How Buhari will tackle Boko Haram – Osinbajo

Buhari and Osinbajo

The Vice Presidential candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, Yemi Osinbajo, has outlined how his principal, Muhammdu Buhari, will fight the ongoing insurgency in some parts of northern Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari is the major challenger to president Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the February 14 election.

Mr. Buhari picked Mr. Osinbajo, a Professor of Law and former Attorney General of Lagos State, as his running mate after emerging candidate of APC.

In an exclusive interview with Channels TV on Sunday, Mr. Osinbajo said if the APC wins the election, Mr. Buhari will personally lead the fight against the insurgency.

“Fighting insurgency requires the Commander in Chief to lead from the front by providing leadership,” he said.

Thousands of Nigerians have been killed by the insurgents who have also taken over some local governments in three north-eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe in an insurgency seen by many as one of the inadequacies of Mr. Jonathan and his party, the PDP.

Mr. Osinbajo said unlike Mr. Jonathan and the PDP, Mr. Buhari and the APC will not politicize the security challenge.

“Instead of politicizing the issue, APC will galvanise all support and ensure that the threat to the territorial integrity of the country is put on check, and General Buhari will ensure that the entire nation is mobilized irrespective of party affiliation to solve the problem,” he said.

The don said the current administration is failing on the issue because instead of mobilizing all, it chose to blame the opposition.

“We will not be looking for the faults of the PDP or accuse them of sponsoring it as is presently the case, everyone knows that the opposition today is not responsible for the insurgency,” he said.

The Law Professor also said an APC government will equip the military well and provide all the necessary welfare needed to prosecute its operation.

“We have some of the best soldiers one can find anywhere,” he said; arguing that the Nigerian Military has the capability to “wipe out Boko Haram in days, all you need is to equip them well”.

Mr. Osinbajo added that APC would adequately fight poverty especially in the north-east as according to him, Boko Haram is using the prevalent high level of poverty as a steady pool to recruit members.


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  • Ayo Killany

    Jonathan Ebele can not solve boko haram. He already confessed he has them in his personal cabinet. Who killed Azzazi for disclosing that PDP is boko haram if not the clueless one from Otueke.

    Jerry Gana that repeatedly bailed first boko haram leader Mohammed Yusuf from prison also donated 5 billion to Jonathan’s reelection so tell me who is boko haram ?

    • Alcindo Satori

      Tell you who is boko haram? Buhari and Osibanjo are boko haram!

      • Adav Talib

        I sorry for u…

    • Adav Talib

      Thank u my broda…help me tell all this biased and sentimental people who have very little knowledge of our history and who dont care about our future…

  • Public Tribune


    The long and the short of it is that Muhammadu Buhari has no school certificate.
    Second, he doesn’t have a school testimonial to show he’d attended any school.
    Both facts mean that Buhari is not qualified to be a presidential candidate in 2015.

    More than that, both facts also mean Buhari perjured himself on sworn affidavit.
    By filing that affidavit, he asserted that he went to secondary school and asserted
    he was educated in secondary school up to West African school certificate level.
    Both assertions are false; and the legal effect of false assertions on oath is perjury.

    Dr. Tunji Abayomi is befuddled – for otherwise he’d reason properly that the burden of
    proving equivalency of school cert education can’t be supported by Buhari with nothing.
    The previous (false?) assertions by General Buhari in 2003, 2007 and 2011 are at issue.
    It is Buhari who has the burden of reconciling his previous assertions with his current one.
    If he did not attend secondary school, as it seems, a case of prosecutable forgery arises.

    • Public Tribune

      “I am the above-named person and deponent to this affidavit
      therein. All my academic qualifications documents as filled in my
      presidential form, President APC/001/2015, are currently with the
      Secretary, Military Board, as of the time of presenting this affidavit.
      The affidavit is made in good faith and for record purpose.

      ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

      [December 29, 2014]

    • egwu chris

      who told you,,have seen any army office without certificate?

      • Patrick Asabe

        @ Adav,

        Why can’t he simply tender a school certificate without any need for your own arguments?
        No matter how strong your argument is, it won’t substitute for Buhari’s missing educational training.

        • egwu chris

          How about SAMBO ?

