Amaechi asks President Jonathan to call his supporters to order

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi.

Following Tuesday’s attack on APC supporters by suspected Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, hoodlums while the victims were on their way to attend the Buhari Presidential Campaign flag-off in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Governor and Director-General of Buhari Presidential Campaign, Chibuike Amaechi, has made an urgent appeal to President Goodluck Jonathan to call on supporters and members of his party, the PDP not to unleash violence on APC supporters in Rivers State and across the country.

Mr. Amaechi spoke after leading APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari​,​ and others on a sympathy visit to the victims of the attack numbering about nine at the Kelsey Harrison Hospital in Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

The victims admitted at the Kelsey Harrison Hospital were already being treated for wounds sustained from the attack by the suspected PDP thugs.

Mr. Amaechi said the President, apart from calling his men to order should also condemn the attack on the APC members by PDP hoodlums.

He said: “Imagine that the President goes to campaign in Katsina or in Kano and his convoy is attacked, imagine that, we will condemn it. In the same manner, we expect the President and the Peoples’ Democratic Party should condemn this violence that has been visited on us by their members and we expect that they should be able to control their members”.

“The President can’t be promising us free, fair and violence-free elections, if he says violence-free election, and here we have already experienced violence, what is he expecting us to do?” he asked.

Mr. Amaechi also called on President Jonathan as Commander-In-Chief to provide needed security for all Nigerians irrespective of which party they belong.

“I have continued to say that if the state is not able to provide security for individuals, individuals begin to provide security for themselves and I pray that people don’t begin to provide security for themselves. I pray that all of us should come out and support the state to provide security and the state must be ready to provide that security”.

According to him, the PDP by these attacks on APC supporters has shown that it is not ready to ensure peaceful or violence-free polls.

“The fact that people are being attacked here and there is an indication that the PDP is not ready for a free, fair and violence-free elections”, he stated.

Meanwhile, Mr.Amaechi said the state would provide free medical service for the victims of the attack and would extend financial support to their families during the time they would be in hospital for medical care.

Also speaking, Rivers State APC gubernatorial candidate, Dakuku Peterside, expressed displeasure at the attack by PDP supporters.

He said the only way for Nigerians to trust Mr. Jonathan over his avowed desire for peaceful elections in the country is for the President to publicly condemn these attacks and ensure they don’t re-occur.

Mr. Peterside said: “This is an unfortunate trend. I don’t want to believe that violence will characterize the 2015 elections because that is not what any one of us desire.

“The President has said severally, whether he means it or not is a different matter, that his ambition is not worth the blood of anybody and we agree with him to that extent but again, it is one thing to share your philosophy, it is another thing to see your people go clearly against what you believe in and you are doing nothing about it.

“I am optimistic that the President and his team and members of his party, the PDP will come out strongly and condemn this act of violence visited on members of the APC in Rivers State”.

He said his party, the APC believes in peaceful polls and using peaceful means to realize political gains.

It was gathered that the APC supporters yesterday on their way to the Muhammadu Buhari Presidential campaign flag-off in Port Harcourt were attacked at Elele, and between Emohua and Sama Abalama in Kalabari Kingdom and between Kpoki and Kira in Ogoni land.


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  • goca vic

    This obj life is no longer vital for any form of sacrifice

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Tambuwal has made a very silly statement that might cost his new party a lot. He is now threatening to reveal mass corruption in government he had been part of. If he knew all these why did he not make efforts to checkmate them? Why is he attempting to reveal them now? All these go to show that there is nothing really different between the PDP and the APC. A cover-up House of Reps Speaker cannot change overnight to become a saint. And probably when Tambuwal goes ahead to reveal the mass corruption in government, the same government might have to open up on how much Tambuwal must have got to keep his mouth shut. I have said many times that I am not in support of any of these political parties because they are all thieves as long as Nigerians populate them. People who think the APC would step into government control to make abracadabra and transport everybody to Paradise must have another think coming. Again, PDP and APC are the same; very corrupt people cross from one party to the other.

    • Donald Azubuike

      My brother thanks for your insight!!

    • Rommel

      Who if not Nigerians will change Nigeria? at least 16yrs is enough for any political party with agenda to make transformations in any country but you will agree with me that the PDP is not such a party which means that an alternative is required.

    • Xman Raji

      What is ur point here? Either one of the party’s candidate will emerge, so the question I am asking u now is should we stay with GEJ or we shd opt for a change?

      I am not surprise seeing ur comment though, those supporting Jonathan, after admitting that he has failed, they’d quickly conclude that PDP and APC is the same, or GEJ has failed, but Buhari is not the best alternative. Ask them who they support, because they can not publicly or feel confident in GEJ, they’d say they are neutral, but they are not.

      So, please answer, what do we do, stay with incumbent or opt for a change from PDP to APC?

      • umolu

        These are not the only candidates. How about the woman from Kwowa? She has good ideas .The party.kwowa, has excellent manifestos. May be the party doesn’t have enough campaign funds to show case her candidacy.

  • IN_90seconds

    Naive critique of Nigeria’s social horrors.

  • TrueNja

    “Mr. Jonathan said his administration had revived rail transport system, improved road network…” This is not true Mr. President. What improved road network? The only road that link South West and North is beyond repair. Whenever you are in Oyo state, hope your sycophants or minister of works will drive you down to Oyo-Ogbomoso road. Six years in office with nothing to show but corruption and money laundering.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    As a soldier you have already signed to die for the country, so nothing new is said. That the NCP candidate is still referring to the misinformation of Obj, even after the explanation of the finance ministry about the true status of our foreign reserves, clearly shows that he has a predetermined mindset. The Great Fawehimi, may his soul rest in peace will NEVER think that way

  • Amenwolf

    Timipreye Sylva are you listening? Start packing your load for a swell time in Kirikiri.

