Ombatse Killings: Jonathan has case to answer – Buhari

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan is not serious about the welfare and safety needs of members of the nation’s security personnel and is prepared to trade their welfare and security needs for political gains, says the APC Presidential Campaign Council.

A statement by the APC Presidential Campaign in Abuja on Monday said it is for reason of political exigency and to carry on with his “gentleman image’ who cannot hurt a fly that the President has failed continuously as a Commander-in-Chief, unable to mobilize the security forces and to provide them with the necessary leadership to accomplish their objective.

The statement signed by Director, Media and Publicity of the campaign, Garba Shehu, noted that the attitude of the Jonathan government to the cruel fate that befell more than one hundred policemen and operatives of the State Security Services (SSS) who lost their lives while on a mission to arrest the Spiritual Leader of the notorious Ombatse cult in Nasarawa State, last year, is yet the most glaring example of how callous and uncaring a government which claims to be democratic can be.

In serious countries, the government does not toy with the lives and well-being of its security men such that any act of violence visited on the personnel of the security establishment is tantamount to an assault on the nation as a whole. The action of the US and French authorities when terrorists attacked their Police personnel on duty is a case in point. These governments did not rest until the perpetrators were eliminated and investigation is still continuing to get to the root cause of the assault to prevent future occurrence.

In the case of the Ombatse killings of our security men, the administration of President Jonathan displayed incredible levity that shocked the nation and left a sour taste in the mouth of relations and families of the unfortunate slain security men.

The APC Presidential Campaign requests the President to reflect on the way he handled the massacre of the nation’s policemen and SSS operatives in May 2013 in Nasarawa State. This becomes necessary because President Jonathan has been telling the country during his ongoing political campaign that he cares about our security personnel. This cannot be true.


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  • Mamman

    Enough said,Garba Shehu….

  • dumbo

    You cannot trust a heartless and evil person like GEJ. His heart is as evil as his face looks. All he cares about is re-election and looting. He doesn’t give a damn.

  • Frank Bassey

    Is it the church service Buhari attended recently that has changed him? A man known for his fundamentalist views wants us to forget easily that his utterances led to the killing of many Nigerian NYSC members because he lost the 2011 election? Buhari is evil, violent, blood-thirsty. He will surely exhibit those traits when he fail come February. He will cry again.

    • Wähala

      The only people crying after Feb 14. will be dog and snail eaters of the South-South. Read the writing on the wall, Nigerians are only waiting for Change which is inevitable. The game is over, start packing to your regional enclaves, yours have been nightmare years for Nigeria and the mistake will never be repeated… Dumbo blew your chance!

    • gawgawa2015

      Nigeria sai Buhari

      • Gawgawa2015

        Buhari sai Nigeria

  • Tufiakwa

    Excuse me, this a clear and loud call for mutiny. Gen Buhari as Head of State would not have accepted this for one second without executing these individuals. Gloves off now. These people should now be rounded up.

    • kday

      The truth is soooo bitter. doesn’t it? Yes, by all means proof to Nigerians that GMB is lying if you can. But if it’s true, Dumbo should come out and tell Nigerians why.

    • Jika

      On the flip side,may be Buhari wouldn’t have allowed the alleged killers of our security personnel to go unpunished if he were the president.Have you thought of that sir?

  • Kekedu

    Shehu Garba? Now GEJ’s headache just doubled. A thousand FFK, Abati, Okupe, Metuh, etc are no match to Shehu Garba.

    • abeem

      Agreed, he is seasoned and a thoroughbred journalist. I recalled his performance when his principal, Atiku as VP was being hounded by OBJ, he regaled and dusted OBJ’s group. Fani Kayode, Mutehsella and fat-neck Okugbe are not his match any day.

  • warry

    This ombastse issue I remember the state government did a probe and came up with some verdict. Initially the state Governor was also implicated. So I don’t think it is a lack of will to order arrest of culprits.

  • King Carlos

    Yes! I have been waiting for them to bring this up. This is the kinda issue that should be giving Marilyn Ogar sleepless nights, she could’ve have made a name for herself fishing out the kiklers. But here we are, WEAK president Jonathan, who can only respond to those that burnt his campaign bus and not the killers of our security men. I hope our security agencies will learn realize that taking sides with PDP means selling off their lives to a government that cannot protect or provide welfare for them.

