APC worried over Amaechi’s life

Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi.

The Rivers State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has expressed worry over the life of the governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi, days after the State Security Service, SSS, issued him a warning over his public utterances.

The SSS had on Tuesday warned Mr. Amaechi and other politicians against making inflammatory statements ahead of the February elections, saying such statements would no longer be tolerated.

The warning came after the governor’s remarks justifying the decision of some soldiers to protest their lack of equipment in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists.

The APC, in a statement by its chairman, Davies Ikanya, on Friday, said the SSS warning might be a prelude to the arrest and possible trial of Mr. Amaechi, who is the Director General of the Muhammadu Buhari Presidential Campaign Organisation.

Stating that the action of the organisation was “totally unacceptable,” the party said the governor’s fate, if detained, might not be different from that of the presumed winner of the 1993 presidential election, Moshood Abiola, who died in detention in 1998.

“We have every reason to be worried about the safety of our dear Governor in view of the lessons of history, especially with regard to the late Chief MKO Abiola, who was unjustifiably detained, only to die under mysterious circumstances while in government custody,” it said.

“We are, therefore, reluctant to dismiss reports in various media outlets suggestive of a threat to the life of Governor Amaechi in connection with his current assignment as Director General of General Muhammadu Buhari Presidential Campaign Organisation.”

The APC described the action of the SSS as “an attempt to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it.”

It argued that there was nothing inciting, unguarded or treasonable in Mr. Amaechi’s statement, stating he was merely expressing his views on the factors militating against the success of the Federal Government’s war against Boko Haram insurgents in the North Eastern part of the country.

It explained that the governor merely blamed the challenges on corruption in the military hierarchy and not on inadequate funding as the public is made to believe.

“It is unfortunate that, rather than accept the challenge of fighting corruption, the Federal Government has chosen to ignore the message and go after the messenger,” the party said.

The APC warned that nothing should happen to Mr. Amaechi for patriotically exercising his freedom of speech as a citizen of Nigeria in line with the Constitution of the country.

The party added, “We understand why the sinking PDP-controlled Presidency is resorting to intimidation as it has read the handwriting on the wall in the countdown to the 2015 presidential polls.

“We, however, wish to make it clear that both Gov Amaechi and his supporters will not be cowed but remain resolute in leading the struggle to uproot PDP from the Aso Presidential Villa as the first step towards salvaging Nigeria from the doldrums occasioned by the inept 16-year maladministration of PDP.”

It said Nigerians were yearning for change and they it would give them that change by ensuring that the PDP-led government was peacefully voted out come 2015.

The APC said, “If any of our security agencies need to arrest anybody, they should start with associates of President Goodluck Jonathan, particularly Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, President Jonathan’s Campaign Director of Media and Dr. Doyin Okupe, the President’s Aide on Public Affairs, who has being making inciting and unguarded statements both against the vision of APC and our presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, whose well-known stand on corruption has sent cold shivers down the spine of the present corrupt leadership in Aso Rock.

“We wish to assure Gov. Amaechi that he has nothing to be afraid of, as God, who has in the past years protected him despite the evil machinations of the PDP and the Presidency, will surely see him through this time around and protect him from every danger as he leads the patriotic battle to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians from the vice grip of PDP through the instrumentality of the ballot box.”


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    Just like Amaechi, his APC associates in Rivers state are idiots and bereft of ideals on how to steer amaechi from his eminent disgrace due to his running mouth. Comparing amachi self induced travails to Abiola, an illustrous son of Africa who was incarcerated by Abacha, buhari’s employer at that time is most insulting. Please don’t remind us of buhari’s dark past association with haters of democracy

    • Wähala

      Just shut-up dia!
      Dumbo honored the same Abacha with national honor and released his stolen loot to his son & family…
      Whose dark side is that? Today, Gov. Fayose and Koro with other SW-Area Thugs declared that the elections will be a “do-or-die affair”…where’s ugly toad, Marilyn Ogar, to enforce her DSS last warning? Even the US has stated corruption in the NA as one of their reasons for not selling arms to Nigeria, what are you going to do about that… Arrest Obama? Edyiot!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Still suffering from awoof hangover, hence this your response, so that you can get more awoof. Ole Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Wähala

          Amnesty Program ends May 29th, 2015!
          Start saving your crumbs for rainy days are fast approaching.
          When has my response been with olive leaves? End of “our-turn-to-chop” is nearer than you can imagine. Start saving!

          • Tonto

            “Amnesty Program ends May 29th, 2015!” Yeah right!!!

            You’re such a sore loser and a whiny wimp that will never learn even with the little secret I shared with you the last time….Shhhhhhh! don’t tell anyone. The weeping ex-soldier with the brain of he-goat has already lost the election before it began. That is a given!!!!

