Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, others to create new force to fight Boko Haram

President John Mahama

Ghanaian President John Mahama on Friday said West African leaders would next week seek authority from the African Union to create a multi-national force to fight Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamist insurgents.

Any such force will represent the most robust international response yet to the militants who have killed thousands over the last year in their campaign for an Islamic caliphate.

The jihadists had also launched cross border attacks into Niger and Cameroon.

Boko Haram is seen as the most serious security threat to Nigeria, but Mr. Mahama said the group and militants in Somalia, Kenya, Mali and elsewhere posed a wider risk.

“Terrorism is like a cancer and it will keep growing if we do not deal with.

“It threatens everybody in the sub region, when it comes to terrorism, nobody is too far or too near.

“It will take months before an AU force could be set up and key issues such as who would command it, the location of its headquarters and its financing remain undecided.

“Once set up, however, the AU could ultimately seek a UN Security Council mandate to take over the force as happened in Sudan’s Darfur region,” he said.

Mr. Mahama was speaking as Chairman of West African regional bloc ECOWAS, which has been accused of not doing enough to combat Boko Haram.

“Nigeria is taking military action and Cameroon is fighting Boko Haram.

“But I think we are increasingly getting to the point where probably a regional or a multinational force is coming into consideration’’, he said.

The comments came two days after a former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, urged Nigeria and the West African bloc to do more to contain Boko Haram before seeking international attention.

“What is important is that we ourselves should organize and try and contain Boko Haram, the international community can only assist. It can come but the responsibility is ours,” Mr. Annan said.


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  • Umar Dendi

    Eyyahh, The giant has fallen, strangled by an iniquitous ‘Govt, its younger sisters, those that had erstwhile looked up to her are now coming to her aid.
    Its better than nothing though. Lets just hope that the incompetent janissary would drop their pride and allow the marshals to help.


      When you were foisting Sharia on peasants and using them as political pawns you did not realise that you were destroying your region. The Sharia north is directly responsible for Boko-haram and no giant is fallen rather the north is suffering a self inflicted malady !!

      • endingNaija

        Can you explain to readers the meaning of the alliance between a known Boko Haram sponcor-Sherrif-former Borno state governor and President Jonathan? That will be helpful


          Keep telling lies to yourself as the north heads towards extinction !!

          • endingNaija

            Do President Jonathan and Sheriff, former Borno governor work together or not? Can you answer please?

          • PROF

            it is not heading to extinction ,it has already gone extinct.

    • tyson

      The fight between boko haram and the Nigerians troops has nothing to do with the president—Kenya has similar troubles with insurgents.Tell me if they have been able to defeat them–show us the evidence–that the jihadist that Buhari said should not be killed–have been rooted out of Kenya-What about Russia and recently France where they killed more than 17 humans–was their prime minister ever blamed———-? Stop playing the politics of the Night Soil Men and juju priest in APC with human lives-if u have any brain left in u –u will join government in condemning the animals in bok,o haram-and not praising them as APC often does– when they behead Nigerians-

      • Umar Dendi

        I do not see a mad man raising his flag over French or Kenyan soil.
        Its rather you who should stop playing politics. you live in the safety of your home and have no regard to the millions of your country men displaced…in Chad, Niger, Cameroon.
        3 Battalions of Nigerian soldiers ran away at the face of 50 Boko fighters at Mubi. Local Fighters became angry and retook the city in a flash. Have some salt.

  • Dumbo

    See what a dumb clueless person GEj has turned Nigeria into. He is a complete failure. Nigeria once a giant of Africa is now being saved by mushroom countries. SMH, OGOGORO drinking GEJ MUST GO !!!!!!!

    • tyson

      Nigerian has never been the giant of Africa—–because u got your freedom on a platter of Gold–U did not really fight for it-How can a country which for the past 54 years could not provide her citizens with ordinary light–be regarded as the giant of Africa–Oil was Not discovered in 2011–it was in 1957 till date–Nothing worked until Jonathan came to the rescue–When the likes of Buhari enlist into the with a Sown affidavit-u blame boko haram abi-Our troops at the war front has tribal and religious marks now-What are the thousands of soldiers we have in the south south–there are more soldiers in the South than–the war zone-Why? All the weapons bought by giovernment are finding their way into the enclave of boko haram—why

  • PROF

    Some northern leaders who used religion and bokoharm in the north have brought shame to nigeria. This is not the end of the north ,but rather it is the beginning of the end .THE NORTHERN YOUTHS MUST SPEAK OUT ,COS THEIR LEADERS ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR THEM ,BUT RATHER FOR THEM SELVES .

    • Umar Dendi

      are you talking about leaders like the Emir of Kano was recently targeted or the Emir of Gowza who was killed?
      or rather Ado Bayero who narrowly escaped with his life or perhaps Muhammdu Buhari who was fortunate to have been in a bullet proof vehicle??
      Please be fare to others. while i do admit that we have had “Religious Leaders” (Not Leaders) that have gone extreme, that is a phenomenon throughout Nigeria; we were only unfortunate to have had Chad next door in the North

      • tyson

        Boko haram was cloned by the Fulani Elites–in d North to make the country ungovernable for the president–period—–And—all the emirs u mentioned, including the present Emir of Kano Sanusi, are supporters of Boko Haram—If they want the Boko Haram war to end it will within seconds—But they will not do such a thing, cause they think they can use boko haram to steal power again-via Chad–Niger Republic and Mali.

