Attacks on Jonathan: ‘This Nonsense Must Stop’, says Presidency

President Goodluck Jonathan

Following the successive attacks on the convoy of President Goodluck Jonathan and leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Katsina and Bauchi states by irate youth, the presidency has cautioned the opposition All Progressive Congress, saying “this nonsense must stop.”

The Special Adviser to the President on Political Affairs, Rufai Alkali, said, Friday, in a statement captioned “This nonsense must stop”, that the action of APC supporters was a negation of the non-violence peace pact signed recently in Abuja by all presidential candidates.

Mr. Alkali did not however provide evidence that APC supporters were behind the attacks.

The statement read: “When the peace pact by the Major Political Parties participating in the 2015 General Elections was signed, Nigerians heaved a great sigh of relief in the belief that the tensions stocked up in the build-up to the campaigns will subside.

“President Goodluck Jonathan who is also the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) blazed the trail in appending his signature to the historic document. General Muhammadu Buhari and leaders of other parties also signed, pledging a violence free electioneering process and rejection of uncouth and inciting language.

“Unfortunately, while President Jonathan and the PDP have remained bound by the letters and spirit of the peace pact, supporters of the APC candidate have had a field day, violating all the terms of the pact and engaging in violence even on the person and entourage of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The successive incidents in Katsina and Bauchi States where irate youth supporters of the APC unleashed a reign of terror on the convoy of the President is an ominous wind that blows no one any good.”

“A situation where any citizen of Nigeria, least of all the President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will be made unsafe in any part of Nigeria is unacceptable and stands condemned.

“Were it not for the maturity and professionalism of the security personal on the convoy of the President, an ugly scenario provoked by these hooligans would have held sway. We commend the security agents for nipping the situation in the bud,” he said.

Warning against reprisal attacks, the presidential adviser admonished APC leaders to caution their supporters.

He said, “Once more, we call on leaders of the APC on whose behalf these dastardly acts were executed to call their attack dogs to order, in order to avert similar reprisal measures by overzealous supporters of other Parties.

“President Goodluck Jonathan remains firmly committed to the peace pact and has successfully reigned in his supporters to avoid violence or inciting statements. For him, His campaign remains a quest for the total transformation of Nigeria and not an egocentric or desperate struggle to assert himself.”

He further accused the APC of whipping up sentiments and of engaging in divisive campaign.

“We shall not allow desperate people to distract us from our drive to connect with Nigerian people and lift them to greater heights. This nonsense must stop,” he said.


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  • True Nigerian

    It would have made more sense if the Commander-in-Chief and his security operatives had done as little as arresting and prosecuting those who are throwing bombs at APC in Rivers State. His police force and loud-mouthed but low-brained DSS should have arrested and incarcerated the bomb throwers in Rivers, just in the same way and speed with which they arrested the people that burned Jona’s campaign bus in Jos.

    Jonathan does not know what governance is. For him, it is all about rebuking his critics and creating one propaganda and sentiment after another. And that is exactly why his job will be terminated in February.

  • DanielOsazuwa

    The divisive policies of Dumbo Jona are now working against him. Where is his SA on Christian Affairs Ayo Oritsajafor?

    Abi the tithe of a private jet don expired?

  • Musa Abdul

    Jonathan was never attacked in any of the APC controlled states. APC leaders in those states ensured that their supporters gave adequate cover and protections to PDP campaigns. All the attacks mentioned occurred in PDP controlled states, where the Chief Security Officer is PDP, and yet APC is blamed. The right thing to do first is to carryout proper investigation. This could cases of members disaffection, rather than opposition from outside. So far APC campaigns has remained issue based. The APC leaders do not attack personalities. Even when OBJ mentioned that the President did not finished his PhD, the APC did not take that as an issue. Those that are attack are well known.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC is an amalgamation of frustrated impostors and essential peopled by the talakawas, whose life patron is Buhari and who they are stupidly prepared to die for. Hence they are testing the patience of the presidential guards. APC should rein them in, before they are wasted like their counterparts in boko haram

    • sanetalk

      Oga, many of us can see beyond our noses. Why did these attacks occur in PDP controlled states and never in APC states? Something is definitely fishy but no amount of contrived violence will prevent the election from holding and the people from making their choice