            Start composing GMB’s requiem in readiness for the inevitable come Feb 2015 when his political coffin will be nailed shut never to rise again. More weeping for y’all!!!!

          • glo

            You are such a nasty being!

          • lummy

            Who wants a tyrant in GMB, definitely not me. These lunatics are so craving for power like it’s a EPL trophy. They want it at all cost, which they never will. No matter how much blood u spill just to have power, una no go get am. #releaseThegirls

          • Olamide

            Lummy is as clueless as Jonathan for using #releaseThegirls…GEJ once said Bokoharam are in his cabinet….Bokoharam kidnapped Chibok girls…..so who is Boko Haram?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Even ants save
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Olamide

          There is no cause for insult. i have sampled Pro-GEJ and noticed that most of you dont even have PVC. With free and fair elections, i shake my head for una. APC would so win……~#quoteme

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Are you not aware of PVC scarcity in APC fluke strongholds
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Olamide

      You shall live to witness the Change.

      • Benchek Tadj Mensoula

        Yes! Ondo and Ekiti are now PDP-controlled!! We can’t wait for the change wind to hit Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Lagos and Kwara states. One by one, your great great grand fathers and mothers shall rise in the named states to vote for GEJ!! That’s the CHANGE that will come February 2015.

        • Olamide

          Now PDP controlled states by fraud….ofcourse APC would claim those states back…You shall not die but live to see it

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Yes, the change of APC states to PDP. You are damn right
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Olu

          For your dream

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Yes, cos I am Joseph
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • philosopher king


          • BlackieUmukoro

            Vote him out if you can. As for arrest, you are looking for free accommodation and food, hence Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • 240240

    Amaechi comment is wrong .is he saying that because govt including hihim who have failed to deliver to people who voted should disobey government. He could have suggested how govt could equip military not by encouraging disobedience. Today all the governors own homes abroad, if their is crises they will run abroad. So all the political parties should thread carefully.

    • glo

      The said government is not short of ideas on how to equip the military; the leadership is devoid of any sense of intergrity.

  • Wähala

    Governor Shema said, “kill the cockroaches”.
    Governor Fayose said 2015 general elections will be a, “do-or-die affair”.
    Governor Amaechi said, “corruption and poor equipment of the Army” are why Nigeria can’t defeat the Boko Haram.
    IQ Test: ‘Crucify him, crucify him’…which of the above Governor/s deserves to be crucified for incitement? Sha, methinks the APC were smart to use Amaechi as the Camaign Director for their rescue mission project, arresting him (against his immunity from arrest) will not be seen in good lights by the international community with only weeks to go for the general elections. So, Davies Ikanya should continue gulping his ogogoro and stop worrying about Governor Rotimi Amaechi… Touch Amaechi, Touch Nigeria!

  • Olamide

    It is rather worrisome how we react to issues that concern a party and an individual. In Rotimi Amaechi’s case, i do not see anything wrong in his statements. If telling the truth is a problem then we are in real problems in this country. Doyin Okupe,Rueben Abati, Muazu and the likes have made several inciting statements against the APC and GMB & no one has ever criticized them for such….. Come February 2015. we would all witness the Change we have been craving for and all sort of victimization would stop.

    • Save Nigeria Father

      Mutiny among our soldiers just on their own volition and with many at a time leave less to be desired unless somebody is behind it who knows how to cover up military tactics.

      • glo

        Soldiers without the needed tools to fight?

    • Nic2929

      When that change happens, pls wake me up……

      • glo

        We won’t need the likes of you then. You can do the good people of Nigeria a favor and not wake up.

        • Nic2929

          You are just in denial!!!!!! What we need is generational change, not the same old crooks changing parties and asking for your support by criticizing their old parties. You have to open your eyes!

          • glo

            Generational change is ideal, but will not happen on its own. Why didn’t people like you contest? You talk the talk without walking the walk. Let this be a lesson to Nigerian. If you want something to happen, then make it happen. Jonathan and the past leadership’s failure puts those soldiers at risk, without the chance to defend them selves. If you advocate for those soldiers to be killed, what do you advocate as punishment for the past and present leadership?
            The soldiers cannot protect you and me if they are not equipped with the necessary tools!

          • Nic2929

            I do not understand the lesson you want Nigerians to learn from, you do not know me and cannot say what groups or organizations I am affiliated with. However, I cannot agree with u more about the plight of our soldiers, they deserve better than they are presently treated. All I can tell you is that there is something very unusual about our politics this time around, the likes that is unheard of in our dear country. Nigeria will be a very very tough place to live in this 2015.

          • D1

            What’s your point, Sir? You just alluded that you don’t see the change happening, yet you made this confusing statement. Why the dilly dally? Why would Nigeria be a tough place to live, in 2015? Please say, Sire!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thank you, D1.

