Aregbesola demands apology for Buhari over certificate controversy

Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola

The governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, on Thursday demanded an unreserved apology from people attacking the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, over claims he is unqualified to run for president.

Mr. Aregbesola said Mr. Buhari deserves the respect of all after rising to the level of a general in the Nigerian Army.

Speaking at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day ceremony and laying of wreath in honour of fallen soldiers held at the cenotaph site in Osogbo, the governor stated that all hands must be on deck to ensure that the menace of Boko Haram is brought to a halt without any consideration of tribe.

He described Boko Haram militants as the common enemy of Nigerians irrespective of ethnicity, religion or race.

The governor called on all religious and traditional worshippers to use every power in their custody to fight terrorism to a standstill, saying they have all the spiritual powers to fight Boko Haram.

‎He held that the Armed Forces Remembrance ceremony should serve to inspire the hearts of Nigerians to be more committed to the progress and peace of Nigeria.

The governor reminded the gathering that as the remembrance ceremony is going on around the country‎, many of the uniformed men and women are engaged in deadly battles against a brand in the global network of terrorism of Boko Haram.

“I refer us to these ongoing battles in order to make the point that the government and the people of this country must in their various ways play the role becoming of them in support of those brave combatants,” Mr. Aregbesola said.

“These are trying times. Yet, we must not shrink from our service to this country, whether as soldiers, public or private citizens.

“That enemy, popularly known as Boko Haram, is our common enemy. Consequently, we must be formidably united in confronting it.

“It is by standing together in support of our men and women in the fight against terrorism that we can be sure of victory,” the governor said.

Mr. ‎Aregbesola charged that all must stand together in support of these men and women in the fight against terrorism for the country to be sure of victory.

“Yes we have seen some lapses in the war against terror. Still we cannot run down our fighters. We must give encouragement and support, both in prayers and confidence, to the fighting spirit of our armed forces,” he said.
“We must note that those who rise in arms against our compatriots in the North-East are less in number than the rest of us. That misguided and malevolent minority must not triumph over us, the majority.”

Highlights of t‎he remembrance ceremony included the laying of wreaths by the governor of Osun, Rauf Aregbesola, the commandant Nigeria Institute of Safety, Ipetu-Ijesa, Air Cmdre. Oyewole Jackson.

Others are Chairman Nigeria Legion, Osun, Alimi Samotu, Commissioner of Police Osun, Abubakar Marafa, Commander Engineering Construction Command, Ede, Gbenga Adeyemi and the Ataoja of Osogbo, Jimoh Olanipekun.


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  • adekenny

    How is this write up related to the head lines!our media must redouble their in feeding us with relevant news

  • etties

    Abeg let Buhari show us his certificate as stipulated by the constitution, Raising to be a general is a product of Quota system. what the law says is very simple. Him showing us his certificate is not rocket science.

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    PT should take it easy
    “…The governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, on Thursday demanded an unreserved apology from people attacking the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, over claims he is unqualified to run for president. Mr. Aregbesola said Mr. Buhari deserves the respect of all after rising to the level of a general in the Nigerian Army.”

    I have searched with my eyes, I even used magnifying telescope…and finally I beamed my brand new torch light on the screen looking for the word ‘apology’ or any suggestive of the word, but I no see anything like that. So how did PT arrive at the caption or title of the report? How did it arrive at the inference that Rufus meant ‘apology’? When did the word ‘respect’ become a synonym for ‘apology’?

    PT & its reporters should rise above such ridiculously embarrassing gaffe. There is a limit to jaundiced reporting…and be reminded that there is still space in hell for those who practice journalism in bad faith. See, breeze don blow and fowl yansh don open waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Nonsense!

    • evi

      The governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, on Thursday demanded an unreserved apology from people attacking the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, over claims he is unqualified to run for president.

      Beam your torchlight again or look for halogen light and
      Check the 12th and 13th word ; unreserved apology.
      Typical of Apc to live in denial even when the truth is staring them in the face.

