Osinbajo says APC govt will create 720,000 jobs in first year

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria

The Vice Presidential Candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Yemi Osinbajo, has unfolded plans by his party to introduce a social security scheme for every elderly or disabled Nigerian, just as he promised that an APC-led Federal Government will provide 720,000 jobs in its first year, if elected come February 14.

Mr. Osinbajo disclosed this on Thursday in Benin City when he met with the people of Edo State where he articulated the position of the APC in its quest to effect change in the social and economic life of Nigerians.

Addressing a large crowd at Imaguero College Hall, Mr. Osinbajo said, “For the first time in the history of Africa, we are introducing a social security scheme. It means the elderly who are poor and the disabled will be given stipends.

“Now the reason why that is important is because our country has continued to be one of the poorest 35 countries in the world despite our resources. We have 110 million people who are extremely poor, so we need to lift people out of poverty,” he said.

He added that the APC will ensure that state governments will, with the backing of the Federal Government that has 52% of the revenue control, employ 20,000 young persons per state acting as an emergency relief.

“If we do not tackle that emergency, we will run into trouble because as you can see, there is a lot of youth restlessness. You will notice that unless we do something about this, we will be in great trouble.

“We are turning people out of the universities; graduates are coming out from all sorts of tertiary institutions. We are not engaging them, it is important that we find solutions and the APC has set out a solution today,” he said.

Mr. Osinbajo, a professor of law, stated other priorities of the APC to include uninterrupted power supply through a complete privatization of generation and transmission of power; promotion of economic activities through the setting up of industries and revamping of moribund industries across the country.

He also said the APC will give serious attention to Agriculture as a way of accelerating employment opportunities in the country.

“APC plans to revamp cassava revolution. You remember during President Obasanjo’s reign when he introduced the cassava revolution, farmers produced great quantities but there was no buyers. We will introduce rice revolution in Nigeria.

“The farmers will be encouraged to produce while the government will buy them and by so doing encourage many to go into farming. In fact, we will have Nigerian Rice just like we have Thailand rice.”

While lamenting the high incidence of death amongst women and children arising from various diseases, Mr. Osinbajo affirmed the determination of the APC towards effective healthcare delivery system that will guarantee basic medical treatment for Nigerians. He called on all and sundry to support the Party Presidential candidate, Muhammandu Buhari, and all APC candidates in the 2015 General elections.

The host and Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, said the town hall meeting was left open to non APC members to interact with Mr. Osinbajo in order for them to get an idea of the issues under consideration.

“To move away from primordial sentiments of, where is he from and where is he not from? Not a question of being a Muslim or a Christian but what will you do differently? How will you guarantee our future? How can we convert people who have been reduced to thuggery to people being industrial workers?”

“If in the early 50’s and 60’s, our leaders recognized that we needed to add value and not just export raw cocoa and they set up those industries in Ikeja and our leaders recognized that we shouldn’t be exporting cotton but we can add value by processing, it is a competition based on development and not empty rhetoric. While we can see the incidence of poverty increasing, we can see more Nigerians having private jets.”

“Nigeria worked before and it can work again and it will work again but we need to address the issues of poverty, unemployment and poor education”, and called on Edo people to avail themselves OF the opportunity to ask questions so that their children do not inherit the culture and tradition of lamentation,” Mr. Oshiomhole said.

Others who spoke at the ceremony were the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola and Anselm Ojezua, APC State Chairman.


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  • thusspokez

    “…by his party to introduce a social security scheme for every elderly or disabled Nigerian, just as he promised that an APC-led Federal Government will provide 720,000 jobs in its first year, if elected come February 14.”

    How you are going to fund them, given the slump in oil price and the drastic fall in oil revenue?

    • SKD

      What a silly question! What about the 20 billion dollars stolen by the petroleum minister? APC will try and recover the loot first to fund the proposed social security scheme before proceeding to hang Jona by the balls.

      • thusspokez

        Well, use logic and you would realise how impossible for such large sum of money to go missing without adversely affecting the Nigerian economy. $20 billion is about half the Nigerian yearly budget. Now imagine if your employer cut your salary by half; wouldn’t you and your household feel the effect?

        Ok (for the sake of argument), let’s say that you find $20 billion, how far would that money go to funding the social security scheme each year in Nigeria? Don’t also forget the cost of running such scheme.

        Also, given the “Nigerian factors”, the scheme will increase fraud on a massive scale. I can imagine people as young as 20 claiming to be elderly to qualify for the scheme.

        • Gbemileke

          But it has! we can see the devaluation in the Naira already as a plain truth.

