There’ll be change in Nigeria in 2015 — Buhari, Tinubu

The Presidential candidate of the All progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has assured Nigerian youth that the country will witness the change they have clamoured for years.

In a New Year message to the youth, Mr. Buhari said though he had shared a message to Nigerians in general, he found it crucial to direct a message to the youth because they are a critical population of the nation.

He said 2014 was a challenging year for most of the citizens of Nigeria, recounting the killing or maiming of some Nigerians by “evil terrorists,” the missing 219 Chibok children and the occupation of towns and villages by the Boko Haram sect.

Mr. Buhari, a former head of state, said though these were enough for the youth to despair and wonder if the country cares about them and could protect them, they should be hopeful.

“2015 has arrived at a time of great discomfort; but the beauty of the New Year is that we can look forward with renewed hope and the knowledge that things can and will change,” he said.

“In Nigeria’s case, we can truly look forward to the change that the elections can, and will, bring. Our country will be secure again. Our country will prosper again.

“I have faith that 2015 is the year we shall begin to write a new story – a story of our youth creating jobs and expanding the frontiers of innovation and creativity everywhere from Mavin Records to the Co-Creation Hub; a story of genuine investment in our children and students be they in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka or in the Delta State University, Abraka; a country that finally makes a permanent shift from our debilitating dependence on the free-falling price of crude oil.

“I have unshakeable faith that 2015 will be the year of change.”

Mr. Buhari said he and the APC would achieve all of them.

“Yes, you are disappointed and you are angry, as you are entitled to, but you must never give in to the temptation to feel so weighed down by those who have failed you that you lose your hope and your energy and your passion to see change. You must never give up on Nigeria.

A former governor of Lagos State, and chieftains of the APC, Bola Tinubu, in his New Year message titled “After darkness, a glorious dawn beckons for Nigeria,” a leader of the APC and former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, said a new Nigeria is possible in 2015.

He said, “Another Nigeria is possible. A Nigeria where focused, visionary and competent governance vigorously tackles corruption, insecurity, poverty and promotes peace, progress and prosperity for all is attainable.

“After the current darkness, a glorious, new dawn for Nigeria is possible. But this needed change will not occur by chance. It can only be the result of deliberate and purposeful action on the part of our people to utilise democracy and popular power to achieve national liberation and transformation.”

Mr. Tinubu said it would be easy to give in to despair and despondency at the current state of Nigeria because the gap between the nation’s tremendous potentials and actual attainments was depressing and disheartening.

He argued that a country as endowed with human, material and natural resources as Nigeria should not have the level of poverty in which the vast majority of the our people live.

“The voodoo statistics of illusory growth and progress peddled by those currently in charge of Nigeria’s affairs do not reflect the dire material circumstances of millions of Nigerians,” he said.

The former governor said the ever widening inequality between the wealthy minority and the impoverished majority was fuelled largely by a scale of corruption and outright theft of public funds that had reached unprecedented heights in today’s Nigeria.

He said the traumatic experience of the over 200 Chibok girls who had remained in captivity for over six months showed that plaintive cries to an impotent government to ‘bring back our girls’ had become insufficient.

“Rather, we must utilise the power of our vote to ‘take back our country’ from the predators and scavengers in the corridors and bedrooms of power that currently hold her hostage. This calls for eternal vigilance to exercise our vote and protect out sacred mandate at the polls,” Mr. Tinubu said.

Also in a New Year message, the immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, said the future prosperity of the country is tied to the change the people would make through the opportunity provided by the February 14 presidential election and other outlined elections in the year.

The former Ekiti State governor urged Nigerians to use their votes “as the only power they have to make the right change and bail themselves and the country out of the current inept PDP-led government which has proved to be helpless as the country continue to writhe in the pains of general insecurity, corruption, economic hardship and poor leadership.”


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  • IN_90seconds

    The same pack of lies!

    • John

      Pack of lies. You said it all!.

  • tundemash

    “I have unshakeable faith that 2015 will be the year of change.”


    • John

      2015, the year of change due to GEJ’s tranformational agenda, abi? I share your belief, my dear.

      • tundemash

        yeah right …. the ogogoro is really working on you to mix up 2011 and 2015.
        DId u read the story at all before copying & pasting ? Did Dumbo make the statement ? Sycophancy taken to madness level !

