PDP leader defends APC’s Masari over certificate forgery allegation

Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari

A chieftain of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in Katsina State has lashed out at members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, behind a petition alleging that Aminu Masari, the APC gubernatorial candidate for Katsina State, was involved in certificate forgery.

Aminu Kurfi, a member of the PDP in Katsina State, said in a statement Monday that the allegation was a “cheap blackmail” and “clearly orchestrated”.

“It is a cheap blackmail, a kind of politics that I am convinced serves no useful purpose and we should all agree to put an end to it,” said Mr. Kurfi, a founding member of the party in Kurfi local government of the state.

“In my own reckoning, any effort to engage in litigation would also end up without much benefit. Litigation never resolves any issue, particularly when that issue border on the frivolous. You go through the motion and end up with what economists call a ‘winner’s curse’, a situation in which the winner becomes worst off than anticipated.”

A Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, had petitioned the All Progressives Congress, APC, last week over claims that Mr. Masari, its gubernatorial candidate, presented forged educational certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Mr. Masari, who was the Speaker of the House of Representatives between 2003 and 2007 (as a member of the PDP), emerged the candidate of the APC during the party’s primaries three weeks ago.

In the petition, filed on behalf of five APC members in Katsina State, Mr. Keyamo noted that if the APC went ahead to field the former Speaker in the 2015 general elections, those claims could earn him a disqualification from INEC, or if he won, a removal from the governorship seat.

Though not a member of the APC, Mr. Kurfi said he owed a duty to God to speak the truth, having known Mr. Masari closely for years.

“I knew Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari right from my days in the 1990s at the KSTA while he was then Honourable Commissioner for Works in Katsina State. As my boss then we interacted well,” Mr. Kurfi said.

“When he eventually became the Speaker of the House of Representatives, I doubled as his Legislative Consultant and Honourary Aide.”

According to the petitioners, when Mr. Masari contested for Governor of Katsina State in 2011, he alleged that he had a Post Graduate Diploma in Water Quality Control and Management from Middlesex Polytechnic, United Kingdom.
An inquiry made to the said polytechnic revealed that no such course was offered by the school in the year claimed by Mr. Masari, the petitioners had said.

“Interestingly, this same spurious allegation that is now given a garb of respectability by getting a lawyer to parrot it in a petition was flying in the air as far back as 2003, that is over 10 years ago, when all indicators were pointing to the possibility of Alhaji Masari becoming the Speaker of the House of Representatives,” said Mr. Kurfi.

“This allegation which was the only one that its authors could hold on to and keeps repeating was thoroughly investigated at different levels and was found out to be outright lies and fabrication; it was without basis and was peddled about in bad faith.

“President Umaru Musa Yar’adua of blessed memory, then Governor of Katsina State, a stickler for details and the truth cross-checked the facts to ensure that the position, which was zoned to Katsina State, was not lost because of the allegation. He found out that there was no iota of truth in the allegation.

“Ditto former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He did his checks and gave Alhaji Masari a clean bill of health and went ahead lend support to his bid for the position of the Speakership of the House of Representatives.

“In September 2005, the House of Representatives on their own, in response to orchestrated pressure by the media also launched its own investigation in respect of the same allegation of certificate forgery and subsequently returned a verdict of confidence in Alhaji Masari, then Speaker.

“Through a motion by Hon. Abdul Ningi, then Leader of the House, 320 other members prayed the House to resolve that: ‘there is no substance in any of the allegations made against the person and office of the Speaker, Hon. Aminu Bello Masari.’ All these are verifiable and can be cross checked.”


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  • Rollingdollar

    Good to defend him, but still better for the court to rule with evidence so that the allegation can be finally laid to rest. Thank you

    • Conrad mukweri okafor

      NIGERIA must remain one , Only a criminal, murderer or wicked monster that will keep on sabataging Gen Buhari or Prof Osinbajo .But any myopic croock who doesn’t have sympathy on the accountless massacre taking place under the watch of PDP Govt that would support Jonathan

  • GrantUK

    Blind leading the blind. Mr. Kurfi never mentioned that he has cited the Mr Masari’s certificate. He knew Masari only from when Masari became a commissioner in Kastina state. I think, Mr. Kurfi knows noting about the saga. Kurfi ended up beating around the bush. Mr Masari should be investigated and if found guilty of certificate forgery should be jailed and stripped of all the privileges of all the political offices he has ever held.

    • GrantUK

      Considering Boko haram ideology (Western education is evil), all northern that worship Moh’med should have their educational certificates thoroughly cross examined. Imagine Masari certificate forger as a commissioner, speaker and now to vie for governorship. This is the problem why Nigeria is backward. With quota system and Federal character in place, Nigeria will never regain her place in the world reckoning.

      • Wise Head

        Why should that bother you? The APC presidential candidates according to unrefuted media reports failed every exam he wrote in the Army, yet he rose to become a general, governor, minister, head of state, and all this years, has not been able to refine his language.

  • Wise Head

    GEJ should watch some of these Hausa/Fulani people who claim to be in the PDP. Several of them are in the party with their mouth and for their mouths, but their heart is with the Arewa Peoples Congress (APC) – the arm saddled with the mission of #Bringing Back Our Power# . He should watch the Dutse man, Sule Lamido very closely. The PDP machinery in Jigawa should not be in his hands

  • Ekwekwe

    Propaganda Times is doing its job as the mouthpiece and defender of APC. Just like Alhaji Kurfi, it’s all about how much you can pay. My “journalists,” why not do the decent thing: leave out the Kurfis of Katsina and directly ask Alhaji Masari if he forged the certificate. Here is where to start: Alhaji Masari, how could Middlesex Polytechnic which no longer existed in 2011 (because it became Middlesex University in 1992) have awarded you a PGD?

