Jonathan has done well despite opposition against his govt – First Lady Patience

Patience Jonathan gesture

The First Lady, Patience Jonathan, on Friday urged Nigerian women not to vote for any politician who would not carry the womenfolk along in his or her administration.

Mrs. Jonathan said this in her address at a civic reception organised in her honour by the Ohuhu clan, her maternal home in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State.

She urged women to vote massively for President Goodluck Jonathan.

“He has met the 35 per cent Affirmative Action for the appointment of women into political positions in the country.

“The President has done a lot to tackle the developmental needs of the nation, in spite of the challenges and opposition against his administration,” Mrs. Jonathan said.

She appealed to women to take advantage of their population to re-elect the President for a second tenure.

Mrs. Jonathan said this was because women make up the majority of the population of Nigeria and constitute the greater majority of the electorate.

“Let us take advantage of our numerical strength to vote for the re-election of the President, because more Nigerian women had been appointed to political offices by Jonathan’s administration than past administrations.

“Nigerian women should no longer go back to the kitchen. It is not our portion to go back to the kitchen.

“We have women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria.

“We women are suffering but God will see us through,” she said, adding that the president had helped to alleviate the plight of Nigerian women.

Mrs. Jonathan thanked the Ohuhu community for the honour done to her, saying she would all her life cherish the title of “Ngalari Ohuhu’’ (a golden daughter of Ohuhu) conferred on her.

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia, who was guest of honour at the event, said his administration had received tremendous support from President Jonathan and his wife.

Mr. Orji described the reception as well-deserved, saying it was a rare privilege for a community to produce the wife of the President.

He described Abia as predominantly PDP, assuring that its people would vote massively for Jonathan during the presidential election.

The President-General of Ohuhu Welfare Union, Godwin Okengwu, said the people were happy to be related to Patience Jonathan.

Mr. Okengwu described her as “an exemplary woman’’ and a worthy ambassador of Ohuhu who had contributed immensely to the development of the area and Nigeria in general.

He described the event as “a home-coming” for Patience Jonathan, saying the community “is proud of her”.

The Chairman of Ohuhu Traditional Rulers Council, Eze Iheanyichukwu Nwokenna, described the Ngalari title as “dignifying”.

He said the title would be peculiar to Patience Jonathan and would not be conferred on any other woman in the community.

The PDP governorship candidate in the state, Okezie Ikpeazu, commended the First Lady and assured her that Abia would vote massively for the re-election of President Jonathan.

The highlights of the well-attended ceremony also included the ground-breaking for the construction of a N500 million ultra-modern Ohuhu Civic Centre by Patience Jonathan.

The ceremony was attended by prominent politicians from Abia and Anambra, including Arthur Eze, who donated N250 million towards the construction of the Civic Centre.



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  • Abdulgafar H. Bello

    what do U expect from her than this, first lady office is nothing but waste of resources of the nation. IBB who brought it unto us know it was a waste.

    • Otile

      When you say resources of the nation everybody knows you are talking about the oil and gas in First Lady’s backyard. I doubt whether she and most Nigerians have ever benefited from the pyramids of groundnuts in the North.

      • Factual

        …..But her Parents and Grandparents did, and gave birth to her, I guess.

        • Otile

          They did not.

          The Northerners sold their peanuts and used the proceeds to build mosques, nothing more.

          • Factual

            How did you know that her parents and grandparents did not benefit from the proceeds? Did the Hippo-illiterate told you? Na only you waka go see her? She must be hiding the truth from you, Mumu or she forgot what they told her. You know her brain cannot comprehend anything.

  • Alhaji Rochas Osinbajo

    ‘despite opposition against his government’.

    That is the truth.
    Gaskiya ne.

  • Oleku

    Awww mama peace God bless your heart, the women of Naija will vote for GEJ massively–the whole naijas are rightly behind you great mother of the nation

    • Yusuf

      i de laugh oooo, keep deceiving the couples as u collect your salary. They will end up like the Gbagbos

      • craig


  • #JonaMustGo

    Jona i the best Nigerian president just like Patience is his best English student

  • tundemash

    Yeah right …… her “fellow widows” ought to vote Dumbo in for another 4 miserable years.

    When is she going to chibok to campaign ? “The first lady is calling you to come and find ya missing child “

    • Otile

      Abubakar tundemash, this is what is setting Nigeria on fire: you feed and breed well from the proceeds of oil and gas from her father’s backyard and then you come out in public to insult her.

      If she and her people, the owners of your livelihood curse you, definitely you are bound to suffer untold hardship for your ingratitude. Abubakar, instead of insulting her, thank her, pray for her, and God will bless you abundantly.

      • glo

        Otile, yeye house boy! Them don pay you for las muth? Or abi them still heyly your munie? Useless boy!

  • Wähala

    Look’im mouth like fowl nyash for rain. Who’s she shouting at from across the hall this time? Illiterate. My bet is she didn’t give her speech with a microphone, not necessary, shouting is part of “jungle culture” regardless the disapproving facial expressions of all the people in that picture with her, poor souls enduring bush conduct even on Christmas Day. Of course, I did not read the accompanying story as I’m not interested in anything Lady Hippo has to say… fat piece of sh*t!

  • Truthometer

    What do you expect from madam umblelah? Monkey no fine, him mama like am.

  • humm

    This were not her words. We know this woman would have murdered the English language if she dares to speak.

    • glo


  • Giganto

    A farewell award for the soon to be Ex-First Lady that even her husband’s supporters despise! Good riddance!

  • nasir

    Yes oh GEJ did well to appoint a women in important positions, but why is it that madam hippo does not want deziene in the cabinet. Is deziene not doing her duties well.

