Video shows women scramble for food items donated by Patience Jonathan at Aso Villa

A video shot on December 17, 2014 shows market women and other members of the pulic scrambling for food items and cloth donated by First Lady, Patience Jonathan.

President Goodluck Jonathan had recently declared publicly that he subscribes to the now famous idea of “stomach infrastructure”, saying no leader can lead a hungry people.


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  • the truth

    lol height of desperation from the sunrise media group.At least she didnt call for death, please show the people the video of your candidate buhari telling the people to kill their fellow nigerians.

    • goodtalk

      Mr TheTruth , please share the video where Buhari was calling for the death of Fellow Nigerians. How long will Nigerians like you live on rumor without fact or evidence. will you allow your life to be ruined beyond this level with all this rumor. Think think think please think with your brain not your hand or feet

      • the truth

        If u are wise you would go to youtube and verify my clAim,u and I know I cant share the tape on premium times because it wont let me,please go to “General buharis post election reign of terror ” on youtube and be the judge

        • endingNaija

          Does your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan-hope to run his campaign by distributing rice and beans, kerosene, bread and butter? is this what you people in Jonathan’s campaign team called issue -based campaign? Just asking the FLASEHOOD!

    • endingNaija

      Is this how your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan hopes to win? Na wa o! Is this the issue based campaign of Goodluck Jonathan? This is 21st century! Is this the truth you want to redeem? Haba! Goodluck Jonathan has to go.

  • Innocent

    I heard one lady saying “Why are you recording it?” If it is not a shaeful thing, why would they protest the recording?

  • humm

    Total disgrace

  • tundemash

    That is the transformation/poverty they have been spreading since 2009 !

  • Baba Messi

    “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.”
    -Deuteronomy 15:11

    This is the word of the Lord! Through the prophet Moses who both Xtians and Muslims believe in.
    Anyone therefore who speaks I’ll of this good gesture by the presidents wife should consider HIM/HERSELF AN APOSTATE!!!

    • tundemash

      So why is your mother not there or was your bag of rice sent directly to the amnesty camp?

      • Baba Messi

        Apostate …

      • Baba Messi

        The remaining poor ones?? Read the quote from Deuteronomy again bros. Play your part..lemme also play mine. Help the needy my openhanded. Even though we heard you are on social welfare, do the little u can!
        Don’t be an apostate..

        • tundemash

          ” Even though we heard you are on social welfare” … very funny …..not surprised … feeble minds live on fantasies. Amnesty camp inmates looking for mates!
          How is the part being played by your jesus of okirika different from the part played by Mrs Banbangida, OBJ’s wife and Turai ? Did they continue after their husbands were removed from power ?
          Give you poor souls 5kg of rice while her husband’s policies dehumanises you daily so as to be dependent on her handouts !
          You devalue naira thereby further pushing people into poverty with your right hand and use the left hand to give them a bag of rice ……. how callous !
          Religion is your opium ….. keep getting high on it.

          • Baba Messi

            The quote is self explanatory. It simply means play yur part..i play mine. Let patience play hers. I’m sure Mrs Yaradua and turai are still doing theirs. This is no substitute for job creation. Just ‘Open handedness’!
            Religion is not my opium bros..i believe in ‘the word of God’. I am entitled to believe in what I believe in. If you don’t believe in God but believe in yourself, that is your look out.
            Can you be bold enough to tell us who/what you believe in???? Or you will chose to tuck yur tail btwn yur legs and Run As usual???

          • tundemash

            pfool …. you indeed in the word of God and where does that tell you to spread lies Mr Creek Monkey ?
            What I believe in is none of your business and it is immaterial to the issue. On judgement day, each one answers to God on his own … isn’t it cl0wn ?

          • prettyriversgirl

            Many Nigerians use religion and faith as an escapeinstead of using it to strengthen their resolves to do the right thing including those they claim their religion teaches.

        • Maria

          The only way to help the poor is to teach him how to make a living. Living on donated food on a daily basis is not the solution.

          • Baba Messi

            True..i agree with u.
            However, sometimes there is a need for INSTANT HELP!
            ‘Open handedness’ my dear…OPEN HANDEDNESS….

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      You should ask the question, why today, why not 5years, 4years, 3years, 2years or last? Desperation is just the answer. After the election can she sustain it, I’m cog sure she can’t because she would have gotten what she needed. If am in that environment I would tell my mum to go and collect the items because is part of national cake and probably part of unremitted $20B.

    • Richard

      I do not cherish this and I’m not an apostate. What happens here do not even happen at refugee camps. The people might be poor and in desperate need of help, still they need to be dignified . Saraki and Adedibu fed people who were in need for years. You would never see people treated as we see in the video. This is just a political stunt and not a genuine welfarism. The government can do better by employing better arrangement . Those women have various associations and leaders. The distribution can be done properly through them. The government needs to embark on programs that can empower the people not to be given handouts. We need to stop all these polical stunts.

    • Max

      Do you mean helping poor people by distributing rice some days to election is the way to feed the people? Why can’t she commenced this action right from 2011 the so called hungry women voted for her husband

      • endingNaija

        This is President Jonathan’s (a holder of Phd!) understanding and idea of how to fight hunger in Nigeria and in Africa! This is President Jonathan’s view of the moral worth of our people-fellow Nigerians!

  • Atom Ant

    If they offer you money, take it! If they give you rice, take it. If they give you milk, take it. Afterall, its your money! But don’t vote for them. Dimeji Bankole can testify to the efficacy of this counsel from M D Yusuf and come February 2015, the husband of “my fellow widows” will know how responsive Nigerians are to this wise counsel.

    • Max

      Ekiti people collected oil,rice and so on from Fayose still voted him in. The worst thing ever is to allow such thug labeled governor to come back to the helm of fairs of the state

      • Awarawa

        What about Fayemi that was sharing N10k per voters?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Can you please share with us evidence of your own collection?

          It would be better appreciated than your mere assertion.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Transformation Agenda in action, so sad. This is what we have been reduced to, our women quibbling over crumbs. But can we blame them, they are doing whatever they must to feed their families. Let us hope that they have the sense to not just take but vote this people out of office.

  • Max

    If there is no poverty in Nigeria why did our leaders introduced stomach infrastructure? This is the worst thing ever can happen in Rwanda,Burundi and less countries that have no oil. Our leaders have turned the masses as beggars. When will the masses behave well to reject all this insult from this present regime and tell them openly that they have turned them to beggars.

  • endingNaija

    This is President Jonathan’s estimation of the value of our people. This is President Jonathan’s understanding of how to fight hunger in Nigeria. This is what President Jonathan has reduced our people to. Nigerian voters judge with your vote in February 2015. The vote is in your hand.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Sign of poverty in the country; but a greater sign of the way Dame Jonathan holds Nigerians in contempt. Why throw these gifts at these women just like that? If there was no underlying contempt in Dame Jonathan, she would have been there and would have made sure that these hungry ladies formed a queue in order to allow for an orderly distribution of these gifts!


    Who says this women are poor??? If they were I am sure the will never be allowed to go near the walls of Aso Rock. These are women leaders and friends of Mrs. Johnathan who were invited by her to Aso Rock. What has happened in this video is a clear demonstration of poverty of the mind and character and the inept leadership that has bedeviled this country. this video is a tip of how our present leaders share our resources – the most powerful or the swiftest always take (steal) more.

  • Ilode Marcus

    Treating the people as slaves