Atiku rejects call for postponement of election

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has said that the general elections in the country should hold as scheduled next month, and that the government must not tinker with the option of postponing the timelines for the polls.

“Yes, we have a problem with the distribution of PVCs but the position of my party, the APC is that since we have a voters’ register then that should be used in conducting the elections. I also believe there is enough time between now and the elections to issue everyone with their PVCs,” Atiku said.

Atiku was reacting to a call Thursday by the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, for a reschedule of the election to allow the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, conclude distribution of voter cards.

Atiku, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, said Mr. Dasuki’s suggestion was uncalled for and portends a dangerous signal about the intentions of the Federal Government to conduct a free, fair and credible poll in February.

Aitku spoke after arriving Abuja from a medical trip abroad.

His media office quoted him as saying he was “strong, healthy and happy to be back to lend his support the train of change sweeping across the country”.

“The duty of participating in the process of change which our great party, the APC is committed to supersedes every other consideration. For me, participating in this campaign is a call to national duty.

“It is a duty which we cannot afford to compromise upon and we must press into the consciousness of those at the helms of affairs that it is morally dubious and socially unacceptable to extend the dates of the elections by a single day from the scheduled timelines,” the former Vice President said.


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  • tyson

    He is Fulani like Atiku–they know their game plan

    • Wähala

      Deri… hahahahaaa chié o !!!







    • sir Oscie

      well said

  • progress

    Any attempt to postpone , rig the election or disenfranchise Nigerians will be heavily rejected. Change is Now.

  • Nda Kudu

    I smell something fishy on this. PDP dont want INEC to use the PVC during the elections. they just want INEC to use voters register so that wide scale rigging can be carried out. With PVC everyone knows zthe number of PVCi issued in each state. one cannot claim to record higher number of voters more than the PVC issued. APC wake up.

    • Sword of Damocles

      I believe you are definitely on to something. INEC has assurred Nigerians that they believe they can distribute the uncollected PVC’s by feb 14th. These are the conditions that cannot be changed:
      1) Presidential Elections must hold natiowide(including most areas of the 3 northern states with insecurity isues) on FeBuhari 14th
      2) PVC is the the only thing that will let you vote(if INEC can guarantee that temporary PVC’s cannot be used to cheat, then they can consider it). Voters register MUST NOT supplant PVC.
      3) The card reader that INEC purchased must be used.
      The desperado TRAITORS of PDP are getting frantic, for the realise that their END is neigh. NSA Dasuki now wants to be a “special assistant” to JEGA.

  • Okey

    Atiku and Co want to harvest blood as usual.

    • oracle of God

      which blood? what as blood got to do with atikus position. can you stop speaking from your spinal level and move up to cerebral

      • Okey

        better to speak with a spine than to speak from the anus. bloodhounds are baying for the blood of the innocent and you are cheering them ? how man of their children are right now in Nigeria ?

    • Abdul

      Terrorist will always look for ways to capitalise on people’s utterances to wreck havoc.

      • Okey

        Let Atiku demonstrate just a little sincerity, commitment and patriotism by bringing all his children back to Adamawa State and present them on national television from Yola, Adamawa State capital, by the morning of February 13, 2015, for all to see.

        • sir Oscie

          Has your president done that?

          • Okey

            Yes, he has. All his kids are here in Nigeria.

          • sir Oscie

            doing what?

          • sir Oscie

            Atiku’s children are working and hustling for themselves unlike GEJ’s children that are here and feeding fat on the resources that are made for the common man. Let them go and work!

          • Okey

            Pity, shout hallelujah while your dear is raped !

          • sir Oscie

            clap for yourself?

  • Nic2929

    I said this 2 weeks ago, based on my discussion with my uncle who is a power broker in Nigerian politics, there will not be an election come February. Even if there is one, it will be inconclusive. A lot of the so called “big men” in Nigeria have moved to Abuja to work on this. Pls no one should attack me, I am just sharing a real certified info with u all. The first phase has started with the NSA speech today….it is to taste the waters to see how Niger people will take it…,.,second phase is: prominent Nigerians and pastors bankrolled by GEJ team. Buhari will never rule Nigeria, which is a shame! I am just interested to see how all these play out.

