Even APC leaders don’t want Buhari as president – PDP

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have continued to betray their inner aversion towards the candidacy of Muhammadu Buhari and have indeed abandoned his campaigns for the February 14, presidential election.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said in a statement on Saturday that most leaders of the APC do not believe in the personality of Mr. Buhari, resulting in flip-flops and double standards that have been the fate of his presidential campaign.

The PDP said while key APC leaders such as former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, presidential aspirant, Sam Nda-Isaiah have since abandoned Mr. Buhari and his rickety campaign to an inclement fate, Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola has not been able to hide his preference for a younger, more educated and more articulate President who is able to connect with the current generation of citizens as embodied in President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Recently, in his failed attempt to discredit the PDP Lagos state governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, Governor Fashola betrayed himself by stating that Agbaje, who is only 57 years was too old to govern Lagos state. This is indeed the height of hypocrisy considering the fact that the same Governor Fashola is on the other hand campaigning for a 73-year-old Buhari to become the President of Nigeria.

Hear Fashola, “If you put an old man there, he cannot do it. If you call him in the night, he may not pick your calls”.

And we ask, who better fits into this picture than General Buhari who could not remember the name of his running mate at his campaign rally in Owerri and nearly fell while trying to climb up the stage in Calabar.

“It is instructive to note despite his later attempt to remedy the situation, deep inside his heart, Governor Fashola harbours an aversion to a Buhari Presidency as evidenced in his earlier statements.

“Recently, while speaking to journalists, Fashola said, ‘When 40-year-olds are now leading nations and our 40-year-olds can’t even get to the Senate, they can’t even become governors. Are we really preparing this generation for the future? Those are the issues really. We cannot point to success in other countries and refuse to do what those people are doing to get things right.’

“Is this not as many Nigerians put it, a coded way of saying Buhari is now way too old for Aso Rock?”, the PDP said.

The ruling party however said it is not surprised at the double standard being displayed by APC leaders describing such as “one of their stock-in-trade”.

It recalled that the former APC Interim Deputy National Secretary and now its Kaduna state governorship candidate and Buhari’s seeming supporter, Nasir El-Rufai had described him as “perpetually unelectable”.

He was explicit, “Mallam El-Rufai wishes to remind General Buhari that he has remained perpetually unelectable because his record as military head of state, and afterwards, is a warning that many Nigerians have wisely heeded. His insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well known.’

“In a related press interview, the same El-Rufai said he was 25 years old when Buhari was head of state and wondered why he will not allow the younger generation as symbolized in President Jonathan to have a shot at the position.

“According to him ‘I don’t understand that at all and I call on young people of Nigeria to take their future into their hands and ensure that in the next election, they vote for a new generation of leaders. The whole world is now being ruled by young people.”

The party also recalled that the APC leader, Bola Tinubu, has a masked repugnance for Buhari informing his questioning of his integrity over their botched power sharing deal in 2011 when he said of Buhari “I don’t believe a man running for the president of Nigeria and not the Emir-ship of Katsina should not have the needed flexibility. To be a good leader, you have to be flexible and accommodating”.

The PDP then described the current sojourn between Buhari and Tinubu as a marriage of strange bedfellows driven by a very selfish cabal led by Tinubu for whom Buhari is a mere pawn in their quest for access to the economic and political interests of the nation.

The PDP said the APC has remained a party of deceitful persons who specialize in treachery, lies and cheap blackmail. It recalled that the APC, a party which descended so low to lie about the age of its 53 years old youth leader, had also in June last year issued a statement wherein it alleged that a plane carrying Kano state Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso to attend an APC rally in Ekiti to support former Governor Kayode Fayemi’s re-election bid was denied landing permission in Akure, only for Kwankwaso’s Director of Press Affairs, Baba Dantiye, to announce that his boss was at another event in Kano and had no plans to travel to Ekiti state.

It also recalled that in August last year, the APC queried the presence of officials of the Department of State Service (DSS) in Osun state ahead of the August 9, 2014 governorship election, when in actual fact, the APC governor of Osun state also formally requested for their deployment.

“Lately, this same party devised means to hack into INEC’s data-base, clone the Permanent Voter’s Card and ultimately compromise the outcome of the elections yet has continued to deny even in the face of clear proof of culpability,” the PDP claimed.

Calling on Nigerians to note that the APC is a party of dubious and unreliable persons pursuing narrow and parochial interests, the PDP urged them to continue to rally round President Jonathan, who has consistently shown his sincerity and forthrightness on all national issues.


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  • aabello

    Keep ranting Metuh #Febuhari

  • pastorakinleye

    Olisa’s swan song …

  • felix


    • Preye Aganaba

      Which ‘Nigerians made up their minds’? Did you consult me when you did? It’s only online warriors like you that is parading such erroneous misconceptions. Mr. Man,nothing for Buhari, stop overworking yourself.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    We won’t accept another plot by South West selfish leaders to foist a sick Buhari on us. I noticed that Tinubu and Obasanjo,two strange bed-fellows are now working in cahoot to realize this sinister plan. We are beginning to understand their greed. Our interests are better served in PDP. We will vote for PDP for presidential in Kano and APC in governorship. Our governor,Kwankwaso will defect to PDP after the elections so that he can contest for President in 2019.

    • Johnson Omale

      Mall Abdullahi, you can not even campaign in open for Jonothing in Kano. Your interests are not better served by the PDPing. I do not know what you do for living, but Im sure you are not finding things easy under the Jonothing government. Stop fooling yourself.

      • Abdullahi Adamu

        You Internet warriors from south does not understand the politics of Kano. 2011 was our last vote for Buhari. I challenge you to turn on your television set the day the President will come to Kano to campaign. The day Atiku and Kwankwaso lost the APC ticket was the day we gave up our presidential quest for 2015. 2019 is our year. karshen tattaunawa!

        • Jika

          A naka ra’ayin kenan. Mu dai an shamu mun warke. Bamu, ba PDP.

          • Abdullahi Adamu

            yana da kawai myopic mutanen da ba su ga hatsarori da goyon bayan APC da Buhari wannan lokaci a kusa.

