Nigeria 2015: Buhari must come clean on his health status, PDP insists

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has called on Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to clear the air on issues surrounding his health.

Femi Fani-Kayode, the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, made the call at a news conference on Sunday in Abuja.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said the call had become necessary since the health and certificate of Mr. Buhari had become major issues of discussion in the country.

He said the request was a standard practice across the world, adding that the PDP was not in any way antagonising Mr. Buhari by it.

The former aviation minister maintained that the PDP was not making any allegation or accession, but that it was only asking Gen. Buhari to clear the air on issues concerning his health which had been under discussion for some time now.

“We are not impressed by the fact that his campaign organisation and his party have tried to speak for him on this matter,” the spokesperson said in reference to statements by the APC that Mr. Buhari was hale and hearty.

“We would prefer that General Buhari himself clears the air and tells Nigerians himself that he is not mortally ill.

“The rumour that he is suffering from prostate cancer is exceptionally worrying and it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to pray for him if this rumour is true,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

He said that it was vital that a full disclosure of the state of Mr. Buhari`s health was made known to the people, especially in the face of the country`s recent history; a reference to the health of late President Umaru Yar’Adua who died in office in 2010.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said that Nigerians deserved to know the truth before they would make their choice about who they wanted to vote for as their President, come February 14.

He said that the days of hiding things like a presidential candidate`s health status from the Nigerian public was long over, and therefore urged General Buhari to acknowledge this fact.

“In this day and age, nothing ought to be swept under the carpet.

“We are therefore constrained to urge him to prove to Nigerians that he is really as fit as a fiddle by taking a brisk walk,’’ he said.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said Mr. Buhari could do this by jogging around the perimeter of the stadium before any of his rallies.

He said this would go a long way in allaying the fears of many Nigerians and prove that the APC presidential candidate was fit, contrary to speculations about his health.



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  • Naira

    Yes, the man behind the fake medical certificate has now spoken. Femi! Femi! Becareful with this rubbish. If you lack ideas to sale you Jonadaft is better you keep quiet and find another job. Your selfishness cannot put this country into confusion. I therefore, pray that may the wrath of God befall anybody who forged that document, in fact, may God destroy the family of anybody that is creating lies on GMB just to score cheap political points. May God the blood of innocent Nigerians hunt down anybody and destroy anybody behind that forged medical certificate and anybody who is in support of that certificate. May God completely destroy anybody that connive, and printed that medical certificate. May God destroy anybody that make any further lies against GMB just to deceive Nigerians who have already decided to make a historic change and vote out this merciless and clueless administration. Ameeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!

    • walejohnson

      Amen, Amen, and Amen

    • Bimbo

      All I can say is AMEN and May God bless you and prosper your children, thank you.

      • Naira

        Amen. May you and your family remain blessed forever and ever.

    • Back to Sender

      ….May those who who truncated democracy and by implication free Education, health etc in all UPN controlled states,…and threw into prisons without evidence, rot in the hottest parts of hell.

      …May all those from regions which produce nothing, and contribute no resources to run Nigeria but sponsor terrorists to make governance difficult (for Jonathan) rot in the hottest of the hottest of the hottest parts of hell. May hell be hated a billion times over before they are thrown in naked.

      …..May all the same fate be to those who kept Jonathan away from sick Yar adua and supported the instability at the time..may they all rot eternally in hell

      ….May all their days and the days of their children yet unborn be like chaff that is, but for a moment blown into oblivion

      ….May cancer of the broukous, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and anus be their lot now and forevermore….


      • PureNigerian


      • tundemash

        Amnesty miscreant, it is too little too late.

        May the you meet with the same fate as those living in the NE abandined by Dumbo .

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Many thanks j’are, @Naira.

      “We are not impressed by the fact that his campaign organisation and his party have tried to speak for him on this matter,” the spokesperson said in reference to statements by the APC that Mr. Buhari was hale and hearty.” FFK

      Neither are we impressed by your desperate forgeries!

      • Naira

        You are most welcome @ Kay Soyemi (Esq). FFK willl never impress us till he goes to Kirikiri.

  • Warri Boy

    I disagree with PDP on this one. PDP should understand that cancer of the broukous is common with those who are 80 yrs and above, but there is controlled treatment which he has been going for ‘in the abroad’. What is more pertinent is the WAEC certificate, bcos if you people talk about this health issue too much, he might present to you an affidavit of sound health based on “irrefutable presumption”. So beware. See the Secondary school certificate first…and all other infractions shall be added unto it.

    • Onus121

      The only prob is, at whose expense will he be going for the treatment ‘in the abroad’? If he had built hospitals for 2 yrs he was in power he wud be taking treatment even in his Kastina by now.

      • tundemash

        And in same light, if Dumbo had built and equip hospitals in his 6yrs of Presidency, HipoPatience woudln’t be going to hospital in Germany for constipation from being overfed .
        And by the ay, at whose expense wee those HipoPateince medical trips ???

  • alabi olubunmi

    He should jog round d stadium. Does this guy realise how silly he sounds and how petty and desperate pdp are. Is this ur issue based campaign and ur achievement for 6yrs as president. It’s a shame, people like this can call press conferences and sensible journalists attend. It should only b city people and gossip mags dat should attend. Yesterday he said the witness against buhari in ptf to is dead as if the guy is d one who investigated or has the files. This guy’s just show hw low we have sunk as a nation. Buhari does 2 states in a day, even president jonathan doesn’t do that. Pdp face your campaign and tell us what u have done and what u wud do differently.

    • praha12

      i wonder o, how can PDP compel GMB to jog round stadium, it is none of their business…

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        Chances are Jonothing might drop before the General in such a lap.

        Perhaps, FFK thinks gbana and Sapele Water are kinder to the body than old age!

      • tundemash

        You shouldn’t be surprised about that request; Fani talks under the influence of drug use.
        I would prefer they request for a boxing match betrween Buhari and Dumbo.

    • tundemash

      You shouldn’t be surprised about that request; Fani talks under the influence of drug use.

      I would prefer they request for a boxing match betrween Buhari and Dumbo..

      • alabi olubunmi

        It is absurd and shocking that this is what we have become. For sensible people this is just disgusting, anyway when u cannot win an intellectual debate , u result to insults and mudslinging. Apc says they wud give 5k to d 25 million poorest in Nigeria a month, pdp says where is mrs buhari, apc says we would stop corruption pdp says they want to jail u for stealing small money. It’s a joke. Better than any comedy I’ve seen lately. Well people like me, my mind is made up and my pvc is ready, come Feb 24. I wud vote for buhari and so would 90 percent of every1 I know .

  • Thepeople

    Some desperate stuff by PDP.Poor Jonathan the people he has put in charge of his campaign are not able to sell him to Nigerians. So they resort to all sorts of unsavoury attack on Buhari, thereby winning Buhari more votes. It is this lack of judgement of having the wrong people around him that makes Jonathan look more incompetent.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    I may not be Buhari’s fan but what PDP is doing is evil and in bad. Taste. In Benin those in a funeral procession sing one song, it goes like this – YOU Looking at me, won’t you die. Never mock the ill health of anyone as it may transferred to you. PDP stop dwelling on Buhari’s health issues

