Jonathan promises to ‘minimize’ terrorism if re-elected

Former president Goodluck Jonathan campaigning. Pic used to illustrate the story.

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday in Osogbo said his administration, would reduce the challenges of terrorism in the country if re-elected.

Mr. Jonathan, who made the promise at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign, said the security challenges in the country would not be forever.

“This terrorism cannot last forever. If my administration is re-elected, terror will be minimal,’’ he said.

On unemployment, Mr. Jonathan said he would create two million jobs on a yearly basis if re-elected.

Mr. Jonathan, who said that 1.8 million youths entered into labour market on a yearly basis, said his administration would continue to tackle the issue of unemployment in the country.

The President then urged the people of the state to vote for him during the Feb.14 presidential election.

He said his administration’s transformation programme in the railway sector, agriculture, electricity among others, was enough to earn him a second term in office.

According to him, his administration will do more for the development of the country if re-elected.

“We are not saying this because we want to win the election but because our party stands for development,’’ he added.

Earlier, Vice President Namadi Sambo had called for the support of the people during the election.

Mr. Sambo said the President‘s transformation agenda in the area of electricity, education, agriculture among others, was enough for him to win the election.

Those who attended the rally include the PDP National Chairman, Adamu Mua’zu, PDP BOT Chairman, Tony Anenih, and Gov. Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo.

Others are Jerry Gana and Amadu Ali, the Director General, PDP Presidential Campaign Committee.



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  • Chris1408

    I’m tired of reading about all what GEJ will do when reelected. Can he please tell us what he’s done since he’s been in office. Nigerians can’t afford another four years of GEJ

    • Aisha

      Oga Presido! only now? and yu want to minimize not eradicate, my friend once bitten twice shy, those of us who are nationalist thought you will do osomething but you ended up disgracing and disappointing us, so please begin to pack out of Aso Rock Villa

  • amazing2012

    How ?? Tell us you are involved, apologize then we will vote you !

  • Akinwade Kolawole

    Mammoth crowd attends Goodluck Ebele Jonathan re-election campaign in Osogbo.

    The GEJ Campaign Train took Osun State like a storm and the great city of Osogbo stood still.

    The Goodluck Jonathan fever is catching both young and old like a moving tornado reminding us of the days of Pa Awolowo.

    Baba Tayo, the meat-seller around Freedom park area said, “Bi igba ti Baba Awo ba ngbe campaign kiri”.

    Just like the days of Baba Awo.
    Sai Jonathan, Epariwo Jonathan, Jonathan kwenu oooo.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Omo Iya,

      E be like say you rushed the “paraga” seriously without laying the foundation with eba!

      Abeg, go lie down.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    I definitely do not have qualms with the accent of Gen Muhammadu Buhari. But what about his mental ability???
    Yesterday on national TV, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora spent almost FIVE minutes teaching him how to call the name of his running mate. And am sure they were afraid he was going to fail it.
    And he did!!!
    I wonder: if despite all these PHOTOSHOPing, image laundering and propaganda, this man still dey expose his inability to do very basic mental work, then how come some people are doing everything they could to force Buhari’s candidacy of us????
    Pls my people, this na serious BAD MARKET! No advert fit help am!!!

    • Rommel

      Which is this progressive change again? and who did you say is bringing this one?

    • SAM .A

      Are you of the e-rats ? Who will always capitalize on NONE ISSUES,and say the opposite of facts .Your man friday is begging on his knees round the country for a second chance , (100% in security, 90% failure in corruption,,power generation 47% etc) . Yet you are as blind as birth , as dumb as dumbo, to see progress in economic downturn where workers are not paid salaries ,unemployment on the rise, more black out than light. Febuhari 14 is your destiny day.

  • Pam Daylop

    It is always very EASY to convert ‘innocent APC supporters’ especially when you meet them in person – I have won 5 of them over today alone. Simply because the grounds on which they support Buhari initially was shaky. It’s obvious some gullible APC doesn’t know Buhari is darkness. Vote GEJ!

  • Rommel

    HahahahahahahahahaLol! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan,na waaa for uuu oh!

  • Holy Saint

    Buhari’s campaign manager in action!

