SSS issues “last warning” to Amaechi, others over comments

The State Security Services, SSS, has warned the governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi, and other political office holders not to hide under the privileges of their offices to make utterances that were against the general interest of the nation.

The military had earlier upbraided the governor over his remarks justifying the decision of some soldiers to protest their lack of equipment in the fight against Boko Haram.

The governor has also been criticised by the government over his comments warning of consequences if the 2015 elections are rigged.

In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, on Monday in Abuja, the Service warned that such utterances would no longer be tolerated.

Ms. Ogar said the attention of the SSS had been drawn to inciting and unguarded statements and utterances by some politicians ahead of the 2015 general elections.

She added, “Of particular interest is the statement of a serving governor calling on men of the armed forces to rise up in protest against constituted authority.”

The spokesperson said such were made with the intent to undermine the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Such actions are irresponsible, selfish and against our collective wellbeing as a nation,” she said. “It is noteworthy that similar unguarded provocative statements by politicians in the past had encouraged violence that resulted in loss of innocent lives and property. It is pertinent to note that no Nigerian is above the laws of this land.”

According to her, the statement served as a last warning to those seeking to truncate the nation’s democracy by their careless and mischievous utterances and urge them to retrace their steps immediately.

“This Service and indeed all security agencies will not rest on their oars and are committed to the successful conduct of the 2015 general elections in Nigeria,” she added.



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  • amazing2012

    Do you issue the same to terrorist Dokubo Asari ?

  • Fatuma

    What of Asari Dokubo?

    • shariff

      Just ask the bastard about Asari Dukkubo,her grandfather Edwin Clark, the likes of Okupe, Abati and the finished and miserable Maku etc.

  • Dr. Kay

    Shakara oloje ni , start by issuing same threat of arrest at Abubakar Shekau , it’s easy to arrest him now , useless 1diot ,ugly Ogar, you can only shakara at bloody civilians but Bokoharam and armed robbers will make you all wet in your pants abi no be so? Oloshi woman she even have mouth to talk , your job is over next year , you will be sacked and tried and jailed for treason

  • pastorakinleye

    This tainted DSS has lost its moral moorings and has now resorted to issuing empty threats against an elected governor. For the barely-literate armed gangs at Yellow House, Amaechi is immunned from any arrest or prosecution until the expiration of his term.

  • Spoken word

    DSS your intimidation can never work. The people of Nigeria were created by God and the will of God will always prevail over mere mortals.

  • Sina Ajiboye

    This DSS lady is the third spokeswoman for Jonathan. The good news is that she and her likes will be flushed out after February polls and persecuted for their role in subverting the people

  • Chris1408

    Where was Ogar when Asari Dokubo was beating the drums of war?

    • Shariff

      Chris just leave the old retired ASHAWO to continue, by the grace of God we know her days aer numbered in that campaign office of her.

  • Aminu

    Same final warning sjould be extended to Olisa Metuh.Doyin Okupe.Wale Oladapo Edwin Clark Dokubo Asari and other basket mouth PDPigs wjo bent on annihilating opposition .

  • endingNaija

    Ms. Marilyn Ogar of SSS, through your statements you have ceased to be an officer serving the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Rather you have turned the SSS as one of the campaign units of President Jonathan’s re-election and that of the PDP. This is a shame. Shame on you, as you have brought shame and opprobrium on the office you occupy and get paid for through the sweat and taxes of Nigerians. Look at what the SSS did in Ekiti and Osun elections. It is a disgrace. And you are a complete disgrace for turning the SSS into a campaign unit for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan. Please note that we are in a democracy, and President Jonathan is JUST ONE OF THE CANDIDATES seeking the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You are duty bound and under oath to maintain neutrality and objectivity. You have not . Ms. Marilyn, consistently you have failed to uphold your oath of office to be neutral and serve the nation rather the partisan interests of PDP and President Jonathan. On this premise, you should resign, because you represent a complete negation of what a dutiful SSS officer serving the nation should be. Because of your open partisanship in open violation of your oath of office and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Ms. Ogar, you are a complete disgrace and a shame on the nation. Please resign if you have any honor left in you.

  • iroanya

    This retired harlot of a woman will continue to demean the last respct remaining for this agency.

    • Olu Ade

      Waoh! why will you call Marilyn Ogar retired? She is still an active harlot, that is why she is able to keep her job and get her bread buttered.

    • denrele abiola

      She’s not only a harlot, she is a sugar mummy to someone i know whose wife has called her once to leave her husband alone. The person wey dey shine her congo is young enough to be her son. Yeye woman!

  • mallam mahdi

    This bastard child of babyfactory come again, as old as she, she is yet to marry, no wonder she is not valueing life, your end is close, ashewo


    Marilyn what?