            I was wondering why the flip flop too!

  • the truth

    No where in the world does someone openly call for mutiny in the military and get away with it. A situation where a leader comes out to say those men that refused to fight have the right to leave. What message are you trying to send to our gallant forces in the line of fire. Common na let’s think for once and stop using party affiliation to blind ourselves. Plain and simple that was an irresponsible comment from amaechi

    • glo

      People like you are the bane of Nigeria. Why should those military boys be killed, or even punished?

      • the truth

        If you do not see anything wrong for a politician who has never taken a cutlass to the bush to trap a rat,calling for the men in the military to abandon confronting militants you won’t see anything wrong in anything. Where have you seen a politician tell the military personnel to abandon the war post and those that did it did a great job. What if the rest of our military decide to take amaechi’s advice and leave their post. What do you think would happen to me and u. You are hiding under party affiliation and cant condemn outright irresponsibility. I am neither an apc or pdp man but please say the truth when u see it. What amaechi did is treasonable

        • Shehu Usman

          Oga, I was in the North when Mubi was taken. The soldiers have no fire power to confront BH. I have seen soldiers that grew beard and wore jallabiya to disguise as civilians. Please note that joining the armed forces is not a mission to go and die. As one of those soldiers told me, if his AK 47 issue was no match to BH’s anti Aircraft guns mounted at the back of HI Lux vans.

          “Those who fight and run away, live to fight another day”.

        • D1

          You are in support of GEJ/PDP, stop LYING! Your utterances and defense of Jonathan has been noted in this forum for sometime now. We know where your sentiments lie, please.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          @the truth, I truly feel it is time you drop this pretence of “I am neither an APC or PDP man”.

          No one will beat you for being openly PDP, you know?

  • Omo Ekiti

    It is like these APC pple are planning to kill Amaechi to gain sympathy

    • Tugbi

      u are evil

    • Bala

      Have we quickly forgotten how PDP incarcerated Raymond Dokpesi in 2011 and threatened him that he was the master mind of the October bombing? This was because he was the campaing director of IBB. Nothing is beyond this govt, nothing. Once it envisages a challenge it crushes it with no finesse. So Ameachi should be really afraid. This administration is worst than a military regime.

  • Jon Rhoma

    So this coward of Amaechi has no balls between his legs. Here he was making so much noise all along and now the heat is turning on him he is singing like a canary. Why can’t he just stand up and bite the bullet to see how it feels like. He should either put up or shut up.

    • glo

      Double-standardness is a grave sin!

  • the truth

    I hear people say jonathan is the commander in chief and should be able to call for the prosecution of those that are making treasonable comments against unity. Now this same individuals when faced with an irresponsible comment that is treasonable made by an individual run to party affiliations to cover his failings. The question i pose to this people is this, if every gallant military personnel heeds to amaechi’s call and abandons their post and regiments to go home, what becomes of me and you, our brothers and sisters? Now you see how for the sake of power politicians would sacrifice and let the country burn.

    • glo

      What arms will the soldiers protect you with?

  • Ascort Denim

    Change from being a parasite to self independent through resource control and true federalism! Change from depending on Niger delta oil money to harnessing the abundant natural resources in every nook and cranny in Nigeria to create the needed jobs opportunity to the graduates. Change from killing innocent children, women, men and the elderly in the North because of greed for oil money. Change! Change from biting the finger that feed your insatiable greed for free oil money and concentrate on the self sufficient agricultural projects that Good Luck Jonathan led government has put in place for the first time in the history of Nigeria with verifiable evidence especially in the Northern Nigeria.Change yourself and your mentality of ruling over other people forever as if it was your birthright. Change! !!! The world is watching as we secede into different countries if your refused to change!

    • glo

      Shut up, my friend! Your rhetoric is old.

      • lummy

        No i think you should shut it and open ur eyes to the reality that APC never will rule over us coz they are as corrupt & manipulating as d devil. The only they want is to be in control of money & power. Lunatics

        • glo

          Earnestly, you need to be medicated. Your paranoia is evident. So, by your own volution, you’re agreeing that PDP is in ‘control of the money and power’, and is clearly not doing anything with it that effect the masses positively.

    • D1

      Absolute nonsense!

  • Yusuf Gide

    SSS is bias, truly bias as if the leaders don’t know their work. What of the people promising to level the southeast and the entire north if we failed to vote in this dole president? Arresting Ameachi is like arresting Buhari, Osinbajo and APC as a party which will not be tollerated no matter what.

    • glo

      Well said. God bless you.

  • abc

    Keep kicking them my Governor, your immunity is intact. Why we never heard DSS warning Asari.

