Nigeria2015: Ex-Military ruler, Babangida, declares support for Buhari

Former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, on Monday declared his support for Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate in the upcoming elections.

Speaking while receiving Mr. Buhari who visited him in Minna, Mr. Babangida said ‘’all of us will support you in this course to salvage this country’’.

He said that the APC candidate’s doggedness in sacrificing to salvage Nigeria would not be lost.

“I wish to congratulate members of the party for the honour of nominating my colleague, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, as your presidential candidate in 2015 elections,” he said.

He said that he and Mr. Buhari fought the battle to keep Nigeria indivisible, adding that such traits were attributes of patriots.

Earlier, Mr. Buhari said that the APC would commence a salvation crusade in Niger, adding that the calibre of people in APC in the state was a testimony.

He thanked Mr. Babangida for the support and camaraderie he had enjoyed over the years and assured him that Nigeria was on the verge of change.

He said APC was set to take over the state with the calibre of the candidates presented for various offices and the quality of those that decamped from the ruling PDP.

Mr. Babangida had on December 27 called for support for President Goodluck Jonathan when the president visited him in Minna.

“What I will say is simple: The President means well for this country and he is working well for this country.

Anybody who means well for this country should support the President to make sure that Nigeria survives as a united country,” he had said.


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  • Colonel

    General Babangida has now endorsed both Jonathan and Buhari.
    Next week, he’ll endorse any third candidate who comes calling.

    • peirodam

      sorry IBB didn,t endorse GEJ,he just called on nigerians to support gej in the fight against insurgency in northeast

      • Hony

        Your right my friend,

      • mk

        That’s right IBB Has no other place than north, and so it shall be..

    • Progress

      IBB suporting a clueless bloody civilian? U never understand the minds of military officers. IBB will never antagonise OBJ for a Dumbo! The only fear of IBB is prosecutiot wan and Buhari has unequivocally stated that the past is gone and only those that will not change will met with his govt and Nigerians wrath.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      He never expressly endorsed or supported Jona. He said anybody that means well for this country should support the president while on Buhari, he said all of us will suport you to salvage this country. He expressley supported Buahri. He just realised the country needs to be salveaged

  • q


  • TrueNja

    IBB endorsement is irrelevant.

  • the truth

    IBB the same man that took away dele giwa, how do we forgot that this man put us into what we find ourselves today. I think this shows the sincerity of some our leaders, u want to fight corruption but you are being backed by mr corruption himself(babangida). Let the sycophants come here to tell us ibb was not and is not corrupt. We stand for fairness, neutrality and patriotism. That is the nigeria dream. Vote wisely, vote for transformation, vote for vibrancy, vote for a modern nigeria of our generation, vote for accountability, vote for democracy and not autocratic tendencies, vote for our current change.

    • tundemash

      Really Mr. Career Liar?
      All the while your fellow e-rats have been quoting IBB’s national address of Buhari’s overthrow in 1985 as proof that Buhari’s isn’t fit to govern, where have you been ????

      Dumbo is such a hard sell both the good and bad don’t want him ! Meanwhile Cameroon soldiers just rescued 24 hostages 24hrs after they were abducted while Dumbo was still on binge drinking 3 weeks after the Chibok girls were abducted; when the head is rotten …….

      • tyson


        • tundemash

          creek chimpazee …. below is Hafsat Abiola’s blog, maybe that will stop you crying more than the bereaved.


          So when Dumbo claimed IBB was his father, he was so drunk as usual not to know his right from left ?
          Keep hallucinating; FeBuhari 14th is just around the corner.
          And please stop screaming while typing, use the CAPS lock on your amnesty computers, it is their for a reason !

