UPDATED: Reps aspirant dumps PDP after losing party’s primary, joins APC for Osinbajo

A People Democratic Party, PDP, House of Representative aspirant, Aisha Osori, has denounced the PDP to join the All Progressives Congress, APC, after losing on the platform of the PDP.

Ms. Osori announced her defection on Tuesday in Abuja while briefing journalists at the APC national secretariat.

Ms. Osori emerged loser at the recent AMAC/Bwari federal constituency primary in the Federal Capital Territory. The incumbent member of the House from the constituency, Zaphania Jissalo, emerged victorious in the primary.

Mr. Jissalo got 89 votes out of the 107 cast to defeat Ms. Osori and three others.

Ms. Osori, who was presented with the membership card of the APC, told journalists she decided to defect after watching the APC primary because she believed in APC’s vice presidential candidate, Yemi Osibanjo, who was her lecturer at one time.

“I decided to denounce membership after watching the APC conduct its presidential primary in a fair and competitive manner and after seeing the combination of Osibanjo and Buhari, both men of integrity,” Ms. Osori said.

“Osibanjo used to teach me at the University of Lagos, faculty of law, I believe that is a great combination that would move the country forward and I want to be part of that team,’’ she said.

According to her, the APC slogan “Change” is enough reason to support the party as she was sure of winning the on the platform of APC.

Ms. Osori noted that more than 70 per cent of Nigerians were youth who wanted the change that “APC represents’’.

On what her contribution would be to ensure the success of the APC at the general elections, Ms. Osori, who leads the non-governmental organization, Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund, cited experience.

“The years of experience I garnered in the private sector as a lawyer and also as writer, first with Thisday and later with Leadership newspapers, will be of value to APC.

Reacting to the defection, the APC National Secretary, Mai-Mala Buni, who presented the membership card to Ms. Osori, expressed delight because his party was waxing stronger by the day.

“Such event will be a continuous thing. Our doors are open. Everybody, who is ready to join the party, is welcome anytime, any day,’’ he said.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Ms. Osori actually lost the PDP primary in the FCT contrary to the despatch sent us by the News Agency of Nigeria, which suggested she won.


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  • Cypo

    But you lost already and your candidates cannot also win. So, you are going to lose both sides. Sorry, politics dont work that way. There is no place for emotion in Politics.

    • Wähala

      Shut-up and say what you know… “There is no place for emotion in Politics” as if you’ve forgotten it was sentiments of ‘” had no shoes” Dumbo cried to Pastor Adeboye that got us here. That’s emotional campaign laced with deceit. If it worked for your moron, why not leave her to test the waters for herself. Didn’t you read her good reason? Besides knowing the Prof. personally, she cited “men of integrity” and the need for change as her legitimate excuse. Is she wrong? Do you know the Dumbo you’re supporting personally like she knows her prof. & mentor that she’s supporting? Didinrin!

      • saj

        Thank you very much my man,for reminding them to re-read her story and listen to her reasons.

      • emmanuel

        Is Adeboye a magician?

        So wetin Adeboye do for Jonathan in 2011, he rigged the election?

        February 14 is here already, I am sure this lady will soon discover that running an NGO and politics are not the same thing. At the NGO, if you get broke, you gather people together, do a video and send to Oyinbo so that Dollar go come. Congratulation for being a candidate and you may not become a Rep

        • Leslie

          As long as she can contribute her little portion to changing Nigeria for the better,she’s OK.Who in the PDP would even attempt to think of giving up that kind of position considering the financial gains?Greedy lot.That’s the kind of mindset you have.A pity.

          • emmanuel

            Confam. She lost in PDP.

            Oya talki naa.

            Quota ko quota ni. A hustler seeking recognition.

            That she taught her in school and that justifies why she could not win a primaries

        • endingNaija

          I am just wondering why King Goodluck Jonathan nebuchadnezzar had to KNEEL down at the Redeemed Camp just before the last election? Second, I am just wondering why the picture where King Jonathan Nebu KNELT down was used as a campaign among “christians”-Just asking emmanuel. Do not abuse-Answer.

      • emmanuel

        I beg talk when you come from work.

        E be like say you don increase the number of odd jobs you dey do this period.

