Jonathan directs military chiefs to “redeploy” officers sabotaging operations

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday directed the leadership of the Armed Forces to redeploy officers sabotaging operations.

Mr. Jonathan made the call at the National Cemetery, Abuja, while unveiling the Cenotaph built in memory of the nation’s fallen heroes from 2011 to date.

The president said that the military are doing their best under the circumstances they were working.

He said that the government would continue to encourage the military and provide the soldiers what is required to perform their duty.

“I am not saying that there are no bad eggs; there are definitely few cases where people exhibit behaviour that is not expected of them.

“We always have such situations all over the world, in all sectors of government, so, it is the duty of the officers to detect those who are committed to this country, early enough.

“So that those who will create problems for them, those who will betray others and lead to massive death of officers and men when in operations, are removed early enough.

“If we are able to filter among ourselves and identify such people they may be deployed in different ways.

“I am not advocating retirement of people except it becomes very clear that somebody has committed an offence that requires that.”

The president said soldiers must be trusted people who should not betray themselves or troops.

He said if anybody is suspected to have such behaviour, the best thing is for the person to be redeployed to a position that he will not be an enemy to his colleagues.

He said that the unveiling of the cenotaph was unique as it carried the names of officers and men that were deployed in various operations and paid the supreme sacrifice.

He said that the cenotaph was may be the only link between them and the future generation, their children and grandchildren.

“It is a project that is dear to me and that is why I mentioned that we need this kind of a memorial for the remembrance of our past heroes.

“Probably in the future as a nation, we may even have a bigger museum that photographs of some of our officers will be displayed.

“So that future generation can always know the various contributions people had made over the years.

Earlier, the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, said that the cenotaph was a symbol of the gratitude of the Federal Government and Nigerians for the sacrifices of officers and men in uniform.

Mr. Badeh said that the erection of the cenotaph was one of the various projects embarked upon by the government and the military leadership not only to immortalise departed colleagues, but to also provide succor to the families they left behind.

“It is also a reminder that the relative peace we enjoy today is because some persons had laid down their lives so that others can live in peace”.

“Accordingly, I urge all Nigerians to continue to support our armed forces in this difficult time as the military continue to find lasting peace in the North-East and other troubled spots in the country”.

The president also decorated some personnel with “OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIYA” medal at the occasion.



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    • etties

      Great one from My President!

      • GbemigaO

        Redeploy or courtmartial ! Jonathan!

        • Kennedy

          Redeploy….I dont think Jonathan is a wicked man

      • tundemash

        did u say great to redeploy saboteur soldiers ?
        Drop that bottle, be sober and post again !

  • TrueNja

    Mr. President, too little, too late!!!. if you have done this a year ago, the Chibok girls will be with their parents. Read our lips, no more another hardship 4 years.

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      Your lips ewu, not our lips. How many are you?

      • tundemash

        creek monkey , tell us where in the world are saboteur soldiers redeployed ? or is your Dumbo drunk all the time ?

        • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal


          • tundemash

            i know your weak point is anything outside the ethnic and religious box !
            If in doubt, test your IQ by telling us where in the world saboteur soldiers are redeployed ??????

          • Otile

            Who are the saboteurs you have been talking about? The Fulanis don’t want to kill their brothers to keep Nigeria one. These people are no saboteurs. Don’t you see how trigger happy they are when they come to SE SS?

            You and I understand what is going on in the Republic. You and I know that your ultimate aim is to replace an Ijaw man with a Fulani whether the Fulani is educated or not.

          • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

            In a mess.

        • Gwadar dike

          Tundemash, you’re too much for them.

          • tundemash

            Oga Gwadar, to be a honest, anyone with a little common sense will be too much for these creek monkeys. Or how difficult is it to know saboteur soldiers are never redeployed but the creek monkeys dare not criticise Dumbo else Reno will not pay their allowance.

          • Otile

            Talk is cheap. You are hiding in Ingila inciting people at home. Challenge moslem officers at your own risk.

