Igbos top list of donors to Buhari – APC

Muhammadu Buhari

The Igbos of the five states of the South East geo-political zone topped the list of supporters who donated N54 million to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, the zonal chapter of the party has said.

Mr. Buhari, a former head of state, who is popularly called “GMB” announced on Tuesday that he had so far received N54 million from Nigerians to prosecute his campaign for the February election.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Osita Okechukwu, on Wednesday, the party expressed gratitude to the Igbos for topping the list of donors to the Buhari Support Organization Campaign Fund.

It did not, however, disclose the names of the donors in the statement.

It said the donations were the peoples’ contribution to the APC flag bearer’s quest to salvage the country from dangerous slide into a failed state.

“We are happy to announce that when the managers of the First Bank of Nigeria warehoused fund unveiled N54 million so far realized, Ndigbo topped the list of the highest donors; a unique account that has GMB as the only signatory,” the statement said.

“By topping the donor list, Ndigbo has graciously demonstrated that the celestial bond between GMB and the Nigerian Masses and the Middle Class is Pan-Nigeria and not sectional as insinuated.”

The party explained that the Buhari Campaign Support Fund has Mr. Buhari as the sole signatory for transparency purposes, and said the effort is to assist the former military ruler prosecute his presidential campaign because he “refused to enrich himself while in office”.

“The South East APC salutes our people who embrace the Buhari-Bandwagon-Vehicle for Salvation; for it is our candid opinion that it is less than wise for the hard working and enterprising Ndigbo to, election after election, put all our eggs in one basket,” the party said.


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  • MushinSpeaks

    This shows the General is accepted everywhere. The CHANGE we need has come.

  • Abufata Gumi

    nonsense. Osita Okechukwu you are indeed a shameless jobber. Igbos will never support a man who spent better time of his life killing igbos during the war, Igbos will never support a man who supports the destruction of their investment in the northern Nigeria. we challenge you to publish the names of the igbos that donated to Buhari. So stop telling lies. Nigerians are ashamed of people like you who tell lies against his people. If I were igbo I would have urged the people to ostracise you

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Well, Mr. Abufata Gumi.

      I have news for you; you are not Igbo.

      • Jerry Idrissa

        true talk! GMB will not even get 5% from SE, SS, middle belt combined!

        • Otile


    • Emeka

      you are not Ibo, so what is your comment all about?

      • craig

        That is a fake handle. He just exposed himself.

    • Otile

      Thank you my brother, by next year Efulefu Osita and his master Rauf will be taking refuge not in Igboland but somewhere else. The are a disgrace to themselves.

  • ovieimoni


  • Otile

    Efulefu Osita give me back the money let me give it our brother Jonathan. I don’t want Ndigbo to back the wrong horse again. The devil is very powerful, see how Ruaf Azubuike has conned some Igbo people who don’t know what is going on.

  • me

    God Himself has turned His back on the most criminal, most heartless and the most divisive political party in the history of mankind. That is PDP. Most people are not even aware that BUHARI and CHANGE are equally 6 letters! God has ordained the change for Nigeria. Jonathan will go down as the most criminal friendly president Nigeria will ever have misfortune to produce. I am ashamed that i campaigned for this man GEJ. It is a tragedy!

    • Gaskiya

      I felt exactly the same. Campaign and voting Jonathan and PDP in 2011 was my greatest mistake in life. 2015, APC all the way.

  • Baba Messi

    I find it ironical that the Zone that donated the MOST Will contribute the LEAST Votes to the General on Feb 14.
    For crying out loud, The General will not even get the required 25% in this Zone.
    It’s sad, but that’s the way it is.

    *so after all said and done, all igbo wannabe Wahala and igbo renegade ‘glo’ could muster ws a paltry N54M!
    Nawa o! True true talk is cheap.
    Pls someone shld forward the account details for us in Iraq to top up this amount for this worthy cause.

    Spread Peace-Say No To Politics of Bitterness and Violence.
    Say No to Politics of Roasting and Baboon Blood.


    • Jerry Idrissa

      nice rhetoric! GMB will not even get 5% from SE, SS, middle belt combined!