        • Triple 7

          You know, I think it would help your cause more if you could expend just a fraction of this energy of yours to educate us on why we should vote Jonathan back into power in the face of such unprecedented level of incompetence. For the past 4 months or so, on a weekly basis (if not almost on a daily basis) it has been one evidence or the other of unbelievable, unheard of… incompetence to the point that now we are talking about the worst one yet, one bordering on our very own sovereignty – something that truly deserves sleepless nights, literally, and the best you can do is insist on promoting hatred between religions and between regions?!!!! Is it really possible for a person to be as clueless as you are presenting yourself to be, or are you just pretending. Or, are you truly that much blinded by tribal sentiments not to see how dangerous this man you are promoting is? You really don’t see that this man is the worst possible example of who you should put forward as a representative of your region or religion? (and I am speaking to you as a proud Catholic)

        • Factual

          HAHAHA!!! REDEEM is back as TYSON. You can’t hide with this style. I got you.

        • Wähala

          Don’t ever mention my name while gulping ogogoro, hia me so? Fraudsters like you, Reno, Tawanda and Otile will donate blood once Dumbo is dumped into the trash bin he belongs. Animals!

    • True Nigerian

      It’s a shame you didn’t write this on the day he endorsed Jonathan! It’s really such a shame! This is why Jonathan will fail. He and his campaigners are seen as hypocrites. You were all silent as the President called IBB his father, a man that brought Nigerian corruption to the level of a virus and one of the most murderous leaders in Nigerian history. A man hated by most Nigerians as the chief cause of the destructive foundation of this country. That’s the man that Jonathan referred to as his father. That’s how silly and insensitive this presidency is. To start with, how does any right thinking President appoint a discredited fellow like Femi Fani-Kayode as the face of his campaign? People say Jonathan is clueless and desperate; I think he is also too fuulish for his own good.

      • tyson

        thought u had some brain left in u—what would u have said if jonathan had called Awo or OBJ HIS FATHER MONKEY

        • pastorakinleye

          Your toxic tongue will freeze on Feb. 14 when the slush fund used to fuel your dirt campaign will run out. While it lasted, enjoy the last days of impunity and purposelessness of a Jonathan/PDP travesty.

  • Abiodun Olayinka

    IBB the maradona.

    • PROF

      Buhari and IBB are both failures to the nigerian state . Two coup plotters who love power so much that they cant breathe without it.


    When IBB called for support for GEJ, he was a good man. When he endorsed Buhari, he was pilloried, These are interesting times, indeed!

  • taewo

    Hey, Jonathan’s father has abandoned him!

    • tyson

      u insulted IBB from head to toe when he declared his support for Jonathan. Now he does the same thing to buhari and u are quiete the same way some u kept mumu- over his certificate scandal–and went on to equate a diploma he was alleged to have obtained as the same as a masters degree–show us the school cert he used in enlisting into the defence academy—u said because he was recommended for a course by the army, it therefore, means he has school cert–do yr employers carry yr school cert about when u are due for in-service training’? animals

  • tyson

    History Remembers Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari Today.

    Muhammadu Buhari as a former Military head of state should always be remembered by history, although most Nigerian young people are not aware of what his achievement are and those that refused to admire him, do not see him in good light, whatever their reasons may be.

    We Present to Nigerians both young and old the Summary of Buhari’s administration archives, as recorded by Reuters, UK, on the the 28th August, 1985.
    1] Inflation: moved to between 30% to 35% {today 8%}
    2] Federal character neglected in appointments into important positions.
    3] Wage increase banned.
    4] 55,000 Civil Servants sacked in his 1st 6months in office.
    5] 2 million school leavers and graduates per year are not employed.
    6] Graduate jobs was not available across the country.
    7] Nigerian commercial and Financial sector was at its lowest level.
    8] Nigeria lst its relationship with the international community.
    9] Nigerian foreign debt increased to $22 billion {$9Billion today}.
    10] Nearly Zero figure was left in foreign Reserve {$36.5Billion}
    11] 6 Months in Office, Nigerians became tired of Buhari’s Govt, as his promises turned to hardship and tears.

