Fashola lambasts Jonathan over speech at Lagos PDP rally

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. Photo credit: Sun Newspaper

The governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, has dismissed the speech presented by President Goodluck Jonathan at the inauguration of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, campaign, in Lagos on Wednesday, saying it had become obvious that the president could no longer rule the country.

Speaking in Benin City, the Edo State capital on Thursday during the Edo Town Hall meeting, the governor said the president spent close to an hour delivering his speech without being able to explain what he had done in the last six years had been in power or what he would do if re-elected.

Mr. Fashola, who spoke after the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Femi Osinbajo, unfolded the party’s programme, said Mr. Jonathan did not only exhibit unnecessary anger but was critical of his predecessor without unfolding his plan for the country.

“Today, you have listened to a vice presidential candidate telling you in 29 minutes many things you will never hear at a rally because the time for such discussions doesn’t exist for many Nigerian want to interrogate people making empty promises, the governor said.

“But we chose to be different because we are bustling with ideas. We know ideas can change things. He (Osinbajo) has spoken to you for 29 minutes. He has been on this assignment for only three weeks and he has discussed power with you, he has discussed employment with you, he has discussed agriculture with you, he has discussed welfare scheme, health care, youth development with you without reading any speech. He has been there for three weeks only and he has not been yet elected.

“Now what is on the other side (PDP), because I spent about an hour listening to the president in my state? For almost the same period I saw a very angry president. I saw a president who is lamenting about people judging his performance and blaming all those who ruled before him, forgetting that he has been on this job for six years.

“And he kept saying ‘they say we don’t have a plan’ and for almost 45 minutes he did not reveal a plan on security, he did not reveal a plan on corruption. I listened to him. Now after six years without being able to articulate what he has done and what he will do but blaming everybody and forgetting that he is the Commander-in-Chief. If the kitchen is becoming too hot as it’s becoming obvious he must get out of it.”

Mr. Fashola, a member of the APC, who will complete his second tenure as governor in May, said the coming election would be about job approval.

He said, “This election is going to be about job approval. It is not about where you come from; it is not about how young he is; it is job approval after six years. Are you happy with your situation?

“So if after six years he has not been able to explain to you what he is doing with your time, with your resource – 52 % revenue formula, do you want to continue another four years.”

The governor said unlike the PDP presidential candidate, Mr. Osinbajo was a man who had not done the job but able to explain his party’s agenda just three weeks after he was named a vice presidential running mate.

He said he knew Mr. Osinbajo very well having served as attorney general and commissioner for justice in the administration of former Governor Bola Tinubu the same time he (Fashola) served as Chief of Staff.

“I know this man. He was AG of Lagos State when I was Chief of Staff to Governor Tinubu. People have introduced him as a pastor, yes he is. But he is also a professor of law. He became a professor at 33 or so. So he has taught many lawyers and he still teaches. He also goes to court and he still preaches religion. That is the versatility of the man,” he said.

“What many people do not know, which the PDP people agreed – God bless the soul of Late Umaru Yar’Adua, who said the election that brought him to power was flawed they rigged everything that was ‘riggable’. It was Professesor Osinbajo that challenged all of us saying ‘we can’t let this thing go without a challenge. Let us go and go get forensic expert because I believe that the ballot papers was thumb-printed not by legitimate voters and he brought somebody and one by one it showed where either the same person voted 100 times… they used palm kernel. That is the capacity of the man who wants to be your vice president.”

Earlier, Mr. Osinbajo had asked the audience to vote for change in the coming election.

“We must change everything that affects us in Nigeria and this is our opportunity. February 14, 2015 is that opportunity. We have no choice but to make a change. There is no time to waste. We have a great opportunity to change this country,” he said amid cheers from the audience.

The APC vice presidential running mate said the priority of the APC “is first employment because we need to get the young people back to work”.

He said, “If we continue at the rate we are going, we will have more people out of work; we would have doubled the people out of work now by 2016. We are churning out people from the university and institutions but we are not engaging them. It is important that we find solution.”

Mr. Osinbajo explained that the party’s manifesto has outlined how it would tackle the power challenge, education, and other issues.

He said, “Let us not assume that running this country is rocket science, that running this country is difficult. It is not. Other countries that have less resources than us are well run. All we need to do is to put people who know. I pray that God gives us the opportunity to run this country and the country will be unrecognisable in one year.”


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  • Mr. Abdin

    Well said Buhari the change we are calling for has come.

  • Yusuf

    Clueless Dumbo! so its only now that you realized failing Nigeria. By Feb 14 U will also realized that u have failed patience and deziani

  • Otile

    I enjoy reading Imam Shekau’s warning to Paul Biya of French Cameroon.
    Imam Shekau Allah ya gaffata Malam.

  • Sunny Omoragbon

    I trust GMB/Osinbajo team to deliver Nigeria.

    • Otile

      The combined forces of Imam Buhari/Osinbajo plus Imam Shekau can overpower the French Cameroon and recapture Bakassi for us. We lost big when Gowon and Obasanjo ceded the territory to French Cameroon.

      • Amir

        Blurred lines. You are part of the PDP propaganda record that has cracked and collapsing rapidly.

        • Otile

          I am neither PDP nor APC for that matter. I lament our territory given away by Gowon and Obasanjo. If Bakassi was Yoruba or Shawshaw land Gowon and Obasanja would not have given it away to foreigners.
          Imam Shekau is the only leader who has mustered courage to warn the man holding our territory. Should Imam Buhari not tell us what he intends to do about it if elected(though unlikely)?

          • tai28

            What has your Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan done in the last 6yeras he has been in power to reclaim Bakassi for you or he needs 10years before he can do something?

    • Guest

      Tinubu is fixing buharis certificate ,it will soon be ready 🙂

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo is drunk again. How can an extremely corrupt president and his wrecking crew fight corruption, when they serve as oxygen to corruption? But the good news is that, change is coming to Nigeria, come February 14, 2015.

  • Holy Saint

    By lying repeatedly about his achievements, such as his claims about wining the war against corruption, creating 2 million jobs annually etc, Jonothing is just campaigning for Buhari

  • Ette

    GEJ was rendering his obituary and was really miserable as he had nothing cheering to tell the intelligent Lagos crowd hired for the occasion. Money has failed. Power has failed and soon it will be time to go back to Otuoke. Nothing flew during the inglorious event, all speakers were churning out senseless finger pointing words as nothing could be discernible from their babbling. At a point GEJ asked if the people were tired because they refused to hail whatever he muttered: remember the bird that refused to fly from the Rev Fr Mbaka message. Time of jugment for the stealing and wicked government is here. God bless Nigeria.

  • Otile

    Imam Shekau is the only leader threatening our enemies. See how he mustered courage to warn Pau Biya who is holding our territory, Bakassi peninsula in the Bight of Biafra. Imam Buhari has not said anything about liberating that land from French Cameroon.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      PDP gave Paul Biya the Bakassi peninsula

      • Otile

        Is Col Gowon PDP?

        • Xman Raji

          Col Gowon is not PDP, he initiated giving Bakassi out, and PDP cum GEJ executed the Project. Guess what ! Who is Gowon supporting? It is the people that executed his plan, GEJ’s PDP.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    With all the trash this guy is ranting, he never mentioned one thing
    he would do when he is relected, rather, he was blamming his failure on

    So, Buhari should have bought equipemt you need to fight BH over thirty years ago.

    If IPPIS shuts down because some ministries were trying to divert funds
    which explians the delay in paying some workers December salary, what we
    expect to hear from you is that those responsible for the attempted
    diversion are in EFCC custody even if you will not televise them.

    In your statement, you just called anti corruption agencies a day before
    this campaign to let Nigerians see what they are doing after your six
    years in office.

    To you, parading corrupt officials on TV will not stop corruption, so, parading them behind closed doors will stop it.

    In your fertilizer corruption, how many did you procscute for stealing the fertilizer. Besides, is stealing now corruption?

    You need to procure arms through vendors and that explains why Tompolo, a militant is procuring arms for us

    Well, am not that bodered since you are talking to “Omo lo le lo gbesi wa”
    (i.e a child with weak understanding that will always consult his
    parents on any issues irrespective of where or when the issue occured)

    If not, you would not be refering your audience to thier parents

    • Otile

      Has Imam Buhari said anything about Bakassi in the Bight of Biafra, or do you want us to kiss our territory goodbye for ever?

      • Mr Igbo Sanity

        Jonathan gave Bakassi to Cameroon. Moron!

        • Otile

          Jonathan was still a child when Col Jack Gowon handed Bakassi to Alhaji Ahmaduo Ahidjo of French Cameroon. Know your history, boy. Don’t believe Tinubu when he tells you that Jonathan gave the place to French Cameroon.

  • Segun

    “I stand by due process. Any country that does not respect due process is a jungle,” Mr. Jonathan said. thats my president. we will never go back to when Buhari was jailing nigerians indiscriminately. Nigerians who believe in rule of law must rise now to re elect Jonathan. we must never go to back to 1983-1985 era when freedom of speech and association were prohibited .

    • Kehinde

      Segun! don’t deceive yourself, you are not yet Victorious, you have been conquered, that is, if Jonathan is your President, as you claim.

      • Hambolu Segun

        My brother, people refuse to understand that a military setup govt is different from a demcatic setup with inbuilt checks and balances.
        Obj was a former military junta, but was put in check!

