Wendell Simlin: American woman accuses Reno Omokri of identity theft

An American woman has accused President Goodluck Jonathan’s special assistant on New Media, Reno Omokri, of impersonation and identity theft.

Mr. Omokri had used the now infamous moniker, Wendell Simlin, in his attempt to link the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Lamido Sanusi, to the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Back in February 2014, Mr. Omokri wound up in a scandal after digital footprint of an article that tried to link the spike in Boko Haram attack to the suspension of Mr. Sanusi as CBN governor was traced to him.

Mr. Omokri allegedly used the pseudonym, Wendel Simlin, in the article circulated to bloggers and journalists but the document digital signature was identical to previous documents Mr. Omokri had sent to PREMIUM TIMES.

The Califonia- based woman, Deborah Campbell, told Sahara Reporters in a series of emails and telephone conversation that her son, based in Hercules, California, is the real Wendel Simlin.

She explained that she is married to Mr. Omokri’s brother-in-law and that the president’s aide exploited the relationship to perpetrate forgery.

“I am the true Wendell Simlin’s mother here in the States. Appalled to find out my son has been a victim of identity theft, judging from the articles I recently read in your newspaper. Reno met my son after I married his wife’s brother,” she said in an email.

“There are pictures on my facebook of Reno’s wife, kids and my ex-husband Godwin Melle. He is Reno’s wife’s brother.”

Mr. Omokri, who was based in the United States before coming to Nigeria to work for Mr. Jonathan, may be soon be facing criminal charges as Ms.Campbell has promised to involve U.S. authorities if her son’s name is not cleared.

Mr. Omokri could not be reached to comment for this story. Calls to his known telephone number did not connect, and he is yet to respond to a text message sent to him.


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  • tundemash

    Nothing new .. just another scandal involving Dumbo’s kitchen cabinet. It is a govt. of criminals, run by criminals for criminals.

    Under Dumbo, Nigeria is a crime scene (cr. @Dare)

  • endingNaija

    Reno Omokri e-rats please RUSSSSHHHH in. Now give us your SPIN on this. The e-rats are otile/oleku/Tawanda/Gideon Orkar/Bala Atama/deacon/the “truth”/emmanuel/es3/peter2000. Please answer these questions for us: (i) Is there a real Wendell Simlin? (ii) Did your employer Reno Omokri-the paid New media Adviser to your candidate-President King Goodluck Jonathan Nebu-ever use the name Wendell Simlin? (iii) Is there a Wendell Simlin who your employer Reno Omokri knows?

    (iv) Does your employer know Ms. Deborah Campbell? (v) How is Ms. Deborah Campbell to both Wendell Simlin and your employer “Pastor” Reno Omokri (vi) Is this your OILY employer Reno Omokri a real Pastor? Or he is just another “Pastor” like Ayo Oritsejafor and TB Joshua who also claim to be “Pastors? Now Reno Omokri’s e-rats RATTLE in and put your dubious spin on this. Over to you e-rattling rats!

    • emmanuel

      Everybody whose opinion is different from your satanic gang of APC apologist works for Reno.

      How much do you think his budget probably is, that some of us cannot make available conveniently on yearly basis without blinking?

      You guys leave in a false world, where everything Nigeria of today is denominated with Jonathan and that is shear stupidity, because most of us have been around for a while and cannot be swayed by the falsehood that emanate from the junkyard of desperate men.

      • endingNaija

        Will it not be more helpful if you answer the questions please?

        • Oleku

          Mumu answer what? What’s there to answer to a falsehood propagated by a frustrated poor woman in Yankee who thinks she can reap millions from such nonsense–is SR ati PT anti fraud agencies–let her report her case to FBI ati CIA if she has any

          • endingNaija

            Ole na When will you answer my questions? It will be helpful if you do!

    • Gideon Orkar

      So I now work for Reno. I thought you said I am Reno himself? Confusion is your portion this year!!!!

