#Nigeria2015: Igbo group pledges support for Jonathan

The Chairman, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Anambra Chapter, Chris Eluemunoh, on Saturday said the group would vote for President Goodluck Jonathan in next year’s presidential election.

Mr. Eluemunoh said this in an interview at Nkwella-Ezunaka, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra.

He said Igbos would vote for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, during the exercise because the All Progressive Congress, APC, had no agenda for the South East.

He called on the people of the state to obtain voter cards to exercise their civic rights, adding, “the card is the weapon at the voter’s disposal in choosing a leader.”



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  • Dr. Kay

    Useless riffraffs, tell us what plan Dumbo and PDP has implemented in SE in the past 6years? Oya continue to take back seat in the scheme of things , SS is now a power broker now and all SE can do is to continue licking arse ? , o ma Se oh , how the mighty has fallen, great Zik will be turning uncomfortably in his grave.

  • Walter

    As useless as their talk. He has a plan for Nigeria and it looks to me you don’t see yourselves as Nigerians.

  • Eniolataiwo

    This SE people shaaa. When will they learn to stand tall. Kinda wondering what is wrong with ndigbo.

    • UK Boy

      Your father. The oil money that was used to build Lagos, was it money that stood short. Apc is a Yoruba party period. After the election results are announced I’ll come back to this forum say it now like I’ll say it then, Gej will win again.

      • Dr. Kay

        You wanna bet Mr impostor who is ashamed to call himself Mr Biafra now you Mr uk abi? What a shame all of una Ndigbo people who are so ashamed of yourselves you have to 419 everything about your persona. I hope you won’t 419 your life too, oloriburuku eda.

        • Ade#

          The quiet majority among the Igbo’s will vote their choice. Majority of the miscreants here like UK boy can’t differentiate between their left and right.

          GMB/Osinbajo will win landslide, the worrying issue for me, will GEJ accept defeat?

          • UK Boy

            Fyi jump into the Atlantic ocean. It’ll do you much good.

        • UK Boy

          And you Dr KAY another Toronto degree doctor. I used an alias, you use Dr to swell and fan your ego, between me and you who is more fraudulent. Mgbati mgbati piece of s..t.

          • Dr. Kay

            Why not use Biafra boy or bakkasi boy ? Why uk? Oloriburuku lump of garbage!

  • Alcindo Satori

    Dooh?! This is a no-brainer for a couple reasons: (1) APC is a Yoruba party and hence, cannot be trusted! (2) The options on the table are pretty clear-cut — night vs day; elected vs. coupist; democrat vs. fascist; gentleman vs. terrorist. I mean, is this really a topic?

    • Dr. Kay

      To you it ain’t, why you may ask ? Because your brain is located in your arse and many years of sitting down doing yahoo yahoo and e-rat lowlife have atrophied the intelligent part of your brain, no wonder your posting is like a kindergarten email writing to Santa and the tooth fairy siddon they look and you’ll be amazed what will happen, oloshi ode suegbe


    The only igbos I know that are carried along in the APC’S scheme of things are; Renegade Joe ibokwe, Igbo wannabe Wahala, and igbo outcast Osita okechukwu.
    The constitution requires a winner to obtain 25% votes in 2/3 of the states and the FCT.
    This is to guard against the folly of a REGIONAL PARTY hallucinating of producing a president in a multicultural country like Naija.
    This is the albatross weighing heavily on the lopsided APC’S neck..as a fragment of the SW and the ‘core-North’ are at their wits end struggling to ‘turn water into wine’!
    Crying is always an option sha..

  • Thepeople

    CHANGE MUST COME TO NIGERIA. Ohaneze neither speaks for the Igbo people nor the people of Nigeria. Even the Igbo people with exception of those them feeding fat, looting the treasury, stealing public funds with the aid of PDP are suffering with lack of basic amenities in their towns and villages. There are such self serving organisations/groups in the west and the north who have sold their souls and the right of their children and grandchildren to a better Nigeria to PDP. Jonathan has failed Nigerians and must go. He has not shown leadership and people are suffering while PDP drown with corruption and stealing of our money. If PDP wins, nothing would change and PDP would do worse things. CHANGE MUST COME TO NIGERIA. Buhari needs to win for the good of Nigeria and to tell PDP in particular and politicians in general that if you are elected and you do not work for the people but rather continue lining your pocket with our money, you would be removed. Then politicians would start working for Nigerians who have elected them. When Buhari wins, if he does not work for a better Nigeria for your children, and my children , he would and should be removed. That is the basis of democracy.

  • Igwee!!!

    I am Igbo too! I will keep my feet firmly on the ground for Buhari! I will not only vote for Buhari, I will campaign vigorously for him. And I don’t know him personally, neither am I a member of APC. But enough is enough in this country. Someone spends almost 5 years stealing, lying, deceiving, dividing the country and embarrassing me. And that when the election comes, he tries to hide his incompetence behind ethnicism and religion in order to get my vote so that he will go back to rape, rob, rubbish and ridicule the people of this country for another 4 years. I won’t take it from anybody, including Oha n’eze. Ethnicism doesn’t cure the effects of incompetence and corruption on the lives of its poor victims.

    Enough of the deceit by some narrow-minded fellows who think that their personal deals with Jonathan make my life better in anyway. No poor person that is still sane and intelligent in Nigeria today will vote for Jonathan. That’s the truth. This country needs change, and that is what I will be voting for.

    • tundemash

      Ohaneze dwarfs couldn’t tell us PDP’s agenda 4 years ago and what is the agenda now ?
      Anyway …. only idi0ts will exercise their voting rights based on the directive of Ohaneze, Afenifere or Arewa council ! Their support come with Ghana-must-go naira bags and oil blocks !!!

      • Garden-City Boy

        What they have said, they have said. Not only that, they will also act it. And there is nothing you or your barbaric cult of apc-janjaweed islamists can do about it.

        • tundemash

          And what have they said and acted on ?

          only idi0ts will exercise their voting rights based on the directive of Ohaneze, Afenifere or Arewa council !

  • tundemash

    Ohaneze dwarfs , can you please tell us PDP’s agenda 4 years ago and what is the agenda now ?
    Anyway …. only idi0ts will exercise their voting rights based on the directive of Ohaneze, Afenifere or Arewa council ! Their support come with Ghana-must-go naira bags and oil blocks !!!


      Paddle your own canoe ? Wetin be your own na ?
      Ohaneze are our leaders !!

      • tundemash

        really ….. so you are no more Ijaw and SS ? What a fraud !!!!!


          I have always been an Igbo man,I do not know where you got your information from. I was born in the so-called SS

  • Gideon Orkar

    Expected news, let’s keep the killers out. Fresh air till 2019!


      Well said bro,
      We will stop the Jihadis at Umunede and establish a ten mile buffer zone to make sure Oshimole does not get a vote there!!

      • Gideon Orkar

        All brooms will be swept out in February. The East is a terrorist free zone!

  • Wähala

    The Anambra clowns I told @TAWANDA INC. about with their Atiliogu Dance troupe for re-elect Dumbo. Let it be known they’re speaking for themselves and not the generality of Ndigbo which I belong to, Enugu State recorded the highest contributors to the Buhari Campaign and they’re certainly not voting for the Otuoke clown. These are the pfools the Ubas and Ezeife misled, they can sink with the Aborigines but mainstream Igbos know better, that change is on the way and we want a part of it. Can this group point to one achievement of Dumbo or give reasons they’re dancing like clowns for bags of rice? Nobody will be fooled twice in the end, this chapter of Ohanaeze will soon realize they’re on their own. Money-mad baztards!


      Ndigbo have no reason to vote for the JANJAWEED-APC……..Jump into River Niger if you think otherwise !!

    • Oleku

      Which Enugu state Igbos? Don’t just sit in your one bedroom in Nuremberg and write thrash–I am not from Enugu but I visit there at least once a year when in Naija–no one I mean no single wawa Enugu indigene will ever vote for jihadist Buhari–how then can they donate to his campaign–you are a pathetic liar–fag

  • opuruiche

    How many people are in this chapter. Chris Eluemunoh would do anything Peter Obi tells me. I am Igbo, you don’t represent me. Come to Abia and say this and see if you won’t return to NNewi in an ambulance.


      Ndigbo will not be voting for Jihadists….go and jump into Imo River if it hurts you !!

      • Kay-Kay

        Funny how some Ibo people are blindly supporting GEj only because of a historical hatred of Yorubas and a somewhat wishy-washy hope that the southeast will secede with them one day along with their oil. I feel sorry for you. You guys (Ibos) tend to unite only when you have a common enemy: oftentimes Yorubas or Hausas. By yourselves as Ibos you are enemies of each other. You fight your fellow Ibos internally. Good luck getting your own Biafra state one day where all will laugh at you as you fight each other and start to apply for visa to come and trade in yorubaland and other fragments of Nigeria.


          Igbo do not hate people,we hate marginalisation and we hate subjugation.
          We cannot over-look a system which constantly seeks to impose the will of Fulani Muslims on us,we are natural republicans. As for your rant about Yoruba,they are not a threat to us by any stretch however they enable those with these dangerous political ideology to attain their objectives so we are a bit weary about them…..no hate please !!

      • opuruiche

        Since when did you become onu na ekwuru ndi Igbo? Vote whomever you want but don’t pretend to command any followers outside this discus comment section. I am voting for Buhari, same as all my family and friends in Abia state. Igi nwu ga nwuo!!

  • favourtalk

    How can people be supporting a man he had failed the country even though he is from your place, some of those elders who are confusing the common man are been paid to defend GEJ failure but wouldn’t stop bcs money is been paid to there account on daily bases. Change is a must in this country, we must get there irrespective of how much hey are been paid to convince the people

  • john

    He works for Ecobank, the writer

    • soyo

      John, what has that got to do with the subject matter? You are a nonentity for posting irrelevant, mundane and inconsequential comment to Nnamdi’s thought-provoking and unbiased article. Dear Anekwe, nice one. Mgt is watching you!