  • Timothy Aseer

    The Man BUHARI, never walk one day tall and standing without bending. He’ll fail come February 14 2015 Election in Nigeria. He’s also a corrupted fellow.
    According to Group Captain Usman Jibrin, a member of PTF Trustee
    PTF trustee, Group Captain Usman Jibrin, remarked that “Buhari brought in the late Ahmad Salihijo (his in-law) without informing us. We just saw these boys in the meeting. We asked him, who are these boys? He said that they were just helping him take notes.
    We didn’t know that he engaged them as consultants without our knowledge and consent because we are all members. I told him that it was wrong. As trustees, if something went wrong, we were the people that would be prosecuted, not any other person. I asked them to change the procedure and they were not ready to change it. I said ok, bye bye.”
    Salihijo – who was curiously reported dead the day a committee was set up to probe PTF – was the owner of Afri-Projects Consortium (APC) that was indicted for overcharging the PTF for up to about N25 billion by the Interim Management Committee set up to investigate PTF in 1999 and for also importing substandard/soon-to-be-expired drugs at over inflated prices”.
    Yet they are painting him as saint…mmttwwwwwww
    A dictator will always be a dictator because a leopard can not change its colour..
    The man GMB, is a dirty liar and not pure and clean. He can get us and roll us in his secret hiding flower crooked.

  • endingNaija

    President GoodChop Jonathan, but you sent ArchbiChop Samuel Uchop Uche to lie on this issue after you gave him Chop from your OILY 21 billion Naira Campaign chop.

  • Okafor Emeka

    The Re-Islamization of Nigeria. Is the beginning of the Muhammadu BUHARI, certificate SAGA, that those who are supposed to resist the hiding Agenda of the Islamic Brothers in Nigeria, are busy engaged in in the brouhaha enrollment of Christians in the South. Why the rest of us watch with complete dismay a MAN presented as the SAVIOR of Change moving and show contempt to even the common LAW and respect. And by democratic process walking freely telling us to illegally compromised, millions of Nigerians, academic achievement as good for nothing.
    This is how TURKEY, was completely Islamicize. My fellow Nigerians, we need meditation to detest the ‘non dire’, hiding on said, islamic agenda through the lawful rejection of Western Education………………what a paradoxical.?
    This is the beginning of the disdain of Western Education and Civilization by Muhammadu BUHARI, The Islamization of Nigeria, has just begun and will be effective democratically, if allow to get his way through the backdoor by the enrollment of some itinerant subdue strange Christian believers. This is how TURKEY was completely Islamicized by Almajiri and now their brothers friend, Boko-Haram, and his Chief Commander of the Northerners Group Gen. Muhammadu BUHARI, we are not fools and idiots. We have to start the real resistant.
    The CAR & TRAIN, already are on the route of Nigeria.

  • Preye Aganaba

    A history of the Maitasine reveals that it started in 1979 and ended in 1985. They used bows, dane guns and arrows and drove motorcycle. From 1979 till 1985 had four heads of government, Olusegun Obasanjo, Shehu Shagari, Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida. Yet the terrorist group still managed to kill over 10,000 people.
    This is enough reason to support President Jonathan and the Nigerian military who are battling a well trained insurgency group, driving Armored Tanks, anti aircraft guns, Rocket Propelled Grenades and using suicide bombers. We can never defeat terrorist if we don’t unite against leadership.You can’t keep battling your military with your mouth while insurgents battled them with armament. ‪#‎SupportGEJ and PDP. They are making the right decisions for our Country.

  • Musa Yaro

    The hate of Goodluck, supercedes reason…. Because I don’t see why BUHARI who ruled in his prime should do so again and is defended by youth who more or less are robbed of Their prime.. Its appalling, I won’t accept a baggage of Ali tinubu and the forty thieves featuring the old general as a solution. No way,I reject Buhari,I supp GEJ!

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    I admire Rochas Okorocha and his quest for Igbo Presidency. At an APC rally in Abia he told the people that Ndi Igbo will produce the Presidency after Buhari. He warned the Yorubas and the South South not to think of it after Buhari. Im sure Bola Tinubu will smile inside his heart and say ‘Thank you’.
    I think Rochas will not sleep well that night after he made the speech. By political calculations he knows very well that the nearest route to Igbo Presidency will be a 2019 northern President and an Igbo Vice President .
    The best option for the north and Ndi Igbo is to support President Jonathan’s second tenure and then produce a younger and stronger northern candidate who will run with an Igbo as vice president in 2019.
    At 72, Buhari is too risky for the north to gamble . He obviously can’t give them a two term President. In his campaign speeches, he is already stumbling while climbing the podium and forgetting the name of his running mate. If anything happens to a Buhari President, the Bola Tinubu clan will take over power and will never pick an Igbo as Vice President.
    Frankly speaking, I think Rochas Okorocha should do a better calculation for this Igbo Presidency. We stick with GEJ.

