Nigeria 2015: Peoples Democratic Movement endorses Buhari

Buhari campaigning
President Muhammadu Buhari campaigning at the last presidential election

The Peoples Democratic Movement [PDM] has announced its support for Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the February 14 election.

The party made the announcement on Friday in Abuja. It said the decision was reached at its National Executive Committee, NEC, meeting held on Thursday.

According to the party, the endorsement of Mr. Buhari was based on its consideration of the five critical issues which its NEC believes constitute the nation’s top and urgent priority: national unity, public security, job creation, fight against corruption, and the economy.

It noted that Mr. Buhari had “a track record of achievement in these areas as a former head of state and, later, executive chairman of the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund.”

“The incumbent (President Goodluck Jonathan) that has been at the helm of affairs of the nation in the past six years has failed (in the critical issues considered by the party),” it said.

The party expressed concern over the deteriorating security in the country.

It said it “noted the rising level of corruption, unemployment and impunity in the country and condemned the campaign of calumny and hate by prominent citizens who are desperate to win election at any cost, including plunging the nation into chaos and anarchy.”

The PDM called on Nigerians to reject desperate politicians who have been given a chance to prove their worth but failed.”

It said Nigeria’s democracy had come to stay and would not be undermined by the desperation of those who are afraid to lose election in February 2015.

It called on all members and supporters of PDM across Nigeria to vote for Mr. Buhari.


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  • Babandum

    Bro Jona, You see how everyone is deserting you except those that are feeding off you.

    • Even those will desert Jonathan at the eleventh hour to the election. Stay tuned.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The handwriting is boldly on the wall …the die is cast …the clocking is ticking…and very soon President Jonathan will be a goner!

  • Kwango

    At this rate president Jonathan or Sambo will decamp before the election.

  • Benson Idahosa

    Goodluck Jonathan, time to throw in the towel! You are gone! Nothing will revive you. Absolutely nothing.

    • Bio

      “They may surely gather,but if they are not of God, they will surely scatter”. It will be a dream to some when it will happen,GEJ 4 live.

      • Eniriches

        “They may surely gather, but if they are not of God, they will scatter”. You’re very right, the operating word is, “If”.
        “Vox populi, vox dei”, I want to believe you understand the concept. The people have gathered, and the voice of the people, is the voice of God. God is with the people, and they have gathered to say, #GEJ – OTUOKE 2015.

        • Bio

          That Latin words is quite correct when the application is not contrary to God’s decision. If you listen, I will explain. Not when most people are not just in their motives for CHANGE. God’s ways are not man’s ways.

          • Eniriches

            The Naira is 208 to a Dollar. The Boko haramist are occupying a part of Nigeria, with their flag hoisted there. And stealing is not corruption, but to majority of Nigerians think otherwise.

      • Ette

        Just what is happening to GEJ and wicked PDP a; they are scattering because they are not of God. How can they be of God will all the wickedness they have done to Nigeria.

        • Bio

          While they are at the market square shouting on top of their voices ( APC), we are sailing just 44 nautical miles to next shore of Victory,that’s just the Koko, under cruise control. Ain’t no stopping us now. GEJ no le le.

  • King Carlos

    I believe there are more endorsements to come. Jonathan will be shocked when ohaneze refuses to endorse him. Any right thinking group will know that if you stay on the side of the people, you can will never lose. This explains the body language of Obasanjo and Babangida. They are trying to redeem themselves by following the voice of the people. Tell me, one way or the other, Nigerians are not really thinking about their antecedents for now, just because they are supporting the people.

    This is a clear message to Jonathan.

  • richkid

    Some people just feel like they get paid to visit this site. Check the poles well, forget this ur apc noisy attitude, and violence, we found the right man in GEJ. What did buhari achieve nothing only to give out our money to islamic society

    • charles

      You think you are talking to morons….you must be in a dreamland…wake up and put on a thinking cap…and stop wasting ur time….this change is a movement….apc is just a beneficiary…all these shenanigans by u and ur bribe masters is too little too late…Nigerians have already made their choice

      • glo


    • Factual


  • richkid

    he built schools for u illiterates. Both secondary and university level, train now run again, electricity improved, every zone in Nigeria now have an international airport, etc. What did buhari do. He was fighting his enemies with the office given to him. A man who doesn’t forgive

    • factual


  • richkid

    GEJ has always been the best fit for Nigeria even though bUhari planned and mobilised the boko haram to cause unrest in GeJ’S dispensation.

    • factual


  • richkid

    I wonder what they say is this track record. An epitom of tribalism, nepotism corruption forgery etc. Nothing good comes from this old man. He created local Govt as many as possible for Katsina and adamawa, all the road he commissioned to be built was only for katsina, and that was it, no school nothing nothing. But GEJ gave that north all many secondary schools and free education for the foot soldiers of the Muslims, the almajeris to try and make them civilised. Gave them the north 10 new universities. Roads and empowered most of them than they ever did to themselves. GEJ is the best

    • Factual


    • glo

      Go back to your room, little boy! You’re not allowed in this adult forum.

  • richkid

    A man who is not learned, no value for education who believe that western education is a sin now want to lead intelligent people? His intellectual prowess is zero, he lacks ideas, innovations, he only tries to maintain standard and no growth. But GEJ sets the standard and growth is allowed. What a man he is.

    • Factual


  • richkid

    Association of past criminals,(APC) just because the table turned around, they left PDP because it can no longer accommodate them and there greed, he didn’t do anything as a president only to give out oil blocks to his family and friends. Are they producing oil? Nooooo, they own the highest oil well. Wake up call today my brothers

  • richkid

    When I was small they told us that we are leaders of tomorrow, but till that somebody who ruled before I was born is here asking for another tenure, are there no body in this generation, that an illiterate will rule again!!! OMG God not in my generation,. GEJ we want you again and again

    • person

      You want GEJ again and again am sorry for u entire generation. It’s seems u also have a bad thing u doing cause u knew Buhari don’t support such

      • solozo

        He is a richkid- does that tell you anything?

    • jude L/A USA

      When you want GEJ “again and again” so when will you become the “leader of tomorrow”?

    • No More Jonathan

      @richkid May your family, generation and entire life be ruled as GEJ ruled Nigeria,

  • buhari pickin

    Jonathan must go

    • jude L/A USA

      He is not going. He is GONE!

  • samson john

    They endorsed d wrong person,GMB is of no good to nigeria

  • Harry

    GEJ has already agreed with truth, death and devil that he will only run for one tenure, he may have think it was a mere agreement, but spiritually that agreement has stand, GEJ tenure is over.

  • true talk

    There are dishonest Nigerians, but therealso exist those whose conscience will notallow them be dishonest. We did our bit.‪#‎GMB15‬

  • simonibekwe

    The endorsement though timely, responsible Nigerian have decided for change come February 14. Gen Buhari is a metaphor against corruption, insecurity and economic stagnation.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Truly groping in the dark. With an economic team made up lawyers, not even one was and is a student of economics. The true test of leadership is the courage to source competent talents from different backgrounds to harness their specialties without bias.

  • muazu wali

    Bamidele. You have expressed your opinion and not what nigerians feel or agree with. Knowing the type of people we are should they have been pushed to the wall as you have imagined they would have demonstrated to Buhari in nor uncertain terms. Instead we have seen expressions of support and patience everywhere.