          • Yola

            Je ka koyi hausa tukun kafin kayi rubutu da hausa. Wannan sajewa bai karbe ka ba kuma bazai taimaki maigidanka GEJ ba. Gara kayi amfani da sunanka na gaskiya.Kuma in so kake ku samu kuri’ar ‘yan arewa sai kuyi kokari kuje BBCHausa, VOAhausa da sauran gidajen rediyo na kasashen waje masu amfani da harshen hausa kila ya taimake ku amma banda wannan saje sunan. Lol!!
            Sai Buhari

          • Babandum

            The english to hausa translation program you are using is giving you out.

  • Segun

    It is obvious they must have read the report of buhari’s health and decided to back out and allow buhari to fail.

  • Aisha

    thank allah that our northern leaders have seen the need not to make the mistake of 2007 again, where OBJ foisted a sick Yaradua on us. Tinubu is on the same trick and our northern brothers are falling for it.

    Buahri is sick and should retire for a vibrant northern or we go for GEJ.

    • TrueNja

      Age is just a number and anyone can fall sick. Death does not come with age. Jonathan junior sister was sick and died recently.

    • Yola

      From the writing we know them. Pls use your real name as a muslim no one will write the name of Allah the way you wrote it. That will not help you with vote, northerners had made up their, no amount of disguise and fake names will change that. Pls revert to issue based campaigns. If you ignorant let me enlighten you and average northerner listen to BBChausa, VOAHausa, RFIhausa and DW hausa than read papers. So my advice if you can penetrate such then you can be able to succeed but not with this propaganda. Lol!!!

  • Musa Yaro

    Tinubu knows Buhari is a very naïve politician,so he is promoting him to serve his parochial interests. We are not fooled by Tinubu’s sudden love for the north. Buhari is a poisoned chalice. We will reject him. Thank you Metuh for opening the eyes of some our gullible northern youths who are blindly following this fraudulent arrangement that will leave us in ruins later.

    • TrueNja

      Musa Yaro is your pseudo. Review your real names convict FFK, Abati, Alakori , Okugbe. Age is just a number. We want competent leader, not clueless GEJ. We Nigerians have seen and continue seeing that competency in Buhari. Read our lips, no more 4 hardship years!!!

      • Musa Yaro

        Ko kana ga hakikanin?

        • Yola

          Mallam, je ka koyi hausa tukun kafin kayi rubutu da hausa. Wannan sajewa bai karbe ka ba kuma bazai taimaki maigidanka GEJ ba. Gara kayi amfani da sunanka na gaskiya.Kuma in so kake ku samu kuri’ar ‘yan arewa sai kuyi kokari kuje BBCHausa, VOAhausa da sauran gidajen rediyo na kasashen waje masu amfani da harshen hausa kila ya taimake ku amma banda wannan saje sunan. Lol!!
          Sai Buhari

          • Musa Yaro

            Gaske? ba ka da kyau. ku yi sauti sosai wawa.

          • Yola


  • djay

    Be there and keep complaining while more and more Pdp stalwarts are decamping to Apc daily.

  • victo amadi

    Why are you using Hausa people name and talk against Buhari+? Most of you are paid to do so, but note you are doing it to play with the future of your children. The token they gave you I’ll surely finish before the elections.

    • Abdullahi Adamu

      Walahi I swear to Almighty Allah that we in the north dont like Buhari but our religion has brainwashed us.

      • Abdulkadir

        I am sure you are not from Kano in the first place because they don’t necessarily vote the way they are expexcted. Kwankwaso knows that.. . secondly for you to say thay our religion has brainwashed us again that shows your ignorance about the religion. My Brother, I advise you to seek forgiveness from your creator for saying people in the north dont like Buhari because you know yourself that you are lying. Kano people are intelligent as such they will come out enmasse to cast their vote for GMB with or without the support of Kwankwaso.

        • Abdullahi Adamu

          Open your eyes and see the game,I bet you,You will be disappointed,Insha Allah.

      • Nostory

        Abdullahi adamu from Orlu

        • Abdullahi Adamu

          Shi ne cewa yadda kake horar?

          • Yola

            Je ka koyi hausa tukun kafin kayi rubutu da hausa. Wannan sajewa bai karbe ka ba kuma bazai taimaki maigidanka GEJ ba. Gara kayi amfani da sunanka na gaskiya.Kuma in so kake ku samu kuri’ar ‘yan arewa sai kuyi kokari kuje BBCHausa, VOAhausa da sauran gidajen rediyo na kasashen waje masu amfani da harshen hausa kila ya taimake ku amma banda wannan saje sunan. Lol!!
            Sai Buhari

          • Factual


      • SAM .A

        Abdullahi Adamu is Reno Omo KiriKiri from Niger Delta . You cannot use your disguise to deceive Northerners ,true to your people deceiving party or Papa Decieve Pikin .

    • Ologun David

      Amadi, who is using hausa name pls? I am a yoruba man, but it GEJ all the way, of which I believe there are many hausas doing same, supporting the best president. did u not watch PDP Kano rally yesterday, abi na Otuke people were exported to Kano, or fake hausas?

    • Aisha

      ina mai Hausa yarinya , zã su dinga tunãwa na yadda u zargin mutãne dõmin APC . kowa dole ba goyi bayan APC . mamaki GEJ zai lashe arewa

      • Jika

        Lallai ke ba bahaushiya bace. GEJ zai lashe gidanku dai amma ba arewa ba.

      • Yola

        Mallama ko mallam, je ka koyi hausa tukun kafin kayi rubutu da hausa. Wannan sajewa bai karbe ka ba kuma bazai taimaki maigidanka GEJ ba. Gara kayi amfani da sunanka na gaskiya.Kuma in so kake ku samu kuri’ar ‘yan arewa sai kuyi kokari kuje BBCHausa, VOAhausa da sauran gidajen rediyo na kasashen waje masu amfani da harshen hausa kila ya taimake ku amma banda wannan saje sunan. Lol!!
        Sai Buhari

        • foluso faturoti

          Yola, please don’t mind them. They are using Google translate to translate their nonsense into Yoruba and Hausa. How can people be so dishonest? Pdp if you truly believe your candidate will/deserves to win why do you resort to this vile level of deceit?