    • Abdul

      If they try it, Jonathan will know that this democracy was not won with salt and pepper but on HUMAN BLOOD. He will know that while MEN were fighting for democracy he was hiding somewhere in otueke drinking ogogoro.

  • Okey

    Atiku should demonstrate just a little sincerity, commitment and patriotism by bringing all his children back to Adamawa State and present them on national television from Yola, Adamawa State capital, by the morning of February 13, 2015, for all to see.

  • solozo

    Wait o, is this not the same Atiku that PDP was singing is so angry with the APC that he has refused to identify with them? Na wa for this PDP sef o.

  • annasuku

    It is pitiable that PDP through the NSA is calling for postponement of Feb 14 election. Has INEC solicited for this? INEC, from the last statement of its chairman said it is ready for Feb 14 election, while PDP is crying because defeat is starring it. After the failed negative propaganda against GMB, PDP is now shamelessly begging for postponement of election because GMB’s victory is clearly apparent. Election must hold as scheduled. No to postponment

  • Preco01

    These desperados are clutching at straws, imagine this…“A very reliable source
    with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) revealed that it was the PDP who
    actually hired indigenes and armed them with APC symbols and brooms with
    instructions to pelt stones at the presidential train, all in a bid to cause
    serious problem. This deliberate plot by the PDP was meant to cause the
    Southern states to retaliate in the event that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari goes there
    to campaign.
    And this action we gathered
    went with lots of money being paid to the youths to carry out the action. As
    expected, the notorious militant, Asari Dokubo has danced to the tune of the
    PDP by threatening fire and brimstones on Buhari and APC if they come into
    their land to campaign.
    This retaliatory action is
    being fueled by the PDP in the hope that the general election will be
    postponed, stated our sources within the PDP top hierarchy. According to the
    source, the PDP had thought they would have a smooth sail to the presidential
    villa, until things began to change which has seen the rival party having upper
    hands in every aspect of the campaign.
    Despite the peace being
    enjoyed in the Southern parts of the country, sources in the know of the PDP says
    that there will be chaos to be caused by the PDP thugs soon in the area to
    enable the government of the day have reasons to postpone the elections, and
    thereby re-strategise for a yet to be agreed date by them. The statement by the
    National Security Adviser, Dasaki, that the election should be postponed is
    actually the voice of Jacob speaking through him, said a source”.

  • Harry

    Nigeria is bigger than any individual no matter the position, election must hold come February 14. I’m very sure GEJ has clearly see why people were advising him not to contest for second tenure, now that it’s all over for him and his party, he’s fooling himself.

  • richkid

    Some people behave like they don’t have fear. This is a president why won’t he exercise his powers!!!

  • richkid

    Nigeria is bigger than an individual, but certain individual where given the powers to say what happens.

  • richkid

    APC wants change by violence,i don’t think that’s how barrack obama won his campaign titled “change”..I still believe that after all this problems GEJ will definitely win because the politics will be played in the high places where all those hoodlums won’t participate..

    • tundemash

      who wants election postponed cl0wn ? By wanting election to take place, is that wanting violence ?

      • abbadd

        Help me ask the illiterate bind man

    • abbadd

      Which violence? PDP wants to hold on to power at all cost.

  • abbadd

    Election can only be postponed if an interim Government is initiated and GEJ will not be part of that government.

