Youth attack Jonathan in Bauchi

FILE PHOTO: Goodluck Jonathan campaigns for reelection in Katsina

By Najib Sani

President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election campaign in Bauchi on Thursday turned violent when some thugs who converged at the Ibrahim Babangida Square, venue of the event, hurled shoes, plastic water bottles and other objects at the canopy where the president and members of his campaign team were delivering their speeches.

Although security operatives intervened to stop the thugs from disrupting the event, several vehicles coming out of the venue, belonging to the PDP presidential campaign team, were stoned while tyres were burnt.

The violent youth also clashed with security personnel deployed around Ran road and the Bauchi central market where a police patrol van was set ablaze by irate youths.

The Police Public Relations Officers [PPRO], Bauchi State, Haruna Muhammed, confirmed the violence but promised to provide journalists with details later on.

Earlier in his address at the rally, Mr. Jonathan lambasted the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, accusing the party of instigating Nigerians against the ruling Peoples Democratic Party [PDP]-led government.

Mr. Jonathan challenged the APC to enumerate its achievements, and not seek cheap popularity.

He said that PDP stands for peace and that no retrogressive force can put the party behind.

Mr. Jonathan said his government has reduced the prevalence of polio virus in Bauchi state, and assured that before the end of the year, the virus will be completely eradicated in the whole nation.

He cautioned the youth against acts of violence during and after the election, saying if re-elected, he will invest in youth empowerment through micro small scale enterprise, agriculture and education.

According to Mr. Jonathan, “since oil is dwindling, we would embark on the excavation of the abundant solid minerals in Bauchi, so that indigenes of the state will be employable”.

“If re-elected, I will ensure that I work with the governorship candidate to bring the dividend of democracy to Bauchi State,” he said.

In his remarks, Vice-President Namadi Sambo cautioned politicians who are using religion and ethnicity to divide Nigerians to desist forthwith, stressing that Mr. Jonathan had no hatred whatsoever towards northerners, contrary to the falsehood being peddled by some politicians in the North.

“These politicians trying to use religion and ethnicity to divide Nigerians must stop. People are fabricating falsehood that Jonathan is discriminating against the North. I believe in equity and I don’t cheat people, I always ensure that projects are distributed equally across the country,” he said.

He urged the people to ensure that they collect their Permanent Voters Cards to enable them vote in the election.

“Ensure that you collect your voter’s card because without it, you cannot exercise your franchise in the coming election,” the vice president said.

State governors present at the event were Isa Yuguda, Bauchi; Ibrahim Dankwambo, Gombe; Goodwill Akpabio, Akwa Ibom.


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  • Julius oke

    A clear writing on a black board that only a blind can not see.

  • Kola Oladapo

    I don’t quite agree with this violent acts. People should be tolerant of all contestants.

    • Abu- Ahmad

      It is an indication that Nigerian youths were redundants ever morethan anytime in the history no jod no food and after then even to secure their rotten lives this govt. can not do that is why they decide to embark on the protest against their bad leaders. Solidly behind let all the bad leaders perish whether from the north,west,south,east or what soever, Muslim or Christian period we are tired of them.

    • Jumoke

      The candidates in power gets most of the flake, we must understand this. Even in advanced democracies leaders are sometimes pelted with eggs etc, signifying anger in the youth. PDP government has made it a ritual to assemble hungry deprived youth every 4 years just for voting only for them to retire back to Abuja without any concern. We should condemn violence, yes but we must also work to reduce the conditions that make violence possible. Those leaders stealing the commonwealth and future of these youth also do it violently -resisting arrest, prosecution and hide under the ruling party and personal fellowship with the leader. Should we continue to extend the lifespan of this directionless leadership? What manner of work or salary under the sun will make a politician donate N5 billion to a political party (PDP) when thousands in his community and town go to bed hungry every night or cannot afford basic health care?

      • Goodguy

        You are a hopeless monkey.

        • Leslie

          See who’s calling someone monkey. Cursed goat.

        • Richard

          Are you calling her names for saying the truth. Truely , the truth is bitter.

        • Jumoke

          Dr of monkeys, a hopeless monkey for 4 years of PDP has the right to fight one day, isn’t it? PDP federal government has reduced Nigerian youth to monkeys, ad you bigoted zoologist that sleep with monkeys understand when they are hopeless. My post is for humans not creek or hopeful well to do monkeys like you.

