Why PDP must go in 2015- Oshiomhole

Adams Oshiomhole

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says Nigerians must reject the Peoples Democratic party, PDP, at all levels in next year’s general election, saying for as long as the PDP remains in power, Nigerians will remain in darkness.

Speaking Thursday when he received about 2,000 defectors from Oredo and Egor Local Government Areas of the state led by Festus Oviawe and Igbe Kingsley respectively, Mr. Oshiomhole said the choice before the people in the next election is very clear, a choice between darkness and change.

According to him, “in 16 years, Edo has gained nothing from the PDP besides the resurfacing of the Ofosu-Benin road and the attempt at the dualisation of the Okene-Benin road, with all its imperfections, which they were forced to embark on after we cried out that how could they dualise the road from Abuja and stop abruptly in Okene without extending it to Edo.

“In 16 years, after spending over $25 billion, yet we have no light. Now they have shared the electricity company to their friends and associates. For as long as they remain in power, Nigerians will remain in darkness. Our companies will remain shut and the economy will be subjected to the vagaries instability of the international oil market.”

Accusing President Goodluck Jonathan of abandoning Edo, Oshiomhole said: “he got 95% votes from Edo.
What has he done in Edo, what has he done in Benin City? The Queen Edo erosion was caused by the Federal Government and I have written several letters to them to come and fix their mess, yet they ignored us and gave money to Delta, and Kogi.

“See the newly refurbished airport in Benin, I was there and the roof was leaking during the rain. Is that the kind of government we still want in Nigeria, noway.

“For too long across Nigeria, PDP has buffeted us with untruth, lies, deceit, empty promises, both at the political level and economic front and every day they have run short of lies and they have run short of excuses.

“It is not possible for a he-goat to live long to become a sheep, it can’t become a ram, a he-goat will always be a he-goat. PDP can never change and I think you all will also agree that they themselves are aware that they need to change but the more they try to change, the more they remain the same.

“You know before my election in 2012, I remember they were shouting, ‘this is new PDP and I was saying what is new? The head is the same old PDP and it has become even older now, almost approaching a hundred. So the head has not changed and so the body couldn’t have changed but they know they have nothing to change.

“We will sweep PDP away from Abuja and the way we are repairing Edo, the way APC is repairing Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Imo, Ogun, Rivers and other APC states is the way we will repair Nigeria.”

Speaking to the decampees, Mr. Oshiomhole said “with you joining us, we are having a renewed encouragement and a renewed determination to even do more for the people.”

The leader of the decampees from Oredo Local Government Area and two-time aspirant to the Edo State House of Assembly, Mr. Oviawe said, “We are leaving PDP because of the injustice done to us and we have decided to join APC in the state”.

He said, “Let me thank the governor on behalf of my supporters for creating the enabling political space in the state for participatory democracy to strive. APC is not a party like our former party where if you don’t have someone behind you, you don’t have a businessman as a leader of the party to stand behind you to influence the election, even when you have your own personal money to do so, without having anybody behind you as your leader, you are not going to be nominated in any election at all.

“Unlike APC, we have seen you through the media where you went to Iyamoh and queued up to vote for the person of your choice whereas in PDP it was not so”.

Mr. Oviawe saluted the courage of the Comrade Governor in piloting the affairs of the state and the political maturity exhibited in spite of the provocation by opposition PDP Leaders in the state and promised to work with the Governor and APC to deliver Edo State in the next general election.


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  • Folabi Adubi

    We need change; yes, we need to replace President Jonathan, yes, but not with Muslim Jihadists,
    and surely not with a rabid, Islamist party [APC] both of which are much worse options for Nigeria.
    APC is certainly not the change we need. APC is an atavistic regression to Islamist barbarism.
    Islam is incompatible with democracy. Islam is a forbidding contradiction of democracy itself.

    • Thepeople

      Politics and governance is not a beauty contest for the various religions. However Indonesia is predominantly a moslem country, but they have a triving democracy but above all they are now one of the prosperous/advancing nations.Please lets make Nigeria great. Nigeria and Nigerians should be matured enough not let Politicians of any shade use religion to decieve and divide us. Please we should and have long grown beyond and above all that.

      • Invitro

        If your advice is meant for the APC Islamists i will say well done to you.

        • Al Jihad

          Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
          and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
          all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for the total implementation
          of the Sharia in the country.

          “It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria,
          to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in
          Nigeria is for them to re-double their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote
          the full implementation of Sharia law.

          …….General Muhammadu Buhari

          (August 27, 2001)

          • Wähala

            You’re the same pfool writing all these nonsense with different handles. You may confuse your immediate family members but not every Nigerian is as stup*d as your ignorant self. Get lost!

    • Igwee!!!

      Yes, Yemi Osibanjo is a muslim, isn’t he? Rochas, Amaechi, Osita Okechukwu, John Oyegun, Kayode Fayemi, Sam Nda Isaiah, are all muslims; aren’t they? These people are not only muslims, but they are barbaric ones too, aren’t they?

      Warped poor thinker! Now the question is, what do you normally do with your brains? I’m sure you use your brains to pass urine and then your legs to think!

