How Jonathan campaigns for Buhari – South East APC

Buhari campaigning
President Muhammadu Buhari campaigning at the last presidential election

The South East chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has said the party’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, has greater chances of winning the February election because of the alleged poor performance of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The spokesperson of the chapter, Osita Okechukwu, who stated this while addressing members in Enugu on Friday, said the president is the ‘de facto campaign manager” of his APC counterpart since he has nothing to show to Nigeria what he did for them in the last four years.

Mr. Okechukwu explained that the election of Mr. Buhari, who he said had 60 per cent chance in the poll, had become imperative because Mr. Jonathan specifically failed woefully to provide welfare and security to Nigerian citizens, in spite of the unprecedented resources at his disposal.

“President Jonathan lacks neither the political will to stem corruption or to fight Boko Haram; that’s the GMB Appeal, even from unlikely quarters like South-South and South East,” Mr. Okechukwu said.

“Nigerians want positive change. Can a president who failed to utilise good oil revenue regime, succeed under oil glut regime? No! No! No!’

“It is my candid view that our dear president wasted golden opportunity by failing woefully to fulfil the promises he made four years ago.”

The spokesperson recounted that on May 13, 2010, Mr. Jonathan awarded $23 billion contract for the construction of three Greenfield Refineries in Bayelsa, Lagos and Kogi States, but that five years after the “money had grown wings and the refineries dead on arrival.”

He listed the implications of the failure to install the refineries to include the squandering of over N2 trillion annually in the importation of refined petroleum products; devaluation of the naira and economic downturn; gross unemployment; the return of the country to debt trap; unprecedented oil theft; and posting of phantom economic growth in the midst of widespread poverty.

He said, “My brothers and sisters, you must agree with that if Mr. President, a young man with Ph D had performed; automatically Nigerians from all shades of opinion will not today be clamouring to vote for an old GMB for president, that’s why President Jonathan is his Campaign Chief.”

Mr. Okechukwu thanked supporters from the South East for being the highest donors to the Buhari Support Fund, which has so far garnered over N54 million.

“I commend my people for being a critical chain in the Buhari-Bandwagon-Vehicle for Salvation, so that tomorrow nobody can marginalize Ndigbo,” he said.


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  • Dr. Kay

    SE better know what is good for them and vote out Dumbo, if not their deluded calculations of ruling Naija will be a pipe dream. Your best bet is to vote out Dumbo , all calculations that in 2019 you are next is line is taking grandiose delusion to another level. Igbo ro nu oh !


      “Deluded” in the sense that you do not consider Ndigbo full citizens who are entitled to Presidency ambition. You bigoted animal,NIGERIA IS NOT A MUST….ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT !!

      • Dr. Kay

        Ojukwu try am he failed , who be you e-rat shouting like a deranged rabid dog here, I’m telling you , accept or reject Ndigbo best shot at the presidency lies in them jettisoning the Dumbos sinking ship , eni a wi fun Oba je o gbo, he who is foretold may the good Lord let him heed!

    • emmanuel

      Imagine, their deluded calculation of ruling Nigeria?

      So Igbo people aspiration to ruoe Nigeria is a delusion?

      I have told every Igbo person who cares to listen that the easiest way to rule Nigeria is to work wih Jonathan.

      Imagine a Yorubafowl saying that your aspiration to rule Nigeria is a kind of madness.
      Rochas over to you. They never gave you any thought in all of APC sharings


    Osita Okechukwu and his bunch of extremist nutters are political rejects in the SE,his views do not carry any weight nor does it reflect any collective in Igboland. Buhari had better forget about the SE because we have a long memory,we cannot risk our future on a brutal ex-dictator !!

    • kammykazee

      @ Aláwàdà communications, What weight does your view carry??.. NULL!!! You re just a fecking CLOWN, looking for how and where ‘pepper go red’, man must chop, I no blame you though, just enjoying your circus show. Lol


        Keep quiet you hypocrite !! you no dey chop abi ? if you dey fast 24/7 dat one concern you..OMO ALE !!

    • tundemash

      Aside stove and bag of rice, what else has your “long memory” given you ?