    • Funso

      BlackieUmukoro na Reno Omokri, these are the issues and you are part of this. You are a member of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign. So I am ready to take you up. Because you lose everyday and Buhari continues to soar every day and he continues to find favor with the Lord and the Nigerian peopel you have have resorted to heavy negative campaign. But we will handle every negativity you-The Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Group brings along. I will give a brief history of your negative campaign and how the Nigerian people have rejected Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and PDP at every point. (i) Religion: , Goodluck Jonathan wanted to make religion an issue. Jonathan people branded APC “Islamic” party, it failed. Jonathan people went to Yoruba land and created the phantom-“Yoruba Christian/Muslim” -This was led by the drug addict called Femi Fani kayode and people like “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel-but it failed. (iii) Jonathan Campaign started the Buhari certificate issue-that was so ludicurous the world started laughing at PDP and Goodluck Jonathan. But that failed too. (iv) The next is Buhari health!!! This has failed before it started. Why? I will give you the reasons-First we do not know members of Goodluck Jonathan immediate family-those he claims to be his children-their mothers/fathers etc-but that is a story for another day. However the critical issue is Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and his wife-the one we know officially -Patience Jonathan literally sleep in foreign hospitals-in Germany/France/UK-what do these two people-Goodluck and Patience go to do in these hospitals? The head of your -Goodluck Jonathan-Campaign Unit has put his fingers in the beehive-and there is no turning back. We are going to blast this out big time. As a Nigerian tax payer I want to know the following (i) the state of health of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan (ii) The state of health of the official wife of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan-Patience Jonathan. What does Patience Jonathan spend Nigerian money to go and do abroad? (iii) We want to know the fathers and mothers of the kids Mr. Jonathan claim to be his children-why? Nigerian public money is being spent of these children. So we must know. no going back. (iv) if Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has women who are mothers to the kids who are his children, as a Nigerian tax payer, I want to know those women and their state of health. Why? My tax is being used to maintain these women and their children. Finally, I know these are big issues, and since Premiutimes has published other big issues around Buhari as demanded by Mr. Goodluck Jonathan campaign, Premiumtimes must publish this too. So let us go and open EVERYTHING UP! Change is inevitable.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Your outburst is uncalled for and in total bad taste contrary to my well thought post Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • tundemash

          But we know you as a GEJ e-rat ???? Your DNA is all over the forum .. why hide now ? Is reality overtaking your fantasy and wanting to switch sides now that itis obvious FeBuhari 14th is real ?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Are you a one way guy ? I am not, as I always say it, as it is. If it causes you pain, so be it Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            Yes, i don’t speak from both sides of my mouth unlike you. You are no different from druggie Femi Fani Kayode who is also not a one-way guy; was calling GEJ an idi0t just last year and singing his praises now.

            E-rats are known to lack any principle !!! Shame on you… your double-speak is unexpected but you f00l no one and trust I will be on your case exposing you all the way. We know more e-rats like you will want to come along as reality dawns on you.
            The only remedy: undo all the ethnic and religious falsehood you have propagated on this forum in the past and a public apology to all decent people who have remained steadfast to the cause and truth you and other e-rats try to malign isn’t too much

          • BlackieUmukoro

            I know your parents if alive are really disgusted at your actions and foul utterances. Maybe, your indoctrination by boko haram is now having its full effect on your pig brain. You know the pig is destined for rubbish like you, no matter how it is goaded away Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            You claim “I know your parents if alive are really disgusted at your actions and foul utterances. Maybe, your indoctrination by boko haram is now having its full effect on your pig brain.”

            Creek monkey, u are in the wrong profession copying and pasting for Reno. You should be star-gazing where you can see the past and future; o’l boy, you are hallucinating !!!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            I am not among the prophets who prophesy
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            Ofcourse … u are just under the influence of whatever they give u to sniff at the amnesty camp !

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Just tell your Buhari to publish his WAEC certificate for all to see, if he can. Period Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            Sure i will if :
            1. You can publish your mother marriage certificate to prove you were not a product of corss-breeding with Chimps.
            2. Fani Kayode provides a certificate certifying him free of drug use.
            3. Dumbo provides a certificate certifying free of chronic alcohol ingestion .

            Simples !

            In the alternative, approach the court of law unless you have a phobia for the law court !

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You are a son of a thousand fathers. Wonder how your mother was able to keep that hole that was being drilled every second. She was a real pro, hence she fucked you too Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            Are these the certs that were requested from you ? Since you can’t produce one, I will take it you have no cert. to prove you aren’t a cross-bred Chimp and hence has no right to ask humans for certificate. If in doubt, approach the court of you won’t be jailed for claiming to be what you are not; human !

            Meanwhile tune to BBC ,if they installed DSTV for you guys at the amnesty camp, they are doing a story on Nigeria’s incompetent leadership and military; Dumbo has ridiculed Nigeria.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            A documentary sponsored by APC to ridicule Nigeria. A bunch of gangsters that will not go unpunished Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            Among the d@ft, you rank number 1. It was’t a documentary, it was the regular BBC NEWS @ 10. Not surprised anyway, you are already conditioned to NTA news !

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Let’s be friends and help this country to develop, instead of insulting ourselves. This is a new year, let us not start it with abuses and curse. Cheers Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            I am not your enemy but please you do need to realise we have a common enemy: the looters!
            They use religion and ethnicity to divide the people, while they loot all day long Dumbo’s most trusted supporters are roguish Northerners and muslims too while some people (including yourself) come here and whitewash every muslim or northerner as against Dumbo because of religion or ethnicity . NO. I am yoruba and xtian !
            We are against Dumbo because he’s done nothing for 6 years but blame everyone else but himself. And I was also on SaharaReporters during OBJ years attacking his bad policies and yet no one accused me of attacking a fellow xtian and Yoruba then.
            Please i beg you in the name of God and for the sake of your children unborn, remove the ethnic and religious glasses and see people as human beings and judge leaders purely on the basis of their competence
            I hope your redemption is genuine, unlike the fake “the truth”, and we can forge a common front against these rogues who are in every tribe and profess all religion ! Sorry if i have offended you bro, it was in the heat of the moment !

          • BlackieUmukoro

            ‘In the heat of the Moment’ those were your exact words. In the heat of doing what, if l may ask in this harmattan season. Take it easy, Madam is always there for you, or did she ground you. Na joke l dey oo, have a nice day Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            o’l boy, she can’t wait for this FeBuhari 14th thing to be over so that she can have me back.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            But 14th february is valentine’s day. Are you old school or not lovey dovey that you want to muku her after the worldwide lovers day. I need to get to your madam fast and tatafo that you are falling out of love instead of in love Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Funso

          Reno Omokri/BlackieUmukoro, your campaign team-the Goodluck Jonathan CampaignTeam has asked Mr. Buhari questions-which I think are fair enough. It is left to him -Mr. Buhari-to answer. And I have only asked your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan simple questions which I know many of you in Jonathan Presidency in Aso Rock know and can help with. Can you please and kindly help Nigerians with these answers? The other time Madam Oil went to London. Immediately your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan also rushed to London. Does Madam Oil remotely or immediately have anything to do with my questions which are in national interest as a tax payer? Can you help since ALL of you in Jonathan Presidency in Aso Rock know about all these. Your help will be gratly appreciated.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            May you know the truth, so that you are set free from the self induced blindness Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Funso

            Your campaign team-Goodluck Jonathan Campaign team started a job of public scrutiny of candidates-especially your strongest opponent-Buhari of APC. I think that is fair in an election. So Nigerians are now following the step of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign team by joining the scrutiny. So can you kindly help with these questions (about your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan)and answer them since you know? This will be in national interest. Thank you so much.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Grow up
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Funso

            Reno Omokri and Blackie Umukoro, Since health and family are serious issues and you-Goodluck Jonathan Campaign started the scrutiny, you ought not back off. Please answer these questions or apologise to Nigerians for staring what -a scrutiny- you cannot complete because there are so many stinking and ugly skeletons in the cupboard of your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            A case of adult delinquent
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Funso

