Jonathan appoints Jerry Gana, Peter Obi, Fani-Kayode, others, campaign directors

Femi Fani-Kayode

President Goodluck Jonathan will inaugurate his campaign team on Monday in Abuja, ahead of the February 14 election.

A release by the Special Adviser on Political Matters to the President, Rufai Alkali, a professor, on Thursday said the inauguration will take place at the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] presidential campaign office at Legacy House, in the Maitama District of Abuja by 2p.m.

According to the release, the Chairman of the Board of trustees of the PDP, Tony Anenih, has been appointed the national campaign adviser, while a former National Chairman of the PDP, Ahmadu Ali, will serve as the Director-General of the campaign organisation.

A former minister, Tunde Adeniran, will serve as deputy director general of the campaign’s head office, while the duo of Special Duties Minister, Kabiru Turaki and ex-Anambra governor, Peter Obi, will serve as Deputy Directors-General for north and south respectively.

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, is the Director of Media and Publicity, while former Information Minister, Jerry Gana, heads the campaign’s contact and mobilization unit.

Other members of the campaign team include a former Minister of Information, Aliyu Umar, who will head the directorate of administration and logistics, while ex-Minister and Senator, Nenadi usman, will head the finance directorate.

Former Senator Nimi Amange will head the directorate of Planning, Research and Statistics, the directorate of security and intelligence will be headed by Emmanuel Imohe, and Youth Mobilisation by PDP’s National Youth leader, Abdullahi Maibasira.

The release also shows that Nick Eze will head the directorate on Civil Society and Support groups, while Becky Igwe will head that of Women Mobilization.


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  • Tonnero

    PDP Party of Darkness. With every appointment, Jonathan confirms that winning and ruling are more important to him than leading. Anenih, Gana, Fani-Kayode etc. Tainted people all of them.

  • Rose Ankeny

    Please is this the same Jerry Gana that was always bailing out the first boko haram leader Mohammed Yusuf from prison each time he was arrested by JTF & some pathetic PDP goons expect us to believe Jonathan does not have a hand in boko haram ?

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Boko Haram – By their friends we shall know them.

    • Okey

      Recall, a prominent Emir beckoned on him with “Please, assist in his release, I vouch he did not commit what he is being accused.” There is no northerner that will receive that appeal from that high quarters and refuse to assist. Put that incident in its proper contest, if you are not miserably mischievous.

      • abc

        Let him come out and tell us the emir, cos no Emir is above the law if found with any link or support for BH. Of all the people both Christians and Muslims who are far ahead of Jerry Gana in every statu in the NE, it is only him from far away Niger state that knows how to bail terrorist.

      • craig

        Bloody liar. Jerry Gana is a known rogue known all over. He made Senator Smart Adeyemi, who was my Landlord then in Ilorin the NUJ president and they finished the money meant for AIDs awareness casmpaigne then as a minister of information under OBJ. Got contract to reconstruct Ilorin-Offa and Lokoja-Abuja road but never did anything till today. This is not rumours, its a fact and i have evidence to this.

        • concerned9ja

          Avail us of the evidence please. The time of guerilla accusation of. Wendell Slimlin is long gone.

      • Gaskiya

        So no Muslims in the north to assist except Jerry Gana? Please just keep quite we knew how devilish this Prof has been.

    • Johnson Omale

      Jerry Caner donated 5bn for Jo-Nothing election. He does not see why Jo-Nothing should not continue in office. Can you now see the effect of corruption.

    • Gaskiya

      Prof Jerry Gana’s nightmare has been the rate at which young Muslims especially in the Northern Nigeria continue to embrace Western education. His whole life has been dedicated to making sure that the Nigerian Muslims do not accept western education so that they will be backward forever. So when Boko Haram started their teachings and recruitment of innocent Muslims, he was elated, because they will propagate his life long ambition. This was why he continued bailing late Muhammad Yusuf and will support any person that will destroy the Nigerian educated Muslims.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Afenifere noted at the Oputa Panel that nothing else typifies the marginalisation of the Yoruba nay the south than the lopsidedness of the projects carried out by the PTF. Figures from PTF Situation Reports (Vol. 2 Dec. 98) show that the PTF carried on as if there was no Southern Nigeria, as well over 70% of projects were shamelessly taken to the north by Buhari.