          • Yola

            Foluso, it is because they don’t have issues to discuss, they resort to mudslinging and maligning people’s name due to ethnic and religious bigotry.

  • Ologun David

    With what Fashola said against Jimi Agbaje, it is obvious that he may not support Buhari. the north should study Fashola’s statement and understand the implicit meaning. if Fashola could accept the fact that at 42, the job of gorvanance was tasking and weighed down on him seriuosly, it is obvious he knew Tinubu’s plot to use a sick buhari who will not stand the stress of the office of the president.

    Yaradua saga again, north be wise.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    I am a Yoruba citizen by nationality and a Nigerian by the British colonial’s design. I am a member of the APC because voting for the Political Party founded by Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo philosophy has been part of my family tradition. But without a shadow of a doubt, I will be voting President Jonathan of the PDP. The alternative, Buhari of the APC, is a “disaster area”.
    Don’t assume the “Change” message of the APC, copied from Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign, is real. It is not so. The change agent, Buhari, the Yoruba-APC is parading, is neither liberal nor socialist, but the leader of a Jihadist group desperate to impose Sharia Law and the born-to-rule idea on the rest of us.
    I don’t really like PDP politics under Mr Obasanjo. He rigged all the elections in Yorubaland in 2003 and once more in 2007 for the PDP. But President Jonathan, also of the PDP reversed all the barbarities committed by Obasanjo against the Yoruba people, for under Mr Jonathan, the mandates freely given to the Yoruba-APC but stolen by Obasanjo in Osun, Ekiti, Ondo and Edo States were restored to the party through the Judiciary. Yoruba-APC in Ogun, Oyo and Lagos States won the gubernatorial elections under Jonathan without any harassment. I have grown to respect the Yoruba-PDP with Mr Jonathan’s way of doing things. I just prefer him to the ‪#‎JihadistBuhari‬.
    A lot of us got carried away with the Yoruba-APC use of lies and social media propaganda to disparage and discredit Mr Jonathan in favour of Mr Buhari’s Northern Agenda. But when the Yoruba leaders courted the Gambari like Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Muhammad, Shehu Shagari, Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, Abdulsalam Abubakar and Umoru Yar’Adua, all former Leaders and Presidents of Nigeria between 1960 and 2010, they were variously detained, hounded into exile, assassinated, murdered, and marginalized in all facets of Nigerian polity.
    I am horrified that a political party my family has associated with before I was ever born is today the mouthpiece of the Islamic State of Arewa North, the same North that has persecuted the Yoruba for 50 years.
    To the ‪#‎NobleYorubaYouths‬, let’s kick Muhammadu Buhari’s foot away from Aso Rock on ‪#‎FailBuhari‬ 14. Let’s put Nigeria back on track of Regional Autonomy founded on Parliamentary System.
    We have always been APC in our family, it just feels wrong to be this time around with Buhari as the candidate of the APC. In my opinion, I think Mr Jonathan will make a great President. If Jonathan gets elected, the unity of Nigeria will be re-negotiated along the path of Regional Autonomy.

  • Akinwade Kolawole

    When you see a thug, forger and ex drug dealer as the defacto political head of a region claiming sophistication and progressive promoting a 84-year old man for president,you will know something is amiss. The veteran forger clearly has some aces up his sleeves. He shall fail in FailBuhari!

    • Nostory

      PDP is full of criminals.
      Thugs = Ayo Fayose + Jelili Adesiyan
      Forger = Chief Bode George
      Ex Drug dealer = Kashamu Buruji

  • Anene Mercy

    It was a massive campaign today at Onitsha for GEJ. south east is for GEJ. I am happy northern leaders now understand the need not to allow Tinubu deceive them again like OBJ in 2007.

    • Nostory

      No problem but (SE + SS)votes < ( Lagos state + Oyo states)votes.
      Sai Buhari.

  • Sani Danladi

    Buhari’s pre-election diagnosis also doesn’t inspire confidence that he has learned the right lessons or even better himself. Nigerians are bored whenever he mounts the rostrum to make campaign speeches. He lacks the charisma that a leader possesses to woo his people.
    APC should have a strong chance in 2015, after 16 years of PDP holding power, but it does not have the right man for the job. Jonathan is running his campaign focused on economic populism and government favors to taking every Nigerian along through its transformation programs. It’s hard to see what advantages Buhari brings that the many potential candidates like Atiku Abubakar do not.

    • Mique3

      For me, his choice instead of a younger, stronger Fashola means either there’s a northern agenda or truly he was picked because of the conclusion that northern votes are indispensable for a candidate to win Nigerian presidency.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    But Atiku was with them at Kogi campaign.

  • Timothy Aseer

    BUHARI, are you DEAD?
    We can’t afford another YAR’ADUA saga in Nigeria.
    ‪#‎GEJ‬ till 2019 that the North will present a HEALTHY President#

    • TrueNja

      May your ill wishes go to your Badluck Jonathan

  • Dr. Kay

    Ole, ole, oleeeeeee! PDP e-rats are passing pass under under, passing side side, passing pass in and out, they are all over the place frothing in the mouth with glee thinking all their rantings hold water, my friends Dumbo is living in borrowed times GMB all the way , the unstoppable tsunami. I am here to keep you guys honest , dumbo has lost do ya all copy?

    • Akinwade Kolawole

      gun years ti Tinubu igbekun ni Lagos ti yọ wọpọ ori jade ninu rẹ ori. I ni aanu nyin.

      • Dr. Kay

        Lol, your gibberish shows you are one of the identity thief that pretend to be yoruba. Why you Jona people so corrupt, or is it , Apple does not fall far from the tree? Awon oloshi alatenuje . Liars !

        • Akinwade Kolawole

          ti o ba ti o ba wa ni ko ohun ode, o yoo wa ko le ṣe sọrọ bi ọkan.