    • yonda

      Marilyn ORKAR!

    • Olu Ade

      Marilyn Ogar (Ogaa). Do you know what the Yorubas call Ogaa? it is Chameleon, the animal that keep changing its skin colour to match its environment. She is true to that name to keep her job and get her bread buttered.

    • Tunsj

      Marilyn WOMAN CLOWN.

  • Waziri

    We refused to regard this warning provided same warning and specific mention is not made on the name of Dokubo A sari, Metu and Okupe just as u named Ameachi


    What of Bastard Doying egupe?

  • Wähala

    If no Nigerian is above the laws of the land, why has ugly Marilyn Ogar not upbraided Dumbo and the PDP for accepting more money than is allowed under the Electoral Act… or arrested Tompolo for banning her boss from visiting Ekpoma? Ugly piece of sh*t woman, real attack pittbull. All these service personnel hustling to outdo each other for Dumbo will be forgotten in no time, if they like let them mount sentry over the clown, he will be flushed back to Otuoke Zoo he escaped from. Clowns!

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Thanks my brother for speaking the minds of millions of Nigerians


        Your Hijab prisoner fine pass am ?

        • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

          What is wrong with Hijab? Mary also wore it.


            This is the 21st century……..why imprison women in the guise of marriage !


      That ya old cargo fine pass am ?

  • Smith Scott

    The north should be happy for this warning as if Nigeria disintegrate it is only the north that will suffer. Joining other region to jab this women is unintelligent.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Is Nigeria not already disintegrate with a president who never cares about the suffering a region? I am from Borno and if Goodluck is what is happening there then I will prefer Badluck.

  • ascent

    Thank you Madam Ogar. We are getting ready. Your threat is to all Nigerians, so please tell your organisation to start building more detention centres. That era of misuse of absolute power is over. A detention of one is now a detention to all. You shall have millions of hungry jobless Nigerian youth to contend with. I thought you have Boko Haram to contend with if Asari Dokubo is too powerful for you.
    The issue is simple: No rigging of elections! Nobody is issuing a threat of disintegration over nothing. Isn’t that clear enough to you and your organisation? Where are the minions in the NSO, SSS of the past? You better learn!
    Could you please start using your brains even if you are an errand girl looking for higher office.

  • djay

    Last warning and what will happen if he say it again? Will they arrest him or what. SSS with their eye service work.

  • Kofo

    a Judas like Rotimi deserves no last warning. Someone who publicly owned up to being a thief of public funds deserves no mercy. We condone too much nonentities in this country.

    • Comfortkay

      Keep your dirty mouth shut.

    • jazz man

      Wat about GEJ is he not a thief of public fund…change ur name pls KOFO means RAT in my language..from all aspect u deserve d name

  • oidele

    You people see nothing wrong with an elected state Governor saying that soldiers in an all volunteers armed force like we have in Nigeria have the right to demonstrate and agitate for their “right”?

    I am sure you guys have never experienced what normally happens when soldiers take such advice and actually “demonstrate” in the way they know best. You have never woken up to hear the Martial music on radio abi?.
    Believe me, it is not a funny thing. You see this freedom of speech you are enjoying now? That is going to be the first victim. Just Google about Degree No 4 of 1984 and you will an idea of what I mean.

    When any private citizen like Asari Dokubo makes ungraded statement, it is wrong and condemnable but when an elected public officer makes such statement, it is more serious and should be addressed immediately because of the potential implications.

    Everything happening should not just viewed as APC and PDP. There are more serious things like the security of the nation that should take precedence when issues comes up.

    The DSS is acting within their constitutional rights to identify serious potential security threats and address it accordingly

    • shivy

      Keep shut. Can u go to war without proper weapon?

      • oidele

        If I sign the dotted line to join an all volunteer armed forces and I agree to be subject to the military rules and regulations then I don’t have any right to demonstrate for any reason whatsoever.

        The military is not just another company you join and complain when they don’t pay your salary on time. A military commander in the battle field has the right to tell his soldiers to hold a position and fight to their last breath and never retreat even when they run out of ammunition. If any soldier decides to run during the fight, he is simply shot at the back. that is called cowardice and desertion.