        • McAlfred Uta

          You don’t need to waste your ink because most of the commenters here are not really informed or educated on how the economy works. The Nigerian budget is always more than 70% recurrent expenditure and going by what Osinbajo said we will require at least 95% recurrent budget to fund the social security scheme and the 720,000 workers who will be employed in one year. Given the dwindling price of crude oil the Professor’s postulation is the tallest and most unrealistic dream I have ever seen.

          • samiis

            Pessimist like you. Once this brazen corruption is brazenly and wholly tackled, we would have enough to achieve all of that…

          • thusspokez

            This is like calling someone a pessimist because he refuse to jump off a bridge.

        • Emeka

          Can the economy feel It? Ask the people that were not paid salaries over the Christmas break

          • thusspokez

            Well, you just answered your own question. The consequence of lack or insufficient amount of money is late or none payment of salaries.

            Now think about the consequence of the Nigerian yearly budget reduced to half — this is the equivalent of the $20 billion. Put another way, it would be like workers receiving half pay or only six month pay in the year.

            This would badly effect sales in the market and many traders and farmers etc., would go out of business. This would consequently lead to scarcity of food. In the game of demand and supply, price will rise as a result of fall in supply or scarcity of food.

            Now, returning to our worker with half-pay, increase in price will mean decrease in his purchasing power; eventually, this will lead to hyperinflation and contraction of production.

            So, use logic and not emotion to analyse information. If something doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.

      • U are so thick,are u a nigerian?

    • Emeka

      If Nigeria produces 10 million barrels a day @$50. A prudent govt. Can make it work. It seems far fetched though, but at least, someone has a plan

  • Abaleke

    Empty promises when your not in government yet, why not ask Buhari how many jobs he created in 1983 that made the youths to celebrate when he was overthrown.Promises just to get power deceiving Nigerians or better still ask Fashola how many jobs he created apert from the ones that go about shops of market women collecting their hard earn money in the name tax and different types of rates and dues better describe as double taxation, including those ones at the bus stops collecting money from motorist.

    • Emeka

      Where is your data. Why make baseless accusations?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Midget Osinbajo, those jobs will be created by APC deep inside Sambisa forest with the party’s Boko Haram foot soldiers. Keep dreaming.

    • Emeka

      Your reply is silly.

  • Maria

    Nigeria cannot afford another 4 years of a moron.

    • If jonathan is a moron then buhari is an imbecile,demented with bipolar.

      • samiis

        Cant we be realistic for once? Jonathan govt is a blatant failure. put sentiments aside please. We need a change!!!! GMB/Osinbajo

      • emmy

        What about your father? A palm wine tapper?

        • Better than ur castrated he goat of a father.U must b a headbandger.

  • Daniel

    Mr Osibanjo, please be careful what you say. Nigerians will hold you to your pre-election utterances. How did you arrive at the number 720,000? How will you measure? You will need some time for on-boarding upon assumption of office if elected and one year will come and go in flash. The problem with our politicians is the sheer misuse of data. Mtcheeew

    • emmy

      You lack hope for change

    • Emeka

      How did he arrive at 720,000? If you don’t know, then don’t criticize. If after one year and only 500,000 jobs were created, then you can shout

      • Mike

        Emeka, do you now see that Daniel (like his biblical namesake) was quite prophetic?

        Actually, Daniel was being logical. His advise to Osinbajo was spot-on. Pre-election, APC made many unachievable promises. One year has flown by quickly with nothing but blaming Jonathan/PDP, let’s hope the remaining three will witness some progress

  • ikenna

    Promises without HOW? A big ?

    • emmy

      Tribalism and natural hate are your problems.

    • Emeka

      Did you read it?

  • Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Malam Nasir El’Rufai, one of those Northerners who deserve to be serious contenders for the presidency of Nigeria, observed that Buhari remains “perpetually unelectable” as a result of his “insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus.” When he seized
    power, Buhari put Shagari, the Northern head of state he overthrew, under house arrest. But then he jailed Alex Ekwueme, the Southern vice-president. You may well ask what makes Shagari less culpable for the misdeeds of the Second Republic than his number-two man. The simple fact was that Buhari was Fulani as was Shagari; but Ekwueme was Igbo.

    • emmy

      I can see that you are not a righteous person and God will punish you for your deceit. Your name is “Tribalistic person”.

  • Buhari
    recently declared unapologetically in a BBC interview: “If what happened in
    2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon
    would all be soaked in blood.” These are the tokens of an irresponsible
    politician, whose ambitions for power supersede the national interest. Who then
    are the dogs and baboons that Buhari has in mind to soak in blood if and when
    he loses yet again come 2015? Are they his children or are they those of

    • emmy

      Righteous person? I must be righteous to explain the hausa adage “kare jini biri jini” means “I shall never give up any hope when it comes to my right”. Not dog in blood and monkey in blood.