            I think next time you members of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign team should not what to use to run negative campaign. The rule of thumb is: If you cannot end or win a fight DO NOT START IT. So I will advise as follows:
            1. Tell your Drug addict head of the media of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign -Femi Fanikayode NOT to pick a fight you -Goodluck Jonathan people- cannot win. Tell him not to spoil things for you because you will lose the rest of the votes you have if we spill the bean on Mr. Goodluck Jonathan for we have the facts-we are only being gentlemanly and being nice to Nigerians and the imagination of the family lives of Nigerians-we do not want to spoil things for Nigerians-for we know it is Sai Buhari regardless of your blackmail. In other words we are very strong. The strong one takes on any little distraction with strength. Just see how we have dusted off all your blackmail and fabrications. We have our facts on the ugly life of your candidate but we just think it is not worth is to spill the bean this time. We Sai Buhari- want to run a decent campaign hence we keep quiet.
            2. From now make sure the campaign is issue based. If you try any nonsense next time, we will go to town with the information we have.
            3. Do not take drug or hemp before you talk otherwise you talk rubbish. Advise other members of your campaign team NOT to take booze, ogogoro, drug or any banned substance before typing or talking. It does not normally work for you as you can see what you caused your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. We know 21 billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign money is a lot for you people, everyone wants to take his/her pie, but talk with common sense inspite of the big money you all want to take from and justify your pay.
            4. Small boy, we have all the information-on the ugly and stinking ‘family” life of your candidate both local and abroad. It is a disgrace to the Nigerian presidency. It is a desecration of our presidency. It is a disgrace to family values. It is a disgrace to christian values yet your candidate calls himself a “christian” and was positioning himself as the CAN and Christian candidate until Nigerians told him and you people that religion will NOT count in this election. If you talk rubbish next time or the combination of druggist Femi Fanikayode and that criminal and Thugnor in Ekiti state -Ayo Fayose fabricate another garbage, we will not give you any warning. We will simply spill the beans.
            5.For a femi Fanikayode that has all kinds of useless things on his head, and who once had all these useless Bianca stuff on him, you should have done better than put him as the media face of your ugly and failed Goodluck Jonathan Campaign. Look for a “cleaner” thief to head the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign or else you continue to run into trouble. Even when it is Sai Buhari all the way from now till Febuhari and beyond, this is my honest advise to you as a Nigerian. You know this has been delicate, so do not fabricate new things, we will just disclose the facts about the ugly, stinking and un-presidential family and health life of your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan- and put them in the public domain. A word is enough for the wise.

  • Trithometer

    This PDP people are so pathetic. Can they show us their scorecard and talk about issues affecting Nigerians, instead of attacking Buhari’s personality? It’s so obvious that PDP has not to offer Nigerians again, apart from corruption, stealing, insecurity, massive unemployment, cluelessness, and failed policies. GMB all the way.

  • Femi ubasi

    The devil incarnate EFCC will soon go after you, stop misleading the already confused clueless man called …..!

  • Fido Dido

    “…We are therefore constrained to urge him [Buhari] to prove to Nigerians that he is really as fit as a fiddle by taking a brisk walk,…by jogging around the perimeter of the stadium before any of his rallies.’’ ——Mr. Fani-Kayode

  • NazirJos

    Is there any cancer worse than the corrupt governance? Such cancer would kill thousand healthy citizens out of insecurity, poverty, hopelessness, depression and so on.
    We have already suffered from this illness and now we get its antidote…the CHANGE that’s definitely coming Feb 14th…APC.

  • victo amadi

    GFani Kayode has psychiatric issues he has been hospitalized in Iran many times.

  • Adoki Achine

    Ehm, Mr. PDP or whatever your name is, you are moving too fast for us, please slow down. You say certificate, we are still on that one, you quickly jump to wife, and then daughter. Now you are jumping to another matter – health. Small time now you will say his cap is too long and that he has more than one pair of shoes.
    Please let’s take it one at a time, since you do not want to focus on issues but on propaganda.

  • warry

    Ali Baba & 40 thieves endorses Buhari
    Obj, Tinibu,Atiku,Nyako,Amaechi,Farouk Lawan, Timipiri Sylva,El rufai etc who had all endorsed Gej in2011,now endorses Buhari as he refused to do their bidding, insisting he would do what he considers best for Nigeria. Consequently, they have brought a Buhari to replace him who cannot understand their intentions ad they want to use him to loot. Please see PTF report. Buhari will not know when they will be stealing.

    • Abdul

      Have you seen the report? what was in it and who show you?

    • tundemash

      and where is the PTF report ?

  • HassanAbdullahi

    I just hope the PDP has paid very well to get this rubbish published

  • Remmy


    Swearing falsely on oath is corruption. It is in fact the worst form of corruption.
    And so, for that reason…….

  • Yjaafar

    Let Jonathan starts the jugging be rest assured Buhari will join. For sure Buhari is healthier than Jonathan. GMB all the way.

  • MI

    PDP has so much time to waste….little wonder Jonathan hasn’t achieved nothing in 6 yrs. just like our Dear Chibok girls he never believed Election Day will one day Come. He running for 3rd term, he’s not eligible under the current constitution but we know our country. No matter what anybody says, he was sworn in twice, now seeking for a 3rd swearing in – God forbid, it will never happen by his grace……little wonder the serious world including small African countries are nowadays disgusted with us. Judgement day is here, failure for Jonathan and the PDP is as certain as the sun rising from the east and surely set in the west.

  • Oluwajuwon Anuoluwa

    Really, the health case of an aspiring President should constitute a serious issue to all Nigerians, politics apart, especially when we have once been bitten by such. I sincerely think he should come out clean and if he thinks he cannot express himself, well that for another date. He can simply come out with his test reports/certificate. It is the usual practice all over the world, especially when it has been leaked to everyone, so let us not toil with it. And i also think PDP should be embraced pointing it out this time before we are ensnared again.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      Got away with your fuzzy reasoning!! GEJ has a more serious health issue than Buhari!! It’s a fact that GEJ’s brain is not functioning properly.

      • Mr oga. Whenever you come up here, learn to let every of your comments be sensible and with facts and stop mixing issues. His brain aint functioning and he has ruled you with it for 6 years. His brain aint functioning and he has a doctorate at least you have heard that he finished from Uniport if you haven’t seen copy of his certificate. Or else, i could just also take it that this VOTEoutGEJ is a robot and not with human brains too

        • Mosaku 147

          Don’t use your self ascribed decorum to cajole or try to corner weak thinking minds to your very rubbish way of seeing things in Nigeria. How can you declare on one hand that you are not PDP and on the other you say why not?or if not? Has yourPDP started playing mind games?why are you this wicked?why should there be an if not? Anyway,I suppose what FFK says is what is on the president’s mind,then let him ask buhari directly on national tv instead of sending a man who you never can tell his ‘kick’ at any point.

        • SAM .A

          “Learn to let every of your comments be sensible ” Are you speaking English ?

    • Akindolamu

      Dont you think it is important that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and ALL contestants should declare their assets and make such PUBLIC? Dont you think this is very important? Mr. Goodluck Jonathan once said “I do not care I will not make the declaration of my asset public” Do you think this statement from Goodluck Jonathan is correct? Dont you think this statement by Goodluck Jonathan is the reason we are sunk in corruption? Dont you think therefore that ALL candidates should declare their assets and make such PUBLIC?

      • Yes,sincerely i think so pretty much especially when the request is of good intentions, why not? but if not? there comes the problem. Pls, take for example and pls answer me with a clear mind, If have declared my asset as a Vice President and shortly within the same administration due to the death of my oga, you asking me again to declare again. Then you must actually be looking for what you haven’t kept anywhere…….. GEJ is not an unrealistic man. Take it. I am not a PDP member, but let’s just reason it

        • Akindolamu

          We do not have Mr. Jonathan’s declaration of assets in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Please do us a favor as a member of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team. Copy and paste Mr. Jonathan’s declaration of assets here on the Premiumtimes Platform. Okay? That will settle all matter.

    • diamond

      Let GEJ also come out with his true health status before election. Do u think GEJ is healthy too??

    • tundemash

      Has Dumbo submit the a certificate certifying Dumbo as free from alcohol influence or Fani free from the influcnce of drugs ??

  • Garden-City Boy

    Buhari to “do this by jogging around the perimeter of the stadium before any of his rallies”? Na wa-a-O! Lai Mohamed better keeps a casket handy because that’s where the SCARECROW will end up in 5 minutes of jogging. .

