NOI Poll says President Jonathan’s approval at 55%

About five out of every 10 Nigerians surveyed in December approved of President Goodluck Jonathan’s job performance, a five point decline from the previous month, according to the latest governance poll released by NOIPolls.
The poll said the president’s rating fell from 60% to 55%.

The decline was highest in the North-East (23-points decline), followed by North-Central (14-points decline) and North-West (10-points decline).

The result is the 12th in the 2014 monthly series of governance polls conducted by NOIPolls to gauge the opinions and perceptions of Nigerians regarding the approval rating of the President, the performance of the President on key elements of his transformation agenda, and the state of power supply in the country.

The administration recorded its highest approval rating in September following its successful effort in curtail the spread of Ebola Virus.

However, the rating began a downward plunge in the succeeding months as the nation faced increasing security troubles, mainly in the north east, where extremist group, Boko Haram, continues a deadly campaign.

By December, according to the NOIPolls, three out of every 10 (27 per cent) of Nigerians disapproved of the President’s job performance, while two out of every 10 Nigerians (18 per cent) neither approved nor disapproved.
However, yearly trend analysis showed a 9 point increase (58 per cent) in Nigerians’ positive perception with regards to job performance of the president, in comparison to the 2013 average which stood at 49 per cent.

More details showed that power supply to Nigerian households worsened in December 2014 compared to November as there was a substantial 8-points decrease in the proportion of Nigerians who saw an improvement in power supply, although a comparison of power supply in 2013 and 2014 revealed a slight improvement in power supply in 2014.

Respondents to the poll were asked three specific questions. The first sought to assess the opinion of Nigerians on the performance of President Jonathan over the past one month. Respondents were asked: Do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of President Jonathan in the past one month?

An assessment of the President’s performance by geo-political zones indicated that the South-East zone accounted for the largest proportion (83 per cent) of respondents who approved of the President’s job performance.

The highest percentage of neutrality (28 per cent) came from the North-East zone while, the North-West zone accounted for the largest proportion of Nigerians who disapproved of the President’s performance. Furthermore analysis by age group revealed that the President’s approval increased with older respondents as his approval rating was highest amongst Nigerians aged 46 years and above.

Monthly trend analysis of the President’s approval rating revealed that the President’s approval rating declined by 5-points in December 2014 from November 2014; it is also the second time this rating has experienced a drop since the peak observed in September 2014.

Furthermore, the President generally received higher approval ratings in 2014 compared with similar months in 2013.
His highest approval rating for 2014 was recorded at 74% in September 2014 and his lowest at 49% in April 2014; comparatively, his highest in 2013 was recorded at 57% in August 2013 and the lowest at 40% in December 2013. A common trend in the approval rating of the President for both years (2013 and 2014) is a decline in the approval rating of the President towards the end of both years.


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  • Chris1408

    They must have polled the people working in Aso Rock, the real Nigerians are ready for election to kick out GEJ and his badluck

    • Joe

      If Jona wins, I challenge u to relocate to Benin republic.

      • Tunsj

        The key word is “If”. But you know quite well that your hero, Jonathan will not win this election because Nigerians are tired of him.

    • ikenna

      I don’t so and Please I’m not a real Nigerian. Don’t shout yet Feb is around the corner. Election is not won on pages of newspaper but grassroots. It is not going to be easy but we will know the results just few days away

  • Spoken word

    With what NOI has done to the Nigerian economy I can not take anything associated with her seriously.

    • ikenna

      Ha HA ha . Feb is around the corner, just few days away.

      • Spoken word

        It can’t come soon enough. So we can sweep these corrupt and incompetent people out of office.Febuari.

  • Funny Politicians

    Mr Ngozi Okonjo, your NOI polls is so fabricated. Was the poll participated by Nigerians or by Jonathan’s immediate family.
    In reality every region, tribes and groups are massively denouncing Jonathan’s re-election on a daily basis and you are telling me that your privately owned NOI poll is saying otherwise? Have you also changed your surname to Madam Badluck?

    • ikenna

      Feb is just few days away. We will know who is bad-luck or not. Don’t shout yet.