        • Umar Dendi

          Oh, so the Emir of Gwoza had himself killed abi?
          and the Emir of Dikwa? Shehu of Doron?
          Well, what goes around, comes around! You lying on a web forum will not change anything. It will not make you safe when the leaders you are rooting for send the federation to hell and allow you to fend for yourself in the chaos afterwards. If God-forbid that ever happens, when you pray to your lord…..remember this moment. The regret may add to your penance

        • PROF

          Thank you for telling Umar ,he tends to pretend that he does not know what is going on in his own domain.


        All the Sharia north political,religious and traditional elite who fought for Sharia and radicalized northerners in their selfish bid to control them politically and deploy them as pawns in their quest to dominate the political landscape of Nigeria are directly responsible for the scourge of Islamic terror in the north.

        These wicked elite sent their children to the best universities in Europe and America but encouraged the northern masses to attend madrasas as a result the region is massively illiterate and impoverished. It is a question of chickens coming home to roost.These wicked men set up a feudal system which subjugated the northern masses and tried to install the same system on the whole country through the adoption of a warped constitution doctored by their coup plotting northern Generals.

        It is now the norm for every naive or bigoted pundit to blame the government but we know it is a fraud,the system in the north is directly responsible for the carnage in the north and the only solution is in adopting practical measures to de-radicalize the north,remove any fundamentalist Islamists from the upper echelon of political power,revert to our peaceful common law,dump Sharia,encourage western education whole heatedly etc.

      • PROF

        Umar ,the norhern leaders are still leaving in denial . Political ISLAM (sharia ) was brought in by this leaders and the talakwas welcomed it . So tell me ,who are you to blame? ME?

  • tyson

    This is more than a Welcome development—-a great news for us all. Except the fulani who armed Buhari with his (seven cate)—cause its very clear the traitors in Nigerian armed forces who enlisted into the army with their sworn affidavits, cannot fight Boko Haram—The entire thing is long overdue————-But the commander should never be a Nigerians–we prefer an Officer from Ghana or any part of Africa-Kenya or even Uganda–Not from North Africa sha–

    • Uzoma John

      Shame on all of you Tyson. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the defender becomes the defenceless. How did we get to this point? Poor or non-existing leadership as chararcterized by GEJ. We ve never had it this bad. Jonathan’s divisive tactics has boomeranged on him. Nigerai has become a country where we now need to solicit the assistance of smaller countries to fight rag-tagged BH. Our military who defend other nations in the past can no longer defend their own country. This is the result of cluelessness and incompetence.


        No country on earth fights assymetrical warfare without the goodwill and help of allies,this no conventional war,the target for the Boko-haram is not the military rather it is civilians and infrastructure therefore it is wise to engage as many sister countries as possible as possible,to deny them a place of retreat in future. Why is it that BH operates in the border area alone,? because they can retreat to Chad,Niger,Cameroon and re-emerge to kill civilians.
        Even the most powerful countries on earth gang up to fight terrorists so till the Nigerian military makes the transition from conventional warfare to assymetrical warfare it will be rough. No country which has this type of insurgence in military history has gotten rid of it in ten years. Pakistan is still fighting,Russia is still on a low scale anti insurgence in Chechnya not to mention the middle east or even Philipinos who are still fighting in Mindanoa. etc.

        • Uzoma John

          I know you will be the first to respond for the paid e-rats. You are always glued to the computer looking out for people saying the obvious truth about you Jesus of Otuoke. You better go engage yourself in something more meaningful because GEJ’s time is up. We welcomed him in 2011 with very high ovation and he will leave the stage by next month in similar manner- by massive rejection. Like what Koffi Annan said, Nigerian govt must be seen to be sincere and doing something all can see against BH before calling for external help. Keep creating excuses for Jona. By the time Buhari comes in and clears off BH, you guys will now see the difference.


            When you run out of logic you resort to abuse. You have not disputed one point in my above comment . Buhari has not told Nigerians how he intends to make shekau and his follows into mother Teresa and nuns .Keep deceiving yourself.

          • D1

            Are you serious? Convert? No mercy, my friend!

          • hope4 real

            If GEJ has the power for six years and he is unable tackle this problem, while not let us try another person. Am not saying GEJ is bad but I think he has done his best.


            Well, Buhari represents the horrible past,we cannot go back to the stone age just because you want to “try another person” !!

        • Rabiu Abubakar

          Excuses. We are tired of excuses. Failures. Lies. Cluelessness. Stealing. Oopss! That’s not corruption, or is it?

        • D1

          A sensible comment for once, to some extent! Thank God.

          This shows you’ve been mischievous all the while, friend.

  • Captano


    The regional war against Somalia’s El Shabab makes an African multinational force impossible.
    Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda don’t have extra battalions to spare. Egypt is in turmoil and un-interested.
    South Africa has tough regional concerns in Lesotho and Zimbabwe, added by Central African Republic.

    Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria are faraway and un-affected by Nigeria’s Boko Haram Jihadist movement.
    Libya is in the middle of a civil war. Chad feels more obligated to Cameroon than to Nigeria on Boko Haram.
    Mali is convalescing from a recent Jihadist invasion; and, like Niger Republique, lacks intervention brigades.
    In effect, neither a regional nor a continental multilateral force is possible to assemble against Boko Haram.

  • Comfortkay

    Since 1960 Independence Nigeria has been a respected voice in Africa and international Arena, Nigeria fought for Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa during their Struggles.
    Yet Nigeria was in Liberia, Sierra-leone, Sudan, Rwanda BUT to fight Boko Haram the fighting Spirit is dead among our Army.
    Something has gone wrong with the leadership in the Nigeria Military.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    GEJ is the PRESIDENT OF PRESIDENTS!!! He has successfully United the ENTIRE WEST AFRICA against EVILNESS!!

  • International Games


    • tyson