      • Richard

        Thank you for your intelligent submission . People are just blindfolded by their ethnic coloration and this has affected their sense of reasoning . If they feel the mood of the country , people are tired of listening to the lies of PDP. They are yearning for change. It is not about South South, it is about Jonathan and his party.

      • Kola Oladapo

        Jummy, I quite understand and appreciate your point of view but we can effect this much needed change without violence. I am a supporter of change and Buhari, but I frown at violence which may truncate his chances. The other parties’ youth may also resort to attacks. According to Shakespeare, ” let us kill him boldly but not wrathfully, let us carve him as a dish fit for the gods , and not as carcass fit for the hounds”.

  • Leslie

    “Since oil is dwindling, we would embark on the excavation of abondant solid minerals in Bauchi”.What were you waiting for Dr Dumbo all this while?
    In fact,I’m starting to think that 99% of Nigerians are smarter than you are. That’s not a good thing at all you know.Well,that’s your business. You brought it upon yourself.I wish you good luck in your future endeavors (jail).

    • tyson


      • giggs

        true talk that is how they felt boko haram will keep killing christians now boko haram are killing them they are now saying that govt is not doing anything

      • BUSHMAN


      • SAM .A

        Reno Omokiri, if you use your mouth to start trouble in your Delta area , we shall make sure you will not be able to return to Califonia (US) to come & hide. U are already behaving like a terrorist.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC want to kill our president because he is from the south. APC are bent on giving our president the Aguiyi Ironsi treatment. APC have openly unleashed their boko haram killers on our president. They openly burnt a police vehicle and by the time they lose they will annihilate nigeria, those were the words of their rebel commander shekau in his latest hate video. Which way Nigeria, the forced marriage is over

  • hummm

    Abeg, lets have presidential debate. Talk is cheap.

    • tyson


      • ROHCNAWN


  • Jumoke

    PDP chairman is a northerner and former governor of Bauchi state. Truth is that they don’t believe Jonathan’s propaganda achievements. The President’s e-rats insult northerners 24/7, calling them derogatory names and ridiculing their backwardness instead of realising that injustice anywhere affects justice everywhere. PDP keeps maligning the North and turn back to ask for their votes. The youths are angry, period. Such anger seem diluted in the south because of amnesty allowance, western union family support by Nigerians in the diaspora, and community effort. There is no presence of government outside the beneficiaries that cluster around the most corrupt administration we have ever seen.
    Secondly, you may not like Buhari or support him and the APC, but no sane Nigerian is happy over the way a sitting presidency has devoted all federal resources and propaganda to abuse a former Head of State. They call him all sorts of names and abuse him with all recklessness and unleash the military to join the abuse of their own. This is not how to be a leader. God can change any situation anytime, but we never learn from history that the measure we give is what we receive.

    • tyson


      • Abu- Fatima

        You are just bigoting if not what achievements has jonathan made in this six years.truth is like a sun light when it appears there is no way you can cover it my friend. I am optimistic that if jonathan has achieve as they are lying he will be loved by all Nigerians from every angle.

      • Martins Oluma Ajiake

        When the Europeans are not happy with their govt, they use tomatos or paints to throw at their politicians. But how many Nigerians under this Jonathan govt can afford to buy tomatos only to use it to throw at politician.

      • Okey

        And you that the owners of those 12 Youth Corpers that died in Bauchi happily received Bauchi in their states for campaign ? What was their reason for killing these Youth Copers and 2000 other innocent Nigerians ? The difference is clear: Buhari is a representation of his type of supporters. He represents ethnic intolerance, religious bigotry and Superior North and Inferior South.

    • Goodguy

      You are a hopeless buffoon how did Jonathan and Southerners cheat and malign your north ? You are a very useless idiiot,….. it is time to divide this country now.

    • giggs

      i pity north if goodluck loose we will block our oil and they sell their groundnut

      • Goodguy

        Stop saying you pity North it is your right for self determination …..

      • Jumoke

        There is no country on earth where people claim access to leadership based on oil. Will you step down if oil price crashes? Democracy is not oilocracy. oily brain indeed.

      • rabim

        And are your sure their groundnut won’t be more valuable than your oil in the very near future?

