Fayemi, Pastors laud selection of Osinbajo as running mate to Buhari

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President, Nigeria.

A former Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of the National Convention Committee of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Kayode Fayemi, as well as the Pastors Council of Northern Nigeria, have hailed the choice of Yemi Osinbajo as the running mate to Muhammadu Buhari, the party’s presidential candidate for the February 14, 2015 election.

Mr. Fayemi, whose committee conducted the APC convention and presidential primary that produced Mr. Buhari as the party’s presidential flag bearer, said in a statement in Lagos on Thursday that Mr. Osinbajo’s choice further reinforced the party’s determination to effect the change which Nigerians have for long clamoured for.

Describing Mr. Osinbajo as a renowned teacher, legal expert, administrator and a reform-minded technocrat, who embodies the virtues of honesty, integrity, selflessness and dedication to the overall good of the society, Mr. Fayemi said the university don remained a strategic partner to Mr. Buhari in the task of driving the change.

“Every time pundits come up with their doomsday predictions of APC’s imminent collapse, APC comes out stronger right from its founding,” Mr.Fayemi said. “The choice of Osinbajo is also leaving us much stronger for the task ahead. I commend General Buhari and other party leaders for arriving at a choice that is bound to strengthen our ticket.”

Mr. Fayemi added that regardless of what sceptics are saying the APC was set to run an issue-based campaign and carry along every segment of the society in the electoral process that would culminate in APC emerging victorious at the 2015 presidential election.

He added that the choice of Mr. Buhari as Presidential candidate and Mr. Osinbajo as running mate has re-defined the 2015 contest and become a concern to the ruling party.

Mr. Fayemi urged Nigerians to support the APC in bringing about the change which Nigeria and its people so urgently need, by voting massively for the party at the coming polls.

On their part, the Pastors council said the choice of Mr. Osinbajo heralded hope for a new Nigeria in view of his experience in public and private sectors and also being a pastor of the Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG.

Addressing journalists Thursday in Kaduna North-West Nigeria, the convener of the council, Bulus Yahaya, urged Nigerians to insist that the best leadership emerged out of the 2015 general elections.

“We are happy and satisfied to no end that our colleague, Pastor Osinbajo was chosen as running mate to a presidential candidate in one of the political parties. The integrity, intelligence, humility, fear of God and dedication of Pastor Osinbajo to the cause of better Nigeria is a clear identity he carries as a breastplate and it is not in doubt that it is a wise decision.

“With this development, it is a good omen and taking Nigeria’s democracy to greater height in view of quality and positive credence to our struggling democracy. His credentials are intimidating and clear attestation of hard work, knowledge and of moral standing.

“He is an erudite scholar having excelled as a university don, and also a distinguished lawyer with the privilege rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a successful man of God, being a pastor,” he said.

On the need to achieve successful 2015 general elections, Mr. Yahaya, who warned against manipulation of religion said:

“We are calling on all Nigerians to shun manipulators of religion for political goals, let us vote people on the basis of what they can offer and better the country for common good, peace and stability.

“We must strive hard to run issue base political process, non-combative and free of sentimental campaigns of calumny so that we will at the end of the day get viable leadership at all levels.”


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  • Titi

    We expect more good things to come; Nigeria is getting on the right track now

  • Save Nigeria Father

    To the best of my understanding, Boko haram are religious extremist and we can see what harm they are causing to us. The issue of religion is fundamental in Nigeria politics unless when we start speaking from two mouths. In line with the BH stand the Bible says that they that knows their God shall do exploit and it again says “woe unto them that giveth to change” Recently I have listened to a claimed Pastor and delegate to National conference warning against voting for APC but now they have been favored with VP slot, things have changed. Who is deceiving who. The Bible told us about these kind of people who are out to serve their stomach. These religious leaders are good rivals and contemporaries of the politicians destroying every available ground of political and economic development. If the foundation is destroyed what will the righteous do?

  • Eze1

    it has been goodwill from all part of the country…this indicate that the needed change is around the corner

  • favourtalk

    The great choice for the country. We need a country for a better nation and the choice is the Osibajo and buhari ticket. They wants to clean the nation. A good nation called Nigeria is around

  • MushinSpeaks

    Since we all crave for a better nation, the best candidates we want has been given to us by the APC and it now rest on us to vote them in and end nepotism and impunity.

  • WALE

    Best combination of two people that are not corrupt.