  • A.A.

    Shehu Garba has forgotten the brutal and barbaric killing of two Nigeria Airforce staff, one even a priced pilot, shown all over the world by the lunatic BH, the clueless President did not even uttered a word in form of condemnation or condolences to the families of the murdered officers. Now this same person is desperate for another four years of cluelessness.

    • amazing2012

      The army reputed the story, they said no pilot dead at he hand of Boko boys, so where did you get your information ? Again, the Nmbatse case: DG SSS come out shamelessly to forgive them !

  • Newsbreak



    A researcher and public affairs analyst, Mr Nkemjika
    Nkemjika has filed a suit before a Federal High Court in Abuja seeking to stop
    President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting the February 14 presidential

    In an originating summons by his counsel Chris Ugwuala,
    Nkemjika seeks a declaration that the two terms limit allowed Jonathan under
    the 1999 Constitution as democratically elected president shall expire on May
    29, 2015.

    He further wants the court to declare that by the provisions
    of Section 135 (1) (b) and 135 (2) (b) of the 1999 Constitution, Jonathan is
    not qualified for re-election either under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
    platform or any other political party. He further prays that in the event that
    the court agrees that Jonathan is ineligible for any further election as
    president of Nigeria, the court should make an order nullifying the nomination
    of Jonathan as the PDP presidential candidate for the election.

    Nkemjika further contends that the only condition that would
    have qualified Jonathan to lawfully contest the February 14 election is if he
    had won an election overseen by the Senate President in 2010 in accordance with
    Section 142 (2) of the Constitution and not the “Doctrine of Necessity.”

    ……………….Daily Trust
    [January 13, 2014)

    • Sina

      Ah ah! What is this? Where is the story of the Buhari case?
      You’ve got jokes. You almost fooled me but it’s not April 1st.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Great reminder about killings and impunity. Can the scarecrow confidently say that the Ombatse is the only massacre he knows about, or is he being amnesiac to boost his miserable campaign? Who should be answerable to the post-election massacres of 2011? Who should hang for ODI and Zaki Biam. Who goes to the International Criminal Court for the IGBO GENOCIDE?
    Who gets the rap for Boko Haram carnage? What about Boko Hara? Who fuels it? Who murdered Chif Abiola and his wife? What about KEN SARO-WIWA and DELE GIWA? BOLA IGE did not commit Suicide as far as we know, let alone Chief DIKIBO AND CHIEF HARRY. OJUOLAPE. OWO and OGEDEMGBE were murdered be a scarecrow who pretends that these killing did not happen. Can anybody get serious? How impudent a fulani Dracula can be.

    • Tonnero

      First, I can bet that Buhari at 72 is more handsome and physically fit than either you or your father can be at the same age or even now so stop making an ass of yourself by calling him a scarecrow.

      Second, his principle is clear: ALL (no exceptions) attacks on Federal security personnel must be taken as an act of war against the nation itself. Odi was exactly that. Niger Delta militants had killed 12 policemen and OBJ gave the town an ultimatum to fish them out or he would come looking for them himself. The community thought he was joking. Whether OBJ overreacted or not can be debated but what cannot be debated was that policemen were killed and the community was helping to hide the perpetrators of the crime. I live in the Delta and I know that after Odi, militants attacking security personnel became persona non grata in the communities.

      You can continue to attempt to get the Igbo on the side of your jaundiced thinking by referring to the civil war and calling it genocide. My suspicion is that you need the help of the dictionary to understand the word. Genocide is seeking to exterminate a group of people (either ethnic, religious or race) without provocation and without stopping until the last man is killed OR you are stopped by an external party. I leave you to decide whether this definition fits with your clearly body eyed thinking.

      For all other cases, just use the simple litmus test: was it an act perpetrated DELIBERATELY against security officers? If yes, the apply maximum force. Not that complicated, is it?

      • Garden-City Boy

        By your definition: “Genocide is seeking to exterminate a group of people (either ethnic, religious or race) without provocation”, you proved my point. Did you really intend to do so?