    Those that Honestly know Buhari, will NEVER Vote for him.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn .. copying and pasting this severally does not prove its authenticity. Send us the link to the Reuters’s story !!!!

    • Truthometer

      Another Ph.d in history without thesis from otuoke college of corruption and cluelessness. GMB all the way, come Febuhari 14th!

    • Yusuf

      keep trying, its just 24 days to election

    • rhad

      so it is UK Reuters that will tell us Buhari’s achievement. You must be a dumbo like jona. Leave UK, go to the world retrieve, sieve any propaganda information and publish anything we will vote FeBuhari. Very soon you will go to UK to get the white to come vote for clueless one.

  • Igho_T

    Who cares? The Niger Delta oil is not for aliens. NEVER again will aliens from the North be allowed to mismanage the resources of the Niger Delta people. NEVER!

    • mk

      Aliens are all over the country,if you didn’t understand visit the alien zone you will see your brothers, mothers,sisters or cousins dominating in their well known behaviour of robbery or prostitution..idiot

  • Yusuf

    chaii! Confusion, Maradona is no more famous, from club to club

  • mk

    IBB declared that there’s no place like home..alright ex-presido

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Interesting picture!

    Is IBB wheelchair bound?

  • Worried Mother

    So, who is IBB supporting? I am confused.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      IBB To: Jona, “all who means well should support the President” Buhari: All of us will support you”. This is clear, all of us is inclusive of himself while all who means well might exclude him. On the above premise, he is supporting Buhari

      • kola

        It means the well meaning people should support Jonathan but all sentimental people should support buhari. Simple.

        • Bidemi Lukman

          His statement on GEJ is ironical and political. He said the president meant well for the country and anybody that meant well should vote for the president. A well meaning Nigeria knows that GEJ never meant well for Nigeria.
          When GEJ met Oba of Lagos, he told GEJ that all those that said GEJ is
          corrupt are those that are corrupt. This is also ironical and Political

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    IBB NEVER supported jona for election. He said Nigeria should support him in his job as President. IBB chose his words very carefully. Read the sentence again. But he decared support for Buhari Election!

  • Dodo

    “What I will say is simple: The President (Jonathan) means well for this country

    and he is working well for this country. Anybody who means well for this

    should support the President (Jonathan) to make sure that Nigeria survives

    as a united country”

    …..General Ibrahim Babangida
    [December 27, 2014)

  • Dodondawa

    “What I will say is simple: The President (Jonathan) means well for this country
    and he is working well for this country. Anybody who means well for this country
    should support the President (Jonathan) to make sure that Nigeria survives
    as a united country”

    …..General Ibrahim Babangida

    [December 27, 2014)

    • Navigator

      “Muhammadu Buhari knows what i mean and i know what he means.

      We both fought to keep Nigeria one when we were young majors.

      All of us will support you (Buhari) in this cause to salvage this country.”

      ………..General Ibrahim Babangida

      [January 19, 2015)

      • Major

        And the later supersedes the former. GMB All The Way!!!

  • Strong System

    Nigeria can never progress with sycophants like IBB.
    Just few weeks ago he supported GEJ.

    • Smith Scott

      He is afraid of arrest

  • No change without a change


    A friend asked my
    opinion and here’s how I see it. I’m not a PDP, APC or YYY party member.
    My full allegiance lies with the K.O.G & I didn’t say KGB before
    someone thinks I work for

    the Russian
    intelligence or Russian mafia. With MAN it is impossible for president
    GEJ to be sworn

    in May 29 2015 but
    not with GOD. The watchers have declared that president GEJ will be
    sworn in

    come May 29th
    regardless of whatever happens during, before and after the election. Well,
    I believe

    them and here’s
    why. Firstly, it sad to see Jews who should know better join the
    Greeks/romans to

    call the president
    names, curse him and even address him with his name & not as the

    From EXODUS to 2
    PETER this is not supported. You a Jew open your mouth and curse the

    president saying
    he’s clueless, daft, weak & bad luck. Sadly pastors and reverend fathers
    are doing

    same. Give me a
    scripture that supports this act of yours. If we have received no such
    command why should you join hands with the wicked to be an unrighteous
    witness & follow the crowd to do &

    speak evil (ex 23:
    1-2). Prof Osinbajo said the president runs a vision less government. Really?

