I’ll rid Nigeria of corruption if given another chance – Jonathan

FILE PHOTO: President Jonathan at PDP Rally in Ibadan

President Goodluck Jonathan said on Monday that his successor would not have any difficulty fighting corruption because of the technology his administration is putting in place to fight the menace.

Addressing party supporters at the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, campaign rally in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Mr. Jonathan, who is the presidential candidate of the party, promised to end corruption in Nigeria, if given the mandate to run the country for another four years.

“I promise you if you vote for me and I come back and serve this country in the next four years, the next persons that will become the president of this country will not talk about corruption because we are working on technology and we will use technology to block all these areas through which people are corruptly enriching themselves,” he said.

Mr. Jonathan, who has severally accused of condoning corruption, added: “Today we are talking about IT. We are no longer in the analogue generation. So we want to deploy IT to solve problems and I tell you in the next five years nobody will harass the next president for not fighting corruption because I will solve the problem of corruption in this country.”

The presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, had promised during one of his campaign rallies last week that he would jail corrupt leaders.

However, Mr. Jonathan, who assured of his commitment to stamp out corruption, said he would not do so by sending corrupt Nigerians to jail.

He said his administration has prosecuted more people than any past administration in the country.

He said, “But let me assure Nigerians about my commitment and my method of solving the problem of corruption or fighting is not the number of people I tried and jailed.

“In terms of people I tried and jailed, maybe I will give you the statistics on my subsequent outing because I have asked them to give me the comprehensive statistics.

“We have tried more Nigerians. More Nigerians have been jailed within this period, but we followed due process. But I used to tell people that even if I tried 10 million Nigerians and jailed five million Nigerians for corruption, I have not solved the corruption problem.

“For you to stop corruption, you must use modern technology to prevent people from stealing. And that is what we are working on. The oil industry is a good area. We are working very hard. I don’t just want to say certain things. All these people have so much money that they will do everything to stop us.”

Mr. Jonathan criticised Mr. Buhari for promising to abolish the office of the First lady if he was elected.

The president said he would not do so because the office and other women associations are used as a channel to empower the country’s women.

He said, “They said they are going to ban the office of the first lady, they are going to ban the office of the governors’ wives, they are going to ban the office of local government chairman, they are going to ban the Defence officers wives, army officers wives association, naval officers wives association, police officers wives association.

“But me, having served as deputy governor, governor, vice president and president, I can tell you that these offices are helping us to mobilize our women. And these offices are encouraged to set up NGOs. They money they spend does not come from government budget. They run NGOs.

“Nigeria had a lot of philanthropists. They want spend money and they use some of these channels to empower our women. You don’t have to turn them to baby factory alone.

“I promise the Nigeria that if we open international magazines parading women I want to see Nigerian women in those magazines. The Nigerian women on their own have struggled to reach the highest positions in their country. I am making deliberate effort to try to put you on the international limelight. That is what I am doing. I don’t believe that you are designed to pound yam for me.

“I don’t think your duty is merely to procreate. But you cannot be a baby factory manufacturing children and doing nothing because my conviction is that as a biologist, the brain God gave men and women equally. Physically men are more endowed but both men and women and equally endowed in brain.

Mr. Jonathan said he had always believed that “any human population that does not give equal opportunity to women you are not exploiting 50% of their brains.”

He added, “For me we must exploit 50% of their brains for the purpose of developing this country. That is why you see so many women holding top offices in my cabinet and we will encourage them the more. I don’t believe women should not be given top positions. If that is the belief of others so be it. A vote in 2015 is a vote to liberate them or imprisoned them to the kitchen.”

Mr. Jonathan paid tribute to some Yoruba leaders, including the first Premier of Western Region, Obafemi Awolowo, the late Chairman of the defunct National Party of Nigeria, NPN, Adisa Akinloye, a former governor of Oyo State, Lam Adesina, a former Minister of Justice, Richard Akinjide and the late Lamidi Adedibu, all of who he described as “great men who have led the country and are still leading.”

He added that “We want to model our leadership after them because they achieved greatness.”

Mr. Jonathan described Ibadan as the political headquarters of the South West just as he paid tribute to the people of the region.

According to him, it was the people of the region that encouraged him to convoke the 2014 National conference.

“Ibadan is a leading light to all parts of this country. South West has played great in education. The south west encouraged me to start the National Dialogue. I have to give that accolade to the South West. You donated one of yours who was the pioneer to set the agenda,” the president said.


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  • tundemash

    What a cl0wn !
    He’s promising to rid Nigeria of corruption he trivialised by claiming it was just mere stealing ?

    He wants to tackle corruption with technology ? So America was stup1d to hav jailed Maericans involved in the Haliburton corruption scandal ? UK was stup1d to have jailed Ibori instead of using technology to have stopped him ?
    So Dumbo wants to teach the technologically advanced world how to use technology to stop corruption and how does this substitute punishment for corruption Mr. Dumbo ?

    • Raqruq

      o boy take am easy na! u too dey vex haba

      • Magenta

        Oga Jonathan what type of technology nd who manages the technology. Confusion united

      • tundemash

        Well i will be annoyed with a rogue taking us all for a ride …. what balderdash is he talking ? You couldn’t convict one rogue in 6 years and yet u want more years now ….. sorry he’s got to go back to the zoo, OBJ plucked him from, to await his trial !

    • New Nation

      You believe him you believe anything! Enough of empty and failed promises. Lets try another hand.