    • Strong System

      The youth SUDDENLY became unruly because they sensed that what was promised to them would not be paid there and then -don’t forget that,as usual, they were rented to be in the venue.
      A friend told me that all the youth in that venue were known pdp thugs.Because of the fear that a suicide bomber could disguise,all the youth in that venue were all known by the Bauchi pdp.

    • Okey

      And you that the owners of those 12 Youth Corpers that died in Bauchi happily received Bauchi in their states for campaign ? The difference is clear: Buhari is a representation of his type of supporters.

      • Baba

        We just can’t tolerate a failed commander in chief that is steadily ceding our territory he swore to protect to boko haram

        • Okey

          And you regard yourself a sane man when gladly tolerate the man whose men steadily seize the territories ?

          • Jumoke

            If a man has men to cease territories while the PDP federal government has men to cease federal resources meant to liberate those territories, who is a greater failure?

      • Jumoke

        The same pain is also felt by the parents of more than 20 graduates who perished under the devilish extortion and manipulative employment scam initiated by this government. No life is worthless. The same immigration department that claimed over 4000 vacancies are now comfortable with leaving those ‘jobs’ vacant? PDP government scam.

        • Okey

          Oh yes, including the owners of those pregnant women disemboweled by Boko Haram and Pastor Orji whose head was choped off by the shariarists and dangled on a stick whilst their leader insists, “Is it not muslim hands and limbs that will be cut ?”

          • Jumoke

            Capable leaders don’t stand and wait for peace, they fight for peace. He should give way to those who are ready to fight and defend peace. Too much of standing and waiting for luck. Leadership is not lottery or casino.

          • Okey

            Even when you pour fuel on your roof and light a match, you blame the Head of Fire Service of incapability ? That’s sheer insanity.

          • Jumoke

            Only a useless Head of Fire Service will see a man pour fuel on his roof and light a match without reporting what he saw to the authorities. The so called Head is as daft as the madman that set his house on fire and should be treated as accomplice. Spectators like you whose job is to blame one party to the insanity should also have their brain examined for not reporting both parties to the law.

          • Okey

            Ayuwaaa (there you are) ! So you want a mad man to come back the second time ? God forbid !

  • tyson


    • Nda Kudu

      ..who is afraid of that? our farmlands are still productive while the oil is drying off.

    • rabim

      It is even better you go. Very soon your almighty oil will be useless.

  • tyson

    The Fulanis do not have monopoly of violence in Nigeria–this was how they killed Ken saro wiwa—and we let go–assassinated kudirat–and abiola now wth the Yorubas to start another war against us again-? Happily the ijaws are not cowards–only those who have not experienced war b4 cry for one all the time–may be this how buhari intends to be president via violence’–cause of lack of education-



      • engr

        no mind am he doesn’t know what war is

  • musa aliyu

    this is indeed callous. they should quietly go to the polls and vote anyone they dissent instead of stooping so low to barbarity

  • Martins Oluma Ajiake

    in 2011 did any body in the North stone Jonathan and his PDP people? No. Why the sudden change in attitude towards Jonathan. Because he as not provided the northerners with adequate security, using there lives to play politics. Boldly saying is enemy is killing is enemies. Now u really got guts to go back to does u regard as ur enemy to ask for their votes.

    • Goodguy

      Who are those killing them ? Are they not their brothers
      fighting for separation ? Are they not same northerners, Hausa/fulani/
      Kanuri? You must be out of your senses.



        • BUSHMAN


      • musa aliyu

        your type should not be part of us. It is ‘their’ brothers and not yours simply because ant of your relations is not involved. that is what the oga at the top is doing, and that is why we say he has a hand in it, simply to reduce the popularity of the opposition so he can rig elections, as always. his die is cast this time around

      • abc

        Ok. Then, if your brother(tribesman) steals from you or kills your son or rape your daughter, and when go to Police station to report him, the DPO happens to be from another tribe(Say Hausa man) told you that, it’s your brother just go away. honestly how would you feel? Would you feel justice is done to you?

      • engr

        so if ur blood brother wants to kill you and your father refuses to stop him will you support that same father dat doesn’t care about ur life, please put your self in there shoes nd imagine ur retaliation

      • Save Nigeria Father

        This holistic view of the North is wrong because many individual views must be respected. GEJ is our president and he must view all as his responsibility if he is not doing so.