    • James Breen

      Another ridiculous assertion. Choosing the president on tribal lines, not policies or programmes. This is why Nigeria is still so politically backward compared to the world’s other leading nations. Will Nigerians ever learn ???

  • Sani Danladi

    Osun state workers have not been paid for three months. APC is promising 3million jobs in a year. Can you see hypocrisy? Liars and deceitful people. The lilttle talents we gave them are squandered, yet the are bragging they can do more. 419 obtaining by deceit. Agege to Iju is 5 kilometers and it took Fashola 6 years to complete, yet APC wants to tare the whole contry overnite. Sun boat was bought for Lagosians and it ‘sailed’ away never to return, yet they say they are mister saints. Fayemi borrowed to build government house and put 50m bed in it, yet APC says they are mr prudent. Ole. Oshiomole looked at poor widow and derided her and asked her to jump and die, yet APC says they are my compassion. Amaechi locked HOA and judiciary now for over a year, APC says they are mr justice. Finally, Buhari attained general in the army without prove of certificate yet APC says they are my incorruptible.
    God will judge you as we sing a dirge for you on Feb 14.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Ah, so he cannot eliminate but minimise insecurity this is a sign of failure please Jonathan should go we are tired we need change.

  • Comfortkay

    Terrorism start in Niger Delta and the government don’t even have them under control instead the government made a deal to train them in different profession and their leader are now Pipe line security agent for Nigeria government. How will this present government have Boko Haram under control as they are killing Nigerian every day and yet another promise from Uncle Jonathan that he will deal with them. CHANGE IS WHAT WE NEED.

  • Akiika

    …after you don maximize am, abi?
    Dat Ogogoro wey you dey shack dey worry you.



  • Ogom

    “Terror will be minimal,’’ he said.

    There’s something up with this guy, honestly..

    • Wähala

      “Terror will be minimized” but not ‘eliminated’ as his opponent is promising.
      Truly, truly… Dumbo needs psychiatric examination like Prof. Ayittey of Ghana suggested.

  • ilya Abubakar

    Jonathan is a breath fresh air that Nigeria, terrorism is not an affaire that can be tackled in a day. What GEJ needs another tenure so that the machinery that have been put in place to tackle insurgency could be put to active use…..carry on with the good work Mr President u have my vote.

    • tundemash

      and these machineries that failed in 6 years and needs another 4 years are …….??????????

      • ilya Abubakar

        All that is needed is continuity if you follow political trends in Nigeria isn’t it apparent that continuity is a major problem when a new government is brought tonpower

        • tundemash

          Stop believing your own lies … if it is all about continuity, the constitution won’t provide for election every 4 years. It means the polician has 4 yrs to impress and Dumbo couldn’t do it in 6 yrs !!!! Sorry too little too late !

          • ilya Abubakar

            Tuned mash I am from the north and I for one can tell u that Buhari can’t do any better than what GEJ has done , I don’t know if you’re aware that it is really easy for the opposition to ping point problems a government is facing and making use of cheap propaganda to push it forward by way of media and deceiving the populace of some imaginary ‘CHANGE’…let me give it to u point blank there is nothing New or any Change about Buhari coming back.

          • tundemash

            I don’t care where you are from cl0wn; we are not looking for a Northern President so you teling me u are from north just shows how feeble minded you are.

            Only a lunatic wouldn’t want to chage after 16yrs of poverty distribution !

          • Martins Oluma Ajiake

            Wait and see

        • Martins Oluma Ajiake

          Continuity after 16yrs of PDP

    • King Carlos

      It takes 6 years to tackle terrorists? How long does it take boko haram to tackle Nigerians?

      • ilya Abubakar

        How long has the Middle East been in crises???? Boko haram are definitely working as a machinery of those miscreants trying to discredit Jonathan

        • tundemash

          and Dumbo is so powerless with all the financial might and security might of the federal gvot ??