        May be you want hustle for more money so that you go fit buy ticket come show for February say afterall you dey fit come home.

        That will be a big break for your extended family members, but make you nor go Charity managed warehouses go buy used clothes for your people when you dey come o. That will be a curse if you ask me. Thirty something years of nothing.

        Abi na Jonathan dey run German Economy since then, wen make you nor fit doo any useful thing?

    • tundemash

      did you read this upside down or you read while high on whatever they give u at the amnesty village ?

      “A People Democratic Party, PDP, House of Representative aspirant, Aisha Osori, has denounced the PDP to join the All Progressives Congress, APC, after emerging winner on the platform of the PDP.”

      • King Andy

        You can make your point in a decent manner, Not necessarily insulting him and saying what you don’t know bout somebody. Please, be matured.

        • tundemash

          and what made you conclude i don’t know anything about him ?
          Do you reside with him or on what basis is your intervention on his behalf ?

      • Otile

        Do you think insulting people makes you smart?. I say to you; any day they ban insults, abuses and foul language we will not hear from you again because you will have nothing else to say. You come here everyday abusing people and fouling every discussion you butt into. Learn some manners.

        • Don Messi

          Nice one bro.
          Even the gutter attitude of these APC online marauders will make any decent person think twice before joining that party.
          The kind of words that come out of their mouths..from Lai-Lie, Amaechi, down to wahala, tundemash and co, tells you wether people with such immoral manner of speech can suddenly show the morals required for ‘change’!

          *i was not aware Aisha Osori won the ticket for the AMARC. I hope this won’t be another ‘bojuBoju’ like the one Sahara did which was renounced by the Nigerian army.

      • emmanuel

        Mugu, PT don talk now say the MS nir win PDP ticket. See footnote in red.

        Shame to a bunch of crooks who could not find a younger fellow to vie for the presidency on your behalf, because you like being deceived.

        An expired old man is the change you need,because that is what your gid Tinubu wants and that is it.

        Was there nor Kwakwanso or Isaiah if you wanted North West by all means? What is wrong with you people?..you keep saying people want recognition from you.

        By the way, what are your antecedents?

        Yeye fowl!

        • tundemash

          ask your e-rat fore-bearers. Before you , there were Deri, akpos1, ify4democracy and other numskulls …. ask them when next you meet at the amnesty camp or ask Reno when next you go for your monthly stipend.

          • emmanuel

            Oh so you think you drove them away?

            Two years ago, Sahara Reporters began clampdown on dissenting comments to make readers feel that the lies churned out by them were true, as no contrary comments contrary to APC views were published.

            We warned them that we will exit their site and it would crumble and they thought it was a joke. They have long licked their wounds when majority of followers left and they became unpopular.

            PT started it second quarter of 2013 and several people exited, but a few of us stayed back and my strategy was to throw in my comments at midnight when the weak brains are asleep to block me. I am sure a few others who stayed behind adopted that too, until recently when they began to allow others post their views

            You should know by now if you are not hidding behind one finger that PT is also becoming unpopular!

          • tundemash

            SaharaReporters can’t be unpopular and yet your Boys’ Scout authorities are jittery about their opinion calling it treasonable.
            PT can’t be unpopular and yet you e-rats are here daily trying to undo each other to pst Reno’s thoughts here. And stop name-dropping, u were a nobody on SaharReporters; the e-rats we knew were those i have mentioned
            How come Reno/Abati/Okupe have not been able to set up an online media to rival PT/Sahara where you e-rats can lord it over all day along or are u guys only good for South African stove and 5kg bag of rice?
            Nothing new in your sycophancy business….. Reno and you e-rats are only copying the template of Daniel Kanu of Abacha days and just like they faded with Abacha so shall you fade with the Otuoke Cl0wn !

  • Okey

    The most costly Primaries in the history of party politics in Nigeria being a good example ?

    Forms for the primaries = N27 Million, the highest and worst in our history;

    $7,000 to each party delegate, the highest and worst in our history.

    The word “fair” certainly, means a different thing to this woman

    • psammy

      why do guys like to fabricate stories? $7,000 to each delegate? common now, stop peddling lies all around.

      • Okey

        A pro-APC newspaper reported that. Who else again would you believe ? Why leave out the N27 Million expression of interest form ?

