Youth set Jonathan’s campaign bus ablaze in Jos

Some angry youth on Saturday attacked and set ablaze a campaign bus branded with President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign posters at Zololo junction, Bauchi road in Jos, Jos North Local Government area of Plateau state.

The bus was on fire at the time of filling this report. However, witnesses said the driver of the bus escaped unhurt.

It is not clear what led to the attack. Police could not be immediately reached for comments.

A witness, whose car was also torched by the rampaging mob, said another PDP-branded car was also set alight.

The source, who only identified herself as Mrs. Rose, told PREMIUM TIMES that her Honda car was also smashed by the protesting youth.

She said the road leading to the area was blocked by the rampaging youth, as they bashed other vehicles plying the route.

According to her, the incident occurred in the presence of members of the Special Taskforce on Jos crisis STF, who could not help stop the action of the youth.

The incident has generated tension within the state capital Plateau state capital as residents rushed home for safety.

The attack occurred as PDP supporters in the state converged at the Hiapang Airport to receive the gubernatorial candidate of the party, Gyang Pwajok, who was returning from Lagos after receiving his flag last Thursday.


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  • mk

    God safe our country..campaign is becoming more dangerous than the election itself..PDP pls don’t destroy our country further be responsible in you campaigns..people are afraid of you.

    • Anon

      That is APC…

      • Abubakar

        These are angry youth tired of status quo

        • Otile

          Your real name must be Abu Jihad if you are confirming that Bokoharam youths are angry and tired of status quo.

      • mk

        U r right in your instincts..what’s if its a PDP Deception..

        • MuozobaClement

          Just as the PH shooting might have been an APC drama?!

          • mk

            Pls you are shortening the story:: include in brought day light .

      • Tunsj

        Prove it.

    • Okey

      You are irreversibly sick

      • mk

        Ok I have my recover from my sickness thru APC (GENERAL) HOSPITALITY..

        • Okey

          No wonder ! You are now on irreversible condition having fallen to APC, a drug long banned by the World Health Organization (WHO) for deleterious harm to man and society.

    • ol

      @wahala aka tunsj, please be sensible for once.

  • Comfortkay

    The Do or Die has began.

  • simple

    mrk did u read the news at all maybe u read the news upside down, youth in jos are destroying PDP campaign bus

  • Short ‘n Sharpe

    Nigeria is closer to a civil war than to a general election.

    • amazing2012

      Go and eat, seem you are hungry ! Hungry man is an angry man !! Go and look for gari !!!

  • Abdullah Muhammad

    Good job

    • Strong System

      I wonder what you would say if the same happens to Buhari’s.
      We have to be civilised for this democracy to succeed

  • Okey

    Governor Sule Lamido said it last week that when Gen. Buhari comes to the South he preaches patriotism, but when he comes home he appeals to their religious sentiments. With this development it is difficult for me not to believe him.

    The above photograph is the fruit of bigoted speeches of some notable Northern leaders which seem to be waging permanent sword into our national political psyche. I have nothing against any Nigeria, but any one who has directly promoted religious bigotry by conduct or speech is unfit to seek to rule us and should withdraw himself/herself from such aspiration if he/she claims to have any love for Nigeria..

    • Gaskiya

      Why are bent on telling lies. People are telling Nigerisns that there is local problem with Plateau state PDP and you are speaking lies. Please fear your God and be civilised.

      • Otile

        Taqiyya again. Haba

      • Okey

        Governor Lamido’s comments which I stated, are in there in the open media.
        The fact that some Northern elites insist that if they did not get power now, now, now, Nigeria will be ungovernable is there in the open media. Which one is a lie ? It is you who hate truth and denunciation of evel that should fear God and reclaim yourself from bigotry.