          • SAM .A

            Are you speaking or writing Yoruba, Reno Omokiri , you have betrayed yourself, write in your mother tongue .
            Omo ale , ako tileta, Alatenuje ,Okugbe , omo jatijati,Oponu.

          • SAM .A

            No Yoruba name called Akinwade , it is Akinwande or Akinwo ade. Or Akinwuade .

          • TrueNja

            Evidently you are not a Yoruba. What is the meaning of what you wrote?

  • charles peters

    I heard that buhari was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. chaiii no wonder Atiku, Kwankwaso and others are backing out.

    • SAM .A

      That diagnosis is in your psychotic mind . Patience who resurrected in Germany hospital , did you hear about it , before her thanksgiving ? President who travels out frequently for check up , did u hear any diagnosis ? You have started hearing voices .
      We call that hallucination . Oti bere were small ,small.

      • Gaskiya

        Like I said earlier, speak a much Yoruba as you want. If APC shoots itself on the foot by
        fielding a candidate whose tenure is truncated again, either by
        incapacitation due to ill health or (God forbid) death, that is there
        own palaver. The South Westerners in APC will discover that their
        Northern counterparts never really wanted change for the purpose of
        betterment of Nigeria, but for other reasons which has always been
        there, but which they wouldn’t want to rock the boat by acknowledging at
        this time i.e. hausa/fulani supremacy, born to rule syndrome, religious
        chauvinism etc.
        This will be manifested when they demand that Prof. Osinbajo hands back power to where it belongs, “the north”.

    • glo

      May your ill wishes for Buhari become your portion, ijn. Amen.

      • Mique3

        See him calling Jesus. Go and be delivered from crass ignorance. Which Jesus. If indeed you know Jesus you would have asked yourself why the 1999 constitution refers to Islam and Sharia over 100 times but not a single reference to Christianity! Please make your declaration in Mohammed’s name, not Jesus. Butterfly calling himself a bat.

  • Etang Chris

    Atiku ia a smart politician. Tinubu cant use him. other northern leaders should learn from IBB and Atiku.

    up GEJ.

  • inuwa kate

    up GEJ

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    I am neither an alarmist nor a medical doctor but the Buhari I saw in kogi state is not okay
    He is so empty and bereft of punchy lines you expect of a politician
    He rarely complete a statement with a high pitch or wind two issues together correctly
    He looks frail and totally out of control of himself
    He looks more like an unwilling horse but like a baby sleeping but still eating candy
    I really pity this elderly man
    And I can envisage the hole some pple are trying to put us into

    Your vote is your choice,vote GEJ,vote PDP.

    • SAM .A

      Mohammodu Buhari , looks healthier than you , it is stated at his age ‘ he is fit as fiddle’ . You can challenge him to senior boys 200meters . He is going to beat you hands down. His military background has helped him so far
      Check out all your retired & serving generals , all of them have BiG BELLY except Buhari.

      • Gaskiya

        Not praying for anything bad but if APC shoots itself on the foot by fielding a candidate whose tenure is truncated again, either by incapacitation due to ill health or (God forbid) death, that is there own palaver. The South Westerners in APC will discover that their Northern counterparts never really wanted change for the purpose of betterment of Nigeria, but for other reasons which has always been there, but which they wouldn’t want to rock the boat by acknowledging at this time i.e. hausa/fulani supremacy, born to rule syndrome, religious chauvinism etc.
        This will be manifested when they demand that Prof. Osinbajo hands back power to where it belongs, “the north”.

    • glo

      Thank God Buhari is bereft of punchy political lines, which translates to lies, lies, and more lies; all talk and no action. We the people don’t need politicians as heads of service; we need genuine people like Buhari/Osibanjo.

  • wode

    Metuh, you suppose to have stopped the failed business of unsuccessful propaganda and address the problem bedeviling your party at every nooks and cranny of the nation. You have all predicted that APC formation would not be, the bastard Okupe said it wont last a year, you said it’s the selection of their national leaders that would split them, in the same vein, you predicted the doom of the party by the time they get to choose their flag bearers (President/VP candidates, etc). With all these predictions, the results were turning out to be directly opposite of what you predicted. So, by now, you should have learnt to keep quite and address the problem of your party. The mass exodus of people out of your party and other parties into the party you predicted doom for should be quite instructive as to where the fortune and future of the country is tilting towards.

    As a gentle reminder, the Atiku that you are claiming, among others, has dumped GMB campaign is the Northern coordinator of the group while Tinubu is the Southern coordinator. We have had enough of you and your party. Start preparing your valedictory service out of Government, that has always been my consistent advice for you and your party. We have trusted you with power and the destiny of this country for 16 years but the only thing you could do was to squander the opportunity. It’s all over. The CHANGE is here.

    • Babandum

      Brilliant! Simply brilliant! But of course you cannot expect Metuh and his e-rats to understand brilliance lest appreciate it! Once again, brilliant summary of the current Nigerian polity.

      • Mique3

        Where is the brilliance?

      • Mique3

        Mark my words. Dream all you can but GMB will never rule Nigeria again. Never!

        • VOTEoutGEJ!

          If Buhari wins, tell GEJ not to hand over and see what will happen to his coconut head

          • Wähala

            Gorilla head… not coconut head. The man is a Chimp!

          • Mique3

            Its less than a month from today. I will remind you on the other side of FailBuhari 14.

  • Sanusi Hammari

    we are behind GMB no matter how u can lie to us, u better go and learn how to be in opposition party than wasting your time here,Jonathan deliberatly allowed insurgency to continue in the North east why can i vote for violence no it can’t happen jona out GMB in 2015

  • PROF

    Its hard to sell a Northern muslim leader for president cos of the level of polarisation and even APC know it .Some northern leaders who used religion and bokoharm in the north have brought shame to nigeria and have not succeed in bringing about violent change ,but have rather made it even more difficult to sell their candidate. This is not the end of the north ,but rather it is the beginning of the end .THE NORTHERN YOUTHS MUST SPEAK OUT ,COS THEIR LEADERS ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR THEM ,BUT RATHER FOR THEM SELVES .

