Nigeria 2015: Governors, Skye Bank Chairman, others donate N21 billion to PDP

Despite being unable to pay civil servants in some of their states, the 21 governors of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Saturday night donated N1.05 billion to their party ahead of the 2015 elections.

The governor’s donation was part of the N21.2 billion raised by the party at its fund raising dinner held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Punch Newspapers quotes Isa Yuguda, the Bauchi State governor, as saying each of the PDP governors donated N50 million to arrive at N1.05 billion. In several states, including PDP-controlled states like Benue and Akwa Ibom, thousands of civil servants have not been paid salaries; sometimes for up to four months. Mr. Yuguda did not comment on why the governors felt more obliged to donate funds to the party when workers were yet to be paid.

Apart from the governors, other major donors at the dinner include Tunde Ayeni, the chairman of Skye Bank, who PREMIUM TIMES had reported recently as leading a consortium to purchase the former national carrier, NITEL, and its mobile subsidiary, MTEL. Mr. Ayeni, who was chairman of the occasion, donated N2 billion. He announced that he was donating N1 billion on behalf of himself and his partner and another billion on behalf of his friends.

Also at the event, a former Information Minister, Jerry Gana, announced a donation of N5 billion on behalf of his friends and associates in the power sector.

Other major donors as reported by Punch Newspapers include players in the Oil and Gas sector – N5 billion; players in Real Estate and Building – N4 billion; Transport and Aviation – N 1billion; Food and Agriculture – N500 million; Power – N500 million; Construction – N310 million; Road Construction – N250 million; National Automative Association – N450 million; Shelter Development Limited – N250 million; and SIFAX group – N100 million.

However, the chief fund raiser, Aliko Dangote, did not make any donation as his representative at the event, Joseph Makoju, announced he had no mandate to make one. He said Mr. Dangote would contact the PDP leadership about his donation once he arrives in the country.

At the event, the PDP National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, announced that the money would be used to complete the party’s headquarters in Abuja and also run its affairs.

Mr. Mu’azu and President Goodluck Jonathan appealed to members who lost various primaries not to leave the PDP but work with the winners for the 2015 elections.

“If out of anger or frustration, you leave the party because you didn’t get what you wanted, then you are not contributing to the growth of democracy,” Mr. Jonathan said.


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  • muazu dikwa

    what a country that didnot regards his citizens as anything if you would not suit their intrest insh Allah we wouldvote them out in 2015 with all their billion

    • Mr Lecrurer

      Amazing2012, abeg, GO AND REGISTER IN ONE OF GEJ’S NOMADIC SCHOOLS! This your ‘Turenci’ (english) is scary o! Full of bombs and missiles!
      We know u hate GEJ, but don’t let that prevent you from enrolling in one of the schools he set up. DONT CUT OFF YUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE!

      • Sani

        English is all part of the colonial legacy bequeathed to us by the British. If we were colonised by the Chinese, we will all be speaking Chinese. So it is no big deal

        • Mr Lecrurer

          Then please tell your brother to write in Hausa!

          • Sani

            Why mock a fellow human being because he has some typos in his comments? Are we not supposed to be more civilised than this? It is worthy to note that, as human beings, we are not perfect. We must try as much as possible to avoid running down other people just because they commit one error or the other. By the way, it is English we are talking about and we must not take pride in something that is not ours.

          • Mr Lecrurer

            My brother, I agree with you..if he had behaved himself, he wouldn’t have drawn my ‘attack’. He is undoubtedly ‘amazing2012’. Refer to the guys comments on disqus where he curses and abuses the entire igbo tribe. I am from the north central myself, but the way he abuses that tribe is worrisome and shows a deep rooted hatred which most likely stems from a bigoted mind!
            The point some of us who have noticed his curses is that he also needs to know that if he has gone thru a primary school (not even secondary/tertiary) and still fires such missiles, then he is also probably under a ‘CURSE’!
            *Mr sani, if you are also honest, you will not lie/pretend what the guy wrote are ‘typos’! Oga, we know the difference between a ‘typo’ and GRAMMATICAL ERROR!!!!!!!