      • Baba Messi

        Hmm..you have a point there.
        But my brother, this is a season of love..dont kill their joy.
        But wait o… 5% from 3 zones combined??
        Kai! Kai!
        I just can’t get it out of my mind..5% from 3 zones???
        You have spoilt my celebrations gaskiya!
        It is wel..


      • objective

        I think it serves good purpose to be realistic. What Middle belt? Kwara is gone 100%, Kogi is gone 70% already. What middle belt?

  • Hajiya Binta (nee-Osinbajo)

    Kariya ne! Na lie! My zone contributed the most!
    The results have been rigged by the S.E!


    • Aminu

      Are u afraid that wise Ndigbos going about thier legitimate trading all over the North decided to vote for the Truthfull one?Every sane person in this country will vote GEJ out stop deceiving yourself

      • Otile

        They should make the votes public so that we know the efulefus who voted for Imam Buhari.

  • Sammy Charles

    A vote for buhari is a vote for the terrorist

    • Tunsj

      Nonsense. I know that a vote for Jonathan is a vote for more corruption and poverty.

  • ogbuefiakajiaku

    Abeg APC another lie . This is not working

  • Jerry Idrissa

    Even osita okechukwu cannot best the devil at his game. Nice try osita, but SE, SS, Middle belt combined SHALL never vote for GMB!!

    • Mamman

      Jerry,which states are in the ‘middle Belt’? Pls dnt lie. Name them

      • djay

        MB consist of Kwara,Kogi,Nasarawa,Niger,Plateau,Benue. Since Gej has divided the country along religious and ethnic lines, Buhari shall win Kwara,Niger,Kogi becos Muslims are more than Xtians in those states and Nasarawa states(Apc), that’s 4 out of 6. The remaining two can go either way.

        • Jerry Idrissa

          you really think Niger and Nasarawa will go to APC? Hmmm… hard to believe that you don’t know Nigeria politics. Even GEJ will win Bauchi, Adamawa, Taraba, and in all likelihood Kebbi. Watch and see…

          • djay

            That’s why I didn’t reply you initially.

          • Jerry Idrissa

            … and I gladly accept your belief in the Nigerian politics

          • Gaskiya

            You are deranged. I pity you.

          • emmanuel

            What is likelihood in Kebbi? I know that state so well.

            Buhari cannot have more than 23 % in Adamawa write it down.

            Who will give Buhari Niger votes? I have always known the undercurrent in the relationships “”.

    • Magenta

      Buhari has my vote already so speak only 4 urself

      • Jerry Idrissa

        Last I checked, I have 798 friends on Facebook in Nigeria, and approximately 97% of them are voting for GEJ. So I really don’t know what your non vote portends for GEJ. But hey, it’s a free world though.

        • emmanuel

          We know them, media propaganda.

          The pulse in the average Nigeria is not reflective of the compromised media lies.

    • Ukpaka

      @Jerry Idrussa: I’m voting for Buhari and I’m Igbo. Stop whining. You speak for your miserable self…not Igbo. Onuku!

      • Jerry Idrissa

        If you define living comfortably in Miami Florida as being miserable well then, all the best. I’ll still be in enugu in February btw to vote for GEJ.

        • objective

          Now you can be pardoned. You are in Miami Florida postulating. Someone like Ukpaka who is on ground is telling you the true position, It is now very easy to determine who is the true authority . I think I vote Ukpaka on this matter.

    • Bestman

      ….and remember that that SE,SS, MB combined is just a little more that the NW votes. It may not be your wish but I tell you that with the way things are today in Nigeria, Buhari is on him way to Aso-Rock come 2015 (God’s grace).
      He acceptability is growing everyday and I am sure there’s little or nothing you can do to stop that. Nigerians needs change.

      • Eastern Voice

        You will soon wake up from this your malaria dream

  • Sammy Charles

    Buhari stop wasting your time

    • Tunsj

      You should direct your comment to your hero, GEJ.