        • psammy

          The N27 million is correct, and it is only few millions away from that of your PDP that has money and is in power, I can’t quite remember the exact amount that i know is between 21 and 23 million.

          • Okey

            Bloody lie, cross-check. In any event your man and his jankara bank manager lifted the N27 Million out of depositors s “loan” without any collateral, contrary the banking laws of the land.

  • the truth

    lol desperate. Why don’t premium times tell us the whole story why this lady decamped, i give you guys 24 hours to say the truth or else i would post the truth. enough of this inbalance reporting. I am just fair, give us the whole gist, not half baked stories to favor your paymasters

    • Titi

      u need 24hrs to fabricate a lie

      • Wähala

        Don’t mind the clown… A Storyteller indeed, career lair he is.

    • tundemash

      Any other truth aside your life as a career liar ? So much for truth for a man not bold enough to identify with his sponsors publicly !!!

      • Otile

        What a mean-spirited man are you? Do you need to take trouble of digging into your archives to excavate some dirt to smear and impugn his integrity? Wickedness is certainly born in you.

        • tundemash

          I know you are desperate for some recognition from me and i will only allow you your 2 mins of fame this once!!
          Why not ask your fellow amnesty camp inmate to stop hiding dirts no one can dig out ?????

          • Otile

            Are disappointed that your and Imam Buhari did not get the amnesty you begged in favor of your Islamic Bokoharam cohorts?

          • kamal Kamoru

            That rubbish you posted means nothing.
            B like say that guy dey trouble una o. Going to the extent of digging into the archives to reproduce some *ish that proves nada!
            Get a life chum!

    • endingNaija

      Now o ya, publicly redeem the truth about your crookish identity! Go ahead crook, redeem your identity IN PUBLIC NOW! Dubious humans!

  • Abraham Maborukoje

    With the handwriting becoming so clear on the wall,
    with PDP candidates assured of cushy seats won by hook or crook
    preferring to be nobodies in APC, we need to be very wary and prayerful
    in case the GEJ camp goes for the Samson option. If you don’t know what
    that option is pls reread your book of Judges in the bible and see
    Samson’s greatest victory over the Philistines.

  • Bala Atama


    • Magenta

      This is an upper cut 4 POP.

  • IncorruptibleS

    Less than 2 months to go and PDP is falling apart.

  • Mamapikin

    Is anyone still in doubt? The prophetic revolution is here already. The truth is too strong to be buried. Earth is not strong enough to keep it buried. Light cannot be hidden. It will explode into consciousness sooner than later. Try as hard as they can, light cannot be caged.

  • Truthometer

    Good decision. The future belongs to the youth.

  • Jide

    Let’s keep the good work alive..a better Nigeria from 2015.

  • Es3

    She is welcome to her one way ticket to hell in APC?!

    She knew Osibajo, when he was lecturer Osibajo and not now politician Osibajo?! Does she know Tinubu???

    I hope she knew that the powers and decisions on all things lies with Tinubu and not Osibajo/Buhar?!!!

    • endingNaija

      Why are you this angry? If you are this angry for nothing, then there must be some truth and good rationale in Ms. Osori’s decision and statements. Please stop your anger and keep your emotions to yourself -ah ah-too much anger is not even healthy for you. You may have hypertension the way you are going. This is new year eve biko!

      • Es3

        Angry ke???

        Me, angry over one Ms Osori somewhere that decided to be sorry for herself later???! I was only attempting to help her (and others like here) reason through to avoid being sorry later on!

        If she banking on Osibajo, she better know early enough even if they win, Tinubu would be the one to appoint Osibajo’s personal assistants (P.As) for him and the bad news is that she does not know Tinubu!!!

        It’s her decision and her life at the end of it all,definitely not mine?!!!

