps and nothing to do with the University of Port Harcourt in 1995.

            “It is important to note that his only collegiate academic publication found was under the “college of education” where he was a lecturer and not the University of Port Harcourt, where he allegedly obtained his “Masters” or “PhD.” There was no affiliation of his name with University of Port Harcourt in the published paper.” – Mr. Kenai.

          • Ette

            Information reaching us has it that the UNIPORT is taking an agency charged with admission processes to universities in USA and Canada to court because it has blacklisted its certificates. The Agency has discovered that most of the certificates from UNIPORT are fake and GEJ’s PhD certificate is likely to be in that category. If his thesis cannot be found then his certifcate is fake and that is why he has been performing below kindergarten level of reasonings. See why we are in this mess of unbridled corruption, bloodshed, religious and ethnic crises, crimes of various dimensions, unbelievable level of unemployment, unimaginable level of poverty. He must leave the stage come May 29, 2015.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Why am I not surprised?

      • mk

        As long as an anti-CHRIST like u blogs it who is insane to deny you …

      • pastorakinleye

        I hear your stealth campaign for Jonathan inspite of his monumental ineptitude is for filthy lucre. Is it true?

  • Egbaman

    Mr. Jonathan said his first priority, if elected on February 14, would be a total war against Boko Haram insurgents. Just wondering what his priority has been till now and what it will be till February 14.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “Mr President as you can see, this is just less than 30 percent of the total support you enjoy in Borno state, because many of our supporters could not make it to this venue due to the tight security organised for today and many people here trekked more than 5kms to get here” – Minister.Wakil


      Can’t stop laughing!

      Is this the kind of lies they have been feeding Jonothing with and he has been swallowing hook, line and sinker?

      Wahala dey o!!

  • Abdullah Muhammad

    I feel sick any tym i hear or read wat this clown says. I wish he stop talking.

    • Reality

      Boko haram member if you don’t have anything to say just shut I your smelling mouth.

      • Factual

        You know he is Madu Sherrif’s boy, Jonathan’s co-sponsor of Boko Haram.

    • Otile

      Feel free to join your people in Sambisa.

      • mk

        U r right ANTI-CHRIST

  • Richard

    This President campaigns as if he is running for first term in office. He can’t even point to anything as his achievement as to why he should be voted again. Only losers campaign this way. Change is coming.

    • umunnem

      My sentiments exactly…

  • Sule Mohammed

    I am not surprise that Ali Modu Sheriff the arrow head of Boko Haram is among the people that welcome our president and by that what message is he sending to the North East electorate whose life is plague by the menace of Boko Haram atrocities? As event unfold every day this government can never washes its hands off on the state of insecurity in this nation.I feel sorry for my country then.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Sheriff, the GOC of BH of course must be there to stop BH from carry-on attacks.

      • elmok

        sheriff is the GOC of boko but he is always receive by large crowd every time he visit maiduguri who is fooling who the indigens there or you a social commentator

    • Otile

      Then go back to your home land Niger.

  • Frances Jini

    The Lord is your strength sir.
    Gej Till 2019

  • anneedu

    God bless goodluck 2015

  • Don Messi

    Does Nigeria currently have a Ministry for Power and ‘Steel’???
    And if Muhammed Wakil is the ‘Minister for power and steel’ according to PT; THEN WHO IS PROF NEBO??????
    Yet the president is abused daily on PT for being inept. So what do we now call this display by PT? INEPTITUDE AND MEDIOCRITY???
    Wonders shall never end..

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Mr. Wakil, how I wish you organize the PDP Presidential rally in Bama for Mr President to have a first class information on what is happening in the Northeast. As it is now he may not know what is happening. A reason perhaps why he is always singing without any action.

  • chukwu smart

    I believe u GEJ

  • Salihu

    President Goodluck Jonathan will win the 2015 polls Insha Allah! Those that set up Boko Haram will be put to shame

    • Otile


    • mk

      Shame is on PDP as they are witnessing every day by day…bigots

    • checkmate

      Are you living in planet Mars? So you still don’t know who set up Boko Haram and is sponsoring it? You really have miles to go. Well, I can see the dumbness in you just like your hero, the Dumbo Jonaharam.

      • Salihu

        Buhari and Atiku stated categorically that they will make Nigeria ungovernable after they lost elections in 2011. Remember, that was when the political arm of Boko Haram started. They want President Jonathan to loose focus but he will not. He has succeeded in pushing forward his broad infrastructure plan for railways, education and agriculture. We shall vote for him. Let us be looking forward to a another replacement for Goodluck Jonathan in 2019. Buhari is outdated and should go and rest

  • Lawrence


  • vivien iwunna

    Tinbu to Buhari – Shine My Shoes
    Tinubu to Buhari: “Shine My Shoe”

    The bearer of the Golden Fleece, senator, former Lagos governor and APC kingpin Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has never been shy about his ability to exert influence behind the scenes in Nigerian politics. With coming presidential elections on February 14th, the ambitious former accountant for Mobil is primed to pull his biggest feat yet: installing a loyal man at Aso Rock in the person of General Muhammed Buhari.