  • MushinSpeaks

    The ombatse killed our security operatives yet no action was taken. Insurgents ransacked our territory without challenge and killing us all and our President says he has tackled insurgency. Lies!

    CHANGE we want!

  • Eze1

    The President is weak

  • Yinka Folarin

    The president cannot be said to be weak, this is a man that took a step towards protecting the people of Nassarawa from a man that unleashed terror on them.

  • favourtalk

    Now the truth is coming out day after day and GEJ is been pushed to cause more harm to himself, unless care is not taken, this man will fail totally because he has lost this election already, change is a must for the real transformation in nigeria. GEJ killed more than a city in nigeria over the last five years. We need change for secure and jobs

  • Mr. Abdin

    The call for change must continue as we cannot continue like this that is why the commend made by the APC spokesman is a welcome development because people will be wondering how the DG of the SSS will jump ship and forgave those who killed more than 100 people something is really hiding under the carpet.

  • James Namo

    How many times, since the unfortunate incident at Alakio did you hear anything about ‘Ombatse Militia’? Most people are just shallow in their thought process and follow Pavlovian conditioning when responding to issues. The truth of the matter is that those security men were unfortunate victims of state – sponsored genocide against a race by the governor of Nasarawa state, Tanko Almakura. For those of you from southern Nigeria, you are not conversant with the grand scheme of the hegemonic north of plans to decimate the entire ethnic minorities of central Nigeria, otherwise called the Middle Belt. Every now and again, marauding ‘unknown gunmen’ who are known to be Fulani herdsmen ravage entire villages and towns in their quest to dominate the ethnic people of Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa, Benue States and Southern Kaduna. In many cases, as I’ve witnessed personally, an ‘Arewa flag’ is hoisted by those fulani militias when they overrun innocent bucolic villages. It is a case of undeclared jihad. Because of the low level of education and general backwardness of the people in the scheme of things, no one is able to speak for them or make so much noise in the media to draw attention to the massacres and despoiling of their ancestral lands. The most unfortunate thing is the failure of the Nigerian state to provide security and cover against these gunmen. Consequently, the Eggon people who will not just fold their arms and watch their homeland snatched by intruders while government does nothing decided to come together to protect their communities, which is the most natural thing to do. Prior, the Eggon people have suffered various political injustices hinged on envy in Nasarawa state on account of their relatively larger population and advanced educational attainment. A policy akin to Hitler’s Nazi Germany was implemented to corral Eggon people by the administration of former governor Abdullahi Adamu, who sought to ensure that the Eggon people indigenous to every part of the state since before Nigeria, nay Nasarawa state was created return back to a particular local government which is their cradle. This is also aside the fact that there seems to be a ploy to deny the Eggon people political power simply because the majority of Eggon elites are non Muslims. It is obvious that there is a conspiracy of some sorts in Nasarawa state to prevent non Muslims from becoming a governor. Hence due to the perceived injustice, the Eggon people who are highly populous in the state banded together to swing electoral victory for Tanko Almakura of CPC, who was seen to be outside the political machinery of those who have insisted in subjugating the will of the people. It is instructive to note that even as CPC, a clearly northern party with no structures in other parts of Nigeria apart from the Core North, won the governorship only in Nasarawa state, defeating the incumbent PDP government. This was largely due to the bloc vote of the Eggon people and more importantly, the role played by the Eggon youth who are members of the then nascent Ombatse group that resisted any attempt by PDP to rig the elections, as is customary. Now, the newly elected governor Almakura had made a pact to contest and rule for a single term in office, if he wins in exchange for the support of the Eggon people, which he got copiously. But things took a different dimension when he came on board, and feelers emerged that he will not honour his word. Firstly, the Eggon people started to witness attacks on their communities, which was relatively new. Attacks by unknown gunmen had been going on in nearby Plateau and Taraba states but not in Eggonland. However, the Eggon people successfully repelled the attacks after some while, much to the chagrin of the sponsors of the attackers who we all know are from the up north doing the bidding of their great grandfather who promised to make Nigeria their personal estate. Seeing this, Almakura knew he was in a dilemma. He has no intention of keeping his single term pact, and knew that the only way to assure his victory in the subsequent election is to rig. But how can he rig, if the Eggon youths resist? That was what really made him engage the military to first go and attack a peaceful monthly meeting of Ombatse youths. The soldiers came on their murderous mission in the ploy to arrest members of the group. A simple request to see an arrest warrant by the assembled youth drew a hail of gunfire by the soldiers. On seeing that the bullets failed to bring down the boys, the soldiers made a run for it and the Eggon youth protested about the action of the military. They sought to know who sent those soldiers and for what reasons. Later the governor who denied sending them was able to appease the youths.
    The incident with the soldiers and the successful resistance to the Fulani jihadists attacks made Almakura to realise he will not have an easy ride in subverting the will of the people forcefully, should it come to that, in future elections. That was what made him procure the service of the policemen and DSS to go and hunt for the octogenarian High Priest of Ombatse, on the pretext that the group is forcefully conscripting members, which is a blatant lie. If it were true, even, don’t the Eggons have traditional leaders? Ombatse is a wholly Eggon cultural group which membership is EXCLUSIVE to only full-blooded Eggon youths. I am a UK-based Eggon man, and I know of some of my people in the diaspora who went to join the group at inception, due to its lofty ideals. It is simply a traditional code practiced by our forefathers, and in no way different to any other African traditional belief system. The distinction is the TOTAL abhorrence from vices and does not even involve blood rituals; human or animals. Ombatse is not a ‘violent cult’ as the sometimes lazy Nigerian media has portrayed it. If it were a violent and insurgent group, you would have been hearing about it regularly carrying out attacks. The turncoat governor only engaged the police for a personal vendetta mission, and it is quite unfortunate that the policemen died needlessly. Ombatse only reacted to a clear and present danger, when the security agents engaged them. If their goal was to effect the arrest of an 80 year old man, couldn’t they have sent summons? Why will 100 policemen go and arrest one man living in a small hamlet? So, the GEJ government have thought this out and acted in great wisdom. The governor of Nasarawa state, Alhaji Tanko Almakura is FULLY CULPABLE for the death of the security agents.
    Today, the attacks by fulani gunmen is still actively ongoing against the Eggon people and no one is talking about it. These attackers invade remote farming communities and retreat to go and prepare to wage another attack. They do this unchallenged, and whenever the Ombatse youth try to act in self defence, the same security agents and military who have failed to provide security to the victims will round up the Eggon people and kill some. That is the unfortunate thing happening in the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