      • endingNaija

        Gidoen Orkar na Reno Omokri. Gideon wirks for Reno , Omokri works for Orkar Reno Omokri works for Gideon Orkar. Reno Omokri na Gideon Orkar-same difference because Orkar na Om ORKAR I !!! I just dey laaaf my lafff for my parlour shaaaa!

      • Joe

        That guy na phsyco!
        See the incoherent gibberish he wrote below!
        I dey laff o!

        • endingNaija

          Joe na Reno Omokri. Gideon Orkar na Joe. Reno Omokri writing and posting to himself via Joe and Gideon Omokri. President Jonathan’s online campaigners will make us laugh to no end. I just siddon 4 my parlour dey laaafu jeje!
          Caught pants down, you have no where to hide Mr. Reno Omokri. Nigerians will pursue you to every nooks and cranny and expose you for you represent a monumental fraud. You are a sinful online fraud.

  • Thepeople

    Another PDP member that must keep away from US

  • Shaibu Ocheme

    Dapo Olorunyomi, I hope you read this. You are no different from Reno Omokri. You are two sides of the same coin. Lining your pockets by collecting money from corrupt politicians to malign their opponents. Omokri works for a very corrupt PDP, while you Dapo Olorunyomi works for El Rufai, Babafemi Ojodu and other equally very corrupt thieves posing as pseudo-opposition politicians. Just to illustrate your hypocrisy and bias, so you want to tell the world that your investigative journalism has developed selective amnesia or deliberate blindness to the unfolding certificate saga of Buhari the Presidential candidate claiming that the secretary of a non existent ‘Military Board’ is in possession of his academic certificates so much so that this topical news item in an election year is not worth any coverage.

    Don’t worry, we pray that when the real change comes, yourself and Mr. Omokri might be sharing the same prison cell with your corrupt politician paymasters. Then you can spend quality time in the privacy of your prison cell comparing notes on strategies for reaping filthy lucre from your style of pseudo-journalism. Guerilla journalist my foot!

    • endingNaija

      Shaibu Ocheme, given that you know that Reno Omokri is a fraud as we all do, please go ahead and carry out your threat. This is because the way you became hysterical with name dropping gave a lot away as to your real motive. This is the way I read you. You, Shaibu Ocheme are saying that “Yes Reno Omokri the fraudulent paid new Media adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan is a confirmed fraud, but I am bitter at others who have nothing to do with this confirmed Fraud-called Reno Omokri-So? because I am bitter at those exposing Reno Wendell Omokri, I will just tar everybody in sight… I do not care….” It is a mode of reasoning and any well trained and well educated university graduate will know this mode of reasoning. But it is bad one. Read your own post carefully, you will see that that is the thought in it. And it is unfortunate that you cannot redeem and rescue Mr. Omokri because he is irredeemably bad, gone and dead morally, but that because of this, you must tar others just because you are bitter at them. The way to rescue yourself from this poor thinking is to show us the rational basis for your bitterness which until then remains mere bitterness because the fact that Mr. Reno Omokri is a fraud is confirmed and beyond any debate. However, I concede to you that bitterness is a human thing and part of human nature and life. But private bitterness remains private , it has no place in reasoned, civilised public discourse.

      • Shaibu Ocheme

        I did not issue any threats. Just point out the threat in my comment if you are honest. I repeat again that Dapo Olorunyomi is not different from Reno Omokri because they both work for corrupt politicians. Omokri works for PDP, while Dapo Olorunyomi works for El Rufai and Senator Babafemi Ojodu and other equally very corrupt thieves posing as pseudo-opposition politicians. Simple.

