2015 general elections looking ‘more like a mirage,’ Afenifere group warns

Sen. Babafemi Ojudu, Ayo Afolabi, ARG's Gen. Secretary, Olawale Oshun, National Chairman, Kunle Famoriyo, Publicity Secretary, and Gen Odunsi (rtd)

As the 2015 general elections approach, the Afenifere Renewal Group, ARG, a Yoruba socio-political body, has warned about the looming political instability likely to mar the process.

At a public presentation of their annual report, ‘Nigeria Democratic Governance Report: Curbing Political Instability and Extravagance,’ the ARG said that major indicators ahead of 2015 now put Nigeria on “red alert.”

“We are now faced with a depressing economic outlook because of dwindling revenues, corruption, and heavily flawed and extravagant budget,” said Olawale Oshun, ARG’s National Chairman.

“Worse still, divisive politics is now so pervasive that the concept of a free and fair election in 2015 is looking more like a mirage, especially with the way INEC’s rating has plummeted in recent times.

“How we navigate 2015 elections in the reality of this context will determine the country’s survival.

“Nigerians should be concerned because the 2015 General Elections will not replenish the country’s depleted tank of political stability if certain reforms are not pursued as urgently as possible.”

The ARG’s report, a review of the state of the nation between 2010 and 2014, showed that since 1999 when the country returned to democracy, political and economic stability have been on the decline.

Mr. Oshun said that the country’s presidential politics had been taken over by nepotism and ethnocentrism.

“For instance, it is difficult not to read meaning to the fact that under the current administration, all economic agencies like CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), DMO (Debt Management Office), AMCON ( Assets Management Company of Nigeria), NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange), SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund), and the Finance Ministry are headed by experts from the Igbo ethnic group,” Mr. Oshun said.

In its recommendations, the ARG reiterated its call for a return to the First Republic’s regional structure or adoption of the six geo-political zones as federating units.

“The uncontrollable wastage and rapacious corruption in Federal Government necessitates the reduction of Federal Government’s share in Revenue Allocation Formula to 35 percent, with maximum devolution of powers to the federating units,” the group stated.

“We must warn here, for the umpteenth time, that granting autonomy to local government administrations is counter-productive in a federal state. Remove LGA from revenue sharing and let each federating unit manage as many LGA as it could.

The ARG called for the abolishing of the Excess Crude Account and other “special” accounts as well as for budget implementation to be anchored on accountability and transparency.

“There is no public-compliant mechanism to monitor execution of contracts, which has become a ‘legal’ avenue for corruption because the NASS, in addition to proving inept in its oversight function, is also a willing collaborator.

“The pressure on Naira must be relieved as urgently as possible by reducing useless imports. Ensuring that refineries operate at a level that meets local needs is a critical project that must be pursued by an incoming administration.”

The group also called for a review of the current import and waiver policies in the country which it described as the single biggest threat to local SMEs.

“Once again, this report is the voice of reason, a cry from the wilderness. Will Nigeria listen and be saved? Political stability indicators are almost at zero levels and 2015 General Elections, especially the presidential election, is already laden with potential threats of violence that may be unprecedented in Nigeria’s history.

“Our advice is for the presidency, NASS, and all political parties to meet and agree to an exit strategy that embodies peace and upholds democracy.

“However, whether this advice is heeded or not, the ARG is conscious of the need to initiatives geared towards protecting the Yoruba people and their interest, as other nationality groups in the country are presently doing. Yoruba political and business leaders must now realise that they are more endangered than their counterparts in other nationalities, if the present trend continues.”

You can download the ARG report here.


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  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    I am in agreement with all said. There is the need for our leaders to look into what is happening in the country. For the first in history Nigeria is losing its leadership role in Africa and the world. The economy as said is not doing well, our people are being kill daily and we could not do anything, not even the leadership paying visit to areas that are being affected because of sentiments.

    • Alcindo Satori

      “For the first time in history Nigeria is losing its leadership role in Africa and the world. The economy as said is not doing well, our youths left without jobs…” I desperately hope you were looking yourself in the mirror while making this assertion. And by the way, judging by your moniker, I am forced to believe you would have loved a headline that read; “Nigeria sides with Palestine in the UN vote.” My friend, wake up to the new world! A world where you and your type can dictate Nigeria’s direction, NO LONGER! The immaterial has become… Immaterial.

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        New World Order is a sign of freemansion. And, I want to believe our leadership is not in alliance with it. Back to the economy, please tell me which sector of our economy is doing well. If any, the number of unemployment would have gone down and we could have not lost our children who went to seek employment.

