Silverbird TV cites ‘hitches’ after programme criticizing Jonathan ends abruptly

Festus Keyamo

A Lagos based Television station, Silverbird TV, has attributed Wednesday’s abrupt end of their breakfast programme, Today on STV, on “technical hitches.”

A lawyer, Festus Keyamo, appearing on the programme was taking a swipe at President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration when the programme went off midway.

Mr. Keyamo, who was speaking about the forthcoming elections and the ‘State of the Nation, had turned on President Jonathan, blaming him for Nigeria’s insecurity woes among other things and hinting that a Muhammadu Buhari would have done better in his position.

Mr. Buhari, a retired army General, is the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and President Jonathan’s major challenger at the February 14th election.

Uzonna Ononye, the Head of News at the TV station, told PREMIUM TIMES that the problem was “technical”.

A staff of the station who also spoke to PREMIUM TIMES said that the station had been having technical issues before Wednesday’s programme.

“It (technical hitch) has happened before, although you can’t rule anything out.”

Mr. Keyamo had accused the military chiefs of feeding fat on the insurgency and asked the president to resign for failing to deal with the Boko Haram terrorists.

Some viewers of the programme had attributed the station’s “shutdown” to Mr. Keyamo’s harsh criticism of President Jonathan, a close friend of Ben Bruce, the owner of the TV station and a Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Senatorial candidate in Bayelsa State.

But Mr. Keyamo, who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES immediately after the incident, said that the programme’s organizers told him it was merely a “technical error.”

“The mass media is part of the problem because they are clearly taking sides,” Mr. Keyamo said over the phone.


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  • amazing2012

    Where is the freedom of speech ? Surely media has taken side!! After change of government you will see them shamelessly coming to worship who is in power !! Slavery of fear !!!

    • the truth

      I don’t blame any of you, can you try such none sense should Buhari be president of Nigeria? Jonathan is now a play ground for the babies because he insist in practicing real democracy with its freedom of speech.

      • Jika

        We are talking about the present and current happenings.As to wether Buhari will do worse,we will cross the bridge when we get there.For now,all I can say is that,if you can’t stand the heat,then get out of the kitchen.I guess you get my drift sir.

      • amazing2012

        Real democracy ? Using sss and solders to kill innocent ? Real democracy without progress ?

      • tundemash

        Mr. Career Liar ….. u have reared your smelly ass here. Cl0wn stop comparing oranges with apples; Buhari ran a military govt which uses decrees and it is like that worldwide where military rules while Dumbo is running a democratic govt where he himself cannot guarantee his own security !
        FeBuhari just shut you e-rats down with the release of his academic records your looters made disappear from the army records…… so what is the next allegation now ????

        • the truth

          You are a f!!l

          • tundemash

            feeling the heat Mr. Career Liar ????

        • One moment

          Na ur princpal send army to hide it

          • tundemash

            duh ????

      • One moment

        That is ur name my brother

  • kday

    NTA is the mother of them all. shameless people pretending to be neutral. The NTA should be dismantled brick by brick because they have stop to serve Nigerians and our interest. Instead, they have become the mouth piece of our oppressors. I will love to do the honors of auctioning off every piece of equipment in that godforsaken place to more progressive stations so they can put it to better use.

    • Jika

      100% correct!!!!!!

    • tundemash

      the undertaker !

  • Dankasa

    Silverbird, AIT and a host of others collected N1b each to sale a new big idea “plot” (they should promote the idea of postponing February election to Nigerians) as PDP is losing grid and will surely leave power comes May, 2015 so the Station will not be party to any criticism against Jona, please.

    • One moment

      U have spoken bros

  • elmok

    keyamo is a loser go settle with tompolo

    • One moment

      Who get ur time

  • Spoken word

    Jona with all your manipulation you will still lose.

    • One moment

      Good comment

  • Remi

    It is unfortunate that Silverbird TV is undergoing death throes and very soon it will be rest in peace. The owner should have separated himself from the station for this period to keep the integrity of the station. But both him and his station are destined for failure.

    • Tonnero

      Channels is owned by John Momoh and NOT Ben Bruce. I think Channels may just have been struggling not to be labelled as being used as an opposition platform. They have projected a relatively neutral image till date although I will not be surprised if things change. Na Naija we dey.