  • Usman

    You should have advised GEJ to clarify issues of his asset, it was more of concern than this

  • disqus_5im86Y8yEJ

    even if PDP has seen the loss of the election on the wall, I still expect them to still fight it rather than turning the fate of Nigeria into AY Show….

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    I expect Femi Fani-Kayode/PDP to request for boxing march between GMB and Dumbo, before February 14th.
    As King Belshazzar saw the handwriting on the wall, so also Dumbo is seeing the same, reading: “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN”. Meaning:

    Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
    Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
    Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

    Change is coming to Nigeria, my friend!

  • endingNaija

    Femi Fanikayode ati PDP ati Goodluck Jonathan,you are AFRAID OF THE IMMINENT LOSS at the poll-right? Do not mistake this. The Nigerian voters will inflict the most devastating blow on Mr. Goodluck Jonathan come February 14 , 2015. Mr. Goodluck Jonathan cannot escape this looming and grim defeat. The campaign is on and all candidates will meet at the polls!!! Nothing will stop CHANGE in this country. We cannot come this close in endingNaija the corrupt Goodluck Jonathan way and retreat. We WILL NOT. Nigerian voters WiLL NOT. No shaking!

    • Haahaa….., Mr endingNaija, i’m so sorry for you. Yes the change will surely come and nothing will stop it……., you think the change only comes via this social media nonsense? if i check very well, i will still find you wanting. Wanting in the area of U DON’T HAVE PVC YET. U might even just still be doing your social media on that day of elections while voting is on. I KNOW YOUR TYPE…. Change and Nigeria will Change. That is the CHANGE we need

      • endingNaija

        I know Jonathan has a lot of OIL money for you people to chop. The 21 billion Naira Jonathan Campaign Chop is very attractive for people like you. So you think the 21 billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign fund from which you are paid to post the rubbish you post is sufficient to maintain the staus quo and stop change? No you cannot stop this. We see your desperation. Nigerian voters will inflict the maximum blow on Jonathan at the polls. We are endingNaija the Jonathan Corrupt way.

  • Dumbo

    GEJ should be the one to produce his medical certificate. He is suffering from Liver cirrhosis due to excessive consumption of ogogoro, kaikai and spirit. His liver is damaged which is also the reason he has been travelling on silent medical trips abroad. FFK also ask your corrupt leader to declare his asset.

  • Wähala

    FFK should first produce his drug clearance certificate so we’re sure he’s not talking under the influence of controlled substances. Once a junkie, always a junkie. Fani-Kayode must clear the air on his drug habits bcos he is incoherent, one day it’s school certificate, next day, he’s asking for private medical records… FFK is sky-high on whatever fries his brains!
    Oloja, omo-gbana buruku!

    • Mr Integrity?

      Reproduced below is your comment on November 13, 2014 under the news caption “Tambuwal picks APC presidential nomination form”

      Wetin I talk? Remember my comment about Gen. Buhari being a “decoy” for Speaker Tambuwal to emerge as APC’s flag bearer? In-depth analysis is not for everyone… my Oracle is never wrong! Tag him along with Gov. Oshiomhole and the South-South is happy; make it Gov. Okorocha and the PDP will be buried in the entire South East… but my preference is Mrs. Fayemi (former Ekiti First Lady) to attract the female voters in droves from across Nigeria. Either way, Dumbo is a sitting duck! Tombo, biko… dis news pass odeku. I dey laff for kalabari, Hahaha chai !!! ——– Wähala (Premium times November 13, 2014)


      So in November and perhaps long before then, you were for Tambuwal, one month after, you are for Buhari…and you have the guts to call another incoherent. If Fani is incoherent, then you must be erratically incoherent and need to see a psychiatrist as a matter of utmost exigency. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Every one knows the consistent folks on this forum.

      • Wähala

        I dare you to reproduce my comment on the same issue on Sahara Reporters about the same Tambuwal…
        FFK is a known junkie, what do you know about me, @Reno Omokri? I’ve told you, after Feb. if I catch you anywhere in California you will be at the bottom of Lake Merrit… it’s a promise.

      • Abate Dokpu

        So what? It was an internal APC affair. What is wrong with supporting one candidate in the primaries and, if that candidate does not emerge, supporting the candidate that emerges as the party’s flag bearer? That is true patriotism and party loyalty.

  • Gong-ho

    General Buhari and the INEC dilemma

    The INEC Chairman – Professor Jega – is in all sorts of troubles.
    He has the prescribed duty to clear the presidential candidates to run.
    That duty means declining to certify Buhari to run as the APC candidate.
    Jega cannot avoid that lawful duty and claim to be competent or honest.

    Muhammadu Buhari wrote in his INEC form that he has WASC education.
    But he did not attach any WASC certificate required by the Electoral law.
    Whereas, Buhari did NOT complete secondary school education, or, did
    he obtain a secondary school leaving certificate; and so, he’s un-qualified.

  • Abdul

    Hear Mr. Fani “The rumour that he is suffering from prostate cancer is exceptionally worrying and it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to pray for him if this rumour is true,” Mr. Fani, Jona and PDP will be the most happiest human being on earth if the news were to be true, i trust they will pray quick death for Buhari. Shame don catch una, Buhari has cleared the air already.

  • Sanusi

    There is need to ascertain the Mental Fitness of Fani because of his incoherence and level of reasoning. For example ,in those days you may not need a School cert ,but S75 or Class 4 or modern school cert to enter Technical school or Grade 2 /3 teachers college. If you come out of the Technical college or Teachers college your level is higher than School cert.So also you could enter into the Military and move from one lower course to some other high courses couple with more professional years in service. You can not wake up today with HND/BSC and become a General in the Army ,not to talk of using a WASCE to become a Colonel or General. Let the family and handler of Fani explain this to him because his state of mind cannot comprehend this education history.And he wont realize that education system during Buhari youthful days differ from Fani and Jonathan time.Jonathan zoological backgroung cannot make him an Automatic General in the Army.I stand to be corrected.

    • wares

      In conclusion what are you telling the present and future generations that they should emulate Buhari by presenting affidavit in places of placement or employment if should they find one like Buhari who couldn’t provide the required certificates? Therefore are you invariably determining the Educational systems to disregard or undermine the educational standards? Are we going backwards or forward? Do you because of your born to rule syndicate subject our education system to go rot? There are so many questions begging for answers,please do not in any way take us backwards,may God save us from enemies within/without.

      • Funso

        Which means that future presidents of Nigeria should like Goodluck Jonathan have wives while only maintaining that he-the president has one wife. And if the future president is female, she should have husbands while maintaining that she has just one official husband, Future presidents of Nigeria should like Mr. Goodluck Jonathan hide who the mothers of their children are even when they are maintained by Nigerian tax payers. And if she is female she should have children but hide who their fathers are even when they are maintained by Nigerian tax payers-right?

        • wares

          How tax have paid since you of working age or become a worker in this country? Some of you are too lazy such that you don’t to want to sacrifice your time to invest and nurture yourselves to become properly educated.

          • Funso

            So you think Mr. Goodluck Jonathan should continue to spend tax payers money on members of family whose mothers and fathers we do not know? What are you saying? Did Mr. Goodluck Jonathan have these children with concubines or some kind women hidden somewhere either locally or abroad? Did he have these children outside wedlock which will violate Christian and family values since Mr. Goodluck Jonathan claims to be “Christian”? We need to know all these in national interests and in the interest of Christian and family values. He is presumably married to Patience, so did Mr. Jonathan have children outside wedlock and we do not know and Nigerian tax payers money is spent on these children without our knowledge? These are legitimate and justified queries and questions in the interest of transparency.