      • Wähala

        Don’t let the mugu work you up. You recognize a pfool by their lack of suggestions in form of solutions, they just echo what they heard at the barber shop. He’s no ‘Folabi Adubi’, he’s an Aborigine with contaminated education hiding under a Yoruba handle… probably that illiterate clown, @Oleku or Deri, an equally stup*d tout. Ignore them.

    • Wähala

      So, who do you suggest we replace PDP with since you agree we need to replace Dumbo their man? They adopted Dombo and Nigerians have adopted “Change” in the better option of Buhari, say what you may, you are still empty if you can’t proffer a solution. It’s called, ‘Hollow argument’ or shallow-mindedness… Again, who shall we replace Dumbo with?

    • Folahan

      Dumb comment by a dumb person, it seems that Reno Omokiri has increased the number of paid online bloggers to write trash online. Please if you have nothing to write then pls just go home and sleep.

    • Ade

      I will report you to Oga GEJ, your jesus. He admonished all Nigerians against divisive and abuive words yesterday. By the way, don’t you know that Oga GEJ will need the votes of Muslims to get reelected? Have you forgotten that Muslims voted for him in 2011?

    • ConcernedCitizen2015

      Go and preach that in your church probably consisting of myopic people whom you dupe regularly. So there is no election in Tunisia, Algeria, Eygpt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh countries with predominantly Muslim populations. Even in Iran there is elections. I am a christian, but not dumb. I do not leave my “head” outside the church as others leave there shoes before entering there place of worship. Look even in Nigeria we are having internally displaced people in the North East. Do you understand that people have had to leave there homes, farms and community to be refugees elsewhere. This is enough prove to counter your bigotry. Not every Muslim is violent, Not every Fulani, Kanuri or Hausa is a Boko Haram

  • Thepeople

    There are numerous reasons why PDP must go. You could write a Phd thesis on this topic. We would not ask you know who to write the thesis, as we are not sure if the last one he wrote was credible.
    PDP had little or no manifesto when they won the last election, but they have since failed on the minimium expected of any government of modern era.
    Lack of security for the people.
    Rampant corruption at all level of government.
    Wanton and blatant looting of the treasury and stealing of public funds
    Complete and utter mismanagement of the economy
    Desecration of the basic foundations of democracy
    Any government or leader who has failed on these while its people suffer untold hardship must go otherwise we as a people would perish. If APC wins and they fail the people on these basic principle of governance, they should and would be kicked out.

  • Wähala

    Sonder grüsse an Echte Liebe, @Onike24…
    Joyeux Nöel… bonnes fetes et une excellent annee 2015 a vous et a vos proches!

    Für dich, wollte ich nur sagen…
    Fröhliche Weihnachten! Mit Liebe verpackt Neue Jahr 2015.
    Christmas is like the butterfly that perches on the Hibiscus flower… then disappears!
    But the fleeting saint it leaves behind lasts for another year reminding us of the essence of life… sharing of love!
    May the Love of God, the Peace & Unity of His Holy Spirit, be with you and your extended family now… and throughout 2015. Wishing you longevity with good health, success in tossing urchins into jails, prosperity in all other endeavors… and, May the virtues of Christmas ricochet with you now and for always… This and more I pray for you thru Christ Our Lord! Very Merry Xmas to my Bestens!

    Gov. Oshiomhole should stop preaching to the choir. Dumbo is the only president worldwide who has managed to offend everybody across all regions. I called him a “humble crook” 5yrs ago on SR and I’m glad the world has seen the true colors of the rainbow today… there is no black in it and Dumbo comes in black, so he must be of evil for evil intentions. Nigerians must reject him in 2015 because he has not kept his promise to fix the East-West Road, 2nd. Niger Bridge, Eko-Badagry, Lagos-Ibadan… and his Anarchy Agenda for the North is beef for PhD Thesis. So, Oshio needs not prod Nigerians, Dumbo is a sitting duck, a bombing failure with collateral damages extending beyond Naija borders all the way to Zulu land and money laundering. #DumpDumboBiko2015! na reality I have no doubt about. The man is a minus-in-progress…
    Calamity JoeDumbo!

    • emmanuel

      Mumu, na as Onike say she be woman na im make you wan toast am with German and christmas message. Unfortunately, she is of Boko Haram faith like you and hate Christmas.

      Meanwhile you dey quote Biboe and Jesus, yet you are fun of doing peoples mother and sisters and nyash after taking Gulder..

      Dan Iska, onye Iberibe!

      • Wähala

        OmoNike na London baby, happily married to the core and has zero tolerance for wetbacks in your mold. Bury your fantasies and just go hang yourself by your slimy & dirty balls for all I care… Stinking He-Goat! Oko-oko… bushman!!!

  • emmanuel

    Let me add other reason short btain Oshomole:

    They promised foirth mainland bridge in 2002, a bridge netween Maryland and Opebi in Lagos same year they promised to pay unemployment benefits if voted in in 2007 in Lagos all they knew they would never do and they never did.

    APC roads are the most wzpensine world wide, they have penchant for lies never apologises when hey mess up, their institutions go on strike more than any where in the world, they do multiple taxation, they pay 25% tithe to their alta ego they spend about N1.4 million per presidential primary vote