    Asiwaju’s largesse, though, comes with a catch. Just ask crime-buster Nuhu Ribadu, whom Tinubu supported in his 2011 bid for the presidency, only to abandon him in an effort to sway the election – then – in Goodluck Jonathan.  The wise, old general could not have walked into this arrangement wearing blinders.

    According to Lagos insiders, tensions between Nigeria’s self-styled Cassius and Caesar have been brewing for some time now and nearly reached the boiling point. The two were arguing over finances at a recent meeting in Lagos when a visibly-inebriated Tinubu reportedly extended his right left to Buhari and said: “shine my shoe.”  The enraged general stormed out of the suite as Asiwaju laughed, and muttered “I was only singing a song.”

    The strains in the Tinubu-Buhari arrangement might have been expected for some time, as the two could hardly be less similar. Tinubu is extravagant and given to bragaddacio, while Buhari is austere and unforgiving. Buhari is reputed to be incorruptible, while the same has never been said of Asiwaju. Perhaps both men believed they’d benefit from their arrangement under the APC aegis.

    A mounting pile of unpaid bills led to latest flare-up, APC sources suggest. Tinubu has provided Buhari with a fully-fitted campaign operation, a state-of-the-art touring bus said to be the most opulent in Africa, and American President Barack Obama’s own campaign strategist, David Axelrod. With so much flash, many of the more mundane costs have been falling between the cracks, creditors allege.  Journalists commissioned to wrote pro-Buhari pieces haven’t been paid since November, which is what the two men were discussing before Tinubu unleashed his shoe-shining crack.

    As the presidential race intensifies, one of Buhari’s biggest investors may have more to worry about than the shine on his shoes!

    • mk

      Story teller you hv miss the points…try again

    • King Carlos

      Wale Adenuga is hiring writers for Papa Ajasco series. Don’t hesitate to apply.

  • Chris1408

    When? When Shekau has finished using them for weapons or when they’re grandmothers. GEJ is truly a joker

  • olawale

    The population percent in maduguri was 60 40…military personnels 60% while the 40 are civilians…shame to the clueless leader

  • Babs

    Is that deceit or what?
    Why until elected February 2015 before declaring total war on boko haram?
    All other promises made by the president on this speech i have not seen any as a favor to the Nigerian citizens. This are all citizens rights to be provided with without even application hence every office have it’s own responsibilities.
    In my view you need not to thanked for just doing what you are paid for.
    May GOD bless Nigeria with good leaders.

  • Dankasa

    Jonathan was not stoned (abi na attack on convoy they called it) in Maiduguri, an APC State and most negelected State by his Government. Where are those calling hell and all sort of nonsense because he was attacked in 100% PDP States of Katsina and Bauchi? Those attacks were perpetrated and hatched by same PDP, a loose and very cheap gimmick to give a Dog bad name. All their plans failed (age issue, hacking INEC database, health issue, certificate palaba, death wish to evoke violance etc) and now resort to attacking their own candidate, in fact reducing/ridiculing a President of the Federal Republic to a mere object of mockery just to hold on to power or win election comes Feb, 14th. Isah Yuguda blew it off today as he comfirmed to BBC Hausa Service that the attack was engineered by Abuja-based PDP members, so what can Asari, Kuku and co are going tell us? I know from the beginning of this Nollywood-like drama in Katsina, PDP is up to something. So those calling hell on Nija, what can you say? Are you ashame of these your exposed plan or you want go ahead? Boko Haram just yesterday released 200 women and children in Yobe, because Jona want their vote, I cant imagine how these guys think…? I mean…. They think we don’t know all these? Is childish and too naive the way they play their theories. We will all know who are all these coded names of Abu Kaka, Shikau, Kabiru Sokoto and co when Jona leave and the reason behind all these Project BH may be at Hague.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    I wish I could pay ten naira every time I hear this! If vows were flagrantly broken the way this president had constantly done then the idea of a vow would become a huge joke. How many times has this president vowed to rescue Chibok girls? And how many times has each vow crashed on the ground like a smashed egg? Mr President, don’t make people furious and angry with you. Say things you can do and not this pooling of the wool over people’s eyes.

  • Deltans

    The Boko Haram’s Kingpin and Jonaharam’s co-sponsor, Madu sherrif was also in attaendance.