    For the avoidance of doubt, let us attempt sector by sector analysis here. Of all the roads rehabilitated by the PTF, only 1984.5 kms of roads representing 24% were carried out in the entire South; from where the bulk of the PTF revenue came since the south consumes over 70% of refined petroleum products. Out of this paltry figure, South West got 10.5% while South east and south south combined, got only 13.5% of all the roads, despite being ravaged by erosion and swamps. What this means is that all the Southern States had 4,440.43 kms or 24 per cent of road rehabilitation as against 13,870.47 kms or 76 per cent in the Northern States.

    The North-West States of Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara had a lion share of 5020 kms or 27.42% because the Fund’s Chairman, puritan Buhari and the military dictator Sani Abacha were from there; The North-East States of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe picked 23.48 per cent. This is the zone where Salihijo Ahmed, the late Chief Executive of Afri-Project Consortium APC, the sole consultants that supervised all PTF projects came from.

    Afenifere submission showed further the Figures in other sectors were even more callous. For instance, under the National Health and Educational Rehabilitation Programme (NHERP), the entire south had zero allocation in the tertiary programme, while the North picked 100 per cent. In the vocational programme, the entire South had 3% while the North had 97%. In the primary area, the South recorded 12% as against 88% for the North and in the secondary area, it was 14% for the entire South and 86% for the North, again courtesy of the fair-minded general who the APC says will bring the change we need.

    The health sector is also similar. For the Teaching Hospitals, the South had 38% while the North had 62%. For the Specialist Hospitals, it was 29% for the South and 71 per cent for the North; in General/State Hospitals the south had 44% while the North had 56%. For health clinics, it was zero for the entire South against the North’s 100 per cent. Under the food supply summary, the South had 17% compared with 83% for the North, Buhari’s zone having 60.54 per cent to itself. Figures do not lie. Why should a fair-minded nationalist run the PTF in such lopsided manner? Is he seeking votes to return to power to wreck more underdevelopment to the southern Nigeria?

    On the massive fraud discovered when PTF was disbanded in 1999, the prudent, puritan general only defence was that he was not aware that such massive frauds went on his watch, but that in any event, he could not have benefited personally. ..

    In the end, the independent consultants concluded that of the N181 billion that accrued to PTF in the four and a half years of its existence between July 1994 and July 1999, as much as N25 billion was either stolen or improperly expended

      Even if #GMB looted the whole Nigerian purse during is regime as controversies are flying around; I will still vote for Betterluck than present Goodluck.

      • Gideon Orkar

        You see that is the beauty of democracy which is something you can’t get under sharia which by the way Buhari wants to impose all over Nigeria

    • Adesoji Sunday Adediji

      They say charity begins at home, when Baba iyabo was on the throne what does he do in Swest. Even sitting president what does he do in his own region for almost 6yrs with subsidy funds. just look at caliber people in his campaign team, based on their antecedence.
      they are already fail. That is why they make PVC very difficult to collect,

  • Mosaku 147

    FFK of all people as director of media and publicity. This Jona is a joker! What kind of publicity does one need from a drug addict/very corrupt moron. Why this man dey portray Yoruba people in bad light nowwww. First it was baron kashamu,now it is addict FFK as the face of Yoruba.

  • Abel James

    Buhari will win the election

  • Galare I. N

    Is this for real?? This is President Jonathan ‘s campaign squad?? I think PDP has finally decided to hand over power to APC……

  • iroanya

    Tainted and criminal gangs,

  • Yomi Soetan

    “If Goodluck Jonathan wants his fortunes and the fortunes of his party to change and if he wants peace to return to our shores he simply has to do twelve things. Firstly, he has to resign as President forthwith and undertake to stay out of Nigerian politics for the next ten years and confine himself to fishing in Otuoke. Secondly, if he cannot step down, he must give a public undertaking to the Nigerian people that he will not run for re-election in 2015 and tell them that if he changes his mind and decides to do so at the last minute they should stone him.