    • Adav Talib

      Pls get ur fact righs…how can u say Buhari has no school certificate..that position has been revalidated by the military..lets stop this petty politics of sure u know nothin of what happens outside ur very small environment…school urself .

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Because at a point Boko Haram appointed him as their negotiator in chief.

    • Adav Talib

      They asked for someone with integrity who they can trust especially when they had fallen out with thier sponsors…in any case Buhari declined…because OBJ tried to negotiate with them does that mean he is a sponsor..?

  • Law Eagle

    Section 137 [1] (j) of the 1999 Constitution says:

    • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has

    presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

    • Victor Anene

      But why is Yemi Osinbajo so quiet? Is he ashamed or afraid?
      They say he is a Professor of Law. Does he not know this law?
      Is this perjury or not? He should come out and state his position.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        He knows the best answer for fools is…!

        I have gone silent!

      • tundemash

        But why are the usual suspects PDP/Metuh/Abati/Okupe so quiet on this issue? They know what you don’t know cl0wn !

    • PROF

      Buhari will call his boys to order

      • Efetobo

        Thank you very much for this…but we shall help them to soak their own blood on the streets.

  • true talk

    The continuity of Jonathan means disaster to Nigeria. We need
    change,” Mbaka had said.
    Expressing worry about the future of the children, the cleric
    noted that they are being admonished to go to school and yet the
    government schools are not functional.
    He warned that Nigeria was like an egg waiting to be broken in
    the hands of President Jonathan, but said such would not be
    allowed it to happen.
    Mbaka lamented that pastors have become vultures and hawks
    around Jonathan, eating the porridge of Jacob and selling their
    prophetic rights, adding that some are turning Naira into dollars
    and flying them out of the country in private jets.
    Drafted from the sermon of Rev. Father Mbaka… Guess he already embraced progressive Change

    • orkar

      Operation show your certificate——-is now on—-and not sworn affidavit——–s———-biko

    • orkar

      The Igbos are mercenaries; they are there for sale. If the devil were to come today to say, I am the devil about whom the Bible and the Quran have spoken, I am prepared to give money, the Igbo will take the money and vote for him. Quote me!

      This is the verdict of a Kano State delegate to the just concluded National Conference and convener of the Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Dr. Junaid Mohammed when he spoke in an interview with The Punch’

      • Otile

        Deri the soothsayer, for your sake and that of your drunken clan, Igbo may have to dessert Jonathan. The first thing Imam will do on assuming power is to close schools in Bayelsa state and build a large prison by the side of Nembe river where mosquitoes breed. Imam will unleash hisba dan sanda to fish out drunken men like Deri Orbuka and drag them to prison. If Orbuka refuses to be stripped with explosives sanda strong men will beat him up and fee him with faeces for six moons. This will be the only way to get him sober.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Insurgency should be tackled and not be treated with glove hands. PDP and Jonathan should stop their lies against the opposition as sponsor of Boko Haram; the world knows they are behind this and in the interest of this country should also bring an end to it.

    • orkar

      APC cloned boko haram via buhari—so let them tackle his credentials first—

  • favourtalk

    It has showed that it can tackle the menace in the security system of our dear with the help of buahri/osinbajo tickets, that is the hope we have to keep this country safe and better

  • orkar

    In this interview with AYOMIDE OWONIBI, Primate Elijah Ayodele, founder of Inri Spiritual Evangelical Church, speaks about the future of Nigeria, and what Nigerians should expect in 2015.

    Visions for Nigeria in the first quarter of the year
    Prayers are all what we need to keep the country intact, to bring peace to the country. As a matter of fact, a lot is still going to happen and Nigerians still need to be praying ahead. I am using this meduim to appeal to all Christians and Nigerians who believe in the tomorrow of this country to pray.

    If Nigerians can exercise patience, I see the economy booming. I see expatriates coming into this country because our economy would be one of the best in Africa come 2017. But the point is that we have to pray that God should keep Nigeria as one nation. The government has not really addressed the issue of one nation as expected. We need prayers for God’s divine intervention.