        I would rather have rice than that blackened dirty Ewedu and palm oil clogged soup !

        • tundemash

          Tell your unfortunate generations unborn what you sold their future for and your memory will be cursed forever.

  • Mosaku 147

    Osita Okechukwu,be sure the story of the emancipation of the southeast will not be told without a chapter dedicated to you and Joe Igbokwe. Keep up the good work.

    • emmanuel

      Emancipation of the South East? The Yorubas have perpetually ensured the Igbos never get key political and Military positions which Jonathan reversed.

      The Fulanis would have allowed the Igbos long ago, but for the conspiratorial role of the Yorubas

      Mosaku you too low a mortal to talk about Igbo liberation. Jonathan is already setting up structures to have then take their rightful place.

      You guys cannot continue to determine who rue Nigeria. Obasanjo left the scene a while go with that, it is now Tinubu and Obasanjo it will not work.

      We would rather split this country than continue with this Yoruba shenanigan!

      • tundemash

        cl0wn .. remove the clog in your own eyes first …… an Igbo man was V.P. to Buhari in 1999 and 2003 and yet you Igbos voted for OBJ (Yoruba) and Atiku (Hausa) .

        Creek Monkey …. can you explain to us how PDP is stronger than APGA in igbo land ? Keep blaming yorubas even when you can’t get your wife pregnant !!!

        • emmanuel

          You guys are unrepentant pull down the structure if it does not favour you humans. Awolowo did it and he never enjoyed it.

          Abiola did same and it will be Tinubus now.

          Let me tell you what is going on today, the Fulanis have realised that they are playing into the hands of Obasanjo and Tinubu and they are willing to wait for four years.

          If una like, make una dey wish abi only redeemed church go fit deliver Buhari? Make una realise say redeemed sef is not entirely Yorubas.

          Nigerians will eventually know how to leave after 2015 election if we remain one.

          Watch the body language of the Fulani leaders since the VP saga ended.

          • tundemash

            Stop taking panadol for someone’s headache !

        • emmanuel

          I be creek monkey yeah? We nor dey use juju get promotion for office or kill our colleagues so that we can take their position.

          Cursed people, you want money but would not work hard or wai for your turn.

          You want the presidency after Obasanjo last stint, so na Buhari una wan delete make presidency come back to una

          • tundemash

            yeah right .. okija shrine is in abeokuta.

            Before you digress ….. tell us why you didn’t vote for an igbo man as V.P. in 1999 and 2003 but voted for the yoruba man/ hausa man you castigate their tribe today … sore loser !

          • emmanuel

            Me vote for a he goat Obasanjo, God forbid.

            Did OBJ strike you like he had brains outside the curse for theft that follows him wherever he goes?

            For the Love of cheap and free money, the Yoruba man in him resonated after he left office and he called all the mallams to come build a mosque in his Library. Ask him for what? Free money, same thing that made you guys surrender Ilorin to cattle rearers from Far North Nigeria and today ruoed by Emirs.

            I recalled five months ago, some mumus in Ilorin protested that their first class Obas were not recognised in Kwara state and I asked why.

            Greed and cheap monies lead to destruction. Una neva see, Fulani go enslave and kill your people at the slightest opportunity. Go ask abacha he go tell you.

          • tundemash

            Cl0wn ….. not only did OBJ/Atiku won convincingly in the South East, APGA candidate, Odumegwu Ojukwu was also defeated . Tell us who you voted for then ? Since you didn’t vote PDP and yet they won convincingly on the SE, could we now assume your mouth diarrhoea on this site caries no weight Mr. D@ft ?

        • Niakita Kresbin

          Soft softly my dear. Even with numb skulls such as @emmanuel and @Tawanda, point still better made in temperate language. Like I posted below, they might be worse than devil’s advocates. Cheers.


            May Amadioha descend on you quickly……Anuofia !!

          • Maria

            Mr Jew… Look at your miserable life you cannot even make any point but calling on an imaginary lifeless god to strike someone. Amadioha ko, amadioko ni…f00ls.


            BEWARE BLASPHEMY !! Do not denigrate the great Amadioha,do not under-estimate the anger of my ancestors !!