    • Conscience

      You mean an Anthony General under Tinubu is not corrupt? and till now they are still very close – you dont mean it. Go ask Fashola

  • Oleku

    Fayemi how far with the 50milla bed? How levels be na

    • endingNaija

      Ole dis APC success, ati APC successful convention wey be say na Fayemi do am dey pain you well well ooo. Anyway I get one question 4 yu: you know those THREE THUGS wey your PDP party man AYO FAYOSE bring come Ekiti assembly to vote? Eh eh Yu remember dem? Okay o ya wetin be dem names-di names of the THREE THUGS wey VOTE INSIDE Ekiti assembly? Over to you. Next time respect good intellect when you see one even when good intellect is a scrace commodity in your party PDP

    • Impartial

      Do you have any proof he purchased the bed in question for such a stupendous amount? Have you not seen how Fayose stealthily crawled back into his hole when he was challenged to bring proofs? Just try harder, okay!

  • sammyctu ode

    Please Mr. Vice- President in waiting, the first thing you and GMB should do is to conduct thorough investigation and weed out all corrupt judges, to ensure that there must be rule of law, to ensure that all corrupt people are prosecuted, to ensure that all the security forces obey the law of the land and if anyone of them is found abusing civilians or anybody, they are promptly brought to justice within three months, that the overbloated federal civil service and MDAs’ are trimmed, merged and all those corrupt directors who have been there for donkey years are let go and to ensure probity in all sectors. We want both of you to start RUNNING so that within the first six months to one year, Nigerians would have felt your positive impacts.

  • Frank Bassey

    Pastors …? I laugh.

  • Mr. Abdin

    What we really need in Nigeria is an issue base politics not do or die affairs politics. God bless Nigeria.

  • Ette

    A new beginning for our dear country, let all queue behind this change team for the divine guided development o our nation. God bless Nigeria.

  • Justiice Efe-Igho

    …after they tried and failed with a full time fire brand Pastor, they decide to try a part-time fireless brand and dormant Pastor. Same formula…destined for failure. Te only thing different between last time and now is that there have been more threats…But there is no vacancy for Fulani man till 2069, bombings or no bombings by boko haram.

    • Rommel

      in all honesty,would you be happy if Nigeria continues the way it is?

      • Okey

        Prof. Wole Soyinka had long given his assessment and verdict on your leader. I stand by that immortal assessment.

        • Rommel

          You mean the description of Jonathan as Nebuchadnezzar? now that is something

          • Okey

            Wole Soyinka’s verdict on your messiah is on marble and I shall be guided by that.

    • wheingo

      Votes counts and if that should be the case would your people over power the number of Fulanis you are talking of?

  • Okey

    If a real pastor, Mr Tunde Bakare, could not be supported in his support for Buhari, how much less the “pastor” that covers the milking of the Lagos treasury to the borne marrow by his “god”. A “pastor” that is an ally of “Chicago” can never be a pastor of children Jehovah.

    But please, he left University of Lagos in 1978, which means he entered university at age 14 ? Is that the record there or will the record develop wings as that with Government College Ibadan development for Mr Chicago ?

    • Theophilus

      Thank you Bro…These idiots think Nigerians can’t reason. We shall see how they will do it.

      • endingNaija

        Theophilus and Okey, you guys are funny people. You are members of PDP and Goodluck Jonathan campaign team. So your dishonesty should be understood. Why? before now it was “eh APC is Islamic party” and you pushed one of your campaign managers forward for your candidate to gve the dubious impression that your party is the “christian” party and your candidate -Jonathan- the “christian” candidate. That campaign manager is “Pastor” Ayo Oritsejafor -the supposed president of Christian Association of Nigeria. Your candidate-Jonathan used Oritsejafor very well to create a religious image for his election! Your candidate -Goodluck Jonathan even add a foreign trip to Israel to his 2015 electoral campaign taken along “Christian” Ayo Oritsejafor. When APC pulled the rug underneath your feet and brought on board a highly credible personality who then happens to be a Pastor from a church Nigerians take seriously you panicked and changed your tune. By your posts, you represent the dishonesty of your party-PDP- and your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan-Too bad.

      • Okey

        That your “messiah” is a man unfit to be president of Nigeria. That’s Wole Soyinka on marble.

  • Henry Emeka

    I hope u have told him that Nigeria politics is not like the church where theocracy is practiced. All the pastors that have tried politics did not come out clean. If I were him I wld have remained a pastor and not bring shame to the name of The Lord. Tunde Bakare, Chris Okotie etc tried and instead of glorifying God, they brought reproach to his name. Until the kingdom of the earth comes back to Jesus Christ, politics will never be clean. Pastor, please remain the priest u are and stop meddling with the affairs of kings lest they corrupt u. If they think that the whole of redeemed will vote APC because of you, then they are making a great mistake.

    • Grace

      Emeka Henry, thank you for speaking the truth.You are God’s mouthpiece, you are an endtime preacher. This people wont hear even if someone from the great beyond comes to tell them. I have said it and am saying it again, even if buhari makes pope his vp, he wont win.