    How did Daniel
    address the kings in his time? Who said Daniel was a politician? Mr. Mbaka

    addressed the
    president as bad luck. Well, if the salt have lost his savors, wherewith
    shall it be

    salted/seasoned? Can
    you say that such speaking can be classified as good works? If the
    powers that be are ordained of GOD (romans 13; 1- 2), have they
    not spoken against GOD? I will like to see

    how you win against

    OSINBAJO, I say, if he was born a minister of the kingdom He will never
    become a VP of Nigeria. What if he became a minister for the kingdom
    sake or men made him a minister? He will still not be the VP of the
    nation because the lord will not allow is name to be blasphemed. Do you

    see it as a
    coincidence that pastors’ Okotie & Bakare didn’t go far? The APC
    accepted a Jonah in

    their boat making
    the visit of the wind inevitable which will result in losses. Had the
    APC known

    they would not have
    given the VP slot to Prof Osinbanjo. The APC speaks of change. Why should

    I partake in a
    change based on falsehood and violence? Anyone who says Buhari is not

    speaks lies because
    he is corrupt. The APC is a counterfeit of the true change to come in

    The talk of an
    Islamic agenda should be forgotten because the magnificent ones backed
    up by the

    ULTIMATE ONE won’t
    let that be. The APC has broken codes which will in the end leave
    their broken ship completely broken beyond repairs. Whatever chaos there
    will be after the election will serve to further the purpose of the
    K.O.G. I have left a lot of things unsaid and said a lot at the same
    time.. Remain blessed

  • Mosope Oni

    Of coursevhe did! Former military rulers seem to stick together these days. The only manvwith dirtier hands than GMB hen it comes to human rights now supports thevdespot-turned-into-candidate-for-change. IBB was a key player in most of the
    military coups in Nigeriav(July 1966, February 1976, December 1983, August 1985, December 1985, &vApril 1990). If that isn’t enough of a hint of what we can expect from GMB,vwhat is? If GMB is elected, the murder of Dele Giwa will have been for nothing.

  • Hadiza Okafor

    What does he call a patriot, exactly? Someone who love so much his country that he refuses not to rule it? This has to be some kind of a joke. It looks like a former dictators club. Babangida was the one who oust Buhari with the army’s support. Are they that desperate?

  • Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi

    For the National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Prof. Wale Oladipo calling General Muhammad Buhari (retd) semi-illiterate is a mockery of the Nigerian Armed Forces, because that is an insult on all the Nigerian military generals like retired Generals Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Badamasi Babaginda, Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar, Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma and the entire Nigerian graduates of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) of their era. When President Goodluck Jonathan insults the military past of General Muhammad Buhari, he is insulting all the Nigerian Army generals and junior officers. They still have their military camaraderie, because when you offend one, you have offended all.

    ~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima
    Publisher/Editor of Nigerians Report Online

  • Ayodele Ohakim

    What kind of a song is Ibrahim Babandiga singing? The retired dictators club’s song: thirst of power? All these figures of the dark past of Nigeria still trying to clinch to power paint a very regrettable picture of today’s political life in Nigeria. At least there’s still GEJ to vote for when you want to defend our values.

  • They are only trying to keep records straight.

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    Disgusting. Babandiga has switched allegiances in a matter of weeks. Why does he go from endorsing Jonathan just three weeks ago to now going for Buhari? Like many new Buhari supporters, they are under the impression that someone different automatically means someone better. But Buhari is a man empty of political skill preaching empty promises to the people of Nigeria, riling the people up by saying he will eliminate Boko Haram in two months, corruption in a year, and poverty altogether over the course of his term. Compared to these ridiculous claims, of course he will look superior to Jonathan, who has slowly but surely brought Nigeria into the modern age economically and socially. I hope Nigeria will be wise enough to keep moving in the direction of reality, and forget delusion.