    • Sword of Damocles

      And so what are we to make of the invasion of the NASS on Nov. 20th 2014 by elements of the Executive branch?

    • Sword of Damocles

      Or the Invasion of the opposition data center(& alleged TORTURE OF CITIZENS OF OUR FATHERLAND) again by elements of the Executive branch, WITHOUT A COURT-OBTAINED search warrant. Or the spending of monies(again by the Executive) not statutorily authorised by the legislature. Or the non-remmitance of $20B of oil related revenue. Or the appointment of the armed forces hierarchy without the CONSTITUTIONALLY mandated “advise & consent” of the Senate. I could go on & on till “da break of dawn”. Bottomline Oga Jona & his fellow minions in TREASON, have future dates/accommodation with our Kiri-kiri & Kuje 5-star hotels.

  • Mazi

    When GEJ was commenting yesterday about IPISS that shut down that resulted in non-payment of over 2 months salaries to over 20,000 workers with all ease, I felt bad. What punishment were melted to this Agencies Head that wanted to divert the fund and denied over 20,000 workers and their families a wonderful xmas? No matter how effective a structure is and it has no correctional tendencies – Punishment, the structure will fail. These few individuals that made govt workers had a dull xmas are not punished. They will only devise another means to divert the fund later. GEJ Punish Corrupt leaders don’t ignore them and give them part at the back. Abba Moro was not punished and we can see the results in the recent prison break across the country.

    • Alhassan Adamu

      That very true, you allow 5 people at the expense of 170,000 people without salary, and this is chain supposing if this 170,00 have two members family multiply and you see the result of the corruption and still he said you don’t parade corrupt people or jail them you only make the institution works, my question who are the institution can IT works by itself the answer is no. If you allow them and change the system they will devised another means which means government will keep changing its system because of may be only 10 to 15 people in Nigeria. No No No i don’t expect my president to think like this, this is very in logical. A lay man like me can provide a better solution then what my able president said. I urge my people to watch their manifestation and make a wise choice. THis about a future of all Nigerian including those that are not yet born.

    • wazobia

      I don’t understand why you are bothering yourself. He has already told you nobody is going to be put in jail.
      I have started looking for ways to loot because nothing will happen to me.
      I suggest you get busy looking for your own loot instead of wasting time feeling bad about it.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Haba president GEJ so no corruption in Nigeria abi? God dey…………………………

    • Hambolu Segun

      We have only stealing and this is not corruption as defined by our senior PhD holder holding fort in aso villa?
      That is final.God help us!

  • ikenna

    Haba Cassava will give us 750,000 jobs. These people think we are fools

    • the tout

      it would probably give more. think about it and don’t be bias and naive

  • SAM .A

    Akpabio , 400 years in jail

  • Well Spring

    Yusuf & Bidemi Lukman, both of u need to go to hospital for mental check up for criticizing president Jonathan that he is clueless. are u saying that a president who successfully privatized power in Nigeria is clueless? are u saying that a leader who has clearly improved nigerian roads is clueless? are u saying a leader who has transformed our airports to international standard is clueless? are u saying a leader who has transformed agric sector as clueless? are u saying a leader who has transformed our economy to be the biggest economy in Africa even great improvement in schools as clueless? Go & check urself very well…

    • Ukpaka

      Neither of them needs to go for mental check up. Unless everything you listed were implemented in heaven, I don’t see any of those on the ground. Remember, we’re talking 6 yrs in office and you’re telling us how he privatized power system. What is the end-result of the privatization? Are companies reliably depending on the power to run their businesses? Why is GEJ still budgeting for fuel and generators for every year he’s been in office if the privatization is such a success? If that is not self-indictment of the failure of the power system, I don’t know what is. Take a look at the major roads in Nigeria, how many did he rehabilitate or new ones did he construct?. You can even check between Anambra and his home state of Bayelsa and tell me how many federal roads were worked on in his 6yrs in office?. Then you talk about airport transformation, let’s be real here: This is same one Odua the thief supposedly implemented? Can you provide me with accurate figure of the amount she spent and an itemized list of what she did and I can show you how same things were implemented in other civilized countries for just 20% of what Mrs Odua supposedly spent on airport upgrades. It’s just an opportunity for more embezzlement. This is a lady that supposedly spent $800 (American dollars) to purchase one BMW armored car (she supposedly bought 2 for $1.6Million). There is no place on earth where BMW cost that much. We never saw the cars and she was rewarded with a senatorial card on GEJ’s insistence. How can such a person fight corruption.
      So, if you can’t back your points with sound facts, don’t just dismiss the cluelessness of this administration by telling people to check in at mental institution. I’m here and ready to engage you if you want to dispute what I have written here. I am from Anambra and I know this is an important election and not just north/south warfare as some of you here think. Let’s stop the bleeding by electing Buhari/Osinbajo to get back on the road to glory.

      • chudi

        They count Enugu airport among those rehabilitated and transformed. That airport is an eye sore – most fittings, electrical, plumbing are not in place. Even the interlock on the pavement are giving way. The air-conditioning system is an apology. The toilet don’t work. Must we always settle for shoddy jobs, yet they were all fully paid for!

        • Gaskiya

          All Nigerian airports are as bad as that Enugu. Terribly bad.

      • Bipolar is ur problem.

  • Hambolu Segun

    I just love this country. We are matching on and learning.
    We are beginning to ask questions just as gej is questioning GMB about security.
    In 20months, gmb could not buy 1 hunter’s gun!
    How many did gej buy in his 72 months in aso rock?

    • Alhassan Adamu

      That a good question, i can also see that, but which country have you ever heard mentioning that we bought so so arms to fight insurgency, it has never work that way to go to the media mentioning that as a president, let us see things work. with all that he said they spend on ammunition but they are given mutiny to soldiers that refuse to go to war front without ammunition don’t you see this as contradictory statement. Please let us be wise and let us have a manifestation of what they want to do for us rather than pointing fingers to one another and we are blindly following them. They borrowed $1billion but where it is, go to Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Gombe, Bauchi people live under uncertainty don’t we have government to protect us.

      • the tout

        every country does military purchase for the media. they develop nukes and tell the media when they want to test it. telling the media does not stop the govt from fighting insurgency with it.

  • sammyctu ode

    This president is really drunk. By defending all his failures for six years, he is telling us why he couldn’t perform. With all the zero brains he assembled for his so called campaign, if all what he has been saying are from all these people, then, I now know why Nigeria has sunk so low under jonathan. His so called advisers cannot articulate any vision of his for Nigerians. Shame on jonathan and pdp. When people in the present government have stolen so much money and power drunk, they can’t think again.

    • Gaskiya

      These are group uneducated rascals. Most of them are chronic alcoholics with malfunctioning brains.

  • Olu Ade

    The best combination: An incorruptible General with integrity and a VP who is God fearing and also a technocrat. This is a rare opportunity, you cant beat that.


    • Gaskiya

      I am excited. At last Nigerians have great hope.

  • Olu Ade

    So, when the Governor’s shared the Foreign reserve as stated by Akpabio, what do you have to show for it. It ended in their pockets…thats why corruption is our number No.1 problem. Without getting rid of corruption, its like dumping water in a basket…We need GMB now!

  • Well Spring

    I am now convinced that PREMIUM TIMES & PUNCH Newspapers are bias against President Jonathan, based on their recent publications against Jonathan. they are APC Newspapers. Is it the first time u are seeing corruption in Nigeria? Instead of suggesting ways of tackling it, u are throwing blame on Jonathan as if he is God who knows every man’s. Can u remembered what happened during IBB & Obasanjo regimes – those were less corruption abi? Jonathan is working hard to stop corruption, it is the Newspaper companies partly owned by Tinubu that are accusing Jonathan of corruption.

    • Amir

      You are paid for a job and you have no idea how to do it.

      • Kitunde

        You know….goodness me

  • SAM .A

    “If somebody tells you that the best way to fight corruption is to come and arrest your uncle and father and show on television and dump him, it won’t stop corruption. It will even encourage corruption,” Mr. Jonathan said.”GEJ .
    Mr President , you said anything happening to $, America will know , Why don’t you ask President Obama to show u the Channels where you can read about Ex Governor of Virginia , Bob McDonnell who had been found guilty of corruption 11 count charges ,and will start his jail term this January . ( Ask Abati to google that Bob McDonnell & his jail term)
    You are actually confirmed your cluelessness about fighting corruption, America FBI did not rely on computer alone to fish out his corruption . Like somebody has said corruption is the Oxygen you and your executive member breaths , it has become a way / style of live , no body should disturb all of you.No need to put anybody in jail because consequence of crime for Elites in Nigeria is Government covering up by set ting Computer trap, why the poor go to jail for 10 years for stealing goat , the Pension fraud guy was asked to pay 750 thousand for stealing 30 billions .
    Remember Sir Jonna , Dia is God oo.
    Nemesis is waiting in the space for all the people who has facilitated this crashing economy , that States and Federal can no longer pay salaries as of when due, some owning areas, creating hardship for the governed .