  • Nda Kudu

    it is very sad to hear the VP complaining about religious politics. NTA shows the Rivers state PDP preaching religious politics today during the governorship campain at Okrika. we have also seen how in his presence while in kano one of speakers accusing Buhari of praying togerther with pastor Adebayo. so the accuser is more guilty than the accused.

  • Maria

    I think there is no need stoning the moron. Use your votes to stone him.



    • Save Nigeria Father

      Stop stoning with your pen and the illiterate boys will stop stoning with pelts. You ought to be praying for the president of your country instead of constant cursing. Voice out your point objectively and use your vote and not cursing contrary to the word of God.



    • Baba

      How about those that used live bullets and bombs against APC in rivers state?



    • Okey

      Yes, it is Jonathan that urged Muslims in 2007 to vote only Muslims !

      • Stanislous Eze

        …quote your source!



  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    He was welcomed in 2011 but in 2015 what went wrong? Governance!

    • Okey

      And you that the owners of those 12 Youth Corpers that died in Bauchi happily received Bauchi in their states for campaign ? The difference is clear: Buhari is a representation of his type of supporters.

      • Baba

        How about the owners of hundreds killed by boko haram because of a weak president?

        • Okey

          and it will serve you right to “punish” Jonathan by handing the nation over to the very leader of Boko Haram ?

          • jumoke

            Jonathan is punishing himself with his incompetence at all aspects of governance and leadership.

          • Okey

            That your father is proven incompetent, your invite Abubakar Shekau to come head your family ?

  • Rommel

    Throwing things at leaders is a normal thing since the history of the world,Caesar always had flower petals thrown at him on his victorious return from conquests,recently,shoes were hurled at George Bush for his destruction of Iraq,Silvio Berlusconi had his face redesigned by an angry italian for the bunga bunga shows he always had,OBJ received punches on his big fat stomach at MMA on his return from foreign trip from an angry Nigerian after it was revealed that he slept with his daughter in-law,eggs and flour are usually used in UK to decorate their prime ministers and lawmakers even in parliament,guns are the preference for the Americans and many of their presidents have received it, all this is the reason why security paid for by taxpayers is used to protect those in authority,had flower petals been thrown at president Jonathan by the people,would anybody complain? so he got pure water and stones from the people which is equivalent to his style of governance so it is in order.

  • Frances Jini

    Am so sorry for these youth. These is as a result of lack of civilization.
    Goodluck till 2019.

    • godknows

      If u think u r more civilized, but u r not educated. Go back to ur statement u just made. And try to identify ur plural and singular

    • Triple 7

      Na wa o! Oga civilised, at least your grammar should be able to reflect your civilization now, dont you think so?

    • Jane

      Sorry, the game is won and lost and Nigerians have decided that bad luck is history from Febuhari. Sorry about that.

  • Amir

    The PDP federal government of Dr Jonathan met $55 billion in the national treasury, they squandered it, borrowed more, saved nothing. All we hear is 10 federal universities with shameful physical structures for the North. The federal universities existing in the south was established by Shagari, a northerner yet he is not shouting. In modern times, a leader is still bragging about repairing old locomotives for his citizens while allocating new aircrafts for himself every year. Na waa.

    • kday

      They would not talk about that bro. Dumbo wanted us to praise him for doing the job we voted him in to do. Please leave Buhari out of your Train wreck. Is APC or Buhari also responsible for the chaos going on in Bayelsa at the campaign ground of PDP? Someone please tell Dumbo that you reap what you sow. when his kinsmen were going about insulting and alienating everybody else, did he cautioned or reprimand anybody? No! now he wants to cry foul. screw him and all his otueke Clowns

  • idris

    i want to corect the impression,the people of Bauchi did not stoned mr president or his entourage,the incident happened in the stadium from the youths that came in solidarity.Then there was a cracks among the groups they threw at minister of FCT,so the people of Bauchi are civilised enogh.

    • Sani

      Don’t mind the idiots. Let them pay the touts they hired period and stop hallucinating about their nemesis called APC. Nothing will ever make Nigerians stop from the process of sending these PDP vultures away next month.

      • Save Nigeria Father

        The people you are planning to send away have all decamped to APC because GEJ refuse to dance the corrupt game dance with OBJ. He is changing share the money to bake the cake. Cant you see it? At least we can voice our minds freely now.