    • One moment

      By God grace

  • SilverBird is not alone

    How is the action of SilverBird different from when PremiumTimes blocks the posts that are overly critical of Buhari but willing to release all posts critical about Jonathan no matter how vulgar?

    Some of these persons have also complained of espionage on their PCs which have been forensically traced to these media houses who do not feel comfortable with the comments posted by them as they don’t support the candidate of such media houses. You know yourselves and it wlll be dangerous to assume that people do not have the capacity to watch you physically, spiritually, technologically, scientifically or otherwise.

    Even though you have reduced the blocking of comments, you still do it sometimes. So, do not accuse SilverBird and fail to tell us about what you do.

    • Tonnero

      I don’t know exactly how this blocking works. I have been blocked from Punch permanently and I am certainly anti-GEJ but I have seen far more inappropriate comments posted by others and they were allowed.

  • Tonnero

    I thought Channels is owned by John Momoh. It is Silverbird TV that is owned by Ben Bruce.

  • Simply Anonymous

    Before Nigerian journalism goes to the dogs…

    Festus Keyamo is very right. “The mass media is part of the problem because they are
    clearly taking sides,”
    Keyamo said. Indeed, after the presidential election of 14th February,
    many media houses will voluntarily close down because they’ve traded off their supposed
    credibility for money or for some childish nonsense. But Premium Times will remain as the
    one with the highest ethical standards in journalism. Little wonder, because Premium Times
    welcomes all arguments; pro or contra, which is classical journalism no longer elsewhere.

    This Buhari certificate matter exposes most Nigerian journalists for whom they really are;
    – just mere pretenders to the upholders of principle; whereas they wholly have no principle.
    These Nigerian journalists are worse for their procured intentional backing of obvious evils.
    The journalists even amuse me more for seeing themselves like election candidates in 2015.
    They blithely throw common sense aside, and, rather than educate or inform, they willingly
    run errands (mostly for APC) to cover up whatever looks unseemly.

    But covering up is not one of the purposes of journalism anywhere in the world.
    For sure, i wish to see Buhari qualify to challenge Jonathan next month but he has
    to qualify by his own deeds. I must however not renounce my self-respect in the interim,
    by failing to raise the flag in civic duty when the law of the country is being side-stepped
    or impliedly violated by sleight of hand for Buhari’s wish.

    For two (2) weeks till now Buhari is yet to account for his original WASC certificate.
    Yet, no Nigerian journalist raises this issue with Buhari or with APC national officers.
    That’s not journalism – that’s roguery, no more no less – especially because in English
    language, a schooled journalist should know that ‘forgery’ is implied where an institution,
    like the Katsina Ministry of Education, purports to issue the transcripts of an examination
    it did NOT conduct – given that WAEC is an international institution.

    • One moment

      This is absolutely wright my brother. If human being reason like u we will all say bye to corruption. God bless you

      • D1

        Right, not ‘wright’. Imagine! And you are among those requesting for Buhari’s statement of results.

    • D1

      Absolute nonsense! Keep chasing your tail till night fall, waiting for the statement of results!

      You might probably commit suicide due to your frustration!

  • wahala

    Having reflected on the political terrain.I wahala now believe Jonathan is the right candidate.Buhari is a terrorist and as such has no future plans for nigerians

    • Stone

      Wahala or whatever is your name, you are a colossal loss. You set your principal several years backward with your incoherent rants, which exposes your level of mental underdevelopment and intellectual handicap. If your spineless miserable corrupt principal could not stop insurgency for 6 years by simply arresting the people you are branding terrorist, then he lacks the mental and moral capacity to govern even a LGA. Nigerians should upon voting him out demand his trail in Hague for this genocide. Wahala, your principal ones admitted that he knows the sponsors and that they were in his government, recall also that the late NSA Azazi openly stated in Asaba Delta state, during a PDP led government organised event that Boko Haram was a PDP thing; before he was hurriedly silenced in the famous Helicopter crash. Read between the lines.

      • wahala

        I dont have time to argue with aborigines like u

      • D1

        He is not the real Wähala! He is fake!

      • Kunfu

        Together with a governor who does not belong ……

    • D1

      This is not the REAL Wahala! He doesn’t write his name like this!