  • st


  • st


    • Magenta

      The jos protest is a local issue, the current governor gave the governorship ticket to his cousin who is a serving senator and also exchange the Senate ticket 4 himself so the PDP follower are at each other

      • mk

        I agree wit u..jos has pdp power rotation problems anything can happen as such

      • Anaximandar

        My guy you are very correct. The guy was on Channels TV this morning. He left for Jos later.
        The issue is a PDP thing. They nominated a man most of the party faithfuls don’t want. The rest is history.

        • Otile

          Do they not want him because he is a Christian?

    • amazing2012

      No he cannot come to North and campaign because of the damage he has done to the North. If Buhari is in power and thousands of your people are killed on daily basis, will you allow him to Come for campaign ? These people can not even go to farm for fear of death, they cannot go to church, no school, no work please put yourself in their condition !

      • victoria

        I agree with you 100%. The evil that GEJ did is following him.

        • amazing2012

          Send the hashtag no to violence #NTViolence.!

      • Otile

        Mumu, this is all self-inflicted.

        • amazing2012

          Oh, self inflicted ? Is you mean what you said, then you should feel what Chibok parents are passing through every second and the deaths of thousands at the hand of Boko boys supported by JONA and the poverty Nigerians are facing under this cursed admknistration. To believe you, vote him out.
          Confirmation of your curse is for you to think otherwise !!

    • mk

      Listing how many people are hospitalized with open gun shot in day light at PH. APC rally ..sentiment wat say u

  • Wakawa Aliyu

    NO….this is barbaric. There shld be free nd fair politcal campaign no matter what

    • amazing2012

      Free my foot ! To change this system is do or die to any reasonable Nigerian ! Do you what it means to lost someone under a system that will not protect you ? You cannor even go to farm for fear of death !

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, Wakawa Aliyu is right!

        We definitely feel the pains of the loved ones that are constantly lost under this inept government, but violence should not be the way to reject them.

        The CHANGE must come through the ballot box.

        Bruv, preach it, please.

        • amazing2012

          I agree with you obsolutely,!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, bruv!

            Just out of curiosity; you wrote “obsoletely”, did you mean “absolutely” or was this a play on words?

  • UYI111

    apc dogs on the loose again they are better wiped before it becomes a real menace

    • amazing2012

      Who tell you is APC ! Mumu people at angry with their situation. No future under PDP!

      • REDEEM


        • VOTEoutGEJ!

          So your region’s contribution too national growth says you should impose a moron on 170m Nigerians, abi?

        • amazing2012

          Mumu, 95% of Nigerians do not enjoy anything from cursed oil. Whatever you may think about light, roads, security, education- does not work and we pay heavily for darkness in place of light, for insecurity where there is no security, for bad roads build through tax. Name it ? What is provided free or subsidize using oil money ? Oil had become a cursed and your pride is gradually making it useless commodities. Anybody you see doing well in this period is either he got his money long before or is part of those looting the nation not 95% of the poor. Oil is now $45 fall from $75, we pray for more of its collapse !

    • mk


    • emmanuel yakubu

      Your a goat, put simply.

  • bayuse

    This story does not say the arson was carried out by APC supporters. These are youngsters who may have been duped by the Papa Deceiving Party and their officials.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Why are they bent on causing mayhem in Jos North? And STF suddenly became passive observers, why?

  • Mazi

    According to Godrey, ‘It is a lie. The reported episode took place in my state. The fire was set on the PDP gubernatorial candidate’s office because some people are aggrieved that Gov. Jang used government funds to manipulate delegates to vote for his cousin’.

  • Thepeople

    Please wait for the ballot boxes to really show Jonathan how badly he has let down Nigerians. Use your vote to kick, boot, smack him. He abused the trust and faith we had in him, please no violence but speak loudly with your votes. CHANGE MUST COME NIGERIA.

    • emmy

      That is it.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Many thanks, @Thepeople,

      These are indeed not the times for violence, nor is any time right; at least not for political purposes.

      The only action that is required by citizens is to go out and vote en-mass and protect their votes.

      People may be angry with a President who exhausted his personal goodwill on the altar of corruption and incompetence in such a short time, but burning his vehicles and engaging in violence and destruction is not the way to express the displeasure with him.