        • endingNaija

          Shaibu Ocheme, these are your words “Don’t worry, we pray that when the real change comes, yourself and Mr.
          Omokri might be sharing the same prison cell with your corrupt
          politician paymasters. Then you can spend quality time in the privacy of
          your prison cell comparing notes on strategies for reaping filthy lucre
          from your style of pseudo-journalism.” To tar without a rational basis is a form of bitterness. And bitterness is basically a private and personal emotional state. When you make your personal and private business public in this manner, you have an obligation. That obligation is that you must show us rational basis for this intense, interiorized personal loss and agony of yours! I understand personal loss, bitterness, and interiorized agony. We are humans. So we all as humans do suffer this state of agony sometime. But they remain private. When you make it public you have raised the bar beyond yourself, you must show the public a rational basis for all these-otherwise you need to keep your bitterness to yourself. And if you believe that Mr. Reno Wendell Omokri is not a fraud (which Nigerians know he is) until you tar those you are bitter about, then say so-though that is another mode of reasoning entirely- a mode which is human because we are mortal and will sometimes be bitter but a mode of reasoning which is devoid of common sense. You see what I mean Mr. Shaibu Ocheme?

          • Shaibu Ocheme

            Your post is unintelligible. You appear to be going around in circles. Come out straight. Are you trying to defend Dapo Olorunyomi? If you are trying to defend his actions come out straight. Stop trying to hide behind sophistry to defend the indefensible.

            I wish and pray again that all the corrupt, thieving, self serving and lying politicians deceiving Nigerian citizens, whether in PDP or APC, or indeed any other group of ‘politrickians’ masquerading as messiahs come to ruin, along with their propagandists like Omokri and Dapo Olorunyomi. This is not a threat. It is the wish and prayer of a Nigerian traumatised by the deceit of thieves and rogues masquerading as politicians in Nigeria. If you consider it as a threat, then perhaps you may contact Dapo Olorunyomi and his colleague Omokri to change the dictionary meaning of ‘threat’, as they are famous for their ability to change truth to untruth and vice versa.

          • endingNaija

            Shaibu Ocheme, you shot yourself in the leg. You are already unmasked. Your main angst is that you were shocked at this exposure. Keep your bitterness to yourself and dispute the facts in the story. If you cannot dispute the facts, please keep shut. You are uninteresting.

          • Shaibu Ocheme

            I thought we could have a discussion, but apparently we cannot because you are obviously one of those very abusive political partisans who are paid to make comments on Nigeria blogs.

            Sorry I am not involved in your binary of APC versus PDP. I detest both with a passion. Sorry to disturb your partisan bliss. May your messiah and your god whether it is Jonathan or Buhari or Tinubu bring you paradise on earth over night. I dont have time to waste on your type. Bye bye.

          • endingNaija

            Can you please answer these questions? If you cannot it is best to keep your animosity, grouse and bitterness to yourself by keeping shut. Personal bitterness can never be part of civilised discourse. So please keep shut if (i) you cannot answer my questions and (ii) if you cannot rise above bitterness.

          • Shaibu Ocheme

            You are the one who cannot answer simple questions. I ask you again. Are you a political partisan? Do you support the gangster journalism style of Dapo Olorunyomi?

            Anyway, I know your type. You are just like the types of @Abbeyboy on Nigerian online forums. Your brain is programmed to only understand the absurdity of the binary of APC versus PDP. So I will painfully come down to your level. Up Buhari! He is the only messiah. He will usher heaven on earth to Nigeria! ! Shekau offers 72 virgins, but Buhari offers you 365 virgins. One for every day of the year and much hotter than Shekau or Osama Bin Laden’s celestial chicks! !!. So endingNaija says you must vote for his god, Buhari. Up endingNaija!

            I hope you are satisfied now that I have been ‘converted’ into your absurdity. Thank you and bye bye.

      • emmanuel

        Is Olorunyomi not a fraud?

        Nor be Ocheme (he sound a frustrated being) go tell us we all know about Olorunyomi, he collects pay off to rework peoples character negatively to boost his pay masters chances for governance.

        He shares the same table with Sowore and the satan at dinner!

        • endingNaija

          Can you answer the questions please?

  • umunnem

    Reno Omokri…like father like son. Reno Omokri, Jr. Jean Omokri JCA, Sr. While Reno collects filthy lucre for the hatchet job he does, Jean collected both lucre and judicial elevation to Court of Appeal for his own Jankara judgments. May his soul find peace.

  • amazing2012

    Shameless system. Telling lies against people, I advices Sunusi to take him to court for character damage after his master has return to Otuake !