            Where is Ken Wiwa, where is Mashood, where is Orkar?

  • Hambolu Segun

    Redeploy saboteurs? No wonder this govt is messed up.
    God help us come feb. 2015

    • Otile

      Can a Yoruba man issue command to their Fulani masters? Didn’t you hear about Adisa?

  • tundemash

    The greatest saboteur is Dumbo himself.

    1. You go to Chad with Modu Sheriff , Boko Haram alleged sponsor with no one knowing your agenda
    2. Embezzle defence budget and deny the soldier required weapons.
    3. Declare an “oluwole” ceasefire just when your soldiers were having upper hand.
    4. Be scared to pay officers on the field a visits to boost their morale.
    5. Fight with your most powerful ally (United States) indirectly boosting the morale of the terrorists.

    By the Grace of God, we will get rid of the saboteur in Aso Rock on Feb, 14th before putting him on trial alon,side Shekau and Modu Sherif.

    • taiwo

      Dnt allow Buhari hear you say you will jail shekau his man friday again oo or else you might lose this your ten kobo job of being an irresponsible APC e rat

      • tundemash

        cl0wn .. is that the way Reno deals with u guys ?

  • tundemash

    President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday directed the leadership of the Armed Forces to redeploy officers sabotaging operations.

    Is this guy high on something 24/7 ?
    !Where in the world do u redeploy saboteur soldiers ? Will they be redeployed to Aso Rock?

    • warry

      Did you read the succeeding paragraph where he said those suspected of sabotage? Let’s I forget,what do you understand by I’ll stabilize oil prices?This is from a former petroleum minister. He didn’t know what he was doing as Gov,Minister,PTF Chairman and even Head if state.Mention one correct decision taken by Buhari in all these offices.

      • Reporteruncensored

        Even if he(GEJ) means redeployment of Officers/soldiers suspected of betraying the Armed forces of the nation,that too is a clumsy and cowardly suggestion-Why punish a mere suspect…stop defending the indefensible

      • Olu Akinnawonu

        WAI, Environmental Sanitation to name a couple

        • warry


  • Truthometer

    Commander-In-Chief matters. GMB all the way!

    • Otile

      ,,,all the way to the newly created Islamic Caliphate.


  • King Carlos

    OMG. .How did we end up with this empty head as our president? TBH if Jonathan had gone through this level of scrutiny in 2011, no one would have voted for him and perhaps, many people wouldn’t have died. You ever wondered why Jonathan was not regarded by any of his bosses? It’s because they knew he was not intelligent. You ever wondered why Jonathan doesn’t speak to the media ? His aides know he’s a disaster when he opens his mouth. This president should save us further embarrassment by suspending public speaking.

    At this juncture, even if Buhari is 100 yrs old or an illiterate, we want him. We are assured of a world class cabinet to stair our affairs.

    14th FeBuhari is the day.

    • tundemash

      King Carlos,
      I, @wahala and our late comrade @nagode and a few others, on SaharaReporters, saw through this cl0wn in 2011 but Nigerians were gullible to claim they were voting “GEJ but not PDP”.
      We queried the man’s antecedents of non performance as deputy gov, acting gov, V.P. and acting President but Nigerians were so sentimental about the “i had no shoes” gimmick. How can Nigerians vote a man who avoided debating his Presidential opponents but chose to debate Dbanj?

      But 4 years of sheer inept leadership and poverty distribution has woken Nigerians to the reality of the emptiness of Dumbo !

      • King Carlos

        Tunde that’s the problem o, but I’m so happy that we are now going through what Bola Tinubu called the “Common sense revolution”. This is a critical moment in our nationhood. Jonathan’s government is so bad that, May 29th 2015 seems too far. I’m filled with fear because Jonathan keeps bringing up new gaffes everyday.

        When his wife was making blunders all over the country, we never thought she was mirroring her husband until he takes centre stage.