      • PureNigerian

        We will move forward with Buhari and not with your unintelligent PHD Dumbo.
        His PHD has took us 100 steps backward

      • Sanusi

        What I am telling you is that our system still recognize our past education system that promote individual to higher professional level whether you like it or not.And there is nothing you can do about it,There are some people that may not have all the OND,HND in Nigeria but they have done enough professional exam that made them A chartered accountant or Chartered Marketers.Are you saying they can not contest for a post where they put OND or HND.There are lots of professionals that are highly Computer program certified ,They did not go through Universities .They are better recognized than you and Fani.With your Qualifications ,you can never attend any of the courses that make Buhari A General.Unless you want to say Nigerian General post is your town village Chieftaincy tittle

        • wares

          SSCE or its equivalent,what is there that is not understandable that will make some swore affidavit in place of this requirement spelt out in the electoral acts,will you done same if you looking for a job? Try that to any private or public firms,I bet you,your affidavit will not pass the first desk of screening? Why will Buhari dare the electoral acts in such a sensitive issues of national concern,don’t forget that he will not pay him,but will be payed with tax payers money which are the electorates,so who is fooling who?

  • Dede

    @ Excuse me,

    One thing i don’t understand is this: they say Nigerians are the most educated Africans.
    Where’s evidence of that education? How can educated people say a Primary 4 Buhari
    is the meaning of CHANGE? Are these people well at all. I just can’t understand it.
    Graduates waving broom behind a Primary Four (4) educated Buhari as their Leader.
    Since this is the case in Yorubaland, Boko Haram may invade Yorubaland as a safe base.

    • moussy

      How good is your PhD president?

    • endingNaija

      Excuse me, can you tell me the value of a Phd holder-Goodluck Jonathan and his Phd, if he cannot manage a country and upon whom the country has collapsed? Neighboring and less fortunate countries (Benin Republic, Ghana, Cameroun, Niger Republic, Mali, Togo etc) have presidents who do not have Phd and these countries are better managed. Nigerians ARE RUNNING to countries that have presidents who do NOT HAVE Phd, so EXCUSE ME please tell me what is the value of the Phd of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan if citizens of his own country(Nigerians) are running to countries where their presidents do not have Phd?

    • Abate Dokpu

      Pitiable cretin. Do you know the meaning of education? Show me one Nigerian General, serving or retired, that did not attend a military academy, Sandhurst, NDA, etc? When General Gowon was on exile in Britain, did you not hear that he went for graduate studies? What qualification did he use to secure admission for graduate studies? Had he attended a “university” prior to that time? Please help yourself out of ignorance.


    The old ex-tyrant should submit himself to an independent medical board for a medical examination after which a report on his health has to be made public to the electorate. This is no more a personal issue because it borders on national security,we all saw the mess which the Yar’adua scenario fomented . As a matter of national emergency,the old dictator should learn to be more transparent and dump his dictatorial arrogance henceforth.

    Nigerians demand the following from the ex-tyrant :

    1. Birth certificate .

    2. Medical certificate .

    3. First school leaving certificate .

    4. O’level certificate.

    The General should save us time and stop holding back the ability of voters to make a wise decision. The concealment of these certificates amount to a lack of good faith and a possible democratic fraud !!

    • Funso

      In the name of transparency and the defense of the sacredness of the institutions of marriage and family in Nigeria we want to know all the members of the First Family the Goodluck Jonathan Family-mothers, children, fathers etc. Why? Because statutorily these people are maintained from Nigerian public treasury and by Nigerian tax payers. We want to know these about ALL contestants and these include the present occupant of the seat of the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

    • SAM .A

      You always amaze me .has your man ever carry out one of your itemized agenda?Please read Reuben Omole’s submission next to yours and let Buhari and Jonathan follow his prescription . Anything shot of that is political jerry meandering

  • Reuben Omole

    When Dubbo GEJ was the vice presidential candidate to the then very sick Yar Adua he forgot the meaning of full disclosure of health status. When his wife spent weeks in a German hospital he forgot the meaning of full disclosure. When he sneaks into London for medical care he does not remember the meaning of full disclosure. When they asked his to release his Ph.d thesis because of concerns he may have plagiarized he forgets the meaning of full disclure. When he fails to declare his assets he forgets the meaning of full disclosure. How times change.
    all of a sudden Dumbo realizes that the sun is fast setting on his re-election bit he is getting desperate. The no certificate attack did not stick. Now it is his health status. Lets do this. Buhari will isclose his full medical records in addition to the public declaration of assets that he has done while Dumbo will release his Ph.d thesis, medical records and public declaration of his assets. Deal crack head Fani Kayode

  • wares

    A frayed man is a sick person there is no doubt about it,there is no way he can cover up. He may cover up by saying he was on a trip to USA for is war college certificates to complete his presidential form in order to dowse the circumstances surrounding his WASC qualifications he never asserted but only presented an affidavit which is unacceptable by Laws,let wait and see his response when he eventually returns by the grace of God.

    • Funso

      I think all the contestants need to come clean on EVERYTHING. So for example, in my own opinion, I think Mr. Jonathan needs to come clean on members of his family on who we spend Nigerian tax payers money. These include his wives-both official and un-official, children-official and unofficial. The reason is simple. I pay tax. My tax is used to maintain these wives-official and un-official, and these children who we do not know. Therefore all contestants must disclose their health, members of their family, their assets. We want to know these things for they mean a lot for our taxes.

  • Mamapikin

    Okay, what about Patience Lazarus who died and woke up 7 times in a German hospital. She was flown to Germany, treated and recuperated (?) on tax payer’s money…what was she sick of? We were even told and (later abused) by her spokesman that she was not sick, but went to Germany on holidays. It’s her duty to let us know what she went there for, with our money.

  • Mosaku 147

    A spokesman speaking on behalf of his principal asking why another spokesman is speaking on behalf of his own. Can we now see reason why some insist that FFK is still taking ‘it’. Why doesn’t he advice his president to ask GMB about his health status and school certificate issues directly during any of his RENT-A-CROWD rally and the People’s General will respond during his own I-COME-BY-MYSELF rally.
    egbon ti fa gbana yoo!

  • SAM .A

    This Poverty Development Party have started seen the hand writing on the wall , collectively and individually , they are becoming more desperate ,confused, and fretting every moment .Why are you taking Panadol for somebody’s headache ?
    You couldn’tgo to court to get Buhari’s certificate . INEC has already cofirmed hin to run. Your e -rats weep on this medium every minutes for the certificate.
    FeedeeFee ,for your information, check out all the retired Generals and the serving generals in Jonathan’s Government, Buhari is the only general that does not have BIG BELLY , a well known predisposing sign for hypertension and diabetes . ABU Teaching Hospital already cleared him of any infirmity . Hope sincerely you will not all develop hypertension before Febuhari 14th. Calm down so that you all reach that historical day. The Day of CHANGE .

  • marig

    Sick or not, I will vote for Gmb. A sick Buhari is far more effective than a healthy Gej.

    • Funso

      But are GEJ and one of his wives-the official one-Patience Jonathan, healthy? What do they go to do in European hospitals all the time if they are healthy? It will be interesting to know because these two people spend tax payers money each time they go to these European hospitals.

  • Brandon Landry

    At first it was his religion. Then it was his age. Then it was his certificate. Yesterday it was the feminist angle. Today it is his health. PDP are you really this scared of GMB? Whats your next target next about him? Shape of his glasses, his shoe size, his height? Accuse GMB of not brushing his teeth in the mornings, we will vote for this Nigerian hero en masse!

    • Koko

      Nigerian hero ko!

      Shebi you never hear the parable wey be say ‘fly wey no get adviser, na him dey follow dead body enter grave’.

      Count yourself very lucky bcos I am here giving you advise that will liberate you from that incurable hypnotism arising from excessive trepidation with respect to the threats from Buhari.

      • Brandon Landry

        Nigeria is unfortunate to have treacherous people like you as a citizen

    • Goodluck_Nigeria

      The signs are all on the wall …… your Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari is a religious fundamentalist according to Atiku Abubakar, too old to govern Nigeria according to Raji Fasola, does not have a WASC certificate according to Prof. Jega, has no place for women according to his Boko Haram jajnjaweed sponsors and now it has been confirmed that the man is damn too sick according to Bola Tinubu’s Vanguard Newspapers.