    …..And the American woman reported to Saharareporters who in turn reported to Premium times,this is nonsense !!

    • endingNaija

      “nonsense because…..” complete your train of thought and let us see where it leads logically. Let me help you repeat yourself “…..nonsense because…..” O ya conclude small boy!

    • Guguru


      Are you struggling to rationalize the criminal tendencies and characters that surround Jonathan? My good friend, why struggle with all of this? Simply denounce Jonathan and all the evil he stands for.

      • emmanuel

        You guys are rather evil circulating this same old lies that have been re-posted for over two years now by PT.

        You several post suggest to me that you are one of these yahoo boys. Get serious with life and get a good life.

        • Guguru


          Really? Do you need a hug?

          • emmanuel

            From a character whose identity represent a snack that has no nutritional value?

            Vile peoole sound like you. A fake

  • emmanuel

    This same story was published about this time in 2014. Why is PT not tired of this campaign of calumny.

    This are all attempts at maligning the President by the vile men who run the show at PT in coninvance with the APC pay masters.

    This confirms that you are doing a better job than their garrulous Liar Mohammed.

    Reno carry on with your job and just avoid their land mines and banan peals.

    • endingNaija

      emmanuel, I have the following questions for you (i) Does Ms. Deborah Campbell exist? (ii) Does Wendell Simlin exist? Do both California based Ms. Deborah Campbell and Mr. Wendell Simlin have any relationship with the Nigerian “Wendel Simlin” -Mr. Reno Omokri-New Media adviser to President Jonathan? I am sure you know and have answers to these questions. Please help. Your help will be appreciated.

      • emmanuel

        If I can recollect, you or someone else boasted then that he was carrying out an audit of Reno’s internet usage trail and would publish his finding and disgrace him.

        I remember very well when he said he would make his access to the internet a frustration. We nor here from am till today.

        I cannot exactly remember that character.

        Na im una don start again.

        Make una tell the campbell woman to run the issues herself make we hear.

        She is probably a typical american woman who prey on supposed relationships to make monies and felt that she could exploit this Nigerian president contact to reap funds that will keep her out of old peoples home when her children eventually abandon her.

        Something new jare!

        • endingNaija

          emmanuel, you share the same name the Holy One and your name means “God With Us”. Based on this affinity the minimum is for you to come clean, uphold and redeem the truth and be honest. This is the way you will truly be “emmanuel”. So? Can you do a simple thing? Please answer my questions and do not SPIN the issue. Just provide factual answers to my questions. This will help.

      • Aku

        To cut the story short, Omokri invented and created the allegations against former CBN governor.

    • Maria

      “campaign of calumny” lol! Reno is going to jail. The news is everywhere online, my friend. It is not only PT who has reported the 419 called Reno Omokri the new media adviser to Mr Jona.

    • Aku

      If truly you are serious then forward the old post. It will backfire any time they plant evil (you & Omokri)

  • Guguru

    Dear Reno Omokri,

    When will the lies and deception end? What sort of man are you turning out to be?

  • Alcindo Satori

    This is so laughable! Firstly, I will never believe a “former sister in-law, Deborah Campbell” for anything. The name (Deborah Campbell) in itself is so akata that you can tell she’s one of those hood rats looking for a way out of stark brokenness!! LOL. Nice try though.

    • Guguru


      You arrived at this conclusion how? Wow, your ability to decipher such information is without comparison. I bet you know who lives on the moon and on mars, right? LOL!

      • Alcindo Satori

        I live in Miami, Florida and the society is rife with such stories. I’ve heard worse! LOL!!

        • Guguru


          • felixoti

            Alcindo must be the hood rat, because it takes one to know one

          • Guguru


  • emmanuel

    Pt and SR I stated that this same story was planted about a year ago. What did you come up with since then tgat made this version new? Nothing.

    There was not a single line of your findings added to the same post. This rightly confirms that the story is fake.

    I recall one of your hand men boasted he will concluded his audit of Reno’s internet life. An investigative media house if reliable, should have increased the length of this story with new findings.

    Osi journalism!