      • Otile

        You see, you were loyal to Musa Yar’Adua even unto death. You approved of his ruling from the morgue. Some of you called for his embalming but regretted that the practice is un-islamic. Since then you cannot wait for another Fulani master of yours to take Musa’s place. You have no respect whatsoever for Ijaw President.

        Amma shetan is a lair, Imam is heading to court soon, after which yana tofi birnin Daura. Abubakar tundemash ka ji ko?

    • warry

      If you guys enjoy insults, one may be forced to give you equal measure .you are here promoting a guy who cannot pass school cert. Exams in his lifetime. If he could,he would have done so since. All that he has achieved in life is through corruption and quota system I’m not talking of a mere certificate of attendance in some military course. Ofcourse those who ran that course had no powers to return him to his country, since fees had been paid and he was already in the Army. In civilized countries, he would have withdrawn from the race,rather than insisting on the presidency as a dividend of his corruption.

      • King Carlos

        Boko haram sponsor
        Old age
        Computer illiterate
        Can’t remember phone no

        None of your spurious accusations was able to stop his rise to prominence. You guys should hold a meeting real quick and come up with another one. You are no match for the cries of the deprived people of Nigeria. Your team is like a drowning man, desperately looking for something to cling on, in order to avoid being submerged.

        Una no reach at all…

        • warry

          I like the way you itemized his unenviable baggage above. I want to remind you that he lacks understanding of issues that is why he cannot pass exams. It is not just a case of not having certificates. The N.E he presided over has consistently been the home of Terrorism. I don’t know whether he opened terrorists schools while there as Gov from Maitatsine to BH. As pet.minister,Head of state,PTF chair,all zero. No single correct decision taken.

      • Look, many people who do not have school cert. today is not that they did not have the capacity; they only lacked the opportunity. Same is true for tertiary education. The people have given Buhari a waiver. Story about certificate is ended. We will vote for Buhari even if all he could produce as certificate is his Army ID.

        • warry

          He can only be given waiver in military affairs, not academic matters.I don’t know which institutions you are attended but I know that nobody gets s degree or diploma without a school cert.It is called quality control. All the processes leading to the production of the product must be okay,for the product to be acceptable.

          • The people have given him a waiver. People like me are ready to vote for Buhari even if all he has for a certificate is bread label. What is the benefit of your quality control if a holder of a PhD cannot see the simple link between stealing and corruption? You may not like this but there is little we can do for you.

  • Sanmi

    Is this man for real? Redeploy officers sabotaging the peace, prosperity, and territorial integrity of Nigeria? Saboteurs responsible for decimating our children and young people, the strength and future of Nigeria? Talk about ‘a president without balls’! This people should be tried and if found guilty, summarily dismissed from the army, jailed, and lose any entitlement they may have. Na wa for this president o. Please just go away.

    • tundemash

      The saboteurs are his boys and he’s the chief saboteur himself.

    • TrueNja

      @ Sanmi – The more he speaks the more blunders he makes. I doubt his PhD.

    • warry

      You guys should assimilate his statements before making comments so that you don’t continue ridiculing yourselves. He said those suspected to be capable of sabotaging, not confirmed cases of sabotage. If I may ask you, why are some persons already given death sentence.?please respect yourselves.

  • robo

    Anyone found sabotaging the fight against terrorism deserves more than mere redeoyment sir!

    • Otile

      Who will bell the cat?

      Even Kill-We Aremu Obasanjo was afraid of Yerima, almost a grandson of Aremu. Do you know what happened to Adisa?

      Nigeria needs to divide so that there can be law and order in the new countries. The stupid_amalgamation is not working.

  • Joe

    A word of advice to the north: Buhari/Osinbajo = YarAdua/Jonathan part2. A word is enough for those that ears.

    • tundemash

      thanks for your word…. see you on FeBuhari 14th .

    • Umar Dendi

      Osinbajo is still better than.
      At least, he didnt have six years to flush out the shoe-less thugs only to loose Nigeria’s territory to their caliphate!