  • favourtalk

    Let GEJ leave the seat and new individual gets into power to give us fresh air before the election, we sha don’t want the confused and backward government again, it is real chnage that we want…

  • Chuckwuebuka Alavavite

    The power hungry APC are so greedy they would have the election one week in advance if they could. Here are facts : the north-east is not secure, many people have fled BH and will not be given the chance to vote. Ironically they would
    probably vote against GEJ given their ethnicity and religion, but APC leaders are too focussed on political controversy and hostile rhetoric to think about their own good – left alone the good of Nigerians. Boko Haram, trenghened by all the weapons they stole in Baga, will plan an attack on election day. it will be high profile. Many will die, and we will know who to blame : the callous APC hardliners who would rather have a blotched up vote than save lives.

  • January August

    Why is President Jonathan so desperate to remain in power? I can understand Fani-Kayode’s passion for twisting the truth, because Jonathan has promised him to thwart the case hanging on his neck, which Festus Keyamo has exposed. The truth is that Buhari was educated up to Secondary certificate level as required by the Constitution, and the Honorable Justice Umaru Abdullahi and Mr Coomassie (former IGP) have confirmed that. Why are some Nigerians still falling for PDP desperation and lies. It was this style of lying by PDP against Dr. Kayode Fayemi that made Ekiti to mistakenly vote for Ayo Fayose, who is so full of himself as to tender a sincere apology to Buhari and the families of the 2 former heads of state and the great president of Nigeria, Umaru Yar’dua, he insulted with his evil advertorial announcing the imminent death of Buhari, forgetting that life and death is in God’s hand, and that he MAY even die before Buhari. Why has Fani-Kayode not responded to the credible testimonies of the two classmates of Buhari? Why can’t PDP approach the court of law to nail Buhari once and for all, if they are sure of their allegation? Few days ago, Fani-Kayode said PDP would hand over Buhari to God if he refused to hand over himself to the police for immediate interrogation and subsequent prosecution in court for PERJURY. Now it is FORGERY again! Therefore, at least 2 count charges to nail Buhari are already on ground then! How come that Fani-Kayode and PDP have suddenly become believers in God’s justice when they have been making use of Nigeria’s courts of justice to resolve controversies in the past? IT’S SIMPLY BECAUSE HE AND PDP KNOW THEY ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR WAYS TO PULL BUHARI DOWN. NIGERIANS, PDP IS DESPERATE TO RETAIN POWER! SINCE PDP HAVE FAILED US, LET’S TRY APC THIS TIME AROUND AND SEE WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER. 4 YEARS ARE ENOUGH FOR THEM TO SHOW WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE THE CHANGE NIGERIANS REALLY NEED, OR THAT WE SHOULD SEARCH FOR ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE AFTER THEIR 4 YEARS IN ASO ROCK. HOWEVER, MY ONLY ADVICE, OR ONE OF MY PIECES OF ADVICE TO BUHARI, IS THIS: WHEN YOU GET TO ASO ROCK, TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD BUT TWO BACKWARDS IN YOUR DEALINGS WITH CHIEF OBASANJO!!! Pls, Nigerians, don’t agree on postponement. Dasuki and PDP are only looking to buy time in order to manufacture and sell more lies against Buhari. Nigerians say, No postponement!!!

  • Mr. Abdin

    The call for the postponement of elections by the NSA is absolutely not welcomed and Nigerians will stand to resist it, that is why the likes of Atiku Abubakar will never support that as the level of APC’s popularity is increasing, change is what we need. God bless Nigeria amen.

  • sir Oscie

    Welcome back to our great country Turakin Nigeria.
    The struggle for CHANGE continues and we are happy you are here to lend your support to the train of CHANGE sweeping across the country.
    Nigerians VOTE and SUPPORT APC!!!!
    February 14th must stand…

  • Emmanuel Gbadamosi

    For once, I think I can agree with someone of the APC. I think the sooner the elections are held, the sooner we will get rid of Buhari in our political scene! This man has done enough harm to Nigeria already and I can’t wait for GEJ to be reelected.

  • concernednigerian

    The need to postpone the election was inspired by the complaint of the Sultan of Sokoto that he had not received his PVC. So many others in the South have the same problem while war-torn Borno has 80% success rate in the distribution of the voters card. Now that APC does not want extension of the exercise then one hopes APC members will not be the ones to complain if the elections do not favour them. We still remember 2011.