  • Ifarotimi

    Six (6) DSS operatives were seriously injured and rushed to a hospital in Bauchi.
    This likely sponsored attack on Nigeria’s president (Jonathan) does not bode well.
    A region stalking the country’s president for regicide is sitting on a keg of gun-powder.
    Should President Jonathan be killed or injured, Nigeria might split on regional lines.

  • Preco01

    We are wiser, Nigerians shine your eyes!!“A very reliable source
    with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) revealed that it was the PDP who
    actually hired indigenes and armed them with APC symbols and brooms with
    instructions to pelt stones at the presidential train, all in a bid to cause
    serious problem. This deliberate plot by the PDP was meant to cause the
    Southern states to retaliate in the event that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari goes there
    to campaign.
    And this action we gathered
    went with lots of money being paid to the youths to carry out the action. As
    expected, the notorious militant, Asari Dokubo has danced to the tune of the
    PDP by threatening fire and brimstones on Buhari and APC if they come into
    their land to campaign.
    This retaliatory action is
    being fueled by the PDP in the hope that the general election will be
    postponed, stated our sources within the PDP top hierarchy. According to the
    source, the PDP had thought they would have a smooth sail to the presidential
    villa, until things began to change which has seen the rival party having upper
    hands in every aspect of the campaign.
    Despite the peace being
    enjoyed in the Southern parts of the country, sources in the know of the PDP says
    that there will be chaos to be caused by the PDP thugs soon in the area to
    enable the government of the day have reasons to postpone the elections, and
    thereby re-strategise for a yet to be agreed date by them. The statement by the
    National Security Adviser, Dasaki, that the election should be postponed is
    actually the voice of Jacob speaking through him, said a source”.

    • Ijeoma Mbagwu

      We know them People Deceiving People, Poverty Development Party, People Duping People, Papa Deceiving Pikin, Pikin Duping Party, People Demonic Party, Papa Duping Pikin, Pikin Duping Papa, Papa Destroying Pikin, Pikin Destroying Papa, Poverty Distribution Party, we know them well. They know their tricks have collapsed and they are on their way out so they want to instigate a crisis to prevent their ouster but we have grown wiser than them.

  • richkid

    Look the kind of people supporting APC, touts illiterate’s and thugs, they make noise as if they have population. Why can’t we won’t we allow GEJ to continue!!! Theses people will become civilised soon

    • Stanislous Eze

      Be deceiving your self, there is no Hausa Fulani man…not even an Igbirra man bears you own combination of names…Shameless and ignorant Reno Omokiri agent! Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Musa Abdul

    The fundamental question is: why are these attacks happening in PDP control states only? It started with Jos PDP, then Katsina PDP and now Bauchi PDP. Something is really smelling!

    • Stanislous Eze

      Be deceiving your self, no Hausa or Fulani man…not even an Igbirra man bears your own combination of names…Shameless and ignorant Reno Omokiri agent! Hahahahahahahahaha

  • richkid

    Buhari and his violence all the time one man and his team will be causing nuisance every where. In the south east today I have set eyes on any man and he will ne called a thug. Buhari and his northerners stop insolence. You don’t have crowd supporters what you have is touts

    • Uzo

      Yes Buhari will always remain the headache of the thieves that have ruined this country and there is nothing they can do about it. It is better these rotten vultures dig the ground and bury themselves there for nothing will stop these criminals who have despoiled the country from being brought to justice. Continue seeing Buhari in all your dreams for that is the way to go for devious vultures in PDPig.

  • richkid

    Any literate man, has value for life. They don’t go about throwing stones rather they try to speak with the pen for the pen is mightier than the sword GEJ said!!!! Gej for life

  • richkid

    They just want to behave like they have the population, don’t mind them Musa Abdul, they only have the touts, keke drivers

  • Musa Abdul

    The implication of my fundamental question is that: PDP is paying its own thugs to create problems and blame the opposition for their own actions. If the opposition is responsible, it could have been happening in the states they controlled. The ruling party does not want election to hold. The ruling party will do whatever it takes to stop this election.