      • tundemash

        no need arguing with the deluded. We’ll see him on FeBuhari 14th .

      • Otile

        Dendi boy, Osinbajo is no more than Ebola Tinubu’s houseboy. He can only do what Ebola wants him to do. Imam Buhari is an illiterate, he will not understand what is going on. Once Ebola writes a fictitious contract, his boy delivers it to Imam saying: rank ya dede here is the new constitution, it will be good for our dear country. Imam will smile and scribble his signature saying to Osinbajo tooo madallah, na gode, kawo gworo.

        This is exactly what they plan to do, but as Providence will have it Imam will be crushed at the polls.

  • warry

    No president can be stronger than his Army. Let saboteurs be fished out early.

    • tundemash

      and be redeployed according to Dumbo … abi ?

      • Otile

        What can you do to them? Who was the military head when Hajiya Turai was bull-jiving Jona, did he not refuse to take orders from a Christian man east of the Niger?

        Get real, Abubakar tundemash

  • jojo

    It’s very clear that all this APC sponsored commentators need to go to school like there presidential candidate. Do they understand simple English at all? They are in a hurry to please their pay masters. Yeye . Read wot the president said again.

    • chi

      tell them

  • Wale

    It’s really nauseating looking at this man’s picture.
    He directed the military to redeploy officers sabotaging operation, while on the other hand the junior ones who are the real foot solders are being sentence to death under his watch.

    He might end up being the first Nigerian leader to end up in prison,


      You are a joke !! The military is an institution with strict rules,the President may be the C-IN-C but he cannot change the rules set out to run the army long before he was born.

      Wale, na your papa go end up for kiri-kiri…….Omo-buruku !!

      • Wale

        Which kind rule be that, the senior officers get posted to
        another department or division , while the lower rank in file get tied to a
        pole and shot at. Ologogoro-Amugbo.

        Well I no blame you, una dey eat una young.

        • D1

          Lasoso, easy o!

    • Otile

      These are Northern officers. What can you do to them? Nigeria needs to divide so that Northerners can obey their Northern presidents and military heads. The whole indiscipline is all about an Ijaw man being the president. Many arrogant Yoruba Fulani elites have no respect for him. Their indiscipline is costing the North more lives than they hoped for.

      However, whether they like it or not Jonathan is the president and will remain president until 2019.

      • Did you see the names of the officers and soldiers tried recently? Did the president mention any tribe. I think the foolishness of the government has come upon you too.

        • Otile

          Without naming names everybody knows the officers they are talking about, unless your foolishness has prevented you from knowing.

          • This is how fools reason. At best fools reason by building on assumptiond. Keep on assuming you know who the president was referring in his nauseating speech.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Just get rid of the Northern Muslim soldiers simples…

    • Your level of reasoning keeps going down? Where are you from?

      • Gideon Orkar

        Not from your village

        • My village could not produced a super dunce like you.

          • Gideon Orkar

            Better a dnce than a killer

  • Jonathan will go down in history as the worst president of any country in the area of public speech making. It is a torment and a depressing experience listening to Jonathan. Lord have mercy.

    • taiwo

      hahahhaha pls listen to Buhari stumble through a speech and tell me about depression.You guys are really doing a good job of de marketing the Buhari you are working for bc all you drop online only reminds Nigerians about what we know concerning Buhari

      • The fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom for those who are evil; but for those who love the country the thought of Buhari and Odibanjo is the beginning of reassurance of greater Nigeria.

      • chi

        @taiwo dont mind them… they are probably being paid to campaign for Buhari they dont even know… their fear of buhari is the beginning of backwardness and ignorance

        • Then who is paying you to campaign for Jonathan and his party that are destroying the country daily? You people are very confused now. Poor you.

  • Chris1408

    Redeploy? What a shameless man

    • Otile

      What can an Ijaw man do to a Northern Muslim officer? Are you out of your mind?

