2015 budget passes second reading at the House of Reps

FILE PHOTO: Former Finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala laying the budget before National Assembly Lawmakers

The 2015 Appropriation Bill on Wednesday was given a second reading at the House of Representatives.

The bill was laid before the House by President Goodluck Jonathan, through the Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on December 17.

The N4.36 trillion budget, predicated on 65 dollars per barrel of crude oil benchmark, comprises N411.84 billion for statutory transfers, N943 billion for debt servicing and N2.61 trillion for recurrent expenditure.

It also has N387.11 billion as contribution to development fund for capital expenditure.

Leading the debate of the bill, Majority Leader of the House, Mulikat Akande-Adeola, explained why the lawmakers should favourably consider and pass the 2015 budget as presented.

According to her, the focus of the budget is continuous job creation through infrastructure development, particularly in the areas of power, roads, agriculture, youth empowerment in agriculture programme (YEAP), housing and construction, and creative industry.

“The budget is also designed to reduce costs in non-essential areas of expenditure, and as part of that, cost of governance is expected to reduce such that all trainings of civil servants will be done locally,’’ she said.

She added that it was also intended to stem corruption in the public service through adequately designed internal expenditure reduction mechanisms.

Ms. Akande-Adeola also said that the budget was expected to continue on the path of inclusive growth and would keep its deficit at a comfortable level, notwithstanding the global phenomenon in the fall of oil price.

After her submission, the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, announced the referral of the Bill to the Finance and Appropriation Committee for further action.



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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    I think it is hight time the NASS consider shifting the budget year-end to May 29.

    If this budget is approved as it is, and I am not stating it shouldn’t be, where does that leave an incoming government if there is a change in power?

    No incoming government would want to run on an outgoing programme.

    The change is necessary to avoid disruptions that could be avoided.

    • growthengine

      So what will they be spending for 5 months. Illegal spending, like the military days when budgets were signed in October, after the money was already spent. Most of the money is for salaries anyway. So people will start blaming the same govt for unpaid salaries. Govt is a continuum. We don’t need that change. Maybe the current govt should freeze governance until hand over date, including the war against Boko Haram, so that the incoming govt would get a clearer picture.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, January – December are arbitrary dates and do not conform to financial common sense.

        Manis not made for law, but law is made for man.

        Ruminate on that because I have not advocated any gap in dates.

        • growthengine

          I never mentioned January or December either. Just responding on this current case in this year and dispensation as it is. The new govt will also be able to pass a budget with 5 months to administer, 4 or 8 years later

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Growthengine, I couldn’t give your earlier statement proper attention because I was having a chat with my accountant, but that is done with now.

            Simply put, I am appalled at the depth of postulations, it is not deep enough.

            Are you aware of the differences between lunar calendar years and financial years? They do not have to correlate.

            Appropriation Bills are designed for a purpose. Do you know what they are for? And, by the way, please do go back and re-read my first comment. I have not advocated a break in the current budget year so I fail to appreciate your need to repeat an obvious cliche about government being a continuum bla, bla, bla and your sarcasm about stopping the war on bh et al.

            We do need to be more matured about debating financial and intellectual matters and avoid being drawn into positions or situations where we ascribe and proscribe positions and opinions to perceived opponents as you have clearly done.

          • koyan

            Make all his
            Certificates public like others please.
            We want to see his cert. In yr office, were you employed with affidavit?
            Why can’t they make his cert public? To end this matter? is there anything they
            are hiding in his cert? You support a man blindly, whom you don’t know his
            qualification. From 2003, 2007,2011, 2005 all Affidavits. We are not fools.
            This time around he is caught. What is he hiding in the certificates.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Have you wondered why Mr. Sambo is not saying anything?

            Do your homework, friend.

          • growthengine

            You were already drawn into a position by proposing that the budget should be passed in May and not in January. You already believe there will be a new govt. No need to educate about calender and financial year, my financial year end is March 31. How about changing the handover date to match with the budget, that’s a suggestion. Your suggestion would have been viewed differently, had you offered it after May 29. Lets just wait until after the election before changing things like budget or handover dates.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Growthengine, you are coming back to my initial position. And, I was not talking about when the “budget should be passed”. Where did you see that in my initial postulation?

            Wrongly, you presumed it is because I expect a change of government this year.

            Yes, my position is based upon changes in government, not necessarily this government, welcome as that would most certainly be.

        • Proudly Niger Deltan

          See your lives? …all your hear, mind, soul and even evil spirits are all interested in my oil money and the budget thereof. I pity you. Just open your mouth and begin to salivate, waiting for the budget money from the Niger Delta and when it will be ready.

          Instead of young men like you to spend useful time digging the ground in Lagos and Ibadan in serious and purposeful search for mineral resources, you are here debating on the resources of the hard working peoples of the Niger Delta…this is why I pity you people. If, if …and if Nigeria ceases to exist in Feb, what will you do?

