Ekwueme Explodes: How PDP, Jonathan humiliate me

Ekwueme did not become President and today, may not even be powerful in the party he founded but the ideas he put forth will serve this country well

A former Vice President of Nigeria, Alex Ekwueme, has lamented that despite being a founding member, he has been subjected to “humiliation and neglect” by current leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Mr. Ekwueme, who said this during an interview with the Sun Newspapers, also asked President Goodluck Jonathan to accord him his due recognition as a founding member of the PDP and a former Vice President of Nigeria.

He decried the refusal of the Mr Jonathan to attend his 80th birthday celebration despite being invited; but said his relationship with the president is cordial.
“It (his relationship with Mr. Jonathan) is cordial, but maybe he doesn’t appre­ciate that without my risking my life there would have been no PDP and the popularity that made it possible for him to become the President of Nigeria,” the octogenarian said.

“Okay, I know, for instance, my friend Braithwaite of NAP had his birthday, the President went to Lagos to celebrate with him but I had my 80th birth­day and he did not come.”

On whether the president was invited, Mr. Ekwueme said: “the whole Nigeria was invited. Of course, he was invited but he did not ap­pear personally at any of the events, even the ones in Abuja. So, it is a matter of style.”

He said the PDP of today is not the PDP he risked his life to help to form adding that the party has been hijacked by people who are not in tune with the original ideal of the party.
“The truth is that the PDP as it is today was not the PDP we founded in 1998; that is the truth, I won’t hide it from anybody. It is not the PDP I risked my life to found in 1998. Now, PDP has been hijacked by peo­ple who have no philosophical or spiritual attachment to the precepts that informed formation of the party in 1998,” he said.

“What I en­visaged for PDP in 1998 was that it would be a mass movement, satisfying the needs of the masses and having membership from all over the country.”

While stating that the injustice in the party has chased prominent members of the party to seek their political ambitions elsewhere, Mr. Ekwueme said outside his emotional attachment as the founding member of the party he has no business remaining in the party in its present form.

“People who founded and worked for the party are alienated by poor management of success, and those who do not have the patience, some of us have decided to find new channels to fulfil their political ambitions. I, for instance, the chairman of the party, first chairman of Board of Trustees, first chairman from the civil society to G34 and so on, if I was not myself, I’m not bragging, I am being modest, I have no reason to be in PDP today. All I have received throughout the years is humiliation and neglect.”

He said the party only does the bidding of those he described as “noisemakers” adding the party has an “unfortunate” habit of neglecting the gentlemen among its members who desire to play by the rules.

“I told you that I have no business being in PDP today because I am not a noisemaker. I am not created to be a noisemaker or to create trouble, they are using it to deny me whatever is due to me,” he said. “Because you are a gentleman, you won’t disturb, rather the people who shout and make noise, they try and accommodate themselves so that they don’t create problems, I think it is an unfortunate approach to life. But those who don’t make noise and don’t create troubles also have feelings as human beings and they should not have been denied what is due to them.”

On Mr. Jonathan chances in the South East in the forthcoming election, Mr. Ekwueme said that the president is taking the support of the region for granted and this may cost him votes as he has alienated some of his supporters in the region.

He said he doubted if the president would be able to garner block vote in the forthcoming election like he did in 2011, as he feared many of those who voted for the president then might boycott the election.

“Now, we have election in less than two months, people are disgruntled. At the last election, the state voted overwhelmingly for President Jonathan, we had the highest per cent of all the six geo-political zones for the President. In less than two months when elections are held, many people from South-East may not vote for Muhammadu Buhari for reasons which I will not go into now, but it does not necessarily mean they will vote for Jonathan because of how things have evolved.

“Many will not vote at all. Not casting their votes at all is a minus for the President, so he shouldn’t take the South-East for granted that it will be the same 99 per cent votes that will come from the South- East in 2015. It might not be.”

He said the PDP is in disarray in the South East and for it to make headway in the election it must make efforts to reconcile all aggrieved members.

“Well, because the leadership of the PDP in every state in the South-East does not have coherency, well organised PDP structure today. Ebonyi is in disarray, Enugu is abdicated, Abia, Anambra have about six different factions, Imo is not serious at that, so it requires hard work for PDP to bring together the South-East to how it was eight years ago. My worry is that many of them in the leadership of PDP don’t even realise that there is this danger, they think it is business as usual, so they take South-East for granted that they will vote that same way they voted, 90 per cent of vote to President Jonathan, it may not happen.”


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  • orkar

    blame the mess on Pius Ayim—who did not push for the president to be at your birthday party–he must apologize to u–personally I am not saying this because of politics its wrong—most of his handlers—are just useless–opportunist—-thinking should the president attend your event–u may hijack him from them—Ayim is the Secretary to the government————he must have advised the president to ignore u——————nonetheless it was wrong to deal with the situation via the media—-its terrible–why our leaders prefer to air their anger—through the media–

    • Bishop

      He should have sent the Birthday IV thru the media too. Am sure many will insult this Old and respectable man.

    • Bakare Gbolahan

      should have rather gone to meet the president secretly and be accused of coming with cap in hand begging for money, i guess you know better than that. what if alex ekwueme is your father would you have advised him the same way you are doing now. Abeg enough of this nonsense ranting.

      • Bishop

        Why can’t the president take blame for once. Instead they are quick to say it’s Pius Anyim. Is the president a puppet,we voted for someone who has liberty of decisions I thot

        • orkar


          • Bishop

            Am I to answer that? Is there no priority? I even thot such people should have his direct line. Abi our president has no phone?

      • orkar


  • Maria

    Will 100% SE votes win the presidency for Jonathan? My problem with some noise making SE people is their over bloated and bogus ego. I dont like people who keep telling others without us you are nothing… Only f00ls behave like that.

    • hamza usman

      Maria you have said it all,you ve hit d nail on the head,i wonder if the SE peole are familiar with the geography of nigeria.i seriously doubt it

      • Wähala

        Shut-up dia!
        What did she say that required extra-ordinary skills in ethnic analysis? If anything, she’s perpetuating the same stereotyping of a whole group of people with her crass and bigoted claim that my people are noise makers. Going thru the geo-political zones of Nigeria, who are most associated with banging the drum? I did not respond to her bcos I like her a lot when she’s not being silly, but who’s perfect? Go siddon!

        • Maria

          Bros, it is very unfortunate that you are now “tribalising” my comments, I am disappointed. I said “noise making people of south east”, I did not say south east people. Please, like I said, noise making people are everywhere. Many in the south west. So, am not sure you indeed understand the context of my comment. Even the socalled APC, there are many south east people who are members with people like Rochas, Igbokwe, Ngige to name a few. I would not have concluded that all south east people are noise makers. And for calling me “being silly”, I expected more decorum from you.

          • Wähala

            Your clarification is as vague as the original comment. You could’ve been more specific (like me) by naming some of those noise makers. I once identified them as,”Osus from Anam River Basin” to #TAWANDA INCOMMUNICADO and mentioned folks like He-Goat, Ezeife, Boi-boi Peter Obi, all the Uba thugs: Andy, Chris & Ifeanyi Uba; Olisa Metuh et al, who danced on swampy banks of River Niger for a return to penury. You should know I’m solidly behind you and not worry about naming-names… check again, it was only the “Anambra Youth Chapter” (of Ohanaeze Ndigbo) that rushed to condemn Fr. Mbaka for preaching the Gospel to Igbos. They’re expandable clowns, just wave some cash and any dirty deed is done. Mainstream Igbos actually hate their guts and it didn’t start today… it’s becos of the Biafran War which Ojukwu refused to take wise counsel and cost us 3million lives… and, our predicament in Nigeria today. Next time, be more specific. Meanwhile, accept my profound apologies if you took umbrage with my comment. Tons of Love… Signed: Höly Wähala

            On decorum, that comment was not directed at you, so shedding tears for another man’s headache can only earn you a shoulder and “Kleenex” from me… lol !

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Good one, bruv.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            I just read this exchange between you and Wahala and you can see he also read it like Babandum and self.

            Please edit and clarify the original comment if you can.

          • Wähala

            No, No, No!
            Don’t ask her to “edit” because others won’t know why we’re in a pillow-fight. Ask her to be more specific next time because Nigeria is an ethno-racial time bomb at the moment… and to be a bit more careful next time. People like me are above carving insults on stone, if anything, I give as much as I collect because I’ve got strong jaws. @Maria is like my little sis and if you have any, you would know how they are… a guy never wins against smart-ass little sisters!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Fair point.

    • Babandum

      Maria, Please apologise for your generalization! I would prefer you direct your anger to the corrupt elite that have been draining our lifelines under Jonathan and not the masses. Do you know that under a just and safe society, the igbos, as business-oriented as I know them to be, will help transform Nigera into a China of Africa. Please do not confuse a hardworking ordinary Igboman (and woman) with the corrupt few that are busy licking GEJ’s ass!