      • taiwo

        dnt mind the e rat above,they have been programmed to criticise everything JONA says or does.If he had said retire them they would have said he is plotting to retire muslim fulani officers because he is a christian

        • Did Jonathan mention any tribe in his speech? How many Muslims and northerners are among the soldiers sentences to death? I find it difficult to imagine which part of your body your reasoning is coming from.

          • chi

            @Taiwo don’t mind they are the ones dragging these country back since 1983

      • Chris1408

        Another Mumu Ijaw man, it must be the creek water

  • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

    What a man. So redeployment is the punishment for saboteurs! Nigerians should vote for anybody but Jonathan.

    • Olu Akinnawonu

      Can you imagine?

      • make him kill dem, na waste na… abi una go carry gun go replace them all of dem must fight oh

  • Taster

    This Jonathan is without his thinking cap whenever he opens his trash.

    This nigerian military not the godforsaken militants from the creeks.

    • wey you, you no know wetin you dey talk you dey hear me. lock up sharply

      • Taster

        Please, skip the medication dis nite as it seems u ar sensitive to its stupdite elements.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor


    The newest APC
    recruit(Julius Malema) is likely to be among the suspects who mudered
    the South African Goal-Keeper(Senzo Meyiwa) after his girl’s friend home
    was raided by unknown ex-convicts, hoodlum, and gunmen.

    Malewa who has been recently hired as APC spokesman and apartheid
    syndicate failed the first assignment to free MEND leader( Henry Ohkar)
    from South African jail. Having failed in that assignment, he is
    mandated by APC to make up the huge amount paid to him. Ok, Lets see
    the BIOGRAPHY of Julius Malema as reported by Wikipedia.

    APC leaders.
    “Julius Malema was convicted of hate speech in March 2010
    and again in
    September 2011.In November 2011 he was found guilty of sowing divisions
    within the ANC
    and, in conjunction with his two-year suspended sentence in May 2010,
    suspended from the party for five years.In 2011, he was also convicted
    of hate speech after singing “Dubula iBunu” (“Shoot the Boer”). On 4
    February 2012 the appeal committee of the African National Congress
    announced that it found no reason to “vary” a decision of the
    disciplinary committee taken in 2011,but did find evidence in
    aggravation of circumstances, leading them to impose the harsher
    sentence of expulsion from the ANC.
    On 25 April 2012 Malema lost an appeal to have his expulsion from the
    ANC overturned, as this exhausted his final appeal, his expulsion took
    immediate effect. In September 2012 he was charged with fraud and
    money-laundering.He appeared before the Polokwane Magistrates Court in November 2012 to
    face these charges, plus an additional charge of racketeering. The case
    was postponed until 23 April 2013, and then again to 20 June. The State
    scheduled the trial for 18 to 29 November 2013″—WIKIPEDIA, Courtesy of Hembe Hembe supra
    Thank you, GEJ is the best candidate for Nigeria. Hurray!

    • taiwo

      mend,,malema, boko haram,different types pf shady people supporting APC,all in a bid to drag us backwards

      • You are one dragging yourself backward.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Yes, my brother. But they wont succeed. GEJ we will vote

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    What a good directive from my president. Let all of the saboteurs be re-deployed to bring quick success to the fight against insurgents. They have disgruntled become tools of the-political-greeds.

  • true talk

    In 2011, the campaign strategy wasI HAVE NO SHOE, now in 2015 is DOYOU WANT TO GO TO PRISON?Failure PhD holder. Mad man

  • Bidemi Lukman

    He severally confirmed BH sympathiser are in his cabinet. He should remove those in his cabinet first

  • adkogi4u

    The reality there are no saboteurs except no up to date weapons to challenge the insurgents period

  • MushinSpeaks

    He should also equip them to fight insurgency; we cant continue with wanton waste of lives and property.

    CHANGE we need!

    • taiwo

      How many guns did Buhari buy for them when he was head of state?.