    Thirdly, he must go and prostrate flat on the floor with his face touching the ground before seven of the most respected and distinguished men in this country and tell them that he is very sorry for the mess he has created and he must refuse to get up until they swear by the Holy Bible or Holy Koran that they have truly forgiven him for destroying our country. Those men are President Olusegun Obasanjo, General Ibrahim Babangida, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, General TY Danjuma, General Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

    Fourthly, he must write an open letter of apology to the 36 Governors of the Federation, the Senate President, the Speaker of the House and the Chief Justice of the Federation for his manipulative ways and the gross incompetence and ineptitude that he has displayed whilst running the affairs of this country over the last three years”. ( Fani Kayode)

    • job

      You are simply high on cheap drugs

      • comrade

        I almost wrote thesame thing. That guy is definately high on alomo or something worse. We both cant be wrong.

        • endingNaija

          Reno/ Dayo/ the “truth”/ oleku/ comrade /otile/ job/ Tawanda/ Gideon Orkar, /fairgame,/ Valiant, Nwa Aba Biafran, /Proudly Niger Deltan/ Bala Atama /emmanuel/es3/deacon/ “Pastor” Wendell Simlin Omokri, how now? How una dey individually and severally? How is the new year treating you ? Any rise in your online paid job from Aso Rock? Just asking. Happy New Year as we ready for a renewed engagement on (i) ETHICS and (ii) COMPETENCE with respect to your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and the people’s candidate-Mr. Mohammed Buhari.

        • Arddey

          That was Fani-Kayode’s letter to GEJ sometimes back…dt man is a confusion.

        • tundemash

          well , u just made a f00l of yourself and u are both wrong ….

          that was the content of Fani Kayode’s letter to Dumbo Jan 19th 2014 ….. how about that ?

      • tundemash

        Olodo … that was the content of Fani Kayode’s letter to Dumbo Jan 19th 2014 ….. how about that ?

    • Dayo

      Absolute nonsense!

    • Etomi


  • Dr Williwilli

    So Premium Times can still afford to publish a story that has Fani Kayode’s name on it? Oh what a pity! I thought the Editors had vowed and sworn that never again would they ever publish stories involving repentant Fani…

    Once upon a time, Fani’s vicious letters which were always laden with venom from the pit of hell, were common sights on vantage positions on Premium Times’ website. But Fani received his deliverance from the Devil and became born again. It meant that content of his letters also had to reflect the rebirth…and he began to write truths…simple truths that we all know but wish no one spoke about…and Premium Times STOPPED publishing Fani’s letters…bcos such truths are alien to parochially jaundiced media houses to which it belongs.

    Peace loving Nigerians are happy with this appointments but I advise Jonathan to appoint somebody to represent the South. We’ve got West, North & East represented in those 3 men. In the spirit of Federal Character, someone from the rich South should be appointed even though that person really would have no job to do except to stop the viral Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt from infecting other disease free citizens of the South.

    • tundemash

      d@ft Dr., Fani Kayode is a weekly columnist with PremiumTimes till date. If you are going to spread untruths, atleast try to make a bit of sense with it.

      It is a govt. of criminals, run by criminsal, for criminals.

      Jerry Gana bailed out Yusuf, Boko Haram leader twice from police detention. You didn’t bother to ask where Jerry Gana got N5bn to donate to Dumbo’s campaign as long as you got your own TAN stove .. abi ?
      Fani Kayode ran the Aviation sector to the ground or what was the need for Stella Rogue Oduah cosmetic airport beautification ?

      • Kokori

        Show me a link to one of his recent sermons- ‘Questions Buhari must answer’ ……It was in Sunnews papers, Thisday, & Vanguard. But we never saw it in Punch, PremiumTimes & Sahara Reporters? and this later 3 musketeers are the die hard agents of Bohohari who hitherto published hook line and sinker, everything Fani wrote about President Jonathan. But not anymore.

        If you are not the daft, I challenge you to prove ur claim. Just a small threat of blood on the streets has turned your brains upside down much that a Prof has bcome second fiddle to he who could not pass 3 subjects in school certificate exam/

      • tolu


    • tundemash

      Port harcourt degree herbalist doc….. these were Fani Kayode’s words on January 20th 2014 .

    • umunnem

      There’s somebody already for the South or did you not read it in the story? The Country was divided into North and South. Peter Obi is the Southern head of the Campaign. What again do you want?

      • Kokori

        I know you are like Bokohari who did not pass his Geography in School Certificate exam and therefore would not submit his school certificate to INEC but an affidavit. Funny isn’t it? …an affidavit in 2015 for a Presidential candidate of Nigeria with all the brains and technocrats we have in this country. Shame!

