Nigerian military warns politicians against inciting soldiers to mutiny

Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade

In view of the series of insinuations, allegations and false claims being made by certain activists and politicians on the legal and disciplinary process in the Nigerian military, the Defence Headquarters finds it necessary to call on politicians to avoid using the forum or medium of their political campaigns to incite or endorse acts of indiscipline in the nation’s military establishments. This call has become necessary as the trend got to another level on Tuesday when a prominent politician declared that “The soldiers have the right to protest for the Federal Government’s failure to fully equip them”.

It was expected that the fellow quoted or his party would have made immediate moves to correct this fallacy or erroneous impression being propagated especially in view of the level of knowledge of his principal and candidate in forthcoming elections. Unfortunately, no such gesture seem to be forthcoming. There is therefore the need to caution against the propagation of this dangerous idea before it causes more problems.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the military institution rejects this declaration and its intention in all ramifications. The military law as recognized by the Constitution of the Federation is an appropriate legal document for the management of affairs of the military. The processes it outlines for handling military offences remain legal and will continue to be applied in the interest of the nation’s security and democracy.

Individuals and interest groups seeking to play to the gallery by being meddlesome, sensational or mischievous in interpreting developments in the military are advised to moderate their activities with some decorum. It is clear that the false accusations that depend on unsubstantiated allegations being peddled on the military operations in Nigeria are intended to tarnish the reputation of Nigerian military and its leadership. The campaign apparently aimed at undermining constituted authority in the military must not be encouraged.

It is obvious that most of the comments and sensational stories in the media have been oblivious of the fact that the processes are still ongoing and yet to be concluded. The war on terror is not all about equipment but mindset of both the military and the public. Inciting remarks can only compound the situation for all involved.

The military is resolved to prosecute the counter terrorism campaign with all sense of commitment by the rank and file. The tendency to suggest or encourage dissention in the system will not yield any advantage to any well-meaning Nigerian citizen. Politicians are therefore requested to guide their utterances as the military remains a veritable institution of the state. Those who seek to undermine or destroy it should be prevailed upon to stop the mission considering the fact that the institution remains indispensable to government and its process under any dispensation.

The Nigerian military reiterates its commitment to defending the nation’s democracy. Individuals and personalities are enjoined to refrain from pronouncement and attitude that seek to undermine the established justice/disciplinary procedures and processes of the military system. This counsel is very vital to the excellent civil-military relations which is crucial to the nation’s development.

Incitement to protests or mutiny in the military is an ill wind that will ultimately blow no good to anyone. The military authorities should not be blackmailed with a view to forestalling the exercise of due command and control over the system as established by law in the interest of the nation. The Nigerian military has resolved not to yield to whims and caprices of those seeking to undermine its system purely for populist or political ends.

Chris Olukolade
Major General
Director Defence Information


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  • Gamba

    Amaechi, be warned.

  • amazing2012

    Ok you guys has also join politics of opposition. I do expect an immediate arrest of Dokubo Asari who three days ago says if Jonathan did not win election 2015 he will shell south west before he rockets northern Nigeria. This is not only treason but an open declaration of war with Nigeria. But now may be a member of opposition party has made similar statement you are backing like dog. If you are serious arrest all of them !

    • FortB

      Asari Dokubo did not make statements inciting mutiny in the military. While I think he is just a barking mad dog that is better ignored, anyone whose statement is capable of inciting the military to mutiny must desist and be cautioned. We must not destroy what holds us together. If we destroy the military institution, Nigeria is finished as a country. That’s the message the military spokesman is trying to convey. It has nothing to do with politics like some fools here are trying to portray.