    • Efe1

      What are you on?

      • PROF

        On top your mother !

        • Bratee

          PROF, you no well at all!

    • Babandum

      So it is GEJ that is fighting for northern youth? What a joke!

      • PROF

        Its sad that GEJ is only after his second term, however ,the northern leaders are the joke.

      • ebiloma emmanuel

        is nt a joke my brother.jonathan is really trying his best and we al know that

    • glo

      Who are the southern leaders fighting for? Certainly not the southern youths and masses.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      No politician in Nigeria is more polarize than GEJ. Under him, every state is divided against itself and now he is going from one church to another looking for votes. God has rejected him…

      • PROF

        Dont worry ,we will see who will win 🙂

  • Efe1

    When will PDP start their campaign

    • Bronx

      They have nothing to show for after 6 yrs of nothing

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, they started, but their campaign is having an ogogoro-induced fit!

      So they have to do it in bursts of start and stop!!

    • D1

      After elections, my bros!

  • Rommel

    I can see that Olisah Metuh is already trying his hands on another trade which is comedy because come February 14th,his job largesse will radically change.

  • TrueNja

    Liar, liar, liar pants on fire!!! No amount of lies, half-truths. political propagandas can sway us. We Nigerians have made up our minds, GEJ must go. We are tired of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, ethnicity, etc… Read our lips, no more 4 hardship years.

    • Pam Daylop

      Buhari as president only exist in the figment of your imagination. Wake up to reality,no enlightened Nigerian will be bold enough to thumbprint for Buhari on election day. APC has failed to inspire the younger generation.

      • glo

        If you’re so sure of what you’re saying, then why are you here cursing out people. Your attitude seem more like that of a loser. Since no one will vote for Buhari, shouldn’t you be relaxing with your fellow members of corruption inc.?

      • TrueNja

        Before is too late, better accept the reality. Your Badluck Jonathan days as president end on May 28, 2015.

        • Mique3

          Dream on bro.

  • pheliciti

    Metuh should stop foaming at the mouth in his attempt to discredit APC. He should concentrate on the quit notice given to GEJ’s paid fans club in Bayelsa by GEJ’s hand picked governor. He should also find time to engage in some IQ building exercises as there is hardly any logic in his arguments.

    • Pam Daylop

      I can see that small minded fellows like you can’t understand the importance of enlightenment. I pray you don’t end up like Buhari.

      • pheliciti

        Please keep your curses to yourself. I pray I end up with my integrity intact if I live for 72 years and have faced temptations all the way. I pray I end up like Buhari who keeps standing inspite of all the darts of falsehood you throw at him!

  • endingNaija

    Mutu or what do you call yourself? Metuh? Keep dreaming. You are writing your name in Nigerian history as an apostle of ‘You have to be a liar to be a politician”. Olisa Metuh, you are disgrace to your generation and education if you have any.

    • Gaskiya

      What has he lied about. Please shut up if you have not been following the trends. Did you not hear when Fashola said while campaigning for Ambode that he (Ambode) is younger than him (Fashola) and would do better than the 60 year old PDP candidate? Please counter Metuh’s assertions with facts and stop exposing your shallowness.

      • endingNaija

        Counter the assertions of an incurable and disgraceful liar like Metuh? Me? Ah na wa o! Here is a PDP operative who is a disgrace to whatever education he got, that breadths, wears, sleeps, wakes, eats, drinks, and smokes lies. Every second of Olisa’s life is a lie. He works for lies and gets paid for lying. So what else Mr. the falsehood alias the “truth” na “Gaskiya”! I think you should start REDEEMING the truth about the falsehood and lie in Olisa’s life.

        • Mique3

          Imagine. Not a single statement about what Fashola said. Is this how APC intends to win and rule? Simple question…Fashola says Ambode is a better candidate than his PDP opponent because Ambode is younger. He is simply saying that GEJ is a better candidate than GMB WHO IS 73. Either that’s the conclusion or it is Fashola that should be called clueless, not GEJ.

  • MI

    Ok Metuh….

  • Tom Turban

    How long ago did this clown suggest that both major parties should focus on the issues? And we say Jonathan is clueless. Compared to Metuh, he is a genius!

    • Pam Daylop

      Your candidate without elementary education and not medically fit is not an issue? Are you sure you are still sane?

      • Tom Turban

        I am. Thanks for asking!

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        But GEJ is insane!!

  • Maria

    This moron again?

    • Pam Daylop

      It is your father that is a moron. No wonder you are so moronic!

      • Maria


      • Bronx

        Is he your father? f00l

  • Exclusive Obix


    • Okafor Emeka

      See this efulefu! Which Igbos will vote for Buhari? Are you sure you know what you are talking about? Isi adikwa gi mma?

      • glo

        Efulefu di ka gi! Ngi nwa ka isi adiru nma! Myopic igbos like you think that all Igbos must think alike. Please, moron, speak for your self.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      It’s like nothing is working for PDP, even their so called issue based campaign

    • True Nigerian

      You are not alone. I’m with you! Not just me, but my family too!

      Don’t pay any attention to the idyocy of the argument that an entire ethnic group of more than 18million people will all have exactly the same idea and candidate. Even if an Igbo man is contesting today, there would be Igbos who do not want him for various reasons. Even in Niger Delta today, there are people who will never vote for Jonathan next month. But some narrow-minded fellows think it is sensible to argue that voting for Jonathan is now the new way of identifying ourselves as Igbo person. It is silly!

      Sai Buhari!

    • glo

      Nwannem, my family and me too o!

    • Isi Agwo


  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    APC missed it when they threw away the golden opportunity of fielding Atiku Abubakar whom discerning Nigerians know that he is very, very prepared to wear the mantle of leadership ……… worse still ….. they missed the opportunity of pairing Aminu Tambuwaal with Fashola.

    Their choice of 73 year old Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari is very weird .

    2015 – 2019 = GEJ/Sambo
    2019 – 2023 = Atiku Abubakar or Sule Lamido

    • akeem igbalajobi

      Wetin concern u…..