        For your information, Peter Obi is East? There is nothing like North & South. Nigeria is South, East, North & West…These are the geographic coordinates. I know your fear, but there is nothing you can do about it – Nigerian Presidency MUST be rotated among the 4 geographical coordinates at the very least, or amongst the existing regions. This is an imminent reality and your opinion is irrelevant. Else, Nigeria becomes history.

  • Wähala

    Omo-gbana FFK as Campaign Spokesman? What then will Doyin Okupe, Reuben Abati and Olisa Metuh be doing with their pungent mouths? It’s not enough to employ a loud mouth to blow the vuvuzela for Dumbo’s losing team, his first assignment is to find drivers to move their campaign buses from Kaduna to Kano, then look for who to pay to attend their rallies up North where Jona is persona-no-grata as far as this elections are concerned. With Boko Haram bailer Prof. Jerry Gana tagged along Fani-igbo, Dumbo continues to make the work easier for the opposition. FFK will blunder away their chances in the few states they may win by senselessly attacking Buhari with lies, on Prof. Osinbajo, he will shoot blanks or risk the Egba taking away his base pipe and promptly call him to order. This is a losing team, indeed…
    My People… Una, Happy New Year, O’jare!

  • Abufata Gumi

    why are you people fretting over nothing. Jonathan’s achievements speaks for him. Jonathan is God Sent and it is only God and not men that can remove him from office. Ride on PDP,

    • tolu

      Stop calling God name . Jonathan is an egbesu cult. He drink human blood

      • Afo

        And also belongs to the council of witches and wizards which has adopted him for 2015 election. God and witches/wizards cannot be in same boat. God has since rejected GEJ as he has sold his spirit, soul and body to doing evils, and that is why his government is full of evils that has brought untold hardships to Nigerians who are now crying for deliverance from his evils.

    • Hk

      So it wasnt people that queue up in 2011 to vote him into power? There is ONLY one God and I am sure he didnt vote/rigged GEJ into office. Leave God out of this pls.

  • concerned9ja

    God bless this moron of a sitting president. As he is clueless to issues in the country, so he is towards his own issues. Look at the appointment, Gana, FFK, Peter Obi- this president is surely throwing in the towel. Gana is an over-bloated, over-hyped mobiliser, FFK is an electoral paperweight and a son of a traitor, Fani Kayode, while Peter Obi is an unknown quantity beyond Anambra. The gods have definitely deserted this Otuoke clown.

    • Unbiased

      Must you insult to send your point? Your grievances will hold more water if you can just be civil in addressing another man…. More importantly , your sitting President(At least till May 29 according to your projection)

      • Etomi

        Did my interlocutor engage you to hold forte for him?
        I only gave him a dose of his own medicine…
        He needed to be reminded that he’s the greater moron for insulting his nation’s patriarch…
        I expected him to insult me for insulting him!!!

        • Unbiased

          I have never heard or read from anywhere that Jonathan insulted the Person of Buhari. Remember that first #rule of life which says: Respect your elders if what to live long… #My 2 cents!!

    • Etomi

      He’s a moron, and yet went on to bag a PhD; rose to become deputy governor, governor, vice president and now president over Africa’s largest economy…
      A non-moron like you, what are you?
      Never-do-well orangutang!!!!!

  • kelechi

    Have a laugh! Fantastic campaign team. Peter Obi – the ethnic champion. The champion of Anambra nation who at every turn reminds the Igbo race how much they are hated by the yorubas and hausas. Does your remit include the south-west sir? Femi Fani – Kayode – unrepentant hater of Igbos whose paranoia about Igbos is comparable to non with a filty past. Has he apologised to Bianca? With Obi and Femi Fani Kayode, this campaign team is no better than the fuji house of commotion. Jerry Gana? AGIP! Any government in power. I thought we were asked to look up to a prosperous future and not reminiscence about a glorious past when the Maitasine sect was driven away from our shores! Why resuscitate MAMSER? Ahmadu Ali – The garrison commander. To mobilise the youths of the Ali mun go era? (Babatope, please stand up and be counted! )I completely agree that Jonathan has thrown in the towel. Change is definitely round the corner.