      • saad lawal

        Mr presido, u kept on u want to use technology to stop corruption is there any technology that is not known by American, Japan, China, UK, Canada, Germany, France , Israel and that they still jail corrupt minds, people develope those technologies u are talking about, people install them, people manage them not devine and still the managers use them for corruption. Tell Nigerians how u gonna deal with offenders and u put a lesson to others. Still we use the technologies like accounting softwares, anty money laundering softwares but u will never see in the record on the so called softwares Mr still so so amount. Let’s be frank ps and tell Nigeria ur plan on corrupt officials that are found guilty

        • New Nation

          Don’t mind him. He taught Nigerians(yearning for change) are as clueless and daft as him. Did you watched him speaking at Ibadan/Abeokuta yesterday? You ll wonder how he made to the university maybe by luck. He was practically fidgeting on stage. It was really shameful for a country that has produced enigma like Wole Soyinka,Fashola,Donald Duke,Soludo,Ribadu,Akpabio,Osinbajo,Amechi,Fela Durotoye,Oby,Fayemi Oshiomole etc etc.

        • Separate Us…

          The technology would be installed in people’s hearth so they won’t steal,Gej???

    • Separate Us…

      He can apply the technology in his local government or his state after the election

    • Mosaku 147

      tundemash,I beg you in the name of God,jonothing is already on the canvass. You and wahala hits fit cause am heart attack oo.please forgive him and let him go in peace and not pieces though I care less if he slumps and dies while telling his gullible audience lies that can wake the dead.

  • Chris1408

    You’ve been given more than enough time and you failed badly. Mr president your time is up. CHANGE is what we want, time for someone else to try. Nigerians don’t have another four years to waste

  • Yusuf

    He is a clown

    • Mosaku 147

      Best word to describe a punkass. God bless you.

  • Ike Masha

    I’ll rid Nigeria of corruption if given another chance
    – Jonathan

    It makes you wonder what song our dear
    Cardinal Rex Lawson would have released on hearing this.

  • djay

    Sorry boss, the presidency is only a chance performance on that basis one gets re elected.

    • Fitzgeraldo

      “Under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, government has become legalised and protected robbery.
      Before the presidential election in 2011, Jonathan surreptitiously invited Bola Tinubu, lifting him at night
      by presidential aircraft from Lagos to Abuja to hatch a plan for Bola Tinubu to support one PDP presidential
      candidate (Jonathan), at the expense of all other PDP candidates for any office in Lagos state.

      If in the past corruption was in the corridors of power, it would seem now to be in the sitting room,
      dining room and bedroom of power. Whatever amount of money was given to Bola Tinubu to procure
      votes for (PDP) in the 2011 presidential election election in Lagos state was, to say the least, unnecessary.
      What made this phenomenon particularly bad was that Jonathan’s government had raised the money
      from government transactions which fuel corruption.”

      ………………General Olusegun Obasanjo

      (November 2014)

  • Adaramola

    Goodluck Jonathan talks loads of rubbish. He’s had 5 years and not seen
    making a sensible or honest endeavours at stopping Nigerians’ corruption.
    What does he now need 4 more years for? To start thinking what to think?

  • tundemash

    GEJ is either a dimwit or a pathological liar ….. was this N4b an NGO thing ?

  • New Nation

    Someone should please remind this man that NONE of the promises he made in the past has been fulfilled. This country does not belong to him and his cohort alone. He should pls ensure free, fair and credible election to let Nigerians decide who ‘ll lead them. Nigerians take your Nation back!

  • salawu priscilia

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  • saj

    I don’t have anything to say here, coz my dear friends have say it all. Say it aloud ooo. WE ARE TIRED WE NEED CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    Before now I have not doubted Jonathan’s intelligence but I’m totally in disagreement in his proposed method of fighting corruption . IT is developed and managed by human beings . IT professionals manipulate the system to give them the result they want. Probably Nigeria would be the first country to fight corruption with IT. All over the world, corruption is being fought by applying the law of the land. Indeed we desperately need a CHANGE before this President destroys this country further.

    • TrueNja

      I concur with you. GEJ is unintelligent. Who awarded him PhD?

  • shegxy

    Too funny someone said this guy jonothing need another 4yrs to start thinking of what to think

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    His speech is nothing but a comic relief for Nigerians. The comedian of otuoke has done it again. Dumbo will not kill somebody with laughter. Haba! This is cluelessness 2.0.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    General Mohammed Buhari regime was dominated by Muslim officers,
    and no consideration was shown to the issue of restoring diplomatic ties
    with Israel and other neigbouring countries. Because of his hatred to Christianity,
    the government demonstrated a total commitment to anti- Israel policy by
    suspending the Emir of Kano and the Ooni of Ife for their visit to Israel.
    The Emir of Kano was also removed as Chancellor of the University of
    Nigeria, Nsukka.( Nigerian Tribune, 1985 ).

    Infact, it is clear to us all now that GMB is not only a demagogue but Islamic
    fundamentalist who does not qualify to be elected president in a secular
    state like Nigeria. Please, let us all vote against this character(GMB) but to vote
    massively to a liberalist and a democrat
    in the person of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

    GEJ we will give our votes

    • lexid

      Which one do u prefer, vote for an islamist as u called him bt hv food on ur table or vote for a xtian who doesn’t have a single few of d almighty and suffer in penury. Be wise man and let ur conscience be ur supervisor

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Your illusion is deceiving you.

    • Dare

      Lies Buhari had more Christians than Muslims in his administration

    • ajwales

      Go and hug a transformer with your low life propaganda, I’m a christian and this impunity must stop come may.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        You sound disappointed. I can help you.

        • emmanuel N

          SBV, are we living in 2 different countries, I find it extremely difficult to understand your justification of the action or inaction of this administration, except you are one of the few benefiting from the sleaze. Please repent.

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            GEJ is really working. Forget about propaganda.

    • Hambolu Segun

      With all respect, I think the two highly respected monarchs broke the law then.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        They didnt break any civilian law unless draconian laws of the military dictator Muhamadu Buhari

        • Hambolu Segun

          Law is law be it civilian ,draconian, vampirism, sharia or canon.

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            Draconian is dictatorial. It is against humanity.

    • Abdullahi Lekpa Bello

      And yet you all said and agreed that GMB hired isreali mercenaries to bring back umar Dikko to face justice in nigeria yet he hates isreal and hates xtians. Go check members of his ruling council In 1984 bro. A reasonable and commensurate number of Xtians exist u bigot. Bring sometin else pls. Shuibu bola victor u are a dumb ass. We know u wella.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Hahahha. Give us the names of The Christians in his SMC. Tissues of lies

    • emmanuel N

      We are now wiser these sentiments brandished no longer work. Please look for better lies to tell us.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        They are facts and figures. Go to your library.

  • Kitunde

    Presido….You no go kill me OO!
    You don’t even believe in the existence of corruption, you don’t even believe that it is corruption that has destroyed every sector of the Nigerian nation,you don’t believe that it is because of corruption that jobseekers came to early deaths in an employment scam-If you know what corruption is, you will not pardon a fugitive from europe and if you know what corruption is, you will know that stealing public funds is corruption.

    • devo

      This is the same man that said stealing is not corruption, now he wants to fight corruption which is stealing with which technology? So this man thinks ppl steal money by cash

  • Wähala

    Nigerians will rid themselves of corruption (namely Dumbo) with the next chance in February. They will neither be voting for GEJ nor the PDP…they will be voting for Change and not necessarily Gen. Buhari because Dumbo and his PDP have had 16yrs to rid Nigeria of corruption but have failed woefully. Shikena!

    • New Nation

      Spot on! Just anything but jona.

  • Emancipation

    I just like the picture of the headline, with FFK by the side… His (FFK) and Abacha charges has been getting rid off that’s an example of how Jonathan has been getting rid of corruption.

    • New Nation

      Thanks for this facts. We must all wake up to salvage our beloved Nation from this crook and his very corrupt PDP cohort. He(jona) look innocent but very deceptive and spit out lies from both sides of his mouth. He has brought so much reproach to our Nation with his clueless and visionless style. Look at all the promises he made in 2011 and how he cajoled us to believe he’s “part of us”. Now he’s coming back again promising heaven and earth. Let him start with the ongoing #750 million bribe scandal rocking his party. Generator noise and fume everywhere even when we now pay more for services not rendered. Just anybody but jonaTAN this time. Nigerians take your Nation back!

  • Hembe Hembe

    President Jonathan’s focus has been on building transparent public
    institutions that are strong enough to overcome corrupt influences. This
    approach uses the rule of law as a framework to fight corruption and
    entrenches transparency and accountability mechanisms across government


    Granted the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
    prosecutorial independence from the Attorney General and Minister of
    Justice, restoring the integrity of this formerly beaten-down anti-graft

    Enacted the Freedom of Information Act, thereby empowering the press
    and Nigerian citizens to scrutinize the actions of public officials and

    Uncovered over N2.7 billion in fraud in the Pensions’ fund and
    seized about 200 properties from corrupt public officials, including
    hotels and cash worth billions of naira.

    Established an Independent Presidential Committee to monitor the activities of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

    Dismissed judges found to be abusing their offices.

    Ended four decades of corruption in fertilizer and seed distribution.

    • Mr Wise

      My guy you for hide yourself small the write-up smell like paid agen hand work

    • tony

      Mumu. Ppl like u shld b imprisoned.

    • dumbo

      Shameless crook. Stop wasting your time, no sensible person will ever vote for GEJ except crooks like you.

    • SAM .A

      Go back to the creek & get drown. You are nuisance here. Your tone is different from the mass choir here.

      • BUSHMAN


  • Mr Wise


  • Dumbo

    Drowning man, never ashamed of lying. Which technology are you going to use to fight corruption? Is it the fraudulent CCTV contract that never worked and currently vandalised. You are full of deceit and no sensible person will ever vote for you again, except fellow crooks like you.

  • wode

    it looks so funny and unserious.

  • Dumbo

    Mr GEJ, tell us what happened to the Abuja CCTV contract currently not working. You sold the police spectrum for the CCTV to a fellow crook Emeka Offor together with the connivance of your fellow brothers in crime in NCC. When one of the NCC commissioners blew the lid open, you suspended him just like sanusi for no justified reason. Shamefully the court reinstated him back. GEJ your DNA is corruption and you can never change.

  • Spoken word

    Sorry Jona boy your chance is gone. You had your opportunity and you blew it.

  • boliatepa

    Has Jonathan taken a picture with Nigeria’s corrupt men yet? He needs to pose with Stella Oduah, et al sitting atop the EFCC director. That’s what he has achieved. Nigerians will give him another chance if they are as dumb as they have so far proven to be.

  • Gaskiya

    We will not vote for you. Go to hell.