      • amazing2012

        ………… He better be ignored and many of his type ? in where there is no law ! This statement is made perhaps because it come from the opposition party.
        It’s not the military that hold us together, I am sure you will believe with me that what hold us together as a nation is God.
        The military are humans like any other human, only differ by training and isolation from society and politics. Nigeria military are polarized by politics of religon, ethnicity and regional sentiment in appointments and promotions among the senior ranks. While the junior ranks are not happy with the level of corruption at their commands and the deliberate sacrifice of their lives by their superior. Many instances indicates how the juniors where oppressed clearly and cheated openly in the name of discipline by their superiors. Only in Nigeria years back military protest non-payment of their war allowances and where caught and sentence to death. Again on Boko boys: in most cases they were sent with less powered and Ill weapons to confront those with more advance weapons and they canno complain. Mutiny is use to oppressed any solder having his rights denied. Infortunately this destroy his moral which is the back drop of loyalty. Only in Nigeria, Nmbatse cult of Nasarawa killed security personel on duty, in uniform ! 150 with arms both solders,police,sss, civil defense and nothing happen. Finally the DG SSS come out to forgive them and you expect loyalty ?
        Only God is keeping us safe !!

        • FortB

          The military remains a unifying factor in our national life. Without the military today, the country will go up in flames and that seems to be the wish of those putting out these dis information. Bad eggs within the military are the ones who involved themselves in mutiny and cowardly acts. Trying to justify their actions in the name of inferior weapons and corruption by the hierarchy is being mischievous. While I won’t say d military is totally devoid of corruption, In all my 26 years of service no General has eaten my salaries or entitlements.

          Boko Haram fighters never had heavy military equipment like tanks, armoured personnel carriers and fighter jets/helicopters until the bad eggs in the army started abandoning their armoured vehicles for the enemy. And yet people like you believe we should clap for these saboteurs. If you believe the lies you read on social media, then tell me in specifics the superior weapons and equipment that Boko Haram has that the Nigerian military does not have that would justify soldiers partaking in mutiny or refusal to perform military duties.

          As regards your allegations of polarization of the military along ethnic, religious and regional lines, you must be very myopic about the military. If you must know, it is one of the few institutions in the country that is devoid of such negative tendencies. I am from the minority part of the country and in my 26 years, I have never experienced discrimination in promotions, so am at a loss where you got your obviously flawed information from.

          • Amir

            Honestly I do not think you ever served in the military. Countless times the military hierarchy and spokesperson have said something that turned out not to be true. E.g Rescuing the Chibok girls, ceasefire deal etc. Obama as a candidate in the election visited US troops in Iraq among other places. Why can’t the neutrality of our Military be so to extend such courtesy to citizens contesting for positions that could make them C in C? Your bias dismissed the utterances of a militant war Lord but took on the personal opinion of a regional governor without verifying the context he made the statement. During the Vietnam war, a U.S. preacher Martin Luther rallied his country against popular opinion to morally condemn the war. He subsequently mounted the pulpit and voiced out loud against it. Nigerians enjoy decay and lawlessness and that is what the protectors of this status quo are defending on behalf of the incompetent PDP. If you were ever in the military, is this the same morale and pride the institution had 26 years ago? Stop misleading your country with your ‘too know’ mentality. May be you are contracted to defend the statement online and you appeared from nowhere to run through every posting. I simply can’t believe a blogger will be so determined to explain the rationale for killing condemned soldiers in an institution he claimed to have spent 26 years without dying in a war front or through court marshall.

          • amazing2012

            You dudged to refer to two instances in my submission. Again you failed to understand that the military has the mandate to prosecute any social media that try to soil its integrity. I want you to answer this questions to me and please dont dudge now:
            1. Nmbatse’s case: the
            2. The solders that riots for non payment of their war allowances which actually is not Nigeria money but UN.
            3. You made mentioned that the weapons used by BOKO boys were the one collected from bad eggs in the army. May I ask you the helicopter used to drop Boko supplies is among the weapons collected ? And the hundreds Hilux vehicles ? With the constants supplies fueling dump.?

          • FortB

            Nbatse case did not involve the army. It was basically the police that were involved.