      I think Kelechi is being sentimental and ethnically biased here. The presidential election is not a one ethnic thing. It involves seasoned politicians from all parts of the country. For GEJ to achieve this, there must be national colouration and balance in the way he chooses and appoints campaign directors.

      However, I quite understand that these set of campaign directors have goofed in that past by committing different gaffes in way or the other. But taking a critical look at their pedigrees shows that they are all achievers and performers. GEJ needs all Nigerians to be able to deliver on his second term mandate and I think the list is just the best he could get.

      Finally, note this aphorism, nothing is permanent, even interest too is not permanent. I may be interested in GEJ today and if that which I desire is not forthcoming, I could switch interest. Hence, man is a political animal.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        So Fani-Kayode is now a performer since he belong to GEJ camp? I can not but just to laugh at your spew.


          Go check his records at the Aviation Ministry, you will discover that he brought about transformation in his time at the ministry. FFK is a man you can’t throw away. Every government in power will always reckon with him because of his rascality, skills or the dirty jobs he could do. People like FFK are everywhere in government: Relevant personalities. Politics is not just for the decent breeds. It’s for all for different purposes.

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            I’ll will not concur with your assertion on Fani-Kayode as regard governance. I as a person will not want to see a rascal holding sway in our contemporary politics but people that their nay is nay and yea is yea. Fan-Kayode is a double-mouthed person and should not hold any post in a sane country. The Bible states, a double-minded person is unstable in his way (James 1:,3,4 &5). His way is just like Reuben in the Bible. I pray he retrace his path as not to be rewarded with what befell Reuben.

          • Onike24

            Double mouthed? He is a drug addict.

  • Omoagunmate

    Basket mouth FKK, wan open hin mouth like basket.


    Which one I will head? Lol

  • Gaskiya

    In Nigeria, only four sets of people can vote for Jonathan and PDP in 2015:

    (1) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands.

    (2) those who are intellectually blind.

    (3) those who are blinded by ethnicity.

    (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses”

    Therefore think of the implication of voting Jonathan and PDP to you, your children and grandchildren.

    • Alcindo Satori

      I give you only one reason why anyone would vote/support buhari:
      (1) You are a terrorist!!

      • Gaskiya

        And you are brain-washed and lunatic. You and your paymasters are losers. I can imagine your anger.

    • Etomi

      Why I will never vote for Buhari, and why he will woefully lose yet again:
      1. Buhari is illiterate…He can’t even forward any certificate to INEC..
      2. He is a racist Fulani ethnic jingoist..
      3. Buhari is a bloodthirsty Islamist..
      4. Buhari is very corrupt, and hypocritical about it by orchestrating phony war against indiscipline…
      5. Buhari is a coup plotter and an anti-democratic element..
      6. Buhari intends imposing Sharia on Nigeria from North to South…
      7. Buhari is old, and should be in retirement…
      8. Buhari would destroy what is left of Nigeria’s constitutional status as a secular state…
      9. Buhari would frustrate any move of Nigeria towards true federalism…
      10. And much much more…

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        But Buhari has these to say to you:

        Don’t be lazy to read before you comment.

        APC/ Buhari Manifesto


        Urgently address capacity building of law enforcement agents in terms of quantity and quality as this is critical in safeguarding the sanctity of lives and property;

        Establish a well-trained, adequately equipped and goals driven Serious Crime Squad to combat terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, militants, ethno-religious and communal clashes nationwide;

        Begin widespread consultations to amend the Constitution to enable States and Local Governments to employ State and Community Police to address the peculiar needs of each community. This would mean setting boundaries for Federal, State and Community Police through new Criminal Justice legislation to replace the Criminal Code, the Penal Code and the Police Act.

        Push for more support in the security and economic stability of the sub-region [ECOWAS] and AU as a whole and maintain a strong, close and frank relationship with West Africa, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, and other African countries.


        Establish a Conflict Resolution Commission to help prevent, mitigate and resolve civil conflicts within the polity;

        Bring permanent peace and solution to the Niger Delta and other conflict prone areas such as Plateau, Taraba, Bauchi, Borno and Abia in order to engender national unity and social harmony;

        Initiate policies to ensure that Nigerians are free to live and work in any part of the country by removing state of origin, tribe, ethnic and religious affiliations and replace those with state of residence.