  • TrueNja

    Mr. President, the more you speak, the more you talk blunders. What is the purpose of Ministry of Women Affairs? Regarding IT- human beings developed IT and the same human beings can manipulate this IT you are talking about. Can Nigeria be as hightech as U.S.A? U.S. is still prosecuting and jailing her corrupt officers. Mr. president, I don’t think you have PhD and if you do, something is wrong with your PhD. We gave you un-interrupted 6 years, you have nothing to show we Nigerians that you are fighting corruption. Read our lips, no more another four years!!!

  • Jek Etuk

    haba oga jona, spare us these lies, you made mention of first lady’s office not benefiting from government fund how come FCT budget billions of naira each year to the first lady’s office; in 2011 you said if you cannot provide security, definitely your government doesn’t exist, and that if you cannot fix power in 4 years, you are useless that we should not waste our vote on you again; what do you want now, go home and wait for the probe committee on mismanagement of our resources for past 6 yrs

  • Hembe Hembe

    President Jonathan’s focus has been on building transparent public
    institutions that are strong enough to overcome corrupt influences. This
    approach uses the rule of law as a framework to fight corruption and
    entrenches transparency and accountability mechanisms across government


    Granted the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
    prosecutorial independence from the Attorney General and Minister of
    Justice, restoring the integrity of this formerly beaten-down anti-graft

    Enacted the Freedom of Information Act, thereby empowering the press
    and Nigerian citizens to scrutinize the actions of public officials and

    Uncovered over N2.7 billion in fraud in the Pensions’ fund and
    seized about 200 properties from corrupt public officials, including
    hotels and cash worth billions of naira.

    Established an Independent Presidential Committee to monitor the activities of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

    Dismissed judges found to be abusing their offices.

    Ended four decades of corruption in fertilizer and seed distribution.

    • ajwales

      Keep living in Ukraine, no need to come back home. Hows the cold? Oh i see the sarcasm

      • Mr Wise

        Hahahaha no mind the clown

    • Guguru


      Take fewer doses of that drug, will you? LOL!

  • Mosaku 147

    No one gets a second chance to make a first impression. Joe the fisherman’s son,please in the name of God,spear us your stories or save them for your grandchildren. You have failed in all ramifications and you MUST go,with or without your consent.

  • endingNaija

    You used SIX years to deepen and entrench corruption and build pro-corruption politicians and you will use four years to end what you used SIX years to build? You must be kidding me Jonathan.

  • Oro Sunnunkun

    So, you have suddenly woken up? Did you even acknowledge that there was corruption in the land? Finally, you are promising after 6 years of decadence that you will rid Nigeria of corruption which you had already institutionalized. No way, no time to waste anymore. Go back to Otuoke and do that….byeee

  • Akiika

    Honestly! anything that comes out of this man’s mouth is gibberish!
    Olodo, ole buruku!

  • bashdo

    The best way to campaign for GMB is to give GEJ a microphone to address the public. useless clown

  • igbiki

    Agaracha promise and fail, na so you take build 2nd Niger Bridge?

    This Man cant stop to amaze me, he thinks we are all like him, with potopoto as brain.

    He would send corrupt people to heaven or to ASO ROCK to wine and dine with him.

    No Prison Please.

    ”It is my prayer that a time will come in Nigeria that there will be no single prison in the country.”


    Yoruba turncoats as Yoruba leaders, save for Awo. Na waa oo!!

  • Spoken word

    You have been president for 6 years and did nothing about corruption and you will do nothing about corruption if you come back.who are you fooling Mr I don’t give a damn.

  • talk4change

    Mr. Stop telling us idiotic speech MR what you did not do in six years. You are now given us story now, which chance again…. Ur time is finished please go to ur village

  • True son of the soil

    Jesus Christ,what kind of cheap drugs is this Guy on ? When have he realized that small small stealing is corruption? We’re not mugu my guy.

  • Thepeople

    How can a man who said that stealling public funds is not corruption fight corruption? I can almost feel sorry for Jonathan. PDP has turned the man into laughing stock. His laughable quotes would continue to make comedy circles for generations.

  • GNN

    Dear Nigerians, I have failed in corruption, security and the economy after 6 years of my presidency please give me another chance to fail again.
    Mr Jonathan has failed Nigerians!

  • Wetin Naija

    What kind of human being is this Jonathan. Nigeria reached the highest corruption level ever recorded history under Jonathan and he is still asking for another 4 years to perfect and become the guru of corruption





  • SAM .A

    “We have tried more Nigerians. More Nigerians have been jailed within this period,”The speech Writers and trainers of the President are not helping him but destroying his campaign . From Lagos to Ibadan within short distance 42 hrs , in same Yoruba land you made president to lie , that he doesn’t believe in putting people in jail. He is using computer to reduce corruption that will lead people to jail. ( in Western world they use human beings to investigate criminal & corrupt officers) This afternoon you stated you have put people in jail , you will ask them to compile the #. That is double speak. Yorubas as u know are sophisticated in politics. You will not deceive them twice.if you listen and rely on Omisore , Mimiko, Fayose Kasamu & Bode George ,in Yoruba land you need to look for Omoluabis not these Igi da eye fo politicians , though is getting late now , since you put all your eggs in same baskets , they are busy frying your eggs behind you .No double speaking here please or any other place in the nation it is not a good politics . It is called politics of deceit .

  • sam funso

    The President needs to be consistent in his defence of his records of corruption and poor security in the Country. His idea of use of technology makes a big joke of serious problem turned into jest. He should give us example of the use of technology against corruption where people are not involved? He does not need to buy and stock Aso Rock with Computers trying to fight Corruption. He needs to take action and that is what we are saying. He is expected to have better understanding . We are complaining that he allowed and he presided over corruption and he is asking Nigerians to give him four more years. The Country is tired of this government of Corruption and lack of security. I hope he reads some of the comments about him and his government. He is not pulling his weight.. We need a change and he is the one we need to change.