  • sammyctu ode

    Whatever you call yourself- well spring, YOU ARE A BAD SPRING. In the last six years, jonathan has not achieved anything to warrant Nigerians to re-elect him. His sins and broken promises are too many to enumerate. The so called Agricultural success he is touting is all fake. Go to our local markets and supermarkets all over the county, 99% of the foodstuffs (apart from local produce) are all foreign. We are still importing rice in trillions of Naira. What exceptional thing has akinwumi contributed to uplifting our agriculture< hhas he given our Universities research grants for new strains of Nigeian foodstuffs, is our agriculture mechanized, are we producing food in large quantities, are prices of food decreased, has he built silos to store grains for the rainy days ahead, etc? SO, WHHAT'S THHE BIG DEAL WITHH OUR AGRICULTURE THHAT JONATHHAN IS CRYING SO HHOLLOW?

  • Kitunde

    Fight on Corruption:
    A wanted felon in the UK (juumped bail) granted presidential immunity!
    Jobseekers fleeced and some of them even died in an employment scam-no one till date held responsible.
    Millions missing from pension funds-main culprit at large, managed to escape even with state security details.
    $20billion or is it $10billion (whatever) ‘unaccounted for’ as explained by coordinating minister of Finance
    Money Laundering charges against Mohamed Abacha, Fani Kayode, Bode George dropped/quashed.
    Report of sleaze and stealing by Ribadu Panel on NNPC-Where is it?
    Aviation Minister’s fraudulent acts in purchase of officail cars still hanging..
    Known Ghost worker (Permanent Secretary) in Bayelsa Civil service walks free.
    Fuel subsidy scam-trillions of Naira unaccounted for.
    And wait for the bombshell-‘what you people (Nigerians) call corruption is mere stealing’

    • orkar

      The PDP as a party has prosecuted more corrupt individuals than any of the parties owned by the Night Soil Men and juju priest in APC–BUHARI is being sold to us as Mr integrity–yet lied that he took a 27m loan from the banks–whereas the story is that an ex governor paid the money for him–Amaechi the governor of rivers state has been stealing money from his state for buhari–Mr integrity–yet the man who calls himself–mr clean is not asking question to enable him know where amaechi is getting the money from—how many governors from the Fulani north did buhari send to prison–Not one—–what about obj–and ribadu who listed 32 governors as being corrupt—Sadly—-the only governors to be charged for corruption among the 170m 9jas— are Ibori and Alams from the SS———–Buhari has again made it clear that he will send governors from the south to jail when he becomes president–most especially president Jonathan————–we are al waiting this time around and wait we will

    • concerned9ja

      You have forgotten the Malabu scandal in which Jonathan led others to share $1.9 billion
      The several Boko Haram ceasefire deals
      What about the nine million dollars stash to South Africa inside the aircraft of Pastor Oritsejafor
      Or the Head of Service, Steve Orosanye lootings
      Hiring of private jets by the Petroleum Minister with NNPC money for personal use
      The trillion Naira oil subsidy scam…and finally
      The Namibian declaration that there is no corruption in Nigeria
      Indeed, sleaze, graft, corruption are the middle names of Jonathan. May God wipe his government away from Nigeria. Amen

  • Well Spring

    Sammyctu ode – go to any good bakery in Nigeria and ask them what they use to make bread you eat everyday, it is cassava. it is due to improvement in our agriculture & research by President Jonathan


      You are just a liar. Do not use stuff you don’t know to promote Jonathan. GEJ is just lucky that initiatives from the tenure of Obasanjo are yielding fruits in his tenure – railways, agriculture etc. I was a media consultant to IITA which researched the possibility of having 40% cassava flour in bread. That research was initiated by Obasanjo in 2005. By 2011, we took the report to meet Jonathan and he said that he would like a cassava bread policy. But here is a direct quote of what he said: “this project is one that the Federal Government started some years back under the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to encourage Nigerians to use cassava as part of the ingredients of producing bread and other items that we need because of the cost of wheat.” Google this quote and you will the reports online. I got this because I posted a press release about this on the IITA website in 2011. You’ll still see releases from 2006 there. You are continuing the lies Jonathan began yesterday. No way.

  • orkar

    (As military head of state, Buhari prosecuted an anti-corruption campaign that allowed core North politicians to go scot-free, while jailing many innocent ones from the South.

    Let Nigerians know that as president, you would discriminate unabashedly in favour of your homestead by allocating a disproportionate amount of the resources of the country, which largely emanate from the Southern part of the country, to the North. As chairman of the PTF under the corrupt Abacha government, spend over 70% of the funds in your native North, even though the overwhelming proportion of PTF funds came from the South, which consumes over 70% of the refined petroleum products in the country.

    Prompt the Yoruba cultural organization, Afenifere, to make a submission to the Human Rights Violations Investigation Commission (HRVIC) led by Justice Chukwudifu Oputa that nothing else typifies the marginalisation of the Yoruba in particular and Southern Nigeria in general in the affairs of Nigeria than the lopsidedness of the projects carried out by the PTF under your chairmanship.

    Ensure, for example, that 13,870 kilometers of the road building and rehabilitation projects of the PTF, representing 76%, are carried out in the North. On the other hand, carry out 4,440 kilometers of road projects, representing only 24%, in the entire South. Out of this figure, allocate 10.5% to the South-West and only 13.5% to the South-East and the South-South combined; in spite of the fact that the latter geopolitical zones are bedeviled by gully erosion and swamps.)

    • Omo Akin

      Like he allowed Umaru Dikko to go “scot-free”?
      Did you not see that the PTF spent most money in South-South and the least in North Central. The total kilometer depends on the terrain and cost of construction of each kilometer of road. I know you are a propagandist who has no regard for facts and the truth but we will continue to provide the facts and post the truth.


    Yesterday, the finance minister said that the Central Bank used the external reserves to shore up the economy and now Akpabio is saying that the governors asked that the reserves be shared. Which story do we believe here? These are just white lies. Obviously from this comment “we cannot say we are saving money when people are hungry” you can see what we mean by saying that Jonathan and PDP are clueless people. Foreign reserves are assets held by the CBN in mostly dollars abroad and are used to back Nigeria’s liabilities. Holding the currencies of other countries as assets allow governments to keep their currencies stable and reduce the effect of economic shocks. So why would governors share this money knowing the consequences? The reason Sanusi raised alarm that $20b was missing was because the external reserves were not growing as proceeds from oil sales were not been remitted and that if oil prices took a dive, naira will not be able to withstand the shock. It is happening now. Let Jonathan and Okonjo-Iweala explain what happened to the external reserves and stop this comedy.

    • Onike24

      White lies are harmless lies, these lies are not harmless oh

  • orkar

    13,870 kilometers of the road building and rehabilitation projects of the PTF, representing 76%, were carried out in the North by Buhari. On the other hand, carry out 4,440 kilometers of road projects, representing only 24%, in the entire South. Out of this figure, allocate 10.5% to the South-West and only 13.5% to the South-East and the South-South combined; in spite of the fact that the latter geopolitical zones are bedeviled by gully erosion and swamps.

    Allocate 74.7% of all PTF educational rehabilitation projects to the North, with your native North-West obtaining the lionshare of 34.8%. Allocate 80% of all health sector projects to the North, with your native North-West obtaining the lionshare of 55.3%. Allocate 85.3% of all food supply projects to the North, with your native North-West receiving the lion share of 60.54%.

    • Innocent Ugwu

      Assuming that the numbers you enumerated are correct, How much of the ones allocated to the South was truly utilized? I guarantee you that less that 10% was. Who’s problem was that, Buhari or the corrupt South leaders?

  • Well Spring

    Pastor Osinbanjo is doing evangelism by going house to house and street to street to campaign for a jihadist to become president. Let me ask a question, since u became a Pastor in RCCG how many times have u left ur car or office to do evangelism for Christ? but u are doing evangelism for boko haram. Let me advise u, be careful, u are riding on a lion thinking u are riding on a horse, be careful, bcos when the lion becomes hungry he will devour u. Be careful pastor….

    • tijan kabba

      looool…………. this your comment can only make any serious minded person laugh.

    • Maria

      I can see you guys are jittery.

    • Innocent Ugwu

      Well Spring, you definitely do not know what you’re talking about, do you? Obasanjo and GEJ are self acclaimed Christians. Did they show the fruits of being a christian?

      The so-called christians have failed the world over not just in Nigeria. If you’re a true christian, you shouldn’t be getting involved in politics in the first place unless you read a different bible.

      This world lies under the sway of satan, and there’s no truth in him. So, GEJ, Osibanjo, etc are not true Christians and you going out to vote aren’t either. Get this in your head.

  • Maria

    PDP is dead.

  • Nic2929

    Story….Hopefully u loose this election and perish slowly. What a chance you had to make history, and how stupidly you threw it away. History will remember you foolishness only.

  • tijan kabba

    what war, GEJ makes it sound like he was doing anything about the on going corruption, a war would suggest he was actually fighting.

  • joe

    Buhari could not submit his school leaving certificate and as such he should quietly resign before court will show him way out. Nonsense. How can someone that could not complete secondary school lead us in 21st century?. Its better shekau or Asari to lead than GMB.

    • tijan kabba

      and you went to school ooo, yet it has not showed in the sightliest from this commment

    • Umar Dendi

      check this

      • Truth_is_Bitter

        Haba!!!!…Nigerians are really mogus and mumus. We are asking for the prerequisite qualification with which he enlisted in the Nigerian Army, and not the courses he was opportune to attend as a consequence of the successful forgery thereof.

        Simple, one leads to the other….and if the first is proven not to exist, the second is null and void. This is another classic example of the forged Toronto degree in 1999 by one of Buhari’s junior cousins called Salisu Buhari. Genetics at work. But we must get to the bottom of this. No place to hide…So, my friend, brandishing a computer manipulated list from abroad will not save the terrorist loving candidate.