      This is how he writes his name ‘Wähala’. The above is an impostor.

    • hyperbole123

      oponu… mumu…. wawa… imbecile … wetin dem dey call am for igbo? onye… fill in the space yourself and award yourself 100%

  • sammyctu ode

    When was the last time Silver bird, NTA and AIT won TV Channel of the year? The answer is NONE because of their negative professional behaviors. They are the most useless TV Stations on earth. I expect Channels to be more balanced because of late, they have shown to be less objective.

  • fld8778

    Shame on Silverbird or vulture TV for being so unprofessional just for material gain. In the long run it will rather be a material loss because their reputation will not be better than NTA.

  • Gaskiya

    If you like, tell me that Buhari went only to almajiri school, I will still vote for Buhari.

    Tell me that Buhari never attended any school before. I will still vote for Buhari.

    Tell me Buhari was actually raised in the bush by wild animals only. I will still vote for Buhari.

    Tell me Buhari is actually an Alien from Mars I will vote for Buhari.

    Tell me that Buhari is actually 100 years old I will still vote for Buhari..

    Tell me that Buhari has AIDS, EBOLA, MARBUG, HEPATITIS, CANCER OF ALL HIS ORGANS, KURU, AND MAD COW DISEASE. I will still vote for Buhari.

    Tell me Buhari jailed every single Nigerian that was alive during his tenure, I will still vote for Buhari.

    Tell me that during Buhari’s tenure people had to apply to government and get approval before they urinate, defecate, eat or drink,

    I will still vote for Buhari.

    Tell me that if I vote for Jonathan, he will make Nigeria better than paradise in 4 years, I WILL STILL STRONGLY VOTE FOR BUHARI.

    Save your words, save your energy, save your keyboards, save your time, and leave me alone.

    I have Decided to Vote Buhari/Osinbajo for progress.

    • D1

      Lol, You won’t pray for Buhari to have all those diseases. He definitely won’t appreciate that!

      • matthew

        that’s to show u his level of enthusiasm and support for the person of buhari, bt God ‘ll nt approve that bundle of sickness on a single individual

        • Gaskiya

          Thank you very much for appreciating my enthusiasm.

      • Gaskiya

        Thanks. I am just very enthusiastic.

  • taiwo

    Coalition of angry people coming together to vent their anger on Mr president and innocent Nigerians.The self centred lawyer saw nothing wrong with the administration when he was feeding fat on EFCC as their counsel but when he tries to impose a candidate in his local govt and is resisted by Tompolo he turns and vents his frustration on the president for not coming to his rescue.

    • akin-UK

      I bet you are new in or to Nigeria! How dare you say Keyamo (product of Gani Fawehinmi) is self-centred? Please search you thinking faculty for normalcy. Thanks

  • Mr. Abdin

    Look at where PDP has taken us to even freedom of expression is being manipulated.

  • sonia

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  • Eze1

    There is an ongoing struggle to control the soul of the media by both APC and PDP….. Media men are now smiling to the banks as a result of this. Nigeria has the most corrupt media houses in the world….

  • Komoh

    The technical hitch came from a phone call to the producer. A senatorial ticket was threatened. The technical hitch did not occur when the Niger Delta buffoon was at their studios the other day to spill out his mindless/useless threats even though he soaked their microphones with his smelly saliva.

  • yomi babs

    Ben Bruce can tell all Nigerian reason we don’t watch NTA again in Nigeria, he should also know that if his TV station goes in that direction, he will lose it. his station is N02 for now following Channels. he can make it the last, the choice is his.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    True, Mr Obanikoro is coming home, not because he was afraid of home all along, but because he was bored with America and doing his thing without anybody giving a damn about what he was and what he might even become. Worst still is the fact that he is well aware and informed that EFCC is at toothless bulldog who would want to be settled and an ample waste of space.

  • Gary

    Ms, I totality agree with the thrust of your well-reasoned thrust but have to point out that the militarization of the Ekiti polls which you rightly denounced have since been replicated by the succeeding “Change” regime of Buhari and his APC party.
    We now have the regular misuse of soldiers in all the elections conducted by Professor Yakubu’s INEC; most of which are ruled as inconclusive until the APC candidate wins.
    Nigeria’s ethical morass has no political limitations.