          • Maria

            Dead and rotten ancestors… idol worshipper… you have no place in the Kingom of Jesus…

          • kammykazee

            Amen!!! ijn.


            Amadioha may be benevolent but Amadioha can be vengeful as well , I do not insult your belief or religion !!

          • kammykazee

            Lol…, I call the clown Tawanda, ‘Aláwàdà’ , a jester who does not even know how to defend is paymaster, that crackhead is only interested in the size of crumbs he can gather from posting comments online. Reno has replaced is brain with a chip., he is now half human half machine.

      • Niakita Kresbin

        For as long as Igbos continue to define their emancipation in terms of how many of them are in key government positions, for so long will this much-sought-after emancipation elude us. Granted Uncle Joe has Igbos in key positions, but how has that translated into infrastructural development for manufacturing industry, which is our mainstay? Specifically how has that translated into good roads, constant (or near constant) electricity, etc etc? Do you not know that if you give Nnewi and Aba, electricity supplied from gas-powered sources, they will produce far cheaper and compete better regionally (West Africa) and really emancipate us? How has the empowerment of these few individuals helped our collective lot as Igbos? I put it to you that if Buhari will give me these without a single Igbo in his cabinet (which will definitely not be the case) then I (and you if you are Igbo) will be very wise to vote for him rather than give your vote to he that fills his cabinet with Igbos but neglects millions of others. Look at the charade that is the second Niger bridge. Look at the how long it has taken for the Enugu-PH road to look like portions of it are being rehabilitated. It has taken this long because these same Igbo office holders have cornered the money for its construction for themselves. Sections of the road in Enugu and Abia states were given to the respective state governors. Check and see what is happening to the portions in Abia state. If Uncle Jo loves Igbos because of which he is giving prominent positions to us, then he would have demonstrated this to the majority by insisting that the road is rehabilitated, even if it means settling the governors “out of court” and getting the job done, WITHOUT GIVING THEM THE CONTRACT. The hunger in my stomach is not any less painful because my “brother” is causing it nor will the relief be any less joyful because my brother from another mother caused the relief. Thank you.

        • emmanuel

          Yet Anamco is back, traders do Enugu direct to the outside world, a week ago alternative Enugu PH rail line was commission.

          Ask your self, how much has Jonathan spent on power, compare to OBJ, Abacha, IB yet the result is begining to show.

          Jonathan did not seatdown before you guys began to hound him.

          • Niakita Kresbin

            OBJ, Abacha, and IB are not seeking re-election. Get that clear. Secondly, ANAMCO is back doing what? Assembling vehicles. How many other such plants exist elsewhere in Nigeria? Compare that with manufacturing, which the only thing stopping is a functional iron and steel industry, from which the Igbo due to the manufacturing prowess will be the greatest beneficiaries. What type of rail lines are you talking about. Someone I know once said, and it true, that the greatest problem Nigerians, especially Igbos have, is this culture of low expectations from their elected officials. I stand by my earlier response to you. You will see my point if you were really Igbo and not a masquerade. Pls stop posting in our name. Sometimes I think you even reply to support your post.


            The truth is that the rail system was completely comatose before GEJ,it is not perfect but it has kicked off on a good footing and will keep improving,. OBJ kept going round in circles and deceiving Nigerians but on the day he left power,not one line was working in Nigeria,I wonder why Nigerians enjoy being ingrates and haters.


          OK ,let’s talk about power,how long has the neglect of proper investment in the power sector lasted ? well over 30 years is the real answer . The solution would have been easy and quick if the infrastructure was in place but GEJ and Nnaji had to start from designing gas,hydro and coal plants,they had to start construction of gas pipe lines,they also had to deregulate the entire power sector to unlock future investment from the private sector. The result is that Nigeria for the first time has an organised strategic plan to improve output and distribution . The total output is on the rise and there is hope that it will henceforth keep improving.
          OBJs $16 billion spent on power up till the last days of his administration was a fraud,he just cannot explain how the fund was spent and those before him recklessly abandoned power generation and distribution.
          Nigeria will regret it if the likes of Atiku and Tinubu and a mentally feeble old general should pounce on Nigeria’s future.