      • BlackieUmukoro

        You must be using your anus for other things, if not you would have known that Katsina is Buhari’s home state and Bauchi is peopled by his fulani stock Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Dan maikoko

          But both are PDP controlled states. Are we back to the same GEJ argument that northern elder are the ones to route out boko haram not the federal govt?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            What has the FG got to do with a local religious war. What have you done about the insults and abuses being hurled at the president by your boko haram northern elders leadership. Are you well at all Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Guess the youths should have firing guns and throwing bombs like PDP thugs in Rivers State and elsewhere!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Throwing stones and shoes is more deadly than guns. It means Death and Disrespect (a pig) in their religion. Now choose Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Quotable quote –

            “Throwing stones and shoes is more deadly than guns” – BlackieUmukoro.


          • BlackieUmukoro

            Throwing stones and shoes are more deadly than smoking guns
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Sword of Damocles

            lol, dont you dare cast any aspersions on his cognitive capacity(as you can see he can handle it all by himself).. You cannot imagine the laughter i get from “seeing” what is cooking up in the heads of these trolls. Knowledge is indeed KEY, isnt it?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        • sanetalk

          There we go again. Personal insults and abuses for an innocuous comment and you have the effrontery to accuse other people of violence. Does your argument repudiate the fact that the states are governed by PDP and therefore the governor has direct access to federal security apparatus. We understand the game but Nigerians will speak loudly on 14th February 2015 come rain or shine. Please take that to the bank, end of discussion

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You are no different. Goodluck to you, Goodluck to me, Goodluck to everybody Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


    • julius oke

      Ask your Jonathief why didn’t he performed,he should have been loved by Nigerians but now he must be attacked by the victims of his ineptitude.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Great presidents are made great by horrible circumstances combined with character, temperament and intelligence. Like firemen, cops, doctors or soldiers, presidents need a crisis to shine
    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan took the oath of office on 29 May, 2011 amidst thunderous expectations of a new dawn, given the mountain of problems that characterized the nation.
    Jonathan is one of the most intelligent presidents to ever step forward in Nigeria’s history the second fully fit university graduate. The likes of his intellectual capabilities have not been surpassed in public life since the Founding Fathers put pen to paper. His personal character is also solid gold. Take heart, Nigeria: we have the leader for our times………………………………..keep the flag high ,re-elect GEJ for transformation more is yet to come!!

    • Richard

      Jonathan has been tested and he has failed woefully

      • charlesakpan

        You call “going back to your vomit”change. That is very lame thinking.Let’s give the transformation agenda a chance.

        • endavour

          Or transformation propaganda at a glance.

      • Sani

        you are corrupt yourself. you tell lies, jump queues, bribe and evade tax. you are corrupt yourself and your leadership is a product of YOU!!!!!!

    • Onike24


  • Sunshine

    Attacking President GEJ is meaningless and shows lack of respect.

  • attacking the president directly or indirectly, attack is attack and it should stop

  • chinwe davis

    stop this, its not cool, #teamGEJ

  • Richard

    Ekiti and Rivers states are part of Nigeria and ought to be bounded by the peace pact. We know who the trouble makers in these states are and they belong to the Commander In Chief’s party. The presidency would do us a favor if it could call the attacking dogs in these states to order. It should not be a case of kettle calling pot black. The violence must stop because nothing can stop the wind of change that is blowing around the country .

  • samson john

    APC should stop all dis violence and leave GEJ alonr to do is work

    • endavour

      Which work for a lazy man?

  • HassanAbdullahi

    We have it from good authority that the attack was a handiwork of PDP under the supervision of ASARI and FAYOSE. IT was purely an inside job so just have youself to to blame

    • nnadoris

      You guys are all disam supporting evil.jonather choose by God Almighty not man’s like north East

  • Elis Davia

    Where there were no trains, where they had no airport, where no universities existed, President GEJ changed the situation. These are visible transformation seen in President GEJ administration. What he needs now are encouragement and prayer and not attacking his campaign rally.

    • True Nigerian

      And where there was no corruption or where there was too much corruption, what did he do there?

  • charlesakpan

    The message is clear” APC embrace peace”. President GEJ all the way!

  • Nelson David

    We may have come from different part of the country, have different political parties, have political differences but that does give any person the right to attack our President.

  • Elis Davia

    President GEJ has promised that he will work to secure Nigeria’s future urging all Nigerians to support him, to finish what we started, he is man despite politics keeps to his words.

