APC warns Fayose against disrupting party’s presidential rally in Ekiti

Governor Ayodele Fayose

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has warned Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State against disrupting or interfering in any way with the APC presidential campaign rally in Ado-Ekiti on Saturday, saying the governor’s plan to hold a parallel rally on the same day is a recipe for chaos.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party wondered why Gov. Fayose will schedule a rally also for Saturday at Fajuyi Park, which is a major route to the venue of the APC presidential campaign rally.

”This is nothing but a deliberate act of provocation, and it is a dangerous game by a Governor who has now become notorious for making incendiary statements and taking irrational actions. Gov. Fayose should be told in clear terms that being the Governor of a state demands huge responsibility, not brazen rascality,” it said.

APC wondered what point the governor was trying to prove by seeking to set the supporters of his party, the PDP, against those of our party, which is basically what he is planning to do by organizing a parallel rally along a major route to ours at Ado-Ekiti on Saturday.

The party said its members and supporters, in line with their peaceful nature and the ethos of APC, neither disrupted nor interfered with the PDP presidential campaign rally at Ado, and finds it difficult to understand why the governor will be plotting to trigger chaos and disrupt the APC presidential campaign rally.

”There must be a limit to mischief and waggishness, especially from a governor that almost set Nigeria on fire with an irresponsible, incendiary and repugnant advertisement wishing our presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, dead,” the APC said.

”Since everything points to the fact that Gov. Fayose lacks the capacity to understand the implication of his actions, it is high time his masters called him to order before he sets the country on fire. A good starting point is to warn him against holding a parallel tally at Ado on Saturday.

”The security agencies should also advise the Governor against actions that are capable of triggering violence and disrupting public peace. If the Governor fails to heed the voice of reason, then he should be solely held responsible if there is any breach of peace or a disruption of the APC presidential campaign rally at Ado-Ekiti on Saturday,” it said.


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  • Spoken word

    Looks like fayose is on a suicide mission.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, Mr. Fayose is behaving like a typical ‘omo ale’ who would rather set his father’s house on fire to satisfy his mother’s lover.

      If his desire is to set the Ekiti people in a bloodbath against each other, perforce, we then have to ask the Ekiti people if they are that uneducated as to allow an under educated Governor (I shudder at the use of the title to describe a thug) to use them to satisfy his own blood lust?

      Ekiti, ke te o!

      • Spoken word

        Ekiti people only have themselves to blame for allowing a thug be their governor.

  • DanielOsazuwa

    The tout knows what is waiting him after the election of GMB. The criminal case in court about his qualification to contest an election into a position that comes with immunity will certainly throw him out of office to the motor park that he belongs.

  • Maria

    APC should be prepared for the oluomo of thugs, AKA, Ayedele Fayose.

  • valency

    SO APC is afraid of gov Fayose but not president Jonathan so you deserve conducive atmosphere for your campaign but president JONATHAN does not that is why you stone Him THIS IS STILL MORNING FOR YOU

    • YK

      Who is afraid of Fayose? If it finally happens can Fayose himself wait to witness it? Were you in Ekiti in 2006? As bold as he claimed to be he jumped fence.

  • just kennie

    Fayose is too desperate, he doesn’t want opposition to win, he shows that he has something his hiding. Hes enjoin the fed govt might, that while he can use 7 members to displace 19 members….

  • victo amadi

    Fayose is heading to collapse, he knows more people will gather for GMB tahts why he is afraid. I wish APC will postpone the rally till Sunday and see what he will do next.

  • neromagana2015

    In as much as we refuse to express our views devoid of sentiments, I see this country not progressing! What exactly are we for? Violence or peaceful conduct? Was PDP presidential campaign held with a parallel APC campaign same day? The INEC rules forbid two parties holding presidential campaigns same day and reason is not far-fetch. To avoid violence which is inevitable considering the volatility of the Nigerian society. Instead of us to join hands together to call Fayose to order, we are busy expressing sentimental views. I pray that if at all these condemnable actions of Fayose will end up throwing this nation into irredeemable position, God should spare the innocent ones but people like Fayose shall be consumed for sacrifice it required.

    • neromagana2015


    • YK

      That was exactly what I have just pointed out my dear brother. The injustice you hail today may be the same to consume you tomorrow. All our traditional rulers and the elders are keeping quite now while Fayose is biting more than he can chew all in the name of his vested interests.

      • King Carlos

        They all collected chicken and rice.

  • Joe

    I think Nigerians deserve rascals as leaders like fayose. Can you just think or imagine Fasoye occupying Jonathan’s seat?. All these rascalities by OBJ and co would not have happened. @lai mohammed, why are you not tired of lying please?. Here him “in line with their peaceful nature and the ethos of APC” -lai mohammed. APC peaceful in katsina and bauchi.