    • Jonathan

      Don’t mind the fools. So they recruited PDP members to their rally? The problem is share the money problem and in so promoting corruption as a tool of political dominance, the PDP has dug its own graves. It is certain that they recruited these youths to sing their praises and short changed them monetarily, as is always the case with a PDP that has stolen enough of Nigerian money and believes it will use a little chunk to bribe the people it had pauperized in the process. Naturally, it will blame the APC for its self created headaches but yes, APC is in opposition with the PDP so what is the heck? PDP should bury its head in shame for it is the fountain of all that is wrong in Nigeria.

  • abbadd

    GEJ AND PDP dragged the election back from April to February now the same people want the election postponed. What is PDP afraid of? since GEJ has refused to heed the advise of those who supported him earlier, those who have been deceiving him all along have now run out of ideas. Election can only be postponed if an interim Government is initiated and of course GEJ will not be part of that government.

  • Inside APC

    .BOKOHARI : Hallo!…Hallo…Is that Buola! Boula! Is that you?
    TINUBUN… : My lord. I am the one. Is there any problem?
    BOKOHARI : Walahi Buola! Walahi, you failed me. You did not do that job properly
    TINUBUN… : My Lordship, I don’t understand. What exactly do you mean?
    BOKOHARI : That certipicate. That stubborn boy called Fani has discovered the loophole…
    TINUBUN. ..: Really? But I have not heard anything.
    BOKOHARI : Look my prend, it is all ober the internet. Kai, this is bery serious. Bery bery serious. I’m finished.
    TINUBUN… : But there was no loophole. I did a neat job . How did they find out?
    BOKOHARI : You did not super impose that sheet properly. The lines didn’t align. The Cambridge result was a mess.
    TINUBUN… : My lord. Isn’t there any thing we can do?
    BOKOHARI : Nothing. Walahi! There is nothing more. So I have to prepare for prison. Kai!
    TINUBUN… : My lord. I am very sorry. I and my team tried our best on that certificate. We really tried.
    BOKOHARI : Buola, you are sending me to jail by your mistake. This is very bad. Gaskia, this is bad.
    TINUBUN… : My lord. I am sorry once more, but I will be with you in spirit. You can write another WAEC in jail.
    BOKOHARI : For what purpose?
    TINUBUN… : My lord. For the next election. Since you will still be below the age limit.
    BOKOHARI : Buola, pls inform all my grand children & great grand children to come. I want 2c them b4 I go into jail.

  • Ikechi Ngwube

    Dumbo and his sullen train are gone. They are just like Humpty Dumpty and nothing more. If I were Jonathan, I will just resign because it is obvious that Nigerians don’t want him and his useless government anymore. Look at the Mumu Sambo talking of using religion to divide the country. That was a PDP/Jonathan project that backfired. This eel has been going to all manners of churches and instigating Christians against Muslims and that surely contributed to the stiff rejection he is experiencing in Nigeria today. He sees himself as a president of Ijaw National Conference and has stashed over fifty per cent of the national wealth in his Ijaw homeland so what is he doing in the north or any other part of the country? We have had enough of this joker so he should leave so we start repairing the country he and his army of corruption have battered beyond recognition.

    • Save Nigeria Father

      Don`t allow sentiment to becloud your reasoning, at least you may choose to remain silent on the issue at hand. Has GEJ campaign been riotous or bloody that you will be given a nod to a bastardised act of this nature.

      • godswill Ibe

        For the security not to have done anything more than they did shows truly that it was a stage managed affair in order to blame APC. In fact, the people are wiser now. Look for another lies to tell Nigerians. THIS CHANGE IS INEVITABLE is either you accept it or yes.

      • julius oke

        If his campaigns is not riotous what of his inability and carelessness of his government to protect the lives and properties of the citizens?.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    We should condemn violence in all ramifications.Election would come and go.