            As regards riots by returning soldiers from UN because of allowances owed them, it will be cumbersome to explain here. In summary though, there was a delay in the process due to bureaucracy of getting the allowances from the UN through the federal ministry of finance to MOD to defence HQ and then to the army before it gets to the unit that pays the troops. Sometimes this process gets delayed not because someone is trying to subvert troops allowances. So you have cases where troops return from a UN mission and so months allowances have nit gotten to them. They always get all within 3 months of return. I have been to such missions myself and I always get whatever is owed me on return. The protesting soldiers were ill informed due to poor leadership of the commander. And then, like I mentioned there are always some bad eggs within the ranks who sometimes succeed in these acts that must be dealt with by law.

            On the helicopter issue you mentioned, it’s all rumors. Have you heard of Boko Haram helicopter dropping bombs on our soldiers? So if you are talking of superior weapons, is a supply helicopter now better or more sophisticated than our fighter jets or helicopter gunships?

            Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying every general is a saint. But definitely corruption in the system is not the way it is being painted by those who know nothing about the military. I am still in service and know for a fact that there are deliberate efforts to destroy the military by some shadowy people. Only time will tell.

          • amazing2012

            So the army negligently leave behind Hundreds of Hilux vehicles, their keys AND FUEL the Boko are using for months ?
            I called a friend who served in UNAMSIL finance dept. he said UN never owe anyone. Their money is paid before they leave the command. Now you are saying different thing, however why should they be Ill inform ? If the practice can take months ? Are they living in isolated camp/barracks away from people like you ? Obviously is because the senior rank treat them like slaves, they don’t have access to information. All they are required is to say sir !! The normal insulting word “mumu”.
            On helicopters, two senators reported this to the National Assembly but you still say it’s a rumor ?
            What of the helicopter that crashed in Adamawa with only white men, loaded ammunitions and foreign currency ? Do we have white men fighting for NIGERIA army ? Who are they taking the ammunitions to ? Who are they taking the foreign currency to at war front ?
            The fact that this fight with Boko boys and mighty Nigeria army has not ended give every reasonable person the right to think otherwise !!

          • FortB

            Your friend who served in UNAMSIL cannot be better informed than me. If you know where and in what capacities I have served, and still serving you will understand. There were court marshals during ECOMOG operations. Because the Internet had not spread the way it is then, news also were not being spread across the world as we have it now. Don’t take all you read in the media to be true. The military because of its nature of operations cannot tell the public everything. Helicopters with white guys mean nothing. Are you not aware we’ve had foreign partners assisting us for a while now? As to why the insurgency has not ended, the answer is simple. Why has the Somalia crisis, Afghanistan, Iraqi and Pakistani crisis not ended as well? If you can answer this then you have the answer. American soldiers were withdrawn from Somalia. You think it is easy to defeat an insurgency? Ask the Pakistanis. This is a nuclear country with a very formidable military, yet they are still battling the Taliban as we speak. My pain is that we easily rubbish our institutions (even the ones that are working) without taking some pains to garner the facts. Most of us Nigerians are really poor at gathering reliable information yet we comment most on social media.

          • amazing2012

            The issue of foreign partners is one of the major reason why insurgency will never stop. Foreigners partners are actually the one wishing the insurgency to continue. This can be fact if you understand the concept of dependency and hegemony in international politics. Regarding Helicopter with white foreign partners, who are the partners giving foreign currency in the battle field ? Foreign Boko haram fighters ?
            What of the question of secret weapon purchase in South Africa ? What of Kano weapons also released quickly with visit of Ali Mad Shaitan ?
            Gen. Azazi accused PDP/Jonathan and he got sacked and assissinated in helicopter crash. Can NSA tell lies ?
            A seating governor of Adamawa murtala nyako also accused PDP/Jonathan and got Impeached and has to run for his dear life. Again a seating governor can tell lies ?
            To remind you, you also dudge the question of Nmbatse who killed 150 personel and get pardon through DG SSS. !!!