    • King Bills

      The article is about Rotimi Amechi making statements about the NA.. Please must we always talk with sentiments?.

      • Shehu Usman

        Gov. AMAECHI as citizen of Nigeria has a right to express his views. If the military has anything against that they should charge him to court.

    • 47Code

      Asari has made worse statement than this. What have they done to Asari? Have they invited him for questioning? Asari in Benin asked the South South Zone to stockpile arms against Northern innovation.

  • Otile

    APC, don’t worry over his life. Nothing is going to happen to him. We know you all are worried about the money he is giving away to your party. We have already kissed that money good bye, it is there for you. But that money is not going to save Imam Shekau. When the election is over the little that is is left, Imam will use to head to court to contest the results. He will be handed another defeat by the court.

    • lummy

      In the 1st place, was it GEJ who created boko haram? NO! I remember GMB ‘s statement in 2011 that d election was a “do or die affair”, now we see wat he meant by that (Killings). the northern leaders will not want their children to go school so they don’t come asking for their right.

  • Okporoko

    APC always alarmists to create false tension

    • lummy

      You they mind them?

  • Ette

    Corrupt DSS should be probed now because their stealing of security budgets has caused national failures in routing out boko haram. They cannot deceive Nigerians any more as we all believe the statement of Governor Ameachi that corruption is the cause of failures to execute the fight against boko haram. How can soldiers fight without weapons, salaries, logistics, decent treatment of their dead colleagues and families. This is what corruption in the management of security budgets has caused as beautifully put by Ameachi.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Keep your shirt on! Don’t get your dander up! Nobody is going to kill Amaechi. No need raising false alarm and thereby overheating the polity. Amaechi was warned and it is the duty of law enforcement to caution anybody who, knowingly or unknowingly, would want to flout the laws of the land. If it were an identifiable ordinary citizen who did what Amaechi did such a person would be cooling his feet behind bars by now. But Amaechi, being a sitting governor and still covered by immunity, was only extended a courtesy of a warning. I think Amaechi should take the cue and adjust his utterances. If Amaechi felt strongly about the soldiers’ plight, Amaechi would still have to understand that his statement, coming from a highly placed Nigerian that he is, would be viewed quite differently and with much magnification by the average citizen, including the soldiers. Amaechi is a member of the National Council of States. He should reserve such a comment, no matter how plausible he must have thought it to be, for a time he would have the opportunity to air his views at the National Council of States. Let’s play this politics without bitterness, for Heaven’s sake! Nigeria is greater than anybody, no matter how highly placed. The APC should not take unnecessary umbrage at this event; rather it should caution its members, including the subject of this protest, Governor Chibuike Amaechi.

    • TrueNja

      Rivers’ APC have reasons to fear. Here is what governor of Ekiti said at PDP recent meeting in Akure, Ondo State “In the speech of Mr. Ayo Fayose, he said propaganda would only waste time and that attack is the best from of defence. “I CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE MY CONTROL ON POLICE AND THE ARMY” and without Jonathan being the president we will lose the control. Further, he said the presidential election is a do or die affair.”

      • lummy

        I bet you have 4goten, but let me remind u. In the 2011 gen election, Buhari made d statement abt d election being “a do or die affair” & we are all witnessing what he meant by that (Killings). Lest I 4get, pls tell Amaechi not to worry as he’s very much safe cos he’s not worth batting an eyelid for by D pdp

  • lummy

    Buhari is just another Ghadafi in waiting. Tyrants

  • SAM .A

    All the People here on this forum criticizing Gov. Ameachi’ s precise diagnosis of why the Army 200 000 have failed to mop up 10,000 rag tag army , are the real enemy of Nigeria’s progress ,her stagnation , and decay. These group of unpatriotic Nigerians who are beneficiaries of present decay and insecurity has to be challenged . They should explain why 200,000 with Trillions of national budget , &Federal might /billions of security vote,can’t win 10,000 . The DSS that is screaming murder should explain ,who has crossed the redline between Ameachi’s comment on corruption , Shema’s incitement of killing cockroaches , i.e his opponents, and Fayose ‘s statement of do or die or we should continue to monopolies security to terrorize our enemy as they did on June 2014 in Ekiti election. The judgment is for Madam Olgar and his director . Fairness is the rule of the game here . History is replete of people who misuse the power given to them , they always end up been victim of their misuse , with their back racked through the wall of their torture chamber , few examples for you . Raffindadi of SSS ,Ghadafi of Libya, Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and Samuel Doe . As per unpatriotic few who will always defend irrationality , decay and corruption , posterity will judge them harshly , their children and generation unborn will taste out of their unpatriotic zeal.
    Leave partisan out of this and leave Ameachi alone for his is a constructive criticism.

  • Bbb

    Marry ogar is from Bayesa She must go