  • blueeyedkitten

    maybe he expected them to throw roses at him.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    Yorubas should kn thıs that wen they’ll attack chrıstıans no yoruba man wıll be speared even ıf ur a muslem… ıf u claım to be an APC man from d south go to d north n see ıf ur tongue wıll not be slıced…the north just want power by all means. But they cannot hv ıt now. Its gej tıll 2019

    • Save Nigeria Father

      It is not the North, it is the NW and SW cabal. Not a region but a cabal. I would have cared less if it is a region per say.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    I am speechless now for persistent attack on Mr. President again by unscrupulous elements in the opposition party. This is unprecedented action that should be condemned unequivocally by the well meaning Nigerians. Our President is a gentleman that believes in democratic principles of governance. However, if Mr. President is being push to the wall, there would be reprisal action that nobody knows the end. Mr. President GEJ have his own die-hard supporters around the country as well, the lion shouldn’t be tempted to react. There is no person(s) or any group that have monopoly of violence, but, to respect the sanctity of human life and embrace peace is not a weakness. Here in the north if you don’t support Buhari and APC,you are called anti-Muslim or infidel. This is quite disgusting but we must overcome. We cannot succumb to blackmail. We believe in GEJ and PDP.

  • Musa Yaro

    I have to commend President Jonathan for the restraint shown by his security aides during the shameful acts by APC followers in Bauchi and Katsina. I now believe that he truly meant it when he said that no human lives will be lost on his account during these elections. The APC should note that the reasonable folks in this country are taking note of these violent acts. Buhari’s chances are waning with every single act of violence meted out on the President while he patiently forges on with his campaigns

    • godswill Ibe

      STOP PRESS!! Who told you people that youths were APC youths. These were clearly PDP rented youths who were
      expressing disappointment over non payment of their mobilization fee for the pdp rally in Bauchi.
      PDP, your lies knows no bound. why can’t you people say the truth for once? Don’t worry Feb 14 is fast coming.

  • Sani Danladi

    Gej, the best President Nigeria never had. Till 2019. No shaking. Your goodwork speaks volume. Well meaning Nigerians cannot be brainwashed save for the gullibles

  • Okafor Emeka

    In 2011,buhari got 1,315,209
    votes in bauchi whereas GEJ got
    about 258,404.he won gej with
    more than one million votes in
    bauchi state yet some young
    people in the state murdered
    innocent NYSC members whose
    crime was that they were at the
    wrong place at the right time
    doing the right thing.
    Stoning gej at bauchi has
    nothing to do with performance
    but has everything to do with
    young people whose minds
    have wired to believe the
    country is theirs.
    Northern elders have got to
    speak up against what is
    happening in some parts of the

    • Abu=Abdallah

      You are intentionally deviating from the truth because of bigotry. Just ask your man why didn’t he performed rightfully? He should not have been stoned at anywhere. Did you heard that Jonathief has been stoned in 2011 during his campaigns?,the right answer is NO capitally.

      • Wazobia


      • Wazobia

        You are as brainless as your man Buhari. for making comments like this. if
        you feel the president is not performing why not vote in out instead of
        stoning him. Whenever you emirs or sultans or even imams come any where
        around the south they must be stoned then. Buhari should never come to
        Lagos or any where in the south o.Tell your illitrate, infidel, thief
        not to come to lagos or southwest .Muhamathief Buhari the ilitrate APC
        Northern presidential candidate.

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    Nigerians, particularly Southern Christians will live to ever regret if Pa Buhari should ever become president. Many young adults born from mid 80s and some mischievous older adults do not really understand the import of this sensitization message about the calamity and doom which Buhari’s presidency will spell for the country. We have heard of the balkanization and Islamisation of a once largely Christian-dominated country like Constantinople which was turned to Turkey. We are all living witnesses to how IBB, against all grain of decent appeal, dragged Nigeria into the membership of OIC, and we are all aware of OBJ’s ‘siddon look’ attitude when some Northern Politicians cum Islamist Fundamentalists drummed the beat of Sharia and some eventually started implementing Sharia in their states, led by the Paedophile Yerima. Why would anyone think that a Buhari presidency would not attempt to further the cause/agenda of Islamist Fundamentalism through a manipulated constitutional means?. My people, it is high time we put on our thinking caps, a campaign against Buhari is not a campaign against Northerners as we know that there are fine, intelligent, youthful, largely detribalised Northerners who can better represent the North..Certainly NOT BUHARI. His antecedents of nepotism and gross human rights abuse speaks volume. God will surely make it possible for President GEJ to continue for another 4 years.

    • endavour

      People like you are dangerous to the good people of Nigeria hence you are just telling lies and promoting propaganda and hatred among the citizens.