      • Amir

        Just recently a PDP stalwart labelled a former head of state and army general an illiterate. The military being allegedly a part of PDP aligned with that derogatory statement apparently confirming to the PDP man that even present army generals are illiterates. A militant dared security and defence institutions and made an inciting statement more dangerous to national security than the personal opinion of a governor, the military saw it in their PDP wisdom to ‘ignore’ him and hide their heads in shameful quietness. An equiped soldier is one whose physical, mental, intelligence, morale and ‘after service’ needs are taken care of. A soldier cannot hang bullets on a shoulder that is too weak from hunger to carry that load. Nigerians and indeed W. Africa have always been grateful to the army for their stabilising efforts in the sub region. This includes the imperfect generals who are now labelled illiterates by politicians! It is not the duty of the military to campaign for any party or respond to the opposition on behalf of the government. They should stay out of political statements and accusations crossfire if they have any neutrality.

  • Ashibogu

    Wahala dey o! Amaechi is a small boy. The Nigerian military is not APC or PDP. The greatest mistake APC is making is to rubbish theNigerian Army. Now, the Army sees APC as working to undermine its legitimacy. It is a big big problem for the party.

    • glo

      Please go and sit at the back, jeri!

  • The Eyes in the Sky

    Let me make it abundantly clear that the Federal Government has made the money available to the branches of the military to ensure that the military has what they need to fight the terrorists!!! The problem is that the Senior Military leadership has been stealing the money for their own use!!! Look at how many houses the Chief of Naval Staff has built for himself and his family in Calabar!!!! Look and you will see how much the Federal Government has given to the military!!!!! Ask the men on the ground and they will tell you the truth!!!

    • FortB

      You are a very ignorant person who like most Nigerians think they know when in actual fact they know nothing. How is procurement of military hardware made? You think the government gives the money to the military high command. Ignorance is a disease. I am one of the men on ground and just laugh at your ignorance and those like you who gave no idea how the defense institution works, it’s budgeting and procurement processes, but come to public forum like this and vomit rubbish.

      And for those accusing the military as being part of PDP, I really pity you all. Mostly, you live abroad if not you will shut up and commend what the military is doing under very difficult circumstances. You think if troops continue to mutiny, refuse to fight the insurgence and that becomes the norm, you will sit safe in your houses whether in Sokoto, Lagos, Kano, Warri or anywhere in the country?


        Oh wise one FortB please enlighten us all as to how military procurement works. If you are so informed then please tell us. Because I too am very well informed and I can assure you that I understand the purchasing process better than you. I know exactly how the prices are overinflated so that the money budgeted can find its way back into the pockets of those high ranking senior military officials. Before you call me ignorant I suggest you check your own bank account, because it is damn obvious that you too know how the game works and are making your own share!! And for the record I know exactly how hard the foot soldiers on the front lines are working to secure the country and I know exactly what they are facing. They are to be commended for their valiant efforts! But as for YOU, you should be ashamed of yourself for defending the corruption and looting that obviously you are benefiting from.While I will never condone mutiny caused by cowardice, I also would never send men into battle unless I knew they had what they needed to win the battle!!! I think you need to look in the mirror before you point fingers!!!

        • FortB

          You continue to exhibit your ignorance. Since you asked, though impolite, I will educate you on the procurement process. Allocations for procurement of military hardware is made to the Ministry of defense (Mod). Based on request and specifications from the military, MOD invites tenders from contractors who when approved, supplies the equipment. And you may not know, it is civilians that awards these contracts at MOD not generals. Verify this for yourself and comment based on knowledge not fairytale. And for your information I do not work at MOD nor am I a general