      • Even if Buhari did not buy guns, how many guns did Jonathan buy in six years? Is six years not enough to build an army to fight insurgency? How many months did it take Ojukwu to build the Biafra army almost from scratch to fight Nigeria for two and half years? It took Ojukwu less than four months to build Biafra Army. This government is a colossal failure. Take it or leave it.

        • chi

          are you in the military to know how many guns Jonathan has bought?? or you just stay in the comfort of your room to speculate.

          • Then when are they not able to contain Boko haram? Is Boko haram not capturing Nigerian territories from Nigerian soldiers and killing then and civilians? What other evidence do need to believe that Boko haram is better armed?

        • Uncle Charlie

          i dont believe weaponry is even listed as one of the ideals of good leadership. On the other hand, there are lots of leaders we could name whose countries have shifted more towards terrorism rather than peace or conflict resolution all thanks to this weapon minded mentality of yours. if Mr President was to follow the steps of Ojukwu, i think we all know what the outcome will be. #ViolenceDoesNotAlwaysSolveTheProblem

      • MB

        How many square meters of Nigeria was taken over by terrorists when Buhari was head of state?
        How many billions were voted for guns?
        How many innocent lives were lost?
        In 6 years you have no achievements to mention rather than castigating other candidates. SHAME ON YOU

      • buhari? him we never bring him paper, finish na gun him wan buy?

    • Kennedy

      Have you seen any soldier without a weapon?

  • taiwo

    The problem i think GEJ has is just that he is too gentle and unfortunately many Nigerians are used to having it rough like it was during the OBJ era.All these e rats spewing trash online where no where to be seen then.But those of us who appreciate gentility and decorum are happy with Mr President and will continue to support him

  • Reading Jonathan speeches is one sure way to mar your day, except you are one of his poor and disatrous supporters.

  • Ebele Factory Child

    This man GEJ and his wife are 2 birds of the same …… if patience talk is a mess likewise the husband. I can see why most of the people who voted him in 2011 are now regretting. He does not fit to even be a Local Government chairman in a normal circumstances talk-less of Governor of President. Most people voted him in sympathy of how he was treated before Yar’adua’s death and his shoeless life while young but instead of demonstrating commitment to deliver, he only ended up inviting criminals to surround him and mislead the nation. Shame on these e-rats who are liars who are attempting to hide

    the truth.

  • GEJ redeploy, well he wouldnt expect him to kill the little we have ,since they are still capable of holding a weapon and fighting,GEJ can redeploy them to where ever let them fight

  • John

    Good Move Sir

  • it wouldnt be wise wasting those arms that’ll be able to fight, its an” all hands on deck operation” if they will sabotage a particular area, GEJ deploys them to an area they cant sabotage. but the matter is we need all the hands we can get to fight the insurgency. all must partake.

    • Kennedy

      Valid points, if they start messing up because they are familiar with the area you get redeployed to an area where you would perform

  • Iruke

    Action President

  • Nnamdi Amaechi

    All the sabo to the left……SipsTea…….Screams Redeploy

  • GEJ having them redeployed, isnt a bad thing.abi una wan go carry gun replace them, they have to fight finally

  • Nwaobilor

    No wonder people keep condemning GEJ’s administration without proper logical reasoning. I see no reason why instructions will be given and yet only a few will carry them out. Is one thing to have a good leader and another to have good followers. I bet if the system is filtered properly we will not only find saboteurs in the military but also in the governmnt disguised in coperate and traditional attires too, sabotaging resources, power, and the efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan.

  • nwaeke

    God bless our president, God bless our fallen heroes and preserve Nigeria

  • Ukpono

    Why should someone charged with the duty of protecting a country become a saboteur?. That’s as good as treason which attracts high penalties.

  • Nelson David

    This is wat you should have done since. I believe God is using you for the deliverance of our nation after all the evil and corruption that our past leaders have done. #GEJFOR2015.