  • Rose Ankeny

    How hilarious, with the complete rejection of Jonathan by Imams pastors cardinals, itshekiri Yoruba Ikwere Ibibio ibo Hausa Fulani Igbo Mend Ohaneze Obas Emirs etc I wonder how only the acceptance of his boko haram family to translate to 55% approval rating… Lmao

    • ikenna

      Feb is around the corner. Election is not won on Premium newspapers. Don’t shout yet my bros. Feb is just few days away. We will know who rejected who.

      • Desmond

        only you dey comment for eash post, if them vote here na, you never lose?

  • Preco01

    Awon we ‘re! dem don crase, even Johnathan sef no say him sun don set, NOI= Ngozi Okonjo Iweala polls!! ha ha ha i sey laugh o!

    • ikenna

      Feb is around the corner don’t shout yet. We will now watz up

    • Ukpaka

      lol….good point bro! She’s running a poll for her master.

  • Wähala

    Dumbo would be extremely lucky to get a 1% approval rating anywhere in Nigeria today…
    Dr. NOI cannot be the student and teacher at the same time, Nigerians will grade this Govt. with next month’s election. No need for self-serving and deceitful polls. We want to hear what Dumbo has achieved in 6yrs in any region of Nigeria. Shikena!

    • ikenna

      Wahala stop shouting the election is just days away. We will know how far. Don’t shout yet Feb is around the corner.

      • Wähala

        It’s like the Super Eagles going to Brazil with the false hope of bringing home the Trophy… a pipe dream! Keep dreaming!! Hahaha chei !!!

        • ikenna

          Like i said Feb is around the corner and hopefully you will not change your name again.We will know who is dreaming or not.

        • Messi (Mai doya)

          SHAARAP dia and go sell some yams!
          That’s yur idea of ‘job creation’.

          • tundemash

            cl0wn …. the CHANGE train is now in Bayelsa …. keep ranting hre while the CHANGE train moves on.

            “MEND endorses Buhari, accuses President Jonathan of failing Nigeria”

      • Alhaji Osinbajo(Mai doya)

        PDP has inaugurated it’s committees! Mass mobilization will commence in earnest. Irony is, APC members are still meandering, asking for account numbers, scratch cards..and…and..SELLING YAMS!
        Nawa nawa doya?? (pricing yam!)

      • tundemash

        Mugu ….. the latest news is
        MEND endorses Buhari, accuses President Jonathan of failing Nigeria”
        You better wake up and smell the ogogoro !

  • karl marx

    You don’t need any polls or ”VOX POP” to determine whether Jonathan’s administration did well or whether Jonathan’s administration is still relevant and wanted by Nigerians. At least Feb. 14th is just around the corner and there will be justification[s] on the elections results. No need for NOI to play minds games on Nigerians, we know Jonathan CANNOT RULE NIGERIA AFTER MAY 29th 2015. Mark my words!!!! He doesn’t deserve another chance; he is a failure in the making!!!
    DON’T MISS OUT ON GMB, OSINBAJO; the perfect candidates for Nigeria comes Feb 14th 2015.

    • Tunsj

      There is no question that this poll was conducted among the people in Jonathan’s village.

      • kcee

        GEJ will never get 50% vote in Otuoke. Don’t be cajoled

  • kday

    Where did he get 55% from? That is absolutely bogus. Job performance? Where? I beg don’t make me vex o. Obama with all his effort and leadership skills cannot boast of 55% approval rating. That is a classic case of turning the truth on its head. Jona don’t worry Nigeria approve you 1000%….For the next 39 days. Lmao

  • NOI Polls, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Polls, keep dreaming. Lies when GEJ has lost the North West, East, Central, South West, over 50% of the South South and even the original Okoro Maduekwes, that is the Ndi Igbos have decided to fear FEAR, as regards 2015.The Igbos do not want to be marginalised, given the obvious victory signs for Buhari.
    Power of incumbency or no power of incumbency, GEJ should just capitulate as it is over.

  • taewo

    Mrs Okonjo-Iweala and her fraudulent polls again. There voter sample was probably taken from another planet.

  • Mamman Bako

    Yeah! 55% of his cabinet.

  • marc umeh

    That is part of the corruption nigerians are talking about.