        • absam777

          Are you so daft to know that he would not have graduated even if he entered with a forged certificate. You are the one that must produce your primary school cert . You are not intelligent .

          • Marie-Louis

            IBB just confirmed to us the name of his secondary school and how one Catain Yakubu Gowon came to talk to them in school to join the army. Now, which school did Buhari attend? I am a die hard supporter of APC but I am ashamed of this cover up. Let Buhari end this certificate saga and stigma and show us something. This is 21st century for goodness sake where Masters degree holders are Bus and Okada riders, a presidential aspirant has no excuse.

        • rhad

          ogbeni olodo. Be informed or reminder that NDA is equivalent to Bsc

          • Otile

            Based on attendance of 3 moons alone, can Imam therefore claim he has his BSc?



        • Umar Dendi

          First of, What the hell makes you think Salisu Buhari is related to Gen Buhari???
          O’ I guess AmericaToldYou…for you people it begins and ends with AmericaWillKnow!!

          Secondly You DO NOT GET TO have a MASTERS DEGREE FROM the US WAR COLLEGE without adequate qualifications, What the hell do you take the US WAR COLLEGE for? the uni of Otueke?? where the pidgin speaking president supposedly got his Phd????
          One does not get to be commissioned into the officer corps of the Nigerian Army in the 1960’s without adequate qualifications! They do not scream DeresGod or AmericaWillKnow
          in the Army you know!!

      • Otile

        Are you trying to show us Imam’s certficates/degrees or is this just a regular role call of students? It is one thing to attend a course for 3 moons, but another to learn anything, despite the humongous amount of money spent on the class.

        Dendi boy, don’t you think that illiteracy prevented Imam from learning anything and passing exams like other students who had good educational backgrounds before entering such causes? Why do you think schools demand O’level certificates before entering universities?

        Dendi boy, use common sense, ka ji ko?




        • Umar Dendi

          You DO NOT GET TO have a MASTERS DEGREE FROM the US WAR COLLEGE without adequate qualifications, What the hell do you take the US WAR COLL for? the uni of Otueke, where the pidgin speaking president supposedly got his Phd????

          One does not get to be commissioned into the officer corp of the Nigerian Army in the 1960’s without adequate qualifications! They do not scream DeresGod or AmericaWillKnow in the Army, you know!!

        • Umar Dendi

          without adequate qualifications, What the hell do you take the US WAR
          COLLEGE for? the uni of Otueke?? where the pidgin speaking president
          supposedly got his Phd????

          One does not get to be commissioned into the officer corps of the Nigerian Army in the 1960’s without adequate qualifications! They do not scream DeresGod or AmericaWillKnow
          in the Army you know!!


            “The taste of the pudding is in the eating ” I put it to you that the old dictator did not attend any secondary school till he provides evidence ,there were not a million secondary schools in his time ,just name the school and we shall do the investigation,name the Primary school and we shall do the investigation.


          • Umar Dendi

            He Attended Primary School in Daura and Mai’adua, 1948-1952
            Katsina Model School in 1953 and Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College Katsina) from 1956-1961.
            Nigerian Military Training School, Kaduna in 1963.
            Officer’s Cadet School in Aldershot (United Kingdom), October 1963
            Platoon Commanders’ Course at the Nigerian Military College, Kaduna, 1964
            Mechanical Transport Officer’s Course at the Army Mechanical Transport
            School in Borden (United Kingdom) 1965
            Defense Services’ Staff College, Wellington (India), 1973
            United States Army War College, graduated June 1980.
            Now go do your research!! We’ll do the same with Jona and expose all the plagiarism in his thesis !!


            Where are the certificates for the PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL ?
            THIS IS AN OLD STORY !!

    • pastorakinleye

      You’re an ignoramus who’s enjoying hallucinations: open your eyes wide and see that Buhari is a fellow of the prestigious United States Army War College (Class of 1980), superior to the shop-front schools you may have been to.

  • orkar

    The highest level of corruption ever to be witnessed in the country–is he refusal of buhari to show-case his credentials to the world–if that act by Buhari is not corruption-then tell me what it is?–What message is Buhari sending to the youths of the country’? That it is right to forge ones certificate or swear to an affidavit—when enlisting into the armed forces–then claim that your certs were chewed by rats—-in the barracks abi-?—-that its right to steal and swear to an affidavit that u have contested 3 presidential elections and since nobody requested to see your credentials—they should not dare the Fulani prince again by asking him to present his papers to INEC–THE REASON WHY INEC ASKED WOULD BE CONTESTANTS to present their credentials is because–somebody may have one or two things to say—about them—and since buhari has refused to do so–the best option for him is to quit the stage—-while the ovation in the Fulani north is still loudest for him—

    • pastorakinleye

      You should be ashamed of posting this junk. Buhari will eat your mentor’s dinner on Valentine’s day.

    • Gaskiya

      You think Nigerians are not intelligent to know that you guys are just blood sucking leeches? This is why only your conspicuous group with fixed number of contributors have been barking like dogs. And most people just ignored your silly comments.

  • Rommel

    What baffles me is why a Nigerian would like the country to continue on this trajectory,how many people believe that Nigeria is on the right path to lasting prosperity?

    • Gaskiya

      Those who want Nigeria to continue on the current trajectory are the leeches who have gotten one form of opportunity or the other to steal public funds. We must do everything possible to dislodge these gangsters.

  • Umar Dendi

    Someone should get Mr Jona’s thesis and check ’em for plagiarism.

  • New Nation


  • kola amzat

    The truth is sacred and must be told and in clear terms too. Nigerian Governors are now in the court of public opinion and they must defend themselves with respect to the submission of Governor Akpabio concerning how they arm-twisted President Jonathan in sharing excess oil revenue. You would sleep on your bed the way its laid. If they were the gangsters who forced the president( and in the spirit of federalism, the president conceded) into the regime of sharing excess oil revenue, why did Chief Olusegun Obasanjo singled out President Jonathan for attacks on dwindling nation reserves and decided to spare the root cause of the problem. I think the former president should learn to exercise lot of restraint in attacking public officers. He who lives in glass house should stop throwing stones carelessly because, if you tell the world that you are gifted in talking, some discerning people would also tell you they have inherent talent in hearing.

    • Xman Raji

      Arm twisted Jonathan? That shows GEJ is not what his salt, if he can be arm twisted. It shows cluelessness, because he does not understand what is C in C, he does not understand that the bulk stops at his desk.
      He is not worthy being in that position…

      • Gaskiya

        Jonathan intellect is below average. You can identify the deficiency even from the way he speaks and argue on important issues.

    • Gaskiya

      Even his wife has been arm twisting to give her our billions of dollars. Nawawo for Jonathan.

  • SBassey

    Don’t forget also Buhari stole the peoples mandate by overthrowing a legitimate government of President Shehu Shagari.

    • Umar Dendi

      Buhari just knew about the Coup. It was IBB that overthrew Shagari. Shagari himself confessed to that, check Beckoned to serve by Shehu Shagari

      • SBassey

        It makes no difference. It you are aware of a robbery plan and you did not inform the authorities, then you are part of the plan. You suffer the same fate as the planners. It is not an excuse. If he had integrity he should have declined the offer to be Head of state.

        • Umar Dendi

          ” you did not inform the authorities, then you are part of the plan”
          What the heck kind of logic is that… no wonder innocent people are being thrown into the ditch! its because people like you!!
          “He should have declined”…I suppose you would have been happy if IBB had taken over since ’83. Those morons….that continue to support an incompetent president are responsible for all these shit. Iyoshi and his friends should have rid us off the Idiots in ’85. God rest their souls!! at least they tried!

          • SBassey

            Umar, …. Let’s face fact and reason. What will you call a person who forcefully snatch something from you? That person is a thief. Buhari forcefully took the people’s mandate. In a civilized nation, when you feel a government is curropt and non performing, you remove the leader in the next election. No matter how much Shagaris government is accused of curruption, the only legitimate way to remove him is through impeachment or he is voted out in the next election. What Buhari did can be equated to someone rubbing at gun point. He should be cooling off in jail instead of parrading himself as a presidential aspirant. You may not agree with me, but you know quite well that the punishment for those who plan and execute coup d’état is death. Buhari should stop insulting our sensibilities.

          • Umar Dendi

            Didn’t you see my earlier post? Shehu Shagari himself confessed that it was IBB that overthrew his government! (Check beckoned to serve by Shehu Shagari)
            It was a pack of young soldiers that swindled the mantle from IBB.

          • SBassey

            Thanks. I will search out the information. But unfortunately Buhari benefited from a stolen mandate. Much as he tries, this will continue to affect his ambition.

          • Umar Dendi

            and to go to your other point, although I wholeheartedly believe that Shagari did not deserve to be overthrown.. i dear say that some people do. Some dictators are elected, they ride on popular mandates then swindle the rights of the very people who elected them. The trample on civil liberties, criminalise every thing that doesn’t bode well with their believes!

    • rhad

      bad student of history, shagari was extremely corrupt, use our naira to print id cards, abuse of power, lawlessness were the other of the day just like what we have under jonathan

  • karl marx

    LIARS! PDP can not be trusted for a second with Nigeria’s wealth. Just steal what you have to steal from now to may 29th 2015 because that is the end of the road for BAD LUCK!!!