        • endingNaija

          Look Es3, I think it is better for you to help yourself. Or what do you think? Since you know one another in Abuja, it is better for you to face your paid contract. Most youths are joining the wave of CHANGE and one should hail and praise the courage of Ms. Osori. Personally, I commend her selflessness and courage. She is one of the rare women we need to encourage to work for our country and liberate it from the jaws of death the country hangs on now under the watch of President Jonathan. As for you, Es3 you have the choice of continuing to support the corrupt path of perdition under President Jonathan or support Light and Change under Buhari/Osinbajo. But I see that it seems you prefer perdition under President Jonathan. So? Please do not blame young women like Ms. Osori who refuse to be part of path perdition and who yearn for Change and are ready to work for it. So keep your emotions to yourself. We do not need it. Nigerians do not need it. Inspite of the choice you made to support the corrupt path under Jonathan I still wish you Happy new Year in advance-Nothing personal! Just a legitimate disagreement-Change and Light (Buhari/Osinbajo) and Perdition and Darkness (Jonathan/Sambo) can never meet.

          • Es3

            Does “somewhere” sound to you as ‘we know ourselves??? Secondly, how did you arrive at the conclusion that I live in Abuja and doing paid contracts???! Definitely, another case of APC presumption gone very bad!!!

            Yes, Ms Osori’s decision would obviously encourage anyone that do not mind washing plates in Tinubu’s house kitchen in the hope that they would chosen for appointments. elections or allowed to be appointed into positions?! I quite understand that really!!! But note that in all political parties in Nigeria, that is where such slavish servitude starts and ends – ACN/APC!!!

            Taliking of perdition, I wonder if there was and would ever be any perdition in Nigeria worse than that Buhari/Tinubu had/have forced down the throats of Nigerians/Lagosians so far – discounting the 1st four years of Fashola (out of 16)???!!!

          • endingNaija

            I understand you since the days of mpitikwelu/mani_kay/peter2000-the PDP and President King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar e-rats. Keep your emotions to yourself. We Nigerians do not need it. Face your paid contracts. We are behind the wave of Change. We support Ms. Osori. We are using our votes wisely this time. You are free to choose the path of perdition and corruption. That is your choice. But we CHANGE VESSELS and VESSELS of LIGHT will bring that Goodluck Jonathan path of perdition-to which you belong and clung to- to an end come February 2015. CHANGE is inevitable because this election will be decided on TWO things viz(i) ETHICS and (ii) COMPETENCE. Your candidate -Mr. Goodluck Jonathan FAILED these two tests for SIX YEARS. He needs to leave now, and he will leave in February 2015 by the special grace of God through the votes of Nigerians.

          • Es3

            Quite interesting to note that you have on this forum over time and actively shape-shifting in m=names used, while some of us have maintained only one till date!!!

            But it is equally worrying to realize that your memory in that short that you would forget the times in the past I have almost identified myself in real life and what I stand for, cos if you did, you would recall that I have never been on any government’s work-pay, scholarship, etc my whole life?! However, I would excuse you your age-long, usual escape route of holding on to illusions?!

            You confuse so many Nigerians when you talk of ethic and competence in connection with Buhari, as that remains the biggest lie all Nigerians know for themselves! What ethic does Buhari have??? Or, are you referring to his competence as an Islamist, retroactive decrees to claim lives, favouritism for the north in everything and the list is virtually endless???!!!

            These are key terms and it pays to be clear and specific when using them to avoid attempting to whitewash a sepulcher full of rotting carcases!!!

          • endingNaija

            Look Mr. Es3, you have made a choice to stick with the path of perdition and darkness-PDP and Goodluck Jonathan. And that is fine-not a problem. But Nigerians have said this election will be decided on issues and the two most important issues are (i) ETHICS and (ii) COMPETENCE. This election is an interrogation of the mandate your candidate- President King Goodluck Jonathan Nebu has exercised for SIX YEARS. And that interrogation is OBJECTIVELY based on two issues (i) ETHICS and (ii) COMPETENCE. The interrogation has commenced on Nigerian streets and the emerging verdict of the Nigerian people is that your candidate-President King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar of Aso Rock, Abuja, Nigeria FAILED on these two issues. You can bring in PDP’s and Goodluck Jonathan’s usual divisive politiricks, they will not work this time. Please face the issues. On these issues, your candidate King Jona Nebu is GONE, and we Nigerians are OBJECTIVELY EXITING him with our votes come February 2015.

          • emmanuel

            Sweet write up from a mugu.

            The Lady failed in PDP as correcyed by your PT and migrated to the APC as is the usual practice of all loosers nesting up at the APC and Belly aching every one who goes past them.