      Please tell others that it is not worth it; IT IS YOUR VOTES THAT WOULD COUNT.


    • PROF

      So tell me wehre is the tolerance ?

  • Chris1408

    Sign of time. Let this type of message get sent across the country. Nigerians are tired of GEJ administration. Nigerians are hungry for change

    • johnny

      You are talking we shall meet violence for violence this time around

    • emmy

      Chris? I swear to God these mobs are from different religion and ethnic backgrounds. Now igbo man that is successful in his business in the north is not comfortable at all because of just little insurgents that can be dealt with in a matter of seconds. Honestly this has to stop.

  • Anaximandar

    While I condemn violence in any ramification, I will like to point out a thing or two. For those of us following Plateau politics, we know the state PDP nominated the governor’s nephew for governor. Majority of the party faithfuls and indeed Plateau people don’t want this. In such a politically charged situation, anything can happen. It therefore is very possible that PDP rented thugs are behind this. Note that the incident happened as they were going to welcome the said controversial guber candidate.

    • Babandum

      You are correct Anaximandar. If you know Jos very well, you will know that all over the town, you can see PDP as well as APC presence and at no time has anyone attacked any campaign office or property. However, when Pwajok was imposed, received his certificate from Lagos and was coming back, the aggrieved PDP members knew it was for real and now resorted to violence! They interpreted that to mean that Abuja approved the imposition.

  • Conscience123

    Are they PDP or APC supporters?

    Dear Premium Times, are these youths PDP members or APC members? Would the title have been different if Buhari’s campaign team was the victim? We remember what the headline was when people were shot in Port Harcourt at Buhari’s visit. Maybe no one in Premium Times can remember, but the public remembers.

    • burning spear


      • Flagbearer

        The worst problem and the biggest sin is when men call black to be white,we should not just Forcus on our mindset about how you feel and where the change you think you want is coming from but arlist say truths when you are in the positions to speak it really it changes life’s,…….the fulanis are panted vampires,as useless as weak demons sucking bloods from the vein that supports the neck that stands their heads.

  • johnny

    For anyone who knows Bauchi road knows very well that the place is inhabited by the hausas. Now that they have started what they know how to do best, let no one fold his hands any longer. We must divide this country once and for all. They dont wont peace so nobody should pretends. Its either GEJ or lets divide the country. For what now?
    Let Tompolo and Asari mujahideen organise his boys lets do this thing once and for all

    • Do me I Do you

      You are blessed Bro.
      For too long have we tolerated nonsense in this country. No one has a monopoly of violence. I personally expect a retaliation

      • REDEEM

        That is why we have boko haram—killing with impunity because they have the support of the fulanis in the north—the backing of the sultan of sokoto—–aware Jos is 100 percent PDP–SO THEY HAD TO USE THE FEW FULANIS AMONG THEM TO CREATE A SENSE OF PANIC–HAVE THE FULANIS NOT KILLED ENOUGH OF THE NATIVES IN JOS ALREADY?

        • Babandum

          So you are now saying all Hausas are APC? So how did Jonathan get his
          25% in Hausa states in 2011, Over 1 million votes in plateau, over 200k
          in Jos and how does he intend to win 2015 since all Hausas are APC?
          And did I here you say Jos is 100% PDP? So that is why Kensty said that it was a PDP affair!

    • burning spear

      we are watching the fulanis—–unleash their satanic ware they used in the murder of abiola and kudirat on us again——Those fulanis-who have nothing to offer-us as a nation—Since-they can always run to Cameroon—they are free to disturb the peace of Plateau state——-their second home-then escape to Chad—we on our part have no other home to escape to–than to remain in d creeks of the niger delta—–the buhari election train led by traitors like Amaechi just came back from Bayelsa state–Not a single individual was hurt or spat on them—in Yenagoa——–Now look at the fulanis———who have not contributed a kobo to the coffers of the nation–since 1914 burning buses owned by PDP—no wonder Amaechi described them APC people as Night soil men and juju priest–a VOTE FOR APC IS A VOTE FOR boko haram–Buhari show your certificate biko

      • Kensty

        APC did not hurt any body in Jos. It was PDP hurting PDP because of imposition of Pwajok as flagbearer of PDP in the state. Moreover GMB condemned the act while GEJ kept mute on the attack of APC supporters in PHC. who is the bad guy here? Pls be objective sentiment aside.