      Overall, your 73+ Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari is still perpetually unelectable according to Nasir El Rufai

      • Brandon Landry

        With citizens like you, Nigeria does not need to look far for its enemies.

  • SAM .A

    As Femi Fanikayode was generating this information , he was sniffing his powder , while somebody was simultaneously injecting him. This confirms the inconsistency in his press release. Usually they develop fluctuating mind& their judgement is usually poor .He was talking about certificate yesterday today it is health.
    Readers here will remember this same Femi wrote a lengthy article that President Jonathan has no BALLS.
    Has he found the balls now that those stuff has been seeping through his brain?

    • tundemash

      lol !!!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria





    GBAM BOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    President Goodluck Jonathan and two of his top ministers may be attempting a cover-up on what clearly competes as Nigeria’s biggest fraud ever, involving the illegal diversion, or theft, of over N8 trillion crude oil sales proceeds.

    In a frantic and unusual memo to the president on September 25, 2013, Central Bank governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi detailed how government-owned oil firm, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, had systematically diverted the huge sum, being sales proceeds between January 2012 and July 2013.

    The CBN governor said for all crude oil sales within the period, the NNPC paid only 24 percent proceeds into the federation account, and diverted or stole the remaining 76 percent-totalling N8 trillion.

    As the CBN calculated, the NNPC sold at least 594 million barrels of oil within the period, and should have paid N10.3 trillion (USD65.3 billion) into the federation account. But the corporation paid only N2.5 trillion (USD15.5 billion), Mr. Sanusi said, citing documentation from pre-shipment inspectors.

    The whereabouts of the huge balance is unknown.

    The weight of the differential is clearer if evaluated against the fact that the tiny percentage remitted by the NNPC managed to finance the nation in that period, raising the question of how much the total would then have achieved for a country unable to pay its university lecturers who have been on strike for five months.

    Put simply, for each barrel of oil sold, say at an average of USD100, the NNPC illegally cornered $74 into an unknown account and gave Nigeria only $26.

    Mr. Sanusi said he was “constrained” to hint the president after observing the huge shortfalls for years. He accused the NNPC of breaching two key federal laws, and urged the president to act expeditiously by ordering sweeping investigation and prosecution of those found culpable.

    Two months on, the president has refused to act on the damning memo delivered to him personally by the CBN governor. In fact, after receiving the letter, the president, presidency sources say, questioned Mr. Sanusi on why such letter should be prepared in the first place and sent to him.

    PREMIUM TIMES can also confirm that finance minister and former World Bank chief, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, is also aware of the CBN’s information and has done nothing about it; while petroleum minister, Alison Diezani-Madueke, implicated in several corruption probes in the past, is said to be fully in the know about the massive plunder of crude oil money by the NNPC.

    President challenged on corruption

    Details of the president’s failure to act on such a massive scale of misappropriation came amid an increasing criticism of Mr. Jonathan’s response to corruption, as several senior officials of his government, accused of stealing or wasting public funds, have been spared of indictment and prosecution.

    The weightiest of such concerns came on Monday from the speaker of the House of House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, who publicly accused the president of consistently displaying a “body language” that encourages corruption.

    Citing past scandals, the most recent being the N255 million armoured car fraud involving aviation minister, Stella Oduah, Mr. Tambuwal said the president’s penchant for duplicating committees to investigate corruption cases, rather than directing law enforcement agencies to probe them, showed Mr. Jonathan was less committed to curbing fraud.

    “By the action of setting up different committees for straightforward cases, the president’s body language doesn’t tend to support the fight against corruption,” the speaker said at an event in Abuja.

    Between 2011 and 2013, the House of Representatives has investigated the NNPC multiple times, and has in many cases found officials of the corporation wanting. But no one has been sanctioned by government.

    In 2012, top management of the NNPC and the petroleum minister, Mrs. Madueke, who directly supervises the NNPC, were recommended for prosecution by the House in a shocking fuel subsidy probe. They accused officials have remained at their posts.

    The CBN’s allegation is the most scathing yet for a corporation notorious for secrecy and corruption.

    The diverted or stolen amount-N8 trillion between January 2012 and July 2013- is the nearly the equivalent of the total federal budgets for two years.

    Put together, the sum can run the entire country for the period, build several new roads and railways, pay wages of millions of workers, cater for the nation’s teeming unemployed, build thousands of hospitals and schools, complete ongoing power projects, and on an urgent note, clear multiple times, all government financial obligations to university lecturers, whose ongoing strike has kept the universities shut for more than five months now.

    More losses and the ECA

    Even so, when compared with prevailing data from different government agencies, the figure admitted by the CBN is still lesser than what Nigeria should earn from oil sales.

    While the bank said its computation, based on pre-shipment details, showed that Nigeria sold N10.3 trillion worth of oil in 19 months, PREMIUM TIMES’ analysis shows the government should rather realize N10.6 trillion in the first 10 months of 2013-Janaury to October-alone.

    PREMIUM TIMES’s estimates is based on the government’s data of daily production average of 2.11 million barrels of crude, sold at an average price of $105.84 per barrel.

    If multiplied and converted to naira, the government should have realized N10. 6 trillion in 10 months alone.

    But in that period, total oil receipts data provided by the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, claimed between January and October, the government made N5.8 trillion.

    Also, our estimates show that the government has not only lied or misled Nigerians about its total receipts from oil sales, but is also deceitful about its earnings in the contentious Excess Crude Account.

    The ECA holds the difference between the real market price for oil and the government’s projection in the national budget yearly.

    For 2013, the government approved rate is $79 per barrel (called benchmark for oil price), meaning any raise in price at the international marker, will go into the ECA.

    For most of the year, oil sold as much as $112 and $114 per barrel. At a conservative rate of $105 per barrel, the government should have realized $26 as difference per barrel for the Excess Crude Account.

    Calculated at 2.11 million barrels per day, that should amount to $17.3 billion (about N2.695trillion) earned as excess crude revenue from crude oil exports as of October 2013.

    But the government claims it generated only N986.6 billion in the Excess Crude Account.

    No explanation

    No government official could explain the huge gaps for the 2013 figures. The ministry of finance did not comment when contacted multiple times. Paul Nwabuiku, a spokesperson for the finance minister, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, promised a response but refused to give one several days after.

    A spokesperson for the Central Bank of Nigeria, reacting to our findings (not Mr. Sanusi’s letter) said as the government’s banker, it could not provide the requested information, as it was unlawful for a banker to divulge details about its customer to a third party.

    “We maintain a customer/banker relationship with the government in the execution of our mandate. We do not divulge such information to third parties,” Mr. Ugochukwu said on Thursday via a text message.

    Controversy over Excess Crude Account

    PREMIUM TIMES’s own evaluation of government oil earnings began well ahead of obtaining Mr. Sanusi’s letter to President Jonathan.

    The review was prompted by the lingering controversy over the ECA between the finance minister, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala and the Rivers state governor, Chibuike Amaechi.

    Mr. Amaechi had accused the government of depleting the account, usually shared between the federal, states and local governments.

    The governor said $5 billion had gone missing from the account under Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala’s watch.

    Defending the administration, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala accused the governor of “playing politics” on the matter, and said the outstanding $5 billion had been shared to states as monthly allocation and local governments, with Rivers State being one of the major beneficiaries.

    The frustration of CBN governor

    But in his letter, Mr. Sanusi said he had long been frustrated by the NNPC’s secrecy with oil sales, and that he raised concerns twice to the president as far back as 2010 about his observation that a huge chunk of sales proceeds were not remitted to government treasury.

    He said the shortfall in revenue as a result of oil theft and vandalism in the Niger Delta was insignificant compared to the scale of money unaccounted for by the NNPC.