        • Gideon Orkar

          The agricultural sector is the best we have seen it since the end of the civil war. Food import bill has been slashed

          • Otile

            I hate when people call a heinous genocidal war civil war. There was nothing civil about Chief Awolowo starving 3million children to death, criminal government excluding Igbo people in important posts, excluding Federal presence in Igboland, giving 5 states to Igbo and receiving 6+ states by other zones, preventing Igbo from determining their future, sucking Igbo oil and gas with ingratitude.

            Long live Biafra
            Death to oppressors.

        • Alcindo Satori

          To answer your question; Power sector, agriculture, etc… I could go on and on. Ask yourself, “how many of your youths are willing to go into agriculture, teaching, construction etc and work hard for a living?” When you reflect deeply on that, you’ll understand my point exactly.

          Now, reading your last response shows a very serious and dangerous flaw in your reasoning. Do you seriously understand democracy and the role of government in our everyday lives in a democratic setting? If you did, you’d be very afraid of yourself!

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            Good day sir. Sir I will be grateful to have some cassava from your farm. I also wish to appeal that you should please direct some of your questions to the parents of the children that lost their lives while trying to get employment with the Nigerian Immigration Service.

          • Ernesto

            Even if school is available are your people ready to go school. Awo spent less than 8yrs as finance minister and head UPN under 4 states. one could his impact after 30yrs as all admin and finance dept of companies are dominated by SW. GEJ spent only 6 yrs in the next 30yrs ijaws or rather SS going to dominate the middle level oil and gas sector as more than 5000 personnel are on subsea training all over the world.
            Your brothers were on power for 40yrs. Given oil blocks to girl friends, stacking money in foreign accounts without records. Sure is better you blame your leaders before pointing fingers toward those that didnt cause your present problem. Even if GMB come on board no much will change as we are all wiser now. Never again the impunity of Abacha over SS oil will be allowed else no single barrel flow from the oil field.
            In 2009 with miscreant nature of our boys could force oil reduction from 2.5m par day to 1m par day. What would you expect now with highly trained boys on undersea diving. Pilot first class from best pilot school. With big boys that can afford war ships. Pls take heed!

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            I am glad to say that it was the people you don’t want to see that pardoned and started training your boys. We didn’t want to go to school perhaps one of the reasons why I had to beg to write for me. Yes the ruled for 40yrs and developed and protect every portion of the country unlike what we are having today where about a quarter of a section of the country is wiped out under the watchful eyes of a president who cannot even visit to condole thousands that lost their love ones.

          • Ernesto

            Story. Story, People struggle to attend school in the south as they were not beg. Your people just prefer reading something else. Upon the quota systems and co they still refused to go to school. Your leaders did not help either as over the yrs they prefer illitrate populace.

            The only two head of states that have sign up for education after power (OBJ and Gowon) have a different religion learning. It high time you guys stop blaming others for your internal failures.

            We have more federal universities and polytechnics in the north than the south but majority of its student are southerners in the north.

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            I am in agreement with you. A lot of students in either the federal or state universities in the north are from the south but for the reason you gave. It is due to the north fair play. If you were a student of history you probably would have known that Surdauna trained Igbo Christian not because there wasn’t Northerners but because he felt as that as he was born and raised in the north he was entitled of being part of the region. Quest what. It was the same Igbo man that killed him. By the way, how many millions of Northerners with original first class degrees from various universities within and out side the country (not bought like we have PhD holders in your area who cannot even governance the people that gave them mandate) without jobs that you want me to give you for possible assistance to secure employment? You know these days you need to belong to be employed.

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      Nigerians and Nigeria are assuming positions in the world economics (Dangote etc), oil (Dieziani), UN security council membership… Are you delusional?

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        Dangote is just a front. And for Dieziani, let her account for the missing N20bn. UN security membership is of what use when we can’t even bring back our daughters and always being absent when it comes to voting.

        • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

          Keep dreaming while Naija and Nigerians move forward. See how you discount success like it’s nothing. Makes one think your guys are originally from Niger, Mali or something. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

        • Wähala

          “Dangote is a front” for who? A front for Ohanaeze Ndigbo or Aboki criminals in the military who hid their stolen wealth in his numerous “front” companies? You think we don’t know how he accumulated his so-called wealth? FYI, no Nigerian is on Forbes Richest List but, “Nigerians” are represented on the Forbes Richest List… big difference, pal. Those Dangote is fronting for are all thieves, aboki criminals!

    • Tolu

      Hope yinka odumakin was not there at the meeting

      • bobby

        You didn’t see the photo? Hes second from right. The worst his the same old mean sitting on same table with blood stained Omisore. What kind of word of advise is coming from them????