  • John

    There’ll certainly be change this year 2015. But not the kind of change these old criminals are thinking about. GEJ’s transformation agenda will bring about lots of positive changes in 2015 for sure. Up GEJ till 2019.

    • TrueNja

      @ John – pls stop dreaming, your GEJ days in Aso Rock end May 2015!

      • John

        You better start preparing to hug an electric transformer. No vacancy in Aso Rock. GEJ will remain in Aso Rock till May 2019.

  • John

    Buhari first submit your SSCE certificate before you start dreaming of change, ok? Idiagbon that made you relevant is long dead. You got nothing more to offer than your coconut empty brain. You may however try going back to school and see whether anything can come out of your brain by the time GEJ completes his 2nd tenure in 2019. Up GEJ!!!

    • Dan

      Can you ask GEJ to show us his SSCE ? Am sure a bloody civilian like myself made better grades than GEJ.Ruling a country is not by luck but through experience.If GEJ has wasted so many years without tangible results,rather exhorting money from the citizens and what past presidents did,I feel he should leave ASO ROCK or what happened to preseident will happen to him.He is nothing without the soldeires but others are already soldiers.

      • Kokori

        Pls check the internet. President, Dr, Chief Jonathan’s GCE A levels results is a public document. 3As and 3 Credits is a modestly excellent result…Not like Bokohari who is brandishing an Oluwole affidavit as evidence to INEC that he was in school. See what he has been taught by Tinu…?

  • Uwadiegwu

    Six weeks to presidential election, we are asking: Where is Bokohari’s policy agenda and programme for Nigeria? Or does it not matter in line with Sharia Law and Born-to-Rulecracy? Mr former chairman of PTF (Party Time for Fulanis), don’t we have a right to know?

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      You have to visit Sabisa to fetch Bokohari’s policy, agenda and programme for Boko Haram Kingdom and not Nigeria. For you asking it means you’re one of the citizens of the place.

  • TrueNja

    Dear Asiwaju of corruption and former governor of Lagos state Bola Tinubu, here is my New year message to you. Pls stop disgracing GMB. The more corrupt person like you around him talk, the more you’re blocking his chances of winning. This is what baba Obasanjo said about you in his book “My Watch”

    “Whatever amount of money was given to Bola Tinubu to procure votes for (PDP) in the
    2011 presidential election election in Lagos state was, to say the least, unnecessary’.
    What made this phenomenon particularly bad was that government had raised the money
    from government transactions which fuel corruption.”

    • Yusuf

      If Jonathan could not prosecute Tinubu after passing through 6yrs of his trouble I wonder if Tinumbu is really corrupt. Let us be positive for once, this man has given us some hope. With the Trillions missing under Jonathan Tinumbu do not deserve the word ‘corrupt’

  • Okwocha Nnodim

    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – Malam M.BUHARI

    “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

    Pls vote for them, they represent change, change from peaceful coexistence to bloody streets and roasting on barbecue stables. The change we all need.

  • iroanya

    Yes, there will be a real change. Jonathan and his criminal gangs will become a history.

  • Okey

    Of course, there must be Change in 2015: (1) Jimi Agbaje will terminate the fleecing of Lagos treasury through Alfa Beta Ltd. (2) Lagosians will be freed from the yoke and chains of tax without mercy, for normal tax without leakages into private pocket will be more than enough to run Lagos (3) Unborn Lagosians will be delisted from debt hang-over with good husbandry of resources which channels both IGR and Federal Allocation to state development, not the present shitstem where IGR goes to the god-father leaving only Federal Allocation to personnel and infrastructure. Sure, Jagaban, Change must come in 2015.

    • Victor Odutola Mayomi

      Are you a Lagosian.? Better go back to the east where you come from and not disturb our peace in Yorubaland. If you abuse your host community by your insensitivity to their political choice, your days are numbered in Lagos.Lagos belongs to the Yorubas not the Igbos. A word is enough for the wise. The Igbos cannot set an agenda for us in Lagos.

      • Okey

        No way. I am 46% of your population according census conducted by you. Our Lagos is run by taxes extracted from my businesses and without my tax, you are goner. Remember, during one military regime in Lagos, there was a policy that parents should produce their tax clearance certificate before their wards could be enrolled/re-enrolled in school ? Guess what happened. That policy was abruptly abandoned. Why ? Because 90% of shon-of-shoil parents were tax-derelicts who live off on the sweat of the so-called Non-shon-of-shoil. No way. I must stay here, and use my 46% population to determine who I will pay my tax to. If you are an indolent loafer, as your language veritable suggests here, you can continue to due your “alaye business” under the Mile 2 or Ojota bridges until the long arms of the law catches up with you and your kind of business.