      • endingNaija

        Grace and Henry Emeka, you are members of PDP and Goodluck Jonathan Ijaw online campaign team-coordinated by “pastor” Reno Wendel Omokri. So you are welcome to the debate but I am sure you are not real. You belong to the category of otile/Reno Omokri/oleku/the “truth”/mpitikwelu/mani_kay/akpos1/ etc. Now let me humor you a little bit. There is something in political campaign that we call “DEFINE THE DEBATE.” Because your party PDP existed before APC, you tried to define APC and the debate. So? With an eye on the so-called “Christian” vote You simply labeled APC dubiously and criminally in a baseless and irresponsible manner as an “Islamic” party!!! That was a party that was emerging , yet you already KNEW IT! The PDP and the Ijaw attempt was to DEFINE the 2015 electoral debate around religion. It is the most dangerous and sinful thing ever in the history of our country , and you PDP did this. Now we all knew you were wrong and that because you are NOT going to run a campaign based on issues, you looked for religion/tribe and you wish to run the campaign based on those! Now APC pulled a fast and smart one on you. APC named a highly intelligent person, a lawyer, a family person, with intimidating credentials someone who is fit to run for any office in the land but who is also a christian as its VP. That ENDED your PDP LIE. With Osinbajo as VP, APC became more balanced than your party PDP! So, you must look for another lie. You now “pretend” that religion does not matter , but you cannot even go beyond your frustration. Why? Your party-PDP was not going to run on issues. So you had no issues to campaign on. You were planning to run on religion and tribalism, and since those were taken away from you, you became confused for you have nothing to say anymore. I pity you and your party and your CORRUPT “christian” candidate-President Goodluck Jonathan. It is better for you to throw in the towel. You lost this. You had 6 years to work with, YOU DID SOMETHING, which is that the Ijaw president-Goodluck Jonathan brought Nigeria from glory and grace to grass. Nigeria is now behind Benin/cameroun/Ghana/Mali in terms of standard of living of our people. That is Goodluck Jonathan’s “gift” to us. This is why he must LEAVE. Enough is enough.-Reno Omokri please tell your people this in Aso Rock. They shall be CHECKED!

  • wode

    The lower part of PDP has become a tap gushing out water of trepidation, fear and uncertainty.

  • Hackervirus

    Buhari? He is now he claiming to be a saint, Nigerian knows him. a coup plotter who truncated our democracy(Shagari and Ekwueme Govt) in 1983, and now he wants back in a democratic government? What is he looking for in democratic govt? GEJ am proudly behind you..the devil we know is better than the angel we dont know… let the election begin let’s see a landslid victory from GEJ

    • Mariana

      He did not only truncate a democracy with guns, he went ahead to participate actively in another Govt which truncated yet another civilian Govt. The threat monger was a top official of abacha’s regime and it was achacha’s regime that terminated the ill fated Shonekan’s regime in 1993. Such a man with crude and visibly undemocratic values is who bcomes a Presidential aspirant. It shows how far away Nigeria is in terms nationhood.

      Jonathan may not be the best for Nigeria, but presenting someone like Buhari is simply nauseating.

    • ICC Hague

      We cant continue with this devil , that proved beyond reasonable doubt he is incapable of ruling this country. we know what Buhari can do, he has done it before, tested and trusted.

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      Dine with no known devil please, simply because of an unfounded fear of an even unseen devil . Instead seek an angel in reality and dine freely with same.


    There is something, in the minds of the southeast more especially the igbos, they are against the beautifull change nigeria is about to witness under Buhari administration. The igbos who are majority in southeast have sold their hight to Jonathan, from the minority south south. Just pray for 2031

    • Hackervirus

      STFU!! Buhari is a coup plotter and should be tried for treason by the Nigerian Government…..Remember the coup of 1983 where he destabilised out democratic process? Ask Shagari and Ekwueme…..

      • O’seun Ogunseitan

        Sir, you are talking about 30 years ago. Simply pick the Coup Day Broadcast read on December 31, 1983 by then Col. Joshua Nimyel Dongonyaro and ask yourself if we have fared better or worse in the ills of the nation as recounted that day. Just to tickle your memory sir, one naira was equal to one dollar then and a litre of the same petrol we are buying today at about N100 was seven kobo, yes, 7kobo, not seven naira. The minimum wage was about N500 in 1983, meaning the least paid worker earned enough to buy some 7,000 litres of petrol, unlike today’s N18,000 minimum wage which can buy just about 180 litres of the same commodity.