  • Rose Danjula

    In my honest opinion, I believe that if the elections can be slightly postponed in order to insure a better representativeness of the people of Nigeria, then they should; especially given how much trouble Boko Haram has given us in the North. Then again, I bet Buhari and the APC would use this to antagonize Nigerians against one another saying that the PDP tries to cheat, while their genuine concern has always been to improve the democratic process in our country with the implementation of the Democratic day or the Biometric card.

  • LindaO

    Let there be chaos then ! And even more people will be killed. A voting station is such an easy target. But GMB wouldn’t care about that. Sure he can pretend – because he needs the North to win. But he is so short sighted and greedy he’d rather rush the pole, before GEJ can fight off all his slanderous propaganda.

  • Etomi

    If the Feb 14 date is sacrosanct for the general election to hold, it would be the earliest that elections would hold in Nigeria since the dawn of the Fourth Republic…
    And even if the election date is shifted by a month, say, to hold in March 14, it would still be the earliest that elections would hold in Nigeria since 1999..
    So I ask: Is there any thing legally, morally or fundamentally wrong with adjusting, for practical reasons, the election date by just a month???
    Aside from the obvious that many eligible voters have yet to collect their PVCs, which makes suggestion for extension of time to accomplish at least 80% coverage tenable, I hope you are aware that the courts are currently not sitting because of judicial workers’ strike, and this development holds grave implication for the polity ahead and beyond the elections….
    Grave implication, I repeat!!!!!
    There are many politicians, including Buhari I dare say, with baggage, who are currently under investigation, or of whom investigations have established sleaze and criminality against them, that ought to have been brought before the courts before the election..
    Right now, however, you just can’t file any application challenging them, let alone have the courts sit for hearing applications, because of the current lock down, whose end-date no-one really knows!!!!
    Do you have any idea of the grave injustice you would have done to persons with genuine reasons, and with locus standi, to contest their ambition?
    Take the solemnization of marriage for example…
    Even convention and the Law recognize the justice or justness of pronouncing the bans of marriage before the priest or court declare a couple man and wife….
    To that extent, I ask: Do you have any idea of what in judicial parlance is referred to as pre-election matters???
    How do we go into an election with all the courts in Nigeria not in sitting, not hearing the genuine grievance or arguments of claimants against politicians seeking elective offices?
    What then happens to pre-election matters?
    You mean they would cease to exist during this period, given that the courts are in a lock down owing to the strike action by judicial workers?
    Do you know what grave injustice you would have done to those who have genuine reasons to challenge the ambition of politicians with questionable characters going into this election???
    Do you know that if you cannot at least file (not hear) a pre-election matter in court before an election, the court cannot sit to hear it even after the election???
    So, what we would have are politicians with shady character coasting home unchallenged and unchallengeable…
    Is that good for justice or the health and integrity of our fledgling democracy????
    I strongly believe that the call for the election date to be adjusted by at least a month is healthy, practical and patriotic….
    The doors of our courts must be flung open now!!!
    The machinations of shadowy politicians, who apparently are the puppet masters of the strike, furtive as the are, must be frustrated now!!!!
    For superior patriotic reasons, the so-called judicial workers must sheath their swords, call off the strike, and save our democracy!!!!!
    Otherwise, there is no basis going into this election with the untoward development…

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    What is he thinking? That the election officials from ECOWAS and elsewhere won’t come back if the election is postponed — it is easy to change those plans and the later election will probably give more time for officials to arrive at polling places. APC refuses to see postponing the election as something good for the country — more people get to vote ! As usual they see anything the PDP suggests as part of a larger plan to hurt them. They are seeping with paranoia and fear, and now violence.

  • Franklin A. Adolo

    Atiku is history and very corrupt. He is an empty vessel all he is known for now is noise.