        Maintain sound macro-economic policy environment, run an efficient government and preserve the independence of the Central Bank;

        Restore and strengthen financial confidence by putting in place a more robust monitoring, supervising and regulating of all financial institutions;

        Make our economy one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world with a real GDP growth averaging 10% annually;

        Embark on vocational training, entrepreneurial and skills acquisition scheme for graduates along with the creation of Small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme to create at least 1 million new jobs every year, for the foreseeable future;

        Integrate the informal economy into the mainstream and prioritize the full implementation of the National Identification Scheme to generate the relevant data;

        Expand domestic demand and consider undertaking associated public works programmes;

        Embark on export and production diversification including investment in infrastructure; promote manufacturing through agro based industries and expand sub-regional trade through ECOWAS and AU;

        Make Information Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Entertainment key drivers of our economy;

        Balance the economy across regions by the creation of 6 new Regional Economic Development Agencies (REDAs) to act as champions of sub-regional competitiveness;

        Put in place a N300bn regional growth fund (average of N50bn in each geo-political region) to be managed by the REDAs, encourage private sector enterprise and support to help places currently reliant on the public sector;

        Amend the Constitution and the Land Use Act to create freehold/leasehold interests in land along with matching grants for states to create a nationwide electronic land title register on a state by state basis;

        Create additional middle-class of at least 2 million new home owners in our first year in government and 1 million annually thereafter; by enacting a national mortgage system that will lend at single digit interest rates for purchase of owner occupier houses.


        Modernize the sector and change Nigeria from being a country of self-subsistence farmers to that of a medium/commercial scale farming nation/producer;

        Create a nationwide food inspectorate division with a view to improving nutrition and eliminating food-borne hazards;

        Inject extra N30bn to the Agricultural sector to create more agro-allied jobs by way of loans at nominal interest rates for capital investment on medium and commercial scale cash crops;

        Guarantee a minimum price for selected crops and facilitate storage of agricultural products as and when necessary.


        Formulate a robust industrialization policy and provide a conducive environment for a private sector led industrial base for the economy, promote entrepreneurship that would help usher in new industries, new jobs, new knowledge and utilization of information and communication technologies;

        Create growth centers through the promotion of industrialization in all regions by encouraging the use of local resources.

        Promote innovation by investing heavily in research, development, science and technology.

        Support diversification of our economy from export of primary materials to value added goods through supporting the establishment of a solid industrial base.

        Ensure that key agricultural products such as cocoa and rubber go through value addition as opposed to exporting raw materials for industries in other countries.


        Voting takes place at polling stations/units.

        A voter is expected to cast his vote at the polling unit where his name is on the voter register.

        A voter is expected to identfy his polling station where his name is on the voter register.

        A polling unit nearest to the residence of the voter.


        Undertake an urgent review of the Public Private Partnership(PPP) enabling environment with a view to addressing the legal, regulatory and operational challenges including introducing enabling legislation where necessary. In addition, we shall create a National Infrastructural Development Bank to provide loans at nominal interest rates exclusively for this sector to help rebuild our infrastructure and provide gainful employment;

        Generate, transmit and distribute from current 5,000 – 6,000 MW to at least 20,000 MW of electricity within four years and increasing to 50,000 MW with a view to achieving 24/7 uninterrupted power supply within ten years, whilst simultaneously ensuring development of sustainable/renewable energy;

        Embark on a National Infrastructural Development Programme as a PPP that will ensure the (a) construction of 3,000km of Superhighway including service trunks and (b) building of up to 4,800km of modern railway lines – one third to be completed by 2019;

        Enact new legal and regulatory frameworks to establish independent regulation and incentives to accelerate public and private sector investment in seaports, railways and inland waterways;

        Embark on PPP schemes with a view to ensuring that at least one functioning airport is available in each of the 36 states.

        HOW TO VOTE

        Voting will be by Open Secret Ballot System.

        Your vote is secret because no one will see which candidate you choose.

        You will mark your ballot behind a polling screen secretly.

        Apply your finger print only in one circle/space which corresponds to the candidate of your choice.