  • Nwaobilor

    Is this how the opposition tends to fight corruption?. Violence in place of peace, thuggry in place of security. Even if the election is fair they won’t let it go free.

  • Enumah

    We need free, fair and credible election. We need continuous change and transformation, we need Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

  • nwaeke

    i urge politicians to avoid actions and utterances capable of inflaming passion among the electorate. GEJ for President 2015.

  • abdulrazak

    It is only in this country that we celebrate evil due to our sentiments, how can we justify this evil of attacking a president, this desperate power hungers is this how you tend to govern Nigeria but attacking people that don’t agree with your ideology? Must you rule by all means? This your desperado is not what Nigeria wants at this time.

    • Yola

      Pls use your real name to write on behalf of GEJ. We have passed the stage of impersonation just to show that you are a Hausa/Fulani. “Abinda ka shuka shi zaka girba”, Now that GEJ realised his sentiments card is falling on his face you e-rats trying different names to show that he has the support of the people. Why are all the attacks occurring in PDP controlled states, GEJ has gone to Sokoto, Zamfara, Kano all controlled by APC he was not stoned only in Bauchi and Katsina. You people think Nigerians are fools, wise up man.
      By the way who are those brewing sentiments as I listened to the campaigns, I heard the VP telling people in Kano that Buhari instead of Islamising Nigeria, now want to Christianised Nigeria by nominating a pastor with 5000 churches as his running mate, They also go around Northern states reading from the verses of Holy Qur’an trying to show people they are good muslim, while in the south they try to tell people Buhari want to islamised Nigeria.
      In whole the campaign, I never heard for once Buhari or any of his campaign team attack the personality of GEJ but only talking about issues of corruption, insecurity, lack of infrastructure and employment. But the reverse is the case with team GEJ, who is fooling who. You take Nigerians for a ride but the end is near let waits for FeBuhari. All the scheming so that the election will be postponed will not work, Please tell your pay master to concentrate on issues befalling Nigerians, what and how they are going to tackle. Election is a referendum of the incumbent government not that of Buhari, because they are the one in power for the past 4years (6years),what are their achievement and do they intend toachieve for the next 4 years. A word is enough for the wise.

      • Otile

        Is Mohamed the same as Muhammadu as we all saw from the forged safrikate from birnin Katsina?

        • Bibi

          Are Goodluck Jonathan the former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa state the same human being as Goodluck Ebelo Jonathan the Vice President of Nigeria and the same human being as Goodluck Ebelo AZIKIWE Jonathan the 2012-2015 President of Nigeria? Are these three the same human beings? Just asking Otile! And finally is Otile the same person as Tawanda as I asked you in the other story? Eh eh eh eh eh Na wa for Jonathan people! Dis “Phd” cerPtificate is a real safitikate!

          • Otile

            You are forging names around. Officially we saw Mohamed Buhari on a forged statement of result, we also saw Muhammadu Buhari on a false affidavit sworn by Imam Buhari.

            Neither Otile nor Tawanda is the subject to national investigation but Buhari is, so you line of argument does not follow. Try another one.

          • Yola

            It is better that you come out to open than using other people’s name. Thanks

          • abdulrazak

            Mr Yola if you don’t have anything vital to contribute why don’t you tell your sponsors that you have ran out of ideas. We need serious people that have national interest at hand and not jokers that will cause distractions to Nigeria. You people don’t even trust yourself, how will you trust others.

          • Yola

            Just read through my comments and respond to them not try to be evasive.

          • abdulrazak

            Don’t waste time on prideful e-rats sponsored by the enemies of nigeria. you all will be exposed, my advice is for you to learn how to be humble from Mr President. You are very ignorant blinded by few cheap Naira notes

          • Bibi

            Otile Ọmọ àlè, tell us Are Goodluck Jonathan the former Deputy Governor of Bayelsa state the
            same human being as Goodluck Ebelo Jonathan the Vice President of Nigeria and the same human being as Goodluck Ebelo AZIKIWE Jonathan the 2012-2015 President of Nigeria? Are these three the same human beings? Just asking Otile Ọmọ àlè ! And finally is Otile the same person as Tawanda? Can you answer these sweet questions please?