  • Bobo

    Comment on this article whether is true or false rather than abusive language on Metuh

  • Doyin Lawal

    They are all confused set of people. Time will tell

  • excel

    Like Metuh like gej ogogoro keep disturbing this people and their clueless can’t be ignore shameless entity. All this cheap things can’t buy you sympathy. The fear of GMB is getting them confussed and more clueless, APC remain committed for CHANGE and GMB will lead the CHANGE.

    • Goodluck_Nigeria

      Bros ….. what Change is APC proposing ……. is it the 73+ change or the ba certificate change or the Osun State Budget of N18.5Billion for it’s Governor’s Office ?

  • Federalist2012

    I respect Buhari and even Jonathan would not deny the fact that he is one of very few Nigerians with integrity and honesty. But at this point he is a victim in the hands of a cabal extremely desperate to seize power at the centre. He is a victim of a conspiratorial perfidy. The cabal that are pulling the levers behind do not like him but they have got no one as popular as him to realize their ambition. And we should expect more impulsive and spontaneous “flip flops” from the APC leaders. The Bible says” from the abundant of the heart the mouth speaketh”. Buhari is the right candidate in the hands of the wrong people.

    • emmanuel N

      Kai, I wish na GEJ sabi talk like you. Because he has PHD and can only talk like a kid I prefer the illiterate FeBuhari. CHANGE

    • Mique3

      Extremely intelligent. I am wondering why Fashola is making noise that the Federal government is frustrating the Lekki Deep Sea port and making a campaign issue out of it but is refusing to tell voters that Buhari CANCELLED the metro line project of the Jakande administration that would have greatly improved transportation in Lagos State. Talk about double standards. Fashola is angry that Nigeria is not in the Afcon when “small” Cape Verde is there. He conveniently forgot that it was this same administration that wan the Nations’ Cup for the first time in 16 years.

  • Y. A. Maitama

    Is it logical PDP to say a Candidate nominated through democratic profess not by endorsement, that the electrocants of the nominated Candidate are not in support of him. This is the highest ridiculous statement ever heard in my life of 67 years.

  • Musa Ibrahim

    Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive. Its obvious the enemy camp is confused. VOTE PDP

    • glo

      Errant nonsense!

  • Mosaku 147

    Olisa Metuh.if we are in a sane country,you would be in jail by now. Better go and refund Elumelu’s money,otherwise tell your master to build specialized prison for your likes because there is no way you will not end up in prison.

    • Mique3

      Actually, if we were in a sane country, Buhari should be in jail for executing an innocent man via a retroactive decree sir.

    • Akinwade Kolawole

      And also for overthrowing a democratically elected government. Let’s be frank,treason anywhere attracts life imprisonment anywhere in the world!

  • Mr. Abdin

    PDP as a political party has been looking for an opportunity to disorganized the APC but it seems it is not working the saying that some APC leaders have abandoned Buhari which is not true the likes of Atiku Abubakar are solidly behind their candidate.

  • emmanuel N

    I think you should be more concerned with marketing your candidate and his achievements in the last six years rather. The attempt to point out flaws of the opposition candidate is rather achieving the opposite. Please try and get your campaign strategy right.

  • abbadd

    Experience is better than qualification. what is the use of the qualification if you don’t know what you are doing? will you employ a fresh graduate who needs training or an experienced candidate?

  • Isi Agwo

    Gaskiya Tafi kwabo (Truth is better than money).

  • Thepeople

    Wiston Churchill one of the greatest and twice the prime minster of Great Britain born in 1874 was 77years in 1951 when he came to power the second time. Ride on Buhari. We need a change. CHANGE MUST COME TO NIGERIA.

    • Mique3

      He was not a coup plotter sir. Don’t compare him with Buhari please.

      • Thepeople

        At least he has conviction, integrity, and vision. He simply have the presence of mind to deal with issues that face Nigeria. By the way Thomas Sankara was a coup plotter but had the necessary leadership qualities. That was that era. Let face issues blessed Nigerians. We need leadership. We need change and every breathing Nigerian including Olisa Metu know it.

        • Mique3

          Change begins with people not just with a clamour for ONE man to come rule and do magic. I don’t hate change, if it is really change. Change begins with learning to RESPECT the office of the president even if a chicken occupies it. I have never imagined that any government has a magic wand to transform Nigeria in the manner some people believe a certain GMB would. Neither have I imagined that this present government does. What I detest is when people present falsehood and clothe it in some emotional garb and present it as THE ONLY OPTION. There are APC states doing well. There are also PDP states doing well. There’s a former Labour Party state doing well. There are APC states running aground. There are also PDP states running aground. Integrity alone is not what runs a government sir. As for foresight and vision, I am yet to understand the vision in GMB canceling the Metroline project in Lagos during his first coming. I have studied the economic policies of GMB during his first coming. NIgerians almost died at first before any meaningful positive impact began to show. If he had received the kind of hate and opposition GEJ has been receiving and not used military might to musclee it, maybe the little dividend that appeared before his ouster would have been lost. I am not a blind follower of ANY leader but I do take exception to people who want to ride on double-standards to win an election.

          • Thepeople

            Completely agree with you, nobody has the magic solution. But what is important is the direction we are moving as a country and a people. Are we better off than 6 years ago? Is corruption worse than 6 years ago? Are our youths better employed than 6 years ago ? Are we more secured and citizens safer than 6 years ago? Are infrastructures better than 6 years ago?……..No body has said Buhari is saint, neither has he all the answers but present government has failed the people and woefully too. Would you agree to let this government continue to run your personal business if your personal businesss was Nigeria?. If and when Buhari wins, if he does not move the country forward for the progress of Nigeria, he would and should be kicked out. This the essence of democracy.

          • Mique3

            Thanks for your civility. My answer to your questions happens to be yes in many cases sir. Infrastructure is visibly better. And improving daily. There are great roads in Lagos done by Fashola. There are also horrible ones. And, by the way sir, why does everyone believe poor performance is a FEDERAL problem. There are 3 tiers of government.