  • true talk

    Dear Nigerians, The fear of Prison is the beginning of Change. Ihave taken time to hear from many people in PDP campaigngroups. I have observed that they are not campaigning basedon issues bothering the masses. They are simply asking ; “DOYou WANT TO GO TO PRISON? ” President Jonathan asked thequestion, Governor Akpabio asked the same question and somany of them were so much campaigning against prison. NowI am wondering why they are so much worried about prison.Why the sudden fear of Prison? The answer is: ” when drybones are mentioned in a story, an old woman becomes veryuncomfortable ” If they are not corrupt and are really fightingcorruption. Why are they so much preaching against prisons?Now I understand why former governor of Bayelsa waspardoned. I understand why “corruption is not stealing” and Iunderstand why the audit report on missing $20 billion won’tbe released. I understand why we have more expensive GEJbill boards than road signs. Some billboards cost more than amillion and these people have mounted thousands of them.Instead of channelling resources appropriately. They resortedto wasting them on billboards and jingles on radio and TV.Who has been funding these things and with which money?Now they are asking us, the suffering masses if we want to goto prison. President Goodluck from his speech has shown thathe is not ready to stop corruption. You can’t stop corruptionwithout sending ppl to jail. Idon’t fear prisons and if I commit acrime I should be given the punishment I deserve. Why arethere laws if we can’t use prisons? They have suddenly becomeso afraid of Prison cell. They should also remember GodAlmighty also has a prison : HELL. If you want to help PDPplease vote them out. Let them go to prison cells so that theywill repent and avoid HELL. Vote APC, vote # Buhari

  • Bigzy

    Has Buhari shown you his CERTIFICATES in camera? If this is the case, we would like to see it. In the maintime, BUHARI, SHOW US YOUR CERTIFICATES!

    • larry


  • atari d Lion

    Its a Big shame to Black AFRICA and the Black man mentality ….Everyone alive knows Buharis past record…is the issue of certiicate presentation inimical to the growth of nigerian economy? stable energy generation? security of life and peace of mind, sustainable development????..but in this digital age that we all know that certificates are as useless as paper written on…that is your main grouse…we currently have jobs in the Uk that you train for less than 6 weeks and you can make up than 300 pounds a day!!..without any rubbish certification…its about application of acquired knowlegde and not …knowlegde already acquired…pls my take is …Only a mad man will keep doin the same thing over and over and expect a different result (Albert Einstein)…Buhari is no saint , but hes a new direction that as not been tried…also, the so called cabal surrounding him are more technically aware of Nigerias problem than the status quo..Yes there will still be corruption , but at least the masses need to feel the impact of their QUESTION all have failed to ask PDP after 16 years is…WHY AS NIGERIA NOT BUILT A REFINERY SINCE 1999???…it would have solved the pricing of expensive energy for all!

    • Etomi

      Since you already see him as messiah, why would you be bothered that he is not qualified to contest in the Feb election??

      • atari d Lion

        Messiah my foot…thats the beauty of democracy…why should Mr no shoe rule 9ja for 10years of cluelessness.??? Ruling nigeria is more about the ability to select a team and monitor your team effectively… the statas quo cant remain the same or we all in deep shit..Go on wikileaks and check the cables on MR Jona, all communique on our presidency is just Nepotism, cronism and the dealers for freinds and fellows, and how to make more money…nothing about nation buliding , or usual government gist…Over 3 000 nigerian soldiers dead or the North east since 2009 and you dont hear nadda about it…Baga razed to the floor and we busy dancing for re a sane society, the latest boko haram attack is enough to loss an election…key word SANE!!

        • Etomi

          Why the derisive ‘Mr. No Shoe,’ appellation???
          I hear that a whole lot among people of Yoruba extraction each time they make reference to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as though there is everything wrong in starting poor and evolving into greatness…
          It seems a bandwagon thing though…
          Without meaning to absolve GEJ of any charge, I cannot claim to have proofs as regards allegations of corruption against him; yet the charges against Buhari are far more conclusive and damning, from mind-boggling corruption perpetrated under his watch as chairman of PTF to 2nd republic NASS’ indictment of him over complicity in missing $2.8bn from NNPC’s coffers, while the man was MD of the corporation/petroleum minister…
          Well, the point is that allegations of carrying baggage cuts across…
          Suffice to say that I would rather trust Nigeria in the hands of a Dr. Jonathan than in that of an illiterate Islamist, Sharia-monger, ethnic jingoist and a coup plotter, an unrepentant brutal military dictator, who at gun point truncated a fledgling democracy…
          I don’t see any difference between Buhari, IBB and Abacha….