  • Abiodun Olayinka

    At times I wonder why this woman can’t just keep quiet. She does more harm to her husband and PDP when she talks.

    • Ayelala

      She is power drunk and has a very weak husband. Or should I say wife.

      • Abiodun Olayinka

        I didn’t say that o. I didn’t say she wears the pants at home and he wears the skirt o. I did not o.

  • AwusaFoolani

    Most online commentators are not well versed in their own religions talkless of other religions. Please we should allow the pastors, priests and imams to discuss religion. Let us dwell on common sense and logic.
    I was born a muslim, grew up as a muslim and have now attained conviction in Islam. May Allah let me die as a muslim.
    If islam teaches violence and suicide bombing it wouldn’ t have gone far as killing rate of it’s existing converts would obviously be greater than it’s rate of getting new converts from the already terrified and fleeing populace.
    And, if despite this people like Jefia, Otile, Oleku and Tawanda can rationalize how “terrorist” islam survived for a millennium and a half, then let them also rationalize how power could have left the hands of suicide bombers. What stops muslims in Nigeria or even bokoharam to direct their suicide bombing energy towards capturing and retaining power in Nigeria?

    • Hambolu Segun

      What has this got to do with the write up?
      Talk issues and not religion. Compliment of d season. May the Lord grant your wish.

    • glo

      I get your point.

  • karl marx

    I wonder what makes this woman talk, can she for once keep quiet? She is the most illiterate first lady Nigeria have had and yet she keeps damaging the look of our national image with her yeye mouth tearing English. This is like husband like wife or how do you describe this set of human beings? Remember 2015,GMB,OSINBAJO

  • Engr Michael Goodluck Bassey

    even the critics on this platform are victims “subject verb agreement”. Wrong tenses everywhere. hmmm! Nigerians

    • Nigerian

      Yes Engr Goodluck, as well as beginning sentences without capital letters.

      • Okemute1

        He is a PDPig

  • Deltans


  • Awarawa

    I was shocked to realize that the Deputy to Gov. Rajiv Fasola is an hairdresser! No wonder we’ve never heard her voice in the media. The media were silent about it, but if it has been PDP making an hairdresser deputy governor, all hell will break loose. GEJ has stamped his feet on the ground by enlisting the services of very capable women who has reached the peak of their career and excelled very well in any duty they were given. Some men can’t just stand the thought of being answerable to a woman sha.

    • Ayelala

      This person I am reply(arawara) is the reason why you have to go around and sensitise people on the need to get rid of Jonathan and his bunch of thieves. They are paid peanut to spread lies full time online, since they have nothing to show but sorrow, tears and blood.

      Mrs Fashola’ s profile

      • Thepeople

        I do not why you bordered spending your time producing the honourable lady’s CV. What is wrong with been an honest hairdresser ? Why can’t a hair dresser be even a governor if she able to perform the duties for which she was elected ? Nigerians should stop all these obsession with paper qualifications. She is better than the man who told Nigerians that he had a Phd, but still remains clueless, cannot read a speech written for him and does not even know makes a good President and commander in chief of our country.

        • Ayelala

          He is trying to use Fashola’ s wife to excuse this woman’s many deficiencies.
          You’ve got to set them straight because it goes along the line of the ” all politicians are the same” argument.they use this to neutralise the opposition’s appeal to the people.
          If your are not are deep person ( most people aren’t), uyou would not bother to vote because you are getting the same.

    • Steve Oladeji

      so you are saying hairdressers are no body, what a shallow thinking, when PDP picked an hairdresser for speaker of the house, everyone welcome her before she messed up. every woman Jonathan picked are directing the economy of our control in wrong direction. Okonja, Deziani, Odua, and his wife all though educated but illiterate They held the country to ransom, devaluation of Naira, missing fund, armoured car saga, missing 20 Billion, ECA mis management, etc. all of them are educated women but illiterate in their deed.

      • Hk

        Lol. Tell him abeg. There is dignity in labour.. but not in PDP vocabulary i guess

  • ICC Hague

    Lady hippo your time is up start packing from aso rock the real occupants are coming soon, your husband has done well in looting the treasury for you that is why you are looking like an elephant. Stop shouting on people so that BP will not finish you 2015, aso rock is not your permanent place. we learnt that you are among the multiple presidents we have, but you people waste the 6 years opportunity to write your names in gold rather choose to write your name with pencil. Nigerians are not fools we cant afford to waste another 4 years, time is resources, we need change, people who mean business for the country. Once bitten, twice shy. You are talking of Nigerian women to vote for your husband, as you are talking the Chibok girls are in captivity, at one point in time you dont even believe that they were kidnapped. Most women in the north east were forcefully made widows, displaced from their houses, kidnapped and raped under your husband watch, and you foolishly need their vote.

  • Thepeople

    Can someone please educate our first lady. Opposition and challenges are facts and the realities of vibriant democracy. If the husband with his Phd is not aware of this basic fact of democracy, then he is not fit for the position he occupies, therefore must and should be kicked out.

  • Awojobi Olakunle

    Madam with all these darkness,insecurity and corruption everywhere you said Nigerians should vote for continuation of incompetence .There is God oooooo.

  • Magenta

    My lady you’ve even done better, u r intervention on the chibok girl, triumph in rivers, land allocation in abuja , perm sec in bayelsa etc why not our votes are certain.

  • olotito

    You only live once…but if you do it right..once is enough..Madam Dame it will better of you to return back to your village as the market head

  • Hk

    Will the women you asko vote your husband include the Chibok women you humiliated at Aso Rock after the kidnap of their daughters?