            Agriculture is visibly better. Corruption in that sector is at an all time low. Fertilizers are reaching the right people. You know that in Nigeria when people are not talking, they’re silently making money and progress. I personally know scores of very young Nigerians who have taken to agriculture and making money but saying nothing.

            Air transport is visibly better. The economy is not worse than it was before. Show proof if you think otherwise.

            I don’t know how rice remained at its lowest cost this Yuletide, but it was. Education is not worse than it used to be. Nigerians are going to vote in February with PVC…for the first time in the history of Nigeria. Nobody remembers that progress. Millions of cards have not been collected. Someone is about to say it is Inec and not Jonathan. We are used to that double standard…

            Power privatization is progressing. Those who know, know that in 2 years or less, the dividends will be so obvious…that’s what APC wants to come and glory in and get the glory. When gsm came in, without inheriting any backward equipment from anyone and bad blood too, it took over 10 years for them to be able to give sims out free of charge. Some of us bought an mtn sim for over 35k….today the sims are freebie use they e had time to stabilize. Just imagine if 20 million Nigerians were willing, after power privatization to pay 35k each for new meters and fresh connections. Just imagine. As I write, I can almost say that the power you consume is probably unpaid for. We steal power and bypass meters and scream about corruption. Go and read about the underwater sabotage of power gas lines. Underwater! Not to steal gas, mind you, just to sabotage the government. Is it a poor man that goes underwater to burst gas pipelines? People hate Jonathan without even knowing why.

            Go and tell the vcs, lecturers, students and the entire commercial community that has risen around the 9 new universities built by this administration that Jonathan is clueless and has not provided jobs. Tell th over 1,500 engineers employed in the power sector since Jonathan came in that the man is clueless.

          • Mique3

            Reality is that this administration has failed largely in security. Lives are at risk. There is no doubt about that. Yet, the security issue does not make me want to vote Jonathan out at all. Rather, the security challenge makes me question our desire to remain together as one nation. When the violence in France took place, the people who went out on the street, who matched, did not match AGAINST the government of the day. They matched in solidarity. Were you not in this country when, instead of condemning the activities of Boko Haram, the opposition was gleeful and claiming that it was because the government has failed. Even if Buhari takes over and stops the bloodshed with a whistle, does it bring back the lives of those taken as a result of our collective slience and politicising of the crisis? At the end, what pains is not the hatred of our enemies but the silence of our friends.

            It is possible that Jonathan will lose because the insecurity situation has always been an albatross for governments worldwide. It is possible it is to that singular malady that he will lose his presidency. If he does, I will not be sad because he is no longer in power. I will simply shift loyalty to Buhari or who ever is the president because for me, loyalty to a serving president is sacrosanct and until he leaves power, he cannot get less. I only wish that all Nigerians gave that same loyalty to a serving president who, for those who bother to reason, occupies a unique position in our national development and history.

            A vote for Buhari MAY translate into a vote for the end of insecurity. It MAY even translate into an instant end of corruption. But, I guarantee you, whatever true progress and evolution we have made in democracy will be eroded in a twinkle. I have seen it in Edo State. I know better. You may not understand what you enjoy now, all you may see is insecurity in the North East. But, I choose democracy.

          • Mique3

            Reality is

      • Hk

        How many coup plotters are in your PDP? David Mark, Obj, Jang… Should I continue?

        • Desmond

          Pdp tell us what is your plans for the next four year and stop buhari, buhari has put fear in Pdp heart, calling apc Muslim party, so the Muslim in pdp party are now Christian?most of you guys we be jail when upright man take over power

  • Richard

    Who could be more dubious than Olisa Metuh and the likes of Fani-Kayode . Nothing could prevent the change we desperately desire.

  • Khadijah D.

    When would PDP start their issue based campaign sef? Seems their campaign has only one manifesto, BUHARI!!!

    • Abufata Gumi

      this is an issue madam. unless you dont see the hand writing on the wall. northerners have come to realize the Jonathan’s presidency in 2015 is in the interest of the north as it will allow the region to produce a president in 2019 upwards. with Buhari who has already signed for one term, power will go back to south west, that is to tunic and Obasanjo for another eight years. the issue here is that with Jonathan allowed to stay till 2019 young and enterprising northerners like Kwankwanso, Atiku, Lamido, Wammako and others will have the opportunity to contest in 2019 but with Buhari’s one term and power going to Obj and Tinubu their chances are dead

      • Aminulahi Aminu

        Who are the northerners u keep talking about?

    • Hk

      Khadijah stop wasting your precious time on these people. They only understand divide-and-rule, tribalism, corruption etc. This is why GEJ’s administration is the best thing in their eyes.

      • Khadijah D.

        Tnx. Just thought I can let them see the light

  • Abufata Gumi

    Right on point Metuh. why wont they abandon him? Buhari is no match for Jonathan. they are busy giving out Rivers state money and trying to buy Nigerians. but they have failed. Nigerians will collect their money and still vote for Jonathan. I think the real leaders of the north have realized this and are now behind Jonathan. even tinibu has withdrawn

    • Desmond

      They deceive yourself, Even in our region south south, I am.not sure he will get 60% the people are not happy with him

    • Jon Lawrence

      Whenever some of you say that Buhari is no match for Jonathan it makes me laugh.
      Buhari formed the CPC and within 6 months he got 12 million votes without any help from any governor, no senator or money bags behind him. How many Nigerian politicians can achieve that feat on their own?
      Can Jonathan outside the mega PDP structure, federal and states might win a senatorial election even in Bayelsa?
      Whatever we think of Buhari, there is no denying it that the guy is an enigma and has a cult following among the masses and that is why he scares the hell out of the elite both north and south, of the prospect of him being in charge.
      We must give credit to whom it’s due irrespective of our bias nature.

      • Mique3

        Check and see how many of those 12 million votes were from religion and tribe.

