APC Responsible For Insurgency — PDP

Olisa Metuh, PDP National Publicity Secretary.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said no amount of blackmail and wild allegations against President Goodluck Jonathan can exonerate the All Progressives Congress (APC) of blame for wave of violence and insurgency ravaging some northern states of the country.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Monday said the memory of Nigerians is not short on the body language and inciting utterances of APC leaders, including their Presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, which have served as fuel to the raging flame of terrorism.

According to the PDP, by going to the international media recently to distance themselves from complicity and in turning round to blame the PDP, the APC is asking Nigerians to suddenly grow forgetful of the barrage of statements by their leaders that promoted insurgency in the country.

The party observed that whereas a statesmanly statement from a person of General Buhari’s age and status could have helped douse the tension in the land, the APC flag bearer chose incendiary remarks, which emboldened insurgents, apparently in keeping with the agenda of his party to achieve political control through violence.

The PDP compared the attitude of APC leaders on the insurgency to the metaphor of a young man sent on a criminal mission by the father, whose boldness knows no bounds.

“Nigerians have not forgotten the spontaneous violence and mayhem on innocent citizens following inciting statements by Buhari and other APC leaders then in the defunct CPC, upon losing the 2011 presidential election.

“The APC leaders have so far left no Nigerian in doubt of their party’s violent disposition as General Buhari in May 2012, remorselessly stated that ‘the monkey and baboon will be soaked in blood’ should he lose the 2015 presidential election.

“Attesting that penchant for violence flows in the portal vein of the rank and file of the APC, Buhari’s Man-Friday and former FCT Minister, Malam Nasir El-Rufai in his capacity then as APC Deputy National Secretary, in January 2014, told the whole world that ‘the next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die. And the only alternative left to get power is to take it by force; this is the reality on ground.

“Nigerians have also read and heard other ricocheting calls for violence and threats of parallel government from other leaders of this same party. These are not just mere slips but incontrovertible snips from the agenda of the APC to sustain insurgency and set the stage for carnage after they lose in the 2015 general elections.

“We find it funny that the APC which has presented its flagbearer, General Buhari as a macho mascot that will bring insurgency to an end in matter of weeks using sheer force, is turning round to play the card of dialogue just to disparage the President.

“Ironically, for over a year of General Buhari’s draconian rule in the 1980s and even now in pretended love for democracy, the General is never known to be amenable to any form of dialogue. So, where will this hyped Midas touch on dialogue come from?

“Well-meaning Nigerians appreciate the way and manner the Jonathan administration is confronting insurgency using dialogue and military option. Twice, the Council of State has appraised and endorsed this approach despite spirited efforts by the opposition to distract the President and demoralize our security forces.


Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    Amaechi said that they will not go to court should they lose the 2015 elections, which they must lose anyway, but constitute themselves into nuisances and form a parallel govt. Bloodthirty and blood drinking APC felons

    • diskassant

      To any objective mind PDP s and in particular Mentuahs penchant for politicising and trivialising serious national challenges like the insurgency in parts of the country is not only an insult but a gross act of disregard to the sensibilities of millions of fellow Nigerians who have either lost loved ones or limbs or properties or livelihood due to the acts of commission or omissions by the PDP Govt whose main objective ought to have been protection of citizens lives and properties. IN THIS THE PDP FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has FAILED WOEFULLY.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        And the APC passed successfully, abi ?
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Tiara

    This same thing you kept saying, and no evidence, mind you anybody can say anything out of annoyance ‘words are cheap’.

  • Frank Bassey

    This is wholly true. To forget the utterances of people like Buhari and other APC leaders on insurgency is being purely hypocritical. The agenda is to make the country ungovernable for GEJ, turn around to blame him for insurgency, force themselves into power and then discontinue with their acts. Thank you for being this bold.

    • Ade

      House boy Bassey, aren’t you PDPigs ashamed yourself? You are the party in power with the control of all the armed forces. You know that APC leaders are the sponsors of boko haram. With all the evidence in the hands of Olosi Metuh, whst stops jonathan from getting the APC leaders arrested and prosecuted? Are they above the law? My conclusion is that you guys are just raising baseless allegation to curry undue sympathy.

    • FARUK

      It is high time to clarify something once and for all.Many people comment in ignorance.Ask any Hausa man the meaning of “the dog and the Baboon stuff”this is a common Hausa Idiom that describes a situation of fierce battle,but never mean its literal meaning.Never you succumb to cheap blackmail by PDP to deceive you in their desperate move to gain victory come 2015.They always hide their incompetence with religion ,tribe of north/south.Poverty know no religion,tribe gender,south/north.NIGERIANS BEWARE !!!

  • just kennie

    Mr metuh, is it not a sign of weakness, cluelessness, and ineptitude that your administration cannot bring one person to book, irrespective of their political and religious leaning.
    All we here is, apc this that. You guys really need to up your game for the remaining 5 months

  • Dr. Kay

    If you believe this clown then you will believe that Santa claus is the one responsible for the Xmas gift you will receive and those that won’t get gift in this Yuletide are on santas naughty list. Metuh you are Mumu , imbecile , clown, sunganmun , olodo, oloshi, oloriburuku , ode, inept, suegbe, aro mental, schizophrenic, paranoid, hallucinatory Buffon , etc etc. Your PDPigs are the one in power for crying out loud, Biko stop all this beer palor rantings and come with cold hard facts and a smoking gun , if not , then you are 100 times all I call you , oloshi oniranu eda!

  • Ade

    Olosi Metuh, this propaganda does not sell. We have been hearing this from you in the lady 8 months. Please look for another one. With all the evidence you have, what stops PDP government from arresting the APC leaders if you are really sure of what you are saying. I think you and GEJ are taking too much Kaikai. Your government is the most irresponsible in the history of Nigeria. We will vote you out in 2015 by the grace of God. And if you decide to frustrate the will of God, God will intervene as he has always done. In a sane country, jonadaft should not be a councillor not to talk of a president. Olosi Metuh would do better as the spokesperson of Okija shrine or Araria market traders union.

  • blackdove

    If this is your strategy to win a presidential election and cover up the incompetence of your master, then that tells a lot about your level of intelligence. For your information, Nigerians are no longer interested who started Boko haram. They want the sponsors arrested and convicted, but most especially they want boko haram destroyed. Since you have identified APC as the engineering trigger, the question is what are you waiting for?

  • Ayelala

    The only people buying this rubbish are mostly in SS and SE. Unfortunately, their numbers are not enough to win .

    • zeon

      Don’t be too sure about your figures in number. We all know that in the last census, that goats and cows were counted to boost your numbers. Unfortunately, goats and cows will not come to vote for your mini god GMB. This is the real world, wake up…

      • Bastion

        I don’t get your point. He simply made a statement that the votes of the SE and SS are not enough to win. Do you really believe that SS and SE are more than the rest of Nigeria?? Are you for real???

        • Otile

          He is from Katsina, he doesn’t know any better. He thinks the world revolves around their Daura village huts.

        • zeon

          Exactly my point, you guys have all lost your sense of reasoning due to sentiments. Land mass can never be equal to the number of people occupying it. Unfortunately when it was allowed to include the goats & cows in your numbers in the North during the last census which many Nigerians were not aware of. So it was done as a fraud. Read my last statement again.

    • Otile

      But large enough to crush Imam.

  • Basir Musawa

    Metuh is suffering from mental retardation otherwise he will not bring these baseless heresay. Every right thinking Nigerian have now seen where the pendelum is swinging to. PDP is loosing supporters everyday due to your type of senseless points. Here in Katsina we se metuh as a liability in PDP.

    • zeon

      You can only say what you know is happening in Kastina and Kastina State alone cannot win the presidential election for you mini god ati GMB. APC is popular on the internet only for your information and every right thinking Nigerian can never vote for GMB. NEVER! From your brabbing it seems that you are the one the needs brain check-up because non of what you wrote made sense.

    • Otile

      Have you been to Katsina Ala? The Godly people of Katsina Ala are getting ready to deal a deadly defeat to Imam Buhari, the violent one.

      • osita richard

        Sotile or whatever ur name is, u dont even know katsina or katsina ala and u are shouting no right thinking nigerian from both south and north will vote for your failures.

        • Concerned One

          Otile is waking up to the reality that stares him boldly in the face. There will be no hiding place for the likes of him come May 2015.

  • WALE

    METSU,is a great liar,you and your P.D.P cabal are behind boko haram.Even the president said they have infiltrated his government.He should remember the words of late Patrick Aziza,that said P.D.P was the main cause of BOKO HARAM.Metsu should stop this useless propaganda

  • Nwokolo

    Buhari so strong and draconian this week. Last week Olisa Metuh said Buhari is weak and Tinubu’s puppet. Next week……….PDP is in mental disarray. If they want to make some impact in this elections, they had better change their narratives, if not it will be a landslide.

  • Ahmad

    How FG has been fighting insurgency: NEWS: BH kills 39 students in Yobe. GEJ: we must smoke them out. NEWS: BH attacks military formations. GEJ: their days are numbered. NEWS:BH ambushed NA, kills 16 soldiers. GEJ: We know their sponsors. NEWS: Suicide bombers kill 98 in market attack. GEJ: My govt will arrest and bring the doers of this act to justice. NEWS: BH kills 51 in Nyanya bus attack. GEJ. My govt will settle all the medical bills of the victims. NEWS: BH slaughters 135 students. GEJ: My deepest sympathy goes to the parents and loved ones of the victims of attack. NEWS: BH attacks Air Force base, destroyed 8 fighter jets. GEJ: A high powered committee has been step up to investigate and report directly to me in 5days. NEWS: BH kills 100 in mosque attack. GEJ: my govt has ordered for relief materials. NEWS: BH over run Bama. GEJ: my govt is not resting on flushing out insurgents. BH in control of Madagali. GEJ: we would not loose any part of our territory. BH over run Gulak, Goza, Micika and Chibok. GEJ: Our troops will recover all lost territories before 2015 elections… Who says FG is not trying?

    • osita richard

      If this fools comes back to rule us again, we will all be killed by them again in this country comes 2015.

  • Nuga A

    Clueless administration always making excuses for failure.When the Niger Delta militant was destroying the country did OBJ accuse the opposition for the upraising NO.He face it and do all that he could without making any excuses or blaming any opposition party for the problem facing his administration ,that is what they call a leader.Leader always accept responsibility and seek solution to it without apportioning blame on his followers.Grow up and raise to the occasion.stop being a student ,act like a real leader .

  • Olu Ade

    Mr. Metuh can you please re-write the statement below because you might have been smoking something when you wrote it:

    “The party observed that whereas a statesmanly statement from a person of General Buhari’s age and status could have helped douse the tension in the land, the APC flag bearer chose incendiary remarks, which emboldened insurgents..”

    Re-write as:

    The party observed that whereas an executive president, in the person of Mr. Jonathan who is the commander in chief of the armed forces could have done something tangible as a stitch in time save nine by being decisive and fighting the insurgents rather than accusing everybody except himself for political gains. The buck stops with him. END OF DISCUSSION.

    • King Carlos

      Nice one bro.

    • tundemash

      Respect !

    • Muktsa

      You nailed it !

  • King Carlos

    Someone should please observe PDP and the government very well…

    They blame vandals for lack of gas to power the power grids
    They blame APC for boko haram killings.
    They blame oil prices for the state of the economy.

    A government that cannot take responsibility for anything in the country other than ‘stopping the spread of ebola’ doesn’t deserve to be voted for in the next election.

    • Concerned One

      You really are a King. I wonder what the creek rats like Otile would say to this.

      • King Carlos

        Otile get sense ni? He’s just one of the bunch of lazy craps who depend on the monthly ‘homeless allowance’. Christened – AMNESTY

        • Concerned One


  • Bunduma Mohammed

    God is disroying PDP that is why they have lost all sense of decency. They have failed to articulate their strategy and manage their party which is in disray in most states. The end of criminal party is close. Thank God for providing alternative to boko haram government of pdp.

  • djay

    Only recently Cameroon Military busted bokoharam training camp where child soldiers were rescued. We are yet to hear the outcome of investigation on the assassination attempt on Buharis’s life despite the fact a suspect was arrested. Pdp have exhausted all their lies and has now resulted to Lies and propagandas against Buhari.

    • Otile

      Do you mind if they want to kill their own brother? Interference is not the answer.

      • New Nigerian

        So why is Jonathan asking for renewal of the lease to Aso Rock….is that the only interference he is interested in? Interference to steal $20billion, interference to steal 400,000 bpd of crude oil, interference to sit idle and actually encourage killing of Nigerians….what goes around comes around…God is just and fair. You all watch and Nigerians would laugh last as the end of evil doers are never good in this world and in eternity.

  • Save Nigeria

    Olisa Metuh my brother and follow Igbo man, change write ups, we know the truth and cannot be deceived again, this one na old story propaganda wah no fit work for dis election, this election na issue based on what PDP offered and what APC can offer and stands for. Since you, PDP and GEJ knows the sponsors of BOKO HARAM as APC members, how many have you arrested and jailed but at last count it was a PDP senator that was implicated and PDP government refused to prosecute him sincerely? So who is the real SPONSORS oga Olisa Metuh? In short na YOU be the sponsor of BOKO HARAM…. NONSENSE!!!

  • Preco01

    OLISAH METHU, YOU ARE REALLY PATHETIC! SERIOUSLY PDP,REALLY SERIOUSLY, IS this all you guys can offer Nigerians after all these years of Callous, clueless, corrupt and totally incompetent rulership?

  • sammyctu ode

    metuh you are such a shameless man who will finally get the treatment that lousy big fouled mouth maku got from pdp and the people of his state. What you are saying does not make sense metuh. What Nigerians want are issue based campaign not attacking individuals and APC. Nigerians want to hear how their lives will improve in terms of education, health, unemployment, security, environment, power, dignity, good governance, human rights, etc not your mediocare nasty statements that have no meaning to Nigerians. Your party and jonathan will lose woefully come February 2015.

    • Tonnero

      Old boy, they have no further case to make. Only a big Id!ot will believe them when they have had 16 years to implement their plans but all indices have only been deteriorating.

  • Tonnero

    Here we go again. PDP talks like it is the opposition party. For 16 years, PDP has had a chance to change the country for good. They squandered it. All these personal attacks that have no basis in fact only makes them look stoopid. Tomorrow, he will say he did not say this or he was misquoted by the press. You can see the desperation in PDP attacking with innuendoes, half-truths and outright lies. This is what Obama described as throwing the kitchen sink when he contested against Hilary Clinton. It is a sure sign of a losing campaign.

  • PureNigerian

    This is the issue based campaign you promised Mr. sycophant

  • Bastion

    So why hasn’t your Oga, honourable Mr. Dumbo arrested any of them? Tell this nonsense to the Jona-termites!

  • sum

    Metuh and pdp are lies, did you ever consider a dialogue as solution? You that said, cant never talk boko haram cos they are faceless..

    • Otile

      Aboki, go learn some English. Don’t say ba turenci or boko is haram. Your English is atrocious.

      • Concerned One

        Pick on someone of your “size”. You keep attacking people who make typo errors, yet evading the main issue at hand. Hypocrite!

      • New Nigerian

        his point is clear, therefore the essence of communications is achieved. What is your own point ? or are you the syntax police?

  • MushinSpeaks

    Late General Andrew Azazi made a fact revealing statements on how PDP is behind Boko Haram and in a week time had his helicopter crashed with Governor Yakowa.

    Who then is behind insurgency?

    CHANGE we need; enough of PDP and Jonathan’s reign.

  • Abdullahi Ibrahim

    I dont know when APC will change their mind on this Bombing issues. they should have a rethink. PDP should arrest Buhari and all the APC bigwigs. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  • Sadiq Garba

    PDP has lost control.

  • New Nigerian

    Metuh – this attack line is old & tired….has no life left in it ! Try another one…even you know that Nigerians are not buying this line anymore even as PDP militia have killed many people through it’s mercenaries along all the the artificial fault lines of the geopolitical North with the aim of setting up the northerners against each other…it has not worked …muslim-christian, shia-sunni, royal-masses, imam-muslims, paster-christian..all sectors have been touched by PDP militia…it has ended up uniting the North to stop the raging genocide by all legal means necessary – Congratulations to Jonathan and PDP for re-uniting the house Ahmadu Bello built, I had given up hope that the North would ever be united, Jonathan has achieved this – no mean feat! Nigeria and the world is better for it.

  • kinsly

    Gbam nwanne!