  • Jide

    With all these kind of statements, it seems to me that the president advisers are deliberately misleading him and our president is not intelligent enough to vet their advices, if not, how could a whole president be talking this way?

  • Sword of Damocles

    People always like to quote “He who the gods want to kill, they make him go mad first”(or something to that effect). Never thought much of it until now. I had a conversation with my father today. I told him how i tried to read the speech the President gave in Lagos on friday(for the campaign launch), and i just couldn’t stop laughing as i read it. It is obvious that our President CANNOT put sentences together. I am really shocked, and now I wonder how this man conducts the business of Nigeria’s foreign affairs. When I hear his online trolls moan about certificates & such, i am consumed by an overwhelming sense of irony. Here are the bootlickers of a man who can BARELY put a sentence together, CROWING about Mai Gaskiya being uneducated. Since these people has made it an issue, news media the world over NEED to get to the bottom of this “PhD” issue. The university that issued the doctorate still exists. Iam sure that members of the doctoral dissertation committee that sat-in, are still alive. They must be interviewed.

  • Olu Ade

    Ebele = Ebola
    Sambo = Sambisa forest
    Get rid of Dumbo-Sumbo because they are

  • Thomas Sankara

    I have never written on this post but had to for once. Where are the apologists of Mr. President. If this is what a PHC holder is supposed to spout from his mouth then I would rather prefer an illiterate 10 year old to help lead this nation. This is as shambolic a speech as once can deliver and this was in back to back presentations in both Ibadan and Abeokuta less we forget the pathetic campaign flag off speech in Lagos. As you inquire about GMB’s certificate can you please certify how real GEJ’s PHD is. It taints the all South South if this is the best you can offer. I am sure there are brighter child minds that can articulate better. God bless Nigeria. God deliver us from deceitful failed leaders. Amen

    • Olaolu

      My brother, GEJ is a product of unproductive and grounded university education. He can’t reason beyond what you whisper into his ear. Check out his interview with Amanpour and you will see how much he needs assistance with his thinking process. Even though I voted for him in 2011 (one of the greatest mistakes I pencil in my diary) I regretted my action immediately after his swearing-in ceremony when he started dancing with the corrupt people. Further disappointing me, I started giving national awards to the Akis and Pawpaws and later to the Omisores. Then he’s asking for my vote again. Well if I did that then I would be worse than Mr. Goodluck.

  • Mustapha Ibraheem

    This president reminds of George Bush during the 2000 campaign: he messed up the U.S. so badly after 8 years that people actually voted for a black man for president. the saddest part of it all are the people clamoring for more of the same.

    • Hambolu Segun

      That is called Change!

  • Preco01

    Just from reading this nonsense I smell akpeteshi in his breath, our mumu don do, bro Jona, change is coming to Nigeria this FEBUHARI

    • Mustapha Ibraheem

      no. ooooo na burukutu wey im like o… with a pinch of alomo..

    • tundemash

      lol !

  • Mustapha Ibraheem

    If his reasoning were logical, then America and other civilized societies wouldn’t have any need for prisons. They wouldn’t need them because there are computers to take care of the problem. on the contrary, America has the most amount of people either in prison or probation; 10 million and still counting. They have jail terms for everything: disorderly conduct; murder; fraud; larceny; assault; public drunkenness; kidnapping; causing mayhem and everything in between. If there is no price to pay for criminal acts, then what is the deterrence for all those that like to harbor bad ideas and disrupt society?

    • warry

      Crimes cannot be totally eliminated in any society, but technology and measures can be taken to prevent it in the first place and also so make it easier to detect it when it is attempted. It is not only by arresting perceived enemies without. Investigation. Arresting people anyhow is unintelligent. And crude. It was done in 1984 and we are still talking about it today.

      • Maria

        Illiterate… even technology itself is a conduit for crime. No one can use technology to eradicate crime, humans create technology not gods.

        • Citizen

          true talk, it is only fairness and the rule of law that can prevent crime

  • Gaskiya

    I just found out, that, the Defections Earthquake will soon hit Ekiti state. There are two types of people in Nigeria today!! Those who are wise to join APC before it is too late and those who will be left in PDP’s wrecked ship and sink with it. Please join APC and do not sink with PDP……

  • Arewabetter

    I really wonder if president Goodluck will have the courage and balls to fight corruption in Nigeria. Nigerians gave him that chance, but he blew it. I am of the opinion that Nigerians are now wiser and more intelligent and cannot be carried away by mere utterances to eliminate corruption. What methods and tools is Dr. Goodluck going to use to get rid of corruption in the troubled giant called Nigeria? The answer to this question is in the joke below. Enjoy it!!!

    The Nigerian president, Dr. Goodluck wanted to have an experience of flying with ordinary Nigerians, so he decided to fly to Abuja on a passenger plane and was seated next to a little girl. He turned to her and said, “Let’s talk. I’ve heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.” The little girl, who had just opened her book to go through some tales, closed it slowly and said to Dr. Goodluck, “What would you like to talk about?” “Oh, I don’t know,” said Dr. Goodluck. “How about: What Changes I Should Make in my Governace to Propel Nigeria Forward?” and he smiles. “OK,” she says. “That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?” Being a zoologist, Dr. Goodluck, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it for a second and finally says, “Hmmm, I have no idea.” To which the little girl replies, “Do you really feel qualified to change Nigeria when you don’t know SHIT?”