    On insecurity
    If this government tries to have any kind of amnesty with Boko Haram, it would cause problems for this country. The government should not take it lightly with Boko Haram; they should fight the war against them. I see other nations supporting Nigeria in the long run. Boko Haram would still make the FG spend a lot of money. On the issue of Boko Haram, the CIA has misled the Nigerian government about it. As said by the Lord, America should be blamed, as directed by the Lord. These people are not spirits. I don’t know whether the government is afraid to address things the way they are. They should address it from the roots.

    We said it earlier this year that Abuja must be very watchful because there is going to be an attack on Abuja. The government should work more on security so that Nigerians can be protected.

    Nigerians don’t understand when a man of God speaks. We should not blame many men of God who said things in the back that did not come to pass. Everything is in the hands of God. He is the one who has the final say about everything that happens. What I am saying in essence is that APC will not make the presidency in 2015, though it will be very tough.

    Specifically, are you seeing Jonathan as President in 2015?
    I am not talking about Jonathan here. I am talking about the party. I am saying again, PDP will make it in 2015. There is still going to be more negotiations. Honestly speaking, if the Vice-President does not sit up, his position would be used for negotiations. Most of the defected government if not all, two would come back to PDP. There would still be more defections. APC cannot fight PDP, as they don’t have the mandate. APC did not ask from God before they came together so they cannot stand.

    • OmoLasgidi

      Surprising how supposedly self professed “intelligent” people will spew this rubbish – quoting the dreams of one of these self-serving Gods of Man, Prophets of Doom and Corrupted Spiritualists. Probably saw things after shaking a few bottles of Ogogoro or Kain-kain or wraps of Marijuana! Put your drugs aside and find some shakeeze too – you will dream dreams and see visions too!

  • Ascort Denim

    Buhari, a former general of the Nigerian armed forces, (without verifiable certificate till date) is now the presidential aspirant under APC political party.Buhari when mobilized by Boko Haram to speak on their behalf when Jonathan demanded to know exactly what they want so the killings of our innocent children, women and men in the North can stop, vehemently refused. He did not only refused but refused to issue a statement to the general public or members of Boko Haram who were detonating bombs, killing and maiming innocent Nigerian (till date). His silence then and now meant consent and support to the carnage to make the sitting government more “ungovernable” and use that as a yardstick to climb into Aso Rock. Day by day, we are witnessing more killings and the fearful are being intimidated more by Buhari strategy.They have run to take cover under Buhari and see him as the messiah to “fight” Boko Haram. Haaahaaa….! Nigerian politics. Very sad that the innocent blood is spilled on the ground daily so that power can change from Jonathan to Buhari.Sad!!

    • Ukpaka

      Moto park story. what’s your point? We’re talking in realtime about a non-performing government who was elected to provide security and you’re talking about what Buhari said or not say. Johnathan has had 6 good years to perform and he’s still giving excuses and pointing fingers. A good leader will crush whoever stands in the way of providing security to the people if he has hard evidence against the individual. He now wants to do in another 4yrs what he was not able to do in the last 6yrs. Please! You need to come with a better story.
      Change train is in motion, no stopping us now. Vote Buhari/Osinbajo for a new Nigeria!

      • PureNigerian

        No mind am jare

  • emmanuel

    Osinbajo begin from his efforts so far on Boko Haram, since Shettima has always been his man.

    How many times has he held meeting with him or the Sambisa Boys? Who many strategy sessions has he called of the ACF, Traditional Rulers and Youths from the North?

    He could not have done that, because that would have erased the only campaign issue if Boko Haram ended before now.

    He knows when to ask the boys for cease fire.

    My question is, if Buhari looses as usual will Boko Haram not end or will still come to an end?

    • PureNigerian

      Under what capacity should he have a meeting with Shettima?
      People just come here to write garbage without resort to any thinking.
      Several meetings has been held with your savior GEJ to go after
      Boko Haram sponsors, has he acted on those advice?
      If GMB is their sponsor, what is GEJ waiting for.
      Next time put up your thinking hat or you just like your oga GEJ (mumu)

      • abdulrahman Tewol

        lol, why didnt you put your real name there and your picture if you’re bold enough, guys grow up, grow up o. I know Nigerians are very sentimental people, i’m not against Buhari. But come to think of it, must Buhari become the president to solve the boko issue? i’m just curious, cos these boys respect him… His words spurned the insurgency and here we are battling with what he caused years ago.
        Note; if a man cannot settle his home (the north), do you think he is capable to manage the whole country. Because we are desperate for change or because we are paid on a short term to support this politicians does not mean we shouldnt use our COmmON SENSE to put bits and pieces together. #whatawisenigerianyouthshoulddo

    • tundemash

      Give us the outcome of the several meetings between GEJ, Modu Sheriff and Boko Haram in Chad .