          • Nigeria

            You are not familiar with the fact, if you check well the integrated power project was on board before Jonathan got into power and its the same power project and the privatization of the sector they continued with.
            So he did not start the work or reform on electricity, before he became president we saw private power plant from river state and from oil companies starting up before he became the president, so please check your facts well before commenting.


            Keep quiet,there was no infrastructure or implementation ,it was the Rivers power plant only and it was a state project .

          • Nigeria

            you see how less inform you are. plus the river state project we also have
            Egbin IPP Gas , 270 MW 2004 existing, and planned and commissioned plant in 2007 are Palalanto Gas 330 MW, Omotosho Gas 330 MW, Guregu Gas 414 MW, Alaoji Gas 330 MW.
            These are information available in scientific Journals and publications.

          • Thetwin

            My guy they are too slow in doing this. We cant afford to wait for them going at this tortoise speed.

        • Caleb Abelo

          You are blessed my brother. Leave the mumu alone. 2015 is here already

        • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

          Buhari is a terrorist
          do you want him to change our way of life?

          • Niakita Kresbin

            He did not “change our way of life” when he had ample opportunity to do so as a military ruler and could wake up one morning and change that “our way of life” with an un-negotiated decree. It is now that he will have a national assembly that must be carried along to change this your way of life. For your information, this change to your way of life will require a constitutional amendment, which as you may know requires a significant proportion of the both arms of the national assembly and most of the state houses of assembly to concur before it can be successful. By the way, Buhari is not coming to be your state governor nor Local government chairman. All I think his Presidency will achieve is to ensure that the country’s revenue be properly accounted for, so that when they go to share it every state will get what is substantial enough to carry out its functions. As it is now,due to corruption, this country officially does not know how much the oil majors drill out of our soil and how much of the declared quantity drilled that gets into our coffers. Worst, of the declared quantity, we cannot work out how much of it that is used to run the country. Remember the 20billion$, and Adams Oshio’s declaration that 30billion$ is missing from the ECA. If Buhari plugs all these leakages by exemplary leadership, my dear, thats all I am asking for, because every other thing will take care of themselves. Nigeria is very easy to lead. You know, we follow too much. Once Nigerians are certain that if they dont take, no one else will, and that if any deviant is caught doing that, he will be adequately punished, corruption stops. Believe me I know what I am talking about. I lived through the early ’80s and can attest to how short a time it took for the hitherto unruly Nigerians to imbibe the culture of queuing and sundry orderly behavior. All it needed was a leadership of Buhari which was seen to be willing to punish offenders, while himself lived above board.

          • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

            Stop rebranding a known terrorist
            Buhari is Boko Haram Executive Commander

          • Thetwin

            May Almighty God bless you for this piece. It shows you are a product of a sound educational system not the typical go to school and get a certificate to get white-collar jobs we have today.

          • Ede

            yes!! and bros Jonah is a bigger terrorist , awarding juicy Government contracts to 9ja delta terrorist

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    people are running mouth freely from the south
    not acceptable in the North

  • Maria

    Whether igbos vote for buari or not, buari will win the elections. It is left for the igbos to decide their own fate in the next dispensation because Jonathan who igbos now call their Messiah and Jesus cannot even save himself let alone igbos.

  • ibrahim

    Okechukwu bears out the minds of right thinking Igbo people who are in their thousands not trapped by ethno-religious parochialism

  • UYI111

    Those who refuse to see anything in others will remain in the dark for as long as they live. GEJ has not done badly compares to the situation on hand with the boko haram and other security challenges the president has laid better foundation than any prior government before it is as simple as that if he gets a re election he will consolidate that is how it”s suppose to be .
    Buhari cannot be a better option because the man is subject to manipulation by his sponsorers who are masters of the game like Atiku /amaechi tinubu tambuwal etc these are bunch of phsyco ‘s and many more who now claim to be Awolowo over night check their history you will know the truth.

  • Eze1

    ….How do you want GEJ to build refineries in Nigeria when his cronies operates refineries outside our shores….. He truely wasted a golden opportunity to transform the economy but rather he was busy transforming pockets of cronies

  • philosopher king

    jonathan is a total failure