      • Maria

        I did not generalize, I said noise making people of the south east, I did not say all south east people. Mind you, similar people are in the south west…plenty e.g. Femi Fani Kayode the criminal, Kashamu…Mimiko making noise in the south west about delivering south west to Jonothing. I have maintained my criticism of people not based on their tribes or religion. Those reading meaning to what I said here must have problem with tribalism.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Maria, perhaps you would consider re-wording your first comment.

          Like @Babandum, I did wonder if your post wasn’t a “sweeping generalisation” of the Ndigbo.

          Your response confirms it wasn’t, but I trust you would see how easily it could be misinterpreted.

          • Wähala

            …Especially by those of us with Pitakwa Degrees and a bottle of ogogoro at 6a.m.
            Sha, she has clarified it enough, hope she realizes how explosive & sensitive this elections have turned out to be. A good morning is weighed carefully before answering. Blame it on divisiness of Dumbo, all this started with his Ijaw Presidency and insults to other ethnic groups… Nigerians now look at tribal marks to even make a statement of fact for fear of an empty bottle of ogogoro splitting their skulls in half. Truly a shame!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Truly a shame indeed.

            I could not give an upvote to that statement because of the “interpretation” too and actually went back to see if it was from @Maria.

            I respect your boldness in challenging the “blue on blue” gaffe.

          • Wähala

            Read again and Edit your comment… Respect!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, thanks.

            Just read and noticed the tautology.

            Was wondering if I should edit because of what you had written about @Maria’s comment.

            Edited now!

  • Yusuf

    When ever u chose to make your self ‘for sale’ there will come a time when no one can pay your price or worse when every one can pay your price. Wake up and progress to objective politics

  • sammyctu ode

    Mr. Ekwueme, the current pdp chairman has said that “pdp is a party that use and dump people” I am from SW and I feel bad that people like you who have contributed to the growth of Nigeria are being treated shabbily. We must respect our elders but in retrospect, you made some mistakes along the way by sticking to pdp while the party’s ship was sinking.

    • Paul Uchenna


  • chiyasa ezeezeh

    Gentleman AEkwueme, you do not need to be told that Nigerian politics today is not for ‘gentlemen’..get rugged somehow or forgerit…!

  • Wähala

    I suspect it was Alex Ekwueme who studied Dumbo’s Presidency for only six months and told OBJ the man lack the minimum intellectual capacity requisite to lead a complex country like Nigeria. I studied the same clown for the same 6mos and in a response to @Deri, called his mentor, “Dumbo-Dumbo” which I’ve never relinquished since then… only modification is, “Dr. Dumbo” in recognizing him as a Pitakwa honored Drunkard. That said, this main grouse with this Govt. is Dumbo allowed Ijaws led by fossil Edwin Clark to hijack his Administration. Their “our-turn-to-schop” attitude alienated other Nigerians and the effect is mammoth corruption, abuse of power, disrespect and abuse of other ethnic groups… and their man’s inability to call them to order and fight their corruption. But their worst crime to me is the phantom war on terrorism which they allowed to destroy an entire region’s economy, religion and peace. I still believe it is ex-ND Militants coordinating the Boko Haram insurgency that has resulted in loss of over 30,000 innocent Nigerian lives. That is the single most pressing need to get rid of Dumbo and unravel the mystery behind this murderous group. Dumbo is an evil psychopath without respect for any of our past leaders, an opportunists who has always reaped where he did not sow. His time is up, Sir Alex Ekwueme should be bold like Baba Iyabo and tell off the creek crook… then, warn us Ndigbo to boycott the elections if they don’t want to vote for Buhari, but a vote for Dumbo is an insult to the Igbo Nation he assumes he can use-n-dump. Eziokwu bu Ndu… as we say!