        Make the industry and Nigeria one of the world leading/cutting edge centers for clean oil and gas technologists, scientists, mega structure installation, drilling, processing, production engineers supported with best services and research facilities;

        Fully develop the sector’s capacity to absorb more of the nation’s new graduates in the labour market. The sector will produce more home-grown world class engineers and scientists;

        Modernize the NNPC and make it the national energy champion. Consider breaking it up into more efficient, commercially driven units and strip it of its regulatory powers and enable it tap into international capital market;

        Enforce the government master plan for oil companies to end flaring that pollutes the air and damages people’s health and ensure that they sell at least half of their gas production within Nigeria;

        Speedily pass the much-delayed Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and ensure that local content issues are fully addressed;

        Make Nigeria the world’s leading exporter of LNG through the creation of strategic partnerships.


        Fully implement and enforce the provisions of the Universal Basic Education Act with emphasis on gender equity in primary and secondary school enrollment whilst improving the quality and substance of our schools;

        Targeting up to 15% of our annual budget for this critical sector whilst making substantial investments in training quality teachers at all levels of the educational system;

        Implement performance based education as against the current certificate based qualification;

        Enhance teacher training and improve the competence of teachers along with vigorous national inspection;

        Make learning experiences more meaningful for children and make education more cost-effective;

        Develop and promote effective use of innovative teaching methods/materials in schools;

        Ensure a greater proportion of expenditure on university education is devoted to Science and Technology with more spaces allocated to science and technology oriented courses;

        Establish at least six new universities of science and technology with satellite campuses in various states;

        Establish technical colleges and vocational centers in each state of the federation;

        Provide more conducive environment for private sector participation in all levels of education;

        Establish six centers of excellence to address the needs of special education;


        Prioritize the reduction of the infant mortality rate by 2019 to 3%; reduce maternal mortality by more than 70%; reduce HIV/AIDs infection rate by 50% and other infectious diseases by 75%; improve life expectancy by additional 10 years on average through our national healthy living program;

        Increase the number of physicians from 19 per 1000 population to 50 per 1000; increase national health expenditure per person per annum to about N50,000 (from less than N10,000 currently);

        Increase the quality of all federal government owned hospitals to world class standard within five years;

        Invest in cutting edge technology such as telemedicine in all major health centers in the country through active investment and partnership programs with the private sector;

        Provide free ante-natal care for pregnant women, free health care for babies and children up to school going age and for the aged and free treatment for those afflicted with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS;

        Boost the local manufacture of pharmaceuticals and make non adulterated drugs readily available.


        Ensure timely payment of retirement benefits for all pensioned senior citizens and create a poverty safety net for all aged citizens above the age of 65;

        Provide the opportunities for youths to realize, harness, and develop their full potentials and to facilitate the emergence of a new generation of citizens committed to the sustenance of good governance and service to the people and the country;

        Establish world class sports academy and training institutes and ensure that Nigeria occupies a place of pride in global sports and athletics;

        Revive the Nigerian football league and put incentives in place to make it as competiti ve as other national leagues;

        Put in place measures to identify talents early and ensure their participation in local and international games to enable them become professionals;

        Mandate schools and communities to create playgrounds/sports centers with needed equipment to develop skills;

        Assist Nollywood to fully develop into world class movie industry that can compete effectively with Hollywood and Bollywood in due course.


        Ensure the rights of women are protected as enshrined in our Constitution;

        Guarantee that women are adequately represented in government appointments and provide greater opportunities in education, job creation and economic empowerment;

        Recognize and protect women empowerment and gender equality with special emphasis on economic activities in development and in rural areas;

        Promote the concept of reserving a minimum number of seats in the National Assembly for women.


        Ensure compliance with policies and measures to halt the pollution of rivers and waterways in the Niger Delta and other parts of the country;

        Create shelter belts in states bordering the Sahara Desert to mitigate and reverse the effects of the expanding desert;

        Support and accelerate the implementation of regional water transfer initiatives across the country;

        Adopt a holistic approach to erosion and shoreline protection across the country;

        Create teams of volunteers to plant and nurture economically viable trees in arid regions;

        Restructure the Ecological Fund Office to enable it meet today’s environmental challenges;

        Regulate the timber industry to ensure that double the number of trees felled are planted by the loggers;

        Ensure full compliance with town-planning and environmental laws and edicts.


        Make regional integration a priority within ECOWAS including free trade with a view to ensuring that a common tariff and currency are achieved by 2020 under Nigeria’s guidance and leadership;

        Maintain strong, close and frank relationships within the Gulf of Guinea, the Commonwealth, South Africa and the rest of the world;

        Establish a new special relationship with the leading emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) and other strategic partners around the world.