        During world war two, when Japanese pilots run out of ammunition, they turn their planes into a suicide plane and ram the plan into enemy ships instead of being captured alive. there were know as kamikaze pilots.
        Obviously, I cant do this, this is why I didn’t join the military but this is what you are required to do in a military.
        Besides, on the issue of proper weapon, what do you really mean by proper weapon? all Nigerian soldiers are assigned an AK-47 just like many militaries in the world. Even if they have limited ammunition, they should be able to fight better than those guys that are being tried. Did you read about how only 30 militants was able to overrun Mubi where 1000 soldiers where stationed? Even if they had rationed ammunitions, the 1000 soldier should have been able to fight off those 30 militants.
        The civilian JTF boys and local hunters, what do you think they are using to kill the book haram guys? bows and arrows, dane guns etc.
        You don’t join the military just because you cant find a job. The military is for a special bred of people. People whose minds are crossed and they can do anything.
        Let the military clean and correct itself even though I plead with the military authorities to spare the lives of these soldiers and forgive them.

    • Magenta

      Marshall music is urgently needed in the present arrangements. Minimal please don’t disappoint

    • Realnigerian

      When did the Police and DSS become the court of Justice?

      Or When did the Police and DSS become the official arm of executioners of PDP laws?

      • oidele

        So in the universe where you grew up, it is the court of Justice that should warn politicians not to make dangerous and unguarded statements. If DSS or the police believes that somebody is breaking the law and they want to warn the person to desists, they should go to the court and get an injunction to allow them to warn the person?
        You need to do some readings on how democracy works. you can go online and do a quick google search and enlighten yourself.
        This type of shallow thinking is what you get when you delegate your thinking responsibilities to some politicians instead of using you God given brain.

        • Realnigerian

          Mr oidele (& other aliases), i promised myself never to join issues with people who has been brainwashed due to years and years of torture from corrupt government officials who sees FOI as a privilege.. You seem to forget your rights are not privileges. Mr Oidele, it is your right to say how you feel, what you feel. You were not dashed the right, you were born with it.

          And you curse yourself by telling yourself you don’t need the freedom, you prefer to be in bondage in a cage

          • oidele

            Lets analyze facts:
            I made an original comment that DSS is right to caution any public office holders not to overheat the polity. This is just a caution, a warning….we are not even talking about arrests now. Just caution.

            You responded to me that when did the Police and DSS become court of justices. The implication of your response is that it is only the courts that can caution politicians not to make sensitive comments.

            And then I responded by clarifying my position further on what I meant and advised that you (in good faith) to enlighten yourself on the responsibilities of the judiciary, executive and legislature in a democracy.

            And then you responded by ranting about FOI. Lol….What has FOI got to do with the simple statement I made?

            My original statement is very simple and direct:

            Is the DSS constitutionally empowered to caution public office holders from making inflammatory comments or do they need FOI or a court injunction before they can warn politicians?
            I am not talking of arresting politician. for that they need an arrest warrant. I am talking of cautioning them….

            Maybe some other readers can comment on this simple question I have raised.

          • Realnigerian

            In Nigeria today, caution means you have committed an offence. ordinary caution means court warrant. means arrest. Don’t be fooled by DSS, or the POLICE, they are not different from the ones at police checkpoints collecting bribes. The current DSS / POLICE are there to please any paymaster or Any Government in Power. Tomorrow, the same DSS would sing a different tune. BUT…Lets say, we have rules, laws and justice where elections are not rigged, police don’t collect bribes, judges are not bribed, DSS are not please the main party in power, you may call it ordinary caution. the current Party would use any excuse to arrest the likes of Amechi & co.

          • oidele

            The problem with most of us Nigerians is that we are so distrustful of the establishment to the extent that we have allowed the distrust and hatred to the establishment/government to affect and alter our personal perception of what is right and wrong.
            We don’t look at anything objectively anymore. We look at everything happening in the country from very myopic lenses based on our own narrow interpretation of events.
            Your last reply is still as unhelpful and confusing as your earlier replies. you have a tendency of deviating from the issue at hand and introducing unrelated things just to project your point of view.
            Bros, I don’t understand your attempt to distinguish between caution and ordinary caution. I don’t understand what you mean by caution means committing an offence. So in your own worldview, you don’t want even the authorities to issue warnings to politicians anymore? we are not even talking or arrests now, just to warn them because you claim they are being used by the PDP. I don’t think this is an enlightened point of view to have.
            I still stand by my original comment. there is a constitutional provision that empowers the security agencies to issue warnings to any politicians and citizens that makes utterances that threatens the security of this country.
            I don’t know where you are drawing your comments from that in Nigeria caution equates to committing an offense.
            Try and be more objective. Nobody wants to arrest Ameachi. We just wants him to stop overheating the polity because of election. These types of statements can cause problems for the country in future.

          • Realnigerian

            if you leave in Nigeria, you will understand. And please tell me who is “we”?