          • Concerned One

            All what u have argued is baseless. There is a more serious issue at hand, which is the government and its cronnies looting the nation’s treasury, and gathering around to perpetrate the crime till eternity. Are u going to ignore that and chase after an insignificant error made on someone’s part?

          • Scatter

            And you say you come from the so-called North Central. Yet you don’t consider Malam your broda? Who else is, or abi North Central is anoda contri? No wonder, you dey kill each oder like flies!

      • sword of Damocles

        Mr Lecrurer, a simple question? with all the grammatical errors in Muazu’s comment, does the statement contain , the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH? By the way I noticed your name is spelled “Lecrurer” I suspect that this is also grammatical error (just like Muazu) you see “to err is simply HUMAN”, what matters sir is whether one speaks TRUTH. Hatred will DESTROY you if you dont stop, you can take that to the bank!!

        • Mr Lecrurer

          I jolly well can claim ‘lecrurer’ ws what I had in mind, but that’s not my style. Thanx for the correction sir!
          I am sure you know a ‘typo’ when u see one.
          And do you in your heart believe my ‘typo’ and the missiles fired by ‘muazu’ aka amazing2012 culd be categorized as grammatical errors’?
          Mr damocles, IS THAT THE TRUTH???
          Listen, i do not really have a problem with the errors of the guy pretending to be muazu, but his hate filled comments put him in the line of fire.
          He is rather the one filled with absolute hatred. Read his comments on disqus and see how he curses other tribes.
          Since u are interested, please u can be his tutor..

      • Scatter

        And you nko, Mr Lecturer? Na only you and Mungo Park waka come Nigeria? Tisha don teach me nonsense!

    • Kenny

      Kai, English don suffer O!!!!!
      Abeg mallam make u dey write for ‘pidgin English’ like me jor. E go better Dan dis kin murder u dey murder English o!
      Your horrible English gives you away as the bigot that keeps cursing the whole igbo tribe. I kept asking why you curse the whole tribe instead of those you have a grouse with?
      Biko, you also deserve to be cured for writing this way of you actually went to school.
      Abeg use your name we are all familiar with!

      • Scatter

        And you dis Kenny, or is it one penny of an Oyinbo name, sef. Malam don try now. At least him sabi bad English grammar, his moda tongue and Arabic (or Ajami — which I bet you don’t know), but you na only pidgin and maybe your modayou sabi, abi

  • Chris1408

    N21b to buy GEJ a one way ticket to Otuoke

    • PROF

      Hahahaha ,na you waka come.

  • Sani

    English is all part of the colonial legacy bequeathed to us by the British. If we were colonised by the Chinese, Mandarin would have been Nigeria’s official language in place of English. So it is no big deal

  • Mallam_Bashiru

    I am not in anyway surprised. What do you expect from those that benefited from the clueless and corrupt regime of GEJ. Almighty God that gives power and authority will answer the prayer of the people of our great country Nigeria.

  • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

    Zero tolerance for corruption indeed. It’s obvious that this is not a party that can take nigeria any where. Nigerians should vote wisely. Salaries have not been paid, funds are needed to fight insurgents etc, yet…If PDP gets up to 10% votes in any state, then you know that state is peopled by imbeciles. Yes. You don’t rub it in our eyes.

  • emmanuel

    N50 million each stopped them from paying salaries?

    These develish APC hands refused to cry out when Amaexhi withdraw his staes N19 billion reserve to prosecute another man’s primary election campaign. I am sure Lagos State spent over N50 billion for it, hence the highest bidder won the VP candidacy

    • Spoken word

      Emmanuel the confused and blind man.

      • emmanuel

        I agreed i am blind, but one million times better and wiser than you who stand truth on the head

        • Spoken word

          You are a liar as well.only a liar will say all is well with the way the current government is running the country.