      • Gaskiya

        @Mr Etomi,

        Please be fair and hide your lies in a forum like PT. All Nigerians know that Jonathan is a massive failure and was never ready to lead Nigeria. He was called upon to lead when he was in a hangover and could not understand what leading Nigeria meant. I pity people like you because your comments and blatant lies are sending Nigerians away from Jonathan and PDP. Now there are many parts of Nigeria he can not dare go and you are here writing rubbish.

      • kamal

        Etomi, there’s never an illiterate like you, go back to school and study more about GMB, thou I dnt blame ur daft brain washed brain. Come Feb. 14th, ur follow ur blood sucking vampire Gej to either Otueke or his grave. Ignoramus!

        • Etomi

          Your illiteracy stinks…
          And that is why pathetic you see illiterate Buhari as Professor Messiah!!!
          You don’t even know your right from left…
          Discernment, 0!
          You can’t even write intelligibly….
          Your desperate grammar shoots in staccato!!!!
          Your case is hopeless!

  • Gaskiya

    Prof Jerry Gana’s nightmare has been the rate at which young Muslims especially in the Northern Nigeria continue to embrace Western education. His whole life has been dedicated to making sure that the Nigerian Muslims do not accept western education so that they will be backward forever. So when Boko Haram started their teachings and recruitment of innocent Muslims, he was elated, because they will propagate his life long ambition. This was why he continued bailing late Muhammad Yusuf. This Professor will support any person or system that will destroy the educated Nigerian Muslims.

    • NamesAre4Tombstones

      Young muslims in Northern Nigeria embrace western education?!?!?!? Really??

      Could’a fooled me!

  • true talk

    Buhari remains the single most popular man in northern Nigeria. Despite lacking real party structure, Buhari, with CPC in 2011, defeated Jonathan in Yobe, Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger, Kebbi, Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, Gombe and Jigawa. He single-handedly polled a total of 12,214,853 votes, which amounted to 54.3 percent of Jonathan’s tally. Riding on the back of APC’s nationwide structure backed by 14 governors and their war chest, a Buhari victory in 2015 is quite possible.Buhari is popular outside the north as well. Four days after he created his Twitter account (@ThisIsBuhari), he had already amassed 45,000 followers. This is testament to Buhari’s growing national – not just northern – acceptability, because the north remains Nigeria’s least literate zone. The north, therefore, has a sparse population of Internet users, which means that Buhari’s crowd of Twitter followers probably come from across the country

  • Luka DALANG

    These guys have no electoral values. None can even win his polling unit, how do you expect them to sale and deliver votes to Jonathan. Let’s wait to see the magic. For Fani Kayode, is it about insulting people on the pages of newspapers. Since I knew my highly respected senior Brother, Prof. Jerry Gana, I am yet to hear that he delivers his ward in Niger to PDP.

  • Peter Irene

    The leader of the famous donors of 21 billion Naira. It is time for pay back.

  • Dan Fulani

    All one needs do to get GEJ’s recognition is to steal,or insult Muslems and Northerners. FFK.



  • Ette

    Group of thieves led by DG Ali whose thievery in respect of spurious oil subsidy is unparalleled in our national history, and for which his son and acquaintances are standing trial. Fans Kayode still has a case with EFCC on one count, Jerry Gana just donated N5b for GEJ election and one can only attribute this to huge corruptions. Tony Annenih is said to be their advisor as mr. fix it and embodiment of corruption. This is official thieving group and GEJ has declared that stealing is not corruption. We do not need any further evidence about plan by GEJ to rig and JEGA is requested to checkmate such evil plans as NIGERIANS will not tolerate any form of rigging.



  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    This is what Fan-Kayode is looking for, relevance. Well, who will take his media talk or write up serious? Only the gullible and enemy of the nation.

  • tundemash

    shut up … shameless cl0wn …..
    Every writer’s articles are published by PremiumTimes on their blog.Obviously you didn’t know much about internet until the arrival of your amnesty laptop

    I challenge you to show me an article on what you call main website.

    On the main website, click on the Opinion button, that is how you get to the articles of EVERY WRITER including your demi-god Femi Fanikayode.