      • Kensty

        With regard certificate issue, victor ikpeba have cleared the air by saying Even if GMB presented NEPA BILL AS CERTIFICATE HIS VOTE IS FOR APC. If you are familiar with the Nigeria Army, there is no way you will get into the military without presenting your primary and secondary school certificate especially when you are coming in as a cadet. If PDP have strong case on GMB’s certificate they would have stopped him from contesting long time ago cos they have the govt at their disposal. Try and be wise and avoid sentiment

    • Kensty

      You think like GEJ that always quarrel while campaigning. This your thinking is common with all average PDP supporters especially those from south south. You think the likes of Asari and Tompolo can topple Nigeria? You are a dreamer. Nigeria is bigger than what you are thinking. Wise up!

    • Flag bearer

      Johnny your head dey there,thumps up.

    • Babandum

      So you are now saying all Hausas are APC? So how did Jonathan get his 25% in Hausa states in 2011, Over 1 million votes in plateau, over 200k in Jos and how does he intend to win 2015 since all Hausas are APC?

    • Separate Us…

      U can impose him without an elections, the same Gej that was voted for overwhemly 4 yrs ago by all tribes…. U don’t need to tell Tompolo u can start ur own mujahideen man!

  • redeem

    These are Fulani APC youths–whom Ibb created an LGA for—against the wish of the Beroms–in Jos–No sane indigene of Plateau state will burn down PDP vehicles—there is no way–so tell these story to the marines–they are rampaging boko haram fighters—The same is happening in Lagos—if u are a member of the PDP–u are not allowed to hold meetings or openly identify with the party in public -A vote for buhari is a vote for Boko Haram which has just endorsed Buhari–a certificate-less individual who believes he can only become president via violence————————-with the aid of the Night Soil men in APC–sha–Besides only an uneducated mind- will encourage youths to lynch voters–only such a mind will push Fulanis youths to burn down the buses of his opponents—instead of presenting to us his certificates—its fire and brimstone—that he is issuing to the public again- what a shame

    • Kensty

      If you are following plateau politics you will not comment this way. The PDP in plateau state are of two factions. The present GOVERNOR Jang is from berom extraction, The indigens want a rotational Govt. But Jang failed them and imposed his tribes man Pwajok as the flagbearer of PDP. There was disagreement between the two factions while receiving Pwajok from airport that was what led to the burning of the bus. So it is Purely INTRA PARTY WAHALA. DONT DRAG APC INTO IT. APC IS A PEACE LOVING PARTY.

      • Babandum

        My brother told me exactly what you said here and he too is on ground in jos.

  • Frank Bassey

    Premium Times is becoming more and more unprofessional. Who are the youths? Will PDP youth supporters behave that way? Why didn’t your reporter go beyond seeing mere “Youths”, or are you afraid of saying they are APC thugs?

    • Kensty

      My friend nothing wrong with the report, am on ground. This is intra party problem PDP attacking PDP dont drag APC in it abeg. Haba ! PDP WAHALA DE

    • Yusuf

      when PT reported PH shooting they didnt mention it was PDP supporters, what was wrong with that

  • Martins Oluma Ajiake

    Shooting of Apc members in port Harcourt and now the burning of Pdp bus in Jos. Nigerians should prepare for the worst come Feb 14th . Especially if the votes are rigged. God help Nigerians from this greedy politicians

    • redeem

      brainless He goat-if elections are rigged by whom?