  • Guguru

    When you listen to Jonathan’s sub-standard thinking you get angry enough to chew on dry garri with no water or sugar.

    • King Carlos


  • Guguru

    Unscrew your brain from your head, place it in a safe place, and then listen to Jonathan—-the man who makes mindless comments.

  • Musa Danlami Usman

    Jonathan, U will not kill me. Putting in place technology that will fight corruption, in ur dreams or where. All this u did not put in place before. Mr. President U most be sick, go seek for medical attention.

  • warry

    Great speech. Mr president ride on. Any person who cannot see reason in this speech, should go and check himself.There is due process for Govt procurements, e -payment system in in the Banking sector and payment for Govt procurement services. ,privatization of hitherto corruption infested agencies to eliminate corruption and en throne efficiency.

    • emmy

      Heartless citizen. May God forgive you.

    • lasman

      Only emptiness with a dose of dullness can make any human queue behind the clueless one.

    • Oriyomi

      This guy is too empty like his Dr. ???luck.

  • Maria

    The same man famously claimed stealing is not corruption… Now he wants to use technology to block stealing in order to eradicate corruption… this man is a mumu of the highest order. How did this one come to our national lives? God please flush this imbecile out.

  • lasman

    You had your chance, 6 years is more than enough for any government to make a positive change.

  • Hassan Abdussalam

    I personally think GEJ is either possessed by some spirits or his advisers, aides and PDP chieftains are trying to get back on him for something he done to them. Don’t he have a male siblings? Or an elder to advice him. Olorun ma ba ti wa je

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Oga Jona, why has the tecnology refused to prevent you from looting Nigerian money to South Africa in CAN president jet? Was your due process allow moving of raw cash undisclosed to respective authorities?
    Jona, your tecnology can never work since it has been programmed to see stealing as corruption
    So, keep your technology till May 29 to be used in Otueke in your Stealing Ministry to be pastored by Oritsejafor when you would have been booted out of Aso Rock

  • S.O.S

    Goodluck Jonathan is a slow thinker, a misfit, and, a pretender to knowledge.

  • Aiyekoto

    Please spare ùs and go. Nigeria is not an experimental laboratory. You are free to go back to Otueke to complete your zoological dissertation. Good luck.

  • King Carlos

    President wants to use Facebook and Twitter to fight corruption. Perhaps, Mark Zuckerberg will be part of his next cabinet.

  • yemi

    This guy’s handlers should not allow him to talk without prepared speech; he’s incoherent whenever he talks.

  • ash

    Is a pity for sitting president to be so confused like this clueless GEJ……..want Change?

  • Sebastien Wanonkou MD for GYCC


  • Citizen

    I believe u my President, by 2019 under your able leadership there will be nothing left in Nigeria treasury to steal

  • YouStandNoChance

    Wait a minute! Where are these beautiful ladies? Stella Oduah and Alison-Madueke the very symbols of corruption we talk about. They are not at the rally. Is Jonathan keeping them from the public’s view? No, out of sight out of mind cannot work here.

    • Hambolu Segun

      If na you won’t you hide them?
      They are the face of corruption.
      Bad market

  • YouStandNoChance

    Using modern technology? How will your modern technology prevent Oduah from buying N225 million car? Or Alison from siphoning funds through private jets?

  • Dapostle007

    Asking for re-election before effecting a change…what a shameless government.. the time for the anticipated change is now.. vote GMB,OSINBAJO for federal…

  • kammykazee

    Listen to Gej “For me we must exploit 50% of their brains” what sort of leader exploit the brain of his people? We know PDP has been exploiting Nigerians for the past sixteen years in the name of ruling us, but I’m surprised at gej’s boldness of telling it to our face to be ready for another round of exploitation for the next 4 years, 50% exploitation this time, only God knows what percentage of our brain they have been exploiting all these while. May the Almighty deliver Nigerians from this insensitive and callous ruler.

  • Ore ara ilu

    Jonathan got sympathy votes because he “had no shoes”; now, he wants to be voted in because he has no brain. What a pity!!!

  • samiis

    Did i hear GEJ say “I’ll rid Nigeria of corruption if given another chance”????
    E gba mi oooooo….. this guy needs to be deeply talked to or better said examined mentally! Does he think Nigerians are fools? What has he achieved in the area of corruption in the last SIX years? Let him tell us!!

  • Colonel MH Mariam(rtd)

    Really,Mr. President? What happened these past 6 years? Mind telling us? What took you this long.
    Look here, Mr. President, I am one of those people who consider it your right to aspire to the highest office in the land but do cut out this idle talk. Just keep it real without insulting our collective intelligence. This is election time chatter after which it is going to be business as usual regardless who wins.