  • Thepeople

    The beauty of true democracy is that change when needed must come through the ballot box. Boy does Nigeria need a change ? Like hell it does!!! Even a Blindman can feel if not able to see a need for a change. APC MIGHT NOT BE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE BUT THEY NEED TO WIN THE NEXT ELECTION. Forget religion, forget narrow minded tribal battles, it would be good for Nigeria. It will teach politicians including APC that Nigerians and the electorates can no longer be taken for a ride or for granted. It would teach Politicians that if you are in government, you must work hard and perform for the people, or you would thrown out of government. And if APC wins the next election, but fail the people as this present government has done( See recent Global Report). They would and should be thrown out of power. These are the basic foundations of democracy.

  • favourtalk

    It has brought the end to nigeria tyrannical rule from GEJ and his fellow looters and ex-convict who dwell with him. It is a mistake for people voting him in 2011. Change is here and near and no matter what, the change will be effected

  • aswani

    Its beta they call thmselvs northern politicians than nothern pastors. It makes mockery of pastorship for there is nothing in the political arena to be happi about. They are political actors/agents behind d pulpit and one of there own has been choosen to represent them. A true pastor has no business in politiks no mata d positn. Osibanjo may indeed be a pastor but certainly not for the true vine. When has a political office greater than the house of God? Who are his subjects? Tinubu and co? The group that has been busy preaching that people shld resort to d use of charms and the osibanjo was and is with them! Come lord jesus.

    • endingNaija

      You are a member of the PDP and President Jonathan’s Campaign Team. Where were you all these days when the following had been happening (i) “Pastor” Ayo Oristejafor the so-called president of CAN CAMPAIGNED for President Jonathan, (ii) President Jonathan used PUBLIC MONEY go to Israel on a so-called pilgrimage on the eve of Nigerian elections- which were more or less political visits to create the image that he is the “Christian” candidate, (iii) President Jonathan carried “Pastor” Oritsejafor and other ‘Pastors” to Israel, and our own President Jonathan will “kneel” down before the Jewish “wailing” and “weeping” wall and Jewish “Rabbais” (who are merely Jewish citizens with ONLY Jewish economic, cultural and political interests and NOT Nigerian interests) and other Nigerian “Pastors” will stretch their hands to the “meek kneeling” President and “pray” for him!!! Where were you aswani? have you been in Disney land drinking, snoring and sleeping? But I know you are not aswani. You are just one of the hundreds of names the coordinators of Goodluck Jonathan Online campaign use. Other names are the “truth/otile/oleku/deacon/tawanda/Nwa aba-Biafra/Gideon Orkar/peter 2000/mani_kay/mpitikwelu/proudly Niger delta/deacon/oluwole/akpos1 etc. And these names are well OILED and coordinator by the Venerable ArchBishop of JOnathan Online Campaign “Pastor” Reno Wendel Omokri and Bastard Doyin Okugbe. So there is nothing called “aswani”. You are just one of these things the Archbishop of Goodluck Jonathan Online Campaign (Reno Omokri) Coordinates. Tell readers what Ayo Oritsejafor is doing with a permanent residence/residential flat in Goodluck Jonathan’s Aso Rock. Tell us what Goodluck Jonathan goes to Israel to do every time spending public resources. Let us start from there aswani na Reno Omokri na Doyin Okugbe

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      You may be mistaken sir. The Panadol you use, just like Aspirin and the new popular anti-malarial drug, Artemisin, are herbs like the traditional herbalist in Nigeria concocts. Electromagnetic and laser-guided precision guns now used in wars are simply modern science variants of Africa’s age-old remote weapons.

      It is just unfortunate that most Africans merely threw away their rich roots along with the oldest continent’s very rich past, instead of separating and keeping what is good and desirable from the past, which is what other peoples around the world did. Europeans and Americans have given us Acetic Acid and hundreds of antibiotics from the apothecaries of their grand fathers and grand mothers, just like the Chinese are today giving us the likes of Artemisin, but Africans still doubt the efficacy of anti-sickling drugs put together with information from herbal drugs guide passed down from generations in Africa.

      Such thinking as yours sir, where you suggest that any thing from Africa is anti-christian, are delivering killer punches to the few scattered efforts by some of us to make Africans too contribute to the body of human knowledge, particularly in the Sciences.

      Please recognise that no weapons maker anywhere in the world has ever come out to say that they are manufacturing AK47s or the bullets in the name of Jesus. It is therefore wrong for you to assume that local hunters’ bows and arrows, are effective against Boko Haram insurgents because they are from Satan. There are scientific ways you can turn bees into deadly weapons, that we don’t necessarily know how the natives do it here without knowledge of the science we know, does not make their methods anti-christian.

  • Christ Alone

    Those who take the Church, Christians and Christianity for granted with divide n rule tactics shall be dazed after the election results. Any political party that believe that Christians are naïve will be shocked. Osinbajo, though a pastor but fundamentally a politician. If a Sheikh had been recommended for the office of a Vice President, would he had accepted such under a Christian leader? …..