  • Wise Head

    The National Leader of the APC and the proposed EFCC Chairman in an APC-led anti-corruption government (in their dream), Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is the godfather of certificate problems in Nigeria. He beat Salisu Buhari (another Buhari?) to it. He has some unresolved issues on claims of having attended University of Chicago and Government College Ibadan. He has not been able to prove he attended any of them despite stating them as the schools he attended in his INEC forms twice. So, why would certificate forgery issues not always dog members of the APC? Note that this “defender” only dismissed the allegation but carefully avoided telling us what is the correct situation.

    • Uwadiegwu

      No, no, the information has since been changed. Thiefnubu attended Chicago State University, Oluwole Campus. He read accounting and that is why he has personally managed the finances of Lagos State for 8 years he was governor and another 8 years of Fashola’s governorship. Great Chicago! Great! Up Oluwole Campus! Up! What Thiefnubu did for Lagos, Masari can do for Katsina.

      • Teddy

        You all rumour peddlers are out of your minds. This man Tinubu, either you like his face or not, has become a phenomenon in Nigeria and international politics. May be I should let you know, in case you don’t know, that this same man was an accountant with Mobil Producing, an American Oil giant, for years. Responsible people of Nigeria are discussing issues you fools/sycophants are discussing personalities. Can’t you people see and feel the wind of change that is currently blowing? Please stop promoting mediocrity over merit.

    • Edward Osadebay

      Just stop being mischievous, Mr. Tinubu attended Chicago State University. Is like telling somebody I went to university in Lagos. Of course there are University of Lagos and Lagos State university. It was just a mistake. I have filled forms for loads of people and you can make mistakes like that. Tinubu stated clearly he went to Chicago State university and an aide made the error of putting University of Chicago.

      • Iwobi Chicago

        Oga Edward, what about the claim that he attended Government College Ibadan? Was it a mistake too. Perhaps you can ask your man to publish a copy of the Chicago State University degree certificate in the papers because I checked up his name in the Chicago State University’s records and it turned up with 0 (zero) result. Or, perhaps, it was another mistake? Could it Illinois State University?

      • Wise Head

        Stop deceiving yourself. He filled both universities (Univ of Chicago and Chicago State Univ) in his INEC form when he contested for the Senate. A couple of years, later, he repeated the same “mistake” in his INEC form when he was contesting for governor. Yes, that’s how they make “mistakes” among the “progressives”. Do you know what? Univ of Chicago is an Ivy League university together with Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. While the other one is not. That may explain why your Tinubu wanted it in his CV. Okay, what about Government College Ibadan? Why did he claim that one too?

        • Edward Osadebay

          The man went to Chicago state university. I have checked too and the university confirmed it. Government College Ibadan? You are on your own there.

          But can we kill discussing personalities and concentrate on issues? Nigeria is in bad shape right now. We need to hold politicians to their promises by asking very pertinent questions. We’ve been lied to loads. We need to stop these unnecessary arguments that get us to no where.

          Lets remember Tinubu is not on the ballot. Jonathan and Buhari are. One is an incumbent who have failed to deliver on his numerous promises. Is it worth our while to continue to live on promises while some, in fact, very few people have become emergency multi billionaires with no discernible businesses.

          What are we are leaving behind for our children? Lets listen intensively to these candidates and vote according to our conviction. On my part, I am all for Buhari because Jonathan have failed woefully. You are free to vote for anybody too.

          On this Vanguard patch, I shall continue to write with facts and not fiction. Just few dats ago, Jonathan raised 21 billion Naira even from states government, when most of them are not paying workers their salaries. Is it morally right? These are issues that should occupy us. Personally, I criticise PDP and President Jonathan because they are in power so have the wherewithal to affect my life and indeed Nigerians positively or negatively.

          I rest my case. Happy Xmas.

          • Wise Head

            It is the news-headline that dictates the comments. The story is on the alleged certificate forgery of an APC Governorship aspirant, Mr. Masari, so you should expect comments relating to the news item. On Tinubu, during Lagos House Assembly investigation, Tinubu claimed (rightly) he attended Chicago State Univ and audited courses at Univ of Chicago. He should not have entered the two institutions as schools where he earned degrees. That was a false claim. And the fact that he did it twice on his INEC forms during a long time frame speaks volumes about his particular intentions. The story out there then was that his opponent, Funsho Williams had attended Kings College and Oxford, and so Tinubu had to claim Univ of Chicago (and Ivy League) and Govt College, Ibadan (a prestigious secondary sch) to “measure up”. I understand your point about dwelling on issues, but what are the issues if not these? APC is claiming they are running this campaign on the “personal integrity” of their “progressive members” and this now makes the examination of the credibility of the party’s leading lights inevitable. Moreover, Tinubu is no ordinary member of the APC, he is their national leader for crying out loud. In civilised societies, what he does or fails to do can make or mar the party. Have a nice holiday

  • Edward Osadebay

    Why don’t we all put these rumours to bed by clearly stating the schools and certifications Mr. Masari achieved educationally and the ones he was awarded.