    “Your excellency, you will recall that as far back as late 2010, I had verbally expressed deep concern about what appeared to be huge shortfalls in remittances to the federation account in spite of the strong recovery in oil prices,” the CBN governor wrote, indicating the losses extending years back far surpasses the N8 trillion of between 2012 and 2013.

    There is no evidence the president acted on those concerns.

    By 2012, he said the situation had gone worse that the government made more money from tax paid by oil companies than from actual sales of crude.

    “This means, Your Excellency, that in this first seven months of the year, taxes accounted for 76 % of the total inflow from this sector, while NNPC crude oil proceeds accounted for 24%,” he said.

    The CBN governor called for a thorough audit of all domiciliary accounts held by the NNPC outside of the CBN, and a probe of companies involved in oil lifting and oil swap.

    “As banker to the federal government and Economic Adviser to the President,” he said, “I am obliged to draw the president’s attention to these serious issues of which you have most probably never been aware in this detail,” he said.

    The Special Adviser to the President on Public Communications, Reuben Abati, was not available for comments. He did not answer several calls made to his telephone. He is believed to be travelling in South Africa with the president, who is attending the funeral of late South African President, Nelson Mandela.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    OBJ and Bola Tinubu are plotting to return the Presidency to the South West by pushing for a Buhari Presidency knowing that if Buhari dies in Office Bola Tinubu (not Prof Yemi Osinbajo) will step in from Vice President and become President.

    If Buhari wins the Presidential election (God forbid) …… Prof Yemi Osinbajo will resign as Vice President paving way for the appointment of Bola Tinubu as Vice President …….. it is Bola Tinubu that will takeover from ailing Buhari

    That is the plan

    By the way …….

    Those doing the fatal damage to Buhari are all members of the APC

    Atiku Abubakar >>>>>> Buhari is an Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorist
    Raji Fasola >>>>>> Buhari is too old
    Rauf Aregbesola >>>>> Buhari is a General without WASC Certificate.
    Boko Haram >>>>>> Buhari must give no place to women
    Bola Tinubu >>>>>> Buhari is terminally sick

    • Iyabo

      Anybody who wants to be Nigerian President must come clean with Nigerian tax payers on ALL matters. Nigerian voters and tax payers know the declared official wife of President Jonathan. She is Patience Jonathan. We often read about the “children of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan” The news is that there are no children between Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and Patience Jonathan. Nigerians want to know if this is true. SIX years is enough for us to just keep quiet and be “nice”. We want to know. If it is true that there are no children between Goodluck Jonathan and Patience Jonathan, then who are the mother(s) of these children? Nobody should talk about privacy here please. Health, Family issues have been made public and we have to go the whole hog in UNEARTHING EVERYTHING. If it is true that there are no children between Goodluck Jonathan and Patience Jonathan and some children are paraded as belonging to Goodluck Jonathan, does it mean that Goodluck Jonathan has more than one wife? If so, how many wives does Mr. Goodluck Jonathan have? We must know in the interest of transparency, public health, family values, social health of Nigerians, private health of those who are elected presidents, good family values for Nigerian children because parents need to be truthful before children and presidents need to be good examples of family values.

      • BUSHMAN


  • Tunsj

    They are feeling the heat that PDP is going to lose this election.

  • Yusuf

    Let Jonathan come clean with his PSYCHIATRIC TEST, let us know why the death of about 20,000 innocent Nigerians mean nothing to him, let us know why the missing of over $50B is mere stealing

  • Dumbo

    It is far better to use our money to treat any Nigerian of any disease than to waste our scarce resources to treat Dr Dumbo’s hangover from oogogoro. FFK should be more concern with Dr Dumbo’s drunkeness than GMB health.

  • Inside APC

    TINUBU : My lordship, there is a problem. Pls come let’s talk.
    BOKOHARI : Yes! My obedient servant, what is the problem?
    TINUBU : My lordship, kindly tell me the truth. Did you pass your WAEC exams? I mean the certificate
    BOKOHARI : Look my prend, be careful . Is that the problem?
    TINUBU : Yes my lord! Just tell me.
    BOKOHARI : But why?
    TINUBU : I want to be sure, so I can know how to plan & plot a defense in public.
    BOKOHARI : Ok! But switch up your mobile sets, I want to be sure you’re not recording anything
    TINUBU : Ok my lord. I have switched off the sets. Have them, you my confirm by inspection
    BOKOHARI : Oh don’t bother. I know you are very loyal
    Look Bola, there are 2 reasons I can’t produce that certificate
    1. First, I have FAIL score in my ENGLISH & MATHEMATICS & 2 other subjects. I only have two credit pass grades
    2. Second, the certipicate has my real date of Birth on it. I am actually 79 and not 73 as I have claimed.
    TINUBU : Really?
    BOKOHARI : Yes! This is the problem fa!
    TINUBU : This is serious…very serious, but we’ve got to work out something before end of January
    BOKOHARI : I trust you boy, make it clean and leave no trace.
    TINUBU : As always my lordship!
    BOKOHARI : Walahi! You are a very loyal subject.

    • endingNaija

      When will President Jonathan and his woman Mrs. Diezani Alson Madueke RETURN our 20billion dollars NNPC money which “got missing” UNDER Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke watch while managing the NNPC ON BEHALF of President Jonathan?

    • Otile

      Gbam. This is exactly as it is.

      • endingNaija

        Ole, when will President Jonathan and his woman Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke return the 20 billion dollars NNPC money that “got missing” UNDER Mrs. Alison Madueke , Mr. Jonathan’s woman?

      • tundemash

        Otile Shekau, advice Femi to stay away from drugs !!!

        • Otile

          Don’t change the subject. Hon Femi is a well educated man. Prove that Imam is a educated man. No affidavits accepted.



    • tundemash

      When will PDP take up SERAP’s challenge that all Presidential candidates publish their assets ??????

    • Kitunde

      What are ‘mobile sets’? If you purport to be a satirist, you can not come up with such basic errors! Do you mean cell phones/mobile Phones?
      ‘Mobile Sets’! Don’t kill me O…

  • pheliciti

    Good, PDP now admits that Buhari will win. They now want assurance that he will complete the 4 year term…lol.


    We have known the PDP to be liars and carrying fake news..No matter the distraction people are tired and ready for change.#CHANGE.



  • Sams

    We need Jonathan to present a medical certificate indicating that he is psychologically fit to rule this country. Because from our experience in the last 6 years, I really doubt he is.

  • Thecreed

    These pdpigs have always denigrated the highest office in the land, imagine a spokesperson of the president asking the another aspirant to jog round the field before the rally. Shows how ridiculous the presidency had become under jonaTAN. However, it’s not the fear for the health of GMB that prompted this concerns but that of their imminent defeat at the forthcoming polls. Come Feb. 14th! Power must change hands!!

  • Raqruq

    Is the PDP already conceding victory to Buhari and afraid he might pass away in office?

  • favourtalk

    Who is answering those paid agents in PDP, Nigeria is bleeding and need resurrection not just a propaganda games been played around by PDP, people are wiser by the day, we need change right now. Buhari is been healthy and strong and nothing will kill him for nigeria

  • excel

    Pdpig will go by anything on their desperate quest to win the coming election. Am not surprise with their image destruction campaign when they don’t have anything in their kitty to campaign with what a useless bunch of moron. Olisa and co has gone so low that they can’t think within their head anymore. GMB is threat to pdp/gej, once they don’t have anything against him so revert to image destruction which will surely finalize the end of pdp at federal level. GMB has been going from one state to another campaign for CHANGE, letting Nigerians to know about the CHANGE he will embark on once he resume office but pdpig on their evil way keep bring non issue base campaign. GMB is fit and ready to take the mantlke of power CHANGE is possible, Vote GMB, Vote CHANGE

  • wode

    I think Fani Kayode too and his master have to present their Medical certificates of mental and psychological fitness to Nigerians. There are no signs that they are fit with their further insistence on the non-issue.