    • the tout

      naive and lame post right here.

  • adeniyi

    The President was busy replying his opponent without any meaningful manifesto. shame on our leaders.

  • Kokori

    Pls stop the distractions….Where is the certiPicate?


    • New Nigerian

      Let Jonathan show his WASCE and Jamb results & certificates?

    • True son of the soil

      Go and get from army headquarters

      • Kokori

        But the army has said it does not have any certificates, rather they have asked Buhari to come and collect “what” he gave them as they (army) are not obliged to release it to the public. But Buhari has refused to go. So person go dey fear to collect him certificate again? Na wao! Something is ‘fishing!’

    • Olu Ade

      General Buhari attended Primary School in Daura/Maiaduwa (1948 – 1952), Middle school, Katsina (1953 – 1956), Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College), Katsina (1956 -1961) Nigerian Military Training School, Kaduna and Cadet Officer Course Aldershot UK (1963) Platoon Commander Course, Military College Kaduna (1964), Army Transport School, Bordan, UK (1965), Defence Service Staff College, Wellington, India (1973-1974), U.S Army War College (1979 -1980).

      The only relevant question is: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Just as Ronald Reagan asked Americans 34years ago.
      This election is about Jonathan’s performance, it is a referendum on his 6years as President.

      • Kokori

        One thing is to attend and another is to complete and pass with a certificate. Thanks for the info. The question now is where is the certificate for Katsina Provincial Secondary
        School (now Government College), Katsina (1956 -1961)?

        Forget about Ronald. You don’t compare a country where black lives don’t matter to Nigeria where terrorist’s lives matter more than the bombed civilians. Hope you got the narrative… So, Where is the certiPicate?

    • Chris1408

      You’d have used your keyboard wisely to write “VOTE OUT GEJ” repeatedly

    • go hang transfomer

      Go hang transformer

    • Olu Ade

      You sound like a broken record! GO TO COURT

  • If the $55billion had already been shared why then the Dr Iweala’z response to the alleged claims by OBJ. What is the difference between squandering, when crude oil prices were at the top most than during the OBJ and Yaradua eras and the sharing that the PDP’s Chairman of the Governors forum has admitted had been shared. Please tell me that it is not the same $55billion, OBJ was alluding to.
    If it took OBJ to save such amount and build the reserves to cushion the effect of future low crude oil prices that fell to $9 in 2006. What further shameful defence is Dr Okonjo giving today as this is a case of twelve and a dozen. WE BELIEVE THAT DIEZANI WILL SOON BE AROUND TO TELL US THAT THE MISSING $20BILLION WAS SHARED.WHAT A COUNTRY.

  • Comfortkay

    We need to get something straight in this election year that it is very dangerous to start asking for interview from our former Military ruler. They get Pension nothing less than 23 Million Naira in a year and many Nigerian can not feed themselves two times a day. There is absolute nothing sensational in this interview and he is one of the biggest contractor of Ministry of Defence.

    • New Nigerian

      Prove of your Pension figures for former military rulers?

    • Talaka

      Gen. Buhari rejected the N27million offered him as pension/salary and accepted only 10% of that amount as salary which he has been receiving ever since. All the others accepted theirs. A rare show of patriotism!

  • orkar

    The Night Soil Men in APC have lost it-and its time they are told to stop playing on the sentiments of Nigerians and tell Buhari to show us certificates–refusal means such is the highest level of corruption—how can a presidential candidate enlist into the army with fake credentials-?–Fashola is a disgrace to politics—-Fashola who has no respect for lagosian should be asked to keep quiet–for now–It was his godfather tinubu who said Fashola would never have become governor of lagos state, if not for d mago—mago–he played–Jonathan has told Nigerians about the schools he built–the roads he constructed—-the jobs he created—even in lagos for the 8 yrs that tinubu was governor- he could not bring one single industry–back–Jonathan has brought Volk which Buhari killed–over 30 years ago– back to eko—Lagos state has a debt profile of more than–600b—–Fashola alone set aside more than 70b–to run his office–where are the schools that he built with loans from the European Union—-aware there is no freedom of information–bill in operation in lagos–so Fashola can dance around the head of buhari–who sent his people to prison for more than 300 years

    • New Nigerian

      Why should we continue to live through Jonathan’s performances or non performances by re-electing him? Focus on convincing us and leave trying to paint the opposition and principal actors black – we know they are not….You are loosing precious time to convince us or pry us away from voting Jonathan out en masse….time is ticking, don’t waste it!

      • Gaskiya

        These guys are becoming a nuisance and attention seekers. Though their action is teaching Nigerians lesson such that the likes of Jonathan never ever become our leaders again.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Before going to France
    call your boys to order

  • orkar

    Buhari it was who derailed the Lagos Metroline project, designed to address the perennial problem of traffic jams and gridlock in Nigeria’s then capital city and financial centre out of lack of vision and foresight, as well as contempt for Southern economic growth and development. Refuse to guarantee a loan of $100 million that the Lagos State government needed for the project. Waste thereby close to $80 million of the money of Lagos taxpayers and investors already expended on the project.

    Fail to apologise to Lagosians for this faux pas, even though those currently bankrolling your presidential campaign are relying largely on the resources of Lagos State. Still expect Lagosians to vote for you on the assumption that they have forgotten, or do not know, what you did.

    Have the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Malam Nasir El’Rufai, give this verdict about your chances: “General Buhari has remained perpetually unelectable because his record as military head of state, and afterwards, is a warning that many Nigerians have wisely heeded. His insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well-known.” That is the msn Fashola wants us to vote for in Lagos-what shame

  • karl marx

    GEJ is not an administrator in the first place; a pseudo PhD holder that can’t command, that is what we have as president. He doesn’t talk and he if wants to talk, its disastrous! His wife is the most illiterate first lady Nigeria have ever had! how can that kind of woman be able to give her husband sound advise on issues. They are the dangerous pair Nigerians should re-elect, they will totally destroy this country honestly.

    • orkar

      Its really dangerous to have your likes mix with the civilized people of the world–as a matter of fact u re supposed to be chained together with members of ISIS in Iraq or the killers who are on the run in France-given the type of boko haramic ideas u expressed here against the president of the FRN…..Only God knows what u would have done to the president with a gun in your hand-killed him the same way the Abiolas—among others were assassinated in Nigeria–Rather than have u confine yr Night Soil Men-visions on buhari — whose draconian government was sacked under two years–by IBB because according to him Nigerians were sick and tired of him–u are here insulting the president—with your usual regional ideas-under the pen name of great world leaders like Karl Max–who never forged his cert like buhari did for one second-to enabkle him help transform the Russian society————–

  • Jim_in_SanDiego_56

    If there is any lesson to be learned from this massacre, it’s the idea that achieving political correctness through censorship is an ugly and potentially deadly philosophy. Here in America, there are millions of citizens who believe that it is perfectly acceptable to censor the expression of other citizens in the name of propriety and political correctness. And so now, French citizens are experiencing what happens when political correctness gets co-opted by monsters who are willing to take censorship to it’s extreme. The fact that there is a direct philosophical connection between the world’s pompous politically correct and this murderous Muslim spawn from hell is obvious to the astute.

  • Holy Saint

    Lol! Hahahahaahahaha!

  • Victor

    I’m an Igbo Man but I’ll not vote for Jonathan, he has nothing to write home about. By his own account he once said the sponsors of Boko Haram were right within his own administration and yet he did nothing. Mr. clueless!

    • Nazz Boy

      Yes Victor, it’s better to accept the truth than bury your head in the sand.

    • Abaleke

      Who ask you where you come from a sale out. What do you know about clue?

      • Obi M

        You mean self-out? Anyway good for you Victor for having a brain in the midst of brainless commentators

  • Guguru

    This IBB interview is absolute rubbish because he thinks Nigerians are not well informed and intellectually savvy. IBB sounds as if he loves Nigeria so much. Well, if he loves Nigeria so much then why did he not use a Nigerian hospital last year when he was sick? Why did he choose to use a German hospital instead?

    • the tout

      does your post about not using NIgerian hospital make sense to you?

      • Guguru

        Yes, it does.

  • Friday

    General IBB – Destroyer of Nations
    But I can’t help but love you. I loved and admired you then and I still do. But lets be honest you destroyed Nigeria. I do not know why I loved you as a child but I just did, I guess that is the charisma you had and still have
    I am sure if General Buhari was left in power as long as you, we would be a better country today. Even though I do not like Buhari.

  • True son of the soil

    The question that Nigerians need to ask president Jonathan is when did he realize that corruption is Nigerian problem, if he can’t tell us , then the man is being PDP according to Niger state Governor where politics is all about telling lies.

  • omoniger1

    This monarch should not be trusted as much as I think GEJ has failed the nation and don’t deserved a second term the Oba utterances about Lagos state governorship candidate especially in regard to his support for Ambrode should be seen as let down from the monarch.
    Ambrode was declared winner of the primary before the primary took place by the Oba. Now the same Oba just remember that everything is in the hand of God.This Monarch has been bought by Tinubu and he doesn’t care about Lagosians at all,blaming Obasanjo is just the easiest thing for him to do.

  • Conscience_an _Open_Wound

    Someone is manipulating the comments. The comments are being sifted, deleted and reshuffled to suit corporate sentiments. Haba PT, is this how you want to fight corruption?nt to fight corruption and social injustice?