  • Jones

    I actually find it hard to believe that the president of Nigeria who apparently has a PHD made these statements. Apart from the error laden sentences, he made no sense. Have Nigerians become so dumb as to want this man to remain president of a country that has produced a the likes of Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe? God help us

  • abass jelili

    The man standing to the right of President GEJ is called Fani Kayode. Please read below what he said sometimes back about Jonathan. Happy reading.

    by Femi Fani-Kayode _FFK, 2014
    A President who does not understand the meaning of the word ”class” or ”honesty” and who breaks his own word consistently. A President who has abdicated his responsibilities, destroyed his own political party, divided his own country, alienated his own friends, humiliated his own mentor, abandoned his own people, brought ridicule to his own faith, cowers before …his own officials, betrays his own governors, scorns the international community and breaks his solemn oath to protect and defend the Nigerian people. A President who does not even have the nerve or the guts to call to order any of the numerous Jezebels that control him. He is the problem we have in our country today and until he resigns, is impeached or is voted out of power nothing will change and Nigeria will continue to go from bad to worse. That is what you get when you vote for a man who never wore shoes to school. May God deliver our country.`

  • OhMyGod

    The fault is ours. Jonathan only asked for “shoes”. Why didn’t we buy him nice pairs of shoes and satisfy his need? Why did we give a man who was only in need of shoes the opportunity of ruling (ruining!!! I beg) a nation? But the act of gratitude of GEJ has no match: the January 1st gift of 97 naira per liter is the best way to show gratitude to people who gave him presidency in stead of a pair of shoes.

    Anyway FEBUHARI. God save my country.

  • Oro Sunnunkun

    Please read Fani Kayode write up on President GEJ, and ironically he is one holding microphone for GEJ at his campaign rallies –


    BY FEMI FANI KAYODE Permit me to begin this contribution by quoting a portion of an essay that I wrote on 26 September 2011 which was titled “On Goodluck Jonathan, David and Goliath”. The portion reads as follows.

    “A few days ago from the sacred pulpit of the hallowed chambers of the National Christian Centre in Abuja and in the prescence of the entire leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan proclaimed as follows- “I am not David….I am not a general…..I am not a lion…..I will defeat the Goliaths in our land”. These are deep and instructive words yet I do wonder whether Mr. President understands the spiritual and practical implications of what he is saying.

    If he says that he “is not a David” how can he then possibly slay the “Goliaths in the land?” If he says that he “is not a general” how can he be an effective Commander-in-Chief who commands the respect and confidence of his army and his officers? If he says that he “is not a lion” how can he overwhelm the animals in our jungle that seek to destroy and ravage our land? The lion is a noble and courageous animal that defends it’s pride and family and protects it’s own. That is why it is known as the “king of the jungle” and that is why our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself is known as the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah”.

    Every king worth his salt must have the spirit of the lion and the warrior in him to a certain extent. It is a fundamental pre-qualification for good quality and inspirational leadership and that is what distinguishes the pretender and the usurper from a real king. May the spirit and weakness of Ahab not be our President’s portion even though his words seem to have ensnared him. History proves that weak kings and weak leaders always pull down and destroy great empires and strong kingdoms.

    If you have any doubt about that consider what happened to the Roman Empire under Nero, Claudius or Caligula. If you still have any doubts after that then read up on Russian history or watch an excellent old film called “Nicholas and Alexander” about Tsar Nicholas the 1st, the last Tsar of Russia and how his strong-willed wife and his consistent display of weakness shamed and brought down imperial Russia, destroyed the 300 year old royal dynasty of the Romanovs, led directly to the First World War (which in turn led to the Second World War and then later the Cold War), caused the communist revolution, led to the Russian civil war, resulted in the murder of his whole family and ended in the establishment and creation of the most evil and godless empire that has ever ruled half of the world- the cold and all-powerful Soviet empire.

    That is what weakness, prevarication, inconsistency, cowardice, emotional slavery, inexplicable fear and the celebration of indecision can do. Worst still you don’t boast about such qualities because there is nothing to be proud of in them. Always remember, whether you are a king or a subject, that courage is the greatest of all the virtues. This is wisdom. Would someone please tell our President”.

    Once again please take note that the contribution that I quoted above was part of an essay that I wrote on 26th September 2011, almost two years ago to the day.

    With the killing of 91 children by Boko Haram in Damatru a few days ago, the slaughter of 140 Nigerian troops by Boko Haram in Borno state last friday, the massacre of 41 school children in Borno state by Boko Haram two months ago, the mass murder of no less than 7000 thousand Nigerians by Boko Haram in the last 3 years and the raging war that is going on in the northern eastern part of our country between Boko Haram and our military today those words and that counsel that was offered two years ago seem even more relevant today than it was even at that time.

    The carnage that we are witnessing in our country today has come as a direct result of the manifestation of weakness at the top. When a President tells the world that Boko Haram are his “siblings” whom he “cannot move against”, as he did earlier this year, he is asking for trouble. When a President keeps offering Boko Haram amnesty even when they kept rejecting it and whilst they were murdering his people, as he has been doing for the last three years, he is asking for trouble. When a President installs and supports a party National Chairman who describes Boko Haram as “freedom fighters”, as he did earlier this year, he is asking for trouble.

    When a President announces to the world that he is “not a lion or a David”, as he did exactly two years ago, no-one should be surprised when his people are killed like flies before his very eyes. May God bring us a real leader that can save our nation and may He take away this one who feels no pain and has no empathy when Nigerian blood, nay even the blood of innocent children, is shed with impugnity. Under the tenure of our “lamb” President more innocent Nigerians have been slaughtered by terrorists than at any other time in the history of our country except during the civil war.

    What a mess, what a record. I continue to ponder about one thing though- would the President have been so unperturbed and detached from the whole thing if the children that were killed in their school yesterday morning had been from his Niger Delta area or from the east. It appears to me that simply because those kids were northern muslims this President just “doesn’t give a damn”. What a tragedy. Whether christian or muslim, northern or southern these are only children and they are NIGERIAN children each of whom is entitled to the full protection of the Nigerian state. I have said it before and I shall say it again, Nigeria has become an abbatoir of human flesh and blood under the tenure of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and all those who support him should bury their heads in shame. The blood of all those innocent people is on his hands because he swore to an oath before God and the Nigerian people to protect them from such evil. Instead of getting on with his job and doing so he has spent the last few days boasting to the world about ringing the bell in the New York Stock Exchange and receiving irrelevant, illusionary, self-serving and absurd commendations for absolutely nothing from President Barack Obama. May God deliver us.