            Envious humans are know for lack of character and hostilities and that is what the APC represent.

            Imagine a fake Pastor saying that everyone who Love poverty and hunger will vote for Jonathan. Is that pastor not an agent of the devil? Who is the yeye fowl called osinbajo to blackmail Nigerians with a curse?

            The Bible I read talked about the Osinbajo of this generation – lovers of themselves whose stomach (infrastructure) is their god, including you!

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Aisha has been an active member of APC/Civil Society partnership portal. The story of her decamping is very deceptive.

    • Funso

      How come she won on the platform of PDP? Just a logical question.

    • rasskid2005

      Funso……….. u ar right

  • favourtalk

    Thank you madam for welcoming change, i is a good decision and nigeria needs to move forward, we are in the era of change on bait is sweeping everyone. We need real transformation

  • meniru

    Icheoku says she is even too ugly to matter. But in any event, look at her “lawyerly” argument that 70% of Nigerians are youths and wanted the change a 72 year old presidential candidate represents? Continuing on her thought trend, Icheoku adds that most of the so called youths were not even born when Muhammadu Buhari overthrew a duly elected democratic government of President Shehu Shagari in 1983. Anyway, insanity manifests in different shades and Icheoku will not be surprised if this unmarried “youth” is a candidate for a lunatic asylum; not necessarily for her defection but for the adduced reason for doing it.

    • endingNaija

      With this bad and abusive language of yours, does Goodluck Jonathan camp have any moral authority to accuse others of using bad language? Just asking Otile na meniru na oleku na the truth na Reno Omokri.

    • Waziri

      The most interesting part of this story is that she won the election under PDP, Yet denounce the party to accept APC. This is a serious embarrassment to PDP. And this has explain the fact that PDP IS rotten and finish. And for you meniru, i understand your confusion, biafara is not possible without PDP, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Die with your pain.

      • ert

        Get your story very well, she lost her election and decide to pitch tent with a carnivorous party.

      • emmanuel

        Guy PT just republished that she lost the PDP primaries. See the foot note in red

        Is this embarrassing to PT, you and the APC? Or just one of your normal charade which Nigerians should get used to?

  • rasskid2005

    the change has started……………..

  • emmanuel

    PT and APC represent falsehood – investigative journalism my foot.

    A nation were youths are asking for a change for a Baba, not a Dad to lead them is preparing to go with such Baba in sympathy to his grave.

    It is sad when elderly people cause funds that should have been invested in Capital projects to funds Boko Haram war because they want a seating FG to be seen as failing, such that they can ask for change.

    By the way what are we changing to?

    An arrogant man who refused to attend an Oputa panel that should have set Nigeria on a healing path like the South African experience after they ruined and wrecked the fortunes of this country.

    I feel so ashamed seeing the Yorubas clamouring for this fraud (change). These same people who proudly tell you you cannot have regional Government or state police or PIB and there is nothing you can do about it?

    The world is watching, just pray the time does not come when they will deal harsh blows on you. No other part of the country will stand with you.

    • endingNaija

      Please correct your grammar. Do not be too much in a haste to just post anything. You wrote (i) “A Nation were youths….” (ii) “And the way what are we changing…” Are these sentences written in good grammar? This is what your Phd-president- Goodluck Jona Nebu is made of. You cannot even defend him in simple and good grammar. Correct yourself my friend! Small boys who rush to cyber cafes to type garbage in defense of a failed president -Goodluck Jonathan-after they have been given some corrupted oil crumbs. I go laafu taya! I just dey enjoy myself with King Goodluck Jonathan Nebu people!!!

      • emmanuel

        You must be a demented fellow.

        Please re-read my write up, assimilate and ask yourself how much you know of spoken English.

        Mumu, talk about the issues I raised, before diverting attention away from your APC failings.

        You must be the child of a slave, to think that everyone in this forum is a scoundrel like you.

        For your information, there are people here who are very successful, exposed, well established in life who comment here.

        I want more of your follies in exhibition.

        • endingNaija

          Why don’t you correct your grammar and if you wish apologise for your bad grammar? This is what some intellectual humility and modesty in civilised discourse inclines us to do. Can you correct yourself please? Or you want to put some bold face on your poor grammar and move on? Okay ooo! I go laafu taya! I dey kampe! I just dey enjoy myself for dis e-rats! Small boy “emmanuel” have a grammar book beside you each time you are defending this failed President-Jonathan-from cyber cafes!

          • emmanuel

            Small boy I agree, I am sure your Dad may not be competent enough to work for me, how much more you.

            Please do well to correct me and I will send you N1,500.00 MTN recharge card to buy your next Data recharge.

            Mumu, talk about the lies and stop worrying your self about what you do not know. Big man!

          • endingNaija

            At this point, I will say that you need to correct your grammar or apologise for rushing to the cyber cafe to make a paid post without checking your grammar. You cannot post garbage and you want people to overlook it. Next time apply a basic rule of thumb-Think, before you write. Re-read before you post even if you are defending a failed presidency. You deserve what you get!

          • emmanuel

            I raise my price, biko correct me.

            Afterall we are in public space to enlighten people.

            Please enlighten me.

          • MonbPee

            I doubt if all these are necessary. Look for the meat, look for the substance, look for the point being made. It is not a forum to insult one another or call each other names, it is rather a forum to put our aspirants on a scale having unearthed all we can about them and giving ourselves the opportunities to make an informed choice from both of them. Long Live Nigeria.

  • excel

    The wind of CHANGE sweeping across the nation. This is the best partnership Nigeria has ever had. A strong General that will rid the country of corruption and looters and a Vice president who is an academic and a technocrats with NEW IDEAS, BIG IDEAS to change Nigeria. APC CHANGE!!!

  • Gideon Orkar

    This woman is no oil painting!

    • endingNaija

      Gideon Okro how now?

      • Gideon Orkar

        Bro I dey o. You want begin cll me Reno thi morning again?

        • endingNaija

          Okro wetin you come be now? No be Reno Om ORKAR I dey pay? Na yu alone waka come today? Wey Ole, oleku , otile, Tawanda , akpos1 , deacon dem?

        • emmanuel

          You know in the mind of the deluded people, only Reno exist in Nigeria who is not APC agent.

          It is inferiority complex that cannot be healed until they are sent packing in the next forty five days from this forum.

          Afterall Osun State alone cannot carry all their e-rat Bills as Fulani will go, Rochas will return to the PDP, Amaechi will be on Interpol wanted list and. Oshomole will go seek relevance at ILO.

          • Abubakar Baba

            Oga prophet how far? I think Doyin “Dodo” Okupe says “if APC last more than a year Call me Bastard”. Then what do you call him Now?

  • emmanuel

    This Osori story stands closed as the Joyous APC liar condemn to hell fire have all gone underground, since the footnote came up.

    A change that os predicated on fraud, deceit and lies cannot stand

  • TrueNja

    If truly she believed in APC slogan “Change” and her former lecturer Osinbajo, why defection until after she lost PDP primary? hypocrite! Looser always a Looser.

  • cynthia

    Yes Ayisha is what I call a ‘woman of strong character’ having worked with her as a colleague..

    • Comfortkay

      we all have the obligation to find her a sweet husband, she is too pretty to be alone.

  • Comfortkay

    Welcome to another Born Again Politician joining the progressive party of APC. Madam Osori be free and safe.

  • karl marx

    That is just the beginning! More will join APC before the elections. You are welcome on board ladies and gentlemen. APC welcome all sundries, a party with administration clues that will lead us to the dreamed Nigeria, GMB, OSINBAJO 2015..

  • the truth

    I said this yesterday “lol desperate. Why don’t premium times tell us the whole story why this
    lady decamped, i give you guys 24 hours to say the truth or else i
    would post the truth. enough of this inbalance reporting. I am just
    fair, give us the whole gist, not half baked stories to favor your
    paymasters” now phools like wahala, tundemash, ending naija and titi will know we are not in the same class. Premium times is fond of fabricating news, if not my threat of 24 hours did they offer a rejoinder

  • Jon Rhoma

    Here comes another parasite. Why did she not contest under APC to test her popularity? She is even so selfish as not to consider the faith of the people who voted her in who she has now betrayed. By the way, how many candidates can a party choose for this position? Surely, there would have been a genuine APC candidate prior to her defection.