Jonathan’s re-election only solution to peace in 2015​ –Akpabio​

Godswill Akpabio

The Akwa Ibom State governor, Godswill Akpabio, on Friday said the only solution to Nigeria’s search for peace is the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term in office.

The governor, who spoke in Uyo at ​an​ interdenominational ​Church service, urged Nigerians to allow the continuity of President Jonathan’s administration in the country.

“As a PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) chieftain, I have found the solution to the peace we are seeking in Nigeria. That solution is the election of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for a second term in office,” the governor said.

“When you do that, you would show that you are not a religious bigot. When you do that, you would show that you are not an ethnic jingoist and that you believe in the unity of this country,” he added.

Some ​viewers​​ ​of the programme beamed live on the network service of the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, criticized the governor, saying his statement tended to be fanning religious and ethnic sentiments, contrary to President Jonathan’s advice to Nigerians in his New year message on Thursday.

The president, in his speech, had admonished Nigerians not to “promote sectionalism, disunity, intolerance, hate, falsehood or the malicious abuse of political opponents” in their campaigns during the forthcoming elections.

Mr. Akpabio, who said he did not share the sentiments that the February elections would divide the country along religious lines, said the exercise would rather unify the country and usher in brotherhood and brotherliness between Christians and Muslims

“Because God did not make a mistake in creating over 280 tribes and putting all of them together as one, the next election will be about love, not religion. It will help unite the plurality of Nigeria and not allow religion to tear us apart,” he said.

Since President Jonathan was elected by people from the North and South, he said his re-election would not divide the South and the North. He also said that since he was elected by both Muslims and Christians, his re-election would equally not allow religion to divide the country.

“I want to plead with all Nigerians to join hands together to allow the continuity of this administration. I want to urge the media to focus on those good things so that Nigerians will see the need to allow continuity of the current administration to complete the good works already started by the president,” he said

On the achievements of his administration, Mr. Akpabio said the pace of development of the state under his leadership has been so fast that not many people even noticed that most Akwa Ibom citizens were no longer doing menial jobs on the streets of Lagos.

Most of those citizens, the governor said, have since returned to Akwa Ibom schools on the basis of the free and compulsory education under the uncommon transformation programme of his administration in the education sector.

“No one can completely analyse the efforts of the administration to transform the state, because, just like they cannot understand the ways of God, it is extremely all encompassing,” the governor boasted.

Mr. Akpabio said his administration was born of God, in line with his campaign slogan in 2006 for God’s will to be done​.​

Criticizing the media for the poor perception of the achievements of the government, the governor said irrespective of the achievements recorded in various sectors of the economy the newspapers have continued to churn out falsehood daily and circulate on the internet.

According to him, when the entire media are owned by the opposition, even if an entire power sector was transformed or the railways made to work, nobody would know or see, because nobody would publish it.

He said even when roads are built, like the second Niger Bridge now being constructed, or power plants and dams were being built and power supply improving, nobody would either notice, because they are not being reported.


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  • don gordon

    Look at this idiot,an insane person.Tell us has your destructive mafia group done to this country for its progress apart from daily looting of our treasury,now using religious sentiments to further add salt to the injury you goats have inflicted on us.

    • Omoisobo

      If Akpabio has destroyed his state the way Jonathan destroys Nigeria, he would have been stoned to death by his people.

      • Emmanuel Mok

        Why are you people so intent on insults , threats and violence. Is there no room for mutual consideration, respect for one another and self control in you. What spirit drives you. Hmm

        • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

          It’s very important,to be able to listen to the opposition views,its very tactical it affords one, the of knowledge of the opposition think-thanks,their lies,distortion of facts and figures,spin-control and other sly management of very important National issues.


  • Usman

    Akpabio is number one bigot

  • newvoice404

    This man is on drugs. God save Nigeria from men like this!


    How can a man talk like this if he is normal? GED said he will “deal” with people who make inciting statement. Akpabio has dared him. Lets see what he will do. This man (Akpabio) is clearly driven by some unseen forces that has made him feel like Nebuchadnezzer. Lets see where and how he will end up. I will encourage him to repent and avert the wrath of God.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Best Gov

    • Desmond

      Best Gov? just less than 5 Million people with huge resource, give that money a technocrat for 8 year and visit that place, only the capital you can see development, they have 3 major tribes go and see for yourself

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        Have you been to Akwa-ibom
        bad belle

  • Hussein maishafi

    Akpabio is a disgrace to leadership

  • bib

    Like Asari Dokubo , his kinsman, who said GEJ has already won the reelection yet to be conducted and nothing happened to him. Are they not echoing GEJ ‘s voice?

  • A.A.

    Campaigning for Ijawjaweed indeed !

  • Yusuf

    If he fail you should burn your fathers house…thats if u have one

  • Ade#

    Continue your show of shame.
    Nigerians will decide.

  • Strong System

    People have come to understand that the next election will be about corruption not religion as you mislead the poor.

  • ICC Hague

    Where is Marilyn Ogar oya arrest this man for inciting statement, unless you operate on double standard.

  • John

    I will rather choose war and anarchy instead of Jonathan. Jonathan is a perpetual evil.

  • ezeimo

    Akpabio I am one of your fan but you diagraced.

  • D1

    Solution to peace? A new solution after 6 years? This is indeed laughable!

    This guys definitely have nothing to point to as achievement, projects still in the works, to bamboozle the populace!

    GEJ is now under a new MAKEOVER after completion of his term, SMDH.

    This is just an attempt by Akpabio to cover up his ill gotten wealth and corruption under his government, same for all this governors (ex.Gbenga Daniel) and sycophants ( ex. FFK), knowing GEJ is weak and clueless.

  • karl marx

    You are sitting there at Akwaibom thinking and asumming your lies can decide the future of this country for us? It is 6 useless years now this man [GEJ] HAVE THROWN NIGERIA into darkness that will take us 30 years before we right his wrongs! If the people of Akwa Ibom decides to make Jonathan the permanent governor of that state, Nigerians don’t have any thing to complain about. May be GEJ is a state material and can do better at state level,but at Federal level, He is zero!!!! He can only do more damages, as such we don’t want him and PDP.. GMB, OSINBAJO ALL THE WAY!!!!!! APC for change comes 2015, don’t miss this opportunity Nigerians! VOTE GMB,OSINBAJO…….

  • karl marx


  • GEJmustgo!

    So its true that Jonathan supporters have nothing to show for Jonathan’s achievement but they rather use religion, tribalism and sectionalism as their only selling point! What a shame.

  • SundaySimeonOgunyemiBlessed

    Nonsense, stupidity.

  • pheliciti

    ‘According to him, when the entire media are owned by the opposition, even if an entire power sector was transformed or the railways made to work, nobody would know or see, because nobody would publish it.
    He said even when roads are built, like the second Niger Bridge now being constructed, or power plants and dams were being built and power supply improving, nobody would either notice, because they are not being reported’

    Mr. Akpabio, quit lying. No reporter can report infrastructure that do not exist, except they are Potemkin villages. How come the same reporters reported the stadium you built? Don’t you think, as governor, you did better for your people than GEJ did for Bayelsa and for Nigeria as president? Don’t you think but for your sycophancy, you would have been a better representative of the South South compared to GEJ?