        • Etomi

          Obasanjo could not rein in the insurgency in the Niger Delta in his first term; yet that did not stop him from contesting for the presidency in 2003…
          Nor could he rein in the ND insurgency till he left office in 2007…
          The point is victory is often a function of time and not dependent on impatient dismissal of steady effort and resilience…

    • maco

      You mean UK will give room for some one without a certificates to lead them

      • atari d Lion

        You must be very far from real time politics… the Western world as left that Bus stop a HUNDRED years ago! certificates are ot a measurement for anything here..its all about EXPERIENCE..that is what will get you JOBS and Political posts…

        • Etomi

          Please point to any country in the western world that is being rule by a man or woman lacking even the barest certification in education…
          Buhari does not even have a primary six certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          And to think that such a man rose to become a general and head of state beats me….
          That can only happen in Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!
          What a country!!!!!!!!

  • Etomi

    Has Buhari finally produced his certificates???
    These APC people seem to take Nigerians for granted; they see us all as fools; and the illiteracy they seek to impose on us as president makes them all the more a wicked lot…
    God forbid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka

    WHAT A SHAME !!!

    Whether Buhari has a WASC or not ……. that I will leave to the PDP to deal with in Court.

    But what is so embarrassing is that a man like Buhari who is paraded as “Mr Integrity and Mr Do Right” is making the absurd and laughable claim that his certificates are in custody of the Nigerian Army …. how on earth are his certificates with the Nigerian Army ?

    This stuupid claim comes despite the fact that Buhari had contested three previous Presidential Elections ……. yet he could not in a period of over 12 years that he had contested three previous elections found it expedient to obtain copies of his Certificates if he had none in his custody.

    Buhari my foot !!!

  • Man_Enough

    If you don’t want ants to infest your red oil, you pour a little on the floor where you want to keep the container, the ants will busy themselves with the one on the floor. Before they have time for the main oil, you have taken your container away. That is what is happening with Buhari’s certificate issue. APC wants the opposition to continue feasting on the scrap. At the last moment they will produce the certificate and the opposition will back off with their tails between their legs. Then it will be too late to start searching for another “controversy”.

    • Prof. Wole Soyinka

      By the time they produce the certificates at the last moment …… the Buhari voters would have gone for good.

      My take is that Buhari has no West African School Certificate and therefore has nothing to produce.

      I will like to see President Goodluck Jonathan set up a probe panel of inquiry to determine how Buhari and others like him were irregularly recruited in the Cadet cadre of the Nigeria Army without requisite qualifications.

      • elmok

        dont bother yourself they get there through quota system

  • Ette

    It is a shame that the ruling party who are the beneficiaries of GMB’s contributions to NIGERIAN developments are opening their mouths to say all manners of frivolity thereby heaping insults not only on GMB but on INEC and the Military institution. GMB is a household name in military circles having served the country creditably up to Head of State level, and someone is asking him about certificates at this point. He told INEC that his certificates are with the military, having been overthrown by IBB during which his certificates could have been seized, and INEC was satisfied with that as this is his third time of featuring as presidential candidate. How can a ruling party ridicule our national institutions even when it has been told to approach the court if they have a problem. The description of this PDP government as kindergarten was an undestatement going by this show of senselessness. Thank God we are sending them out of power through our votes next month. God bless Nigeria.

    • Prof. Wole Soyinka

      Are you kidding me ” He told INEC that his certificates are with the military, having been overthrown by IBB during which his certificates could have been seized, and INEC was satisfied with that as this is his third time of featuring as presidential candidate.”

      To say that you come across as an idioot is to under-rate your fooolishness !!!

      • atari d Lion

        Mr crassness, fake wole soyinka…no need to throw abuses and show rudeness..bad manners and non civility is not exclusive to anyone…pls refrain from throwing expletives ..just because you are hidding behind a pc screen…I.E-Your mentor..the Prof, would not call any one an #idioot# just for sharing an opinion that is not direct at anyone in particular….constructive criticism only ..if you pls

    • maco

      Do not worry soon you will know the fact.

  • OMAS

    Buhari show us your certificate that is the law or go and take care of your 150 cows

    • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

      @Mumustic mumuuuu@Bad belle

  • elmok

    offer him apology for not showing his certificate,i beg to disagree

  • Etebele

    Ogbeni Aregbesola has truly disappointed his fans. Could ogbeni Rauf please tell Nigerians followings:
    1) General Buhari’s ACADEMIC qualification
    2) What school did Gen. Buhari attend
    3) Are the ORIGNINAL copies of the ACADEMIC credentials truly with the Army as claimed by the General
    4) Why is it so impossible for Buhari to have the duplicate of the documents from the Army, if the original are missing as claimed by APC big mouth, Lai Mohammed
    5) Is Buhari exempted from minimum ACADEMIC requirement.
    6) In the light of the above, Aregbesola should tell us why Nigerians should apologise to Buhari