  • Jack

    The condition we are now as a nation, economically is it good or the best for us as a giant of Africa? From IBB to Obasanjo era at list our currency was stable. After the military era, Obasanjo came on board when oil was about $38 pb and he was able to pay our debt and even increase external reserves. One expected GEJ and PDP government to have increase our external reserves and reduce rate of borrowing, especially when oil rose to over $100 pd. Now all of u that are against GEJ or supporting him not to or continue in office, are u happy of our nation were some could not feed their families or carter for basic necessities rather we see politicians spending dollars not naira to seek re-election of a government that could not stabilise our currency rather continue to borrow more in the name of transformation. Where is our Excess crude oil money? If we have good government, the money generated from excess crude oil a lone is enough to carry out developmental projects, we are not talking of gas now, Nigeria has been rated to be one of the largest gas producer in Wold today. Where is the money? I think what the in coming president should do is to sanitise all the parastatas, block lope holes and demand the financial situation of the entire system, especially petroleum ministry. I speaking, I am one of the top official of oil industry who his contribution can not be head because of what I believe should be, and I have been relegated to nothing because of policies that will not be beneficial to the entire country.

  • 2packed

    crap!! senior citizen my foot!!

  • Taiwo

    Nigerians are inherently violent. They love it, particularly when served raw. When “witches” are being stoned publicly, they clap and rejoice. This is my impression, reading online comments, following the disgraceful behaviour of President Buhari and his State Security Services.

    Last year, several Ghanaian judges were found guilty of corruption. It was solid 500-hour evidence in video and audio by Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw. In response, 22 judges were dismissed while the benefits of a few others were retained “after they had apologised profusely for bringing the judiciary to disrepute”.

    The question is: are we now better regarded than Ghanaians? I’m sure those thousands of Nigerian kids who troop to Ghana for their university degrees will be able to answer that question.

    We are talking about judges being corrupt, how about lawyers who distribute bribe? How about practising lawyers who go to law schools to write exams for their friends? How about Abba Kyari, Buhari’s Chief of Staff who collected a bribe of N500m from MTN to reduce the NCC’s fine? How about Gen Buratai and his Dubai property? Why has the President not handed them over for prosecution?

    With the kind of evidence that the SSS claimed they had, I thought they were in a good position to effect the kind of quiet revolution that took place in Ghana.

    And if President Buhari was dissatisfied with the national Judicial Council (NJC), I thought that he was also in a good position to bring about a fundamental, enduring change in the NJC’s role and composition by enacting appropriate legislation. Unfortunately, PDP people have taken control of National Assembly from him while he looked the other way.

    The court is a sacred institution and those judicial officers involved in bribery and corruption are desecrating the place just as Buhari and his SSS in their public display of hooliganism. Breaking doors and walls to gain entrance to jurists’ homes is a thing of national disgrace.

    Since he assumed office, can we count the number of times that President Buhari has travelled overseas in search of investors and our stolen money? How come tthat investors have not been trooping to Nigeria? How come that our stolen funds are not being returned? It is simply because they believe that he is a dictator and they don’t trust him. So, Nigerians should be prepared to endure economic hardship for years.

  • MU

    i donot support their commando styled tactics.but i do support the disgrace to this crimnals. d r thieves. and evrybody knws dat

  • tundemash

    Very pedestrian article.

    Mr. Ken, stick to whatever you know how to do, obviously not analysing issues, and leave critic thinking to those who actually have the capacity for that.


  • shakara123

    Very well said

  • Ogom

    “We keep expecting a member of the dubious cabal ruling and ruining us for decades to effect change while we sit on our backs, drinking beer, clubbing, and writing on social media.”

    Ok, you got me there 🙂