      I have noticed the mischief but will that stop Nigerians from demanding that Buhari should play by the rules and tender his certificates to INEC ? We are fed up with Affidavits !!

    • Sword of Damocles

      It started 2 days ago . I believe that PT’s website may have been hacked by the agents of the looters & betrayers. As it is apparent that outfits like PT & SR are 2 of the engines driving the urgent desire for patriotic/progressive change in our Fatherland. I am sure at some point PT will be able to sort it out. But the BOTTOMLINE IS THIS: Nothing can stop the Masses’s desire for our country to be forthright and upstanding. I am not concerned by this diversion. NO ONE is bigger than our Nigeria, this is the fundamental LESSON that the Masses are trying to inculcate into the THICK skulls of “Dr” Jonathan and his army of unrepentant, treasonous looters & betrayers. God save the FRN. All enemies of the Republic to Kiri-kiri, FULLSTOP!!

      • Conscience_Is_an_Open_Wound

        May those who enacted decrees 2 & 4 of 1984 with which Journalists & Musicians were dumped into prisons without trial NEVER come close to power again…

        May those who initiated kidnapping and international terrorism by kidnapping an alleged corrupt Umaru Dikko never get close to power again…

        May those who bask in the euphoria of threats of violence and blood letting never get close to power again…

        May terrorist loving illiterates never come close again. Never again…

        May those who cannot obey constitutional and educational requirements for candidacy never come close to power again…

        Like a plague, may they be lost and confined to history …our dark history of military thieves.


    When will the old military tyrant Buhari tender his certificates to INEC ? This is the issue at stake !!!

    • Mr. Abdin

      When will Jonathan explain to us about the missing money?

    • FTD

      When will Tawanda aka Oleku, Otile,….., stop being a nuisance?


        Innocent Tawanda is just asking for his democratic right to know all pertinent facts concerning the ex-tyrant who wants to govern Nigeria again.


        • funky

          Your mother should produce her marriage certificate first so that we came verify if you are or not a bastard… ode. From Maryland USA


            Haba !! Take am easy na

            No need for conflict or hate comment

            The old tyrant should do the needful,Nigerians need those certificates urgently !!

    • SAM .A

      Takwanda Alias , Reno Omo KiriKiri with your more than 10 handles on this medium,you will be served a copy of Buhari’s Certificates when you get to your final residence in June . Either in KiriKiri or the Newly renovated Sanbissa forest jail after Buhari might have flushed out the rag tag army tormenting Nigerians under the Nose of your clueless man who doesn’t give a damn with the security of the people he sworn to protect .


        Typical of Buhari and his Almajeri ! very intolerant ,bokoharamic mindset .
        Who is “Reno” ? I do not know the man .

        This distraction will not intimidate Nigerians into submission !




        • SAM .A

          My last time to reply imbecile like you. You are always the first person to call people names , and start crying when they pay you back. The reason why your brain cannot distinguish between Almongiri and this writer is that: You have cerebral disintegration , part filled with sawdust others with cotton wool soaked in ogogoro . There is reverse arrangement, with front at the back & vice vasa. This impair your reasoning ,judgement coherence and logic, that is while you leave gaps in your write up. All you do is to reply to ALL posting on social medial , pouring out your stupidity laced with religious bigotry, ethnicity , sentiment and partisanship. You are always on time to advertise your moral decadence.
          Now you are going berserk on this medium , I see you attempting suicide on Febuhari 14th, I have requested that you should be placed on Suicidal watch . You have to serve your terms in KiriKiri of Sanbissa renovated jail
          You cannot escape to Califonia in US .


            This is a specific hate comment directed at an innocent citizen like me….this is ungentlemanly !!

  • Gaskiya

    Tawanda AKA Reno Omokri is full blown mad man trying to divert peoples attention from the point of discourse. I pray the people around you will take you to psychiatrist for consultation and treatment.


      Is it not absolutely right to assume that there is an organised effort by your likes to muzzle the positive forces of democratic freedoms . IF BUHARI SUBMITS HIS CREDENTIALS NOT AFFIDAVITS,TAWANDA WILL NOT HAVE ANY REASON TO KEEP ASKING.







  • Frank Bassey

    This is HYPOCRICY. The gunmen acted like APC

  • Usman

    Difference between great thinkers and dundee united

  • Lanre

    Nigeria is not a decent society. Otherwise, this fellow called Ibrahim Babangida will be in jail.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    This loan is ill advised. The former PDP administration acquired local debts without evidence of utilization. There is no doubt that that this facility would not be any different. This administration would not have any thing to show for it. Maybe APC just wants to acquire a loan to share. Mr Oshiomole should endeavour to leave an enduring Legacy. It is Buhari`s legacy that is marketing him. It is hard to do but do able.

  • orkar

    @karl max—-aka wahala—Its really dangerous to have your likes mix with the civilized people of the world–as a matter of fact u re supposed to be chained together with members of ISIS in Iraq or the jihadist who are on the run in France-given the type of boko haramic ideas u expressed here against the president of the FRN…..Only God knows what u would have done to the president with a gun in your hand-killed him the same way the Abiolas—among others were assassinated in Nigeria–Rather than have u confine yr Night Soil Men-visions on buhari — whose draconian government was sacked under two years–by IBB because according to him- Nigerians were sick and tired of buharis satanic rule –u are here insulting the president—with your usual regional ideas-under the pen name of great world leaders like Karl Max–who never forged his cert like buhari did for one second-to enable him transform the Russian society————–the same way Jonathan is struggling against all types of road blocks -put in his place by the janjaweeds in APC—TO STOP THE PRESIDENT FROM ACHIEVING HIS LOFTY IDEAS FOR HIS BELOVED NATION–NIGERIA


      Please what is the situation ? Has the former military tyrant Buhari submitted his certificates to INEC?
      Is Buhari still depending on those unsubstantiated Affidavits ?

  • Chris1408

    EFCC should have left with this man in handcuffs if they’re truly professionals in their field. The man couldn’t answer questions about his wealth or income. Sad he’s still walking free today

  • murty

    Where is namadi sambo with pdp blue print.. Please don’t tac by jona ,go out and be talking like the apc. We can see that buhari will make use of the vp and not a spare wheel

    • orkar


  • Lanre

    Premium Times. Why are comments appearing under the wrong news item? I never commented on Jonathan’s speech. I made a comment on that thing called Babangida.


      Fela talk am . Dem de call am government magic !!

      • Kalakuta

        Dem dabaru everything…Soldier go, Soldier come. But we say no! No more soldiers or ex-Soldiers as Presidents or presidential candidates.

  • MK

    LMAO! Babangida!!! Smooth, sly fox… i love the man. See how he craftily dodges the awkward questions… you cannot box him into a corner.

  • If the $55billion had already been shared why then the Dr Iweala’z response to the alleged claims by OBJ. What is the difference between squandering, when crude oil prices were at the top most than during the OBJ and Yaradua eras and the sharing that the PDP’s Chairman of the Governors forum has admitted had been shared. Please tell me that it is not the same $55billion, OBJ was alluding to.
    If it took OBJ to save such amount and build the reserves to cushion the effect of future low crude oil prices that fell to $9 in 2006. What further shameful defence is Dr Okonjo giving today as this is a case of twelve and a dozen. WE BELIEVE THAT DIEZANI WILL SOON BE AROUND TO TELL US THAT THE MISSING $20BILLION WAS SHARED.WHAT A COUNTRY.

  • excel

    Gej accepted purely he has failed Nigerian, he doesn’t have anything to say, he has no record of any positive impact he can brag on so attacking everybody for is failure will not be a surprise. FASH have raised a point he should address. God bless you BRF. APC CHANGE

  • thusspokez

    “I give you example, in a year I was making less than seven billion dollars in oil revenue, In the same period there are governments that are making 200 to 300 billion dollars. With seven billion, I did the little I could achieve; with 200 billion there is still a lot to be achieved.”

    This man is an economics illiterate or deliberately disingenuous. $7 billion is not worth the same money in 2015 that it was in 1983. His regime was known for rampart inflations. When one factors inflation into the calculation, $200 billion would not look too big. A house that one could buy for less than $30,000 in 1985 now sells for $500,000+.

    BTW Is the interviewer a Nigerian journalist? I ask because the interviewer didn’t seem intimidated; responses are followed up and not skipped. This is a very clever interviewer.





    We have never seen his wife because she is probably in pudah !!

  • Okiemute

    Where are my comments?

  • Okiemute

    Pls stop the distractions….Where is the certiPicate?


  • Blessed Bright Uhunoma

    smart an intelligent interview

  • dfrandok

    How can a leader and technocrat like BRF blast a Jonathan and not BAT who has rendered him useless after 8 years of stewardship all in the name of God Fatherism. Sooner he realises his political future is blink the better for him.A leader that has no follower .His appointees are 80% chosen by BAT.Better wise up and stop being a good boy the follow follow.

    • Gbemileke

      He has no follower??? is that what you believe???…. He can speak boldly because of the acceptability he has earned to himself by Nigerians mostly among the younger generation….Infact, he is my God father…You are free to Choose Jonathan has your own God father….Meanwhile, the most important achievement of any leader is when a better successor succeed him. No matter how i may not totally like the person of BAT, i still prefer him to OBJ, atleast one was able to give us a better successor and the other a worst one.