          • Amir

            Your responses show you belong to the group or cabal who benefit from the rot in our national institutions including the military. How come we did not have this level of desertions during the civil war? Why did we not have during ECOMOG? Why did we not have in SIERRA LEONE or elsewhere? During the recent senate hearing the military chiefs complained of lack of equipment, so did the Borno State governor at some point. Field soldiers confronting Boko Haram have continually complained of lack of equipment. Was it not procurement of military hardware we were told responsible for the disgrace of illegal money transaction as it happened recently in South Africa? How come Cameroonian soldiers are not deserting? Mr military expert, you seem to be one these military politicians or beneficiary of the rot through inconsequential advisory position. What differentiates a civilian from a military man if the army should not be equipped. When military budget Is used to pay arm chair Abuja contractors, what do you get? Mr FortB, please go ahead and kill those soldiers in your ‘ misinterpretation of military law’ and you will see that lack of equipment will be a ‘child’s play’ compared to the aftermath. You guys that claim too know about governance are the real enemies of government. I truly despise your type whose only stock in trade is to intimidate law abiding citizens with your military ego.

          • FortB

            You are just an empty headed person with a very despicable personality. It is a waste of time trying to have a decent conversation with your kind because your mind is already warped and diseased. Go get some education and home training

          • Amir

            Yours is exactly the level of indiscipline and ‘excellent education’ that have made our military a laughing stock before many nations. Avoiding trouble spots to chose the soft spot of insulting civilians and trading accusations with politicians online.


            FortB I appreciate your attempt to clarify the process but it is quite clear that either you do not know how it really works or you are intentionally trying to mislead the public. The Ministry of Defense has absolutely no control over the money. The entire budget is monitored and controlled by the Office Of The National Security Advisor. Look at the contracts awarded and see who owns the companies that they are awarded to. I am not ignorant about the process, I obviously know more then you. If you chose to continue the lie, that is your choice, but at this point I will not engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. It is a real shame that Mr. President has to take the blame, for the actions of a few unscrupulous actors who only care about their own fortunes.

          • FortB

            The office of national security advicer has its own budget. Have you bothered to check the breakdown of the national budget? You can download it from the Ministry of finance website. Maybe when you do you will understand better.

        • emmanuel

          Commander in-Chief of APC army o ku se o. You must be an Obasanjo, Mr. Know it-all

  • Dankasa

    Do we have Army in this country at all? What is this PDPig General is saying? do you think all these hulibaloo you are saying will make people fear you during election? That time gone man, better short your mouth up before you too are court Marshal in May, 2015. What informed your impression that your party will survive February Tsunami?

    • emmanuel

      Elections are never won on the pages of Newspaper. Did you get the voice of reason in Ekiti?

      Feel the pulse of voters in Lagos and you would understand that your hidding behind one finger will not save your failed party APC

  • Jujubeans

    Typical. No accountability but plenty of threats. Mr Olukade, can you tell us Why our soldiers so poorly equipped despite billions of Naira allocated to security in the budget over the last 6 years? Can you also tell us why our soldiers haven’t been paid or fed for months again despite the huge security budget? Can you tell us why the military leadership is so wicked and inhumane as to ask these men to fight under those conditions and die? What provisions have been made to support their families in the event of their deaths?

  • Aminu

    Dey be one man named Amin Ilias dat has been choppin da money for all da big men. Look at he and da NSA. Dat small boy has a Rolls Royce and many cars. From where he get the money. He be telling everyone lies in Russia data he be da son of de minister of defense…..big wahala. Media should investigate him and see how many millions of dollars he dun chopped.

    • emmanuel

      Samba and Gasau are saboteurs.

      You see say Sambo nor contest again? Too much money

  • tundemash

    Mr. Boys’ Scout Olukolade, you are a shameless crook and you and other crooked boys’ scout generals ought to be jailed for treason. It is treasonable to embezzle military allocation and send your recruits to war front ill-equipped; that is aiding and abetting the terrorists !!!!
    No amount of threats can surpress the truth. If anyone or party has fouled the law of the land, let the law take its full course and stop patronising us Mr. Incompetent crooked general !!!!
    How many times did you tell us you killed Shekau, Mr Boys’ Scout general ????????????????