          • CalebCowh

            Muhamed sorry, Muhammadu passed Igbo language, but he does not know how to greet in Igbo language(ibo kwenu!!) when he visited Imo state and was given title “OKECHUKWU” is that his result?.. as at 1961, was it not typewriter that was in use, but look at the well designed result…#GEJ4Nija

      • abdulrazak

        Not suprise at your statement Becos you have sold your conscience over few cheap naira notes and you think people are like you, you are just like your sponsors that find it difficult to believe in people. My question is how you people tend to govern Nigerians when you think they are fludulent like you. I am a proud northerner and I can’t change my name cos you people think people that say the true not in your favour must not be northerners. I served Nigeria in the west, Lagos state and was exposed to the evil of Tinubu and his colleagues with the Tollgate on lekki, road that is suppose to be enjoyed by nigerians. You don’t know what you’re doing cos you are supporting evil and selling your future with few naira notes. God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians, God bless Mr president and all our leaders that have the interest of nigeria at heart.

        • Yola

          Mallam in kai dan arewa ne sai ka gayan min ta ina Buhari ya jawo rabuwan kai tsakanin jama’a amma ko shekaran jiya nan sai da Sambo ya nemi ya nuna mana halin sa. I aslo serve in the west, so you can not tell me anything about that. For your knowledge I am not a jobless person that will sell my consciense, if you know where I live and what I do you will not even come up with such allegation. Though is not suprising because that is how all GEJ e-rats are. Just please to respond to my observations not trying to twist things. A president that have interest of people at heart will not let his people to be killed like cockroaches while he didn’t deem it feet to visit the until his campaigns is up. Within a month he is Maiduguri twice. but since he came into power with all that is happening he went there only once that was also prompted by APC governors visit. Kaji kunya in dai kai dan arewa, Allah ya tsari gatari d saran kota. Lol!!

          • abdulrazak

            I now see your level of reasoning, what do you have that wasn’t given to you by God. You are like your sponsors that think they are made yet were the ones that put Nigerians the way we are with their corrupt way of living. Have you asked yourself what your desperate sponsors are killing innocent people in the north for? Is power their birth rite? You want Mr president to visit a place where your sponsors kill their own people for no just reasons. These people’s blood is upon anyone that is supporting them. As I say, God will expose you all Association of Past Criminals and for you, ask God for forgiveness cos you have sold your conscience.

          • Yola

            So now you no more a northerner as your line of talking has change as their people no more my people. That is just what I wanna confirm. Thanks for exposing your real self. Pls next time try to use your real name no more disguises

  • abdulrazak

    I am from the north but I don’t see anything good from my northern brother who is the major opposition, I think he should be a state man and leave governance to the younger generation. God will touch his heart to understand that those that he thinks are supporting him are only doing so for their selfish interest. God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians, God bless Mr President and all our leaders.

    • Otile

      God bless you too.

  • Etega

    These demonstrators parading on the platform of any political parties should be arrested and questioned, before this turns into a murder case. Nothing’s stopping Mr President by the way.

  • Etim Lazarus

    The president has great respect for the rule of law, he has shown us that character assassination and attack on him should not be an avenue to enhance political view. Let’s be guided, the president cannot allow politically influenced violence to take over Nigeria, remember its not worth the blood of any nigerian

  • olamide martins

    All the perpetrators of this crime should be brought to book. The Nigerian nation cannot condone any form of misconduct from this desperadoes.

  • Wole benson

    This is a sad incidence and pitiful also. Trying to disrupt the campaign train is quite a cheap blow from the loosing side. This issues cannot stop the train of progress in this nation. All perpetrators should take heed

  • endingNaija

    Mr. Rufai Alkali , President Jonathan is the leader of the gang -both online and offline- “PDP Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Machinery” that has turned Nigerians against themselves. Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is the most divisive head of state ever in the history of our country. Mr. Alkali, since you are the adviser to Mr. Jonathan on political affairs, you needed to have advised him on this intensely and highly divisive trait of his and in his policies and in his supporters-both offline and online-otherwise I think you are a bad adviser, hence you may have to be one of those to be held responsible for the bad divisive behavior of President Jonathan and his supporters-both online and offline..