    • YK

      You are just like Fayose if you are not worse, some people were attacked in Rivers on the day GMB started his campaign and many of their offices bombed demented people like you saw nothing. On the Bauchi issue, ask for forgiveness because the crowd that petted satchet water on Bala Mohammed were all PDP members who were there to protest the attitudes of people like Mohammed so what is the business of APC in that? In Katsina, when Fayose mocked Yar’adua on the national dailies through his unwarranted advert, people like you kept quite so you want them to meet the same PDP to which Fayose belongs with open hands? We should appeal to our people to stop provoking people, they are all human beings.

      • Joe

        Your kind of person do not deserve reply. But I found out from your comments that you lack knowledge of northern Nigeria. I’m not a party man, but you are biased in your comments and you will be consumed by your biased mind and do not allow it to take hold of your soul. Save your soul. Fayose’s kind of person is good for Nigerians because most politicians are rascals as he is. Its unfortunate that Jonathan’s humility is taking as weakness and that was why the rascal politicians are taking it for granted. YK hi, whatever you want to write as reply, just know that you do not deserve my reply to your comment.

        • Dumbo

          Original mumu

    • King Carlos

      APC has been more coordinated than PDP so far. By the way, You have the rights to vote for rascals if you want. You can even sponsor a motor park tout to be your president. It’s ur constitutional right.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Fayose’s autism or learning disability is being abused by his PDP colleagues and this is very dangerous; as human lives and the future of our nation are at stake here. The man has no idea of reality and as such what he is doing to himself, the office, and responsibilities entrusted to him by the people of Ekiti to safeguard and protect their lives, interests, and property. Otherwise how can anyone with a sound mind and a sense of responsibility organize his own political party at the same time and place an opposing political part is holding theirs? Wole Soyinka couldn’t be more correct when he suggested people vying for political office should be subjected to psychiatric tests. Ayo Fayose is a clear case in point; and I am being serious, particularly as Ekiti indigene.

  • Richard

    A dog that would get lost would be deaf to the whistle of the hunter is a proverb in Yoruba land. Fayose is digging more holes for himself. Harassment doesn’t win election.

    • YK

      I watched a TV programme on TVC yesterday when a man said it will take miracle for Fayose to finish his this second term. Now I am beginning to see reasons with that voice of wisdom because I see Fayose as irredeemable being. Let us see what the end of Fayose will be, all I can see is tragic end.

  • Eze1

    Fayose is merely doing the dirty jobs of the PDP….. He is also fighting for his life as well. If GMB gets in, there is no how his corrupt disposition will go on…

  • concernednigerian

    Then APC should postpone their presidential rally by 24 hours. As simple as that.

    • Umuko Godwin

      Are you sure you are really a concerned Nigerian. APC fixed their rally before fayose hurriedly fixed his. Instead of advising that fayose postpone his, you want APC to postpone theirs. See how politics has taken away sound reasoning

  • King Carlos

    Thugnor Fayose will never stop his inssanity. He’s ready to set is state on fire so long he remains in power. He bought the conscience of his people with rice, chicken and oil. So no one can say anything. I wonder what prominent people like Afe Babalola are saying about this brazen show of rascality in their state.

  • kday

    This same fugitive bastard that ran to the border before being sent back by Benin Republic security agents is now causing chaos for Nigerians. PDP is the party where murders and Low lifers hold sway. Dumbo has no moral clout to ever lead Nigeria again. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world since he came into office.

  • anneedu

    APC is too scared of this fayose, must APC use violence in everything

  • excel

    Fayose will cause more than what’s capable off, he’s has clueless as is master, noting will stop CHANGE spreading across the Nation. CHANGE has come to stay, it’s time for CHANGE GMB all the way

  • Fairgame

    Fire for fire. do me I do you. It started with Fashola refusing PDP adverts in Lagos through Lasaa, then NCC allegedly blocks their fundraising communications platform, then Amaechi refuses PDP use of stadium in PH then Fayose decides to hold a parallel rally. Politics in Nigeria is war. Of course the Ijaw response to the pelting of the president is yet to come. The burning of the president’s campaign bus in Jos has been cancelled out by the burning of the APC Bauchi secretariat. I have not mentioned the shooting incident that Amaechi claims happened in Rivers because as APC members have argued that the Bauchi attack could be PDP inside job to cast APC as a violent party ( curiously not mentioning that 2011 was written in blood by Buhari’s supporters in guess where- same core north region) since Bauchi is a PDP controlled state so perhaps the shooting in Rivers was the very first inside job since Rivers is an APC controlled state. God save Nigeria

    • DESTINY,

      You are too updated with the truth thanks brother.

  • Lubem

    Fayose don’t have to conduct an opinion poll and made it available for only the APC to be respondents before scheduling any event in his state. You people should go to hell.