  • Timothy Aseer

    Dateline: March 20th, 2011
    Event: ACN Rally in Kano
    “What has Gen. Buhari got to offer? We certainly don’t need expired leadership as we are offering the best in terms of brilliance, courage and patriotism in the class of Sarkozi of France, David Cameron of Britain and Barack Obama of the USA.”
    – Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (Vanguard Newspaper, March 21st, 2011)
    Today, what expired as far back as 4yrs ago is being re-packaged for sale in 2015.
    Suddenly, it doesn’t matter again if Nigeria’s would-be leader looks like an ancient, unintelligent manual typewriter beside a sleek computer.
    The most alarming thing is that Nigerians are open-eyedly buying a fraud!

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    Now it is Bauchi. Once again, APC thugs and supporters of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari attacked the convoy of President Goodluck Jonathan when he went to campaign in Bauchi. This time, the attack was so severe that the bus conveying the operatives of the Department of State Security attached to the President was damaged and the security officials were severely injured. Many are now in hospital receiving treatment. I commend them for their uncommon restraint; many of the attackers could have been fatally wounded had the security operatives reacted in self-defence.
    What more can one say or do to rein in violent Buharists? This is getting out of hand. No one has harassed Mr. Muhammadu Buhari anywhere in the south or north of Nigeria. What message is the All Progressives Congress and Mr. Buhari sending to their supporters which makes them so violent both verbally and physically?
    All Nigerians of all faiths must now arise and say: “NO TO BUHARI AND HIS VIOLENT HORDE!”.
    On 14th February, 2015, FAIL BUHARI DAY, we must say empahtically with our votes that……

    • jumoke

      Fani you no de shame at your age? You have 2 more weeks to rant and back to rehab.

    • julius oke

      When a thief enter your house for the first time and pretend as a good guest then you allow him but he steals,how are you going to do when he comes for the second time Mr. Man?. The fact you are dodging is not that he is a southern president but a very weak and bad president Nigeria ever has. Honestly he must be booed even if he is a northerner by the teaming youths that the president mess up,rotten and automatically executed their future.

  • Pam Daylop

    I’m not in any way surprised
    the name Buhari is synonymous to violence… Na packaging jux they make buhari look democratic in his posters!

  • Save Nigeria Father

    An instigator is the worst enemy. Nigeria beware!

  • Frank Bassey

    Anyone who thinks Violence will earn APC presidential power is only being deceived by Black Something.

  • Etomi

    Be sure of this: If PDP is defeated at the polls, peace would still prevail in Nigeria…
    But if APC is defeated, it is taken for granted that there shall be the eruption of violence and bloodletting, particularly in the north…
    Honestly, the chilling thing about APC is not just its desperation for power, but its perfection of blackmail into an art form and its puerile bloodthirstiness!!!
    Mercy though, since darkness can never defeat light, so shall PDP prevail gallantly against APC!!!!

  • muazu wali

    You are wrong. Any group that threatens peacefull coexixtance of a people is an enemy of the community and the state. Government shoukd step in otherwise members of the community will certainly take the law into tbeir hands.

  • Eroli Reuben

    The Shiites in Kaduna and other parts of Northern Nigeria are already enemies, going by their past conduct. The Government is only waking up to its responsibilities towards it law abiding citizens.

  • In everyday life, societies are yearning for fame and wealth; our goals are unclear. If the goals are not good and not noble, and the means we used to achieve them are also not good and not noble, then, wrongdoings culminate in bad end. Most people use excuses to achieve their goals through any means, no matter how immoral, or illegal the way.

  • JOHN

    This Premium Times editorial is not noble. Does any group has the right to endanger the life of law abiding citizens? IMN has proven to be a violent, evil organization and so should be checkmated. Remember God is love, life, mercy etc while the devil is death, violence, compulsion etc. All Nigerians should vehemently reject evil religion that promotes and instigate killings, violence and compulsion.

  • Omenala

    It’s the handiwork of God that Shiit and Sunni remains divided
    so that Christians can have a breathing space.

  • ode

    The conclusion of the Editorial is it! It underscores that fundamental rights are not absolute. They are recognised within the provisions of the law, norms and values of the given society that meet international standards. Freedom of movement does not translate to processing in such a manner that impedes, denies or forcefully redirects the movement of other citizens without lawful authorisation. That, it would appear, is what the IMN for whatever reason, is about.

  • Republican in VI

    More like the Shiites should not make enemies with the Nigerian state that is hosting them.