  • SAM .A

    NOI Madam Ngozi Iweala , Nigerians do not need any poll, if u like give your man 99% , if u give a mad man a hoe , he is going to hoe it toward himself. You are part of this government , your leader cannot fail.
    What Nigerians need now is your November 7 promise. Where is the report of forensic investigation carried out on missing $ in NNPC by Price Water House Cooper. Your remaining integrity stand on your realizing it . Your failure to release it as of when due has put a big dent on your image in international scene

  • Yusuf

    Lie Lie poll. POll or not Dumbo is gone

  • The. Patriot

    I dey laugh oooo !

  • Ugo Daniel

    Nigeria has become better since the past 5 years under GEJ!

    Transportation: Trains are back and serving Nigerians after close to 30years they disappeared from Nigeria! For the first time, ALL airports in Nigeria underwent remodelling and capabilities enhanced. We realised CAT 1 category rating for the first time since independence under GEJ!

    Youths: Under GEJ, hundreds of thousands of enterprising youths are being empowered financially through YouWin and Agric loans and PTDF scholarships to top universities in the world
    Women: 35% quota for Women was created and maintained under GEJ. He is currently gunning for true gender equality in Nigeria

    Agriculture: Fertilisers get to the real farmers, more irrigation projects, increased mechanised farming and policies have made us almost good sufficient. We now meet out rice demands from locally produced rice. Last Xmas, for the first time in Nigeria, there was no increase of price for foodstuffs!

    Corruption: Structures through which corruption was carried out before is being dismantled; IPPS discovered and removed more than 70,000 ghost workers that had existed since time immemorial, fertiliser scam that had existed before GEJ was discovered and stopped, pension thieves were caught and prosecuted. Subsidy thieves are crying because that avenue is being plugged seriously. Transparency International has shown that corruption has been REDUCING in Nigeria under GEJ

    Education: Under GEJ, every state got a federal university. Almajiris are now included into educational system for the first time in history. Through ETF, state universities and Federal Colleges of Education are getting massive infrastructural makeover!

    Health: Through SURE-P and other schemes, many MDG health projects are being carried out nationwide. Child mortality is decreasing! Polio has been kicked out of Nigeria.

    Manufacturing: Car manufacturers have come back to Nigeria and never-been-in-Nigeria car makers are now manufacturing cars in Nigeria. For the first, we have a 100% indigenous car maker, our dear Innoson Motors! Hyundai, Peugeot, Nissan are now making many of their cars here, setting us on course to become car exporters soon! We went from importing cement to Exporting cement!

  • True Nigerian

    Common sense is not so common!

    Ngozi is officially named as a Director in the Jonathan/PDP Campaign organisation for the 2015 elections.
    Yet, somehow, she feels it is okay and credible for a Polling company owned by her to produce a poll that gives her candidate a high approval rating.

    And whilst Ngozi is quick to release the results of political polls which are not part of her job as Finance Minister, she maintains a taciturn silence and refuses to release the audit report produced by PWC on the amount of money stolen from Nigeria’s treasury at the NNPC.

    Tomorrow, people will ask me not to criticise her because I am Igbo like her. I am not so narrow-minded! Neither am I so self-defeating! The enemies of the Common man in this country come from the very tribe of the common man in this country!

    I can vouch for Ngozi that she is not stealing like some of her peers in Jonathan’s cabinet. But I am sorry to say that Ngozi’s finance Ministry is aiding, abetting and shielding horrendous thieves by either turning a blind eye on their acts or by constantly posturing that nothing ontoward is happening. And that is not the definition of innocence!

    Ngozi should learn one thing or two from Dr. Akinwumi Adesina who has been doing his job quietly and effectively as a professional without tainting himself or turning himself into the face of lies and propaganda.

  • Angry Niaja

    “Witches will always be hunted. If you do not want to be hunted, do not practice witchcraft of any form” wises word from this young man. Long and short of it,B those who stole the country blind must be held accountable for it and must be punished

  • Kitunde

    Well done! Your patriotism honesty and objectivity belies your young age. If these so called ‘stakeholders’ had defined Nigeria with honesty and Patriotism none of them will running helter skelter from ‘witch hunters’. To the stake-all of them.