    Permit me to make a painful observation here. I was thoroughly appauled about the fact that when our lamb President was asked about the latest round of killings during his live “Presidential Media Chat” programme on sunday evening he not only told a lie to the world by claiming that only “21 or 22 students were killed” at a time when the BBC and CNN had confirmed that at least 45 bodies had been found (more were to be discovered later) but he also failed to express his condolences to the families of those that had lost their loved ones. He made the same omission when he failed to commiserate with or express his condolences to the families of the 140 soldiers that were killed in Borno state last friday whilst fighting Boko Haram simply because they ran out of bullets during the course of the battle.

    By way of contrast not only was he quick to offer his condolences to the government and people of Kenya for the terrible carnage that was inflicted on them by Al Shabab last friday when 68 people were killed (I guess that to him Nigerian blood is not as expensive or as important as foreign blood) but he was also quick to offer the Kenyan government military assistance. If President Uhuru Kenyatta decides to accept his offer let us hope that our lamb President will give enough bullets to the soldiers that he will send. Our boys are deeply courageous fighters and they certainly deserve that much. They also deserve to have a Commander in Chief that inspires them, that watches their back and that gives them the very best. May the souls of all those that have been killed by Boko Haram in the last three years rest in peace and may the Lord take the leadership of this nation from the lamb and give it to a lion king.

    Permit me to end this contribution with the following observations. As crude and as unpleasant as it may sound the question must be asked – does our President have any balls? Is he really a man? Does he have what it takes to fight a war against terror or is it that there is more to this than meets the eye? Is there a sinister and diabolical conspiracy and plan to ensure that elections do not hold in the north-east and the north-west in 2015 given the fact that those areas are very hostile to the suggestion that Jonathan should return to power that year? Is this whole thing planned and contrived or is it a case of chronic incompetence, ineptitude and weakness? Does Jonathan believe that it is in his interest for the north to burn and for northern blood to be spilt? Is the mindset of those that are pulling the strings of the view that since the problem has been (to use the President’s own words in his last media chat) “localised” and “contained in a certain area” the government can sit back and watch the locals slaughter themselves whilst they continue to drink champagne in the Villa and fantasise about 2015? If that is the case has it not occured to them that their fellow Nigerians live in those areas where the problem has supposedly been “localised” and is the blood of those fellow Nigerians not red as well? Are they less Nigerian because of where theywere born and who they are? Are the people that live in the villages and countryside not as important as those who live in the towns and cities?

    Whatever is really going on here God sees all and anything that is not of Him will surely fail. If it is nothing but weakness and incompetence that has resulted in this unperecedented carnage the President will answer before God for violating his solemn oath to protect the Nigerian people from enemies within and from enemies without and if it is a conspiracy to encourage and create turmoil and chaos in the north just to ensure that they are excluded from the vote in

    2015, both Jonathan himself and Nigeria as a whole will reap the consequences. It is worth noting that that is precisely what happened in Mali in the elections that took place before the north was taken over by the islamists and it led to a full scale civil war. Any attempt to exclude any part of this country from participating in the elections in 2015 under the guise of lack of security or Boko Haram will result in the same thing with catastrophic consequences for Nigeria. Yet as Napolean Bonaparte once said, “we must never account to conspiracy what can easily be explained away by incompetence”. It is more likely than not that the situation that is folding in the north-east and the feeble fight that our government is putting up against Boko Haram over there is down to Jonathan’s weakness and nothing more. So when asked the question is our President capable of fighting the war against terror my answer would be that I am afraid that I doubt it very much. He just doesn’t have it in him. As the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair once said about John Major, his predecessor in office, he is just “weak, weak, weak”.

    I am a great believer in strong government and I am one of those that has always believed that President Olusegun Obasanjo was one of the best, if not the best, and most effective leaders that we have ever had in this country. I say this not because I had the honour and privilage of serving in his government but because, when it comes to his record in public office, the facts and figures speak for themselves. Not only are they outstanding but they are yet to be matched and since he left office in 2007 everything has gone to the dogs. Love him or hate him one thing is clear- not under Obasanjo’s watch would 7000 thousand innocent Nigerians be massacred at will in the space of just two years by a bunch of murderous and heartless terrorists. He would have known exactly what to do and how to do it to put a stop to such callous lawlessness and anarchy right from the start. Equally significant is the fact that such was his love for Nigeria that regardless of the region, ethnic group or religious faith that the victims came from, espoused or belonged to, his response to the terrorists would have been swift, decisive and utterly ruthless. He would have had Boko Haram in “shock and awe” and the whole world would have marvelled at it. This is because in Obasanjo we had a President who not only had balls but who also had the courage, heart and guts to match them.

    The greatest error that we as a people ever made and the worst tragedy and misfortune that has ever befallen us as a nation is the fact that a meek lamb ended up taking a throne that was designed and prepared for a lion. The unfortunate consequences of that tragic error and misfortune are there for all to see. The shedding of the blood of even the youngest, the most innocent and the most vulnerable in our society by Boko Haram on a daily basis is an eloquent testimony to that unsavoury fact.

  • Spoken word

    GEJ the dunce.a penis has more brains than this guy.