        Jagaban says there will be change. I concur, there will change in Lagos.

      • Dilachi Nzeako

        Mr. Odutola Mayomi,
        Where have you been. This is 21st Century. I am appalled at your utterances. A Nigerian anywhere he or she has resided for five years or not to talk about born is from there. Please with all due respect, stop taking Nigeria back to the woods, and especially bringing division.

      • Dilachi Nzeako

        This is serious utterance but now you have the right to say what you feel in your narrow mind.
        But the word for the wise should be that Nigerians should be free to live anywhere and be a resident of that hallow place. This also means that they should be resident of that place and participate in the politics and its development. Until that is the case my dear Nigerian we are just deceiving ourselves and we do not have one Nigeria. I do not know how old you are but let me remind you that Ibos and not Igbos which should be the language had heard this before from people like you and this led to their deciding to go apart and people like you again never let them be. So be considerate and thoughtful and let Nigeria be.

    • Dilachi Nzeako

      Yes this is another nonsense that must be tackled head on. Nigeria should stop this unprogressive practice of state of origin and replace that with the progressive state of residence. Finally Mr. Fashola I respect you very well and have been your fan but for God’s sake I hope some of these rumours we here is not true that you are discriminating against Nigerians whom their ancestors are not Yorubas or from Lagos I do not know how you all do it.

  • Onyekwere.

    Change is a good thing. It is not about Jonathan. It is not about Buhari. After 16 years of PdP Nigeria deserves a new Government. There is a reason why elections are conducted every four years. Nigerians cannot continue to elect the wrong party and hoping for God to help us. Change is good. It is time and the time is February 2015. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

  • Peter Irene

    In 2003 it was Buhari V Obasonjo. In 2007 it was Buhari V Yar’adua In 2011 it was Buhari V Jonathan. In 2015 it is the Nigeria People and Jonathan. Buhari is just the symbol representing the poor majority of Nigerians who have suffered poverty and deprivation over a period of more than 15years. Hunger, want insecurity unemployment blackout are some of the hardship we are going through. Today 2015 has started with darkness. No light. People are talking of transformation. What are they transforming in darkness?. For the past years one cannot enjoy 6 hours of uninterrupted power supply yet this people can raise 21 billion Naira at a sitting to buy PDP share so that the looting will continue. The people will not allow it. God will not allow it. PDP GOVT MUST GO. Even Jesus of Abuja cannot stop it.

  • Yusuf

    A team that preaches unity to attract votes versus the team that preaches regional and religious divisions to get votes; we can clearly see the difference between these teams. Only a completely blind heart will fail to realized this

  • Abel James

    In Jesus Name: There will be change in February this year, whether the Jonathanians like it or not. God will answer our prayers. God will not let them destroy our fatherland. God is the one who decides the future not the bunch of criminals in the PDP. They are using religion to divide us. Change is past due after 16 years of failed leadership. Change is possible. Corruption must be tackled.

  • Juliet Okoro

    Let bokohari show us his school certificate, or a letter from the school he attended like Sambo got from ABU. all of you that are saying Jonathan has not done anything, how much did you buy rice this yuletide, a proof of transformation in the agricultural sector, how many of you have traveled with train before now, but people do now from one state to another, improved poverty index rating, improved economy rating by world Bank, largest economy in Africa, Transparency international report on corruption improved, more jobs created through rice revolution, establishment of several higher institutions, local content act etc. Nigeria is changing for the better and it’s a gradual process, like you know the adage that says Rome was not built in a day.

  • Victor Odutola Mayomi

    Let your charity begin at home . Why do you want to exercise the right you cannot exercise in the East in Lagos ?. Why is it that an Enugu man who lives in Anambra cannot contest election in Anambra?. I have nothing against the Igbos participating in the politics of Lagos State. As Nigerians, they have every right to do so, and that is not debatable. But mind you, the Igbos are not the only Nigerians in Lagos. Other ethnic nationalities are in Lagos and give due regard to their host community. The Hausa community have lived for years in Lagos and they are not making careless statements. I cannot invite you to my house and you want to take over my house. I will not allow you. Some of you abuse us and our leaders all the time and you think we should not react?