  • Sammy Charles

    Buhari nothing for you

  • elmok

    Lieing tongue,we can never vote people who destroy our properties kill us in the name of religion

  • Oleku

    Why do I have the feeling that this Okechukwu is the clown Wähala–so striking resemblance

    • Baba Messi

      That is why they will not give the names of donors!
      I can bet my Christmas Turkey wahala didn’t donate more than 10Euros..even with the KabuKabu he has been doing in Russia for the past 30 years!


      • emmanuel

        Please get it clear Wahala is Fulani who is lost in Europe. He cannot afford €10.00 from his unspent monies. He needs it for his clubbing at weekend to burry his sorrows and failings.

        Pickin wen dem born before he vi Europe don dey show real swag for Niaja, yet the mumu still dey do part time shift work for bakery.

        • Baba Messi

          Kai! O boy, you no good o! ‘part time shift work for bakery’???
          Diarris God o!!!!

          • emmanuel

            My broda na the true be dat o, he still dey do security work.

            Na only kabu kabu the yeye guinea fowl don agree say im dey do.

            Three jobs nor fit bring am come back.

            You don hear am today? The guy works round the clock at weekends.

            My people say how many years person won stay for this world when he go stay a whole three years for uncompleted building?

  • Etomi

    Premium Times is so s_hameless with its pro-APC reports whose agenda is
    clear…But fo*l yourself as you may with a report such as this, only
    the few efulefus among Igbos would vote for a Hausa/Yoruba ticket….

  • Action_Nigeria


    Even Yemi Osibajo had to lie that Buhari did not take Nigeria into OIC when it was indeed Buhari who set up the first ever committee that was mandated to secure Nigeria’s membership of OIC. That committee set up by Buhari was headed by late Rilwanu Lukman.

    They lied that Buhari’s daughter is married to an Igbo Christian military Officer and that Buhari spends his Christmas holidays in Anambra State

    The other day …. deluded and misguided Linda Ikeji published a slanted list of Buhari’s Ministers …… she failed to publish the full list …… furthermore she failed to acknowledge the fact that under military rule the most powerful organ is the Supreme Military Council …… she should have also published the full list of members of the SMC under Buhari which would have revealed the lopsided composition of the SMC in favour of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani.

    If Buhari is good ……. why are they always telling lies to promote Buhari ?

    • abdul

      U bear action group bt u r totally ignorant of Nigerian history, fr ur information, it ws IBB dat registered Nig as member of OIC…Pls stp propagating lies fr hatred.

      • Action_Nigeria

        The keynote point is that it was Buhari that set up the first ever committee mandated to secure Nigeria’s membership of the OIC ……. IBB merely completed what Buhari started.

        It is also instructive for you to note that it was Buhari that personally raised the OIC issue first with Murtala.

        • Ogom


        • Nija pikin

          No you got it wrong it was shakau dat raise the issue with jonathan then Akpabio gave his concent before baby frog eye jump in with okonjo wahala in to a chartered jet to go do the registration along side ali modu sherif hope you understand

      • emmanuel

        You lack understanding or have decided to further the lies and propaganda about the Buhari train which is bound to crash at the polls.

        Buhari set up the first Committee to work on Nigeria’s admittance.

        Osinbanjo is a liar who wants name and not minding the damage his romance with the fundamentalist, will cause to children of Zion, with the current in-roads made by the agents of the bond woman in the land.

    • Okemute1

      I am happy these is the best you can accuse him of. Try and list the sins of GEJ then we will,see if your brain still belongs to you

  • Tufiakwa

    For those of you want the Igbo names, they are: (1) Amaechi (2) Okorocha (3)Okechukwu

  • Ogom

    “.. the hard working and enterprising Ndigbo.. ” must know what’s good for them 🙂

  • MikeI

    Voting strength in Nigeria. As per inec voters register.(NW 18,900,543).(NE 10,038,119.)(NC 7,675,369) (SW 14,298,356) ( SS 8,937,057) (SE 7,028,560). So go and do your campaign to garner the votes if not know what to expect. The scenario from 2011 has completely changed in 2015. Face the reality and canvas for these votes both parties. The whole of SS and SE strength is just about same strength in the SW alone not to talk of the NW,

    • emmanuel

      Who inhabits SW and Lagos by extension? Do you think all Yorubas are voting for Buhari? Go ask Ajasin and the late Mayflower (Tai Solarin) man’s kinsmen

      • Okemute1

        Your tune just went down. I think your weak brain just realised that you are on the losing side. Propagandise as much as you can, GEJ is toast!