    • SAM .A

      When you wake up , please let Nigerian s know after FeBuhari 14th.

      • ilya Abubakar

        Buhari is not coming back, don’t raise your hopes too high

        • tundemash

          whihc one are you ? Prophet Moses or Prophet Mohammed ????? Circus Cl0wn !

          • ilya Abubakar

            I might be a circus clown but no prophet Mohammed or Moses, the person of Buhari is a man with no regards for human rights, during his time people were treated as school children need I remind u of the case of Umaru Dikko, let me tell u something you might be ignorant about, GEJ is younger and will be mor active than Buhari.

          • tundemash

            Stop ranting here. People were treated as school children by asking you to queue up and clean your environment ? And have you imbibed the culture of queueing up and cleaning your environment without being told till now ?
            Looters deserved to be shot and I wish Buhari had done that in 1984. Jerry Rawlings took over in Ghana in 1981, 2 yrs before Buhari took over in Nigeria, and shot the looters and now same Nigerian looters you praise now send their children to Ghana for qualitative education. If only Buhari had done same thing, those same NPN looters wouldn;t have metamorphosed into PDP for you to be praise singing now. I advice you stop sending nonsense until you drop the bottle !

          • Martins Oluma Ajiake

            Umaru dikko stole all our rice money. Now I really believe u are clone with a red nose

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      Ilya pls relocate to Borno so u can help jona bobo carry on with the good work

  • Dan Fulani

    Jonathan is truly the peoples man , if given a chance to rule, I’m sure he will do wonders all those boko idiots will run for their dare lives..

    • King Carlos

      Is Jonathan running for the first time? Are you not aware that he has been there for 6 years? You are joking.

    • SAM .A

      He has already been given the financial capital , the military power, and the people’s will and supports since 2011. Please if he can’t account for this gigantic power ,can you help him to give account.
      The chances are, if he couldn’t do it then , when the whole world was supporting him after the kidnapping of Chibok girls (BOGB ), now the world is looking @ him with disdain . Borno, Yobe! Adamawa are exhausted. How is he going to do it , please let us know.

    • samiis

      @Dan Fulani, let’s get serious here, it’s obvious GEJ has got no clue to carry on.. he has failed Nigeria and Nigerians in all ramifications. Let him retire to his Otuoke country home asap! He’s free to come for Council meetings at Abuja as the norm dictates. But to continue leading is out of it. Let have, at least, a positive #Change.
      Buhari/Osinbajo is the probable answer!

      • Dan Fulani

        You’re not even sure of yourself that’s why you used the word ‘probably’ we all know that the devil u know is better than the angel you don’t know.

        • samiis

          probable, i meant! check your dictionary, and dig what probable means….my contextual assertion here refers to Buhari/Osinbajo’s duos as the only available credible pair for the country now.. Dan, please, just try to be reasonably realistic, considering all these negative testimonies GEJ govt has thrown at us… we are tired of him.. However, your vote is just one, exercise your right the way it suits you, but be real with your argument! Shikena!!!..

        • Martins Oluma Ajiake

          Angels don’t get involved in evil. Demons who pretend to be angels are responsible for evil doing.

  • Ihatesycophant

    “This terrorism cannot last forever. If my administration is re-elected, terror will be minimal,’’
    With this if anybody come to tell me that the presidency know something about this insurgency, I would not deny it. Until he is re-elected before he does anything about it or wage war on them. I was watching TV Channel today and a Ghana was fuming that the president of Nigeria is doing less to fight Boko Haram but rather shift responsibilities. Today again, the president confirmed what the guy said during his campaign from the above quote.

  • tundemash

    Let Dumbo go to Borno and Yobe to tell them until he’s re-elected before terrorism is addressed. He will require a battalion of soldiers to escape the people’s anger there !!!! Circus Cl0wn !

  • Thepeople

    It is not in the President’s DNA to deal with any challenge even if given his life time. No will, no purpose and no vision. What a shame!

  • SAM .A

    Nigerians are tired of seeing & hearing , chilling blood letting violence everyday , it is our fellow being that are violently slaughter daily . At this point in time , Nigeria do not need any body who will minimize this terrorism. We need a courageous man who will eliminate completely, remove our girls from Sambissa forest and turn it into open desert where ordinary tree will not remain standing . BH haram must not have a base in Nigeria again. Enough is Enough for this sad period of Nigeria Chronicle .