      • Yusuf

        it is not only your master that can rig elections, every politician can attempt to rig an election. Its really sad that u can insult someone whose statement has no inch of politics or sentiments, even then its not civilized

    • Kensty


      • burning spear

        (The only political parties that could complain of election rigging are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties) By Buhari

        • adolfs01

          stop repeating urself, you are not creative. You are as dumb as ur master from Goodluck to Badluck (wink)

        • Babandum

          Please can you give us a source? or a simple link to a report? Otherwise, Christianity, Islam and traditional religions as well as Atheism all abhor lying just to gain something and strongly condem liars.

      • Babandum

        You are right Kensty. Pwajok is a berom man IMPOSED by the current governor who is a berom man in a state that has more than 50 tribes and thus the other tribes are really angry! I am sure if Pwajok had won the primaries in a transparent manner, people probably would have accepted him.

  • redeem

    U must be on drugs like tinubu–the same buhari who abused Awo—called him an election rigger—–killed abniola and kudirat–while with abacha—–jailed late Fela because he called him a thief–where is Beko–what about Gani–whom he sent to bauchi prison–did Obj erect yr lagos ibadan road–?-is it not jonathan who is building roads for u -in d south west?–the very roads that obj neglected–show us one road that obj built as president in the SS–just one—

    • adolfs01

      Ibadan –> Ile-Ife, Ibadan/Ile-Ife/Akure, Ibadan->Oyo->Ogbomosho

    • Separate Us…

      What has Obj got to do with the Jos saga???

  • Kensty

    Thank God is PDP attacking PDP we for no hear word. This is intra party wahala. Is just the beginning for PDP and FFK. FFK read your paper well ooh before you begin lie!!

  • burning spear

    The only political parties that could complain of election rigging are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties

    • burning spear

      the above statement was made by Buhari during his maiden speech to the nation after sacking shagari his fulani brother–what are we seeing in Jos now—-are they not the very things Buhari said over 29 years ago—buhari is not electable–he is evil–just show us your certificates-

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        GEJ has a Ph.d that has no bearing in his life in words, thoughts and action as a leader.

  • Gaskiya

    Nigerians, please always investigate your source of news before commenting. Don’t tell lies or throw abuses on innocent people without any proof. Let us be civilise in our criticism.

  • Guguru

    Apparently, Jonathan is not popular and no one wants him to come back for a second term. He is the vile we would all like to run away from.

  • Otile

    Since Tinubu is a good certificate forger, he can easily get Imam Buhari a very nice primary six certificate. Somehow, they need to close this non-certificate saga.

  • malik shaibu

    GEJ until Buhari locates his certifficate or admits the truth to Nigerians that he didnt pass primary school

  • malik shaibu

    Plateau is and has always been a PDP enclave burning a million buses wont change the trashing waiting for APC in plateau state

  • NazirJos

    What we want is a free and fair election not a violent one. I’m not pro Jonathan or pro PDP, but the incident of yesterday was unfortunate, and I also pray such violence not to occur anywhere else in Nigeria.

  • Benny Hills

    It is typical of PDP to blame the opposition for all their problems. But what is more alarming is failure of the journalists to report news accurately. “Disenfranchised PDP youths attack Jonathan campaign bus” should have been the headline. Why dragging APC into PDP wahala?

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GMB and groups of boko haram supporters have always want Nigeria to go into violence or remain in tears of attacks. This time around it was burning of GEJ branded buses, after Damaturu serial attacks. Infact the title of this subsisting news report ought to be “MEND and BOKOHARAM suppoters are at it again in Plateau” . Evils are scheming to overtake Nigeria. Impossible, no matter how hard they may try, they wont succeed.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GMB and groups of boko haram supporters have always want Nigeria to go
    into violence or remain in tears of attacks. This time around it was
    burning of GEJ branded buses, after Damaturu serial attacks. Infact the
    title of this subsisting news report ought to be “MEND and BOKOHARAM
    suppoters are at it again in Plateau” . Evils are scheming to overtake
    Nigeria. Impossible, no matter how hard they may try, they wont succeed.God will never allow them

  • Abufata Gumi

    APC in action

  • Gideon Orkar

    CPC …sorry APC have started again. It is 2011 all over again

  • Rimi

    Cow brain apc people. Buhari is a dangerous weapon to a democratic process.