    • Zirem

      All this long story comes down to the government not being able to protect the lives and property of the general public, that some group decided to take arms. Who is in charge of security? Federal govt.So enough is enough PDP must go, no more politics of ethnicity or religion.

      • James Namo

        Thanks for reading the ‘long story’, and I hope you got to understand the crux of the matter. My aim was to bring the underlying issues to the fore, which I hoped I did.

        • Zirem

          That the the federal government has failed in it duties of protecting lives and property.

          • Garden-City Boy

            How much protection did the Federal Government give to Igbo civilians in 1966? Rather than protection, it engineered the massacre of over 50,000 innocent people by rampaging hyena mobs called awusa. We went further to send troops to the Igbo country, killing another 3million in a senseless craving to “reduce their number” and forge a sham “one nigeria”.

    • Garden-City Boy

      We must salute the courage of the brave Eggon nation in the face of decades of oppression and brutality dished out by wild, barbaric creatures known as fulani. That struggle must not die, it must be kept alive..The humane community is with the Eggon people.

  • After APC betrayed the men so that BH could kill them
    The blood is on their head and it will cry out against them and their families every single day
    They will not know peace, neither them nor their family members.

  • Albatross

    While I staunchly stand behind this piece and Nigerian scholars in Russia, I would like to note that the appalling case is same for almost all government-financed Nigerian scholars in diaspora. It is even more exasperating when no detailed, rational explanations are given before and after eventual payments.

    What we see is what we get. There is a non-existent relationship between scholars and the federal government. Embassies are used as liaisons but in truth, the government doesn’t see our palpable distress in the eyes of well nourished diplomats or hear our resignation in their voices, if or whether when they pass along our disgruntlement. The channel of communication is flawed but be that as it may, should a government that has legally bound herself to the responsibility of her citizens be reminded of her due obligations at the expense of the said citizens?