  • Ayo Killany

    Jonathan Ebele can not solve boko haram. He already confessed he has them in his personal cabinet. Who killed Azzazi for disclosing that PDP is boko haram if not the clueless one from Otueke.

    Jerry Gana that repeatedly bailed first boko haram leader Mohammed Yusuf from prison also donated 5 billion to Jonathan’s reelection so tell me who is boko haram ?

    • Ukpaka

      Thanks for telling them the facts. This current administration’s excuse is to blame opposition for every failure. If the opposition politicians are behind Boko Haram and the government has evidence to back this up, why has GEJ not gone after them? An average GEJ supporter has no common sense. They’re carried away by ethnic hatred and they consume everything given to them without asking questions.
      Former governor of Borno (Modu Sherriff) is well known in the security circle for his Boko Haram involvement. Why has GEJ not tried to investigate him? Because he thinks Modu Sherriff will help him win votes in Borno. Look at loud-mouth-Fani-Kayode..he was being prosecuted for looting the treasury, once he met GEJ privately and decided to jump to PDP, he was quickly acquitted of all charges. That’s how GEJ destroys all institutions of government by interference.
      Back to Boko Haram, GEJ openly tells different stories: It’s the opposition, I’m getting conflicting advise on Boko Haram, Boko Haram has infiltrated government, etc. This man is not fit for the position he is holding.
      When Azazzi had the courage to point the finger back at PDP, he was assassinated under Johnathan’s watch. At his burial, GEJ spoke how great Azazzi was but if he was that great, why was he removed from office? Has his successor stopped Boko Haram insurgency despite huge sums of money spent on security? The same way GEJ summoned his might to get rid of former Bayelsa governor, Sylva (his perceived enemy), that’s how we expect him to use the nation’s security personnel to wipe out Boko Haram. Instead, he believes the slaughter in Borno or other North East states are directed to his enemies (people that will not vote for him anyway). By his inactions, he is the biggest campaigner for Buhari. Gov. Akpabio has already confided in OBJ that his children are still too young for him to go to jail if Buhari is allowed to win the next election.
      I thank God the people are starting to get the message. I thank GOD Ohaneze was smart enough not to endorse Johnathan. The change train is in motion and there’s no stopping us! Vote Buhari/Osinbajo for a new Nigeria.

  • Otile

    Deri the soothsayer, for your sake and that of your drunken clan, Igbo may have to dessert Jonathan. The first thing Imam will do on assuming power is to close schools in Bayelsa state and build a large prison by the side of Nembe river where mosquitoes breed. Imam will unleash hisba dan sanda to fish out drunken men like Deri Orbuka and drag them to
    prison. If Orbuka refuses to be stripped with explosives sanda strong men will beat him up and fee him with faeces for six moons. This will be the only way to get him disciplined.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Which “Otile” are you?

  • emmanuel

    I strongly advice Osinbajo to visit Sambisa in company of Buhari to hold pre-election negotiation and prayer session with Boko Haram guys if they mean well for Nigeria

    • PureNigerian

      Has GEJ gone there?

    • tundemash

      So GEJ does not mean well for Nigeria since he has refused to go, going by your logic ??????

    • Brandon Tor

      Once elected they will visit The north east of Nigeria to address the issues. Unlike your Jona that has been adept at avoiding acting like a true C in C.

      • abdulrahman Tewol

        so why did Buhari turn down the negotiation process? Read your words back to yourself, consider them and weigh loop holes before commenting. It’s a simple thing – google is your friend!

  • excel

    gej/pdp lead government can not improve soldiers welfare, how can they give them better weapon, how will the soldier win war against boko haram?gej government has failed he don’t deserve to repeat like the pdpig. We can’t make the mistake we made in 2011 again, it’s time for CHANGE. APC CHANGE!!!!!