  • Mekasyno

    Fashola is becoming too rascal & loud-mouthed for my liking. Infact, i feel like squeezing life out of him. D way dis gluttons in apc abuse & disparage jonathan is unparalled in d history of nigeria. Jonathan’s only sin is because he hails from d minority ijaw; dat’s why every tom, dick & harry insults him wit reckless abandon. All d hue & cry is to see power return to d north without minding whose ox is gored.

    • richard

      Oh boy! You sound very angry like Jona! Wetin now, allow Fashola he can say what he likes, he passed his exams as chief executive of Lagos State. GEJ dey vex cos he failed woefully – Security, Power, Economy, Corruption. If GEJ wins in 2015 then for starters we will endorse austerity, incresae electricity tariff, import duty on vehicles and workers won’t be paid for months. It’s not a case of North or South my brother. If GEJ did well, he would have had no problem winning cos he had a lot of sympathy from us Nigerians.

    • Tonnero

      Can you explain to us why the country voted massively for him in 2011? Or why SNG, led by Tunde Bakare, we’re all over insisting he must succeed Yar’Adua when the latter died? Or why OBJ selected him as VP. I guess we did not know that all this while, he is Ijaw.

  • Mohstone

    The usual ranting of a drunken fisherman

  • Abaleke

    So Fashola is ignorant of the fact that all these empty promises and big hope is what Buhari told us when he overthrow Shangai in 1983 and two year after peak milk that was being sold 25k suddenly gallop to 65k despite that they break into people’s warehouses making people to buying goods of hard earn sweat of individuals all in the name of fighting curruption yet it did not solve anything.Let Fashola not deceive us instead let him ask Buhari to answer the allegation that he did not buy one rifle for the armed forces because they came through the barrel of gun and were afraid equipping the army and it be used against him. How can the soldiers be equipped over night when successive governments in other countries use their defence budgets to arm their armies. Fashola knows the but he is merely being royal to his taskmaster why deceiving Nigerians. One thing is certain Nigerians took to the street in jubilation when Buhari was overthrown this time will not be different.

    • Gbemileke

      Even when Jesus Christ was crucified, their where Jubilation in some quarters. My brother i have said it that this election is about the work done so far. The reason why we have elections is to examine what the person their has being doing so far. If he has not done well the agreement is to get another and if that also did not do well we have the liberty to show him the way out. You are telling us to condole Mediocrity just because Jonathan should continue? The answer is a categorical No. Please say something else.

      • Abaleke

        So Buhari is your Jesus sorry for you, you are really under serious captivity. If Buhari is the one you feel can take you away from the good work this Jonathan is doing I can only ask you to check Buhari s record to see if asually he achieve anything for 2 years he was there forget about thosr who are fronting him.Show one single road constructed by him instead the prices of commodities keep skyrocketing at his watch. Please you can only tell children not me at list by 1983 I already understand issues.

        • Gbemileke

          You have a liberty to your choice as well. Good luck to you. But as for me and my family, the mediocrity you call good governance is far from my measurement of what good governance is all about. I have checked Buhari antecedent, ain’t saying he’s a perfect being. But there is a popular saying that even in hell some places are hotter than others. What buhari achieve in all of is short comings in two serious years can’t be compare to Jonathan 6 years period! and that is what this election is about. What is Jonathan moral justification to ask for more. Him whom little has been given….unfortunately i even forgot it was much cos he has spent 6 years compare to the four years he is asking for. What does he want to do in four years that he could not do in 6 years???

        • Mcsteve

          May God run your life the way Jonathan is running the country with no power supply, bad roads, infrastructure etc and i expect you to say a big amen to that. Come on!!!

  • Hambolu Segun

    Why blocking!

    • George

      Fashola the house boy governor is looking for work after his expiration because tinubu will put him out of APC party.

      • Etomi

        So very correct…
        Bagger cannot even practice Law again….
        And he knows he is politically done for after May 29 with GEJ’S RETURN TO ASO ROCK…
        These APC guys are desperate!!!!!!
        Beware of desperadoes..
        I tell you that APC is the problem of Nigeria…Boko Haram and all!!!!
        And they shall be disgraced!!!!!!

  • JB

    GEJ…. What have u done for me lately… No, what have u ever done? Still waiting for an answer….

    • Tunsj

      Do not expect him to answer your question because he is busy going around the country telling lies.

    • Abaleke

      You will never be answered since you are blinded by your task master that you Don, t see air port, railways,roads , agriculture and so on.

  • Alcindo Satori

    I/we still haven’t heard from Buhari regarding the situation in France. I wonder why… Or maybe we know why. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uwem

    Only in Jonathan’s Nigeria will an errand boy to Thiefinubu repeatedly abuse the nation’s president and go about a free man. Just great to live under a president that lives up to the tenets of democracy.

    • Uche

      Your English is an indication of how much GEJ wrecked Nigerain education

      • Ezigbo Nwa

        Have you got issues with comprehension? What part of what Uwem wrote above, which is clearly not your “Nigerian English,” is confusing you?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Fashola, you and your APC are worst riggers than PDP. What happened to Obanikoro’s son’s mandate you purloined from him votes-wise and judicially? Those who shout that you have done anything in Lagos are being dishonest. I live in Lagos and I can say without fear of contradiction, that the roads in Lagos are in worse shape than you met them. The few of those roads you patched are like ridges (My friend describes them as corrugated roads). Nigeria’s media establishment is guilty of promoting you for doing nothing. All you did was to compromise the media. So, shut up. You and your certificate forger of a godfather, Bola Tinubu, are criminals who will eventually end up in jail.

    • T .irk

      In Yoruba it is said that he that does not have something related to one can not appreciates its value.Mr ora its seems you lack manners,anyway objectivity in discussion of this nature is quite essential,how dare you say shut up to a man of excellence.if you beat his records and achievements then go contest.empty barrelllllll…….

    • Dozie

      Lagos concession mafia.

    • GMB2015

      I would have been surprised if you comment differently,always attacking and off point.Did you listen to the speech?Can you dispute the issues the governor raised?Let us be reasonable and face facts.

  • sharp shape

    The overrated and over-hyped tinubu’s houseboy should just shut up ! Please can you account for the massive revenue that had accrued to your government in the past 8 years ?

  • ceweeco projects

    Your must be either deaf, deceiver, thief or you are a twerp Fashola. With the huge resources accrued to the state since 1999 till date what have you and Tinubu done apart from planting flowers? We know of Government that will have done, Metro lines, Independent power projects, etc, instead all the money went into you and Tinubu’s firms.

    • Faraday

      I can see u would have preferred stomach infrastructure to BRT lanes and flowers. Olodo.

  • fld8778

    Good riddance to PDP. Vote for APC

  • GMB2015

    You couldn’t have said I better my Governor

    • Ologun David

      GMB2015, Jonathan will win, forget the noise making. who is Fashola? A gov who couldnt win a single house of assmbly ticket. chaiiiii
      una dey deceive Buhari.


    After six years of #GEJ led administration what we can get is he talking about former head of states and expose them..CHANGE is coming….

  • Well Spring

    If Jonathan was able to revive our trains, transform all our airports, transform our schools not excluding the 150 Almajeris schools built, transform our roads, revived our economy to become the biggest in africa, built more houses, transformed our agric sector, have set the pace for industrial revolution that companies like NISSAN and others have returned to Nigeria, he has privatized the power sector that no govt in the past could do and many more things he has done for Nigeria in spite of the dangerous attacks and distractions from boko haram and APC, I believe Jonathan must be appreciated and re-elected to complete the good work has started.

    • afowowe C.O

      so that fuel price could be jacked up as Power tariffs is jacked despite poor supply of the same.

    • Faraday

      Believe me, listen to Jonathan in his campaigns and u will hear a lot of bad-belle in him – the type that women do to women. Listen very well, and u will know beforehand that, if GEJ is re-elected, he is not going to perform even as much as the infinitesimal little that he had tried to do for 6yrs. In his speeches, u can feel the annoyance, mockery, I-don’t-care spirit and worst of it, he doesn’t look sound at all like someone who had been to university.
      I’m sorry to sound this way. I have had enough of his disappointments. I am proudly Niger Deltan, but now, it all points against GEJ. —waiting for FeBuhari 2015

      • Mique3

        It is amazing that you talk that way. This is the first time that GEJ is responding angrily to his critics of 6 years standing. Once upon a time he refused to talk and everyone says he is dumb. Now he has responded with truth and proof and we say he is not sound.

        Oratory is not the same as truthfulness. If you doubt, ask Edo People Who Have Survived Oshiomhole for 5 years and we will inform you.

    • Mcsteve

      You dumbass, have you boarded a train in the last six years?? Come to Lagos and see what a mess the rail transportation is, u talk of revival, have you been to South Africa to see their railway systems not to talk of Europe?? You surely are deluded. School transformation? when Asuu can go on strike and keep students at home, come on get real and stop spouting lies on here. You are talking of a revived economy when its the exact opposite, do you know the naira is at the lowest point it has ever been?? Check out the exchange rates to the dollar and pounds respectively. GEJ has done nothing for this country and doesn’t deserve to stay. Stop being deluded, we need a change.

  • Etomi

    Joblessness is starring this asshole boldly in the face!!!!!