  • Ebele

    The bigger question is: Was GEJ even right to appoint Femi Fani to speak for him?
    It is arguable with Fani-Kayode’s given appointment if President Jonathan is really interested in fighting corruption.
    Fani-Kayode is currently being prosecuted by the EFCC for alleged corruption.
    It was claimed that Fani-Kayode stole N19.5 billion of the Aviation Intervention Fund but the courts case was thrown out for lack of evidence.
    In 2008, Keyamo filed a bogus 47-count money laundering case on behalf of the Farida Waziri-led EFCC in which he claimed that Chief Fani-Kayode had laundered N200m, this was reduced from N200m to N99 on 40 counts of which 38 were recently thrown out.
    “The remaining two counts, which represent N1m each, are to be defended on February 23rd and 24th.”
    All this from a man, who only last year declared support for ODUDUWA REPUBLIC which calls for the divide of Nigeria

  • Otile

    Don’t worry, FailBuhari erinla is around the corner. Rírọ èké certificate will not save him.

    • kick ’em out

      Buhari is the only Nigerian that joined army without School Certificate. He’s the only Nigerian that schooled abroad without School Certificate. He’s the only GOC without School Certificate. He’s the only Military Administrator without School Certificate. He’s the only Minister without certificate. He’s the only Head Of State without School Certificate. And he’s the only Tested & Trusted without School Certificate. He’s the only 3 time Presidential Candidate INEC cleared to contest without School Certificate. He’s the only Nigerian that has no School Certificate gather crowd without paying a single kobo. And he’s the only Presidential candidate Nigerians wants to vote without having School Certificate. Hahaha!

      • Otile

        Not anymore. …for the thief……one day for the owner.

  • amoka

    PDP is a home, how come they get attacked only in PDP states by the same pple that were praising pdp


    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    “…Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south….”

    “…They have almost succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south. It is our unflinching belief that this quest for domination, …and marginalization, is against the wish of God and therefore, must be resisted with the vehemence….”

    “…This clique has an unabated penchant for domination and unrivalled fostering of mediocrity and outright detest for accountability,…all put together have been our undoing as a nation…”

    —– Gideon Orkar (April 22, 1990 Revolutionary Speech)

    **************Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of JUSTICE & EQUITY. ************

    We all have the right to act ‘wisely’. May God be with us all.

    • Musa Abdul

      Why is the name of Aguiyi Ironsi missing? Was he not a Nigerian President?

  • Olu from South Africa

    This needs to be echoed. “If Goodluck Jonathan wants his fortunes and the fortunes of his party to change and if he wants peace to return to our shores he simply has to do twelve things. Firstly he has to resign as President forthwith and undertake to stay out of Nigerian politics for the next ten years and confine himself to fishing in Otuoke” – Femi Fani-Kayode

  • olawale


    * You promised Nigerians incentives in order to remove subsidy. Things like stable power, metro buses (in Lagos and Abuja), full road rehabilitation etc.


    * Obasanjo’s government brought GSM amongst other things, Yaradua’s short time in government brought RULE OF LAW. Jonathan what has yours brought?


    * Never in the history of Nigeria has all institutions witnessed as much strike as yours.


    * Jonathan what in Heaven’s name do you need FIVE presidential jet for even with the high rate of poverty in the land.

    * Ebele, the ONLY Nigerian president that tried all means to DIVIDE Nigeria along Religion and Ethnic line.


    * Jonathan will rather gallivant with Nollywood stars than have a session with those brains who are truly making Nigerians proud both Home and Abroad. Or better Still, compose a comforting message to the people of North East.

    Nigeria as at today HAS NO GOVERNMENT.

    We provide our water – borehole.
    We provide our light – generator/ inverter
    We provide our security – high fence/ cctv
    We provide our education – private school.
    We produce fuel yet pay the most in the world.
    We have no motorable federal road.


    HIGH Uneployment in the land.

    High rate of Corruption (the CLOWN wants to curb corruption with technology).


  • Sone Anya

    These cowardly attacks only show that the APC has nothing to offer but cheap jibes and jeers. The President is right – the campaign should focus on the issues, but the APC has nothing to say.

  • David

    Buhari has done his job by helping to snatch power from the conservatives. A younger, more forceful and articulate and better skilled should take it from there to consolidate the progressive vision.

  • fosi

    This article is dripping with speculations, conjectures, irrational conclusions, illogical assumptions, guesses, poor referencing and all what not. In the end, it became a poorly researched write up and not worthy of public reliance.