    • Otile

      Abubakar tundemash, they need to conscript you and discipline you very well in the boot camp. See how you a insulting a general who is fighting to save your life from your bokoharam coreligionists. Who taught you manners?

    • emmanuel

      A Buhari as President will make sure your likes are neutralised, but Jonathan defends the rule of law to the latter and allows yeye fowls like you to talk to them anyhow.

      Even Obasanjo’s boys would have taught you some lessons, nor be your fault.

      If na Abacha, the boys for don trace you out and castrate you, that way your paraga mouth for don shut

      • Amir

        Trash and contradictory statement. When has a president become rule of law that gave us (including the president) freedom to speak our minds?

      • tundemash

        pfool, in your mind, we started airing our views online when Jona bought you amnesty miscreants laptops ? Mor0n…. we have been online since the days of Abacha and speaking our minds …. we outlived abacha so also shall we outlive rogue Dumbo and his e-rats like you !

  • Sword of Damocles

    Yes general we have heard all you have to say. And yes we agree that the Military is indispensable to nigeria under any dispensation, HOWEVER we urge that you do not EXECUTE ANY of those young Nigerian men for mutiny, related to the conduct of the War against BH. Many taboo actions have occurred, they include disobedience of a direct order by a superior officer, alleged looting & stealing of budgeted funds by commanding officers, the lack of weapons & logistics for the soldiers, battalions consisting of 174 soldiers(out of 1000), So that should the blood of ANY of these soldiers be shed by firing squad, it would be a tragic and i fear, fatal mistake on the part the authorities. You think that the average soldiers dont know that that their superior officers & politicians are looting the country blind?

    • FortB

      O yeah? So in your reasoning the military should condone mutiny, soldiers running away from battle at will irrespective of the reason? Okay. So basically, since the reason given is that they are not well equipped (is this correct even?), they should refuse to fight, run to Cameroun when faced by the terrorists. By now Boko Haram would have overan the whole country.

      Let’s try and use our senses for once. You cannot have a functional military if mutiny or refusal to fight is condoned for any reason. I can tell you that the minute we allow that, I for one will resign. Why do you think since the court marshals started, the spate of mutiny and running away from battle has basically stopped? As an Insider I can tell you that the reasons being bandied about as reason by the mutineers were not totally true. It was more as a result of cowardice. What equipent did you see Boko Haram using? Mostly the same equipment our troops say are not good, tanks, APC, machine guns that they allowed the terrorist to capture and are not using against our troops. The strength of special forces units are usually fewer than the regular battalions, so your point on a unit being 174 as against the normal 700, not 1000 you mentioned, does not hold water.

      Please let’s not destroy the military institution by unguarded statements, because we are not in government, as we have destroyed most other sectors of our national life. The opposition should not forget that if they get to power they will not build a new army over night. It is the same army they will rely on to provide security in their government. Don’t paly politics with national security. That’s my humble appeal to everyone.

      • Sword of Damocles

        It is not my intention to “destroy the military institution” by my words. i am simply pointing out that the over 70 young soldiers who have been sentenced to be shot on a stake are stating that there are mitigating factors to their actions , that rule out the option of capital punishment for their actions. Do you think it does justice to the families of these young men if their blood is spilled due to the alleged “inadequacies” within the brass of the Nigerian Military. methinks we ought to not kill anyone in Nigeria, especially if it doesnt appear to be JUST.