  • Comfortkay

    Nigeria is now moving towards authoritarian ruthless government under a so called democracy. There is daily threats to the life of citizens both from criminals and agents like our so called “SSS”.
    The People Destruction Party (PDP) the biggest for nothing in Africa are heading for a big trouble if there is no free and fair election in 2015. Nigerian are already charged like a battery and May God saved Nigerian from the rise of an authoritarian government in a democracy where freedom of speech is no more allowed.

  • tundemash

    Rubbish !
    Ashewo Maryln Ogar, when would you issue last warning to Boko Haram and Shekau ???????

    Rotimi Amaechi spoke our minds and I do not have immunity so why not arrest me and others ? CL0WN !!!

  • Didi

    You will be the first to go when Buhari enters….Since you are the security woman who knows how to secure the unjust. What do you have to say about a “constituted authority” the president, who broke in broad day light the constitution by accepting donations, even to the tune of N21billion. This is against the constitution. What did you do about it Mrs. Security Guard. Aboki! Don’t worry time is running out on you.

  • Didi

    Shameless woman using her public office to oppress the just. What of Doyin Okupe? Fani-Kayode? and ohers. Don’t worry…

  • Spoken word

    DSS are quite funny. Do they think they are talking to primary school kids.

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Ms. Oga, why directing your warning to Amechi when Asari’s comments are always more disturbing than that of America. Are you a card carrying member of PDP?

  • taewo

    This monkey of a woman again! She will do anything to keep her job.


      No woman in your whole monkey village fine pass am !!

  • igbiki

    After the Last Warning Comes

    The Second to The Last Warning

    and then comes arrests???

  • uduakomiri

    Does the SSS really know what its job is? For starters, the SSS is not a judicial body. In fact, it is supposed to be a force that Nigerians wont even know exists as its job is supposed to be done in the background. It is not a CID department or a paramilitary force, it is neither the police rather a type of clandestine internal intel unit. It is just unfortunate how the SSS has been balkanised to the point it acts as a political arm of the ruling party, a judge, police, army, and prison at the same time. We rarely hear the SSS do any of its statutory duties other than being used as a source of intimidation for the public and those who challenge the policies of the government.
    The FBI which is possibly performs the sort of statutory duty our sss should, without the FBI in America, it may be difficult for that country to have law and order in America. The SSS is also the equivalent of the M15 but if you ask most people in the UK who heads MI5, they don’t know people the people at MI5 simply do their jobs in the background. You hardly hear anything about MI5 yet they are one of the most ruthlessly efficient internal security intel agency in the whole world.
    The SSS is just a disgrace to Nigeria. This agency is a burden to Nigeria and an insult to democracy. It should be disbanded and something more fit for purpose like the UK’s National Crime Agency or the MI5 set up.
    Marilyn Ogar is just a politician the SSS needs a career officer possibly with an intel background from the army. This woman is only out to curry favour from Aso Rock rather than do her job

  • AJM Baikie

    The simple fact is this.As Nigerians we are used to impunity and lawlessness.The type of impunity and lawlessness that abounds in our communities is what we want to see transferred and practiced in the Nigerian Military.This is UNACCEPTABLE.Who ever decides to join the military takes an attestation oath,and a major aspect of this oath is “NO TO MUTINY”.
    So when you see soldiers being encouraged to mutiny,the person that encourages such should be treated as a mutineer to.Why didn’t the likes of Falana who stood in defence of these soldiers as them to continue their mutiny?He knows the law and has kept his comments within the law.But for an elected official to call for soldiers to mutiny,may i NEVER have such a person in position of leadership in this country.
    Amechi wouldn’t have survived Buhari/Idiagbon if he made such a statement then.

  • favourtalk

    We need change and forget this woman who talks trash everyday, we need transformation and better government.

  • simon tor gideon

    Why does the SSS look the other way when people like Asari Dokubo,Doyin Okupe,Reuben Abati,Olisa Metuh and other die hard supporters of Pres Jonathan make inflamatory statements that are capable of causing disaffection in the polity and even go ahead to insult past leaders of this nation when they accuse pres Jonathan of wrong doings but the same SSS threaten fire when any member of the opposition makes a statement of fact?Is the SSS now a weapon of oppression against the opposition?

  • Al

    Dss should more importantly extend their warning against rigging election to pdp, politicians contesting election in other platform especially incumbents as well presidential aides and kinsmen who talk any how as if na only them get mouth to make noise

  • Kana Ismail

    Where was Merylin when Asari Dokubo was threatening the while country with war should Jonathan loose in 2015? Am not saying politicians should be allowed to overheat the polity with their utterances but, why only set ur sights on the opposition politicians when in truth, even thugs and oil thieves are allowed to say whatever they want without any fear because they are supporters of Jonathan? For the interest of this nation, security agencies especially the DSS and the police must be neutral.