  • Stomach infrastructure

    Dumbo and his wrecking crew are already peeing on their panties.

  • karl marx

    God bless you baba [OBA OF LAGOS] ”What will be will be, God knows the best”. The voice of wisdom!!! Let them that understand know what it means. Jonathan is already pissing in his panties because of the fear of uncertainty. You don’t need that GEJ, its not the end of the world. Others have come and gone, why is your case different? Why all the fears? GMB/ OSINBAJO; the best candidates to take over power from PDP, ”a failed party”!!!!!!

  • True Nigerian

    In a normal country devoid of ethnic thinking, Jonathan lose even in Otuoke where people started paying N200 for a litre of fuel after their son became a president. This was something that never happened under Yaradua or Obasanjo.

    Also, Obasanjo lost in Ogun state and many South-West states in 1999 and 2003, because the people saw him as a failure.

    Niger Deltans cannot pretend that Jonathan is a success for them. But then, Nigeria is conundrum! The mentality of the people is a joke, a laughable joke!

    • Yusuf

      true talk my broda

    • King Carlos

      it can happen my brother, people are opening their eyes now.

  • orkar

    Derail the Lagos Metroline project, designed to address the perennial problem of traffic jams and gridlock in Nigeria’s then capital city and financial centre out of lack of vision and foresight, as well as contempt for Southern economic growth and development. Refuse to guarantee a loan of $100 million that the Lagos State government needed for the project. Waste thereby close to $80 million of the money of Lagos taxpayers and investors already expended on the project.

    Fail to apologise to Lagosians for this faux pas, even though those currently bankrolling your presidential campaign are relying largely on the resources of Lagos State. Still expect Lagosians to vote for you on the assumption that they have forgotten, or do not know, what you did.

    Have the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Malam Nasir El’Rufai, give this verdict about your chances: “General Buhari has remained perpetually unelectable because his record as military head of state, and afterwards, is a warning that many Nigerians have wisely heeded. His insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well-known.”hari

  • Dave

    Which agriculture does Buhari want to revamp and how does he want to revamp it? How does he want to do things differently than what Dr. Akinwumi Adesina is doing? Dr. Adesina is the foremost African Agricultural Economist today and his contributions towards the development of the agricultural sector in several African countries (through the Rockefeller Foundation and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)) are well documented. You heard what the PDP Chair said to Jonathan, “Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop” .. he was referring to Jonathan’s penchant for hiring technocrats instead of political jobbers. Elect Buhari and all those hungry lions around him will loot the country dry. This President means well for the country and he is doing a great job. We meed to be moving forward and not backward!

    • Ha

      No problem. We need new set of looters, go and rest. Or is it only one set of robbers do you want us to retain? And please on February 14th give your vote to Akinwunmi, period.

      • Dave

        I knew it! You are all making noise because you figured the money isn’t coming to you or your parents. But infrastructural development in a country like Nigeria costs billions of dollars. So don’t ever think these guys are siphoning the monies. Many of these technocrats have spent decades building impeccable reputations and managed millions (if not billions) of dollars before serving as ministers. Jonathan, for the love of Nigeria, chose to work with these guys but I guess their IQs are way beyond what an average Nigerian could figure out. Why do you think the PDP Chairman was canvassing for political jobbers instead technocrats when he said “monkey dey work …”. Make no mistakes, you can not get a better person among these corrupt APC political jobbers than the people we currently have in agriculture, finance, industry and investments and other ministries.

  • Darlington Mudiaga Atumu

    No one from the ND is insulting or threatening GMB as he goes round the oil rich niger delta, people are welcoming and greeting him but when GEJ decides to visit the north then all hell will be let loose

    • Bbb

      Darling ton, APC supporters were short in River state during Buhari visit.

    • Gaskiya

      This is GEJ’s fault. He did not take care of the north despite the large number of votes they gave him in 2011.

  • Ha

    Jonathan has no shame. He should explain to us his relationship with Modu Sheriff.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This illiterate Buhari actually has a military mindset. He must think this is still the ’80s when military decrees were the order of the day. Thankfully, he won’t be available to contest in February because he will already be in jail serving time for perjury.

    • abeem

      The literate fake prince of the jungle, it is already a foregone conclusion that your useless party has met its waterloo; the end of its cursed reign is nigh. Your brainless titular head is jinxed and will be banished to otuoke to live among the reptiles and the amphibians come May 29th. As for you, you will be ostracized and banished to Ora village.

  • humm

    Yeah right long throat Oba. As if your endorsement of jonathan will translate to votes for him.He will loose my a landslide that your palace in Lagos will bow.

  • Garden-City Boy

    “Former President Olusegun Obasanjo said on Thursday he was not ready to sacrifice his life for any political party, but would prefer doing that for Nigeria”. Did Mr. Journalist believe the man? Not after he has rendered himself irrelevant to the dynamics of present day’s PDP. who would not want links with a prodigal serial, compulsive liar, better known for talking like the motor-park tout.
    About “dying for Nigeria”, Obasanjo has a bullet to the right lobe of his flabby bottom to show for it. Had he not been running from the Biafrans when he picked up that lead souvenir one would have believed him. Fleeing the heat of combat is not the way to die for Nigeria. If ObJ says “I will die for my Otta Farm”, or my monumental hotels and edifices in Abeokuta”….ehe-e-en, people will believe that. Not when he says: “I go die for the Nigerian no-man’s land”. Huge thank you to Alabi-Isama for letting us into the telling that closely-guarded bullet-in the tail secrete.