        • Wähala

          Hypocrites! Always speaking from both corners of their mouth…
          Call them for SNC and this same ewedu-lovers will sabotage with their Aboki cohorts…
          Imagine, blaming Ndigbo for the economic rot in the country. People like Odumakin, Omisore… Baztards.

    • Wähala

      Why won’t you be? When we call you gworo-lovers to a negotiating table for a SNC the like of Ango Abdullahi will throw tantrums. This is it Aboki, we either get it right or everybody swims home in the blood that will flow on Nigerian streets, hia me so? You can’t agree with everything because your ethnicities are most responsible for the rot called Nigeria today… more than any other ethnic groups. You fix what you fcuked-up or shut the heck up! FWI, just like you think Palestinians are living in occupied territories, Ndigbo are equally living in occupied territory… and charity they say, begins at home… not in Palestine!

      • Gideon Orkar

        Bros you sound angry this morning and you hate Dumbo who has given Ibo unprecedented opportunities no one else had ever done….

        • Wähala

          C’mon shut-up dia!
          What opportunities? I’m interested in the development of Idbo land and not the deep pockets of a few Igbos, you hear me so? Go to Onitsha and there’s no 2nd. Niger Bridge he promised Ndigbo ispite of Peter Obi’s servitude to the Aborigine; go to Aba and see the highest mountain of stinking waste inspite of Gen. Ihejirika and the Minister for Environment being from Abia; go to Enugu and the much taunted Akano Ibiam Int’l Airport has been reduced to a regional cargo hob; Owerri nko? The NDDC road project from Owerri-to-Port is the real mirage, not this Afenifere mirage. So tell me, what have Ndigbo gained to show for their support to their treacherous neighbors? Clowns who despite stealing my grandfather’s mansions still see Igbos as threats to their subsistence. Didn’t you read about reactions when someone floated the idea of a United SS/SE as one nation? Edwin Clark damn-near had a heart attack… others suffered strokes! Biko, it’s either All man to his enclave… or, One Nigeria! Afenifere can start the dismantling if they wish, Igbos have made our statement 45yrs ago… Animals!

          • Gideon Orkar

            hahaha you don vex o.

            to be honest I don’t believe in this unholy alliance called Nigeria. It is a nation built and deceit and injustice. You should be on this side of the divide instead of supporting a man who represents all the evil carried out against the Ibo. I wont even call his name. As for me I will forever oppose any Northern Muslim.

          • Wähala

            Ndigbo enemy Numero Uno is… Awo!
            Call any other name you like, na you sabi. Awo framed the policy of starvation that cost 3million Igbo lives… Shikena!

      • Otile

        Gbam my brother. You know, sometimes when you are in a good mood you speak the truth and people respect you for the truth. But when you want to torment my people you flog the truth to entertain your Odua co-workers.

        Well, I am always glad to hear the truth from you from time to time.

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    I thought old age was setting in on their eyes never thought it was total blindness.

    Elders should encourage and spread hope.

    • absam777

      Do you mean hope in an Ibo control and miss-managed economy and politics?

      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        You are still afraid of the Igbos till date? Wonders.

  • Wähala

    This ewedu group needs to shut-up and pocket their useless ideas just six weeks to the general elections. Why did they send representation to the NatCon instead of demanding for SNC which would have sealed the six-region federation? When OBJ was there, how many of the listed economic agencies were headed by non-Igbos? Until recently, Sanusi is no Igbo and the current Accountant General of the Federation is a Yoruba man under investigation for serious insurance graft. Femi Odetola and Aliko Dangote almost crashed our stock market with price manipulations of shares, it took an Igbo to get a grip. I don’t want to degenerate this into ethno-political discussion but, in all these agencies, how many Igbos have been accused of blind embezzlement of funds to a scale of $20bn in one heist, or any theft for that matter? But start from Bankole, Fani-Kayode, Iyabo Obasanjo… and the list is endless if you name the fraudsters behind the fuel-subsidy scams. Lazy, fraudulent pfools. What Nigeria needs and I reiterate for the umpteenth time is: A Softening of the Center, SNC! Power must return to the regions and it is this same ewedu-lovers who torpedoed the idea when Igbos went for broke with Biafra. Since then, even Aborigines have held sway at the helm, Ndigbo nko? Yet these dirty clowns want to shift their ineptitude of running a country in over 50yrs to Igbos… May Amadioha roast the tongue that speaks evil of Ndigbo, ise o! Let my people go biko… We’re no signatories to One Nigeria. Animals!