        • FortB

          So if I understand your position clearly then a notorious armed robber who is found guilty of violence crimes and is sentenced to life or death, should be pardoned of his crimes if he claims unemployment as the cause for resorting to crimes

          • Amir

            You are being disingenuous and insulting by equating the life of a military man with that of an ‘notorious armed robber’. Serving soldiers who did not abscond from their duty posts are not criminals. If you know the type of equipment that Boko Harams have, and you served in the military for 26 years, why not re-enlist and show the ‘coward’ soldiers how to do it? You are instead hiding behind a computer with your all knowing ego and punching away comments that don’t add up. Many Nigerians are procurement experts and professionals in so many reputable organisations at home and abroad, so stop veering into an area you know little about with antiquated knowledge. The soldiers that fought Maitatsine, Zangon kataff, etc did not do it with ordinary fingers, but those of you that stood as ADC beside second republic politicians for most of your 26 years have no idea what military career involves. It is therefore easy for you to intimidate and insult serving soldiers or the families of the fallen heroes with your parochially politicised postings.

          • emmanuel

            Boko haram does not have any better arm, we see them in the media. You guys are just cynical because of what you tend to gain from a collapsed system.

            People who leave in those areas confirms that. Shame on you!

            Define who a soldier is and you can discover your folly.

          • Amir

            If you believe what you ‘see in the media’, what stops you believing what you also see and read on both local and international media on our soldiers being ill equipped to fight insurgency. Equipment can mean different things. It includes communication, intelligence and leadership strategy, not just a gun. Even as the US navy seal was provided with all equipment to take down terrorist Bin Laden, the US president stayed awake to watch and monitor the operation. A civilised military must conform to international norms of engagement under any circumstance. This is different from a terrorist. Reason along that line and you will not be empty brained like your masters!

          • emmanuel

            We know what happens in the international media today as to reports on Nigeria, so shut up.

            APC guys work with freelance agents at Al-Jazeria, Bloomberg and Reuters to push falsehood to CNN, Yahoo News etc.

            I am on those forums regularly and have read most of them as contributors, so nor tell us wetin we know.

            Why are people more interested in pulling down the nation, not minding the negative impact of their doings?

            Anyway, the fact that Nigeria is still a desired foreign investment destination globally confirms that the world understand the follies of the APC and ignore their nuisance as such

          • Amir

            You are a funny bigot. You are ‘on those forums regularly’, yet you claim they are APC. So you get your information and knowledge including ‘desired investment destination’ from APC backed media. Western Union money support transfers from run away citizens to their long suffering families and relations have become foreign investment in the eyes of PDP. For your information, the level of this transfers will double and be more meaningful to economic development if a competent government is elected in 2015. You cant be pouring water (investment) to a leaking bucket (corrupt economic environment).

          • emmanuel

            I should not really respond to ignorant souls like you.

            I play very well in the capital market and know how foreign investors patronises our market. Who dey talk about Western Union? Mumu.

            Infact you have let your self out as a Yahoo person and your knowledge of inflows into the nation is WU.

          • Hambolu Segun

            Why d exchange of hash words.Lets talk issues and educate ourselves.
            Let’s b civil.

          • FortB

            For your information I am still serving, and has never been an ADC to anyone, unlike you a lazy arm chair critic. You ignorance knows no bounds. And if you know my operational involvements so far in my career you will keep silent. I discern that even if the truth is shoved in your face you will still chose to believe the lies that sound sweeter to warped minds like yours, so I do not need to continue this conversation

          • Amir

            Just full of yourself, nothing else.

        • emmanuel

          Please let us know what what the military did not provide them that led to their disobedience.

          Do you know the last command of the military everywhere in the world? Obey before complaint.

          May be they thought getting promotion without doing battles is the beauty of the military or posting to Niger Delta where they go to steal oil with pirates is the only lure of the military.

          They want to enter buses and taxis without paying fares, but do not want to do what make them think they have such priviledges.

