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  • elmok

    oshomole is talking without proof which make his argument and calculation a failure,maybe osho baba is turning to calculator governor

    • Hambolu Segun

      You could be right. But if the budget was based on selling price of #70 and you sell at #100, where is the balance of #30? Let them just tell us where the excess profit is or how it was spent.
      Simple answer is required and not the minister telling us money is not missing without telling us where the money is.

      • elmok

        is it not when money is missing before you will be told where it is or what they do with it

        • Leslie

          Sorry to say but you brain isn’t functioning well.

          • elmok

            yours is computer brain ,continue with your illussion

    • Titi

      u are really a clown, what proof do u need? the comrade gave a simple mathematics based on government estimates and the only answer the madam can give is that it can not be true

      • elmok

        i don’t know why people of these days like to insult people on social media really poverty have reduce people to a very low level

  • Abdulmanaf

    We needs our election to be charge as A.P.C Insha Allah.Vote for change.

    • Fairgame

      Speaking like a real illiterate hausa fulani northerner. You can’t even construct a simple sentence and yet you feel entitled to rule because you are ‘born to rule’ Keep dreaming! Nigeria will have to break up and the Nigerdelta keeps its oil before you will ever smell political power in Nigeria again!
      Buhari who failed all his exams, a shariah touting islamic fundamentalist, jihadist will NEVER rule a united Nigeria.

      • Titi

        Biafran man! why do u always speak out of frustration?? just relax as a normal onlooker

        • okeke

          He may be a Biafran man, but no matter how many times you step out to vote in any electoral cycle, your “one Nigeria” will never get to its eldorado.

      • Leslie

        How many sentences can your PhD claimer construct?Goat!Even if Nigeria divides you will continue to live in poverty cos the cash will never circulate.All of u asking for division will suffer the most.You think they send you.Try having a rethink.

  • Chris1408

    Okonjo is doing GEJ bidding, holding fort for the thief

  • Screw-em

    A phantom “economist” hacked madam “head scarf” Iweala’s computer that is why she can’t account for the missing monies. As well as the 1.6million “jobs” her bush lantern economy created……I fear for Harvard education….na wahhhhh!!!

  • Atom Ant

    Ngoor, eni ba npuro a j’ale o(he/she who lies will steal), tell us exactly how much is missing, we tired of disparities in missing figures. Don’t mind the Edo man telling us half-truth, he is in Edo you are in Abuja, you are closer to the till and can give us the correct figure.

    • Leslie

      Let her tell us,simple.

  • Edward Osadebay

    The truth of the matter is that the federal government just put whatever catches it fancy down on the table for the three tier of government to share. It promptly takes the lion of more than 50% leaving 36 states, FCT and local government areas to share whatever is left after deduction of 13% have been made for oil producing states.

    The money accruing to the federation account have also been shrouded in secrecy. States do not have accurate information on our finances. So they continue to speculate. And the failed economist from the world bank and the animal science teacher from Otueke continue to take Nigerians for granted. Nigerians must decide very soon if the present trend must continue.

  • Peter

    The Finance Minister has clarified the situation, leaving the enemies of the administration to their imaginary views and tales by the moonlight. In Nigeria today, almost everyone is a Finance Manager whose views and opinions must be taken as authentic. Whether the skeptics like it or not ,the government has spoken. Opposition theorists should wait and, until the parallel government of Rotimi Amaechi and his APC is formed, the decision of the present government is final.

    • Leslie

      What has she clarified without facts and figures. Shallow brain you have.

  • emmanuel

    Oshomole is due for Uselu, the equivalent of Aro and Yaba..e be like say he don dey take coco like him oga too.

  • Dr. Ahmad

    The Governor gave a simple mathematics and stated what ought to have been in the account based on crude sales estimates. He may be wrong but the Minister is not giving any fact or figure, only a statement that it can simply not be possible. Let the minister give a daily statement of crude sales for the said period, or could it possibly be a secret? Nigerians deserve nothing good if the only thing we can say to this governor is an insult for raising such a sensitive issue. My concern is why is he speaking this late..of-course there is politics in every politics but let it be a good politics…At least he is better than his other colleques that keep silent

  • Frank Bassey

    Madam, must you respond to the ranting of every ant from the anthill? This is a state where INEC 45,000 PVCs were hijacked on the way …

  • Dr. Olalekan

    Adams Oshiomole either needs schooling in arithmetic or syrup for memory loss.
    All educated economists, including myself, hissed at his demonstrated ignorance.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “Education” does not equate intelligence, bruv!

      Please provide the explanation, if you care.


    Oshimole needs psychological evaluation by a mental health expert.If he really thinks that $30 billion is missing then the people of Edo need to watch it,the man has lost his marbles !!

    • Thepeople

      Insults, insults. Insults shows that you are loosing the debate.


        Any reasonable human being with a fair grasp of the international finance system should know that it is almost impossible for $30 billion to vanish without trace.
        Also considering Oshimoles eccentric and erratic public displays of wickedness,his safari-warden dressing etc,it is only fair for him to check in and have his psychological well being evaluated………or are you waiting for him to have dredlocks and a pair of short knickers before he does the needful ?

  • Usman

    Where is the money? Simple question, we don’t need those grammars

  • The choice in 2015 is between an upright and an anti-corrupt leader and another that says stealing is not corruption- $20billion missing with Forensic Accountants no where in sight, $30billion according to Governor Oshiomole and N10billion spent on private jet etc. Madam Iweala where is the money?

  • Ette

    The mathematics is simple. Difference between budget benchmark price and actual prices was $36 per barrel for those 3 years. Question is where is this difference and how was it spent. Normally the difference should be in the Excess Crude Account and if it is not there, where is it. That is the question for the corrupt finance minister to answer and not the senseless grammar in the so called denial.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Ngozi Iweala’ s second name is curruption

  • Spoken word

    So where is the $30billion.Nigerians might be fools in the past and currently but we will not be fools forever.when the tide finally turns against corruption in this country all these leaders will have to flee.

  • Thepeople

    Daa, so you have joined these people. The organised crime syndicate of PDP. What a shame! What a pity!!
    Jonathan would and must go. We can not continue like this. Buhari may not be a saint but THERE HAS TO BE A CHANGE. CHANGE MUST COME TO NIGERIA!!!! When Buhari wins, if he loots the treasury, and does not work for the good of our country, your children and my children, he should and would be kicked out. The very basics of democracy.


      Change to Tinubu,Atiku and an old undemocratic brutal dictator, abi ? You are a joke,THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN !!