APC’s attack on Jonathan worse than “jackboot” comment against Buhari — PDP

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that it remains on the moral high ground compared to the All Progressives Congress, APC, as far as its commitment to issues-based campaigns is concerned.

In a statement Tuesday, National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, dismissed the claim by the APC that the description of its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari as “semi-literate jackboot” by the PDP National Secretary, Wale Oladipo, amounted to reneging on the commitment.

According to Metuh, “In the PDP, we occupy the moral high ground as far as our commitment to issues-based campaign is concerned. Our word remains our bond. Since we made that commitment, we have focused on issues.

“We have also taken up the responsibility of drawing the attention of Nigerians to the obvious cases of incompetence and failings of the APC and those who aspire to the leadership of our nation through that platform.

“There has never been any instance that we have maliciously attacked the characters of those on the presidential ticket of the APC; rather, we have been alive to our responsibility of offering public service so that Nigerians will not be deceived.

“The particular statement by Professor Oladipo, referred to by the APC, which we even consider as complimentary, does not in any way compare with the many instances of vicious, malicious and provocative attacks on the person and office of our presidential candidate, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, after we made the commitment to engage in a decent campaign.

“It is on record that a few days after the commitment alluded to by the APC, Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, attacked the person of President Jonathan, describing him as an ‘incompetent commander-in-chief.’ No personal attack could be more vicious and unconscionable.

“Similarly, the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, has consistently prosecuted a hate campaign against President Jonathan, describing him as ‘an enemy of Rivers people.’ I ask the APC and my friend, Lai Mohammed, if this destructive campaign sounds like a love song to him?

“Also, the National Chairman of the APC, Chief John Oyegun, at the church event to mark the 60th birthday of APC Deputy National Chairman (South), Chief Segun Oni, in Ifaki-Ekiti, attacked the person of President Jonathan describing him as ‘a misfit’ for the presidency of the nation.

“Even my friend Lai Mohammed is not blameless. For him to declare to the world that President Jonathan was responsible for the killings of Nigerians by Boko Haram insurgents, when he knows those whose utterances and clandestine activities fuel the insurgency, smacks of political mischief.

“To worsen the entire matter, the APC presidential candidate himself, General Muhammadu Buhari, is complicit in the propagation of personal attack over and above issues. It was insulting for Buhari to say, as he did in Sokoto last Sunday, that ‘no right-thinking Nigerian will vote for Jonathan.’ Is this the APC’s understanding of an issues-based campaign.

“It is important to point out that President Jonathan has never, ever, whether before or after he became the candidate of our party, attacked the character or person of General Buhari. In his declaration speech and acceptance speech after he was nominated as presidential candidate of our party, there was nowhere in the speeches or speeches made on subsequent occasions in which he attacked the person of Buhari.

“We would like to state that, in furtherance of their deliberate and calculated attacks on President Jonathan, the APC has been using fronts and sponsored agents in the media and social media to make caricatures of President Jonathan.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we want to assure the APC that we remain committed to issues-based campaign as this will give us a clear head-start over them. We will campaign on our record of verifiable achievements; we will campaign on the fact that Nigeria can never go back to the past; we will campaign on issues and ideas built around our continuing agenda to transform our nation going into the future.

“Nevertheless, we are fully prepared, ready, willing and able to defend all personal attacks on the President and the leadership of our great party.


Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary


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  • Rollingdollar

    PDP is a little bit slow in hitting back. APC has been behaving like a bull in China shop, throwing insults at the President left, right and centre. Let us face issues in this campaign so Nigerians can make an informed decision of who they want as their president come 2015.

    • Leslie

      Point of correction. APC has been throwing facts and not insults at the president.Or do they lie when saying GEJ is incompetent, clueless etc?I’d rather vote for people who call a spade a spade than for those that say stealing isn’t corruption. Rubbish.

  • Forward_Nigeria

    Now that APC has exhausted all the insults it can ever heap on President Goodluck Jonathan ….. they are now calling for issue based campaign …. they should be ignored.

    It as simple ……. Buhari is uneducated and did not pass any of his exams while serving in the military ………. if APC thinks that Buhari went to school or that Buhari passed any of his exams while in the military …. the onus is on APC to present us with evidence to the contrary …. simple.

    Buhari no go school and cannot fit as President in the 21st Century !


      Get your facts right, Mr. Man. PDP is the self-styled apostle of issues-based campaign when it knows it has no issues to campaign with. Buhari has said pointedly that he will not engage in politics of abuse. Therefore, why should the PDP that has been screaming issues-based campaign be the first to deviate from it? That’s the crux of the matter

    • Onike24

      Jona is the first PHD holder known to man without one single peer reviewed published paper. how is that possible? what was the title of his PHD thesis, who supervised his thesis? people in class houses should not even hold stones, never mind throwing them, nonsense.

      • Wähala

        Ask him to bet his slimy Aborigine balls that Dumbo has PhD education… na claiming, remember Stella Oduah? Na dia team!

        • Onike24

          Compliments of the season to you bros, on a serious note, Nigerians appear to be broken by Jona and his motley crew of idiots, methinks we need Buhari more than he needs us oh!

    • Wähala

      Na onle you waka come… Wia ris Gwoza sef?
      If Dumbo has PhD education… truly, western education is really “haram” to mankind!

    • kenneth Moses

      School? why in the military? did not pass any of his exams? wait till February 14/15 you will get answer for your question.

      Muhammadu BuhariEducationUnited States Army War College (1979–1980)

      Muhammadu BuhariEducationDefence Services Staff College (1973)

      Mons Officer Cadet School (1962–1963)

      Nigerian Defence Academy (1962)

      You better support agent of change, and let us take our lives back from 16 years of pdp wicked government.

    • davido

      It is unfortunate that we cannot at the moment distinguish an issue based politics and motor park language as offered by professor ladipo and metuh, pls forgive them. They have to say something to earned themselves a lifeline from diezanni through doyin okupe. Pls fire onñnnnn

  • Backward_Nigeria

    Decree No. 1

    Wallahi …… I will instruct my ADC Colonel Abubakar Shekau to make sure that all educational institutions in Nigeria are bombed and completely destroyed …. Boko Haram shikena !!!!

    Signed: Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari

    • endingNaija

      And I will make sure that on behalf of King Goodluck Jonathan Nebu I LOOT and STEAL Nigerian Resources DRY. Why? because according to President King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar STEALING OF GOVT RESOURCES IS NOT CORRUPTION.

      • kenneth Moses

        Looooooooool, president king Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar. infact you are wonderful man

    • Mosaku 147

      You are not funny at all. Please go to bed joo.rubbish.

  • Enemona

    PDP will never have an issue-based campaign, never! They know that because their performance has been woeful so their strategy is to turn the debate to personal attacks upon personal attacks so as to divert people’s attention from the issues.

    APC, do not play into their hands on this cheap plot, explore the issues and expose them to Nigerians. Explain them clearly even up to the grassroot level.

    • Prof. Wole Soyinka

      The most important issue in the 2015 Presidential election is Buhari …… it is an insult on Nigerians for APC to present Buhari as a Presidential candidate ……. Buhari is simply too bad and too retrogressive.

      • kenneth Moses

        I know prof Wole soyinka can`t talk like this. please can you tell me you are not Prof Wole Soyinka?

      • Mosaku 147

        weh you and Soyinka siddon gist? Whoever brought this e-rats out here this cold night?

        • Olu Ade

          He is an impersonator whose father has no good name for him to be proud of. His real name is Bastard…na only him wake come as pipkin of his father’s concubine.

      • Enemona

        Standing logic over its head. You can only say Buhari is the most important issue in the elections only if you’re one of the internet rent-boys, one of the oil thieves, one of the fat spokesmen, one of the refurbished militants, one of the subsidy thieves, one of the other ‘presidents’ in this administration or you’re simply an imbecile.

        • Victory

          The notion that one must be an oil thieve to defend their views is pathetic and myopic


      Fair enough!


    Criticism is different from abuse. If you say President Jonathan is incompetent, it is a fact/criticism. But if you say the President is mad, it is an abuse. Metuh does not know the difference. As far as he is concerned, any criticism of the President amounts to abuse. That’s the way of sycophants. It is also a way to silence the opposition. But that will not work in a democracy. Jonathan is an elected President, not an Emperor or a King. He should and will be criticized.

  • Ukpaka

    I stopped after the 3rd paragraph. This Metuh guy was hired to insult any perceived opponent of Johnathan. Like somebody pointed out, criticism of Johnathan’s government is far from insult. Johnathan has been incompetent and even his goons know that. It just shows that people like Metuh still can’t distinguish between a fare criticism and insult.

    • Abufata Gumi

      Ukpaka or what do you call yourself. Am ashamed of you. You call the insults on your own leader criticism. What a man sows , he will reap. Amen

  • Wähala

    Notice how Olisa Metuh avoided the “illiterate” part of their comment… settled for the obvious, “jackboot” because Gen. Buhari is an indisputable (but distinguished) ex-soldier. The disputable part which is verifiable is both candidates’ educational background and Nigerians simply want to read and know that Dumbo is not just claiming PhD… we want to be sure he actually was awarded one and the only proof is the Thesis that landed him that bogus badge. Fact is, that careless statement by a no-name professor has landed Dumbo in the searchlight, his intuitive reactions to simple questions do not suggest he went beyond secondary school. No PhD holder asks, “wia ris Gwoza sef?” in official setting. So, Olisa Metuh can divert to Gov. Kwankwaso and all, bottom line remains, between both men who is better qualified all round to lead out of the quicksand…

  • Peter Irene

    Give us light Mr. PHD. We don’t want grammar. We have seen you spoken on Radio. We have seen you spoken on Tv. For years we have been in darkness now that we want someone to fix our light you are talking of PHD. Only BUHARI can stop Curruption to give us light. On him we stand provided INEC has cleared him and he has gotten the requisite qualification as required by our constitution. What qualification had Obasanjo when he ruled us for eight years under PDP?

    • Onike24


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        My Sis,

        Compliments of the Season to you and your loved ones.

        May God grant you the best of the coming years ahead. Amen.

        • Onike24

          Same to you my brother

  • Victory

    President Goodluck Jonathan will win a second term in 2015 by defeating Buhari. President Jonathan will take 57 percent of the votes and Buhari will take 41 percent. This is just too many votes for the old, tired and outdated General. Anyway, he will get that many votes because he is teaming up with the most corrupt Nigerian alive – Tinubu, and because his people are using Boko Haram to cause terror and fear in the minds of our brothers and sisters in the North East

  • blackdove

    APC as a party has never questioned your president’s questionable PhD degree because that is the job for the electorates. General Buhari is far more educated that Jonathan since he acquired the equivalent of a master’s degree from the united States war college. Frankly, bros Jo’s certificates are only recognized in Nigeria and probably some equally educationally disadvantaged African countries.

    • Abufata Gumi

      Are you coming from the moon? Nigerians have already rejected Buhari. For you to say that is far more educated than Jonathan shows that you are far away from reality. Wake up my brother and stop confusing yourself

    • sharp shape

      This is not accurate ! I retired from the us military and war colleges do not award degrees ! Most of us got our degrees in regular colleges ! Stop with the lies !

    • engr.sam nwokoye

      wake up.War college degrees can never be compared to a university degree.Thats why after a military service,you are unemployable outside the walls of the barracks.Studying the history and art of war is at best a HND equivalent.A woman ARCH! RAdmral Htonu got all the award in the recent war college gradguate because as an Architect from UNN before joining the military the students were no match to her.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Look, my friend, Metuh, it appears you don’t really understand the mentality of these APC-JANJWEED voodooists, and broom-wielding NIGHT-SOIL MEN. They lack every sense of decency. The culture of appreciation of the value of courtesy does not exist in their ranks. It is time to roll out the war-drums on the SEMI-ILLITERATE-led herd of almajiris. They need to take the hits right in the groin. And, there is no time to wait.
    See how “JANJAWEED” stereotyping caught up like wild-fire. In the same way, SEMI-ILLITERATE is kicking in.soon as it made its debut. Those anarchists need to get the bloody nose from time to time for them to realize that they cannot repackage a hyena, then pass it off as a gazelle. A three-time wet-towel reject hallucinates the presidency. has he told anybody why Pastor Tunde Bakare is not good enough this time, or is he a political gigolo foraging the Yoruba land, switching pastors like underpants? Ha…..ha….ha!

    • Abufata Gumi

      Garden city, you have a point. Buhari has remained a sadist. An anarchists who does not give a damn about the feeling of others can not be president. He is a selfish man who seeks power because he feels it must be him. Well he will lose and lose again

  • D-ONE

    issue based oh or facts or insults!!! the truth remains these guys have nothing to offer! jonathan cannot prosecute his corrupt cronies and buhari will not be able to do the same! will he prosecute tinubu or amaechi for using stolen funds to support his campaign.

    the main issue remains that we all should be praying for peace cos this elections will not be funny and may you all online fans of both men not be on the streets fighting for your lives after feb 14 while they will both be in uk and us with their families drinking juice. i dont see any of the pdp or apc bigwigs using their children to fight, it will still be us the hungry youths.

    make we all dey careful.

  • Abufata Gumi

    Good work by Olisa Metuh. We all know that it is the APC that has refused to focus on issue based politics because they have nothing to offer. That is why they cannot keep the agreement. Because that would mean they will never speak again. The PDP has overtime shown itself to be a party that is focused on unity and development. They have shown verifiable projects and programmes. What has APC shown? Nothing but gutter language and insults.

  • Abufata Gumi

    Ok on issues, I challenge Elrufai to be man enough to face me on his interview on Buhari.
    Hear El-Rufai: “I was 25 years old when Buhari and Babangida were Heads of State and I am now 50 and they still want to be Head of State. I don’t understand that. I don’t understand that at all and I call on the young people of Nigeria to take their future into their hands and ensure that in the next election, they vote for a new generation of leaders. Elrufai can you see who the real jauna faced Lai Mohammed. spoke about?

  • fat

    From all indices GEJ has a lot of incompetent people around because he himself is dull, look at a Nigerian professor in person of wale oladipo PDP national secretary calling an army general semi-illetrate when his party presented another retired full time army as senate president and president himself appointed another retired full time army as his campaign director. As from today I withdrew my support for the pdp . APC is the main party.

  • Abufata Gumi

    Fat, you cannot compare Buhari to David Mark. Come on, Buhari is a quota general, politics apart, those of us from th north know that Buhari has nothing to offer but just got there because somehow in the northern controlled military, you cant but continue to push some people up irrespective of their low grades and incompetence.

  • Ahmadu funtua

    Ride on Metuh, give it back to them word for word. I think you have given the APC enough time to run an issue based campaign but they have shown utter disregard for decency. Is it how they intend to rule Nigeria? Attacking and desecrating what they ought not to all in the name of mad chase for power. Anyway , Nigerians are not surprised at the behavior of this bunch of dictators and corrupt area boys

  • King Andy

    There’s hardly a sentence made by APC member without bringing PDP and GEJ to it. What does it implies? To put it more succinct, APC is very afraid and intimidated by the PDP. Whether in the church, convention, coronation, campaign etc, they must run down PDP and its government. What has Buhari told us so far that he will do if elected? All you hear him speak is why we shouldn’t vote for Jonathan. Olisa, please, ignore them and campaign for your party with decency and maturity cos we know who means well for the country. May God guide and guard you with wisdom. Less than 3 months, they’ll form their parallel government as envisaged by their field commander; Amechi.

  • sharp shape

    Political parties in Nigeria should redefine politics in Nigeria albeit the black race ! Political parties can no longer build their parties in the image of an individual but on ideas as they usually stand the test of time ! APC should build its platform on political ideas with a clear manifesto about its programme ! It should stop this dangerous fantasy that somehow the fate of the world’s largest black nation of 200 million plus would die if an octogenarian of limited mental moral and academic abilities is not elected as president ! Please give me a break !!!

  • Femi

    APC has been throwing facts and not insults at the
    president. Are they lying when saying GEJ is incompetent, clueless
    etc? With all those around him which issues has he resolved? How can a
    president say stealing isn’t corruption. Femi Fani Kayode, Wale Oladipo,
    Okupa to mention a few what was their comment on GMB? When other
    parties were decamping to PDP no body said a word now people are
    decamping from PDP to other parties they are crying foul and that the
    person must loose his/her seat…. If you are living in a glass house
    don’t stone others that is my advise for PDP.

    You can imagine the
    2015 budget is just to keep the government running not to protect or
    care for it’s citizens. And they want our vote to remain in power; doing
    what if I may ask?

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    Hahaha! Continue PDPig. You are blasting yourself by yourselve.

  • favourtalk

    Is that not the truth? Ni single and sensible nigeria wi vote for GEJ comes 2015,he dissapointed lots of Nigerians and reason for us to vote him out

    • Night Crawler

      #GEJMustGo, he has nothing to offer Nigerians

  • Night Crawler

    Weather metuh likes it or not Buhari is far better than GEJ, in terms of everything. GEJ is the worse President ever ruleth in the history of Nigeria

    • Wise Head

      Could you just tell us how? Can you provide just one coherent policy direction Buhari has ever unfolded? Do you think that your Buhari who claimed that he would stabilize oil prices should be taken serious at all. Just tell me how a head of state of a particular country can possibly do this? Not even the Saudi leader can make such a claim. That shows that the man does not even understand basic issues at stake. No wonder you call yourself Night Crawler. And I just wasted my time replying you.

  • Abufata Gumi

    Whether Buhari likes it or not, GEJ is better than him in terms of every thing, Buhari remains the worst ruler in Nigeria. Buhari brought it nihilism and destroyed the love Nigerians have for themselves. a man whose agenda is to impose sharia across the country to even to non-muslims instead of seeking what will benefit Nigerians. bitter soul

  • Wise Head

    Can anyone here provide just one example of a coherent policy direction Buhari has ever unfolded? How can anyone imagine that Buhari who is promising to stabilize oil prices if he is elected should be taken serious at all? Just tell me how a head of state of a particular country can possibly do this? Not even the Saudi leader can make such a claim. It reminds of a child promising his mates he would catch the kite over flying their compound. That shows that the man does not even understand the basic issues at stake, and so, he is trivializing it.

  • Edward Osadebay

    The bitter truth is that everything said about President Jonathan and PDP is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Not one single statement is a lie.

    Now consider President Jonathan’s statement of article of faith to Nigerians in 2011, ” without security, there is no government. So it is not debatable, it is something we have to addressed and we are working towards that with vigour. But if I’m voted into power within the next four years (2011-2015), the issue of power will become a thing of the past. Four years is enough for anyone in power to make significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything even if I am there for the next four year (2015 to 2019)” – Vanguard Newspapers, 2011.

    Where are we today with electricity? Was there any improvement? So we must take Jonathan and PDP on their words which should be their bond. In President Jonathan own words, ” it then means I can not do anything even if I am there for the next four years”. Truly Jonathan cannot do anything. Lets ease him out, he challenged us to. A president cannot be lying to this citizens and expect any respect. Jonathan have told too many lies to Nigerians, it is ridiculous.

  • Rommel

    As A kid,I heard that when lawyers die,they were usually buried face down,maybe that accounted for why I never studied that profession and now that I have grown,I wish it were true,my sympathy goes to the Metuh family whose son, a senior advocate chose to throw away his high study in favor of political touting apprenticeship,what are the attacks of the APC on president Jonathan? is there any sapient mind that has not doubted if indeed president Jonathan truly obtained the academic accolades that are appended to his name? has corruption not been legalized under this president? is there security in Nigeria? what about water and electricity? how influential is Nigeria today in the international community? how strong is Nigeria’s economy? how many people access public healthcare? are Nigerian schools in good shape? I can go on and on and on !!!! what are the lies against president Jonathan aia ask again?

  • Preco01

    Is that a pen in Methu’s hand or some thing he smokes?

    • Victory

      Metuh is a genius. He is defending democracy from not falling into the hands of an authoritarian and coup plotter who is deceiving Nigerians