  • Dr K

    APC men are used to abuse, propaganda, lies, dictatorship, no respect for leadership, and all sort. I only pity Buhari who has gone to pit his tent with them unfortunately. Check all of them out. From Tinubu to Lai Mohammed. Fayemi to Oshimole. Amaechi to Aregbesola. Dont expect good discuss from them. When APC wins election, they tell you it is free and fair. When other parties win, it is rigged. When I was in Ousn state, Akande was like that. Ekiti people complained that Fayemi was also like that. They love to flood the pages of newspaper with propaganda and lies . Fashola that I was also counting on has started. Agutan to ba ba Aja rin a je gbe. Oma se o

  • Olusegun Ishola

    This is a case of a misplaced comprehension of the current state of affairs. Most of the comments, opinions and views are either baseless or out of point. Why are we so clouded with sentiments, making instances with no authentic references, instead of being objective about our current affairs. This is not a time talk about Party, or Persons, we want results, we want change (Not in the context of the Slogan of APC though!). Are we not tired of same old story over and over? We are merely a laughing stock to the world, with all the Genuses we have, with all the intelligence that we possess but rather channeled into developing other nation other than ours, The world can not ignore Nigeria in global affairs. The system must start working as it should. I respect all the contributors am sure your intentions are good especially for our dear nation let’s not be silent, we are all stakeholder and the generations unborn will be pleased we never stop talking. I pray for a peaceful election, and may the best we need at this time emerge.

  • afowowe C.O

    The truth of the matter is Mr Pr*sident is empty, or what do your expect an empty candidate to present.
    The man that cannot deliver in the past 6years cant be trusted again. If i may ask, aside PDp followers, who else has has behefited, as yourself this sincere question?Only the rich and direct followers and the government had been turned to followers property.

  • Ologun David

    nigeria is really a funny place. how can Fashola who couldnt secure a simple house of reps ticket for any of his boys and aides lambast mr president. Tinubu over powered him any made him politically useless. he is a baby politician with pampers. he should be ignored.

  • Ascort Denim


    Show Your Certificate Or Quit Presidential Race. – Eminent & Human Right Lawyer, Mike Ozekhome (SAN) To Buhari.

    **In the affidavit, Buhari did not state the names of the certificates. How on earth did that show that he has a “school certificate or its equivalent”?
    **INEC should summon Buhari to fulfill the statutory requirement or quit the presidential race.

    Mike Ozekhome (SAN), a Nigerian eminent and Human Right lawyer and a supporter of Muhammadu Buhari has frown at the reason behind Buhari’s silence over the demand for his school certificate by Nigerians.

    Barrister Ozekhome queried, “did the APC Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari satisfy the statutory requirements to contest this year’s presidential election?
    I have looked at Buhari’s affidavit which he submitted to INEC in lieu of his certificate and is of the opinion that the General did not fulfill the constitutional academic requirement for president.
    Section 131 of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution provides that “A person shall be qualified for election to the office of the President if –
    (a) he is a citizen of Nigeria by birth;
    (b) he has attained the age of forty years;
    (c) he is a member of a political party and is sponsored by that political party; and
    (d) he has been educated up to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent.

    By this provision, a secondary school certificate or its equivalent is the minimum academic qualification for a presidential hopeful.
    However, what Buhari did is to swear to an affidavit that his academic credentials are with the Military Board.
    Buhari, in the affidavit, said: “I am the above-named person and deponent to this affidavit therein. All my academic qualifications documents as filled in my presidential form, President APC/001/2015, are currently with the Secretary, Military Board, as of the time of presenting this affidavit.”
    But Buhari did not state what those academic qualifications are. How on earth did that show that he has a “school certificate or its equivalent”?
    So Where is Buhari’s Secondary School Certificate?
    Nigerians should demand to see what Buhari entered as the “academic qualifications documents as filled in my presidential form”.
    A renowned Lagos lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome, said the following on Buhari’s certificate scandal:
    “The best thing would have been to provide original copies of his certificate, but if the original copies are not available, the next thing is to provide photocopies that are certified by the appropriate public department.
    What the army needs to do is to certify the copies with their official stamp and by the relevant officer, to the effect that the photocopy with them is the real document that was submitted. In order words, a certified true document is as good as an original document.
    I do not buy the idea that because a person went through the military, he, therefore, has the equivalent of a secondary school certificate.
    “The best way to prove an educational qualification is by showing the original certificate. I am a lawyer, but if anyone doubts my qualification, what I would do is to present certificates of my university and the Nigerian Law School, Lagos. If I do not have them, I can contact the University at Ife and the Nigerian Law School, to afford me the photocopies, which must be certified by the official stamp of those institutions.”
    I agree with the learned colleague.
    If Buhari submits a masters degree certificate or other evidence of educational qualifications equivalent to or higher than a school certificate, that will more than meets the requirements of the law. But he has to get copies of his certificate and submit them. That is the law.
    You cannot be running a presidential campaign on rule of law, discipline and anti- corruption and not follow simple electoral requirements for submitting your nomination forms.
    One commentator stated that the major issue here is one person being law abiding and the other being disdainful of the law. Buhari should avoid giving the impression that he is above the law, for that would easily remind Nigerians of his past disdainful attitude to Nigeria’s laws [coup plotting, Treason, Oputa Panel].

    Buharists trumpet his ability to whip everyone into shape. Who is going to obey his (civilian) order when they know he would not obey it himself? for a man who gave us “War Against Indiscipline”, his act of indiscipline and lack of respect for the rule of law, e.g, his refusal to appear before the Oputa Panel amongst other instances has continually made many Nigerians reluctant to endorse Buhari.

    When this issue about Buhari’s certificates broke out, my initial reaction is that Nigerians are going through a difficult period, and our nation should focus on issues that will enhance the quality of life for the citizenry. We should not therefore waste time on frivolities, but should concentrate on the candidates agenda for moving the nation forward. I had expected that his campaign team or his party will simply procure evidence of the General having a school certificate or its equivalent so we can proceed to debate more substantive issues about the future of our country.

    Unfortunately neither the General’s team nor his party have been able to do the simple and needful.
    When filing INEC forms a candidate is required to attach evidence of having met the educational requirement for contesting. Rather than attach this evidence Buhari swore to an affidavit that his certificates are with the secretary of the army. The army has said they keep copies of academic records of retired and serving soldiers and anyone who needs copies of his can apply and get them.

    So my question is: what stops Buhari from applying to the army, getting copies of his certificates if he’s are really among those kept by the army and attaching same to his nomination forms? Is there one law for Buhari and a different one for others?
    I don’t understand why a candidate running on law and order is making this routine matter a big issue.

    This raises some fundamental questions about Buhari and his capabilities/ temperament to be president of Nigeria today: Is it that the General does not have basic education, equivalent to school certificate or that he has it but feels he is above the INEC requirement of a candidate supplying copies of his certificates?
    Buhari’s followers say he is a graduate of the prestigious US Army War College. If he is, Buhari should tell what sort of qualifications he got from the college. I have seen pictures of a plaque from the school indicating he was an international fellow to the college, but Buhari’s arrogance prevents him from speaking up to clarify whether what he got from college is an equivalent of a school certificate or above it.

    Even Nigerian courts have ruled that years in a quranic school can be equivalent to a school certificate as required by the constitution.
    I was told of a case involving one member of House of Representatives from Oyo state; his opponent challenged his victory at a tribunal on the ground that he didn’t attend any secondary school. His defence was that he attended an Islamic training school for about 5 years and the election tribunal, subsequently followed by the court of appeal, ruled that his training was an equivalent of secondary school education and the case was dismissed.
    The Hon member did not swear to an affidavit that merely states that his previous employers had his certificate. What is expected is for a candidate to make concerted efforts to procure a copy of that certificate in fulfilment of the statutory obligation.

    General Buhari has a responsibility to procure copies of his certificates from the army for the purposes of this election. That affidavit has not fulfilled the constitutional requirement to run for president, it merely conveyed a message not solicited from INEC or by the constitution.

    The APC Chairman has told us that those asking for Buharis’ certificate are petty and not serious. What hypocrisy!
    Can you imagine if Jonathan was in this situation?
    For emphasis, let me reiterate that telling INEC that the army holds General Buhari’s certificates is not a fulfillment of the constitutional requirement for running for president. Procuring copies of those certificates from the army and forwarding them to INEC are what constitute fulfilling the constitution’s minimum education requirement for president. The responsibility is always placed upon the candidate, not on the army or on INEC to verify from the army.

    We are not asking that Buhari be disqualified for failing to show a school certificate. We are only asking Buhari to simply obey the rules.
    No one is against Buhari contesting this fourth time, but INEC should summon Buhari to fulfill the statutory requirement or quit the presidential race.

    • Bambam

      Tell IBB to release all Buhari’s certificates and documents he confiscated when he overthrew him in 1985 and put him under house arrest..then he would show it to you and Mike Ozekhome..dunce!!

  • MaziOkochi

    “Very insightful comments. Fashola’s revelation about Prof Osinbajo’s role in leading the crusade to unravel the fraud of the 2007 general election is especially instructive. Prof is indeed a patriotic democrat and a man of integrity. He is one of the champions of free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria. Kudos to him!”

  • MushinSpeaks

    Jonathan failed to attack and provide solutions to issues affecting the growth of the nation; he ignored the insecurity troubling our brethren in the North and didnt mention anything on job creation.

    This is not what and who we want; CHANGE is most desire!

  • Head office

    Nigeria Army recruitment form 2017/18 is out and on sales to apply contact the registrar on +2348131024113/+2348139226526