          I love one Nigeria with all my heart, perhaps even more than all of you put together…because no love is more than signing on to die, if need be for your country…and I had done that before….when I still believed it was the right thing to do…but after Great Jona was treated like heathen during Musa’s ailment, all my allegiance changed. I now owe my allegiance to the Niger Delta…just as you owe yours to Oduduwa but are not bold to own up. Yeye children!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            “Young men like me”?

            Thanks for the compliments, but your diatribe remains a “no brainer”!

          • Rommel

            And what do you say now that the great Jona has turned Nigeria into a near dung hill?

      • Proudly Niger Deltan

        Which incoming Govt? I dey pity your life? …Sometimes some Nigerians day dream, especially the Hausas and the Yorubas who are busy fighting for their tribes and respective nations but telling the South & East that they (North &West) fight for all Nigerians…and in your crude mischief you believe the other nations in continent Nigeria cannot decipher or if you like, read between the lines…all bcos you feel you have the Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt whose first name ‘Rotimi’ has been the source of his delinquency.

        …Despite all the ballistic salvos that Great Jona has effectively neutralized, he still gets more, and even more from left, right & center…from jaundiced media houses controlled & owned by Yorubas…and they swamp the comment sections with their morbid venom…but the Fisherman is a 100% Niger Deltan or South South – a people who are born nobles and never cowed by any…as early as 1896, the armed forces of the Republic of Benin (Benin Kingdom) successfully repelled British incursion leading to the criminal invasion of 1897. …In 1885 King Jaja of Opobo fought and forced the British to stand still as he insisted the tax evading British economic migrants pay the right taxes to the Opobo Republic or if you like Opobo Kingdom..

        So, if you think in 2015, you can test the determination & age long innate resolve of the South South peoples to defend, control & protect their resources from external invaders, then I say ‘Goodluck’ to you!

        • growthengine

          Bros, easy now, enh. Small small. We are all Nigerians. We should fight for equity, equality and freedom to live and work in any part of the big market called Nigeria. Even the Niger Delta has to open up and make the best use of the resources available to it. More resources have been available to it with the Jonah led govt, not just oil resources, but income from all over Nigeria. Please lets not be myopic, or selfish, there are Niger Deltans living and working in other parts of Nigeria and the world.

      • J. Maghee

        What an apt response to idiotic @wahala AKA Kay Soyemi! Here is a man who gloats over his superior diction yet struggles to construct a grammatically correct sentence. The expression ‘it is high time’ in your first sentence should go with considered, not consider. little wonder you’re in support of a candidate who could barley write his own name.

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    Huge Oil Spill- BONNY ISLAND, Nigeria, Dec 3, 2014 (Reuters)
    Niger Delta fishermen are no strangers to seeing oil spill into their waters from leaky pipelines, but even they were shocked by the scale of the slick stretching for miles from a Shell facility across the swamps and into the ocean in November 2014.

    “…We saw dead fish, dead crabs … This spill occurred 7-8 nautical miles from the shore … the volume runs into thousands of barrels,” —– Alagoa Morris, Head, Niger Delta Resource Centre for Environmental Rights Action.

    “We can’t go fishing anymore. It has destroyed our fishing equipment,” —- (Boma Macaulay, a fisherman from Bonny)
    “Some 3,800 barrels spilled,… It ranks as one of the worst in Nigeria for years” —Local Environmental Activists

    In a boat trip to the affected area, Reuters saw crude washing up in pools in front of beach shacks, coating the roots of palm trees and leaving a trail of dead sea life.

    Yet, it is a useless statement by one useless delinquent juvenile crook from South Africa that Premium Times will publish prominently on its webpage and not the news of the systemic decimation of the ecosystem & livelihood of a people on the banal basis of crave for resources to run an imaginary federation…. It smacks of insensitivity, self delusion, mischief, congenial tacit support for the agents of imperialism referred to as oil companies but better placed as environmental terrorists. The people of the Niger Delta must rise up & demand control of their resources as an independent Republic for that is the only way to ensure its environment is not decimated beyond redemption.

    ….and all you care about is Budget today, falling oil prices tomorrow but never a sincere focus by Editorial or news coverage of oil spills by reckless illegal economic migrants called oil companies…and we have to go to European courts to get justice. When the oil production is shut, where will you get money for budget? Sincerely Yours!

  • Oladele

    People perform differently under different managers. Look at Dr Okonjo whose performance was commendable under OBJ has been mismanaged by this govt. I hope APC can still give her a role politics apart. The rest I cannot recommend for anything useful, perhaps if they audited the Agric Minister and no fraud was found he too could be considered. When our new Nigeria comes we will miss Prof Akunyili so much!