  • hummm

    I want to see a presidential and vee pee debates, period!! No hiding for anyone and let the chips fall where it may.

  • Evangelist

    Where is the Holy Spirit leading Pastor Yemi Osinbajo?

    In his public life in politics he’s been barnacled to perjurers; first as poodle for 15 years to Bola Tinubu
    – a plea bargained drugs running accused criminal on U.S court records, and now he’s sent on
    fool’s errand as side-kick to General Buhari who’s looking like another perjurer without school certificate.

    If indeed Yemi Osinbajo is a Christian Pastor led by the Holy Spirit he should not be associated
    with any of these things. For the Holy Bible says:

    “Let those who love the LORD hate evil…

    Nowhere does the Holy Bible ask Christian faithfuls to reconcile or compromise with evil for personal benefits
    that might be found in it by so doing. Lies-telling and false witnessing are scriptural evils. I simply do not see
    the signs of the Holy Spirit supposedly leading Pastor Yemi Osinbajo.

    • Marylene

      Dear Evangelist,

      I agree that Christian Pastors can take part in politics but with discernment led by the Holy Spirit.
      A Christian Pastor should never be associated as an abettor of false-witnessing and lies-telling.

      • OmoLasgidi

        Assuming you are led by the spirit also to clean friends who are saints, right? Hypocrites!

    • Brandon Tor

      Dear PDP evangelist when it comes to politics of liberation, where there is the necessity to fight for the downtrodden, to release long suffering Nigerians from the deceptive rule of PDP, the original Party Deceiving People, a pastor can arise to do so. Ask Martin Luther King who stood up to fight oppression of black people in the United States. Regarding your claim that Tinubu was indicted in the United States, this is the greatest lie from hell. Tinubu has been to the United States repeatedly last year and the year before. He has also been honored by his school, University of Chicago as a distinguished alumnus. The U.S. will not let a criminal in and out of the U.S. and also allowed him to be honored by a University in the country.
      You pro Jonathan slime can scream all you want on the Internet but the game is overs as we the people have decided to change the government.

    • OmoLasgidi

      We can only assume you love the LORD, and you have never done Evil. Hypocrites like you who think highly of their piety and condemn others are worse …. Judging others without a single shred of evidence or proof – so shall you be judged and hanged unjustly too!

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Beyond sentiments, we must come to terms with the scourge of the terrorism and insurgency. The phenomenon of Boko Haram was strange, sudden and unexpected warfare for which the armed forces were ill-prepared. Osinbajo should stop being deceptive and playing the ostrich with Boko Haram and issues of intolerance in northern Nigeria. When people were naming their Osama, Sheik Pakistan Sadam etc in the north Buhari never spoke against. When towns were being renamed as Kandahar, Checheniya etc what the response of Buhari?. The obvious collaboration with local political leaders, external material support and mercenaries that have bolsted the fighting capacity, confidence and audacity of the insurgents cannot be over looked. Terrorism is a global phenomenon as evidenced in their activities largely in the Islamic countries of Somalia, Afganistan, Mali, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc. It is on record that a close associate of Buhari condemned the killing of Osama bin Laden by the US military. According to him ” Osama was extra-judicially killed outside US soil-potentially two violations of international law. What happened to sovereignty entrenched in the United Nations charter and basic human rights? What happened to due process and the rule of law? And why would the world’s most powerful democracy fail to try bin Laden in a court of law?” See thisday 26 Aug 2011 back page. Who is Osinbajo trying to deceive?

    • OmoLasgidi

      And what did you do? Fools like you abound – you can speak eloquently when condemn others, but you have nothing to say about what you did, doing or will do! Why pick on Buhari – do you or your own father not have their own opinion, and if I may ask, where and when did you express yours? From your twisted logic, it sounds it is clear that you are only after Buhari – what proof do you have the man supported or supporting BH. Half educated imbeciles like you muddle the waters with their low intelligence and try to confuse others. From your name, you must have been one of the cowards (or corrupt ones) who ran from the theatre of war to a safe haven in Abuja to spew thrash. If you cannot shut your trap, then find the nearest Army enlistment centre and go fight for your paymasters against “Buhari’s” boys!