  • Abufata Gumi

    the North may have realized that Jonathan Presidency in 2015 is in their interest. this is because after four years that is by 2019 power will return to the region. but with Buhari who had already signed for one term, power will retunr to the south west, that is to tinubu and Obasanjo for another eight years. the issue here is that with Jonathan allowed to stay till 2019 young and enterprising northerners like Kwankwanso, Atiku, Lamido, Wammako and others will have the opportunity to contest in 2019 but with Buhari’s one term and power going to Buhari, their chances are dead

    • Hk

      We dont care about power rotation, just credible leadership.

    • Separate Us…

      Remember rotating was only on PDP platform i guess

  • Ade

    Shut up you always see the impossibles.APC all the way.Don’t feed us with ur usual lies

  • Ade

    FEBUHARI all the way

  • Hk

    Enough of these Buhari attacks! PDP where is your manifesto for 2015-2019?

    • Abdul

      Unlike APC, PDP dont have manifestos

  • J.O

    That PDP won’t focus on their own agenda but keep talking about APC all day everyday goes to show ththe threat they currently fave from the APC.


    APC has been consistent in saying that PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 disastrous
    years in which corruption, impunity, insurgency, armed robbery and several ills
    of society held sway.
    But at a very close look at the APC, I am seeing:
    1. Rotimi Amaechi – 8 years speaker; 7 year, Governor
    under PDP.
    2. Atiku Abubakar – 8 years Vice president under PDP.
    3. George Akume – 8 years Governor under PDP.
    4. Bukola Saraki – 8 years Governor; 2 years, Senator
    under PDP.
    5. Timipre Sylver – 4 years Governor under PDP.
    6. Audu Ogbe – 2 years Chairmanship of the PDP.
    7. Aminu Masari – 4 years as the Speaker, House of
    Representativesunder PDP.
    8. Chris Ngige – 3 years Governor under PDP.
    9. Rabiu Kwankwaso – 7 years Governor; 3 years
    Defense minister under PDP.
    10. El Rufai – 4 years FCT Minister; 2 years BPE
    chairman under PDP.
    11. And to cap it all, Obasanjo is the navigator of the
    APC, a man who spent 8 of the disastrous 16 years as
    the maximum ruler of Nigeria.
    It is now clearer that APC is a waste basket of the PDP, where the people
    who created and perpetuated the 16 disastrous years are now dumped. So where
    is the change coming from? Are they now saints because they joined APC?
    Pls be WISE & VOTE not for those seeking power by FORCE

  • ceweeco projects

    O Lord, deliver me from the men of excellent intention and impure heart: for the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. APC, It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance. In our daily life, we encounter people who are angry, deceitful, intent only on satisfying their own needs.
    There is so much anger, distrust, greed, and pettiness that we are losing our capacity to work well together. Oh APC, it must not be do or die politics or better still take it or leave it. APC final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.

  • Dan Fulani

    APC is just a group of confused people who are not even in accord with their statements…they keep making it easy for Nigerians to see their incompetence.

  • Tayo Ogundipe

    They should keep showing Nigerians how incompetent they are, at least it makes our job easier in choosing whop we want to rule us.. And the obvious candidate is GEJ.

  • Daniel Oguntoyibo

    Contradicting statements, show of incompetence , useless quest for power at all means, naive and dumb founded statements are the word to describe APC they are very unserious people.

  • ilya Abubakar

    APC leaders doro thief, doro boko , doro sit down for gutter, what is the formular?? Make una pack una kaya go sleep for house and allow the buisness of governance to those that are capable… GEJ is younger and capable.

  • Ifeanyi Chris

    Bokohari is not young and agile for this seat God bless Fashola for using his own mouth to say it, we know this man is no match to Jonathan, that will be like grace to grass, other heads of state got into power with full black hairs and came out with grey hair, so what will happen to Buhari who already has grey hair?

    • petersen

      buhari will be d first to grow purple hair

  • Original_Raskal

    nigerians prefer lies to truth. It is the very nature of the country which is founded on lies and fraud! even a child knows apc is tinubu’s idea to use buhari to wrestle power from GEJ. Tinubu does’t give a fu*k about buhari or nigeria. Buhari has been there since 2003, if they value his person, why didn’t they work with him or vote for him as a person?



  • Hembe Hembe


    “The man (BUHARI) has done a lot of things to this coun­try
    when he was head of state to make Nigerians know that if they vote him to
    power, they are vot­ing tyranny back into power. They are voting back into
    power a man who doesn’t believe in democ­racy. Apart from the fact that he sent
    many of us in the Second Republic to jail when he seized power on December 31,
    1983, he came on a vengeance mission. Laws were backdated to punish innocent
    Nigerians. This was particularly the case of three young men-Batholomew Owo, Barab
    Ogedegbe and Ojulope, who were arrested at the airport for travelling with
    cocaine. In order to punish the boys, Buhari’s regime backdated a law to the
    very day the boys were arrested and got them executed. Even advanced countries
    of the world don’t execute people on frivolous things like that. Even examina­tion
    malpractices were made to carry death penalty. Not only that, he pounced on two
    Guardian jour­nalists, Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson, and sent them to jail
    on frivolous charges that they were going to publish something in the foreign
    pages of the Guardian. Many politicians were sent to jail and died there. He
    sent one of the commissioners under Bola Ige, Alarape Jolaoso, to prison and he
    became blind when he left the prison. Till today, Jolaoso is a blind man. What
    about Shagari? Shagari appealed to them to take him to prison, but they locked
    him up somewhere in Ikoyi. By the time Shagari left de­tention, he himself
    wrote that he nearly went blind. Buhari was talking then as if there will never
    be a return of democracy in Nigeria. Yet, it is this same man that is saying he
    wants to rule Nigeria. It could have been a different ballgame if APC had
    picked either Rabiu Kwankwaso or Atiku. Then, we will know we have a challenge.
    But with Buhari, we are not in any way challenged.”—Babatope ( SUNDAY SUN,

  • Edward E.

    I heard that comment on Jimi Agbaje by Governor Fashola and would want to think it was a slip against the back drop of Gen. Buhari’s own age and the campaign for his election as president. But reading the above analysis and the possibility of Fashola having made similar age-related comments in the past, who knows, his warning not to elect an “old” man could be deliberate after all. You never know with these politicians.