        • tundemash

          pfool, assuming your future is jeopardised already, why don’t you think about the future of your uncoming generation. N21b donated to prosecute election? HAve you wondered how they got that money and they would recoup their investment ?

    • Ayo Sanusi

      @emmanuel – so it is now 19 billion not 17 billion any more that Amechi spent on APC the figure just keeps changing LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
      Obviously you all are just coming up any figure that comes into your head, none of you know’s what you are talking about………

      • emmanuel

        Weda N19 or N17 billion, we were all around this year, when under thirty minutes the minions in Rivers States House of Assembly approved Amaechi’s withdrawal of their Reserve to pay salaries because the FG refused to share funds, meanwhile the same funds was shared a day before.

        All that money is history. Please look into this madness by Amaechi in your magnanimity and leave me alone, because my heart bleeds for Rivers people, whose misfortune is now tied to Wike in sheer deceit

  • Spoken word

    These people are all going to jail come 2015.

    • lol. looks like it is about to happen

      • Spoken word

        i hope so.thanks for remembering.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Put these donations together, get a foreign consultant hand him these monies tell them to start a national carrier for Nigeria and it will form the principal legacy of PDP, It will create jobs and it will be an advertisement. Political donations in most democratic societies are a function of individual income, in this case we will be naïve to ask the source of these donations since we all know that it is part of our allocation from the federation accounts. It is Nigeria`s PDP nobody can do any thing. Simple.

  • Danny Melvin Edheluebo

    AhhhH, do I have to ponder anymore why my Electricity Bill for December was tripled? Who then can fight #Corruption?

  • Bbb

    But how come donation was not raised for chiboks girl and the community?

  • klepeomaniacs gather like vultures at clarion in order to protect their greedy in the #bananarepublicofnigeria!

  • tundemash

    These looers have never had it this good under any other govt. They would rather have the Otuoke Cl0wn there to supervise their mere stealing but God willing, Nigerian jails will be full to the brim next year !!!

  • excel

    Anyone still looking up to this government for any hope is still deluded. I thought they said this country is indebted? Players in the oil and gas sector gave N5bn in the face of the international fall in oil price? That money could even build a refinery. When I see sane people supporting GEJ’s re-election, I know they are either sentimental christains, or those benefitting from this mess we’re in. Gej government is noting but a corrupt institution, who’s is fooling who? When the money will be return to them in fraudulent contract awarding. Get more of it jonadaft it will not stop your impeachment come 2015 when the breeze of CHANGE will blow through the country, when the PROGESSIVE PARTY will take CHARGE APC The REAL CHANGE

  • Richmond

    Despite that they were unable to pay civil servants in their states, unemployment,Bad roads, Electricity, insecurity problem and so on. they donated more than N21 billion to PDP to do what, 4 d purpose of election and live are wasting every day. well i kw our God is nt sleeping His hearing the cry of his children and He ll answer us.

  • Scatter


    That this gathering of lawless carpetbaggers will openly raise billions of naira in brazen contempt of Nigeria’s election law in order to sustain a thieving, lying, inept and insensitive PDP regime shows the patent danger they pose to our fledgling democracy.

    As they’ve shown us they’ve the naira, the Nigerian masses MUST show them and everyone else that we have the votes.

  • rio

    i like

  • Sanmi Falae

    If you want an irresponsible African Chief Executive – with zero concept of time and the fact that participants are busy people who might have a flight to catch just after the meeting- to attend a meeting at 10am, tell him/her the meeting starts at 7am! This is because for Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to arrive at 12.30 pm for a meeting scheduled for 10am, he must have left home/office at 10am when the meeting officially started !! I used to give specific instructions to our secretary to lock participants out after 10minutes of grace from the start of a meeting. Interestingly, it worked with our African participants after being turned back home a few times!!!!! Great feedback, madam. But it appears not much was said about the role of teacher education and training in improving student participation and attainment? Perhaps also we should quit using improved grade [only] as evidence of improved student participation and attainment, considering especially the skill-sets you are seeking to develop with the children and young people?