    • orkar

      If he Alex Ekweme did as u claim above-then why is he complaining–or attempting to compare himself with Tunji? Whose birthday the president attended? Besides was it because Abiola was with EK CLARK–that was why the Fulani’s arranged with Nzeribe to cancell June 12 and had his wife kudirat assassinated? Why cant u put on your thinking cap if u have for once—-I have often called for separation because of the regional civil war thoughts u just expressed above—Your anger against the ijaw nation–which led u lure traitors like Amaechi into-yr camp for-is because of the civil war—That u foolishly allege the ijaws betrayed the ibos—for——-sadly u are with the very Fulanis u claim killed over 4m Ibos– Perhaps it was because Clark hi-jacked this present government that was why Turai refused to hand-over the ruins of government to him after the death of her husband–u are nothing but a mental case–The South east and south south did not vote for Abiola–yet he won the june 12 elections———–Buhari was with the south east on two occasions—–where he oicked his two VPs from————–so stop blaming us-in the SS–it was not Jonathan who sent late ojukwu to jail for 10 months–it was buhari-

  • Spoken word

    Muazu has said it all,monkey dey work,baboon dey chop.

    • Babandum

      All supervised by the Chief Zoologist!

      • Spoken word

        GEJ deals better with zoo animals than human beings.

        • Emancipation

          And he’s calling someone illiterate, just like pupils arguments.

          • Spoken word

            Quite sad that a country as complex as nigeria has an incompetent person leading it.

          • Spoken word

            the PHD by GEJ was obtained at the okrika market.

          • Tunsj

            Maybe at Village University. Otueke.

          • Spoken word

            Everything about him is fake or useless

          • Emancipation

            At otuoke waterside.

          • Spoken word

            Fake PHD.With all that is going on in the economy now.Sanusi has been vindicated

      • Usman Modibbo

        Hey watch it out there, Zoology is a nice course and we (Zoologist) are nice people) GEJ is on his own

  • Olusola

    If Dr Ekwueme is disenchanted with PDP, you can see why ordinary Nigerians are FED up.

  • Ifeanyianadu

    The problem VP Ekwueme has is Ekwueme. As VP 1979-83 he had no political control of his home base (Anambra and Imo then) and this has continued to follow him. Obasanjo used the Ubas to castrate him in his home state even within the “same party”. Regrettable he does not have electoral clout that can translate to winnable votes. This interview has only opened up why he has not been effective… blame every body else… and living more in the past. He has a dog in the fight next month …GEJ.. and one expects that he should forge all these loose ends in his home base to give the president a solid win from his zone SE and SS.

    • Olusola

      My very good friend, Dr Jonathan is a four day old pounded yam, no matter the allure of the soup, no one wants to eat it. PDP should have realised an Albatross that GEJ is.

  • Spoken word

    Kings College old boys are known to be gentlemen not the so called thugs calling themselves politicians of today.

  • Truthometer

    The good old Alex Ekwueme has been used and dumped as usual by the evil party, PDP, and its president, emperor Dumbo.

  • Emancipation

    Igbos sold themselves like cheap whore.

    • Dan Onisha

      They ( Igbos) will always sell themselves and cheap for MONEY ! They will never understand Nigerian politics. Always on the loosing side and loosing end. Instead of teaming up with APC to gain political power, the Igbos decided to stay with GEJ. The CLEVER south west took the advantage, and now indications are that APC will form the next central government, adn the Igbos will ” siddon look”. Pity them, only good in trading and buying/selling. BYE.

      • Emancipation

        Selling themselves join… I be igbo man wey the orjis’ PDP don do shegeh.

  • ICC Hague

    Most igbos are good people they will vote for Buhari, because the know buhari is the only person that can make Nigeria great devoid of corruption that bedeviled our nation. Igbos voted for GEJ 2011 because of his story of being shoeless, and they thought he can do better but after six years in office he proved otherwise, he failed almost all Nigerians. Igbos will definitely join this wind of change that is blowing across the country.

  • Anthony Ogbo

    Ekwueme may reflect on just three questions out of a thousand.
    (1) What humiliation would be worse than that from a general who led a coup that ended a regime in which Ekwueme was swerving as a VP?
    (2) To the IGBOs, What humiliation would be worse than that from Chief Ekwueme who trading-off NPN’s Igbo zoning chance to Shagari for MONEY and other interests?
    (3) Again, to the IGBOs, What humiliation would be worse than that from Chief Ekwueme who invested MILLIONS of minted money through Ibrahim Tahir to ruin any development in Anambra and Imo – just to create winning chances for NPN?
    Now, could somebody tell Ekwueme to shut-up and leave voters to make their own choices?

    • nkolika

      Freedom of Speech is still allowed. Otherwise you should shut up too. You have just alleged things you cannot prove.

  • Udi

    This is why I don’t understand Igbo race. How can you tell someone old enough to be your grandfather to shut up?