  • Samuel Okidim

    BUHARI has started his political violence again, and Nigerians are just looking at him.

  • Dumbo

    Same PDP wahala as is obtained in Rivers State where an Ikwerre man wants to succeed another Ikwerre man as Governor. Senator Pwajok a Beroms man wants to succeed Jang another Berom man as Governor of Plateau State. Where is the spirit of rotation and justice in the PDP? This crisis has nothing to do with APC. Aggrieved PDP youths believe that this injustice has its root from Abuja hence the protest.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GMB and groups of boko haram supporters have always want Nigeria to go
    into violence or remain in tears of attacks. This time around it was
    burning of GEJ branded buses, after Damaturu serial attacks. Infact the
    title of this subsisting news report ought to be “MEND and BOKOHARAM
    suppoters are at it again in Plateau” . Evils are scheming to overtake
    Nigeria. Impossible, no matter how hard they may try, they wont succeed.God will never allow them


    “6. The Borno State Government, under Ali Modu Sheriff, completely disregarded that incident. The Government did not issue a statement condemning the shooting, sympathise with the victims, conduct any inquiry into the shooting; send representatives to visit the shot sect members in the hospital, nor did it care to pay for the treatment of the 17 injured sect members.”

  • JasV

    A fact is a thing that is known or proven to be true. How can your rehash of the sequence of events (some of which are not known or proven to be true) be said to be facts?

  • Remi

    Firstly, this article’s title is at variance with it’s
    contents. As the author acknowledged towards the close of the article, what he has
    presented is more of a chronicle, of events in the evolution of boko haram, and
    not irrefutable “facts” indicating how Ali Modu Sheriff (AMS) “aided and
    abetted” boko haram.

    Secondly, if anything, the article showed how AMS confronted, rather than “aided and abetted” boko
    haram. It should be noted that as from 2002, boko haram had been carrying out low
    level insurgency in Borno state, through drive-by attacks on Police stations,
    burning of Churches and low-level criminality. No chief security officer of a
    state should condone such excesses from any group, no matter how influential or
    strong that group may think she is. While not justifying, but strongly condemning,
    any brutalisation of any citizen by our security forces, it should be noted that
    security forces brutalisation is not peculiar to the boko haram sect alone. It
    is something which Nigerians all over experience in the hands of our trigger
    happy, “kill and go” type security forces. Therefore, the brutalisation of sect
    members, and the perceived insensitivity of a Governor, should not be an excuse
    to kill their fellow compatriots, an overwhelming majority of who were not
    responsible for the Governor’s “insensitivity” or his “betrayal”.

    Thirdly, the article, in all it’s inability to furnish
    irrefutable proof of AMS’s culpability, cleverly downplayed the religious fundamentalist
    side to boko haram i.e. the deliberate targeting of non-Muslims and their
    places of worship in the state. What is often not admitted by officials and so
    called “elders” of Borno and the north, is that most of the areas where boko
    haram established it’s caliphate had a majority, if not a significant,
    population of non-Muslims. Although, a dishonest
    statistics that is often cited is that boko haram killed more Muslims, than
    non-Muslims. However, when the (non)Muslims casualties of boko haram are presented
    as percentages of the total Muslim and non-Muslim population of the state, the
    non-Muslims come out worst.

    Fourthly, for an insurgency to succeed, it needs one and
    only one thing, local support and cover. The boko haram (in)advertently got this
    aplenty, from the low and mighty in Borno state, and also rather sadly too,
    from inside our own army and government – at all levels. These were the real sponsors,
    aiders and abetters of boko haram.