  • talk4change

    Minimize!! So ironical person you promise us and fail us for 6 years continue shout like mumu….chibok girl is there no rescue, resign you did not resign all our economy keep getting worse imagine 200 is equivqlent to 1$ same on you in ur tenure…..

  • Matthew Oye

    You will minimize and not rid Nigeria of terrorism! Great Nigerians, this clueless and incompetent president Jonathan must be voted out of Aso Rock. How can a president of Nigeria say he will minimize terror instead of declaring an all out war to completely ELIMINATE terrorism? We will not vote for you. We will vote for BUHARI/OSIBANJO in the February election. We want men of integrity to lead our nation into economic boom and peace and leader who will defend our territory and will not allow terrorists to lay claim to part of our land.

    • emmy

      Indirectly telling his supporters that he can not get rid of terrorism.

  • emmy

    “…If my administration is re-elected terror will be minimal”. May God help us.

  • Citizen


  • Wetin Naija

    What has Jonathan done in the past six years to reduce terrorism? This man dey lie ooo. He will say anything to get re-elected.

  • Jide

    Jonathan up till now doesnt get the role of a President/commander in chief. You hear him talk like a local govt chairman. Over 13,000 are dead and over 200 girls missing and you think Nigerians want to hear minimize? what you have not been able to do for last 5years. We will not wait and watch you dance the next day our fellow Nigerians die again.

    It is time Jonathan looks for another job. The People’s rejection is so loud that the shame will be enormous

    • dt

      Local govt. chairman??? Abeg he talks like a JSS 2 class captain

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      Who ll employ him. Moreover He already ve enough

  • Jide

    Anything to get re-elected. After 16 years in Government

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      He condemned the 12 killed in France but never said a word about the 2000 killed in baga. Wat a president.

  • waziri

    Oh, it’s to minimise not to eradicate. Haba Oga PhD .There is god ooooo o.



  • Ukpaka

    We have explosions going off in N.E right now and we need action now.

  • Jonathan, igbayi la’aro. Is this the time, after 6 years of inaction, to minimize rather than eliminate Boko Haram. Jona may be a sponsor of Boko.

  • Preco01

    The OTU of Otueke, ye ye dey smell

  • Gaskiya

    I just found out, that, the Defections Earthquake will soon hit Ekiti state. There are two types of people in Nigeria today!! Those who are wise to join APC before it is too late and those who will be left in PDP’s wrecked ship and sink with it. Please join APC and do not sink with PDP!

  • Gaskiya

    BREAKING NEWS: Happening Now!!! Defections Earthquake Hit Ondo PDP, as 48 PDP leaders in Ondo leads thousands of their supporters to dump PDP for APC!

    All former Speakers in Ondo State House of Assembly, five Commissioners in Mimiko’s administration and eight local government chairmen in Ondo State are right now at a defection rally in Akure where they dumped PDP for APC. Scores of councillors are also part of the defection train.

    They are being led by former Chief of Staff to the late Governor Segun Agagu, Mr Femi Agagu.

    The greatest shock at the rally is the defection of former Speaker Victor Olabimtan, a director in President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation and also a current member of the Federal Civil Service Commission.

    In all, 48 PDP leaders in Ondo are leading thousands of their supporters to dump PDP for APC at a ceremony currently taking place at APC secretariat along Oyemekun Road, Akure.

    The defection earthquake has forced Jonathan Campaign Organisation to cancel tomorrow campaign in Akure, the Ondo State capital, as majority of known supporters of the President have defected to APC or have traveled out of town.

    All mobilization efforts for the rally have crashed, forcing PDP leaders to opt for cancellation of Akure rally tomorrow, according to PDP sources in Ondo State….

  • ICC Hague

    GEJ a president with no focus, after completing two years of yar adua tenure, GEJ made a lot of promises before the last election, but could not fulfill even one, hear him again making the same promise for a second tenure again, are we going to remain in the same condition of promise only with no progress? GEJ people must cast doubt on how you obtain that PhD. You sound illogical, we cant waste our vote on you again, Buhari/Osibanjo are the answer to our numerous problems, go and enjoy your loot at otouke.