      • Hambolu Segun

        What have you to say about calling a retired general an illetrate?
        PDP can make any comment bcos they are in govt? Please b objective

  • Truthometer

    Nigerian military is already armed wing of PDP. So, what is Olukolade talking about? What Olukolade is saying, is exactly the talking point of PDP. Let him and the other fake and classless generals go and bury their heads in shame. Nigerian military belongs to all Nigerians. We feed you, cloth you, educate you and provide all the good things of life to you and your families, so that you can protect our lives and properties. What do we get in return? Nothing! Except for pot bellied corrupt generals that refused to kit the foot soldiers. With all the billion of dollars spent on the military, boko haram has become an unsurmountable threat that is beyond your pay grade. You should please keep the advise to yourself, because your generation of classless generals have already destroyed Nigerian military. Nonsense!

    • Hambolu Segun

      You did not mention the one $1b loan already given to the CIC in aso rock.
      I said that money is for campaign and nobody believe me.
      A civilian just bought some gun boats but Gej cannot get ak47 to buy.
      Them say make we keep quiet.
      Pot belly!

  • Dan

    I pity the Nigerian military. My prayer is for General Buhari to win so that we can have real Generals in the military and not politicians in uniform.

  • Dumbo

    The PDP scribe literally called all the Nigerian military generals ‘semi-illiterate jackboot’ but you didn’t respond to that because you are the armed wing commander of PDP. Now that an opposition politician has just asked you not to execute innocent soldiers you are vomiting rubbish from your corruption inflicted mouth.

  • emmanuel

    The problem with Amaechi goes beyond politiking.

    I sincerely ask that his wife and children arrange immediate psychiatrics check-up for him. At this rate his case may get out of hand, because even ten years old children everywhere in the world do not rubbish their military.

    Radical views and rascality are not the same. Amaechi needs his brain examined.
    I think the police wbo guard him should also have the right to revolt and leave him unprotected.

    • Hambolu Segun

      You can make your point without being abusive. Merry celebration.


    This statement is unnecessary. The military should concentrate on battling Boko Haram and stay away from politics. Amaechi has not said the military law should not apply to erring soldiers. All he said is that soldiers who are sent to battle without proper equipment have the right to protest. So what has he done wrong? Is that not the situation of things now? Whose ox is gored by that statement? Can the citizens who pay for the military’s maintenance not comment on that institution anymore? Is the military operating outside the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that guarantees freedom of speech? Has Amaechi’s statement prevented the military from disciplining erring soldiers? The hysterical response to Amaechi’s comment is an unnecessary distraction and a dose of shameless politicking. Next issue please!

  • Amir

    My dear friends, Amaechi was talking to the press and expressed his personal opinion. He is neither the defence minister, president or spokesman of the military, nor was he addressing the military. Every Nigerian has his opinion for or against the issue of mutinous soldiers. A plea for mercy, pardon etc. for the convicted soldiers is as good an opinion as calling for their blood. At the back of all these is the chain effect of incompetence in federal administration of sensitive departments like the military. It beats my understanding why the military must respond to such opinion instead of concentrating on securing the nation, a task made more difficult because of corruption at every level of Governance. Alternatively the military should have balanced their opinion by taking on the PDP scribe that described a military general as ‘illiterate’ even as such politicians jostle for military security to and from their work.
    A lot of dangerous jobbers now exist in Abuja drafting sensational statements purporting support for the president and being paid contractual sums more than the salary of fighting soldiers. Such people are the saboteurs not those of us who criticise for better performance! A fully focused military have the constitutional duty of protecting and defending life and territorial integrity of the country, not as mouthpiece of any political party.

    • Hambolu Segun

      God bless you. They are politicians in uniform! Serving their CIC.

  • Hambolu Segun

    Nobody is inciting anybody. Do the right thing and fight the rot in the armed forces.
    Fight corruption, give the boys their dues.
    They deserve what is theirs

  • Sam

    All the sentenced to death of the soldiers are stage play written by Jonathan advisers. Those Soldiers will get presidential pardon when the Election remain 15days, so Jonathan can get more sympathizers across the country.

  • M Abdullah