Buhari pledges to explore non-oil sector to revamp economy

Muhammadu Buhari

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammad Buhari, said he would explore the non-oil sector to create wealth for the nation if elected.

Mr. Buhari made the promise at APC presidential campaign/rally held in Abeokuta, Ogun.

The former military Head of State said over concentration on the oil sector and the failure to manage the resource from it by successive governments plunged the country into economic woes.

“Our leaders have over-relied on oil money to the detriment of other sectors.

“Now that the price of oil has crashed, we are now facing serious economic challenges.

“Our concern is the vicious cycle of insecurity, corruption and unemployment confronting Nigeria now’’, he said.

Mr. Buhari promised to address the challenges headlong if voted into power.

“We will engage in commercial agriculture and mining as well as resuscitate the abandoned agro-allied industries so as to generate employment and create wealth for Nigerians’’, ​Mr. ​Buhari said.

He contended that education standard had fallen and gave assurance that the APC government would create an enabling environment for learning.

Mr. Buhari said this would ensure that certificates from Nigerian Universities were accorded respect globally.

Earlier, John Oyegun, the National Chairman of the party, commended the people of Ogun for their support for the APC-led government in the state.

He also handed the party’s flag to Governor Ibikunle Amosun and presented him to the people for re-election.



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  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    The present guy is already doing that with remarkable result.
    Tell us another story.

    • endingNaija

      but the present guy is your candidate-outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan. And the only product we rely on WRONGLY is oil. This has to change under a CHANGED Nigeria!

      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        You didn’t disprove what I said.
        keep talking.

        • endingNaija

          What did you say? Did you say anything?

    • Amir

      If the present Dumbo has been doing that how come we can’t fund the budget due to crash in oil price? How come we have depleted our foreign reserve and excess crude account? How come states are getting less than 50% of their share from federal government? How come the incompetent GEJ government has declared austerity on long suffering Nigerians including those made refugees by insurgents? You see yourself? God will always distance from lies and propaganda. Talk to your teacher to explain to you the meaning of diversification. Ewu

  • warry

    This is exactly what is being done The team with the president is doing a good job different from what Buhari did before in 1984

  • MushinSpeaks

    We should also focus on strengthening other sectors that we know will add positively to our economy.

  • dankasa

    you are right Mushin and thats issue-based campaign not character-assassination-based campaign by our Dumbo and his party.

  • Hembe Hembe

    where are the northern leaders who are keeping quiet now.
    Tomorrow you will start blaming south for not returning power to south. Buhari
    is old and cant stand the pressure and stress of the office of president.

    it is either we support GEJ for 4yrs or we do something now.

    No more yaradua trick on us again.

    Buhari is a secret option for south west to get to power. that’s why OBJ is
    rooting for Buhari.We cant make such mistake this time around.

    • Akin

      Hm hm interesting. Really? You are a member of the Oily Goodluck Jonathan Campaign. So do you mean the then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan was a way for the Ijaws to “get power” “they got?” Can you elaborate Ijaw man?

  • Prof Ambrose Alli


    DAILY INDEPENDENT Newspaper : Could you narrate a bit of what you people suffered following the death of your father?

    ABUMERE ALLI: “ I’m sure you’ll appreciate that some of the details are personal and painful. Our dad was sentenced to 100 years in jail and was there for five years. To get some idea of what our mother went through, when your house is ransacked by 30 heavily armed soldiers of the Nigerian Army, in full combat attire, all your husband’s properties seized and bank accounts frozen, you are regularly harassed and questioned by the security services, perhaps you’ll understand something of what she experienced under the Buhari junta. Although she was a senior midwife of over 20 years experience, when she finally had enough and joined us, the children in exile in the UK, mum had to start again as a newly qualified midwife…. We, children, were lucky that we had an English grandmother who had the means to help us go to good schools in the UK. “

    Buhari sentenced Prof Ambrose Alli of Bendel state to 100 yrs in prison for corruption which was a most nonsensical accusation. The Prof was released by IBB but died shortly afterwards…and at death the Prof of morbid anatomy had no single house anywhere in the world. It was the rich citizens of the state who contributed money to build a small bungalow where Prof Ambrose Alli was buried…and this was a man sent to Jail for nothing by Buhari…and he feels the Bendelites (Now Edo/Delta) and Nigerians have forgotten.
    Others sent to jail were Adekunle Ajasin, Bola Ige etc …all bcos these men promoted free education. Buhari threw them into prison, seized all free books, and introduced school fees.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Accommodating the feelings of each party in any political setting will paved the way for a stable and prosperous society.

  • sir Oscie

    I believe it’s either the Buhari led Apc government has no idea of what Nigerians are going through or they have no idea of what to do about the situation.
    We need to do things differently and I believe the change should start from top to bottom and not the other way round
    Nigerians has sacrificed enough and now is time for our leaders to follow suit.

  • ayobamiba

    For the very first time, I see yorubas being sincere concerning the issues of Nigeria. Let me say that if Nigeria begins the journey to nationhood today,we began on time.
    I buy the idea of this writer and I am fully in support of restructuring Nigeria to make it a truly united states of Nigeria. What have hundred the growth and prosperity of our nation had been the malignant federal politics been played at the federal level of Nigeria for years.those who are imbedded into the organic structure of the FG ,have used their positions to stifle and hinder the growth, development and prosperity of our nation. This they do by putting stumbling blocks on the ways and developmental paths of some zones and states of Nigeria whom they hated for no just cause.Can anybody fathom why the seaports in the eastern corridors are treacherously and mischievously rendered impotent by the powers that be in Nigeria just to concentrate all the port businesses in southwestern Nigeria. Can anybody fathom why international air travells are only encouraged powers that be to originate from southwest and northwest and Abuja.can anybody fathom why oil businesses are not encouraged to be done in the south south where the oil is produced but in Lagos and Abuja.I suggests that a national assembly promulgated constitutional national conference be immediately convoked to reach agreement on the restructuring of Nigeria into 6 regional structure. The conference should be comprised of indigenous nominated selected or elected delegates from each zone of Nigeria .each zone shall send 21 delegates and no zone should have more delegates than the others.the conference should be inaugurated by the Clark of the NASS and delegates should be allowed to elect their chairman ,Secretary and all the officers of the Assembly. There must not be any government intervention or meddling in the proceedings and affairs of the conference. The senate shall appropriate enough funds for the smooth running of the conference to be drawn immediately from the first line charge of the monthly faac prior to the conference and handed over to the treasurer of the conference. The conference shall be fully independent and its final resolutions should be submitted to the senate for immediate promulgation into law to be immediately effected and implemented by the executive.
    On the receipt and promulgation of the final resolutions of the conference by the senate,the President shall declare a national state of emergency for the purposes of given immediate effect to the resolutions and promulgated constitution. All government structures affected by the resolutions should be immediately restructured, to fall in line with the conference resolutions. The conference shall set its own rules on every matter before it,and its duration must not be more than 180 days.May God give buhari grace to bring real change to Nigeria.

  • Karl Imom

    No government ever gets into recession in ONE year NO matter how poor the country. Recession is a gradual process. Recession was underway in Nigeria for more than two years before Buhari came to power. Premium Times Editorial Board probably needs a crash course on Economics 101.

  • Eja

    It would indeed be wise to treat the need to restructure nigeria with the urgency it deserves. There is absolutely nothing on the agenda that is as important as this because it’s resolution will determine how every other thing that is being planned (development-wise) turns out. In other words, if this untreated wound is allowed to fester to the point where it becomes untreatable, then there would be no point to the building of power stations, refineries, huge agricultural concerns, roads, railways, etc. Because once this currently ignored thing goes past the point of no return, there will be no one in a position to make use of whatever infrastructures are set up between now and the day of reckoning.

    Dealing with this matter in a timely manner (while it is still possible to do so without bloodshed) will be the difference between later generations of those currently called nigerians living productive lives or, being participants in what may very well be the most deadly and horrific conflict that will ever take place on the African continent.

  • thisnigeria

    All I will say is that Nigeria needs to make hay while the sun is still shining as further delay will make negotiations more and more difficult.