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      U think he ll. Buhari as a zero tollarance on corruption

  • lasman

    You are still the president of Nigeria, minimize it now not when re-elected.


    Why not minimize now Mr president after so many years of insurgency now you talking about minimizing terrorism,you have failed Nigerians and you must go.#CHANGE

  • michaelnze

    Please GEJ ask Buhari how he eliminated MAITASINE TERRORISTS. Twice leading the army on the battle field and once as an head of state.
    It was never minimized … But eliminated
    (GEJ gaffe number 44).

    • Gbofia Lunar

      Please do you have a link to gaffes 1-43…? It must make for interesting comic relief I’m sure. Seriously make you share na

      • Raqruq


        • tundemash

          and i am interested too ! I’ll be surprised if it’s just 44 though in 6 years. This guy makes one per week except if he doesn’t talk.

  • deen

    What have you done so far to guarantee us that u will do that.. must every thing be politicized in nigeria?

  • favourtalk

    We don’t want empty promises again, neither do we want small lies and incompetency. We need real transformation and nothing less and since GEJ cannot get us that, we are sending him out of the seat which we pitifully handed it over to him in 2011. Change is here and he should pack his things

  • Dan Arewa

    So, if I may say, Nigeria have no future under your administration. There will not be hope that terrorism will be no more but you will only reduce it, what a leader! That is unfortunate for my country ‘Nigeria’. I will want to vote for someone who will eradicate terrorism in Nigeria not someone who will ‘reduce’ it.

    On millions of jobs you promised to give Nigerians if re-elected, I doubt you Mr. President. Even you yourself knows that you are lying and you know Nigerians knows you are lying, then why lie?

  • Guguru

    LOL. Increasingly, Jonathan’s lies are no longer working for him. Nigerians are at least, half awake these days, to your administration of lies.

  • Guguru

    If three states of emergencies instituted by the Jonathan administration and billions of dollars have not worked, how is re-electing Jonathan again going to work?

  • Martins Oluma Ajiake

    When i kept saying GEJ+MODA sheriff=BOKO HARAM. Now una eyes Don open. Those weapons send to Chad by ur president as finally reached boko haram. Dis is the simple reason why our soldiers cannot withstand them in battle.

  • Adam

    Its rather unfortunate for a serving President of Nigeria to be saying all this nonsense

  • Adebisi K

    Economic growth and education is the only way to defeat Boko Haram! GEJ is the first president that actually came up with reforms to create employment. Terrorism cannot be defeated overnight as Buhari is promising it will take time and we have to be patient.

  • Yisabella Ekwealor

    The battle against Boko Haram is both one of weapons and minds. As for the weapons, our army is cruelly underequiped in comparison with BH who are backed in Saudi Arabian and Qatari money. While we must defend our population, it is also crucial to educate our youth and boost employment so that the bored and the reckless stop joining the terrorist camp. Which is exactly what GEJ has done. You can not win an ideological war by bombing people. It’s what the US have done in Libya, Afghanistan and Irak, with the success we know. Claiming you’ll “crush” Boko Haram as GMB did, while perfectly knowing that it is not possible, is not the way. I wish people were more keen to educate themselves and read on those issues. They wouldn’t be manipulated so easily if properly informed.

  • Ayodele Ohakim

    Would you rather believe GMB who claims he will eradicate Terrorism as he has eradicated your freedom in the past or GEJ who has pledged to fight it off until he is victorious?

    When it comes to questions of national security people would believe any lies, while the reasonable man knows that this is a long road that requires battling on multiple front, including education, diplomacy and providing a better standard of living for everyone.

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    Mr. Jonathan’s words show that he is wise enough to know that the problem of terrorism — just like Nigeria’s other problems, of corruption, of unemployment, of development — are complicated and will take time to figure out. He is not promising anything that he can’t deliver on, just as he did last term, when he increased jobs, reformed industry and education. Buhari, on the other hand, has pledged to eradicate Boko Haram in a matter of months, an impossible task for which he has no plan. The three-time loser and former dictator also has no plan on how to improve the economy and threatens revoke all the freedoms Nigerians currently enjoy by enacting Sharia law if elected. Rome wasn’t built in a day and despite Buhari’s claims, neither will terrorism in Nigeria be eliminated so quickly. Jonathan realize this.