  • tundemash

    LAMENTATIONS OF A LOSER, PDP is obviosuly jittery and the heat is getting to them, halleluyah !!!

    Who certified Dumbo as influence-free from ogogoro?
    Who certified Fani Kayode free of drug influence ?

    Buhari must continue to ignore these desperate f00ls; ON FEBUHARI 14th WE STAND !

    They have failed to use ethnicity, religion, age and certificate to stop him, Now it is health ….. Cl0wns.

    When will PDP take up SERAP’s challenege that all Presidential candidates publish their assets ??????

  • EPO

    Issue based Campaign that affects the people of Nigeria and how to move Nigeria forward is what we want Kayode.
    This Man Kayode is not fit to be someone’s manager… not to talk of the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation. He talks on non issues and we don’t have time for this.

  • tundemash

    Druggie Femi Fani Kayode, my 2 cents advice ; stay away from drugs !!! ,/b>

  • bootypoppin

    This is getting out of hand. Any Nigerian calling for Buhari to show his health certificate and school certificate is being fair and right because this is the man that is suppose lead Nigeria. Both physical and mental strength is Paramount. However, the question here is…are these request realistic at this moment in time? The answer is No! With barely a month to election PDP and its sympathizers are expecting GMB to halt his campaign trail and start chasing certificates, jogging around stadium, dusting PTF files and explain why his daughter Zara is looking fly tattered. Should he stup low to their every demand? Do you think this is the last of these series of allegations?

    • maco

      But that’s the law.

  • tamedu 777

    Na u cancer go kill. Useless junkie. You promised gej that u will expose d fraud called buhari….I guess after much research u found nothing on this man except lies….anywhere man must chop



  • David tumba

    Can Jonathan jog around the size of a stadium track? Femi fani kayode, your excuses look so childis. Find another excuse, enemy of progress. Look nigeria want to grow beyond your selfish expetation, we need change, you are there bcos you are among the corrupt Jonathan team, what about if you are among millions of nigeria who don’t have a job, what will you do? Mr kayode

    • Funso

      David Tumba, I understand your thing about Femi Fanikayode. He is not the problem. The issue is Goodluck Jonathan himself. So? ask Mr. Jonathan to disclose the true facts about his family on who he spends Nigerian tax payers money on. It ought to be part of our quest for transparency. I have outlined the issues here. So Let the Jonathan Campaign answer Nigerians on these questions and issues I have raised which others have also raised.

    • Rabi’u Lawan Garba

      Abeg don minnam

  • Progress

    These omo ale Yorubas in PDP are really crossing the line now seriously. Imagine that sicko Fayose’s advertorial on Buhari’s health. Even it is true se ki se fun anfani awa ono Oduduwa ni? Abi Osinbajo tabi Tinubu o ki se Yoruba mo? And now this errant nonsense from another sicko! Haba, dem cause una with stolen money? Your father died despised by Yoruba as a sell-out, you are doing exactly the same thing. Either this year or later, your types will be given the desired treatment wallahi!

    Is this the issues-based campaign PDP asked for? Ask Jonadaft the DRUNK, or that TOAD Doyin Bastard Okupi to jog for 100 meters! OBJ, Buhari at their age are far fitter than that DRUNK and his gluttonous acolytes.

    AND SHAME ON PUNCH FOR ACCEPTING SUCH FELONIOUS ADVERT. Imagine the Northern youths now take to street and start attacking Yorubas among them as a reprisal against OBJ “treachery” according to that bastard Fayose! GBOGBO EYIN OLORIBURUKU YI PATAPATA TO FA IRAN OMO ODUDUWA SI EYIN, IRANDIRAN YI O NI SE ORIRE LAYE.

    • Uzoma

      For someone criticising others for not running an issues-based campaign you sure know what the issues are. If you represent the change APC is promising us, I want no part of it.

      • Progress

        You must be kiddig or being satirical! You dont want:

        A ZERO tolerance for corruption?
        A ZERO tolerance for insurrections and the insecurities it brings?
        An end to MERE STEALING of public fund?
        A functional and transparent Oil and Gas Industry?

        Just tell me you are kidding!

        • maco

          No standard 6 certificate big big problem

    • TrueNja

      Femi and governor Fayose are frightened of kirikiri as their cases are still pending with EFFC.

  • buhari pickin

    Mr clown call femi fani kayode should go and carry his own basket of wahala.go and face ur money laundering case is still fresh in court.see pot wey e the call kettle black
    Imagine Cameroon government just jail a former minister of finance for 25years in prison.femi fans kayode should be jail for 50 years white hard labour.thief omo aje

  • Somebody

    Femi Fani Kayode….One day you shall meet your waterloo

    • Mr. Abdin

      Don’t worry FFK is confused. Buhari is healthy from his appearance, what about GEJ?

  • Smith Scott

    For FFK to say “Mr. Fani-Kayode said Mr. Buhari could do this by jogging around the perimeter of the stadium before any of his rallies.” means you are very wicked. You want to kill him?

  • Separate Us…

    “Standard practice across the world” Fani Kayode pray for ur oga Gej,at this time,at this junction that would be the last thing Buhari needed from u!No wonder Gej performed woefully.U were sharing our money cause it’s a”Standard practice across the world” as well!

  • Rabi’u Lawan Garba

    Doctor FFK tested and comfirmed buhari ‘s sickness in a political hospital, MIMIKO said buhari is computer illiterate that he will not win the presidential election come feb 14, and non of them tell us why we should vote for Jonathan, so this two characters are bitting around the bush, anyway i will not mind he who lost his car near a shop and start looking for it inside the shop to see whether somebody hide it there, in short PDP loose HOPE

  • Omababa

    Fani Kayode will soon die of prostate canceration in kirikiri prison.

    • TrueNja

      Amen, IJN

  • meenahmoh

    As far as this issue is concerned please GMB come clean and save us the nightmare of any Umar Yaradua incidence! Nigerians cant stand another of such!

    • Funso

      Really, I think Nigerian tax payers want to know EVERYTHING about our contestants-their health and family lives so that we tax payers know what we are paying for when someone becomes the president. So? Can President Jonathan start by telling us how many children he has and who their fathers and mothers are? I ask because the speculation is that Jonathan and his official wife Patience do not have children. And we have some kids who are passed as Jonathan’s children. Does Mr. Goodluck Jonathan have un-official wives both home and abroad? Who are the “fathers” and “mothers” of these children? This is in national interest because tax paters’ money is spent on whoever is said to be members of the “First Family” And this should apply to ALL the contestants-including Sai Buhari.

      • TrueNja

        Good challenge. FFK has your boss to provide answers. We Nigerians want to know fathers and mothers of his kids.

        • maco

          Family problem.

      • meenahmoh

        Even if GEJ’s kids are adopted, legally and constitutionally they his children, so that is not even an issue! and secondly, GEJ is physically and mentally fit to rule Nigeria! #GEJ4naija

  • bikky

    What is the problem with this Fani Kayode?when PDP presented Umar Yardua in 2007 who queried his health then,why is it now that is imperative for the PDP to know health status of another party presidential candidates,if they have nothing to tell Nigerian about their party ideology they should keep shut,the only available option we haveis APC invariably Buhari,so we need to move Nigeria forward.

  • TrueNja

    FFK, tell your clueless boss to tell Nigerians the real fathers and mothers of his children.

    • Funso

      TrueNja, this is important from the tax payers standpoint. We, Nigerian tax payers spend our money on the family of the fabled ‘First Family”. So while we concede the perquisites of office to the members of first family, we want to know exactly who the members of this first family are. So who are the mothers and fathers of the children that are paraded as “first children” under the Jonathan presidency? Are the mothers and fathers here in Nigeria or abroad? Please let us know in national interest.

    • Funso

      The Goodluck Jonathan Campaign should provide answers to these questions in national interest.