        • emmanuel

          We know the truth, so cool down we will meet at the polls.

          INEC machines will weed out your fake Fulani tripple registrations

    • Eastern Voice

      Mere statistics. You assume that NC will follow Buhari. You again forgot to acknowledge the huge number of non yorubas in the SW especially Lagos. You will be shocked

      • craig

        And u rly think all SE and SS in SW are voting GEJ? Keep dreaming. All the igbos in my house in Okota, my wife, igbo colleagues, business associates, clients, friends etc that I know are not voting GEJ. So speak 4 ursef. Believing dt all igbos or non-yorubas in d SW will vote GEJ is tantamount to insult on the Igbos. Guy, Nigerians are tired of this gov. They need change and we have 1 in our hands now. Join the train of change and stop bn dogmatic

        • Eastern Voice

          Craig thank God you know that election is not won by just flaunting sectional statistics. Just as you have analysed, do think all the NE and Nw voters will vote Buhari?. Buhari is a 1983 prescription for a 2014 ailment. Expired drug

      • glo

        Why don’t you, know it alls, go back to the east and fix your home. Shouldn’t your ilks be voting in your states of origin .

        • emmanuel

          I nor tell una say this cow nor be Igbo? He jas betrayed himself here.

          Such is the desperation of the APC

          • glo

            I am more igbo that you imposter. I don’t live in Nigeria, but will be in my home State of Anambra State to vote for Buhari. My use of ‘you people’ is in reference to all you illiterate minded igbos (INCLUDING MY ELDEST BROTHER AND INLAWS) is in reference to those igbos that thrive on divisive rhetorical rubbish. I am core, proud to be, igbo woman . Now can idiots like you stop!

          • glo

            I don’t belong to PDP nor APC; I am on the side of the long suffering Nigerian masses.
            Buhari is the best leader to effect the masses positively. YOU CAN NOW GO AND JUMP OFF THE BRIDGE! anu ohia!!!!!

  • Thepeople

    The change has come. APC must win the next election for the good of Nigeria. It may not be a better party but the people -east, west, north and the south have come their senses. If PDP who have done nothing but loot and enrich themselves win next election, nothing would change and the country would perish. If APC wins and they do not do the job to progress Nigeria, they should and would be thrown out.

    • emmanuel

      What do you call 1 kilometer of aterial road for N1 billion in Lagos (yaya Abatan Road in Ogba, Afromedia at Okokomaiko etc? Looting?

      No PDP governor has the guts to steal like that. Nonsense.

      APC must win? Okay, is Nigeria your estate? According to GEJ.

      Note that people who refused to vote in previous presidential elections are ready to vote now so that the evil APC will not have their.

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    Big blow to pro-GEJ. We are waiting for the election period. The Igbo will no longer put their egg in One-basket. Or else they will be creating more enemies for themselves.

    • nmekamegbulem

      @ Ananas, the igbos don’t care if they put their eggs in one basket or not, they’re blessed with skills and enterprise and that have been sustaining them for years. We don’t want to be regarded as second class citizen in a country we all struggled to liberate. It’s either we see ourselves as equal or everyone to his own tent. Enough of this born to rule mentality.

      • emmanuel

        The Igbos have enjoyed their eggs in the two baskets of PDP and APGA and will continue to.

        How many Yorubas and Fulanis are in APGA? Why can they not spread their eggs there?

        • craig

          It amazes me when dumbs like u think all igbos are supporting pdp. I am yet to meet 1 igbo person, all across facet of my life that support this government. Even my wife bn an igbo will vote Buhari come Feb 2015. Plz wake up from ur dreams. No body can strive under bad government like this 1 except if u r benefitting from their bad and corrupt policies.

          • glo

            Thank you! There are a lot of us Igbos that support Buhari for the right reasons. The rest of the igbos supporting jonothing are either gullible or rogues.

          • emmanuel

            Mumu you nor know say your wife don sabi camelon life like una? She go agree with yiu make noise nor dey, but she go vote her choice.

          • craig

            I can now understand ur mental state. Sorry. Hope u av not started bitting.

          • Nija pikin

            I have never believe it’s time for pdp govt to pack and leave until We arrive Dubai 4days ago and innocently my wife ask our taxi driver that since we arrive she has never seen a police man or a VIP convoy he replied that there is very low crime rate so the police are always busy in crime prevention not prosecution we again asked WHY. the Indian driver replied every thing in this country works bcos the leadership is always serving the people and sees govt work as service to the people not birth right.

          • emmanuel

            Raji Fashola’s convoy is least twelve vehicles on his way to work and back. Not on his way to rallies or commissioning.

            Buhari introduced criminality into our polity, the first after the civil war. Shagari had commenced gradual build of Nigeria until Awolowo deployed evil propaganda just lkke his sorrugate today and Buhari dabaru everything.

            Crime grew, looting was instituted and religious violence enthroned. So who is to blame? Jonathan of course. Yeye people!

          • Save Nigeria Father

            No but Igbos are talking of justice which is far fetched in Nigeria they are pioneer in building. When there is justice, there will be peace and then harmony and cooperation that brings economic and political development.

      • Nija pikin

        If you mean the igbos want to rule Nigeria again the must first be Nigerians and stop donating their turn to dumbo

    • Eastern Voice

      Yes but not in a tattered basket.

      • glo


    • Save Nigeria Father

      Igbos will soon be one and then will their voice be loud.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Propaganda stunt…….figment of immaginations. Who ever told them that the Igbo man would cry more for the awusa bereaved? Okay, forget about the Nd-Igbo; what about the Nd-awusa….how much did the parasites come up with?

    • glo

      Speak for your creek people. We igbos support BUHARI.

  • Victory

    Fake story. No show for Bokohari

    • Uzoma John

      To your deluded mind, this is no fake story because most of you who support evil don’t even recognise when change has come. This change knows no tribe, religion or geo-political zone. I’m amongst the Ibos who donated to Buhari Support Organisations. We need people with character and integrity who can move this country forward, regardless of tribe or religion.

      • emmanuel

        You Uzoma? Akuko! Your real name please.

        Change? How come Nwabueze Ngige is no more heard among those who gallivant around and drink tea on behalf of the APC? They have no place for Igbos except to collect their monies and possible votes.

        Buhari will jail Ekwueme again if he becomes president.

        • Okemute1

          Is Ekwueme still committing crime at his age? Wonders shall never end!

          • emmanuel

            Did Ekwueme commit any crime or your Fulani brother who is venomous with ethnic bile jailed non Fulanis in a bid to be seen as a disciplinarian, but let the real Fulani looters off the hook.

            That is the evil mind some people want to repeat his evil again. E no go hapin.

            Afterall Obasanjo was one million times worse than who he was at first instance as head of state

        • glo

          And what did Ekwueme do for the Igbos? except to sleep with as many of their daughters and wives as possible. Ndi igbo, kwusi..nu follow follow; for once use your common sense . Stop embarrassing us sophisticated igbos amongst you.

          • Save Nigeria Father

            Igbos need one voice and that voice cannot come from traitors and betrayers of Igbos.

      • Eastern Voice

        Where are you from?

      • glo


    • glo

      You wish!

  • Ishaq Gazz

    No matter how you feed your lizard it will not be better than a crocodile, a man always remain what the history revealed him to be, Buhari is stamped on the heart of every Nigerian citizens, no going back forward ever in the name of peace.


    Rubbish fake story !! These are stolen or looted funds from Ngene and a few cronies…….Buhari is persona-non-grata in Igbo land !!

  • Frank Bassey

    Igbos are our neighbours. Please publish their names if you are sincere; otherwise I consider this another tissue of RUBBISH.

    • glo

      So what if we’re your neighbors; what does that have to do with price of rice in china? Do we share the 30% with you? Does us being neighbors change the fact that Jonothing and his gang of rogues are complete morons. Stay in you lane and speak for your ignorant self!!!

  • emmanuel

    This is same scheme that git Amaechi emptying River state Treasury.

    They know Ig o traders would do so much individually, so they want to play on their psyche. An Igbo man does not forget his past, how Buhari jailed Ekwueme at Kirikiri, while Shagari drank Tea and scambled eggs at home in company of his wife.

    The Igbos cannot be fooled.

    The Yorubas love money more than the Igbos but would rather put their money were it would give them swags – parties than give it to one oldman. So there is no use winding them

    Meanwhile na few Hausa/Fulanis get free cash to give when the burden of too many wives drowns them daily (they must collect bribes to feed their large families)

    Unfortunately, the Igbos will not get swayed by this fraud even if you publish names. Afterall, the Igbo names published as beneficiaries of Lagos homes were all fake (they would mix Ebonyi names with Anambra etc). We carried out investigations and conclusively discovered fake.

    Osita Okechukwu has managed to stay on in that job because of schemes like this. Anu ofia!

    • SherifmA

      The Igbos ..for you to know the integrity of any they dont follow the statement “IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM JOIN THEM” fOR many years this man GMB has been warning us against the evill of PDP nd since then refuse to work under their government…..and now he is still here again to bring us change…..well for those of u dat refuse to accept change of power……….u better start tinking of hw anoda four years…..will lead nigeria…if one person can donate 3.5billion…and all sum up to form 21billion……..may be next year will be 21 trillion …so guys shine ur eyes

    • Nija pikin

      U know the Igbo don’t want to be the only ones without a chair when the music stops it’s called being on the fence Jonny u see how they gave u billions and went round to be safe than sorry that means the are not sure of where jonny will be by 2015 chei.

    • glo

      Please speak for your gullible self. There are lots of us Igbos that are sophisticated enough to understand the importance of VOTING FOR BUHARI; the rest of you are pathetic, considering there is nothing to show for all the supporting Jonothing rhetoric.

      • emmanuel

        Omo Ale!

  • emmanuel

    If Igbos contributed the N54 million while Fulani and Yoruba Buhari supposed benefactors refused to, then it is easy to conclude that the noise about Buhari rating is all media lies.

  • Olalekan Odunayo

    So APC members are so few that only 540,000 of them donated #100 each.

    • adaramalegbe

      or 54 million of them donating N1 each since that is your line of reasoning!

    • glo



    Sooo…south east wants the gospel of corruption , good governance to reach them…thumbs up…niger


    oo…south east wants the gospel of corruption , good goverance to reach them…thumbs up…nigeria ns we can do this together. .dont let us vote for this callous set of people…..called pdp….lets come out in lsrge numbers to vote buhari …..gmb 2015

  • sherif A

    The Igbos ..for you to know the integrity of any they dont follow the
    statement “IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM JOIN THEM” fOR many years this man GMB
    has been warning us against the evill of PDP nd since then refuse to
    work under their government…..and now he is still here again to bring
    us change…..well for those of u dat refuse to accept change of
    power……….u better start tinking of hw anoda four years…..will
    lead nigeria…if one person can donate 3.5billion…and all sum up to
    form 21billion……..may be next year will be 21 trillion …so guys
    shine ur eyes…like serious

    • glo

      Gbam! Thank you .

    • emmanuel

      Did you talk about the Buhari who worked for Abacha and said Abacha was a clean man?

      Even Nigerians yet unborn know that Abacha is the worst evil Nigeria ever had.

      • Save Nigeria Father

        Abacha’s govt. is the best but as looting is a phenomenon he is not exempted.



  • u.j. Sam

    What is 54mil in Anambra, my dad is a core supporter of GMB in indemili south Anambra state, Ngige strong hold. He alone can donate more than that.

    • IskaCountryman

      how much can you donate…anus on fire…anuofia…

    • emmanuel

      What about you? You mates are multi billionaires and millionaires in Nigeria.

      By the way, is Ngige the name of a person in APC? Move on, not recognosed.

  • Igwe

    Who made the poster a spokesman for the Igbos? Please, its not every mad man that bears an Igbo name that can come the media and rubbish our names. In NO forum has the Igbos lent their support to whatever you believed in.